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on how I inadvertently made my hometown haunted

I know I’ve shared this story before, but I can’t find it.

I grew up in a log cabin in the woods on the outskirts of a small rural town. It’s so small that it doesn’t actually show up on any maps - the only official marker is a small green sign on the edge of the road, and the longest-residing resident automatically becomes the mayor. We have a few houses, a gas station, a Masonic lodge, a Quaker church, and a couple of small graveyards. The rest is farm and woodland.

One day, I was visiting a school friend in the next town over. There were six or seven of us there, doing nothing but munching on pretzels, talking shit, and stewing in a questionable hot tub. I didn’t get out much, so this was a real party for me.

I stayed late because one girl I didn’t know offered to give me a ride home. I lived about 20 minutes away, but she didn’t mind - she liked driving country roads and wanted the practice. We were halfway there when I casually mentioned the name of my town and she nearly veered off the road.

She turned to stare at me in horror. “Are you serious?! I’m not driving there!”

“Why… not?” I had no idea what her problem was. It’s not like there’s a crime problem. Was it too far away? Was she going to leave me stranded?

“It’s super haunted. I hear so many bad stories about that place,” she said. I think my jaw dropped, but she was completely serious.

“What have you heard?” I asked. Haunted? And *I* didn’t know about it? Me, the kid who drank up ghost stories and urban legends like mother’s milk?

She explained how she’d heard stories about secret societies, strange rituals, black dogs, witches, mysterious gated roads, creepy houses, hooded figures roaming graveyards, and more. She was clearly terrified.

It took me a moment to process everything before I burst into laughter. Gasping for breath, I said, “That’s me! That’s all me! That’s literally all my family!”

My dad, a Freemason, had offered our woods as a location for rituals. My dog at the time, a black Labrador, was allowed to roam free. My parents often cooked over an open fire in a cauldron, either preparing food or chemical treatments for my father’s craftsmanship. Our log cabin we constructed out of pieces of old 18th century local buildings and is filled with oddities @. The hooded figures had been my birthday party, wandering the cemetery with lanterns ‘cause there was nowhere else to go.

“It’s not haunted,” I assured her. “That’s all just my family doing normal stuff. You can visit if you like. The scariest thing in town and the source of all these stories is already sitting next to you in your car, so what’s to fear?”

She did eventually calm down enough to drive me home, and we had a good laugh about it. I have no idea how far my town’s reputation for spookiness has reached, but I’m honored to be the inspiration of at least a few urban (rural?) legends.


“You know, you don’t get to decide what I am.”

Sarah // my favourite new character from Season 2 of The Man in the High Castle (I love her and am always here for more badass resistance ladies! \o/)

Essays in Existentialism: Royalty

Two princesses who can’t be together but secretly love each other.

Inside the palace, the evening roared. The ballroom filled and ebbed as the doors were thrust open and the inhabitants flowed out into the garden. Like a chamber of the heart, it pulsated, keeping beat with the band that played while the platelet-like people in gowns and tuxedos all swirled about, dizzy on wine and champagne and the evening. 

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I was at a special screening of The White Princess tonight that had this amazing panel featuring the showrunner. I’m still in awe and shock over it! But one thing not even related in the slightest to the show was overhearing a man tell the woman next to him that “Jamie from Outlander was in this and he’s Jeremy Irons son, and he’s also a model.” Pretty sure he threw in an and I know him in there to impress the lady…. I’m sure @got-outlander-fanfiction can help me elaborate.

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i'm kinda confused about your description of cubans in cuba because i went there on vacation and everyone seemed really happy and it was so wonderful there so yeah i'm just confused by why you call it a 3rd world country (i'm white btw)

i’m going to tell you the story of my grandmother. (it’s gonna get long) 

In 1962, three years after the Cuban Revolution, my grandfather escaped from Cuba on a boat with 5 other men. After almost dying on the trip, they made it the 90 miles to Florida and touched the Floridian sand and were granted refugee status. Almost immediately, he put in the paperwork for his wife (my grandmother), and my mom (who was a newborn at the time), and her grandmother, to come into America legally. 

Having now put in the official documents for his family to join him in the US, this led to my mother, and my grandmother, and my great grandmother losing all government assistance that comes with living in a communist regime. They lost their food ration booklet, their jobs, and their government appointed housing. Everything. My great grandmother had to go around collecting cigarettes from sailors to sell them to get money to buy ingredients to make tamales and sell those so that my grandmother and mom would have money buy food to eat. For 3 years that had to survive like that.   

