and she liked this battle a lot

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sorry, i think i completely get what u're saying now. i kind of went full cycle out of the distrust i have of writers in a way. which is that they've made their bed and she's bi and no take backsies no matter what they do unless they address the issue directly with a statement (which i doubt will happen but once again who knows) thanks for putting up with my questions. i'm just a bit passionate becuz i'm also a girl who prefers girls more and it feels like a uphill battle a lot of times.

No, no!!! I just want to clear this, both for you and for me: you are still bisexual if you like girls better than boys and viceversa. Bisexuality is not a 50% thing (lmao not even robots could). Like I’ve said, it’s more the CW creeping me out and scarying me than canon facts because … I know they’d go there lol.

To the man who’s going to hold her hands,

You have to tighten your grip, this will be one hell of an adventure. She’s quite stubborn and you can never tame her with flowers or chocolates. She’s perky and playful; she’s always curious and she always daydream of the impossible. She’s a bit clingy and insecure, but she will never tell you that. She’s into books and classic music. She loves the calmness of the rain and the midnight’s silence. She likes thrillers and scary movies, but she adores cartoons the most, especially those belongs to her childhood. Feed her, feed her a lot. Take note that she’s a messy eater. You have to tie her hair. She has a love hate relationship with herself, you have to remind her always that she’s beautiful. She will also insist that she’s strong enough, but don’t ever let her fight the battle alone. Hold onto her hands, you don’t have to say anything more, your presence means everything to her. Just stay by her side no matter how cruel life gets.
—  (d.g)

like i feel fareeha has a lot of behind the scenes development.

in her comic, despite being conflicted due to wanting to live up to her mother, her soldiers still follow her into battle without hesistation. when the omnic on her team dies, he apologizes. shes a tough leader, yes, but she supports them and they do lean on her instinctively. yeah shes a little emotionally distant from her squad at first, but imagine trying to hide that your mother is alive, being bitter with that, while also being responsible for the lives of civilians and soldiers alike and constantly having to maintain a public image bc of your status with the raptora suit

but then u see how soldiers look at her, you see her smiling at reinhardt and going fishing with him  and having posters of him (clearly an old soldier who she has high respect for) and u see her literally state that she wants to protect others at all costs, that she stands for justice and equality 

likes shes a soldier but shes also a girl… shes got a lot of emotional depth even in just her laugh emote, wherein she starts laughing genuinely and catches herself, THEN stops abruptly– like shes trying to maintain an image that shes super tough and battle ready instead of admitting that shes human too and sometimes she just wants to damn giggle

imagine her meeting a kid who tells her that they have fareehas poster on their wall. imagine her face lighting the hell up. like she is to this kid what reinhardt is to her. shes an idol for a younger generation. she can influence kids to grow up kind, to stand up for whats right in the world, to be tough in the face of adversity

dont tell me fareeha wouldnt absolutely cry tears of joy over it


Because this fandom probably has twenty steven universe AU’s already but I frankly just don’t care 

I had to include their fusion, who would honestly just be the biggest flirt since they are the living embodiment of sexual tension.

Also I feel like Chat would sacrifice himself a lot in battle for his lady and she would refuse to leave his side until he comes back. 

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if a fire-breathing snake was the best gift magnus ever gave how will he top it when he gives alec something. "here's a flying unicorn i got for you to ride into battle, and by got, i mean created from scratch. i hope you like it!"

ok i know i’m prob supposed to give a cute answer here but tbh the fact that magnus gave camille so many of those extravagant gifts says a lot about their relationship – the way he just kept trying to please her because he loved her so much and she just couldn’t give two fucks about him, and also because of what happened he feels like he owes her his life, something she’s clearly used against him. and i get the sense that when he made these beautiful wild gifts for her, he did it because she would look at him and smile, and he would think for a moment, maybe she does love me, too.

i don’t think magnus will be doing the same thing with alec. i think magnus knows alec is different – he’s clearly not a man with extravagant taste – and if magnus gives alec any gifts, it’ll be something really personal and meaningful. like i bet alec has all these old childhood scribble drawings from izzy and max and jace, and i can see magnus gathering them and charming them so they’ll never fade or be ruined and just putting them in a little box for alec to keep.

but the important part is that it wouldn’t matter what he gave. it’s not about the gift; for alec, it’s about the fact that a man he likes – the man he’s falling in love with – took some time out to get something for him. that magnus remembered him and thought about him. i get the feeling if magnus just swung by with a bagel on his way to meet a client – or even if magnus came by empty handed to say just to say hi – alec would light up like a christmas tree.

