and she looked closer and was like you want the queen's bracelet

Cool? (Peter Parker x Reader)

Request: Could you do a Peter Parker x reader where the reader is an avenger and she is Peters age and she has a huge crush on him but shes really shy, and barely ever talks to him because she is too shy, but the everyone but Peter knows. and they know that Peter likes the reader also. so they try to get them together? Sorry if this was really long/ confusing!!

(A/N) Y’all I’m sorry I’m such a shitty person, but I feel like I needed to post stuff to keep you guys entertained. I feel as if this wasn’t really what the request wanted but this was the direction it ended  up going in and I hope it’s up to the requesters standards. Also, I must say that this will officially be the first thing that is posted on my main blog. Much love!

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Your Name (Part 2) - Stiles Stilinski

Author: @mf-despair-queen

Characters: Stiles Stilinski/Reader

Word Count: 3,815

Warnings: NSFW, 18+, Oral (Female Receiving), Sex on a Boat

Notes: I couldn’t stop from writing this. And look. Smut. I’m such a good person. I hope you guys like this. Things are happening. You’ve gonna find out things next timeeeeee. Thanks to @minhosmeanhoe for proofreading because she is a saint and I love her. 

Listen to Me (Please note you are not required to listen)

Prologue | Part 1

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||happy belated birthday, spade ♤||

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Peter always found it to be a challenge to surprise his girlfriend, [Full Name], on her birthday.

Seemingly born with observational skills that could even put Batman to shame, to say it was difficult to surprise [Name] was a huge understatement. As Peter lay in bed with just about a week until his beloved’s birthday, he thought back to the years he had tried to surprise her, only to have it ruined each time within seconds.

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The Joker x Reader - “Broken”

After you got shot in the head you were in a coma for a while. When you woke up you were quite broken and The Joker doesn’t like broken things. Getting rid of you seems like the perfect solution.

The Joker immediately turned when he heard the gunshot. You felt the sharp pain for a split second before you blacked out. J opened his mouth in disbelief, wanting to say something but for once he was speechless. He just stood there, stunned, watching Frost as he killed the security guard being heroic enough to attempt a small rebellion on his own.

“WHAT…THE FUCK??!!” The Joker’s voice finally echoed in the building while stomping towards you. Some of the hostages on the floor whimpered in fear, knowing that it won’t end well after what just happened.

“I thought you were watching everybody!” he pointed at his henchmen, mad as hell, kneeling so that he can turn you around. J saw the nasty bleeding head wound and he lost it:

“Kill everybody!! NOW!!!!” He lifted you and your arms went limp, hanging down on the sides of your body. “God dammit! Frost, let’s go, you drive!!” Blood started soaking his purple coat and he squeezed you closer to him, trying to wake you up.

“Hey, Princess, open your eyes! Open your eyes!“ No answer came and he took a deep breath, grinding his teeth, not even discerning the screams coming from the slaughter happening behind him.

He got in the back of the van with you and realized he wasn’t even wearing a shirt that night.

“Frost, give me your jacket!” he impatiently demanded and wrapped it around your head as soon as he got it. Jonny started driving and the Joker kept on wiping the blood off your face with his bare hands, not realizing he got all over his cheeks and hair too. “Baby doll, can you hear me? Don’t make Daddy mad; open your eyes, hm?”  he kept on trying to reason with you, nervously biting his lips.

“Where to, Boss?” Frost shouted, driving so fast he was afraid he will get unwanted attention, the last thing that was needed that night.

“Our doctor, Frosty, where else???!! “ The Joker snapped back at him, irritated about the question. “I don’t care who else we need to get, I want her fixed!… I don’t like…b-broken things…” he muttered the last words to himself, stammering with anxiety, still trying to clean you up.

*** You were in surgery for 10 hours. It was a clean wound, the bullet wasn’t inside: it pierced the left side of your head, above your ear, slightly under the skin surface which was very lucky but still created quite a lot of damage and brain hemorrhage. The best doctors that Gotham’s underworld uses were brought in to help you. J didn’t care about the money they asked or the supplies needed. What was he going to do with all his possessions if his Queen was dead?  It wouldn’t matter, it would be no fun.

The Joker was told there was no way to know when you will wake up or if there will be any nerve damage following your recovery. They didn’t have the courage to tell him you might never wake up. Afterwards, you were taken to the penthouse and one of the spare bedrooms was transformed into your own medical ward. The doctors took turns in coming and checking up on you, changing your bandages, updating your IV medications and the blood tests were coming back pretty good, except for the fact that you wouldn’t wake up.

Since J couldn’t sleep without you, he moved the bed in the master bedroom to your room, this way he could at least doze off for a few hours. All those beeping noises from those machines you were hooked at annoyed him to death but he learned to ignore them after a few days.

The Joker talked to you all the time, sometimes falling asleep waiting for an answer that never came. Most of the times he was answering for you.

* “Hey, Y/N, do you remember when you told me you were pregnant and I panicked, almost pushed you off the balcony? Lucky you told me you were joking before I did it, huh? “ and he started laughing maniacally, ending it with a deep growl, pleased at the memory. “Good times, Doll…”

* “Oh my God, I’m so bored!” He would roll his blue eyes in your face.” Would you wake up, Pumpkin? Let’s have some fun, I’ll take you for a ride. Wanna blow up something? Hmmm? Deal?” J cupped your face, caressing it with his thumbs until he got fed up with that too. “Jeez, Doll, why are you doing this to me?” he would finally rest his head on your tummy, pouting, not liking the fact that you were still like that after 3 weeks.

* “Princess, do you remember when I got angry and I shot you in the leg and you stabbed me? You were soooo pissed,” he snickered, kissing your hand. “We almost killed each other that day.” His crazy laughter filled the room again. “Ahhhh, good times, Doll…” he sighed, delighted at that treasured remembrance.

* J thought you need more tattoos, it was about time he gave you another one. He tattooed “Wake Up” all around your right hand wrist, like a bracelet, and a lot of “I love J” and “Sleepy Head” going up your arm just like bracelet charms . “You like it, Pumpkin?” he brought it closer to your face and when you didn’t react he just replied, proud of himself: “I think I did really good.”

* He pushed the girl he brought from the club inside and she was so scared she was shaking like a leaf.

“ Y/N, if you don’t wake up in 5 seconds, I’m getting a new girlfriend!” J shove her right on your bed. “ 5,4,3,2… 2 and a half…1…one and a half…Doll, come on!!!… Zero!”  Nothing. “Get the hell out of here!” he pushed the girl and she run out of the room so fast she almost fell when she opened the door. “Shit, that didn’t work,” he passed his fingers through his green hair, sulking. Another week went by.

* The Joker brought in a target matt and hanged it on the wall in front of you. He liked to place his gun in your hand, holding it with his, aim and shoot at the target. “Perfect, Y/N, this way you don’t lose practice. You’re such a good girl,” he would kiss your knuckles, smiling and then frowning when he realized you didn’t even know he was there.

* First time you opened your eyes was after 4 more weeks. It was late at night and J was on his laptop,still awake, looking at all the naughty pics you always sent him. He noticed the movement and jumped out of bed, not really believing you’re awake.

“Jesus, Princess, it was about time! I’m sooo horny,” he whispered in your ear and grinned when he noticed your chest going up and down in a silent, faint laughter.

“…My… poor… baby…” you barely uttered, struggling to reach his pale face and he purred, relieved, firmly holding your shaky fingers on his cheek since you couldn’t do it on your own. “…What…happened?…”


At first, you had a really hard time using your left side of the body. You had bad days and good days. On your bad days you used one of J’s canes to walk around. He used to hide it and watch you struggle, scoffing:

“You don’t need a cane, Doll. Just walk, you’re fine!”

You held on to the wall, fighting really hard to keep your balance.

“I do need it, give it back!”

“Nope,” he simply stated, observing you from the couch until you got to your old room where he still kept the target matt so you can practice shooting again. It almost brought you to tears when you kept on missing; such an embarrassment for a skilled assassin. But it was so hard to control your left hand that kept on trembling. The Joker always sneaked to watch you since you kept the door opened and it made him uneasy to see you were so distressed. And it made him even tenser when he noticed he still liked his broken Doll.

First time you were able to have sex again after your recovery was… challenging. (And to be honest, many more times afterwards.)

He started complaining after 5 minutes :

“Christ, Y/N, your hand is twitching around my neck, it’s freaking me out! Stop it!” and he kissed you again, annoyed.

“Well, baby, I can’t control it, you know that! Especially when I get…excited,” you panted, adjusting your head on the pillow.

“Why are you excited?” J snickered. “Hey, keep your legs around my waist, you know I like it,” he moaned in your ear, kissing his way down your neck.

“I can’t, my left leg keeps on sliding down, I can’t even feel it anymore. I’m sorry, baby,” you arched your back, giggling, amused on how worked up he was about it.

“Can you get on your knees, Doll?”

“I doubt it,” you fakely sobbed, wanting him to shut up and make love to you.

“Can you get on top of me?”

A snarl coming from you gave him the answer.

“Can we do it against the wall?”

You slapped his side, aggravated.

“Jeez, woman, what can you do?!” You covered his mouth, impatient.

“I’m just gonna lay here, ok? That’s all I can offer for now. I’m…helpless so you can totally take advantage of me,” you winked, uncovering his lips so you can kiss him.

“Hmm, I never took advantage of a …ummm…incapacitated person before,” The Joker smirked, suddenly liking the idea.

“Good, because I thought you like challenges,” you laughed, content he is finally satisfied.

