and she looks amazing with curly hair

Save A Life


A/N: So I’ve spend the past three days writing this (for) my friend Nat, because she really wanted a story to foucs on this, because well, she’s been in a situation alike this. Babe, you know I’m proud of you. I’d love some feedback on this. 

Word count: 4,271

Toronto, Canada – 2017

“Okay, wish me luck” Shawn stuttered, running his shaking fingers through his curly hair.

Why was he so nervous? He was so used to big crowds.

You pulled Shawn into your arms, before planting a tender kiss on his already burning lips.

“You don’t need any luck” you whispered into his ear, softly stroking his flushed cheek.

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Okay, so this one has been in my drafts since…. November?? idk but I don’t have any new (finished) fanart to show you so have this at least ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

For some reason Shutora looks different each time I draw her and I never found out why?? Like it should be pretty easy to draw her since she looks pretty much like a smol Levy but without curly locks and yet I still manage to screw it up?? amazing

It Started With A Note (Zach Dempsey)

From: 13 Reasons Why

Warning: shorter than usual? Visuals are shit

A/N: Let me apologize for the visuals because I just made that note on Photoshop and I’m a noob HAAHAHHAHA And incase you didn’t know, Badminton is a sport where in you use a racket. It’s pretty similar to tennis but different ball and rules and the racket is lighter.

It was the end of the first half of communications class. Honestly everyone found this class stupid but this was your favorite. Why? Because you loved understanding people and helping people out.

You see, in communications class, you had this thing called “compliment bags” the only rule was to be nice. And you loved it. You were always the type to write sweet notes to make people happy and you wrote for everyone…. except one guy. Zach Dempsey. He was your crush actually. You didn’t want to write in his in fear that he might tease you or he might laugh in your face. You were an athlete but you weren’t popular. You didn’t do group games. In fact, you played badminton and not much people watch your games but you loved it no matter what. You weren’t popular but you weren’t an outcast either. You just didn’t hang around Zach’s friends. And that’s why you were scared to approach him.

But to everyone you had nice notes for whether it was something as simple as “you look amazing today! Keep smiling and being you!” Or as complicated as “I saw that you were sad today and I really don’t know why, but I know that you are an amazing person with a strong personality and I know you can get through this. I wish you the best”

You checked your compliment bag to see 5. Surprisingly. You usually only get one and it was always anonymous. The anon usually wrote Pick up lines. You read the names out loud. “Hannah, Sheri, Alex, Skye and Anon??”

“Wow y/n/n! That’s a lot” Sheri says gesturing to the notes you had in your hands. “Uh thanks Sheri for yours” you say politely. “Damn girl, I’d thank you because you always write a note for me” she replies holding it up proudly. You laugh and look at Hannah. “What did you get?” You asked her keeping your notes. “Besides my usual note from you, I got another bunny” she smiled. “Aww what a cute bunny. I bet whoever wrote that likes you” you say winking at her. Both her and Sheri laugh as the begin talking about who the mystery bunny man could be. You glance to see your crush Zach looking in his bag frowning.

Your head slightly tilts to the side as you look at him confused. How could THE Zach Dempsey be sad about his compliment bag? He should have dozens of notes. You watched him trying to see how many notes he’s got but then he doesn’t pull out any and makes his way out. He turns back and you turn away pretending like you weren’t watching him. Sheri giggles at you and your obvious red cheeks.

“Hey Hannah, got anything?” He asks with a smile. “Nothing earthshaking. You?” She asks him folding her notes. “Nada. Kinda soul crushing, isn’t it?” He says walking out. Your heart melts upon hearing this.

“Poor Zach” Sheri begins. “I wonder how someone like him gets nothing though” Hannah asks, mostly talking to herself. You sigh and sit down and begin to write a note to him

‘I’m sorry this is late. I’ve been scared to write to you but I honestly love you and you deserve the best. Watching you sad makes me sad. You deserve all the notes from head to toe and I think you deserve to be loved and reminded how amazing you are. I love you I love you I love you. I’m sorry I can’t tell you in person. But smile for me and I’ll always be happy. Because you make me happy’

And you fold it and put it in his bag. “Nice way of making a move y/n/n” Sheri teases as you guys walk out. “He deserves it” you shrug. “So what does your anon note say?” Sheri asks gesturing to the note you just opened. “A letter. This time it’s a ü” you say putting it in your wallet. Little did they know you knew what the letters meant. And in your wallet written with the small letters read “I like u”

The notes from anon were the ones that made you smile the most. And another attached read “Good luck with your badminton tournament today” Wow, Anon does know everything. You giggle and hide your wallet and walk out communications class. You walk and sit with Alex today seeing as he was alone. Alex was your only close friend from Zach’s circle. You were friends with all of them but not enough to hang around with them. Little did you know that Alex’s friends were just finishing up.

“What’s up with the sports get up y/l/n?” Alex asks looking up as he takes a bite of his sandwich. “I have a tournament after lunch” You say putting down your gym bag. “No friends today?”

Alex was about to reply until the lunch doors open and you see all his friends. You begin to stand up before they walked over but you were too late. “No, y/n, stay! We’ve been meaning to hang out with you” Justin says grinning. You look over to Alex who shrugs. You sit back down as everyone else sits down. You were sat beside Zach and Justin, the two best friends, with Monty, Alex and Bryce sitting across. “You guys are less today” You comment biting an apple. “Yeah well Jess has cheerleading practice and Marcus has a student council thingy” Justin explains. “May I say, damn y/l/n, nice legs” Bryce comments. You shift in your seat uncomfortably. “shut up walker” Zach says in a half joking tone but you can tell he’s serious. Bryce shrugs it off.

“So what do we owe the pleasure to see THE y/f/n y/l/n wearing shorts?” Bryce asks winking. You force out a small chuckle and explain that you have a game. “Can’t wait to watch” He says winking. You glance at Zach seeing him ball his hands into a fist. You look at him confused but then shrug it off. You never spoke to Zach unless he talked to you first because you kinda feel like a nobody and you don’t want to make a fool out of yourself.

The bell rings and you shoot up grabbing your bag and fixing your shoe laces. “Good luck y/n” Zach says after walking out. You sigh knowing he probably won’t watch because it’s free cut for the rest of the school. It’s supposed to be so that they could watch but they usually throw a party and what not.

You walk into the sports hall and see your competitors warming up. “Y/n, guess who else is here to watch” Hannah states running up to you. “You?” You reply giggling. “Nope. Dempsey” she says pointing over to Zach who’s reading a note in the bleachers with a cute smile plastered upon his face

Originally posted by rafaelasgomes

“Is that-“ Hannah cuts you off before you have a chance to finish what your saying “Your note? Yeah. And I can tell he likes it. This is like the 4th time he’s been reading it. And he keeps asking Sheri who she thinks wrote it” she smiles beamingly. “Not now I’m gonna look disgusting when I play and I might be nervous and screw up the whole tournament” You sigh. “Tell him when you win y/n/n, plus you look amazing when you play” Hannah says patting your back then walking to the bleachers.

You breathe in and out then start the tournament.

Zach looked at his long time crush playing badminton, this was where he felt he could see her best. She looked flawless when she’d play. He clutched the note in his hand. “Sheri who wrote this?” he asked the curly haired girl. “I dunno, who do you want it to be Zach?” she asks him teasingly. “Honestly, I really like this girl and I wish she liked me back” Zach replies as a tint of red flushing upon his cheeks. “No way who?” Sheri asks looking around. Zach looks was about to reply until he saw you going in for a smash and all he could think about was how cute you looked with your shorts and jersey, how your ponytail swishes from side to side, how you have this different aura when you play. Hell he was mesmerized by you. “Zach? Zach? Zach who is it??” Sheri whines shaking Zach out of his trance. He blushes looking down “Number 13” he mumbles. “I knew you were here for a reason!” Sheri screams searching for “number 13”

“Yo Dempsey, what number is your girl?” Justin asks beside him. “13… and she’s not my girl…. yet” he mumbles. Sheri finally spots number 13 and once you turn around her face is filled with shock. “Sheri don’t tell” Zach pleads. “Zach, she wrote that note for you” Sheri says with a grin on her face.

