and she looks sad)

According to Kirstie, this is how Mitch asked her out in high school:

Mitch had given Kirstie a CD of one of her favourite bands (or artists) in school and had written a note which said “Will you go out with me?” along with some other things that Kirstin did not say. Kirstie took the cd without looking at it and left, leaving a confused and probably sad Mitch behind. As she was walking away, she looked at the cd for the first time, read it, and realized that she hadn’t given Mitch an answer. She ran back to him and told him that she would go out with him.

*Mitch voice* 🎵But now look what happened🎵

My favourite part from song Strange Magic!

I don’t know if someone noticed that before but… (sorry for my English)

Do you remember that scene? ;)

Marianne flew behind Bog to his strange new world but then she get caught by bush. And she turns back. She resigns. She looks on Bog with sad eyes but she knows it may be over. For me this is not only the moment when she is afraid of a stupid bush tunnel or even Dark Forest but it is also a symbol of her closed heart. She was hurt before. She learned to trust no one. And right now she is too scared to do it. She tries but it is not enough.

And then…

Bog comes back for her. He gives her a hand and leads her so they can open their crushed hearts together. They can start an unknown journey. They can see what feelings offer them once more.

For me this is great symbolism in that scene. I love that :) 

warladyjunior asked:

"You take such joy in pretending you're okay"

Joanna gave a soft smile. “Its easier to br happy than to be sad.” She looked up at her taller sister, and sighed. “If I’m not there to keep peace and a joyous face than who will? There’s already so much sadness and suffering, it’d be cruel for me to add my own.”

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I haven't been following for very long, do you have a post in which you talk about what Morana's been through? I was looking through her tag and you mention she had lost a lot of weight and various other things. She looks like such a sweet girl and it's so sad to see that she's been through so much, but I'm glad to know you care so much for her and each and every one of your pets.

Heres a post about her on facebook I made 
It can be challenging at times, especially when her vet bills start to really dig into our pockets but I wouldn’t trade her for any gecko in the world. I regret buying from the breeder and buying her and supporting the breeder, but I do not regret having her. She is such a sweet gecko and bless her she trusts me so much even though I have had to hold her and shove slurries and medications into her mouth (please do not force feed unless you know how to do it safely and you have no other option) which I can only imagine she hates. When she gets sick she returns to a very skittish and scared gecko but after she gets better she starts to warm up after a few months. She just recently started eating in front of us again while the lights are on, and it makes me so happy shes doing well again. I really hope this lasts and she wont relapse but sadly I cant say for sure that she wont. But I feel lucky that shes even alive compared to other stories I have been told by people who bought from the same breeder 

“My therapist… okay actually it’s this woman name Marjorie on the bus that is very wise and kind, told me that if I didn’t try and make an effort to be nice to people no one was going to make an effort to get to know me and I would die sad and alone. Apparently she saw it when she looked at my palm… Anyways, I baked cookie for the people in the building so yeah… here… There are three different kinds because not everyone likes chocolate chip, so I did chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, and oatmeal raisin…”

She is pure poetry walking and breathing, inside and outside of my books, so I feel I am not lying, I am not inventing, I am not far from the truth. Her eyes become immense when she asks questions. Blue, with the pupil very dark and dilated. She looks mischievous and fragile. Her voice sings, changes: low, gay, sad, heavy, trailing, dreaming.

But imagine if Scott would’ve died

now forget the pack for a second

just imagine Melissa going off to work and yelling ‘there`s food in the fridge!’

and her sad look when she remembers the house is empty, that there is no Scott anymore to eat that food but she still makes it every time…

Kate & Mr. Jefferson

I saw some posts about Kate over the past week so I decided to talk about it.

In Episode 3. we see Kate’s bus ticket, it is dated before the party even started.  So what was her reason to “runaway”?

Well when we overhear the conversation between Mr. Jefferson and Kate it sounds pretty weird to me. She says stuff like “it’s all over” and he says “You have to understand my position” then she runs  to the dorms. 

I don’t know if he’s a good actor, but he looks kinda sad after she goes away. But I don’t think they talked about the video and why? Because Mr. Jefferson doesn’t care about it. He thinks it’s her fault.

So what if he was sad about something different, what if they talked about something different? Maybe they had a relationship? I know first it sounds stupid but think about it. In David’s files we see the text about Kate.

She helped Mr. Jefferson after class. So they met after school.