“Ohhh, Daddy never backs out from a challenge, Pumpkin,” he gave you that devilish look and pulled your hair while pinning your hands above your head. “This way you don’t freak me out with your twitchy hand.”

“Jerk…” you moaned, lifting your head so you can kiss his Jester tattoo.

“You wait until you see what Daddy has in store for you and then we’ll talk about it…yes?” he closed his eyes, enjoying feeling you again. It made him so ecstatic.


After 3 more months you are better, but not fully recovered.

He tosses his gun on the floor and urges you to get it.

“Come on, Princess, be sexy for me. Bend over and grab that gun! I’ll pay you!” and he pushes the pile of hundred dollars from his desk on the floor.
“Are you serious?” you lift your gaze from your phone, not knowing if he meant it or not. You’ve been fighting a lot recently and his behavior towards you changed.

“Yes, do it,” he hums, putting the map aside and rolling away on his chair so he can see you better.

“ ‘Kaaayyyy,” you do as asked, and half way through your left leg gives out and you land on your knees.

“Wow, that’s pathetic!” he hisses, and you feel your face burning. “Seriously, I don’t even know why I keep you around: you’re crippled, you can’t kill for me, you’re not great in bed anymore and I’m sick of waiting for you to recover. As you are fully aware, I don’t like broken things, hence it’s time for you to go,” J barks at you and you just watch him, stunned.

“W-what are you talking about?! I’m so much better and I am getting better. I AM NOT crippled!” you almost yell, struggling to get on your feet, not understanding what’s going on.

“You’re useless, that’s what you are!” The Joker raises his voice, having a hard time controlling his temper. “I want you out of here!”

“Are you serious?!” you ask, furrowing your eyebrows, thinking about his cold behavior lately. That’s why, he’s just sick of you.   “After…all these years?”

He sarcastically grunts, crossing his arms on his chest:

“Is that supposed to mean anything to me?! OUT! Don’t make me repeat myself; you can stay tonight so you can sort out the things you want to take.”

“I…I don’t need anything, I have my own stuff,” you reply, backing out slowly, trying to swallow the lump in your throat and maintain your equilibrium.

“God, you’re soooo pitiful, still can’t control your body. How am I even supposed to be with someone like you?! The King of Gotham needs perfection, not trash.”

You gasp, feeling your heart beating faster and faster.

“I am the Queen of Gotham, with or without you, not trash!”  

“Used to be Queen, Doll, now look at you: just another lost cause. Don’t test my patience, get out of here.” He points out towards the elevator.  “ Awwww, are those tears? You never cry. I told you you’re pathetic and broken, this proves what I just said.”

You shake your head, turning around and limping towards the elevator, tripping on the carpet because your bad leg is misbehaving. You hear him laugh:
“Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! So useless!”

You swallow your tears all the way down when your cell rings. You see it’s your informant and you answer right away:

“When Mister J is going to his “Savage” club tonight, it will be an ambush: Sully’s men; they’ll try to kill him. Pass the word.”

“Thank you, Axel,” you mumble, turning off your phone and placing back in your pocket.

I am not telling him anything, the jerk deserves anything coming his way! You decide as you reach the basement’s garage and the elevator’s door open. Let them kill him.


First thing you do when you get to your apartment is wash away the neon green highlights from your bright red hair. It makes you feel better until the little thoughts pop in your mind: “Are you going to let them kill him?”, “Yes, I don’t care.” “But…it’s J.” “I really don’t care; his men can protect him if they can.” “But…it’s J.”

“Ughhhh,” you cover your face with the small pillow, attempting to erase any feelings you might have from your conscience. “But…it’s J…Come on, it’s J…” the idea keeps on repeating and echoing in your mind until you get up from the loveseat, exasperated.

“Shit, fine, I’m going, just shut the hell up!” you admonish yourself, looking in the mirror. “The asshole doesn’t deserve me…” you conclude, getting the duffle bag with your rifle out of the closet.


You go and place yourself on the top of the tallest building, about half a mile away from “Savage”. You watch everything through the scope, but so far nothing out of place. Your left hand is shaky again and you put so much effort into controlling it you’re starting to sweat. “Not now, please” you reason with your weak side of the body, cracking your neck. Another two hours pass by and you finally see The Joker’s Lamborghini approaching followed by 3 SUV’s.

You wipe your forehead and concentrate more, looking around carefully as he parks and gets out of the car. Suddenly, you see the four men in black suits, wearing running shoes and you know it’s them: Sully’s men trademark attire. They approach from different angles and you wait until they are fairly close to the Joker and his henchmen. They noticed the assassins too and surrounded J, protecting him. He takes out his gun, waiting, and he watches as suddenly one by one they fall to the ground, their brains splattered on the concrete.

He lifts his eyes, searching the buildings around as his goons get him to his car so he can safely leave. Three more assassins start running towards his Lamborghini and you shot again, the last one collapsing right in front of the Joker’s car. He looks up, but he sure doesn’t have the right building you’re on top of. He knows it’s you and bites on his cheek, growling, taking off with his men before the cops show up.

You wipe your forehead, exhausted, resting your head on the trigger:

“I’m not pathetic and broken.”     Did you want to prove that to him or yourself? Probably both.


J drove straight back to the penthouse, laying low for the rest of the night. He gets in bed, trying to sleep and can’t because you’re not there. He looks at your empty side of the bed and moves over, burring his face in your pillow-it smells like you. Another hour and he’s still awake, tossing and turning.

“I don’t like broken things,” he whispers, opening his eyes just to see your items scattered all over the bedroom since you didn’t take anything with you. It really makes uncomfortable realizing he feels the exact opposite of not liking you. Or so he believes.

“I really don’t like broken things,” he gets mad, exasperated, forcing himself not to think of anything.


The sound of your cane hitting the wood floor startles you and you wake up, leaning over so you can reach and turn on the lamp. You see The Joker kicking it again, and again.

“Stupid piece of crap!” he shouts, his green hair all over his face.

“What are you doing here?!” you rub your eyes, not glad to see him at all. “Get out!”

He just comes over and yanks at your hand:

“Let’s go, Doll, you’re coming back, I can’t sleep without you.”

“Screw you!” you pull back, upset he broke into your apartment and has the nerve to act like nothing happened.

“Yes, you can do that too, you naughty girl, I know you can’t wait,” he tries to yank you away again.

The evil glare you give him makes him stop and he regains his posture, sighing:

“You’re coming back; you know I can’t sleep without you.”

“I don’t care!!!!” you cover your body with the blanket like it’s going to help any. He sees your watery eyes and decides to drop it.

“Fine, then I’ll sleep here.” He goes around the bed and gets under the blanket, scooting over so he can be close to you. “Now shut up, I have to sleep, I’m tired as hell!” He places his head on your pillow, waiting for you to get down and join him. You watch him with indignation, sniffling, and kick him:

“Get out of my apartment!”

The Joker ignores your behavior and decides to talk with his eyes closed:

“I don’t like broken things…”
“I’m not a broken thing you presumptuous …” you start your rant, getting ready to kick him again when he interrupts:

“…but you’re my favorite thing. Good, I thought that would shut you up,” he grins, forcefully pulling you in his arms as you struggle to escape. “Ahhhhh, I like it when you’re feisty. Queens are feisty…” he nuzzles in your hair for a few seconds then pecs your lips and holds you tighter. “Don’t think I didn’t notice your green highlights are gone. They’ll be back first thing in the morning, got it?”

“You can’t tell me what to do!” you try to make a comeback but he cuts you short again:

“The hell I can’t! Now shut up, I’m so worn out,” he gets your left leg around his waist and holds it, this way you’re glued to him. “There, I know you can’t hold it yourself.”

When you don’t answer he opens one eye and sees you stare at him with that hurt expression on your face that makes him uneasy.

“Stop it, Pumpkin, I really need to rest,” J kisses your forehead and you whimper, upset:

“You’re such a jerk.”

“Pffft,” he scoffs, “is that supposed to be news to me? Now zip it and I mean it,” he scolds you, annoyed.

“Jerk…” you faintly mumble before closing your eyes.

He just smiles, knowing he will finally be able to doze off.


hypnictwitch  asked:

What was your vampire diaries otp?

*16-year-old me comes bursting into the clearing*



These fuckers!

Oh, I was happy and dandy, completely fine watching The Vampire Diaries as a sort of guilty pleasure. It wasn’t the best show around, I didn’t really follow the storylines, found Stefan a bit boring, Elena dull, Damon your average ‘vampire bad boy’, but I really stayed watching it for the minor characters, like Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt, Tyler and Caroline because I felt like they were really kind of the flesh of the show. Their dynamics were the meat of it, and that’s what kept me tuning in.

Then Caroline Forbes got turned into a vampire. This bright, peppy character suddenly had a power she never expected to have. A strength I never expected the stereotypical cheerleader in this sort of show to have. It changed everything.

The Vampire Diaries basically became the Caroline Forbes Show, for me. I wanted more of this sunshine with this unlimited life and power.

And then Klaus Mikaelson rolled up. Your standard vampire villain, with a tragic backstory of shitty dad being shitty, and a bloodthirsty need to take over the world via the conversion of numerous mortals into vampire/werewolf hybrids.

So, those are the two pieces on the chessboard. The white queen, Caroline Forbes, socialite vampire grappling with the organisation of prom and her own immortality. The black king, Klaus Mikaelson, British-accented vampire villain with a penchant for witty one-liners and slowly making his way up the list of favourite characters. Destined, pretty much, never to meet until the end of the game.