Zach’s pleading face quickly turns into a wide smile. “What are you waiting for? Get her” Hannah whispers to him. “What? She’s playing” Zach says gesturing to the court. “You were to engrossed talking to Sheri, you didn’t see it was half time” Clay says beside Hannah. Zach quickly runs down to where you are. “y/n!” he says running up to you. You wave at him and smile “Hey Dempsey! And what do i owe this pleasure?”

“Did you write this?” He asks quickly bringing out the note you wrote and handing it to you. “You figured it out? Look Zach, I don’t want things to be awkward and I know you don’t feel the same way but please don’t point and laugh and make fun of me right now I reall-“ he quickly cut you off. “No, God I won’t do anything like that. I love you actually. Ever since I saw you. There’s something about you, i don’t know if its the way you move, the way you talk or the way you play badminton. Heck I don’t even know if its the way your hair falls perfectly on your shoulders, the way your eyes sparkle or those lips that are just so damn kissable” he says walking closer.

“If they’re so damn kissable, what are you doing talking to me” you whisper leaning in. And from hearing your consent, Zach smashes his lips on yours kissing you ever so gently. Holding you close like this would be the last, but both of you knew it wouldn’t be. Once you pull apart all you can do is smile at him and hug him.

“y/l/n! Stop smooching and get back in the game” Your coach yells just as the bell rings signaling break is over. “y/n! Wait” Zach calls as you jog back to your team. You turn around and he asks “Will you be my girl?” he shouts and its as if everyone in the whole sports hall stays quiet just to hear your answer. “I thought you’d never ask” You grin and begin to play. Zach grins widely and runs back to his seat.

“Nice one Dempsey!” Justin says patting him on the back. “You got the girl” Sheri comments. “Number 13 is all yours” Jessica winks. Zach just smiles as his cheeks heat up. He turns to Hannah and Clay “Thanks for waking me up”

“No problem jockhead” Hannah replies smiling. He watches you play, more than in love. But when he sees your smash he does what he’s been wanting to do ever since he walked in. He stands on the bleachers and screams “GO Y/L/N! THAT’S MY GIRL RIGHT THERE”

You suddenly get a rush of confidence and before you know it, You won the game. Everyone screams and lifts you up “MVP ! MVP!” they chant. You smile cheering with them while holding the trophy then someone lifts you and puts you on their shoulders. “I knew you could do it” Zach’s familiar voice rings through your head.

“You brought out the best in me” you shrug. You both walk out of the Sports hall and go to his car “hey Zach?” you say playing with his hair

“Yeah?” he replies holding you tighter so you won’t fall

“Let’s have our first date right now in Rosie’s…. if that’s okay” you mumble

“Of course baby” he says bringing you down. He opens the car door for you and closes it when you get in. He walks to the driver’s side and goes in.

He turns on the ignition but before driving he looks at you. “God I’m so lucky” he mumbles and leans in and kisses you once more and with that you both drive off

So today on the train there was this old lady next to me, and she had a gigantic shoulder tattoo of someone who was either Jesus or Saruman, because man, it did look like Christopher Lee - a lot - and I spent, like, twenty minutes trying not to stare at it and telling myself that it was unkind to even think like that - that it was bound to be Jesus, okay, and stop it (I mean, picture this woman: curly grey hair, old-fashioned clip-on earrings, a prim flower dress and that adorable old lady smell that I never know if it’s a perfume, a day cream or simply your soul fading out and blinking at the universe as you get older, but old ladies - they all smell exactly the same and I love it) and so what if that guy looked a bit wizardy and evil - but when she stood up to leave I noticed she in fact was rocking some truly amazing calf tattoos (brand new) and man, instead of some useless purse she had a purple backpack and a bag full of comic books, so - thank you, World, for reminding me never to judge people by their age.

Random Fem! 3rd gym headcanons

Because girls are fucking great

-Bokuto is still beefy and is the thickest babe out of all of them she still has her hair cut tho Akaashi hair is long and wave it looks so fluffy like da mn she’s probably a b cup and her legs are life

-Bokuto fashion is more sporty than Akaashi who very stylish, her buns are amazing

-Tsuki a damn c but she hides them with cute af sweaters everyone thought she was flat but Bokuto got her clothes wet and now they won’t leave her alone about them

-her hair is god damn princess hair all nice and curly Tetsurou loves it it smells like strawberries her fashion is either hipster or pure black

-Kuroo still fit af too her muscles are great she and Bokuto flex in every group pic her hair cut is bomb she used to have it just long but it looked like a mane she’s very grunge or sporty when it comes to fashion

-Kenma hair is long and straight she’s small but doesn’t care

-she doesn’t try dressing nice she doesn’t really care about that until she met the cutest redhead and started going shopping with Tsukishima and Akaashi they thought her clothes while Bokuto and Kuroo thought her makeup

-whenever a guy tries hitting on Tsuki or Akaashi Bokuto and Kuroo will death glare them or grab Tsuki or Akaashi’s boobs don’t touch their cinnamon apples

-Beach dates are the best Kenma feels like she’s gonna pass out from seeing Hinata in a two piece jumping around

-Kuroo joins her because Tsuki and Akaashi are helping each other with sunscreen

-Bokuto doesn’t believe in bras/bikinis she’s just wearing a shirt to cover Akaashi can’t help but stare

-Tsuki hates water but Kuroo carries her to the deep anyway (good thing she’s tall)

-Lev gets hit on at the beach too often so yaku doesn’t let her go unless she tags along (Lev looks like his sister and Yaku just has boobs)

-Tsuki loves taking pictures every time they go out

-Kuroo and Bokuto still love dancing and getting lit at the club and going karaoke after Tsuki and Akaashi tag along

-Kenma and Hinata have their own cute lil dates

-Laser tag is the best though because the show down between Kenma and Tsuki is fucking wild don’t fuck with them

-Kuroo and Tsuki cuddle a lot at home it’s cute they can get extremely clingy

-Bokuto and Akaashi too

Woah that’s a lot but feel free to add your own!

When We Collide (Part 12)

Pairing: Assistant!Y/N/CEO!Luke

Rating: NC-17

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11

Summary: He is the definition of high class smart ass, swimming in Dom Pierre Pérignon champagne and has never seen the shadow of poverty. She is underprivileged, lives in a messy dorm room on sale and struggles working as an assistant after being thrown out of college. But how will they collide when Luke makes Y/N pregnant after a drunkenly one night stand?

When We Collide on Wattpad

“Y/N, you threw up in her Marc Jacobs bag? That must be the funniest thing I’ve heard all week!” 

“Trust me, it wasn’t as funny as it sounds.” You mumbled with your phone resting between your shoulder and ear, eyes glancing up to look for when the elevator would arrive.

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Do you think if the RFA+minor trio were genderbended, they would be different in any way? In what ways would they be different?

Hope this is what you were thinking? This was fun to think of. 


  • She does so much with her hair
  • So many hairstyles, and all of them come out perfect
  • She is a make up expert, maybe even becoming a side make up vlogger to share her secrets
  • Other than that, she’s the same…flawless selfies galore and gorgeous looks and sweet personality


  • She would be the tomboy/lazy girl
  • Always gaming late in the night, so she never bothers with hair or make up
  • Most of the time, she ends up wearing snapbacks to school because she’s running late
  • She does love cute hairclips though
  • She’s one of those super cute girls, but she would get shy if a guy she found attractive walked by


  •  He’s still a little stiff
  • He’s super organized and on track
  • He can be a little tsundere
  • He’ll scold people, but make sure they’re taken care of
  • He’s not as big of a “fangirl” and more of a casual fan of Zen’s soundtracks


  • Her fashion sense was on point
  • Always looked classy in a dress or business suit
  • Instead of different ties, she wore different broaches every day–sometimes even with cats
  • Her love for cats stays the same, but she could only have one
  • Cat trinkets in her house everywhere
  • Top of the top career woman, so she often refuses the hundreds of confessions


  • Even more insecure as a girl on most days
  • She feels really uncomfortable with her body a lot of the time, since she has a little chub and always looks baggy in her sweats
  • Her hair also was frizzy and curly, so she always put it in a bun
  • But she knows how to clean up really nice
  • And her make up is always amazing


  • She hates long hair, so she still keeps it pretty short
  • Kind of like a bob cut
  • Loves dying her tips all the time
  • Resting “Get out my face” face
  • You would think she would a really emo style, but no…she likes fluffy sweaters
  • Sweater paws


  • Very artsy kind of girl
  • Sundresses, long cardigans, her camera hanging around her neck
  • Her hair is always in a ponytail because it gets in the way
  • But when she has it down, combined with her pretty smile, it’s gorgeous
  • Like the perfect waves
  • She is sweet to everyone


  • Literally the same personality
  • Same length hair
  • Same blazer
  • Same snark
  • Just female

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The Joker x Reader - “Mini Monster in Training”

The Joker is going to babysit his daughter alone for the first time. You really need to get away for a little bit so hopefully the two of them will manage without you. How hard can it be?!