It could also be, that Kate knows more than we think. Maybe she told us not everything to protect Mr. Jefferson in Episode 2. When we’re trying to talk more about what happened she just says, that this is everything she remembered. She just heard Nathans voice and doesn’t know about “the soft voice” … 

Nathan says when you blame David in episode 2, that Kate had a double life, I first thought he just said that to protect David. But now I think it’s true. 

Kate also bought drugs by Frank. Her code name is Chihuahua. (If she’s Katie)

So what if Kate really has a double life? I don’t believe, that she’s evil or a party monster or something. But it could be, that she had a relationship with Mr. Jefferson. 

And if she had one think about it.

Rachel Amber probably had sex with him. She has a binder. 
Kate had something with him. She also has a binder. 
Victoria likes Mr. Jefferson and probably would have sex with him. She’s the next victim. 

I’m still not sure about it. I just wanted to talk about it. Maybe you read something new about Kate and it helps you, who knows.

the signs according to an english professor (my mom)
  • Aries:huh... Armpits
  • Taurus:a big pile of bullcrap
  • Gemini:aw... Double diamonds
  • Cancer:ohhh a wig (she looked v sad here)
  • Leo:a big old lion like from The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe
  • Virgo:uh. Feeling dizzy after going on a merry-go-round.
  • Libra:those things that people wear if they're German
  • Scorpio:the dessert with one of those little scorpions whippin' at ya
  • Sagittarius:WOW. A plateful of spaghetti.
  • Capricorn:a pretty unicorn eating candycorn
  • Aquarius:awwww a nice little aquarium with a mermaid swimming around
  • Pisces:Pisces.... Gosh, what is a Pisces? A piece of pie.

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under the cut, you’ll find #580 gifs of beautiful samantha jade logan from various roles & interviews. she’s mostly known as nona clark from 666 park avenue & violet from teen wolf. she’s quite underused, which is sad because just look at her! all of the gifs were made by me, so i take the full credit for making them. do not repost them or put in your own gif hunts. please, like and/or reblog if you find this useful & have a wonderful day/night!

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One, two, three. She meets a stranger on the train who’s name is Raquel. Shiny blue eyes and hair even lighter than hers, daddy pretends that Maya is his niece.
Four, five six. She runs head on to a girl with hair the colour of the coffee her mother drinks and a mommy who’s work uniform isn’t covered in syrup.
Seven, eight, nine. A boy who looks at her like he’s seen the sun for the first time grabs her hand she doesn’t question it. When she hears him tell his daddy about how he’s fallen in love with a brown haired princess after school, she punches him.
Ten, eleven, twelve. She sees a boy wearing a jacket she’d seen on her best friends sofa sitting alone, typing on his phone and looking sad. She sits next to him and stares, and he looks up and smiles. He says it’s been awhile, and she’s in love.
Thirteen, fourteen, fifteen. There’s a boy holding a map and trailing something along the paper with his finger. He seems to sense her looking, and he looks up with a smile. She wants to glare back, to snap because her best friends are together and her mother is on the brink of hell and she just failed history of all the damn things and father has managed to fuck her life up all over again (drop off a half-sister, why not) and to top it all off her ferret fucking died, but she smiles. She smiles and walks over. The subway only ever gave her hell. Maybe she could continue the tradition. “Hey, I’m Maya. You’re really cute.”
—  an au where lucas moves when he’s sixteen, and maya’s a little more bitter than she is in canon

Ive been amusing myself with the idea, What if? Our Inquisitots (I actually spelled that wrong, but i am leaving it because.. lol irony gold) met their future love interests, when they were but little ones? Of course, Solas wouldnt be a little one.. when Raewynn was.. so this happened instead. 

Solas stop’s to rest his feet, buying supplies from a wandering Dalish group.. whom he overhears the adults of the clan, talking about the evil trickery of Fenharel (one such elf, boasts about how the dread wolf tried to get him in his sleep the other night, but he was ‘just too wise, for the trickster god!’) It disheartens Solas so, to hear such kinds of tales for the billionth time..He wanders for a moment, why he ever bother’s… and at this instant,  a little dalish girl see’s a very sad looking elf sitting by himself, so she tries to cheer him up with a flower. He in turn, is heartened, by such innocence.

“Catherine’s curtsy is sad to look at. I highly doubt she doesn’t perform a proper curtsy because she has knee problems. She really needs to work on it. It’s shameful that other women of Nobility perform better curtsies than a future Queen. I mean look at the curtsy Princess Sofia did at her wedding!” - Submitted by Anonymous