Then the show kicked things up a notch, some hybrid stuff happened in badly lit scenes, and Caroline ended up, on her birthday, slowly dying in her bed from a bite given to her by her boyfriend. Klaus shows up. Laying out the red carpet of faux concern: “oh my gosh Caroline got bit by Tyler, a hybrid??? Sired to me??? What an amazing coincidence!!! Now invite me in, there’s a good girl, toodle pip”. Obviously part of some bigger plan that’ll come into play. Sherriff lets him in.

So here’s the black king standing in the doorway of the white queen’s bedroom. There lies the white queen pale and sickly, dying, with ironic ‘Happy Birthday!’ cards arranged artfully on a bedside table. The king is in a position of power; this is acknowledged as soon as he walks in the door, as it always tends to be when Klaus Mikaelson walks into a room but hey, let’s focus here. 

Some standard 'you’re the Big Bad, I’m the friend of the Holy Good why the fuck are you here’ dialogue is exchanged. Klaus Mikaelson, the sage old king, mentions that he likes birthdays; that Caroline, the newly appointed queen, as a vampire, is duty-bound to celebrate the now non-existent commitment she has to human conventions.

“You’re free,” the old king breathes.

“No…” replies the new queen. She flicks her eyes up and meets the old king with a stare as deep as his. “I’m dying.”

A-ha! The playing field is equal. The moves have shrunk. They shrink further still as the king admits he still holds the ace – her life. He could indeed, let her die. At this moment, I expected some corny claptrap about how her death wouldn’t affect the grand scheme of things, how she was never to be a part of his plan—

“I thought about it myself.” Hello? What’s going on here? “Once or twice.”

The old king leans closer to the new queen, young and green in her reign, and tells her that there is a whole world out there, and suddenly, immortality pales in comparison to the promises of music, and art, “genuine beauty”. Immortality ain’t beautiful. The world is.

She can have it all, “a thousand more birthdays”. If the new queen just asks. She can reign everywhere, anywhere she wishes for as long as she wants. Human conventions be damned.

Textually, it’s obviously a power play. Klaus is gaining an alliance from Sherriff Forbes, and a debt from Caroline Forbes, which he will no doubt call on. Caroline surrenders, admits that she doesn’t want to die after all.

But what’s she saying yes to? She’s saying yes to all those birthdays, the art, the music, the promise of genuine beauty.

So drink up, whispers the king. The queen drinks, she sleeps, and she wakes to find a bracelet of astonishing, genuine, beauty contained in a black velvet box with a neat white bow and a scrawled note. “From Klaus”.

Then, nine episodes later, at a 1920s themed dance, the old king makes his intentions very clear to the new queen. It’s clear she knows the debt that hangs over her head, the connection that haunts Tyler, so she acquiesces to his request for one dance. “I don’t bite,” he says silkily. There’s the old 'Big Bad/loyal to Holy Good friend’ dialogue exchange, as before. Then, a reiteration of his promise of the whole world, worded differently, but still there. The old king speaks of waiting for 100 years for her to accept his offer, his promises, as if to do so is easier than breathing. Oh, the new queen side-eyes him, but the pieces shift, the game changes and she’s looking at him in a whole new way. He looks at her with a depth not found in the eyes of a small town boy. She breaks it with a scoff, and there’s your standard 'Big Bad is pissed off’ dialogue from Klaus before he storms off. And, quite crucially, she looks back.

Anyone who has watched any period drama ever knows the importance of looking back.

And just one single episode later, Caroline Forbes is running down a corridor, your standard horror film shot. She is alone, scared, frightened. She is caught by Klaus Mikaelson, her saviour not ten episodes ago, who has twice offered her the world and all its beauty. Not its glories, not its triumphs. Its beauty. 

He promises to save her friend and brushes his fingers over her hair as if it’s already second nature to him to treat her this kindly, this intimately. (Do not get me started on how he cradles her when she drinks his blood, do not.) He tells her, fiercely, to get home and stay safe.

“Do you understand me?” barks he.

“Thank you,” she says. She looks at him like she still cannot work him out, and is afraid because of it. But the thanks is as easy as breathing.

For reasons that are known as ‘I cannot put up with this shit writing for a moment longer’, I give up on the show come season 3 finale. I watch clips of their scenes on YouTube, scrabble for any desperate hope that the potential I saw and shipped and loved is still there. It falls down, down the drain and I personally like to pretend anything past season 3 doesn’t exist.

So now, here I am. 22 years old with 16 years old me screeching the dying screech of a frustrated fangirl whenever she sees a gifset of Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes together on her Tumblr dashboard because you had a queen with power yet to be unlocked and a king willing to give her that power in exchange for being allowed to worship her as he always wanted to, and because of some shit to do with hybrids, it all went tits up.

But those fuckers called Klaus Mikaelson and Caroline Forbes? They have a portion of my heart (the right ventricle, to be specific) that continues to beat for the queen and king that almost ruled together. #foreverbitter

Date, part two (Tom Holland)

Warnings: Bits of fluff.
Ship: Tom Holland x Sis!Osterfield

You stretched your arms as you threw the covers off your bed. Jesus, did I really sleep in until 11:47am? You sigh picking up your phone. I suppose that’s good because now you don’t have you spend money on breakfast. You walk into the bathroom and tie your hair up and wash your wash and moisture it. Charlotte was going to do your make up for tonight’s event because she’s the greatest sister ever. You walk downstairs with phone in hand flicking through Instagram and liking some photos. Your phone dinged as a message came through.

Tom 🕷💕💪:
I’ll pick you up at 6 tonight. Tell me what colour you’re wearing, so I can match my tie with your outfit. Also, Harrison wants you to send him a picture of your dress that you’re going to wear, he’s been bugging me for it since you bought it.

You had gone shopping with Charlotte for a dress for this event. You didn’t want to look too dressy but you wanted to look nice for Tom, and yourself, but mostly Tom. You smiled as you send off your message.

You: Tell him that he has to wait. I’m wearing navy blue.

You put your phone down and find the bread in your cupboard place it in the toaster and wait for it to pop. In the meantime, you make yourself a banana and berry smoothie with soy milk and get the avocado ready for your toast.

“So, this is classified as a date, or no?”

“Well, I mean. I suppose so. I think so. Tom called it one. So it-”

“It was a yes or no question (Y/N).” Charlotte rolled her eyes coming into the kitchen and sat across from you. You nod your head. “Well, I’m going to have to do your nails as well. You better hurry up, we gotta get started soon.”

“Charlotte, he is picking me up at six. Chill.”

“Six o'clock? Ohmygod. Hurry up and have a shower then.”


You sat on a chair in the bathroom, clothed in your dressing gown as Charlotte did your make up. She was doing a simple nude look, with some light highlighter across your eye lids and cheekbones.
“Hold still.” She slapped your arm as you went to reach for your phone on charge. She still had to do your hair as Tom sent you a text to tell him he was on his way with Harrison. Suppose he was going to sleep here tonight. Does that mean you were going to crash at there’s after this event?

“He is so excited to see you.” Charlotte groaned tying your hair up in a high pony tail and giving it some body with a couple of loose curls.

“Wh-what if I say something wrong? What if someone asks me a question I don’t know the answer too. What if- can’t you go instead Charlotte?” You whimper. She put the curling wand down and hugged you tightly.

“Don’t cry. I just spent 40 minutes on your make up.” She said dabbing a tissue under your eye and fixing your mascara. Even though she was your younger sister, she always acted like an older one. “You’re going to be fine. I’m sure you won’t have to answer any questions anyways.”

“What if I grab the wrong fork?”

“Jesus (Y/N). You’re not having dinner with the Queen. Just think of it as dinner with Tom. You just happen to have other people there as well.” Charlotte shrugged. That’s easy for her to say.

The door bell suddenly went off and the door opened.

“I’m back family!” Harrison shouted as he entered the door. You look at Charlotte with sheer panic written across your face. 

“Go get changed. I’ll get them a drink or something.” She said spraying your hair and face and leaving the bathroom. Okay, deep breath. Breathe in, breathe out. You take a final sigh and walk out into your bedroom and get changed. You found a really cute navy dress that was just above the knee and had an off the shoulder cut. It also had some lace detailing on it. You zipped up your nude heels straighten the creases out of your dress. You grab your phone and purse and go down stairs. You spotted Harrison and Tom in the kitchen drinking a beer. Probably trying to calm his nerves down. Heck, you were the nervous one.

“You wouldn’t be upset if I kiss her again, would you?” Tom asked his best mate.

“We literally discussed this in the car. I don’t care what you do with my sister, but if you hurt her, I will make sure your career goes downhill.” He threatens and Tom gulped. You decide to step in and knock on the door to let the boys know you were about to grace them with your presence.

“H-hi.” You stutter as Tom turns around to far you.

“Whoa you look-” Tom was utterly speechless.

“(Y/N). You look awesome.” Harrison said and hugged you and gave you a thumbs up. Tom was frozen, just standing there in shock.

“Oh crap. I forgot something upstairs. Give me a moment.” You saying skipping back to your room and grabbing your $1000 bracelet Tom got you and a small box. It was a present for Tom for inviting you out. It was just some men’s perfume. You were thankful Tom didn’t have expensive taste in aftershave.

“Dude. Did you see how fucking gorgeous she looked!” Tom exclaimed to Harrison as you walked back downstairs.

“Keep your unworthy hands off her.” Harrison rolled his eyes and Tom huffed.

“Uhh, are we uhm, you ready to go Tom?” You asked as the time reached 6:15.

“Y-yeah.” Tom smiled straightening his tie. You step forward a fix it for him. “Thanks.” He quietly breathes. You could hear Harrison grumble behind you.