“Here she is, baby,” you whisper, handing over your 6 months old daughter to J.  She’s still sleeping and he reaches his hands, impatient:

“Gimme!” he grins, placing Emma on his chest, careful not to wake her up. “I don’t want you to go,” he talks in a low voice, caressing her back.

“I’ll only be gone for a few hours, OK? I really need to dye my hair and get out of the penthouse for a little bit.”

“What if I have to change her? I don’t like that part,” The Joker pouts, pulling on your hand.

“Then just change her, you’ll be fine. Text me or call me if something happens,” you lean over to kiss him, then kiss her little head and sneak out of the bedroom before he complains some more.

“Don’t stay too long!” you hear him before closing the door.

It’s for the first time J is babysitting on his own. Since it’s still morning, he takes a little nap with her, feeling lazy for once. When she starts moving around he opens his eyes, hoping she won’t wake up yet. He keeps on looking at her, amazed on how cute she is.

She’s so adorable, he thinks, mesmerized by her dark blonde, curly hair. I sure made a beautiful baby; I’m such a stud! J praises himself since there is no one else around to do it for him.

Emma starts rubbing her eyes, and finally lifts her head up, babbling something The Joker finds irresistibly sweet so he kisses her forehead, taking a deep breath, not understanding why he feels so ecstatic.

“Hey, Pumpkin Pie, we’re home alone, what do you think about that, hm? Wanna have some fun with daddy?”

She grows more and more impatient and he has to get up, heading towards the living room.

“What are you wearing?” he chuckles, noticing the writing on her little pink onesie: “Miss J - Mini Monster in Training.” You two ordered so many personalized clothes for her she has a room full that will hopefully be worn at least once before she grows older. “That’s right, daddy’s Mini Monster,” he lifts her up really high in his arms and she giggles like a little mouse, showing him the few little teeth she has. “You like that? Daddy knows what you like,” he smirks, putting her down in the crib with a bunch of toys.

“I have to take a shower and I’ll be right back, little Princess,” and he heads towards the bathroom when he gets the text from you:

“I forgot to tell you I fed and changed her before I left so you should be good for a while.”

Thank God, The Joker rolls his eyes, relieved, trying to be as fast as possible while getting ready for the day.

After he’s done he takes his daughter with him in the office, holding her while trying to write down in his agenda. Emma pulls on his diamond earring, trying to get the shiny stone out.
“Auch, little Doll, that kind of hurts,” he moves his head away from her tiny hand and she won’t have any of it so she starts whimpering, unhappy he’s denying her something she was having fun with.

“Oh, no, don’t cry, daddy doesn’t like that,” he frowns, bouncing her in his arms for a bit, then he gives up, resigned, letting her go back to her play while she coos, starting to chew on his shirt. Her hands move from his earring to his hair, pulling on the green strands.

“You like my hair?” he scribbles on the paper, absent minded while she keeps on drooling and biting even more on his favorite shirt. “Pumpkin Pie, not on my purple shirt!” he whines, exasperated when finally notices what she’s doing. J puts her down on the floor, wiping as much as he can off the silk and she starts slowly crawling around his feet, rattling some of the toys she finds around the carpet from time to time.

The Joker feels her by his leg but doesn’t pay attention until it’s too late: she is chewing on his favorite pants now, preoccupied with her task.

“Noooo, little Princess, not my pants too,” J huffs, lifting her up again and he realizes it wasn’t probably a good idea to wear fancy clothes while babysitting. He heads towards the closet and gets a pair of sweatpants out, quickly changing before the baby gets too fussy in the crib.

“There, better,” he concludes and seeing she dribbled all over her onesie, he wants to change her too. He digs around her attire, not being able to decide until he finds the yellow one-piece that gets his attention: “Mommy just wanted a massage and here I am.” He starts laughing, amused, remembering that night: this really is how Emma happened. Of course it was your idea to have it immortalized on fabric.

The Joker puts her on the bed and since he’s doing all this work, might as well change her diaper too, even if it’s barely wet. He is super-fast because he hates diaper duty and after his daughter is all buttoned up in the onesie, he notices he forgot to give her a new Pampers.

“Dammit!”, he mumbles, starting all over again, struggling to keep her in place and she fights him on the verge of crying because he’s taking too long and she wants her freedom. “There, there, you’re done!” he announces, tossing her in the air and catching her, avoiding disaster because now she’s very happy again. “Daddy knows what you like!” he squishes her chubby cheeks together, kissing them and… up in the air again.  After three more rounds he stops and goes on the balcony, showing Emma the city but she couldn’t care less: that bright green hair seems to be her favorite toy today.

“Little Doll, would you like to have a brother or a sister later on?” he switches her on the order arm, looking down from the 30th floor. She baby talks and blows a raspberry, beginning to munch on his shoulder.

“I’ll take that as a yes,” he snickers, ticklish at her touch. “You know, mommy will probably disapprove: she says her boobs got as big as Titanic after she had you, but I don’t see the harm in that. Daddy likes it,” he admits, thinking about it for a few moments before coming back to reality, disappointed you’re not there so he can stare at your cleavage. “Are you hungry?” it finally clicks for him and goes back inside, taking some baby food out of the fridge.

He places her in the baby seat in the kitchen and starts feeding her from the small jar. For some reason The Joker decides to taste a bit of her food and it sends shivers down his spine.

“Wow, this tastes like crap, how can you eat it, kid?!” but Emma seems to enjoy it. She is rubbing her eyes again, yawning, refusing the spoon and he suspiciously tries to guess on what she might need.

“Are you tired, Pumpkin Pie?” he pets her little head, wiping the food off her face. She winces when he picks her up, her lower lip quivering and he tries to soothe her.

“I’m tired too, you exhausted daddy to the maximum and only Y/N is usually able to do that. Your mom’s a naughty little fox, did you know that? “ he mutters, stretching his back while his daughter’s eyes are slowly closing, sucking on her thumb half asleep.

He gets in bed too and covers her with the blanket, determined to stay there 5 more minutes until she is completely out before going back to his work.

But he dozes off too because babysitting sure is a difficult chore even for The Clown Prince of Crime.

You were only gone for about four hours and a half, that’s why you are surprised to find both your sunshines passed out in the master bedroom.

“God, that’s sexy,” you softly laugh when you see the dried out drool on his shoulder, barely kissing his cheek so you won’t wake him.

I wonder if he would want another baby later on, you think but then you glance down at your huge boobs and sigh, annoyed. Maybe not a good idea for now.

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There's Nothing Holding Me Back|| Shawn Mendes Imagine


Shawn and I have been friends for a real long time. But the last time we saw each other it didn’t end well. We got into an argument because he told me about a girl he had been seeing and jealousy overtook my body and I screamed at him. I yelled profanities of any kind. I hated he was seeing someone. I wanted to be the only girl in his life besides his mom and sister…but that wasn’t gonna happen. He blew up at me and yelled back. After he hurt my feelings by calling me a jealous bitch I walked out and never turned back. I love him. I still support him…I always will. A few months after our big fight I moved out to LA for modeling.
I finished getting ready as me and a few of my friends were going to an Ed Sheeran concert. I wore flowy red dress with black flats and my hair up in a curly ponytail.
When we got there the concert hall was packed. We moved around with body’s touching all around us. That when I bumped into someone. I looked up and noticed it was Shawn. He was right in front of me. Before he could speak my friends pulled me away to get a betelter view of Ed.

“I just saw Shawn” I say into my friend Sarah’s ear. She looks at me in shock.