Now, the unrest in post-revolution Cuba was reaching a frenzied point, so much so that Fidel Castro told the people “if you want to leave, just leave”, leading to a mass exodus of people leaving the island for whatever country would take them. President LBJ allowed for a program called the Freedom Flights, which liberated Cubans and brought them to the US. And in 1965, my grandmother was able to secure 3 seats on one of the first flights out of Cuba. 

They were told they were only allowed to bring one bag of things. A representative from the government came into their home, inventoried their things and told them that anything of real value such as jewelry, family heirlooms, expensive items, those all now belonged to the government and would be taken as soon as they left. My grandmother was able to bring whatever clothes she could fit into one small suitcase that she shared with my mother, with a handful of family photos that she could stuff into it. My mother was 3 at the time and was only able to take the clothes on her back and a doll. 

On March 18th, their tickets were theirs and they were definitely leaving the island, but the three of them ran the length of the tarmac up to the plane. They landed in Florida only about half an hour later, being told they were going to be sent to Union City, New Jersey. My mom, who had just come from a caribbean climate was given a coat—the first coat she’d ever had— by the Red Cross so that she wouldn’t freeze in the cold March weather in New Jersey. 

Once the reunited with my grandfather, they all stuffed themselves into a 4th floor walk up, living 5 in a 2 person apartment. Since none of them spoke english, the only work they could all find were in factories where they were paid $0.10 per piece in embroidery factories. And though they were barely making enough money to live off of, they still scraped and saved money and bought clothing and utilities to send back to their family that was back in Cuba that wasn’t so fortunate to have escaped. 

Now eventually, a few years later, my grandmother had the opportunity to go back to Cuba to visit her family that were still stuck living there. It took months to get all the proper paperwork and when she finally arrived in Havana it was like she was seeing a different country. 

The tourist side of the island was beautiful, everything was colorful and bright and idyllic and it was the tropical paradise she remembered from her youth before the revolution. But her family didn’t live in the beautifully tropical paradise of tourist Havana; no they lived an hour’s drive away in Santa Clara. 

My grandmother hired a cab to drive her from Havana to Santa Clara for the week, a man whose sole job was to drive tourists to and from one idyllic tropical government approved vacation spot to the next. But she told him that she was there visiting family and to please take her to the locals section. he obliged. 

On the drive to my grandmother’s cousin’s house they passed by a diner; it was a triumphant expression of Cuba’s trademark Art Deco style and it was packed with people. My grandmother asked the cabbie if he’d ever eaten there, he told her he wasn’t allowed to eat there because it was for tourists only. So she went inside and bought a sandwich, and brought it back out and they shared it in the car. 

Later when she’d arrived at her cousin’s house, they welcomed her into the home, showing her all the things they’d bought with the money she’d sent them and they all were wearing the clothes she’d mailed them— even if some of it didn’t fit right. And they sat her down to eat dinner, a meal they’d made with the horsemeat that they’d been saving up for a while plus all the food from their rations for that month just so they would have something to give her. It was all they had. And she ate it all, even though it was bad and tasted horrible, because it was all they had.

When she left their house that night she got into the cab that had waited for her and cried. Once she calmed down, eventually she asked the cabbie who she had shared the sandwich with earlier if he could drive her to and from Havana every day for that week, to which he agreed. And when she asked him how he’d like to be paid and offered to continue to buy him food from the diner, he declined gratefully and asked if instead he could be paid in soap, because his family had none. 

When my grandmother came back to New Jersey after that trip she told my mom  about the cabbie and the horsemeat and how her family had no food and how they struggled every day. And how the difference between her hotel in Havana, with its beautiful vistas and clean and happy smiling employees and how they differed from the cabbie who drove her around for a week in exchange for a crate of soap. How hard life was there and how grateful she was to be in america, and how they could never, ever go back. 


I didn’t talk about the Country of Fog here but apparently that was a mistake because GUESS WHAT HAPPENS NEXT. 

Sadly this isn’t actually a surprise, because a couple of people accidentally spoiled me on this months and months ago, but I think we can all agree that on the grand scale of things this is a very small and inconsequential spoiler and it could have been much worse. 