“No worries.” You smile sweetly and Charlotte pulls you away from him. “I’ll meet you in the car.” You say as she pulls you closer to the other room.

“I put condoms in your purse incase you need them.”

“Charlotte. Two things; one, I saw them and two, that’s disgusting so I put them back in your draw. I don’t plan on having sex with him tonight. So just chill for a second. I’ll keep you updated.” I roll your eyes at her. You didn’t want her to ruin your night. You didn’t want anything to ruin your night.

“Fine. Your loss.” She said and pushed you out the door. “He’s waiting for you. Just go. Have fun!” She waved and you walked quickly to the car before it start to spit with rain. You shut the door and sat in the car. Well, limo. You didn’t realise how close you were to Tom.

“Oh god. I’m so sorry.” Shuffling away from him and sitting across from Tom.

“All good.” He smiled opening up another bottle of beer. “Do you want something?”

“Uhm, champagne is fine if you have that.” You say getting comfortable in the limo. He grabs the bottle, opens it and pours you a glass. What a gentleman. He passing you the glass and smiles.

“You look beautiful by the way. I was meant to say that when I first saw you. I just uhm, I practised in the car on the way over to your house and when I saw you I just froze.” You giggled at Tom’s honestly.

“This night is about you.” You smile. “So thank you for inviting me.” You clinked your glass with his.

“No worries love.”

Once you had arrived at the venue, the limo stopped. Tom gestured you to move over next to him. He wrapped his arm around your shoulders and he placed a kiss on your temple. He could tell you were nervous by the lack of spoken word in the limo.

“T-Thomas. Before we go out, of the limo I mean, umm…” you trailed off and placed a kiss on his lips and he returned the sweet kiss.

“Good luck.”


Everyone had sat down by down. You tried to speak to people, but you mainly hung around Tom and he’s manager who was introducing him to everyone. Harrison does a way better job at this than you do. Before the five course meal could start, a host came out and introduced the night, made some jokes, mentioned Tom in Spider-Man with some lame joke about fighting crime, told everyone about the auction and some other important notes. The first entree come out and everyone started to eat. After the meal, the empty plates were taken away. Tom jackets hung behind his chair and his arm slung over your chair.

“Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah.” Tom added into conversation with someone. The other guy was in depth talking about something you weren’t interested in. You sent Charlotte and snapchat of the venue and the decorations.

“I’m gonna get another drink. What would you like?” Tom suddenly spoke to you.

“Yeah can you just get me an orange juice? I think I’ve had enough champagne already.” You say and then stand up with Tom.

“Take a seat. I’ll go grab them.”

“I’m just gonna go to the bathroom.” You giggled grabbing your purse.

“Don’t miss me too much.” Tom chuckled and kissed your forehead and you went your seperate ways.

You were just about to finish your business and open the door, when a group of girls had walked in.

“Have you girls seen how good Tom Holland looks tonight?” One girl began to speak.

“Heck yeah. God if I could rip that stout off his body, oh I would if I went home with him.”

“I highly doubt that. He brought a date.” You gulp. You were about to pull out your phone and message Tom but you decided to wait.

“Oh yeah. She’s freaking gorgeous. Did you see her dress?”

“I love that her dress and Hollands tie matched.”

“I think they’d be cute together.” You sigh happily and flush the toilet and walk out to the basin and wash your hands, dry them and apply lipgloss. You noticed the three girls stare at you.

“I-is there something on my face?” You asked them looking back into the mirror. They all shook their heads and you walked out. There was another waiter outside with more champagne. You grabbed another glass and made it back to your table.

“Everything okay?” Tom asked stopping his conversation with the guy next to him to face you.

“Yeah.” You smile and peck his lips.


You walked into Tom’s and Harrison’s apartment. Tom was carrying your heels. You had even taken a photo of Tom with your heels in your hand and put it on your snapchat and Instagram stories.

- Get a man who carries your heels 👠
@/tomholland2013 thanks for an amazing night and thanks @/harrisonosterfield for letting him borrow me for the night

“Where do you want these?” Tom asked referring to the heels he hung into.

“Uhm, anywhere is fine. Remind me to take them home tomorrow.” You sigh and slouch on the couch. You phone went off with messages from both Harrison and Charlotte.

Hazzzzz: Is he your boyfriend now?

Hazzzzz: really (Y/N)?! But he’s my friend

Hazzzzz: I hate you

Charlotte 🌺: you should’ve kept those condoms in your purse

Charlotte 🌺: tell me everything

Charlotte 🌺: please call me. Actually no, don’t. I don’t wanna hear you moaning his name.

You rolled your eyes at your sisters texts.

“Would you like some tea?” Tom offered from the kitchen.

“Please.” You say and untie your hair and let it hang down. “I’m going to have a shower. I smell of rich fancy people.” You joke and skip to the shower. After scrubbing your make up off, and cleaning your body. You find a shirt of Harrison’s in his room and put it on and found some underwear you had left at the apartment incase something like this was going to happen. You went back to the lounge room and noticed Tom flicking through photos on his phone, tie off, jacket off, shirt off. Damn. That body.

“Uh, did you put sugar in this tea?” You ask Tom and he nodded.

“Of course.” He said and you sat down next to him.
“Did you have fun tonight?” Tom asked caressing your cheek and tucking a loose piece of hair behind your ear and left his hand resting his your shoulder and neck. It felt nice. He’d play with the wispy bits of your hair and run his fingers up and down your neck.

“Yeah.” You smiled. “I gotta say, that was a really good first date. One of my favourites.” You giggled and Tom stares at you. “Wh-what?” Did you say something wrong? Tom gently pulls you closer to him and just smashes your lips together in another work of art.

“Your brother is going to be so pissed at me.”


“Because I have a new favourite Osterfield now.” You roll your eyes at his shitty comment and kiss him again.

Love Me Not (Part 1)

Originally posted by baeksilisk

You’ve been pretending your whole life to be someone you weren’t, hiding in the shadows so someone else can take the spotlight. Byun Baekhyun was an outlier, someone who was supposed to just be another pawn in the game, but you could have never imagined what fate had in store for you.

characters; byun baekhyun x you

genre; angst, romance, drama, fantasy, soulmate au

part one / part two

a/n; so this is a weird one, i’ve always had an idea to write something like this, and it’s not perfect yet because in my mind it would be a chaptered book, but i don’t know, i hope you like it. 


You tumbled out of bed in the morning, your senses pulling you towards the princess yet again. For once you just wished that the snob had just learnt to do some things by hand instead of just wanting to show off all the time.

Your powers had their own allure, they glowed reds and violets and sparkled with gold flecks and platinum shadows, but that put aside you were rather despondent that her royal highness felt like magic should be used to wipe her tush in the mornings.

A flick sent that job finished, and another sent yourself promptly dressed. So what if you were a hypocrite, at least you were using your own gifts.

Today was a strange reception evening for a neighbouring prince that had recently announced plans in hopes of marrying the princess. Rumour has it that he’s just in it for the magical benefits, but who can be sure when the princess herself doesn’t even know what magic is for.

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When We First Met V (Peter Parker/Asgardian!poc!reader)

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Originally posted by adeles

Summary: Over the years of riding the New York City Subway as transportation, Peter Parker had come across many interesting things. The one thing he had yet to come across on the subway until today was a 6 feet tall Asgardian warrior.

Pairing: Peter Parker/Asgardian!poc!reader

Inspired by imagine

Chapters: Chapter 1, Ch. 2,  Ch. 3, Ch.4

Tagged: thekrazykeke, brianabreeze, steadyprincesoul, 143amberrosewndas-romanof

A/N: So last week was my birthday and I decided since the next prompt was about gifts, I’d make it about the reader’s birthday. :D

Chapter V: Gift

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Even the Gods Feared Her: Part one?

Inspired by the beautiful @illustraice and her Sun/Moon Spirit Au! I loved it so much that I had to write about it!! Now keep in mind that things will be different from her au sooo… don’t hate me.

They were old. Older than the gods that the humans had known… older than the earth itself. They had watched as the world was created and they watched as every single human soul was born and died. They loved humans, they truly did… Loved them enough to give them the bright sun during the day and the cool moon in the night, enough to protect them from the dangers of wondering spirits and monsters.

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Book: The Royal Romance

Pairing: Drake x MC (Mika)

Rating: T

Words: 1672

Summary: Drake would have been fine spending his birthday alone, but she wasn’t going to let that happen. Set during the Apple Blossom festival/Drake’s birthday episode, but this time, almost everyone has to bail on MC’s plans.

Author’s Note: This is my first venture into Choices fanfic, and my first time writing fanfic in a long time, so I make no promises. I just needed something semi-fluffy to get me to next Friday. :)

If Liam wouldn’t have told Mika that today was his birthday, Drake would have gone home (alone), enjoyed his whiskey (alone), and probably gone to bed early (also alone). But Liam had told her, and she’d had to suggest they all go out and celebrate, which everyone (except the actual birthday boy, Drake thought wryly) had enthusiastically agreed to. So really, it was Liam’s fault that he and Mika were alone in this bar right now. One by one, everyone had bailed on the plans for the evening. Hana’s mother had called and scolded her for not “trying hard enough” and she’d decided to stay behind, Bertrand had lectured Maxwell about not “bringing further shame to the Beaumont name with your public antics”, and Liam had a last minute early morning meeting scheduled.

“It’s fine,” Drake had insisted. “I have whiskey at home and-”

“You can’t celebrate alone!” Mika had exclaimed. “You and I should still go.”