Shawn POV

When I looked down to see who I bumped into I was amazed. It was Y/N I hadn’t seen her in at least a year. After our huge fight non of us made an effort to talk to each other. I mean i really couldn’t…I’m in a relationship. Before I could speak she was pulled away. She still had that bounce in her step when she walked. She was my best friend…it’s been hard without her. I got all defensive with her and my relationship. I hated that she was jealous because for so long I tried so show her I loved her as more than a friend…so when she got jealous and mad I also got mad. It wasn’t fair. I wasn’t aloud to be jealous when she went out with others so she can’t have some special treatment. Although i was willing to give her that special treatment. I sighed.

“You okay babe” I heard Jenna yell so I could hear her. I nod and give her a weak smile. She shakes it off and she drags me to get closer to the stage. We got pretty close and slwe started dancing along to the songs.
That’s when I noticed Y/N. She was dancing with her friends. She looked so happy. The way she moved. I remember all the Times we had dance party’s at my house with my sister. She still had moves… Except that were sexier now. The way she swayed her hips it did something to me. It made me go crazy.

“Shawn what are you staring at!” Jenna yells. I look down at her and notice her look in Y/N direction. Shit. She then walks away. I watched Jenna walk away and I didn’t even chase after her…shouldn’t I have chased after my own girlfriend?


I heard Shawns name being screaming and when I looked over he was looking down at a smaller girl and then she walked off. I could only imagine that was his girlfriend. I watched for a few seconds more only to notice he wasn’t going after her. But why am I worried. I was just a jealous bitch to him. I shake it off and go back to dancing with my friends.
Within a few seconds of going back to dancing with my friends I felt a hand grab my wrist. I traced the arm up and it was shawn. He pulled me close to him. I couldn’t catch my breath. He looked down at me.

“Shawn what are you doing” I say loud enough for him to hear.

“Doing something I shouldve done a long time ago” he pulls his face close to mine and puts his lips on mine. I pulled away and put one hand on his chest.

“Shawn…what about your girlfriend” I say breathless.

“There’s nothing holding me back. She’s not gonna hold me back from loving someone I should’ve along time ago.” Shawn says and kisses me again.


I wrote this because that song has been giving me major feels…I’m too obsessed with it right now. I hope y'all like it. 😘 -g

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Imagine Steve finding out Bucky has a fanclub, joins it and Bucky finds out.

An envelope came in the mail, inside should be a sticker with a Bucky Bear. Steve didn’t really have anything to put the sticker on. It was just something the fellow who ran the fanclub mailed to new members. He stuffed the envelope into a drawer. There were offers of glossy photos, posters, and toys. One of the members said they could get autographed photos. Steve wondered if they were fakes, or where they came from. Bucky hadn’t been signing anything to Steve’s knowledge.

Since the member made the offer, Steve had been looking over his shoulder when they walked down the street. Leary of some stranger asking Bucky for a signature, then selling it and making a profit.

Not long after joining, Steve bought a vintage action figure from a fellow fan. The next day he ordered a bracelet. They really looked well made. When they arrived, Steve squirreled them away into a cabinet in his bedroom. The cabinet had dozens of collectibles, and Steve spoke with quite a few fellow fans regularly. No one knew who he was. He thought the internet was an amazing thing.

On a warm day, the sun shone brightly, Steve relaxed on a bench in the park. Bucky was buying them ice cream. On his walk back, one of the neighborhood girls, Angelique ran up to Bucky. Juggling two ice-creams, he headed back to Steve, teen trailing behind. They were laughing when they reached Steve.

“Here hold both, will ya.” Bucky said to Steve.

Angelique handed Bucky a folder, and pulled a sharpie from her mass of beautiful curly hair.  

“What are you…?” Steve said to Bucky, then paused looking at Angelique. She beamed adoringly at Bucky.

Steve was silent about the whole issue. Eating his ice cream and thinking.

On the way home, Bucky winked at him. “I hear you joined the club.”

“What?” Steve stammered.

“You can’t keep that secret from me, Steve. Angelique runs the whole thing, but I go on the site. I see what people are saying.”

“You do?”

“Yeah, It’s nice to be the hero. I see the appeal.”

“I didn’t do it for that.”

“I know.” Bucky looked away, and watched a family walk past. “I just…” He paused. The unfinished thought hung in the air.

“You deserve a fan club Buck.” Steve said “You deserve to have people know that you are every bit a hero. More than me.”

Bucky made a scoffing laugh at that.

“Don’t laugh. I didn’t win the war. Millions of men who joined and fought and died over there did. Some took a while to come home. Your journey took longer than most. But, you definitely deserve a few action figures.”

Looking at his shoes Bucky said, “I may have bought a Captain America figure or two.”

Loudly laughing Steve gasped out “I just bought two this week. I have a whole cabinet of the things.”

“Wow. That’s not vain.” Bucky raised an eyebrow.

“Not of me, you dope.” Steve said, “Of you.”

Acting (Bob Morley x Reader)

Request: I just saw that you write for the actors so could I request an imagine where the reader is an actor on the show as well and her & bob Morley are super in love/best friends and everyone knows/sees it but them. thank you! Xx

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Living in the real world was hard. That’s why you always appreciate The 100, you were so thankful you had a role on the show. Acting has been your passion since you were young and not only does this show give you amazing opportunities, it let you meet Bob Morley. Watching him shoot his scene from afar, you admire the way his curly hair fell over his face. 

“Staring at Bobby again?” Marie states, standing next to your seat, “What is that like the 100th time this week?“ 

 "Shut up.” You smile, pushing her arm gently, “I’m trying to get into character." 

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Heartlines AU Ch 13

Chapter 13 of my Heartlines AU. The rest of this story and my other work can be found here 

Just a little short one for you all. Feedback is, as always welcome and appreciated. 

To Comfort and to Keep.

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After their return from Lallybroch and the idyll and revelations it had brought, the return to Glasgow and reality seemed almost offensive. Claire was currently working double shifts at the hospital and given that she didn’t consider it worthwhile to drag herself home to sleep for 4 hours and then drag herself back, she was currently camped out in the on call room, returning home only every couple of days to run a load of washing. Jamie missed her desperately. He considered more than once going to the hospital to see her, but decided against it. Part of what he loved about her was her fierce independence and her ability to operative calmly and effectively in a crisis. Her strength amazed him.  He glanced down at his desk at the photo that sat upon it. It was Claire standing under a tree near the main house. She was looking off to the distance and laughing, her head slightly turner, her hands clasped together in joy. It wasn’t the best picture he had of her, it had been taken by wee Jamie during a game of tag and as a result was slightly out of focus Jamie had chosen it though because it best encapsulated everything about her. Her joy of life, her sense of the ridiculous, that mad curly hair, her strength of character in her tall straight posture. He sighed. Only three more days. Three more days and he’d see her. She’d be on regular day shifts for the rest of the month, barring emergencies and they planned to spend time together. Jamie opened his drawer and pulled out the small square box he’d picked up at Lallybroch and placed it on the desk in front of him. He stared at it for a moment before putting it back in his drawer. No, it was too soon. No matter what the strength of feeling, no matter what it was between them, seven weeks was still only seven weeks. They weren’t kids, they’d both been married before and whilst he knew it would be different with Claire, whilst he longed more than anything else stand in front of their friends, family and God and declare his love for her, his brain urged caution. He sighed again, hitting a key on his computer to bring it out of power save mode. Three more days, that was all.

They’d agreed to meet at Claire’s. After two weeks of only fleeting visits home, she had wanted to be in her own space for a while. She pushed the door open and leaned heavily against it. She was bone tired.  She’d knocked off at two and Jamie was driving back from Lallybroch and should be there about 6. She planned a long bath and a catnap between now then. Her stomach flipped slightly at the thought of Jamie. She’d missed him so much. After the intensity of their first few weeks together, nearly two weeks apart with only texts and phone calls had been hard and she felt his absence down to her soul. She loved her job and never normally minded the shifts or crazy hours, but she had struggled, especially in that lull in the middle of the second shift, when exhaustion was setting in and adrenaline hadn’t yet kicked in to counter it. The desire to find him and to curl up on his lap and sleep in his arms had been almost unbearable at times and more than once during her off duty hours she had been tempted to make the drive to his house and do just that. Coffee, she thought to herself. A quick coffee and then a bath. That would sort her out. She settled into an armchair with a long black and flicked on the TV for background noise.