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So angst with rfa+v mc being dangerous (like Seven dangerous but more) like shes been chased by many countries and she has killed (if u want that lol) someone and then she decides to leave them. Like say she cheated on them (but didnt) or dont just love them anymore bc she doesnt want them to get hurt. No happy ending plz (but dont kill anyone plz)

Thank you for your request, i know you told that i couldn’t kill anybody, but i killed someone. I’m sorry, that was the ending i thought so.
But i hope you like it!


  • “Dangerous people don’t get hurt” This is what you’re trying to tell to yourself.
  • You’re too dangerous, and Yoosung is so young…With so many plans for his life.
  • He’s just an angel that deserves a bright future.
  • You can’t think about losing him, you can’t think about getting him hurt.
  • You can tell him the truth, but you know he’ll be by your side even by that. But you feel bad, he almost lost the sight of one his eyes because of you…
  • But now you’ll have to leave him.
  • You made your suitcase, and he saw you leaving “MC…Are you leaving?” He runs to you, with a confused yet set face.
  • You look at him, your eyes want to tear up, but you’re being strong, you just sigh “…I can’t be here anymore Yoosung…I’m breaking up with you.
  • “What…?” He froze, and then he got closer to you “Honey…Don’t say that! Why? We love each other…!” He’s getting closer, this made the situation harder than it was.
  • “…I cheated on you!” You yelled, and then you saw Yoosung, his eyes are filled with tears…His face just says one emotion: Sadness.
  • “…What…?” He said with a broken voice, you close your eyes, you can’t seem him like this, it’s too much…
  • After some minutes of silence, he said like a whisper “…We can talk about this…” He was reaching for your free hand, you just give one step away from him.
  • “No. I’m in love with that person.” He froze again, almost not believing it, you heard the horn of the taxi you called, and like that you run for it.
  • You heard Yoosung screaming your name, but you tell to the driver to go, you will not look back…You can’t…Your eyes are just filled up with tears.
  • You don’t know what’s going to happen with Yoosung right now…But you believe that he’s going to be fine…Nobody will hurt him…
  • This is what you believe.
  • Now he feels worthless, depress, because he believes he isn’t good enough for nothing.
  • He just can’t go further in his life…
  • Not without you.


  • Your story is sad to tell.
  • And you can’t tell anybody that, you fear for his safety.
  • What’s left in your life now?
  • Your love, Zen.
  • But you fear his safety…He has so many dreams ahead of him…He has already fought so much for them…
  • You can’t mess up his life, he has a great life ahead of him.
  • This makes you smile…Just to think about it.
  • Every day you’re more distant from him, and he can see it.
  • He’s making breakfast for you, coming earlier from rehearsals, just to be with you.
  • Nothing seems to change.
  • You can feel his sadness.
  • This makes your heart break…But it’s better to forget about this sadness…You need to leave him.
  • You were with the suitcase on your hand, you walk to him “Zen…I’m going away.” He was not so surprised by it, he was feeling you so distant from him…But his eyes are filled with sadness either way.
  • “MC…I don’t know what have i done wrong…Or if you need something…Please tell me…I’m your knight…! I can protect you!”
  • “…You always think you’re such a dream…But i’m seeing another guy…He’s better for you…Even in looks.”
  • Zen just froze, with tears in his eyes, this was your opportunity to go.
  • You had to say such things to him…It was so cruel…But otherwise he would be so in shock and he would stop you…
  • After you left…Zen just don’t feel the same.
  • Your words hit him every day…He thinks he wasn’t good enough for the love of his life…And to be honest…
  • He thinks he isn’t good enough for anyone.
  • He’s smoking and drinking so he can numb the pain…
  • But nothing seems to work…
  • Zen is finished.


  • You’re living a great life with Jaehee.
  • You helped her reach her dream, she is so thankful for that, and she is in complete love for you.
  • And you’re for her.
  • She’s just smiling too much, you can’t help but smile too!
  • But this has to end…
  • You were preparing to leave, Jaehee runs to you “MC?!You’re going on a trip without me?”
  • You look at her “I’m living my life without you.”
  • She looked confused “What?
  • “Jaehee…I’m not into you…Did you know what i mean? That was just for fun…A new experience that i didn’t like it…”
  • She looks really mad right now “What do you mean? We build a cafe together!”
  • “It would be better if we just kept being friends… I’m sorry… But now I can’t even be friends with you…It’s too weird.” You sigh and you enter the taxi holding back your tears.
  • You cried when the taxi goes.
  • Jaehee is angry…But also…She is broke.
  • She slowly comes back to her house, with tiny steps…She can’t believe that.
  • She sits on her couch, with a blank expression…Then she starts to cry.
  • And she cries all the day, she doesn’t want you in her mind,  but she still loves you so much.
  • She just works in the cafe and go home to cry…She wants to forget you, forget she is missing you…
  • This pain is too much…
  • She’s there in the cafe, with a broken smile, trying to hide all that sadness.
  • She thought she was going to live in eternal happiness because of you…
  • But she’s living an eternal suffering because of the same person.