Liam had agreed, stating, “Mika can be my fill in for one year, right?” Liam had looked so guilty about not being able to join Drake for a drink that he’d agreed to go out for one drink with Mika.

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Darling, Hold My Hand

Chapter 1: Go Weave A Basket

Rating: G

Ship: Poppy/Branch (Broppy, Boppy)

Fic Summary: Pre-movie AU where Poppy falls for Branch and decides to do something about it. An exploration of how Grey!Branch and Poppy would make a relationship work.


Poppy didn’t remember when she started having feelings for Branch. Honestly, he was the last person in the world she imagined falling for, but somewhere between chasing him around trying to cheer him up and watching him from a distance catching those rare glimpses into what she figured was his true nature, she fell. And she fell hard.

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Idiot with a dead wish

Olicity // AO3 // 3,163 // more fics

Summary: Here is my fourth submission for the Olicity Hiatus Fic-A-Ton. The prompt was out of place.

Felicity Smoak is a firm believer that her soulmate has a death wish. One night out with friends changes when her soulmate’s life is once again on the line she get’s nosy and ends up in the basement of Verdant and meets the head of the Bratva in Starling who helps her put an end to the search to find her soulmate.

Just like every other month when Catiline, Cisco, and Barry were in town for Star LABS. They would all go for a night out in Starling. Because Cisco was sick Barry and Caitlin had come up with the idea of bringing Iris and Ronny with them. Felicity new that she was going to be the fifth wheel but if Cisco would have come with she had at least someone to talk to and she would need a lot of alcohol to keep her sane when going out with her friends who already found their soulmate.

The only thing that didn’t make her call in sick for the night was that she was the one to pick the place to go this time and she had picked, Verdant. She had always wanted to go there even if it was on Bratva property but she didn’t care, she wanted to have a nice night out and that couldn’t if she didn’t have any alcohol in her system and had to fifth wheel with Barry, Iris and Caitlin and Ronny. At least she had to do something, find out why she was so drawn to Verdant.

Just as she had predicted, only five minutes in and she already ended up alone on her way to the bar while her friends were dancing somewhere in the in mends crowd of people that were on the dance floor. Just as she almost reached the bar the feeling of her chest collapsing was the thing that made her spurt to the bar even faster as if her soulmate thought it was a good time to almost die on her for the however many times he had before.

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Imagine being the queen in a game of chess with Halfdan - II


After Harald holding you that long giving in to Halfdan is even harder. Because he is the reason of everything, he gave you away, he broke you down. But seeing him back did more than only wanting to love him again … you wanted to kill him to.
Words: 1518
Tags: @raekenimages @itharley @miss-brightly-red @odins-missing-eye @rockyrascal @burningsunshin3 @alidoesimagines

You slept for hours, if it weren’t days. You slept under the same soft sheets, on the same comfortable bed. And in that moment between sleeping and waking up you felt the certain rush he always caused when you were under his rule, under an addiction he caused. You imagined turning around to find his firm tattooed chest, his sweet smell before he pushed you down in the bed and made love with you that wasn’t even love. Everything with him was a façade, a game. You performed under him, addicted to meds, suffocated in his presents. That was wat it was for the past several months. Every clear moment you figured out how to escape the nightmare before he drawn you back under in his eagerness. You never loved him, you just were forced to. But even in the darkest moment of his presents he took you with him, dipped you in every little secret, in every juicy story. Harald Finehair spilled the thee about everything and you were there all the time, listening, nodding before you loved him again. Your heart was blacked, your soul sharpened in fear and here you lay again, under the same soft sheets, on the same comfortable bed but just … different.

‘Miss?’ You didn’t even noticed that you laid with your eyes open until you sharpened your look on the household, a tiny little woman standing aside the bed, looking at you like you were crap. What probably was accurate for you had been tied up days in a row, no shower, hardly food, blindfolded and in pain of his mistreat. He admired you and you let him down, that just never worked for Harald. ‘Miss?’ The woman repeated herself. You squeezed your eyes a little together, looking to your wrist that laid on the sheets. The marks of the bracelets you were tied up with collared you smooth skin. You pushed yourself up, dragging your legs over the edge while looking around in the room. Shit. Despite the years, you recognized the curtains, you recognized the smooth grey surface of the furniture. ‘Can I get you anything?’ The woman asked you sweet. You slowly looked back at her and something in your cause must frighten her somewhere, was it your fear, your anger, your doubt?
‘I know my way around here.’ You reacted, giving she was already impressed you hardly could anything else to change that.
‘Mr. Black asked me to stay around.’
‘Do you want to join me in the shower to?’ You asked.
‘No, sorry, miss, off course not.’ She bow but stayed put looking down to the ground. You pushed yourself up, a body that felt stiff, kind of old in its movements from the days of lock up onto two ropes. Mr. Black, he called himself that these days? You slowly walked to the bathroom, for which you knew you had only to follow the dark door to the left.  You looked over your shoulder to that tiny little woman standing there, feeling compassioned somewhere she had to handle that Mr. Black. As soon as you closed the door you pointed your eyes towards the shower, walking over to it and reaching your hand out to the highest point, a little edge which ended the shower into the wall. As soon as you felt it you were relieved, pulling the gun down in your hands while looking to it. You closed your eyes, resting your head against the cold steel of the weapon, taking a deep breath in before you shivered it back out. You took a shower, putting on some freshly washed clothes that just laid there waiting for you. He had it all figure out, knowing your routines better than anybody ever would. You took the gun and stuffed it away in the back over your jeans, pulling your shirt over it so it wouldn’t be more than just you. But looking in the mirror said otherwise, you weren’t a queen like he desired you to be, you hardly were a woman to begin with. Eyes shouted the beating down you took over the years mentally and physically, you lost weight, sort of rest, pale from the little you got. This was wat Harald did to you and you never even noticed, let’s stand you cared. You fingers grabbed the door handle, closing your eyes and shaking you head. How far could you have fall to feel like this?

The tiny little lady from household brought you down, leading you through the big house you knew so well. She brought you straight to him, nipping his coffee while discussing things in the kind of authority you always admired around him. You fingers got through you still wet hair for the household lady scrapped her voice. ‘Mr. Black?’ She asked politely. You looked how he turned around, looking to her before he looked at you.
‘We discuss this further another time.’ He said to the other man, without losing sight of you. The man bowed, you followed his feet out as he passed you with a small nod. You slowly looked back to him, not wanting to go any closer but neither being able to stop him from coming closer to you. ‘Leave us.’ He said to her. You listened to her swift fast passes out, how she pulled the door behind her and left you all alone with him. ‘Y/n.’ You reacted on your name, looking up to him, to his blond hair, the tattoo covering a part of his head, his bright dark eyes. There was nothing in this man that you feared and yet … You swallowed that tiny bit of fear down to your stomach.
‘Don’t.’ Your raw morning voice warned him softly from closing in.
‘Did I miss that voice of yours in the morning.’ He said, dragging some kind of a longing, lust right behind it. You wanted to grab that gun, shoot him and ran out of there, but looking to him stopped you from doing so. ‘How do you feel?’ He asked, his hand dragging after him on the kitchen surface, ignoring your warning anyway. Black jeans, white shirt, wasn’t there anything else he could wear on this moment? You stroke your sweaty hand palms against your jeans, running one hand to your back where you felt the reassuring cold steel of that weapon through your shirt.
‘Don’t.’ You warned him again. He lingered further, one step, two steps, his blond hair getting in the way of the intense expressions of his eyes. In that moment your mind worked two ways, loving and hating him constantly working against each other. You pulled the gun, knowing how to use it you clicked the safety off pointing it right at his head. He stopped, his hand got up, that smile crawling on his lips for your aggression in doubt and fear. He gave you away. Harald maybe broke you but Halfdan give you to him to begin with.
‘I’m not gonna hurt you Y/n.’ He said. You looked away from the gun to him, to the self-confidence he showed. He wasn’t afraid, you never knew Halfdan The Black to be afraid. Your body wanted him so badly, your heart truly desired him in some weird kind of way. But your head knew better, cleaned from whatever mess Harald made you were ready to make a mess yourself.
‘I’ve heard those words before.’ You spoke, cropped with the emotions you felt on the inside. You hardly knew what to do. The exhaustion pulled you down in that always continuing twist of doubts. Forgiving him, shooting him, kissing him. He didn’t knew how close you stood by that edge, waiting for some kind of a support to pull you back up and help you through.
‘We both know you will never shoot me.’ He said, looking at the gun. His feet came up, placing another step forward, locking his eyes back with yours.
‘You are wrong Halfdan. You think you know me, you think you know my patterns, my instincts, but you don’t know me, not anymore.’ You ticked the gun against your own head, feeling the tears welling up in your eyes. ‘You killed me, you destroyed me. And you are wrong, I can shoot you.’ You lowered the gun down to his chest and pulled the trigger … but nothing happened.
‘I’ve always know you, I still know you. If you want to kill me you have to come closer,’ his voice faded in the look you gave to the gun. He figured it out, after all those years he was still two steps ahead of you, even in this broken state. ‘and we both know you can’t resist me from that close by.’ He ended his sentence, leaving that heaviness in your chest, giving you the urge to scream and fight. But instead you just stood there, knowing he was right. He gave you away, he left you but he loved you. He loved his queen in a game of chess and it was your turn to move.

Edmund x Reader: Realization

Anon asked: Hi!!! I love your imagines. Can I get one where the reader has to distract Edmund from something in Narnia? And she’s failing at first, so she gets super affectionate and close and flirtatious and Edmund is so confused and flustered because they’re not courting and she’s never like this? They could admit feelings at the end or there’s just a lot of tension. Your choice.