Letting himself in with his key, Jamie found her slumped in the armchair, still dressed in her scrubs. An untouched coffee sat on the side table and the TV was showing Coronation Street. He ran his hands through her hair and she stirred slightly, moving toward his touch, but she did not wake. He smiled and gathered her up and carried her to bed and removing her socks and shoes, tucked her in.

Claire woke, in the darkness, not sure where she was. She always felt discombobulated when she came off doubles or night shifts. It was amazing how quickly you get used to snatched sleep on narrow on call room cots. Waking tucked into her own king size bed seemed strange. A slight movement next to her, made her jump. She turned to see red hair lying on the white pillow case. Jamie. She must have fallen asleep and been put to bed by him. She rose and went into the bathroom. She stripped off her scrubs and tossed them in the basket turning on the shower. Her watch showed 3.24am. Coming off doubles was a lot like having jet lag she reflected ruefully, but without the holiday to compensate. 

She sensed rather than heard Jamie enter the bathroom, just as she was washing her hair. She felt a rush of cool air as he opened the shower door and stepped in behind her. She could feel the heat of of him as he stood behind her. Then she felt his hands tangle in her hair as he took over, his fingers kneading and massaging her scalp as he worked in the shampoo. She felt herself relax into him as his hands worked, her eye closing. She reached back and stroked his arm and he dropped a kiss on her shoulder. It was a chaste, closed lipped kiss but it sent electricity racing through her. She whirled around, kissing him full on the mouth, her hands on his neck. He kissed her back, his own hands dropping from her hair and sliding down the length of her body causing her to arch against him. His response was a gratifying growl in the back of his throat as he grabbed her buttocks and pulled her hard against him. She could feel his hardness against her stomach and she ran her hands down the strong expanse of his back to mirror the hold. He growled again and broke the kiss. One hand came up to her head holding it as he stared at her with an intensity that turned her legs to jelly. He pulled her close to him then, murmuring in her ear. A mixture of English and Gaelic, which she could not fully understand but got the gist of. He had her pushed against the shower wall now, the water coming down hot and strong.

“Jamie,” she murmured against him. “Jamie, my love” Her hands moved round his body, cupping him. He gasped pushing himself towards the sensation. She wrapped her hand around his length and began to stroke slowly. He let out a whimper and his head fell forward, his forehead resting against hers.

“Jesus, Claire…” His eyes were scrunched shut as he fought the urge to be undone. “Claire…” Catching her by the wrist he stilled her hand and stood breathing heavily for a moment. He opened his eyes and looked at her, an unspoken question in them. She nodded shakily, kissing him again. He shifted slightly, lifting one of her legs whilst planting his own feet wide apart to balance them. Pushing her back against the wall for stability he lifted her and entered her. Both moaned at the feeling, neither moving as they sought to master themselves at the sensation. Claire recovered herself first, pushing her hips and pulling him deeper. He began to move, slowly and steadily. One hand on her thigh where it supported her crooked leg, the other at her waist. She clutched at him as each thrust brought her closer and close to the end. She focused only on the sensations, the water pouring over them, the heat of his hands on her flesh and his breath on the side of her face. Of him filling her and loving her, the exhaustion and frustrations and the loneliness of the past two weeks slipping away as they moved together. She felt his rhythm begin to falter as he felt his own orgasm build. Clutching him tighter still she urged him to it with her words and her body, as her own ripped through her. He let out a cry that turned into a whimper as he found his release. His arms going around her pulling her close to him as he fought to regain himself. Claire’s arms came up around him and they held it each other until the water began to turn cool.


hey, so this is kinda in response to this and also as a prompt i came w during work!! :) i have this headcanon that sometimes peter sings to baby groot to calm him down and gamora thinks it’s REALLY attractive. hope you guys enjoy :)

summary: rocket can’t get groot to stop crying, so peter thinks back to what comforts him the most when he’s distressed. gamora and peter mom/dad fEELS.


“Psst, hey,” Rocket whispers, shaking Peter awake.

It takes a minute, but he eventually stirs, grumbling incoherently at being woken from such good slumber. He rolls over, glaring at his furry friend for waking him up. Rocket quickly disregards the glare, though, for there’s something important at hand.

Outside of the door, a loud, familiar crying echoes down the hall. Peter sits up, eyebrows furrowing quizzically.

“Look, normally I can handle the li’l twig on my own, but he’s been cryin’ for frickin’ three hours now, and I’m not sure why. He won’t talk!”

Peter nods sleepily, climbing out of bed. Beside him, Gamora also stirs a little, peeking her eyes open ever so slightly. She watches as he gets up, sliding on a pair of clothes since all he usually sleeps in is his boxers. The both of them are bickering among themselves in a quiet voice; she almost makes out Peter hushing him as to not disturb her rest. It’s a bit too late for that, though. Still, quite considerate of him. She watches as they exit the room, weighing whether or not to follow them to see what Groot’s crying about.

They both enter the lengthy hallway of the Quadrant, what separates the captain’s quarters to the rest of the rather large ship. The sleeping quarters for everyone else is merely a stairway down, and that’s where Groot is at. In Rocket’s room, wailing uncontrollably atop a pillow. Peter takes a seat on the bed beside him.

“Hey, hey,” he mumbles loud enough over his crying.

Groot quiets down a little and gazes at Quill. Each of the Guardians have a parental role for him, and Peter’s is always a bit more gentler. Perhaps it stems from the fact that he’s never had a father himself, and from a young age he knew that if he was to ever become a dad, he’d be the best he could be.

He watches as Groot’s crying settles a little. His lips still quiver, tears still falling down his cheeks, but Peter has an excellent calming effect. He wipes away the stray tears as softly as possible with his index finger.

“Please don’t cry,” Peter coos. “I hate it when you cry, buddy.”

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Saw anon talk about getting clarke pregnant. I immediately imagined bell going to space, leaving Clarke. she has the baby & they face time every day. all the baby knows about "daddy" is a face on a screen until 5 yrs later bell comes down and there's just this little 5 year old girl looking up at him with big blue eyes and black curly hair. bell is in awe with tears streaming down his face. And the lil girl is completely amazed because she's only ever seen her daddy on a screen not in real life


The awkwardness is overshadowed by the happiness

I combined the following three prompts for this. Let me know what you think!

(…) writing one where the girls squad and the balloon squad know each other for a long time like growing up together or something and the girls notice that Sana likes Yousef and yousef likes Sana and keep teasing her and him about it ? But both are to shy to admit or to believe that the other really likes them

I would love to see Sana and Yousef being protective of each other in one of your fic (I know we’ve seen Yousef protecting Sana, but I would love to see Sana being protective of him)

“It’s the beginning of season 4 and the balloon squad and the girls squad go to a party together, there they find the boys squad and one of them starts talking to Sana (it could be Jonas or Mahdi). Yousef gets really jealous when he sees this guy having a great time with Sana and…”


“Since when are we going partying with the girls?”, Yousef asks while they walk down the road with the girls walking in front of them, whispering about something.

“Why? Does it bother you?”, Adam asks back, a very distinctive undertone to the sentence.

Yousef shrugs and shakes his head. It doesn’t, actually. But Sana’s friends and the Balloon squad have known each other for a really long time and they hang out all the time but they never went partying together. Ever. So why would that change so suddenly?

Elias answers: “Vilde invited us because she thought Noora needs a distraction from some stuff that’s going on in her life and the more the merrier.”

“And it’s a lot of fun when we all hang out together!”, Mutta says and looks at the girls, who are walking a few metres in front of the boys. 

That’s true. Since the first day Sana brought Noora, Eva, Vilde and Chris over to her house the boys and they were friends and spending quite a lot of time together. For years now. Seeing as Adam, Mutta, Mikael and Yousef basically live at the Bakkoush house.

At the same time Noora questions why they suddenly go to a pregame with Adam, Mutta, Mikael, Elias and Yousef. As much as they hang out, partying was never a thing they did together. When Vilde just gives Noora a big grin, she turns to Sana who just shrugs. Sana doesn’t really know either. Sure, Vilde wants Noora to forget William for a while and have a good time, and that she thinks that Noora and Sana’s brother would be a cute couple also played into this plan. But Sana is a bit uncomfortable with this. Hanging out in her backyard, all of them together is one thing, hanging out at a party with people Sana’s age that will be drunk out of their minds is a whole other story.

“Sana, I thought you’d be more excited. You know, spending time with Yousef.”, Chris teases Sana with a nudge to her shoulder.