  • He is finally happy with his life.
  • He thought was satisfied with it, but now with you in it, he realizes the had a huge hole in her.
  • And now you made him finally happy.
  • But you can’t help to feel the blame when you think about how your life can mess his life.
  • His life was too cold without you, now it’s warm enough.
  • You know Jumin wouldn’t let you go that easily, it doesn’t matter what you say.
  • He would insist more and more, and he would want all the details to know why you’re leaving.
  • You know he would try to change everything you don’t like…But he can’t change your life.
  • Why you accept all this…?
  • You were gone before he could notice, you left a note, saying you needed to go…You wanted another life, another husband.
  • All lies.
  • Lies that he didn’t believe.
  • He pays who needed to find you, but nobody could.
  • He wants to feel your hand in his again, he wants to kiss your lips again, he wants to see you again.
  • That black hole that was in his life is back.
  • He doesn’t mind spending all his life searching you…Because he wants to find you.
  • You didn’t mess his life…You messed up him.
  • Jumin Han is destroyed…Because of a broken heart.
  • Who would think this was possible?


  • You should have been away from him when he said he was dangerous.
  • He doesn’t suspect you, you know how to erase your trace if from him.
  • Now you’re trying to do the same thing as he did in the past…Making him get away from you.
  • You wanted him to save you from this mess, but you don’t want to involve him in this.
  • You’ll fight on your on.
  • You were ready to go when Seven saw you with all those things, he runs to you “MC were are you going? What are you doing?”
  • You don’t say anything, while you were going to the door, he holds your arm, making you stay “Answer me!”
  • You look at him and then you sigh “I can’t live this life anymore…You’re too dangerous…Your head is messed up…!”
  • “What?” He gave a little laugh like he wasn’t believing it “…MC…My problems are in the past, we already beat all of them!”
  • “No…” You sigh “I just…Don’t love you…I mistake my feelings…I love 707…Not Saeyoung…Even if you want me to stay…I’ll go.”
  • Seven let go of your arm, looking at you, with a serious expression, he isn’t believing in any of those things you were saying “…I won’t let go of you…You can go now…But i’ll find you.”
  • You walk away, with a sad smile on your face…You wish he could find you.
  • But he doesn’t give up…He’s hacking any camera, anything, any files…He’ll know where you are…And why you were running from him.
  • But sometimes is too hard to type when the keyboard is too wet because of his tears that keep falling.


  • He was happy about this life with you right now.
  • Even if he is always terrified that he might lose you one day.
  • And this day came.
  • You know what V already suffers in his life, and another “lost” would be too much for him.
  • But you don’t want him to get hurt or killed because of you.
  • You’re too dangerous.
  • Your heart will sink, your happiness will disappear.
  • But you hope V will have a good life. You really do.
  • You have to go away…. This is hard, but you must do it.
  • Your things were ready to put on the taxi that was waiting for you.
  • V’s vision is worst, it’s more blurry than ever, but he could see your movement and that car outside
  • “What are you doing MC?” He said calamity, smiling.
  • You looked at him, sighing, your expression was sad, but you know he can’t see it “I’m leaving V.”
  • “….Leaving me…? Forever? But…I love you MC…” V didn’t even ask why, to be honest, he doesn’t know why you gave him a chance to be happy…It’s your right to take that happiness back.
  • “I just don’t love you anymore…” You could see tears falling from behind his glasses…You’re happy that you can’t see his eyes.
  • And you know if you stay there just a little more…He would make you stay.
  • So you took the opportunity and you enter that taxi…And then you go away.
  • V even asked Seven and Jumin to help him find you.
  • But all that effort was nothing.
  • He always says he forgot about you…And he’s happy that you’re finding your happiness.
  • He’s faking his smile to the other members, saying he’s ok.
  • He doesn’t know why he smiles. Maybe that way nobody will be worried about him.
  • But he is miserable now.
  • God knows that…
  • So he is hoping that God accepts him in heaven…Even if he’s shortening his life.