in honor of Pixel Appreciation Day, please consider pixel hangin out with everybody in his own way

  • he introduces robbie to pokemon go and robbie, to his surprise and everybody elses, loves it. actually u kno what pixel introduces robbie to pokemon in general and robbie is sucked in mainly thru the pokemon amie feature. they do a lot of wonder trading and battles together (pixel lets him win like the first 2 games)
  • pixel and trixie are totally Gamer Friends!!!! they mostly play fighting games together, pixel knows all the combo’s by heart but trixie sticks to button-mashing. pixel tries to tell her the combos bc he genuinely thinks it will help her and she’ll have more fun. trixie nods as he explains how to block, continuing to just completely jam on the buttons
  • since pixel is without a doubt the smartest kid and ziggy is the baby of the group i imagine pixel probably tutors him in math and science and stuff!!! he probably finds ways to make it fun like oh my god could u imagine pixel making like a little educational video game or something im sobbing
  • stephanie understands he has his Own Way of doing things but still tries her best to include him whenever she (or the whole group) tries something new, and tries her best to tell him in advanced!! also both of their interests are Very Different but she always listens to him when he infodumps about his favorite game or something new that he built bc it makes him happy and feel included!!!
  • u cannot tell me that he and stingy havent tried to trick out stingy’s little car before to make it into like some speed racer style Super Car like of course they did!!! they think of a new thing to add like every week
  • sportacus doesnt know probably anything at all about video games so pixel goes with him to an arcade and within 10 minutes sportacus has mastered ddr. within another 10 he has broken the ddr machine by trying to do a backflip and kicking a big hole into the screen. its the coolest 20 minutes of pixel’s entire life

One thing that strikes me as odd in Sun and Moon is that many of the named NPCs feel sort of…unfinished. Like the ideas of what to do with them were there but the game never lets you see those ideas to their conclusion. You can sort of get this vibe by just paging through the designs of the characters.

It’s very likely Game Freak ran out of time to properly flesh out the Captains, for example. Sure, you get the gist of Kiawe’s and Mallow’s development – the former’s being well done, in my opinion, but the ball is effectively dropped with everyone else. Look for Ilima, for example – his entire character is about him loving to battle behind that professional demeanor of his. He’s apparently so skilled and admired that Hau actively goes back to train with him and Sophocles enlists his help in building his team for the Champion battle. You would think that he would be someone that would be a challenger himself, or failing that, a participant in the Battle Tree.

What we get is a short second battle with a team that’s nothing special, and nothing afterward. And yet Molayne, a very minor NPC that actively contradicts the supposed age limit for Captaincy at the same time, is one of the challengers at the Pokemon League. Why him? Sophocles I can understand, because he’s literally fulfilling the promise of battling you, but a former Captain with almost no relevance…?

With that in mind, it’s easy to look at the game as a whole and see that the last half has all the makings of it being rushed. Poni Island is effectively barren, has a literal who for a Captain (Mina), and the Grand Trial is the very first trial you complete there before moving onto the climax of the story. Hell, the trial you do take later on is simply walking forward to take the Z-Crystal!

It’s because I think the latter half of development was rushed that I think character roles were downsized considerably. Molayne was probably someone with more importance than he ended up with, probably something to do with Ule’Ule’s Geothermal Plant, but that scenario was cut. There is speculation that Ilima and Mina had reversed roles during game development and was only changed because Ilima being a Fairy type captain would raise some very unfortunate implications. I tend not to believe that one, if only because it’s much harder to justify him on Poni Island rather than in Hau’oli City.

A popular theory is that Ryuki had been meant to be the Dragon type Captain, and it makes sense. His name and design follow the same theme, and there is no other NPC that specializes in that type in Alola. He was most likely cut because he would have been very difficult to fit anywhere in the game, so we got a brief and straightforward Dragon trial instead. They saw fit to use his model though, so it wouldn’t be wasted.

This doesn’t even go into the wasted potential of the Guzma and Kukui relationship, which is brought up exactly once and never spoken of again. If you read between the lines of their conversation, it’s obvious that their relationship would be focused on later in the game, but what we end up with is no one ever talking about it after that, not even Guzma or Kukui! It’s plausible to think that whoever directed the scenarios for the game decided to shift their focus onto the overarching story instead, but forgot to edit this very important conversation out…or couldn’t, because the scene was already set in stone.

What I’m trying to say is that as great as I do find some of these characters, the game ends up stifling their development through arbitrary limitations, whether through writing or cut scenarios.