“With Yousef and Mutta and Adam and Mikael and Elias.”, Sana says and purposefully acts like she doesn’t know what Chris means.

“Oh come on! We all know for years now that you have a crush on him! Don’t even try to hide it, you’re bad at it!”

Sana doesn’t know whose house they came to. All these parties they go to look the same to Sana. Drunk people making out on the porch, the smell of beer filling her nose and loud music bumping through the rooms.

It’s not long until all 10 of them spread around the party. Eva and Vilde got themselves drinks and immediately ran to the makeshift dancefloor. Noora and Elias started talking and are standing at the far corner of the room. Mutta, Adam and Chris are dancing and trying to rap along to the song that is blasting through the speakers. Mikael and Yousef are talking to three third-year guys Sana has seen around school. It’s not like she keeps looking for Yousef and quickly looking away when he looks up at her.

When Jonas and Mahdi walk into the room, followed by Isak, they immediately see Sana and walk over to her. Isak just quickly says Hi before going over to some other friends. Mahdi and Jonas stay with Sana, though, and start talking. 

One moment they talk about their politics teacher and in the next moment Mahdi watches as Jonas and Sana are in a heated discussion about capitalism and how our current society exploits anything they can and why that is a huge problem because we are part of that society and don’t have as much to say as those who ruin the market for us later.

Mahdi shakes his head smilingly at his friends. Why can’t he have normal friends that don’t discuss capitalism at a party? He decides to just leave them to discuss as much as they want to and goes to search for something to drink.

Yousef keeps finding himself looking at Sana every few minutes. The guys Mikael and him just met rave about their Russe buss and how great it is but Yousef couldn’t care less. He was on a busse with his friends and a few others, as well, but only because Elias convinced him too. It’s not really his thing. He had fun, though. Right now, he just can’t be bothered to listen to that. All he can concentrate on is Sana, talking to one of her friends from school. Yousef forgot his name but he definitely has seen that boy with curly hair before. 

Sana and the curly haired boy are sitting on the couch on the other end of the room and are talking very animated, waving their hands around but they also laugh a lot. Yousef watches how the curly-haired boy says something and Sana throws back her head laughing.

Yousef clenches his jaw and tries not to get mad. He doesn’t have a right to. Sana can talk, even flirt, with whoever she wants. It’s not his place to say anything about that. But that doesn’t make him feel less jealous. He knows that Sana is amazing and that everyone would be glad to get to talk to her, even for a few minutes.

Yousef gets jabbed in his ribs lightly which makes him turn away from looking at Sana and towards Mikael.

“What?”, Yousef asks. It’s only now that he notices that those three guys are gone. 

“Dude, if you’re jealous all you need to do is go over there and join the conversation.”, Mikael says and nods in the direction of Sana and the curly-haired boy. 

Yousef acts like he doesn’t know what Mikael means. He shrugs and says he doesn’t know who he would be jealous of and why. Mikael just rolls his eyes at his friends and feels like hitting him over the head. Why is he making this harder for himself than necessary?

“Yousef, nothing’s going to happen if you don’t do anything.”, Mikael says right when Eva and Vilde join them. 

“Who is doing what?”, Eva asks, obviously already a little tipsy. She holds onto Vilde’s arm and looks at the two older boys. 

Yousef doesn’t react but Mikael, with a joyful smile, is glad to repeat what he just said. “Yousef is jealous of Sana talking to Jonas over there but won’t do anything about it.”

Eva and Vilde turn around and look into the direction Mikael is pointing. Once they see Sana and Jonas sitting there, discussing something probably very intelligent, turn to look at each other and burst out laughing. 

Yousef furrows his eyebrows at them because he doesn’t understand. He still feels the need to object: “I’m not jealous of anyone!”

Vilde pats his arm in an attempted loving manner: “Boy, we know you for too long for you to lie at us now. Everyone knows you’re crushing on Sana. And everyone knows Sana is crushing on you!”

The smallest glimmer of hope bursts in Yousef’s chest. Can it be that his feelings are not one-sided? But why would Sana like him the way he likes her? He is pretty sure she just sees him as her older brother’s best friend. But if Vilde says so, and Mikael too. And Vilde is drunk. Drunk people usually don’t lie, their filter is missing. Biting his lip he decides to just go over there. Sana and him are friends, at least. It wouldn’t be weird to join a conversation. And a voice in the back of his head tells him he’d be able to see or rather hear what they are talking about so he doesn’t have to theorize from afar. This irrational anger at that curly-haired boy makes him shake his head. It’s fine, they are just talking. They better be just talking.

Mikael, who notices his friend making a move to go over to his crush, pats him on the shoulder and pushes him lightly. Everyone, really everyone, knows that these two are crushing on each other since they all were younger but they just can’t get their act together and do something about their crushes. 

Yousef walks through the masses of people and get really excited. Just talking to Sana makes him so happy, it’s ridiculous. Involuntarily he starts smiling but when he gets to the couch Sana is nowhere to be seen. The curly-haired boy, Jonas, is joined by Mahdi and they’re looking around the room. Yousef says Hi but doesn’t stay for longer. He finally had a little bit of courage and exactly then Sana decides to stand up and go wherever. He looks around the room but can’t see her. With a sigh he decides to go outside to take a fresh breath of air.

When he steps outside he looks around at first. Seeing some people hook up on the porch was not exactly what he wanted to see but he just walks past them. Yousef sits down on the last, or rather first step, and takes out his phone. Parties are fun, he loves to dance at parties, but there is this uneasy feeling in his stomach. If only he had been faster with his decision to go over to Sana.

Yousef doesn’t know how that is even possible but just then, after looking around for a few minutes, he sees Sana walking up and down on the far right side of the front yard. She has her phone raised to her ear and seems to be listening to the person on the other end of the line. Usually Sana is the first person to catch his eye, in any situation. He thinks about standing up and walking over to her but it doesn’t seem like a good idea. He would only be interrupting her phone call. That doesn’t mean that he won’t wait for her to finish the phone call, though.

Sana taps the end call button and sighs. Out of all the times her eldest brother could call her, it’s now. Very bad timing. All he wanted to know was if Elias and Sana would go to his house the next morning for breakfast which they had planned before and it was sure that they would. Still, it was nice talking to him. She misses him since he doesn’t live with them anymore. 

She turns around to go back inside and as soon as she does her eyes catch Yousef. He’s sitting on the stairs of the porch. However, he’s not alone. A pretty girl with curly hair sits next to him. Pretty close, actually. Her hand on his shoulder, leaning forward to him while speaking. Sana’s stomach sinks. She bites her lip to not frown too obviously. Of course, Yousef can talk to whoever he wants. The pleasant smile playing on his lips shows Sana that he’s enjoying himself. Sana starts walking towards the house, slowly. Trying to think. Should she just walk past them or should she somehow stop and say Hi or something. No, that would be weird. 

While walking towards the house Sana can’t take her eyes off of the girl’s hand on his shoulder and her leaning in close to him. Very close. She shouldn’t look. It only makes her feel worse. Sana suspected that this would happen. Yousef being hit on at parties. Maybe that is the reason Sana wasn’t too keen on taking the boys with them. She knew that this would happen; Yousef with his stupid, cute smile and his stupid, wavy hair and his stupid good manners. Of course, Yousef wouldn’t be left alone at a party. 

So why is it so hard to just walk past him and the pretty girl then? Why does Sana stop in front of these two people, turning her phone in her hands?

Yousef immediately looks up to Sana and shows her a big smile which also seems a little bit relieved. Or does she imagine that?

“Sana!”, he says a bit more loudly than necessary and stands up, having to lean away from the girl’s grip fast for her to let go. He smiles at her, his stupidly cute smile. He doesn’t make it easy for Sana, he really doesn’t. But he probably doesn’t know how she feels and he most definitely only sees her as his best friend’s sister.

Yousef and Sana stand there for a few seconds, awkwardly, until the girl that is still sitting on the stairs is saying: “Yousef, I didn’t finish the story.”, she slurs a little.

He doesn’t react to her, though. He just widens his eyes at Sana and lightly shakes his head. Sana furrows her eyebrows in confusion to which Yousef nods lightly in the direction of the curly-haired girl. For Sana, who is usually very quick to understand what he tries to tell her without words, she is pretty slow in that moment. But then it clicks. He wants her to make up an excuse to leave. 