the first time sana opens herself up to even it’s late at night and she has been crying for longer than she’d like to admit. she’s had the most awful day and nothing was able to cheer her up, the girls asked if something was wrong because they knew sana was not ok, but she just didn’t feel confortable talking about that with any of them, she never feels like she can talk about her feelings with someone, she has to be strong, has to be tough.

 but tonight sana feels more hopelless than she has felt for a while. even just texted her, with one of his ridiculous memes that he’s always sending everyone and she will never admit that some of them are actually funny. they’ve been best friends for a while now, it’s being so amazing hanging out with even and isak, sana has seen even at his best, but also at some pretty bad moments. she’s always trying to help both even and isak, always trying to be there for them. 

the only thing even did was ask if she was ok, just a simple question and sana doesn’t know why but she has to talk with someone and, for some reason, she feels like she can talk to even about everything so she just started telling him. she tells him about how she feels afraid but will never let it show, how she always feels like an outsider in the country that’s supposed to be her home, how she is always trying to prove herself, prove she’s strong, prove she knows how to deal with everything, prove she does not care about the looks she receives from people on the street, how she’s tired of pretending everything is fine when she actually has a lot of struggles. sana just tells even about everything and when she finishes it, it’s like she can finally breath pure air, like a huge and heavy stone was lifted from her back, and as she awaits for an answer she doesn’t allow herself to feel regret. so even responds. and sana is crying harder now. she’s crying because even is telling her things she didn’t expect to hear from anyone. “You don’t have to be strong all the time” he says, “You are allowed to be weak and you don’t have to hide it. You are allowed to be human.” and sana cries because deeply in herself she knows all that, but no one ever said this to her. “You are the smartest, greatest, strongest girl I’ve ever met and I’m so sorry that you feel like this” even’s words are sweet, sana thinks he’s the sweetest. “I know what it’s like to be in a stereotype, but I’m not gonna pretend I know what you go through, because I don’t.” and then she cries even harder: “But I know what it’s like to feel alone, to feel like you have to deal with everything by yourself because it is your own problem and your own battle, but let me tell you something: you are not alone, Sana. Me and Isak and the girls and all your friends, we care so much about you, we just want to see you happy. And we are here for you, we are by your side, supporting you. Always. You’re only a human ok? And you are never alone. Please, don’t forget that.” and sana is still crying but she feels so much better. you’re not alone. she thinks about even’s words and how nice he is and she feels so much better now. things aren’t always gonna be ok, but she’s not alone –she repeats to herself– she is not alone.

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and she has like what 8 no. 1s at the country genre and 20 Top 10 hits at the country airplay, and she also has 20 top 10 hits at the overall billboard chart.

SERIOUSLY. Here are some fun US chart stats about Taylor

Hot 100: 70 total entries

  • #1s: Bad Blood (25 weeks), Blank Space (36 weeks), Shake It Off (30 weeks), WANEGBT (24 weeks)
  • #2s: IKWYT (36 weeks), Today Was A Fairytale (18 weeks), You Belong With Me (50 weeks), I Don’t Wanna Live Forever (10 weeks - so far)
  • #3: Mine (23 weeks)
  • #4: Love Story (49 weeks)
  • #5: Wildest Dreams (27 weeks)
  • Other top ten hits: Style (#6), Red (#6), Back To December (#6), Begin Again (#7), Speak Now (#8), Fearless (#9), If This Was A Movie (#10), Jump Then Fall (#10), Change (#10)

Hot Country: 39 entries (plus Better Man, if you count it, and this doesn’t include any song from 1989 for obvious reasons)

  • #1s: WANEGBT (34 weeks), Ours (20 weeks), Sparks Fly (21 weeks), YBWM (19 weeks), Love Story, (12 weeks), Should’ve Said No (14 weeks), Our Song (24 weeks)
  • #2s: Red (39 weeks), Mean (19 weeks), Mine (15 weeks), White Horse (20 weeks), Teardrops (27 weeks)
  • #3s: Back To December (19 weeks), Picture to Burn live (20 weeks)

Pop songs: 21 entries (and this doesn’t count roughly half of her singles before 1989)

  • #1s: Bad Blood (20 weeks), Style (20 weeks), Blank Space (21 weeks), Shake It Off (20 weeks), Wildest Dreams (20 weeks), IKYWT (21 weeks), Love Story (24 weeks)
  • #2s: WANEGBT (20 weeks), YBWM (27 weeks)

And just for good measure, all of her albums except for debut peaked at #1 on the Billboard 200 — debut peaked at #5 — and they all charted for over 100 weeks. 1989 is still charting at #177 at its 120th week on the chart. 

