and she looks like demi


Demi Lovato’s reaction to Nick Jonas’ Flaunt Magazine cover spread.


Demi Lovato is the type of person that stays true to herself. If she believes in something, she fights for it. If she feels the need to do something, she does it. If her life is upside down, she turns it right side up. She surrounds herself with true friends and people who care about her. She surrounds herself with love because she knows she deserves it.

She doesn’t need any fake best friends. She doesn’t need a squad with her on the red carpet. She doesn’t need to worry about being super famous like everyone else does in the industry. And she doesn’t need to be treated like shit just because she wants to be a real person.
She’s going to make real friends that actually care about her and support her, unlike most celebrities nowadays. She’s going to walk out on that red carpet by herself and rock whatever she’s wearing and blow the crowds away. She’s going to stay truthful to her fans, whether or not the situation might be “problematic”. She has to deal with thousands, even millions of hate comments every single day because she stays true to herself and doesn’t worry about being just as famous as someone like Taylor Swift or Selena Gomez. Well that’s bullshit.

This society is so fucked up. You can’t do anything at all without getting judged for it. You can’t stand up for what you believe in, you can’t speak your mind, you can’t do something without someone bringing you down.
Imagine putting your whole heart into doing something for the good, then getting hated upon. Imagine struggling through something almost your entire life, then when you finally overcome it, people bring you down. Imagine showing the world what you’re best at and what you put your heart into but then getting brought down for it. Well that’s what Demi Lovato’s life looks like. She does something, anything, and gets hate for it. Imagine getting hate for every single fucking thing you do.

Demi is probably one of the best singers in the industry today. She has a wide vocal range and knows how to use it very very well. She can write her own music and interpret her thoughts and emotions well into it. She can also play the guitar, piano, and drums. Other than music, Demi can also act. Almost her whole life, she has struggled with mental illnesses and was bullied in school. She used to have low confidence in herself and had body issues. But one day, she went into rehab and overcame pretty much all of her mental disorders. She is so much stronger than what she used to be and she can now conquer anything. She is now more confident than ever and she has finally accepted herself for who she is and loves her body. In 2013, Demi established the Lovato Treatment Scholarship, which is a benefit that helps cover the costs of mental health treatment for people suffering with addictions and other mental illnesses. She has worked with mental health organizations to speak up for mental health. Demi Lovato has inspired millions of young people to stay strong and to be confident. Yet laying all the facts down, it’s sad to say that she gets judged by many people for all of these things.
She gets hate for being talented. She gets hate because she has a mental illness. She gets hate because she conquered her demons. She gets hate because she used to have body issues. She gets hate because she is confident. She gets hate for standing and speaking up for mental health. She gets hate for being human.

I really want everyone who reads this to really put themselves into Demi’s shoes. I want you all to see how it looks like being her. I want you to understand how much pain she’s been going through the past few days - actually, almost her entire career. Maybe if you read this and put yourself in her shoes, you’ll understand a little bit how it feels to be Demi. Maybe you’ll start to think more before you speak. Maybe you’ll think how much something could hurt someone before you call them out. Maybe you’ll learn to shut the fuck up every once in a while because you’ll know how much it would hurt you if someone said the same thing to you. Demi doesn’t deserve this much hate, she doesn’t deserve it at all. I think people should leave her alone for once. A type of person like Demi deserves some respect. She isn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean you get to hate her for it. This society needs to grow the fuck up and move on with their lives, instead of spending each second of their day judging or hating on someone. It doesn’t make you a better person and it’ll probably draw everyone you care about away from you.

Stop the hate. Learn to deal with things or people you don’t like. Move on. Grow and learn. Put something good into the world. Surround yourself with love. Y'all will never be truly happy by sitting at your damn computers all day hating people. To be happy, you gotta put some love and respect into the world. AND LEAVE THIS DAMN WOMEN ALONE.


Nick Jonas, Taylor Swift & Lorde chatting at VMAs 2014

So boyfriend watched Descendants with me…

Boyfriend’s analysis of Descendants characters.

Jay: First movie: The hipster son of a dubstep choreographer.

Second movie: “Mulan man bun!”

Mal: “…Mal? That was the best they could come up with?”

Ben: First movie: Troy Bolton meets John Travolta. “What is this, some Grease/High School Musical shit?”

Second movie: “He has a Kristoff thing going on.”

Carlos: “I love that he’s afraid of and dogs! …He needs to be gay…”

Harry: “Guyliner!”

Uma: “Wow, what an original name.”

Gil: “He looks nothing like Gaston…”

All I got from him for Evie was that he loves her clothes. And that she looks like Demi Lovato.

Prompt: Can you do a Zianourry prompt where Niall and Demi Lovato like eachother so they go on dates but the boys get jealous and tell Demi to leave Niall alone and then they teach him a lesson


Niall talked happily to his cellphone, oblivious to the jealous glares sent his way.

“Yeah…I had a lot of fun too. It was great and remember-” He paused, in an attempt to compose himself, failing when he started laughing loudly. “Remember when you fell into the pool, you were like soaking wet.”

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There wasn’t many things Demi was scared of. She liked to look on the bright side but with this she couldn’t find any positive things to look on. The hunter who wanted her dead was in town and now he knew where she was. As much as she hated to do this, she knew she had to leave for her family’s sake. Walking into the room where she was being allowed to say, she grabbed the bag she had with her, she began to put her clothes away, tears welling in her eyes. Hearing a heartbeat nearing her, she quickly wiped any hint of tears and hid her bag behind her before turning around. “Hello?” she called out