I really loved this idea and had lots of fun writing it. On that last part of my choice, I won’t spoil the ending, but I’m hoping you enjoy what I chose.

-Golden Age-

“Please,” Lucy begged (Y/N). She had been trying to convince her for hours to distract Edmund for tomorrow as she and Susan would be preparing to host a ball. Edmund had refused and denied them this. He says he has had enough of them. So the plan is for the two Queens to prepare for it as they’ve already sent invitations without Edmund knowing. They need her to distract him from even coming close to the castle seeing as how it will be in a rush to get everything prepared for tomorrow night.

“I’ve told you already Lu, he’ll know something’s up.”

“No he won’t. Come on. If he sees all the decorations he could go as far as calling the whole thing off. Peter only agreed because he thinks Edmund did.”

(Y/N) pondered over it. She then gave up and said, “How am I even suppose to distract him?”

Lucy smiled. Luckily she and Susan had already thought of a plan. “Just take Edmund to the forest or something. He won’t refuse to go riding with you if out ask him,” she told (Y/N).

(Y/N) sighed knowing it was true. They had become very good friends and one of their favorite things to do was go horseback riding.

“And then what? He’ll want to come back before it starts getting dark.”

Lucy smirked. “You could always just kiss him. I’m sure that will keep him very distracted.”

(Y/N) gaped at her. “I do not like Edmund that way. And neither does he.”

Lucy shrugged her shoulders and continued smirking. She knew Edmund liked her but wasn’t very sure if (Y/N) did.

“He always goes to his study after breakfast,” Lucy told her as she walked into her room to go to bed.

“I know,” (Y/N) grumbled.
As soon as breakfast was over Edmund excused himself and made his way towards his study. Susan and Lucy jerked their heads towards him at (Y/N) who rolled her eyes. She excused herself and went after him.


Said person stopped in his tracks and turned around with a smile.

“Let’s go riding!” She told him bluntly.

He chucked at her energy. “Maybe later, (Y/N).”

“Oh come on. When was the last time we did? Please,” she begged him.

Edmund looked over towards his study and sighed. He turned back towards her and gave her a weak smile. “I guess I could finish looking over the finances-”

“Yes! Let’s go,” she grabbed his arm before dragging him to the stable where Phillip and her horse where.

As soon as they were out of the castle Lucy who had been watching them, ran back to Susan and gave her a thumbs up. “Alright! Let’s start preparing for this ball tonight!” She announced to all the staff of the castle who immediately set off to work.

(Y/N) and Edmund mounted their own horses and set off toward the forest.

When they got there they rode along for a while before catching a break.

They talked about regular things for a while before Edmund said they should head back.

“What? Come on, Ed. You need time away from that study of yours. And sword fighting doesn’t count,” (Y/N) teased him with her head tilted slightly to the side.

He rolled his eyes. “One more hour and that’s it.”

She nodded but knew she’d have to keep him distracted for way longer.

She kept making excuses every time he told her they should leave. She would pull him to just walk with her or dip their feet into the lake. She’d even practiced sword fighting with him although she wasn’t as near as good as he was.

“I thought you said this didn’t count?” He joked with her as she offered. She simply rolled her eyes and readied herself. She got knocked over multiple times that it really started hurting.

He would always apologize and told her they should stop but she would say to keep going.

“We need to get you to a healer, (Y/N). I’m afraid you’ve bruised something.”

She had agreed but only to keep him distracted for some more time.

They had gone to the village and took her to a healer. They had assured her she would be fine. She just needed to rest and stop sword fighting for while. She would also have to stop doing anything that might tire her which unfortunately included riding.

This only made (Y/N) remind herself to use this against Lucy. Not as something to make the young queen upset but as a joke.

Edmund helped her onto Phillip as he didn’t want her to tire herself with riding her own horse on her own.

“We should get you back to the castle to rest,” Edmund told her as she held onto him.

“Please no. I don’t want it be stuck there doing nothing. At least take me back to the forest. It’s bad enough I can’t get there myself. I just want to lay on the grass for a while and be surrounded by the trees.”

Edmund had gone with her request but after is started to get closer for the sun to set he told her they had to get back to the castle.


“Why not?” Edmund said. All this kept making him feel as if she was up to something.”

She didn’t think of anything which only made Edmund sigh. “Come on. Let’s go find Phillip and get back.”

(Y/N) panicked. She thought back to what Lucy had told her. “You could always just kiss him. I’m sure that will keep him very distracted.”

She wasn’t going to kiss him but that gave her an idea. She didn’t like it but it was her only option. Luckily she was sure this would refrain him from going back.

“Come on Ed. Just a while longer,” she said softly as she grabbed his arm and looked into his eyes. She had gotten quite close to him which made him a bit nervous.


“You know I never noticed this till now, but your eyes are a really nice shade of brown,” she smiled at him in a flirty way.

“That’s probably because you’ve never been so close before,” he stuttered a bit while saying this. He was getting quite flustered. Despite him liking her for quite some time, he had never asked to court her. He always assumed his attraction and feelings for her weren’t returned.

“You’re hair is also really soft,” she moved a hand to brush it with her fingers.

He blushed and let out a shaky breath. He was quite confused at her actions. She had never been like this before. She has grabbed his arm to pull him somewhere. She’s smiled at him plenty of times before never like this. And she’s been close to him when she hugged him but only for a quick moment, but never been close to him for this long.

As she looked into his eyes and as she said what she she said, she couldn’t help but see that she did like him. After all this time telling others and herself she didn’t, she now realized it had all just been a lie. She had been denying her true feeling for him for how long? That she didn’t know.

She moved her hand from his hair to his cheek. She rubbed his cheek with her thumb and told him, “You know, this may be the first time I’ve seen you without your crown.”

He had taken it off when they had laid down on the grass, but what she said wasn’t necessarily true. She had seen him without it at dinner and while he was sword fighting, but he knew what she meant.

He didn’t know he was leaning in, but he was. Her behavior made his heart thump against his chest. She noticed him getting closer, but didn’t stop him.

He pressed his lips against hers in soft, gentle kiss. She moved her hands around his torso while he had one hand at her waist and another beside her cheek and through her hair.

She kissed him back. It turned out that she had gone through with what Lucy had told her.

She pulled away from the kiss, but Edmund don’t pull away far. He leaned his forehead against hers with both their eyes still closed.

He smiled and opened his eyes to look down at her.

“Is it right if I assume you’re attracted to me as much as I am to you?” He whispered.

She smiled and nodded. She breathed in slowly at her clouded mind. He smiled before kissing her again which she didn’t object to.

“I’m sorry about hurting you earlier,” he told her sincerely.

“Don’t be. I’m the one that kept pushing you to continue dueling with me. It’s no secret that you are far better than I am.”

“Doesn’t mean I couldn’t have just gone easier on you,” he told her.

She didn’t say anything and just hugged him making sure he knew it was okay.

“Are you still going to stop me from taking you back to the castle?” He asked her while his head was in the crook of her neck.

She shook her head. He’d have to get ready either way and she doubted they hadn’t finished already.

He pulled away and both walked towards Philip. He helped her on. When he got on she wrapped her arms around his torso and rested her head against his back.

When they got back and had put Philip back in the stables, they went up the stairs. Edmund saw all the decorations and although no one had arrived yet he knew what was going on.

“Why do I have the feeling you were told to distract me.”

“You’re not mad are you?”

He shook his head. “No. Only because I found out you like me too. Plus I got to kiss you, twice.”

(Y/N) laughed.

“I also expect to have at least one dance with you.”

“Of course,” (Y/N) agreed.

They both went to get ready. When she left her room all ready (Y/N) saw him waiting for her.

He smiled at her and walked forward. He took her hand and placed at beautiful gold bracelet on her wrist. It was a sign of courtship. “You don’t mind, do you?” Edmund gave her a cheeky smile.

“Of course not. It’s beautiful.”

“Not as much as you,” he told her. He offered him his arm and she gladly took it.

Turns out he had basically danced with her more than just once. Not that she minded.

Susan and Lucy had ended up beyond happy. Not just because Edmund hadn’t called the ball off, but because he was happy and had ended up courting the girl he had been wanting to court for a long time.

King and Queen ( Draco x Reader x Harry part.6)

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  Anyway, this is the second to last chapter. The next one will have triple the words, double the drama and romance (since it’s the last one winkwink). Quick spoiler: for those who are really aware of my writing style can already guess the end lmao!


Part 1. Part 2. Part 3. Part 4. Part 5.

The scent of lavender lingered in your room.

You watched the snowflakes fall outside your big window, letting your mind wander whilst you continued to lay in bed. Draco’s arms were wrapped around your waist, pushing you closer to his hot body, a small, timid smile curling at the corners of your lips from the sweet action. It soon fell, though, when the memories of last night became vivid and equally pleasant – a strange mix of excitement and shame bubbling in your chest. You forgave him, you shouldn’t have, but you did anyway.

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The Joker x Reader x Dead son- “Lost” part 2

Your son died and everything came crashing down really fast. Who would have thought the King and Queen of Gotham have hearts that can break?

Read Part 1 here:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Kase is moving around his bedroom, trying to be as quiet as possible. He doesn’t want to be heard, not when he planned to do something you guys wouldn’t approve of. He looks at his hand watch-12:49 am. Time to go. He grabs his gun and snicks out, tiptoeing to the elevator. The penthouse is quiet and dark; he really hopes you and the Joker are in your room as he passes by your door. He suddenly freezes as he hears you giggle and J trying to shush you:

“Sssssttt, keep it down you naughty Kitten.”