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any headcanons on what gladion would be like when falling for someone and/or when he's in a relationship?

  • He would be confused. So so confused.
  • Gladion’s been alone most of his life, everyone who cared for him either turning against him or leaving him.
  • He would get very very very very blushy around his crush, like almost always red
  • Once he (sort of) accepts his feelings for his crush, he tries to show how powerful he is. He wants them to realize that he’s reliable.
  • (If his crush is into battling, then expect a LOT of battles)
  • His crush’s pokemon and his would probably grow super close :O
  • When he’s in a relationship, he needs lots of love. Just to make sure his s/o actually likes him.
  • He’s probably really protective, we all know he is of things he cares about.
  • He’d hope for you to befriend his sister, as she’s the one member of his family he’s proud to be related to.

Thanks for requesting this!! -Mod Gladion

Wait a second, look at this view from when Ren and Nora first find the Nuckelavee grimm’s lair….

Now take a closer look….

Doesn’t that warhammer look an awful lot like Mjolnir? It’s also right in the center of the shot, which makes me think it is important. And we all know that Nora is loosely based off of Thor. AND, just before Nora discovered the cave we hear thunder in the distance. AND the Nuckelavee has origins in Norse mythology, just like Thor.

So, to bring this all together, I think we are gonna get an awesome battle between Nora and the Nuckelavee (possible after all the others are incapacitated) and somehow she loses her weapon and has to use this one, which she combines with lightening from the coming storm….. and in short she will go full-Thor and it is going to be epic.

official ranking of every vaporeon sprite on bulbapedia

good!! her fins are very nice and she is striking a nice little pose

much better in design! she looks more cat like which is very good and she has much more color! a good sprite all around 

strangely dog like and has odd fins on her legs. not too good but still enjoyable 

a good action pose and a very nice design! this one brings a smile to my face. Very Good

this one is perfect! her design is spot on perfect. she looks so ready to battle too!! 10/10 the perfect sprite 

somehow became cyan but thats okay! she is still ready for battle but a little more cautious this time. pretty good!

lots of Personality! she is doing a dance for us and it is very good!! this is a fun sprite and should be appreciated 

she has calmed down a lot. she looks much more regal like a real mermaid should. i like how it shows off her tail. a little boring but a good sprite none the less! 

i like how it shows the full length of her amazing tail! not much personality but it shows off how good looking vaporeon really is and i enjoy that

back to sitting but this one has a little more personality which is very good! mouth is open and she seems to have a happy expression!! im happy if she is happy

kind of lifeless which is sad. vaporeon should be happy and full of life!! not very good but still a good pokemon! 

@l-sula-l requested Zarya and Tracer just hanging out and I think that Zarya has like -5743892% chill with anything but Tracer tries to explain that no, punching things in the face doesn’t always solve anything

( I also have some scar headcanons like Zarya’s hands and forearms are energy burned when she ripped off her weapon from that battle vehicle to fight and that Tracer’s chrono Accelerator  is actually IN her ironman style and that she has a lot of gunshot scars because of Widowmaker :P)

ok but people are so caught up in their ships that they don’t understand how important it was for erza to save natsu and gray, this girl has been through a lot since she was younger with whole tower of heaven and jellal thing and came to FT as an orphan. It took her a while to open but when she finally did she fit right in. Natsu and Gray are like her little brothers and makarov was like father/mentor to her, they were very close. Now imagine the only home you had being destroyed, your family is dying on the battle field, fighting wounded, and everything you once knew was collapsing. IMAGINE HOW THIS GIRL MUST FEEL. LIKE SHE DOES NOT KNOW WHERE JELLAL IS, SHE IS TRYING TO HELP EVERYONE FIGHT BUT SHES NOT ABLE TO MOVE PAST THE ENEMIES HERSELF, THE CLOSEST THING SHE HAS EVER HAD FOR A FATHER IS DEAD AND HER TWO PROBABLY CLOSEST FRIENDS ARE FIGHTING EACH OTHER TO THE DEATH. This girl is the real MVP for keeping it together, so when she goes to save/stop natsu and gray i think its perfect. LET THIS GIRL SAVE SOMETHING. Yet, she gets a ton of hate from the fandom because she messed up the nalu gruvia reunion. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE NALU AND GRUVIA THEY’RE MY OTPS, BUT THERES A TIME AND A PLACE FOR EVERYTHING MY LOVES SO JUST TRY TO UNDERSTAND THAT THIS DOES NOT MEAN NO REUNION, IT JUST MEANS WE HAVE TO WAIT A BIT LONGER. 