“Hey, I’m sorry but we need to get back inside.”, Sana says looking at the girl, now almost lying on the stairs. She seems fine, though. The curly-haired girl raises her eyebrows and nods and stands up too fast and gets dizzy. Both Yousef and Sana go to help her and once she stands steadily, Yousef walks to Sana’s side, stands so close that their arms are touching.

The curly-haired girl tilts her head. “And who are you? I was having a … great conversation with that hot boy here.”

Sana raises her eyebrows at her and answers before thinking: “That hot boy here has to go inside now.”, while saying that she looks at the girl and wraps her hand around Yousef’s upper arm. Exactly in that moment she realizes what she said and freezes for a second. Same as Yousef. But he is more amused than anything because he didn’t think he’d ever hear something like that about him from Sana. He would be lying if he said that his heart didn’t start beating a little faster when she put her hand on his arm and leaned on him just slightly. Just enough to show the other girl that she is with him.

Yousef looks down at Sana, waits for her to look up but he doesn’t know that she can’t. If she did she would blush so hard that she would put tomatoes to shame. Training her eyes on the girl is a good way for Sana to contain herself.

“But I didn’t finish my story!”, the girl whines and stumbles a bit when she tries to get closer to Yousef again. Instinctively Sana steps a bit in front of Yousef and looks around.

With perfect timing Jonas comes walking through the door. She waves him over to them and tells the girl: “Look, Jonas is coming over here. He’ll gladly listen to your story." 

The girl looks his way and nods. He would do, too. Jonas looks at Sana confused but Sana just mouths a quick ‘Sorry’ to him and pulls Yousef with her into the house again.

Once they are inside, they both turn to look at each other for the first time in the last minutes. As soon as their eyes meet they start laughing. That was weird, and awkward but funny at the same time. 

"Well, thank you for saving me from that conversation.”, Yousef says and leans on the wall in the hallway. Here the music is a little dimmed and they can talk without having to shout. Sana leans on the opposite wall. 

“Did I? You seemed to have fun?”, Sana says and tries not to sound bitter about it. She has no clue if she succeeded.

Yousef shakes his head very quickly: “Nope, just tried to be nice. She was telling me about her Ex-boyfriend.” He notices Sana start to smile lightly and continues: “Now, tell me. Do I look like a human form of a diary? I swear, every party we go to someone finds me and starts telling me their life-story.”

Yousef laughs and Sana joins him. Sana can really imagine him standing somewhere at a party and people starting to complain about their lives to him. He really is a very trustworthy person and apparently also looks like that to strangers. 

“Then remind me to never come to you when I want to tell someone my whole life-story.”, Sana jokes. 

Yousef shakes his head: “No, I’ll gladly listen to you.” That cute smile of his is directed at Sana and she seems to forget how to properly breathe. So she just smiles back.

Seeing her smile at him with her dimples showing makes him want to take those two steps and go stand next to her. He doesn’t even feel like he needs to touch her in any way; he just wants to be close.

And when the music actually gets louder, he walks those two steps and leans on the wall next to her. Sana looks at him, then quickly averts her eyes. Yousef looks at her, then quickly averts his eyes.

“So, now your friend has to deal with the Ex-boyfriend story.”, Yousef comments. That Sana sent Jonas over to that girl has to mean that she is not interested in him, right? Why else would she send him to her while saving Yousef from the same conversation?

Sana just laughs and nods. “He’ll be alright.“ and all they do after that is smiling at each other. Yousef leaning on the wall with his left shoulder, Sana with her right shoulder.

"You’ve been gone for almost an hour!”, Noora shouts over the music and interrupts Sana and Yousef who didn’t move from their spot in the past 50 minutes. All they had done was slide down the wall, and talk sitting there in the hallway.

Noora interrupted them as they were laughing so hard that they both had tears of laughter in their eyes. She looks at them once and decides to leave them immediately so that they can enjoy their time alone. It’s the closest and most talkative with each other Noora has seen these two together in … forever. And she knows the boy almost as long as she knows Sana.

Noora decides to leave in the same moment as Eva and Adam come to stand next to her, in front of the still laughing two sitting on the ground. Why they are laughing Noora doesn’t know but what she knows is that neither of them can stop.

“Oooh, did you finally admit your crushes on each other?”, Adam shouts over the loud music.

That makes Sana and Yousef stop laughing. They stare at Adam at first, then at each other.

They really are made for each other, Noora thinks, as Sana and Yousef raise their eyebrows at the same time and look at each other in the same surprised, oblivious way.

“You are so cuuuuute!”, Eva shouts, leaning on Adam. “Now, Sana doesn’t have to hide her crush anymore!”

Sana’s head snaps up and she stares at Eva in horror. While Yousef chuckles at that, Sana’s face grows red.

“And Yousef can stop admiring Sana from afar now!”, Adam says, knowing exactly what he’s doing.

Now it’s Yousef’s turn to look at his friend in horror and widen his eyes. Do their friends love to see them suffer? Apparently they do.

Sana and Yousef look at each other, both with a shy smile but happy that it is out in the open now. They didn’t, in fact, confess to each other. They only had a good time together. But it doesn’t hurt that their feelings for each other were made clear, even if it’s done by their friends.

Sana wonders if it was the wisest decision to have introduced her friends to the friends of her brother years ago. Sometimes it makes things a lot more awkward than they need to be but in moments like this, the awkwardness is overshadowed by the happiness.

Indescribable Abnormalities

honestly i’m not sure where i got this idea but like what if nico and will were both parts of a bank robbery when they were, like, 7 and afterward at the station they refused to leave each other’s sides and like what if nico went to live with will or something afterward and now they’re virtually inseparable? so i decided to write it. 3732 words

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Good Enough

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Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x Reader

Request: Hey!! I love your writing! I was wondering if you could do a wanda maximoff x reader where reader doesnt think she is good enough for Wanda and Wanda tries to cheer her up? If you’re uncomfortable writing her, then can it be with Bucky? Please and thank youuu (anonymous)

Word count: 554

A/N: I really hope I wrote her in character. Hope this is what you wanted and that you’ll love it! :) Let me know what you guys think of this, I love getting feedback!

You woke up in the morning feeling Wanda cuddle closer to you. You opened your eyes and saw her sleeping with a beautiful small smile on her lips. You pushed her hair away from her face and admired her beauty. God, she was gorgeous. You couldn’t believe how lucky you were to be dating her. What did you do to deserve her? She was the most beautiful woman on this planet with her curly brown hair and eyes that were the most amazing color of blue. Not only was she beautiful, she was also so smart and funny and just the most thoughtful person you had ever met. Like all that wasn’t enough she was also a powerful superhero who has saved the world multiple times. Seriously, what the hell did you do to deserve her?

Wanda’s eyes slowly fluttered open and she tightened her grip around you. “Good morning babe” she looked directly into your eyes and gave you a small peck on the lips. “Good morning” you replied stroking her hair. You gazed into her eyes and saw her looking at you like you were the most beautiful thing in the world. 

“What is it?” Wanda sat up and gave you a concerned look. “What in the world do you see in me?” you gave her a nervous laugh. Her expression changed from concerned to confused. “What do you mean?” she replied. “I mean you are the most beautiful woman ever, you are smart and funny. You are a freaking superhero. What am I? Just a regular boring old me looking like any other regular person”. Wanda sat there silently staring deep into your eyes. “Is that really how you see yourself Y/N?” she asked with a worried tone “Because it’s definitely not how I see you” she continued and you looked down at your hands. “The first time I saw you I was speechless. I couldn’t move. All I could do was stare at you. You were laughing with your friends and I thought that laugh was the most beautiful sound I had ever heard. Then you turned your gaze at me and I felt like I got lost into your E/C eyes. You were the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen Y/N.” She lifted your face forcing you to look at her. Then she took your hand and held it tightly. “And your personality? You are anything but boring. I have never felt bored with you Y/N. You are so funny in such an original way. The favorite part of my day is when I see you. When I’m sitting on the Quinjet on my way back home from a mission all I think about is you and how I can’t wait to be back in your arms. You are the most important person in my life Y/N.” She continued now holding your face. “Don’t you ever think that you are not good enough for me! I am the luckiest person to have found you.” She finished and kissed you passionately. 