Pretty impressive, huh? 

Country Boy Accent

“I’m home!”

Y/N jumped off of the couch and ran towards the door, throwing herself at the unsuspecting body who quickly wrapped his arms around her, laughing as he stumbled backwards into the door.

“I missed you.” She mumbled into his neck, her face buried there.

“I missed you too, love.” Joe replied, “But can I come inside?”


“Are you going to get down?”


“Of course not,” He replied, his hands moving to under her thighs, holding her as he walked into the living room. She pulled her head away enough to find his lips, kissing him repeatedly, quick and simple kisses.

“I missed you. A lot.”

“I can tell,” He laughed again, capturing her lips in a slightly longer kiss. “I was only gone a few days.”

“Too long.” Y/N told him, finally letting her feet fall to the floor, his arms moving around her waist, hers still around his neck. “How was home?”

“Exactly what I needed,” He smiled, “And everything was so green. And it was sunny! We didn’t have a single drop of rain!”

She stepped back from him, his hands falling from her waist as she moved into the kitchen, beginning to pull out ingredients for dinner as Joe continued to talk, his entire face lighting up, his hands moving in front of him.

Nodding and humming, listening to her boyfriend talk excitedly about the activities he and his mates had gotten up to while was back in Wiltshire, she smiled fondly over at him when she started to notice something.

He slowly trailed off as he realized his girlfriend was no longer preparing dinner but just standing there, staring at him.


“I never noticed before,” She shook her head slowly, “But it’s so obvious now.”

“What is?” Joe asked, leaning against the counter, his arms crossed loosely.

“Your accent.”


“Whenever you go home, and hang around your dad and mates, you get your country accent back.” She shrugged, resuming cutting vegetables. “I never noticed before, but I just did now.”

“Oh,” Y/N lifted her gaze to see him blushing deeply, fiddling with a piece of paper, “Sorry.”

“Why are you apologizing?”

“No one wants to listen to a country accent,” He pushed himself off of the counter, “And now I can hear it too. Horrible.” He wrinkled his nose.

“Joe, that’s not what I mean,” She shook her head.

“No, it’s fine. I get it. I hate it anyways.”

“You do? Why?” She placed the knife back on the counter, staring over at him as he continued to fiddle with the piece of paper.

“I just…I’m smart.”

“I know that.” She moved around the counter towards him, “But what does that have to do with your accent?”

“People assume when they hear this accent,” He winced at how thick his accent sounded to his ears and his next words were spoken more slowly, the accent fading in and out, “That you aren’t as smart. Because you’re from the country. Why would anyone smart be from the country?!”

It was clear to Y/N that he was trying to hide his accent, and she felt bad for bringing it up, because she didn’t want him to be embarrassed by it.

“Joe,” She placed a hand on his cheek, “I don’t think you’re less smart when you come back with your accent thicker than when you left. I know how smart you are. And so do you. Besides,” She reached up to kiss him softly, “I like your country accent. It’s cute.”

“No, it’s not.”

“It really is.” She giggled as Joe pulled her body closer to his, “And anyways, it’s clear how much you enjoyed yourself, because you aren’t thinking about your accent or covering it. Instead, you’re just telling me about how much fun you had at home. So, please, don’t hide it. Not around me. Not around anyone.”

“You really want to date a country boy?” He asked, his accent back as strong as before.

“Country boys are more fun.” She replied, kissing him again.

“Damn right we are,” He muttered against her lips.

Wayne Brady on Playing Aaron Burr in ‘Hamilton’ and Hollywood: “I Feel His Struggle” (Q&A) (The Hollywood Reporter):

[…] “It’s such an amazing opportunity — on TV, you don’t get to relive the same creative piece night after night, and then make your tweaks and try new things,” Brady tells The Hollywood Reporter. “That’s what I love most about theater: It’s never going to be perfect, but you keep trying over and over again, just like real life.”