  • Steve: Wanda is a kid, she can't be locked into the facility!
  • Steve: she needs to come and join the battle instead
  • Fandom: yasssss team cap!
  • Tony: Peter is a kid, so I'm going to upgrade his suit to make it more efficient, I'm going to bring him in just to stay on the edges of the fight and do some webbing, I'm going to tell him what to do in case Steve attacks him and how to defend himself. He's a superpowered kid but I won't blindly throw him into a fight.
  • Tony: *immediately sends Spidey home after he gets hit once*
  • Fandom: evil man has recruited a child :/
  • (Bonus)
  • Steve: drops a huge thing on Peter with no previous knowledge that Peter is superpowered, expects him to hold it up, walks away with Peter struggling
  • Fandom: badass Steve!
Kara Danvers Defence Squad!

After watching last night’s SG episode I feel like I should share my thoughts. I know a few people said that they thought Kara was OOC a lot in the episode but I actually feel like it’s the opposite. Now I’m not going to get into a debate with anyone because everyone is entitled to their opinion and I’m just stating mine.

  • Kara brought Mon-Hell into battle with her. With the fact that she is known for wanting to help people and for supporting people this isn’t exactly a new thing. Plus she was training him meaning she would have thought he would be ready. (Also Kara gets excited when she trains people - remember her on his first day at CatCo?!)
  • Kara sticking up for Mon-El isn’t that hard to believe either, given that she wants to see the good in everyone. 
  • Asking Winn to help Mon-El out with a suit is due to the fact that Kara gets excited about new things. Plus he has ‘mad sewing skills’ so she figured why not ask her buddy Winn.

(Just for the note I think The Guardian reveal was shitty and Kara should not have found out that way!)

  • Kara being mad is NOT a flaw. She has every right to be mad: Winn, Alex and James all lied to her. James is putting himself into danger and he got Winn injured (and yes I blame him!) in the process. They acted like it was nothing.
  • Kara has a valid point: they are not aliens or meta-humans. Winn and James are humans. They naturally do not have the same level of strength that she does, that’s a canon fact. Plus James is reckless, he doesn’t think before he does things and just acts which yes is great when he has to act on instinct but more than once Guardian has gotten in Kara’s way and made her trying to save lives harder.
  • The DEO have so much technology and they have 3 aliens there if James would have told Kara about his identity weeks ago she may have been angry at first but then she could have trained him specifically in fighting people with abilities such as her own. The DEO could have modified his suit so that the likelihood of James getting shot decreases.
  • It is canon that when Kara gets scared for someone she cares about she gets mad and lashes out. She’s done it to Alex before. - this is natural and it’s what a lot of people do.
  • Kara could have reacted WAY worse than she did but she calmed herself down and tried to be rational about it. Plus she probably feels that she can’t feel angry given that the last time she did that James acted like a whiny bitch and made her feel even worse because of it.
  • Just going to point it out again that James got both Alex and Winn to lie for him. Yes it wasn’t their secret to tell but they both asked him to tell Kara and he refused over and over again. If someone had lied to me like that I’d be pretty pissed off too!
  • Then Winn purposely lied to her about LiveWire just so James could get an ego boost. What happened? oh yeah both James and Mon-El got captured and Kara had to save them. Seriously?!
  • This is called SUPERGIRL. When Livewire talks sense you know something must be wrong.
  • Mon-El didn’t listen to Kara who has been doing this for a lot longer. He left civilians defenceless. I get why he did it but it was still a risky move, especially given that they had no idea whether Guardian would show up or not.
  • The episode before Kara said she was in a funk and she’s been putting so much effort into being Supergirl and to saving everyone and doing everything, she has the weight of the world on her shoulders and no one takes it seriously. No one points out that she pushes herself too far, take when Alex tried and failed to calm her down about Livewire and the fact that it is canon that Kara is still learning about earth and humans. Kara doesn’t have anyone she can bond with currently. Alex has Maggie, James has Winn and yes she has Mon-El but then she also has to deal with yet another person crushing on her and feeling guilty that she doesn’t return their feelings. This is not healthy. Kara is lonely and she doesn’t have Clark to bond with over powers and really he’s one of the only ones that she can relate to so it makes sense she would want to spend time with Mon-El someone who can probably understand how she’s feeling (power wise) a bit better given that J’onn has personal things going on that she doesn’t want to intrude in.