“Now, my love, let’s go eat breakfast. I’m starving” she took your hand and pulled you out of bed. “I love you Wanda” you smiled and hugged her. “I love you too Y/N, so much!” she gave you a loving kiss on the cheek and led you to the kitchen. You really were the luckiest person in the world. 

If Percy Jackson Was Genderfluid

Can we please talk about Percy Jackson being genderfluid and how amazing that would be?

Can we talk about about little Percy having no idea why he sometimes doesn’t like being called a boy, and sometimes doesn’t feel like he could be a girl either. He wouldn’t talk about it at all of course, but he would constantly staring at himself in the mirror and thinking ‘what am I?’ How much more trouble he’d have with Gabe until he finally realised that he couldn’t tell Gabe that he didn’t feel like a boy that day, and hw much more he would loathe Gabe?

And can we talk about Percy coming to camp, and everyone having no idea what his gender is? Like he looks quite androgynous (and even more so when he hits puberty) and no one wants to come straight out and ask him, so they just wait for him to be claimed so Chiron will finally tell them? But when Percy is claimed it’s as the “child of Poseidon”, which makes everyone even more confused and annoyed and Annabeth would probably be even more cold towards him, because he’s a mystery she can’t figure out and it’d be killing her (and don’t think bout Mr D, who somewhat knew what was going on with Percy, and would call him more feminine names ie Peggy or Penny on days that he’s a girl and yeah… just imagine Mr D being somewhat nice)

And can we talk about this would only make things worse for him? He already felt somewhat rejected by the camp once he was claimed, and now he’s got people staring him down and trying to figure him out, even though he doesn’t even have any idea what he is (and he probably wouldn’t even know that they were all doing this, he probably just thought it was about the whole Poseidon thing). Can can we talk about him being closer with the Aphrodite cabin, as they’re the only ones who don’t judge him or question him? Silena would just become his mum (and Drew his slightly bitter aunt) and he’d be so happy because it’d be like having family? And he’d be close with the other non-cis campers too, even if they weren’t out yet (like trans!Will, and can we please just imagine Will bringing along his supportive mum-friend Drew when he meets up with Percy, and the three of them getting on like wildfire, and sassing the hell out of each other?)

And just much more heartbreaking would that scene at Circe island be? Just imagine him freaking out because he isn’t a guy that day, and he has bad dysphoria, and oh my god does she know? And seeing in the mirror the body he’s always wanted, but it keeps shifting from being more masculine to more feminine because he doesn’t know what he wants or who he is. Or imagine that he’d actually been a girl that day, and had been brought along and pampered with Annabeth, even though Reyna was sure that something about him was off (and again, Annabeth would be even more confused) and him being like… well. This is new.

And what about Calypso? Think about how confused she would be, seeing this person on her island who sometimes looks more like a female model (to her) than a hero. But she still falls in love with him, and once she leaves, she can’t help but second guess herself (which is why she’s more bitter when Leo comes along because she’s so confused about it all still)

And then jump ahead to the heroes of olympus series, and imagine how confused Jason, Piper and Leo would be because the stories about the great hero who defeated Kronos changes depending on who’s telling the story. In Annabeth’s, Percy is always a boy, but in Rachel’s he’s ‘whatever he is’ and in other stories he’s a girl and ect, and they’re just so confused. And when they finally meet him they think 'as soon as we see him everything will be cleared up’ but it’s not. They’re just even more confused. He looks even more androgynous then they thought he would (and it makes Jason uneasy because he doesn’t quite know whether he’s fighting with a girl or a boy) and he gives no hints to his gender. He’s got enough to worry about without thinking about his gender (or sexuality).

And imagine Percy going through the events of Neptune son, feeling angry and confused because he thinks that he knew who he was before he lost his memory and is even more determined to find that blonde girl he remembers because she must know what and who he is, right? And when he meets Frank they get on like a house on fire because they both suffer from body dysphoria and yet need to present themselves as leaders, and although Hazel doesn’t quite understand, she tells everyone off who calls Percy an 'it’ or 'that’. And imagine Reyna seeing him again and being like 'I still don’t know your gender, but you look very feminine and pretty and wait, do I like you?’ (and hence begins Reyna discovery of her sexuality).

And imagine him meeting Nico (again)! And Percy (my sweet bi child) finding him really attractive being jealous of how masculine Nico looks, and how feminine and curvy Hazel looks. And how awkward Percy would be around this attractive guy who seems to know him, and Nico being floored by how sweet and shy Percy is around him (and don’t think about how Will would be so angry at Nico for not telling him that Percy was okay and how Nico had to spends weeks making it up to him again).

And after the war, Annabeth introduces Percy to Magnus and Alex and no one quite understands why Alex and Percy get on so well. And then Alex introduces Percy to the label gendefluid (and bisexual) and Percy would be in tears because there’s a name, there’s nothing wrong with him, and he finally knows who he is. And imagine Alex and Percy staying good friends after that, and teasing each other about the Chase’s in their lives, and talking about their genders and sexualities and going to pride together.

Can you imagine Percy taking weeks to decide who to come out to? Obviously he tells his parents first and they accept him (and look it up on the internet so they understand it better) and become the best parents ever. And his sister making bracelets to correspond with his pronouns (green for them/they, pink for she/her and blue for he/him) and calling Percy her older sibling instead of brother or sister.

Then he’d come out to Grover (who’d probably already have an idea because of the empathy link) and Rachel 'Screw The Cis-tem’ Elizabeth Dare (she’s my agender child), and finally Will and Nico. And Will would be so excited and happy for him, while Nico would be like so confused because the guy he likes, Percy 'Make You Question Your Sexuality’ Jackson, is sometimes a girl? But eventually he’d get over it and be so accepting and protective of his genderfluid (and bi) friend (and the three of them would go to pride together, and bring along their other friends because everyone in the pjo universe is LGBTQIA to me). And together they’d start building up awareness of LGBTIA issues in the camp etc

I think he’d wait a long while until telling Annabeth though, because he’s worried it’ll ruin their relationship or she won’t accept him but of course she does. And she researches the hell out that and does her best to understand him and be supportive (and perhaps she stays with him, but maybe she doesn’t, it’s up to you) and he’d spend hours trying to explain his feeling to her so she could write it all down for the other campers to get a better idea of it

And please imagine Percy wearing makeup and shorts, and dresses and pretty tops, and crop tops and- yeah, you get the gist. And imagine him changing his hairstyle constantly, sometimes growing his hair out to long, curly locks, or getting a undercut, and tying it up in bun and paits and dying it all different colours. Think of how amazing he’d look, and how many people would flirt with him because of that.

So yeah, please imagine a happy, beautiful genderfluid bisexual Percy Jackson being happy and accepted by his friends and family and for the first time in his life, feeling right.

Ticking Time Bomb 5

Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader

Warning: Language

Russian Terms:
Malyutka (Little One)
Moya Lyubov’ (My Love)

You’re a hot headed, risk taker, who doesn’t want to blend in, and doesn’t see the fascination in Captain America. When Fury black mails you into joining the team, he sends you under cover with Mr. America himself, and you couldn’t be more resentful. But what if you and Rogers have more in common than you ever imagined? You wouldn’t be stupid enough to fall for him, or would you?

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The Void Part 1/?

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Warnings: Swearing, Violence

Pairing: Eventual Chase Collins x Reader

Y/N - Your name

A/N: Hello!!! I was wondering if you could do a Fic as Sebastian (not as himself in which I mean his name could still be his own) as this insanely powerful demon?? This women he meets is sort of bound to him but she’s trying to fight it? I really would like to read a fic where he is villain in the story! I know this is vague lol but I think seb would be so amazing as a demon!!! kind of like his Chase Collins character but cooler lol!!!

Summary: Reader is a female descendant of one of the founding families but was disowned by her father as a child. Now she is back in Ipswich and it turns out it isn’t always the first born son that gets all the power.

Part 1 II Part 2 II Part 3 II Part 4 II Part 5

It was the same dream over and over again. A burned down barn and a man standing in the middle of it, calling to her. She felt drawn to him and needed to help him. However anytime she got close to him he would disappear like smoke and she would wake up drenched in sweat. She wasn’t sure why she was having this dream but it felt so real every time she had it. After a particularly bad night she decided to go visit her mom. The minute her mom saw her she knew something was wrong. 

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