Ahead of his last performance on April 9, Brady spoke with THR about dealing with his own Burr-like struggles, performing for his teenage daughter and potentially reprising the coveted role in the future.

What do you admire about your character, Aaron Burr?

I feel his struggle, in terms of being someone who wants to make his mark in this world and go about it in a certain way but is in a profession where perception is everything. Just because your outward persona says one thing, it doesn’t mean that’s who you are, but you get judged on that. And I felt I could feel his pain/glory in the sense of he was great at his job, but he was overshadowed by [Alexander] Hamilton because he wasn’t as flashy as Hamilton.I’m not a very flashy person — I don’t like to talk a lot, I don’t like to go to parties. Even when I started, I was told that the networking is a vital part of this business, and I know that it is. But I come from a school of showbiz where I get onstage and do what I do, and you should leave going, “Holy shit, that was awesome, Wayne’s great!” as opposed to wanting to read about me in a tabloid or waning me to be on a reality show or end up on TMZ because I punched somebody, which seems to be the way to be on people’s lists and get work and be relevant despite how talented you are. I feel I’ve accomplished my job if you leave the show empathizing with Burr.


What’s your pre-show ritual?

I rev up by playing Call of Duty: Zombies. Once I’m at the theater, I have to sing through the music in the first act. It’s self-defense. There are a lot of words and if you miss one word, the whole train goes off the track and everyone is gonna blame the conductor.

What are you doing when you’re not onstage?

I’m either reading my lines in my dressing room or talking to castmates. Ari Afsar, who plays Eliza, and I try to sing along to other characters’ songs, especially [“Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down)”] but we still fail. But by the time I leave, we have to get that entire Hercules Mulligan section right.

Who has been your favorite backstage guest so far?

I was stoked to have my buddy Taye Diggs see it. And I’m so nervous that Christopher Jackson, who originated the role of George Washington, and his wife Veronica are coming [in a few days].But my favorite, favorite guest is my daughter. She loves this show like every other teenager in the country, and when she came backstage, she lost all of her 14-year-old swagger and was just my little girl and jumped on me. We were both crying when I sang “Dear Theodosia.” […]

Hotel California (1/2)

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Title : Hotel California

Pairing : Mark x Reader

Genre : Fluff, Romance

Summary : Mark is a night-shifts receptionist in his own hotel and it sucks, until one of his client turns up to be a pretty, annoying girl.


It was pure agony. The mere idea of pulling an all-nighter for the sole purpose of work was agonising. Even the old coppered clock’s hand was limping, showing the wrong hour and the time was almost passing in slow motion.

Mark groaned when the opening credits of Frasier made its way on the small and very old television set.

“Excuse me…?” He heard a voice and checked the black and white monitor, spotting a middle-aged man in a tuxedo, tapping the counter. He got up, the desk chair wincing and took a small key from the numerous ones hung up the wall.

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- i can't look at the sky

request: could you write one where the reader is Jason and Cheryl’s sister? Loved Afraid of Heights tysm x

pairing: jughead jones x reader

a/n: okay so I am writing this during my shift at the sleep room where I should be monitoring and watching babies sleep but I’m doing this instead. I should be fired but oh well……

also the title is a line from a poem that I love.

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Dawning in Dust: Prologue

The world had ended.

“Well, if not ended,” Claire supposed, looking upon the deadened landscape with a dispassionate gaze, “it came as close as it could reasonably get.”

Sweat trickled down her neck, tickling its way beneath her shirt collar and down her spine. The feel of it felt like a touch long lost, and she shifted her shoulders to rid herself of it. Her husband gone, the gold wedding band on her hand all that remained to tell of his existence in her life. With a small huff, Claire stood and gathered her pack of belongings, shielding her eyes from the unyielding sun with a hand.

“Now you’re talking to yourself. Lovely, Beauchamp,” she muttered, turning her eyes this way and that to try and catch her bearings amongst the rolling hills of what was once known as Scotland. Thoughts of the once lush landscapes made her heart squeeze, and not just for the loss of the beauty it had held. Three days hiking in the hills on foot was tiring and hungry work and, as a rule, she preferred edible greenery over insects any day of the week.

What day is it? Claire wondered suddenly. Did anyone still keep track? She didn’t think to ask at the small cabin she’d encountered recently. The man of the house had been wary at first, but allowed her to examine his wife and two daughters who had catarrh. After exchanging medicinals and medical advice for food and shelter, she’d curled up by the hearth and slept in rare warmth all night.