  • Kara needs someone she can just be herself with, someone she can let loose with and focus on. This is why I am looking forward to Lena’s return because she provides the balance of Kara vs Supergirl, she gives Kara the ease and she doesn’t expect anything from her. I think one of the reasons why Kara is so insistent on helping Lena is the fact that she needs Lena, she needs her friendship, her care and she needs someone to focus her energy into - someone who didn’t lie to her and doesn’t make her feel bad for having feelings!

So in light of this episode and my protective feelings over Kara I did a little SuperDoodle.

I can realistically imagine Carol coming in with her Kingdom peeps in 7x16, all glorious and shit, and some battle goes down and then Alexandria is safe for the time being and Daryl asks her if she’s staying after this and she says she’s not sure and looks really torn and Daryl says “Stay. Please stay.” and there’s lots of emotional tension and eye contact and then he just. GOES FOR IT and kisses her. I NEED THIS. Like yaaas Daryl you GIVE her a reason to stay!

One thing I absolutely loved though was getting to see Alec and Izzy go on a mission together! And I loved the big guy coming onto Izzy and Alec going Protective Big Bro™ but letting her be in charge and fight her own battle

im making yet another dnd character. she’s an elf bard

she was the principal cellist in a huge, famous symphony in a city. but after years and years of performing in an orchestra, she got bored and started getting in to small, underground battle of the band type things in her spare time. she blew away the competition, not with her skill but with her creativity. she started making a lot of new, avant garde music and doing things she wouldn’t normally do in a symphony, like hyping up the crowd and going off script. she found it so fun and did it so often, her reputation in this underground music scene started to overlap her reputation in the symphony, and they asked her to stop going to these battles of the bands. she decided instead to leave the symphony and focus on a solo career. she got a lot of notoriety in the city she lives, and has both die-hard fans and people who keep their loyalties with the symphony and dislike her. her goal is to spread her name and her music across the world, and find others who match her skill and her desire to make something new so that they can collaborate and make music that the world has never heard before


Oh hey, it’s NieR Automata, the sequel to the amazing NieR. Oh hey, it looks goddamn incredible.

NieR Automata takes place on an Earth that’s been ravaged by war and all sorts of not great stuff. It depicts a war between the humans’ android/robot attack unit, Yorha, and some strange mechanical lifeforms. The main character is named Yorha No.2 Type B, and wields a katana and great sword.

Androids in the Yorha squad don’t actually have names, and so they’re referred to by their number. Because she wears special battle goggles, her eyes are rarely ever visible. It’s against the rules for them to have emotions, but each model does have its own individual ticks and traits. For example, 2B is much more calm than her counterparts. 

There’s also a new support system called Pod, which seems to work a whole lot like your book buddy did in the first game. 

The screenshots also show off strange robot enemies, which the magazine notes are very NieR-like in that something about them is oddly cute. There are many different variants of these machines, some of them with longer limbs than others, some that can fly, some that can merge with others, etc.

Guys, I’m so excited for NieR Automata. Fuck.

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My babies who are finally together-together!!!

  • Nora loves playing with Ren’s hair. In their first years together, when he missed his family a lot, Nora would sit behind him and brush his hair, braid it or just run her fingers through it. It made him feel better to sit with his chatty best friend and be touched and cared for. Nora never liked growing her hair out because it made combat training more difficult, but even once they started Huntsmen training, Ren never cut his. 

  • Nora’s semblance, like a lot of things about Nora, makes Ren nervous. It has come in handy in battle, and she’s completely unafraid of getting hit if it means becoming stronger and helping them win. Still, something about watching her get shocked or hit by lightning makes him uneasy. He’s never gotten used to it.

  • They’ve always been really casual about things like dressing in the same room and sharing a bed. More so as children, before those things became associated with “being together-together.” Privacy rules are stricter now, but they can still be prevailed upon to cuddle and fall asleep together sometimes :)

  • Once they’re finally in a relationship, not much changes, and even less changes immediately. Mostly that’s due to how close they already were- it’s hard to make their relationship stronger. So literally the only aspect they didn’t already have is being outwardly romantic, and it takes a while for either of them to go there. Picture both of them realizing they can kiss now, they’re allowed to do that, but neither one is willing to make the first move. Once they finally kiss, the awkwardness mostly goes away. 

  • Nora is very affectionate by nature, but still respects Ren’s personal space and his preference for keeping those things private. She’s still prone to cuddling him, but now she can smooch all over his face while she does it. Ren will sometimes randomly smooch her cheek or her lips while doing something else (or while she is distracted with something), which appears to be spontaneity but is actually his way of getting her attention. It never fails.