“You keep it down, baby, sstttt” and you giggle again.

“Did you just tell me to shut up?! You’re so bad!” A slap and your squeal.

“Nooo, you’re the bad one, you’re my bad boy,” then muffled snickering and the Joker whispering:

“That I am, Princess.”

Oh, God, I swear, those two, Kase quietly laughs, covering his mouth, happy you’re…busy and he will get away with what he plans to do. That was close; he really thought he got busted. The elevator takes him downstairs and he checks his gun one more time before he steps out in the lobby.

“Hey, kid, going somewhere?”

Dammit, he thinks, flustered, slowly turning to the side where Frost is sitting in the armchair, reading the newspaper.

Hi uncle Frost,” Kase is straightening his back, this way he looks more confident than he feels right now.

“Don’t call me that, you know Mister J doesn’t like it!” Jonny scoffs, folding his paper and getting up.

“You know I only call you that when he’s not around. Are you coming tonight too?” he asks without hesitation, not wanting to look weak. Frost would smell that from a mile away.

“Are you?”  Frost lifts his eyebrows, suspicions. ”I wasn’t aware you are coming along. Boss would have told me.”

“Oh, he knows, probably forgot to inform you. He wants me to get more experience. Here, call him if you don’t believe me,” Kase innocently hands over his cellphone, hoping his bluffing works. “But you know he hates it if you wake him up in the middle of the night. And if you’ll wake up mom, well…that’s a different story. She wouldn’t care but he will raise hell if his Queen doesn’t get her beauty sleep.”

Frost stares at the phone, considering his options. Kid is right though. And he wouldn’t have the nerve to lie like that. He hands back the phone, urging Kase to hurry up:

“I’m not going tonight, but they are leaving soon, better get a move on. Get out of here!”

“Yes, sir!” Kase salutes, clicking his heels with a very serious expression on his face.

Jonny snickers, shaking his head in disapproval as he watches Kase running towards the garage:



“We are almost there, follow us!” one of the henchmen signals, looking left and right to make sure the perimeter is secure. “All of you, watch for Kase and keep your eyes opened. We really need to get in that seif as fast as possible and then out!”

“I don’t need babysitting you guys,” he whines, taking the safety off his pistol. “I’m almost 20, OK?”

Richard doesn’t answer, too busy making sure it all looks clear. They enter the huge chamber using flashlights to illuminate their surroundings.

Suddenly, the lights turn on and they all get startled, not knowing what’s going on.

“Well, well, well, would you look at that,” they hear the voice coming from behind and they turn towards the tall man standing with his hands crossed on his chest. “Trying to take what’s mine?” he ironically asks.

“Shit,” Richard mutters, watching the armed men in uniforms surrounding them; their group is outnumbered for sure. All the henchmen gather around Kase, protecting him.

“Lower your guns, you guys don’t stand a chance. Come on, don’t make me repeat myself, otherwise it won’t be pretty, hmm?” The laser beams aim for everyone’s head in Kase’s group and they know they have no choice but to obey.

“Wise decision my good people,” the man laughs, then he observes the colorful bright green and red highlights in Kase’s hair and lets out a chuckle. “Move, move! Move away I said!” he commands and the henchmen do as they are told, even if they don’t want to. They part to the side to make space for the tall guy who walks right in front of Kase, grabbing his chin as he sucks on his lower lip.

“I’ll be damned, what a niiceeee unexpected bonus. You are the Joker’s boy, aren’t you? I know you are, don’t say you’re not.”

Kase doesn’t answer; he just yanks his head back so he can get away from the man’s reach.

“Awww, you’re shy? Jeez, look at those angry eyes, just like your dad’s. Cra-zyyyy, I’m telling you, the resemblance is uncanny.” The guy inhales deeply, so pleased of his little finding. “I only want him, the rest can vanish. I want this place erased from the face of the earth!” he immediately gets dead serious, turning around to walk out. The Joker’s henchmen try to hold on to Kase but they are pushed back to the room.

“NO, what are you guys doing?! What are you doing with them?!” Kase struggles to escape, scared of how the situation got out of hand. “Those are my men, wh-what you are doing?!”

“Those are your father’s men, he won’t miss them! But it will hurt him to think you’re gone. Yes, oh Lord, I should have think of this before,” the guy flares his arms around. “Unless he doesn’t care, of course…Do your parents care about you, considering who they are?” he childishly pouts and tilts his head to the side, pretending to be sad. “Awww, how upsetting if they don’t…Cover his head, we’re out of here!!” His tone changes again and he kicks Kase in the stomach, making him fall on his knees.


Kase feels the car moving, he assumes it is some kind of van. He can’t see anything with the hood on his face. His arms and legs are cuffed. Suddenly, the car shakes and he hears a bunch of whistling and clapping. There are at least 7 men with him.

“Woo-hoo, we are not too far to enjoy the show, would you look at the pretty lights,” someone says.
“Men, they are so toasted, hahaha!” another one laughs.

“So this is really his son?”  A woman’s voice.  “Lemme see!”

“Stop, I don’t want him to see anything until we get to our destination.”

“Auch, don’t slap my hand, I can kill ya’ for this!”

“No, you won’t, just sit down and behave for once, ok?”

“You’re no fun.”

“In the matter of fact, he shouldn’t be hearing any of this.” The strong hit to the head makes Kase pass out.


He came back to his senses in some kind of basement with no windows, just bars instead the inner wall facing the dark hallway. The light is really dim and he has a hard time seeing. They took away his diamond earrings, the personalized gold bracelets you gave him and the gold chains. Pretty much everything that reminded him of you two. They don’t give him new clothes. Every two days someone comes and gestures for his attire. They take the clothes, wash them and bring them back. In the meantime, he sits in the corner of the room, covered with the thin blanket they gave him, shivering from the cold. He doesn’t know when it’s night or day. Nobody talks to him. And he has no desire to talk anyway, he knows it’s useless.

The seconds, minutes, hours and days pass with agonizing lowliness. He breaks down a few times, crying, knowing that you must devastated thinking him dead: The King and Queen of Gotham don’t care about anything else except each other and their son. Kase misses his father’s teasing and he would give anything to have you kiss his face one more time. He promises himself he will never pretend he doesn’t enjoy it if he gets to see you again. From time to time he notices a shadow creeping up in the darkness, a woman’s voice always humming some song, but she never shows her face or comes any closer so he can see her. Sometimes he goes and grabs the bars, addressing her:

“I can see you; I know you’re watching me.”

The woman never answers; she just goes away as quietly as she came.

He sleeps on a mattress, it’s old and disgusting. How he misses his bed and the penthouse. And your smile…

***He helped his dad with the plans of the new heist you planed, writing things down on the map and tracing the itinerary on the side. You walked by him, grabbing your eyeglasses from the table so you can see better what he’s doing.

“My sophisticated Baby doll, com’ere” the Joker purred, reaching his arms for you and you went and sit on his lap like you always did. “Daddy loves it.” He bit your ear.

“J, I’m just wearing my stupid glasses,” you smiled, lifting up your shoulders.

“Come on,dad, you’re so embarrassing. Mom, how can you listen to this?!”

“I’m used to it,” you winked at him, amused.

“For reals, he’s so lucky you married him,” he mumbled, staring at the map.

“What was that kiddo?” the Joker frowned, grinding his silver teeth.

“I said you’re lucky she married you!” he shouted clearly.

“Wow, what a nerve to repeat it, he got that temper from you, Pumpkin.”

“Whattt?!!! No, he got it from you.”

“Don’t think so, did not.”

“Did to.”

“Nope, not.”

Kase would watch your bickering with his mouth open, amazed on how you didn’t look like anything the world outside portrayed you two. He was the only one that got to see this side of things.

“Ok, baby, I’m getting pissed,” you threatened, puckering your lips.

“Awww, my pretty girl is getting mad,” the Joker roared, excited to see you worked up.

You just wanted to say one more thing but couldn’t because he kissed you.

“Here, this always shuts you up,” J teased and before you protested, he kissed you again and you just melted in his arms.

“Ok, that’s it, I’m going on the balcony, you guys do whatever.”

***Kase walked inside the living room and stopped in his tracks, watching you and the Joker dance, mesmerized. He even forgot to tell you to act more age appropriate (again). He would get the same answer anyway: “What the hell does he mean, Kitten? We’re not even 50 yet.”

You two swung around the room, until he went and patted his dad on the shoulder:

“I want to dance with this pretty lady too.” Oh, he will never forget that twinkle in your eyes when he said that.

“Now who’s embarrassing, kiddo?” the Joker huffed but give away, content to see you dance with your son.

“This is so nice,” you sighed as he placed his arms around your waist. “I like younger men anyway.” Oh, yeah, you got a slap and a pinch as Kase tried to shield you from the Joker’s fake fury.

“Dad, stop, oh my God, what am I going to do with you two?”

You just hugged him tight, thinking about how much you loved him.

How he wishes now he would have hugged you back tighter.

He wipes a few tears streaming down his face when his thoughts are interrupted by a sudden bang in the bars.

“Hey, how are ya’? Com’ere, I wanna see ya’.”

Kase gets up from the mattress and approaches the woman standing in front of him, suspiciously glancing at her.

“You really do look like your dad, I can see that,” she pops her gum, licking her lips. “You have his eyes, I always loved his eyes. But I must say I would have done a better job with your…everything if I was your mom. I think you would have been even more handsome. Would you have wanted me to be your mom?” the woman plays with her blonde hair, hitting the bars again with her baseball bat. “I’m prettier than her.”