They may have let her stay longer, but Claire was up and away before the little family woke next morning. She smiled to herself, kicking a small rock and watching it tumble down the hill. Leave it to the Scots to still take strangers in, even at the end of the world. She still liked to think of the countries as they had been before The End, many years before.

Before the greatest and last World War destroyed whole countries and killed millions. Before technology died, the ozone layer likely permanently depleted, and modern civilization ceased to exist. It was like a small grain of comfort to her. As if mapping the land in her mind brought a sense of fleeting stability to her nomadic and desperate life. Claire smirked at the thought, shrugging her pack on and taking the first step down the hillside.

If there was one thing anyone could ever say about Claire Elizabeth Beauchamp Randall, it would be that her life was never “normal”.

A Girl Like You - Theo Raeken Imagine

Author’s Note: This is not a request. This is something I came up with on my own. Easton Corbin released a new single and I’m obsessed with it. I had it on repeat and eventually I had an idea for a Theo imagine for it. I hope y’all enjoy what I came up with. 

I do not own the lyrics to the song. All rights go to Easton Corbin.

Word Count: 1,365

Listen to this song: “A Girl Like You” by Easton Corbin

My Teen Wolf Master List

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It was a typical Saturday night at Hillbilly’s in Nashville. Almost everyone in town was at the bar with a cold beer in their hand or line dancing on the dance floor as the live band played a little out of tune. Theo’s eyes scanned the crowded bar and noticed a guy trying too hard to get a girl’s attention, a couple of sleazy guys who had no chance of going home with any of the girls tonight, and a lot of friends and couples having a good time. He turned around and saw Y/N standing by the window, talking on the phone with one finger in her ear, trying to drown out the music. A smile tugged his lips as the neon light in the windowpane glowed and showed off all of his favorite features of hers. He knew he was lucky. There wasn’t a guy in this bar that had a girl like her.

Theo moved to Nashville shortly after graduation. He needed to escape the town where everyone knew the mistakes he made. Although it took a while for his friends to forgive him and gain his trust back, he needed to start somewhere completely new and fresh. Originally, he wasn’t planning on staying in Nashville. It was actually just a stop he made while traveling around the country to see what place felt right for him. The night he met Y/N was the night he knew he was meant to stay in Nashville.

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Headcanons: What Type of Music they listen to.

Eren: I believe he would listen to really upbeat, passionate music. Something that really gets him pumped and going, some sort of rock anthem or any genre that can inspire him and he can easily relate to.

Armin: Armin would probably enjoy classical music because it’s intellectually stimulating and he can probably play idk how many instruments if we’re being real here.

Jean: He would most likely be into anything really, Jean for the most part wouldn’t really narrow it down to just one genre. Just because he seems like the type to not limit himself musically.

Connie: Connie would probably like rap and hip hop, even though he cannot for the life of him ever accomplish getting through one song without messing up.

Annie: Annie would probably listen to music that encases most of what she feels but doesn’t show. She’s not adverse to listening to a slow, piano song. Of course, if you confront her about it she’ll vehemently deny it.

Bertoldt: Bert would be into the really underground music, the bands or artists that don’t get much recognition, solely because he finds it interesting, or different from all the radio music.

Reiner: Would most likely be into something like EDM, or Trap because he lives for the beat drops.

Sasha: Would most likely listen to pop, and would occasionally play the really obnoxious so ha because they’re catchy. Though at times she finds herself trying to out-do Connie at rapping. (They both fail miserably.)

Mikasa: Mika would most likely like anything that has a soft, mellow tone to it. Maybe an acoustic song with deep, meaningful lyrics.

Christa/Historia: Would be totally ironic if she blasted heavy metal, and hard rock out of the blue. She headbangs and everything.

Ymir: Is head banging right beside her Christa.

Mike: Probably likes bands like Coldplay, or the 1975. Only does it for his aesthetic.

Erwin: Daddy Erwin would probably like really classy music, like Frank Sinatra and Nat King Cole, or Cab Calloway. Jazzy, and oldie.

Hanji: Would blast country music just to troll everyone. Secretly likes it a bit, yet she hates it. Has good taste in music, but she has everyone genuinely believing she likes country.

Levi: Levi would most likely be into Old Rock, or 90’s grunge. He can relate to some songs about hardship, and he genuinely appreciates the music from back then as opposed to what comes out on the radio.