“No, thank you,” Kase furrows his eyebrows, irritated. “And my mom is beautiful.”

“Ahhh, I always had a thing for polite guys, ya’ know?” she giggles, ignoring his last statement. “I know you have no clue what day it is so I just came to tell ya’: it’s your dad’s birthday today.”

Already August? Kase thinks. I’ve been here for months. Happy 20th to me.

“Who are you lady?” he inquires, wanting her to go away already.

“My name is Harley, Harley Quinn,” she bows, batting her lashes at him.

“You’re Harley?!”

“My reputation precedes me,” she laughs, enthusiastic. “Catch!” she unexpectedly throws a cell phone at him and he almost drops it. “Oops, be careful with that, I won’t get you ‘nother one.”

“Why are you giving me this?” Kase is very confused.

“Ya’ know, these guys here are boring me to death. And I am all about fun, did your dad ever tell ya’? And I don’t know why, but I felt bad for your parents,” she sulks, pretending to cry. “I didn’t know they like you; can you imagine they’ve been lying low, grieving your loss? That’s sooooooo boring.” She rolls her eyes, puffing. “I hate boredom. I need things to happen. So here ya’ go: I don’t know if you’ll get any good signal in here, but you can make one single phone call with that cell. I wired it so it will be dead forever afterwards. That is all I am willing to do for ya’, for old time’s sake.”

Kase’s grip on the phone intensifies.

“I’m out of this shithole, kid,” she waves, turning around and walking away. ”If they ever find you, tell your dad I said Happy Birthday, will ya’? Now he can’t say I never did anything for him. He owes me, they both do. Your mom will hate it, but she owes me.” That’s all he hears before she’s gone.

He turns his attention to his cell phone, moving around and trying to get at least one bar.

“Please, please work,” he talks to himself, shaking with anticipation. Finally, one bar! He dials your cell phone number, getting more nervous each second you don’t answer.

“Pick up, pick up, mom, please!”

He suddenly hears your voice:


“Mom! Mom, can you hear me? It’s me.” he frantically tries to make himself heard, a bunch of static noise in the background.

“Hello? Mom, is that you?”

Silence. He panics. And out of the blue, the Joker’s voice:

“Who’s this?”

“Dad? It’s Kase, dad…” more static noise. “I don’t know where I am, dad, please help me…”

The call abruptly ends, no more signal. He desperately watches as the cell phone dies.

“No, no, no!!! Please, don’t!!!”

Kase keeps on hitting the cell, trying to make it work. It will never turn on again.

He whimpers, letting himself slide down the wall, starting to cry.

He is really out of options.


So Unprofessional

Pairing: Gavin/Michael/Meg/Lindsay (Mavinseg)

Rating: General

Summary: It has always been Gavin’s (and Dan’s) dream to work for Rooster Teeth Agencies. When they get the chance to impress them, Gavin takes it. That decision leads to meeting Michael and Meg and Lindsay, three amazing people that Gavin soon can’t live without. Too bad for him, they’re all dating and there’s no room for him.

Everyone else doesn’t have the same opinion.

Notes: Model AU with Photographer Gavin and Models Michael and Meg and Lindsay. This was originally a short thing for the Mavinseg Event but it sort of got out of control and is now, currently, the longest thing I have ever written. 

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Queen Trumps Joker-Joker Imagine

Requested: No

Warnings: Some sensuality and an outsmarted Joker

A/N: I came up with this idea after seeing another trailer for Suicide Squad. I’m so excited for it to come out.

Originally posted by killer-quinn

He couldn’t stand her, with her long y/h/c lock, teasing y/e/c eyes, and the biggest grin in the world that she would wear on her plump lips whenever she had tricked him—-which was every time they encountered each other. Joker was on his way to being a crime god until she came along. She wasn’t insane like he was but much more determined in her actions. Rumor had it that she was a sociopath but Joker couldn’t tell the way she seemed delighted whenever her plan worked. Also, it didn’t help that he was attracted to her on pretty much every possibly level, she had the perfect curves, a deep but inviting voice, and she was the greatest thief Gotham had ever seen. So, it made sense for her to show up at every heist the Joker and his henchmen planned, only for her to take all of the money, leaving a playing card with a queen on it just to mock him. Except what made Y/N different was that the queen playing card wasn’t red but white, earning her the nickname the White Queen from the GCPD and all other authorities. Joker guessed that it was because of the fact that everything she stole she gave to those in the Narrows and other impoverished areas in Gotham. He began searching those areas just to see if she was from there but his search party turned up empty.

Joker was angry and irritated by Y/N/White Queen because she always managed to beat him and his men to their targets. He roughed up a few of his men just to see if there was a mole but it turned out that all of his men had been loyal. He was nearly exhausted from all of his efforts to thwart Y/N’s efforts in thwarting his plans, nearly. Instead of going back to his hideout with his men, he went to his favorite strip club to blow off some steam. 

The place was decorated with gold and a bunch of lights to make it appear more glamorous than trashy. Some curvy tan girl was dancing on the main stage while a few other girls made their rounds on the floor, offering drinks and lapdances. One of the girls recognized Joker and smiled widely when she saw him.

“Mr. J, would you like your usual?” she asked. 

“Of course, puddin.”

The girl laughed at the pet name and gestured for him to follow her although there was no need for that. He already knew the way to his private room that was outfitted with mirrors for walls and a white suede couch that circled around the mini stage with a pole on it. 
“Can I get you anything to drink?” 

“No, just get me a girl.” 

“I have the perfect one in mind.” The girl grinned as she sauntered out of the private room. 

A few minutes later, none other than Y/N stepped into the room. At first she had the most seductive of stares on her face but when she saw the Joker sitting there, her face seemed to drain of color. She looked stunning, of course, in her strappy lace bra, black leather pants, and stiletto pumps. However, he was amazed that she had discovered where he went on his down time. 

“How did you know I was here?” he asked as he threw his head back in annoyance.

“I-I didn’t. The other girls talk about you being a regular but I’ve never seen you before.” For the first time, Y/N didn’t sound confident or cocky around him. She seemed rather nervous actually.

Joker took this tone in delight as he straightened up with a big smile on his face. “You mean I outsmarted you for once?”

“I guess, since you figured out where I work when I’m not, you know, outsmarting you.”

Joker smirked. “Keep talking like that and I won’t tip you.”

“We’ll see about that.”

Y/N grabbed the pole and pulled herself up onto the stage. Rihanna’s “Sex with Me” began blasting through the room as she began dancing around the pole, moving her hips perfectly. She tossed her hair around, pulled herself against the pole, turned to Joker and winked. He leaned forward in his seat as he watched her flip up onto the pole before sliding back down gracefully. Once she reached the floor, she dragged her self up slowly and stood before sauntering closer to the green-haired man. She spun around and dragged her long manicured nails down her hair and around her body painfully slow. Joker’s eyes followed her hands hungrily as they stopped at the sides of her skin tight leather pants. She ripped them off with one tug, flinging them to the other side of the room, revealing a thin black thong in its place. Then, she turned back to face Joker and slowly strutted to the end of the stage and bent towards him. Joker found himself leaning towards her and gritting his teeth when she leaned away. 

Y/N laughed a little before dropping down in front of him. Joker leaned back into his chair instinctively as she straddled his lap. Her hands roamed up to the collar of his white button-down her eyes staring down into his own mad green ones. He noticed that her breathing slowed down as her heart beat sped up. His hands ghosted up to grab her hips but Y/N placed her hands on his and held them above his head.

“Touching’s extra,” she whispered. 

“I can afford it,” he shot back. 

“But isn’t this so much more fun?” She began rotating her hips. “Having what you want right in front of you and not being able to grab it?” 

Joker knew that she was also talking about all of their meetings. He was angry but he was also extremely aroused. Joker shoved her hands away and grabbed her hips tightly in order to hold her against him. Y/N’s eyes widened in surprise as Joker leaned in and nipped her neck. 

“I call the shots around here,” he hissed into her ear. He pulled away and grinned when he saw that her head had been tossed back. He grabbed a fistful of her hair and forced her to kiss him.

Y/N didn’t fight back as she kissed back, grabbing the collar of Joker’s shirt harder and somehow pulling him closer into her. It was almost disgusting how much they got into it with all the tongues and touching, but it made sense since there was always some sort of chemistry between them. 

Finally, Y/N pulled away. “Time’s up,” she said.

“Join me,” Joker said. “Join me and you’ll have everything you’ve ever wanted.”

“If I join you, I won’t be getting what I want. Maybe in a different life things would be different.” Y/N untangled herself from Joker in spite of his attempts to keep her close to him. She bent over to grab her pants off the floor, feeling Joker’s eyes burn into her. “Don’t worry about paying me, it’s on the house.”

Y/N smirked at him and walked out of the room. Joker leaned back into his seat and sighed. He would definitely never forget this night but he knew exactly what he wanted from Y/N now. If they were together, they would be the most feared crime duo in all of Gotham. 

He began folding his hands but noticed that his gold watch was missing as well as one of his gold chain bracelet. His expression straightened as he snatched up his purple jacket and shoved his hands in the pockets. In one of them, he felt something hard but thin. He pulled it out and gritted his teeth when he saw the signature white queen playing card.

Joker’s furious screaming from his private room made a smile appear on Y/N’s face as she sauntered throughout the strip club as she clipped on her new gold watch and matching chain bracelets. This time, she planned on keeping these pretty jewels all to herself.