and she lights up my days

And my MCM is Francisco Lachowski. (*☻-☻*)

So proud of Dan and Phil!!!

Good night ! Which is your favorite look ? Me : 3rd guy !

Omg guys !!! I have 1084 followers!! Wow. 1 0 8 4. I made this blog on Saturday and it already has 1k+ followers! Thank you THANK YOU. I love you all so much, & here is a pic of cactus cos i love you all like i love cactus and I love love loooooove cactus. Ok. Omg i love you all. Let me cry now. 😭

Today’s Words

“Okay, you can sleep in my bed just for tonight while yours is being shipped,” Tony lied as he placed Yin on his pillow. If it was possible, she looked even smaller than usual on the backdrop of his mammoth bed.

“Oh, who am I kidding?” he huffed as he went to grab a pair of pyjama pants from his dresser. “You’re never sleeping in that dog bed I got you. I don’t care if I spent a thousand dollars on it. I’d take dog hairs on my pillow any day.”

As if she could understand him completely, Yin let out a tiny, squeaky yip and Tony had to restrain himself from squealing like a pre-teen girl at the cuteness of it all. Tugging his sleep pants on, he padded into the bathroom to wash up, and then switched the lights off manually as he wandered back over to clamber into bed, gently shifting Yin onto the other pillow so he could rest his head. He watched as she took a few moments to sniff around the whole bed, internally screaming at the danger of her toppling right off the side, before she decided to settle in the crook of his arm.

“I hate that Fury was right about this,” he grumbled, closing his eyes. “Please don’t get crushed in the night, okay?”

Yin just let out a tiny yawn and licked his arm.

No words to say … Ideal for a spring/summer relaxed but chic style. Don’t you think so ?

grantairr asked:

Am I allowed to talk about someone who was a crush and is now my beautiful girlfriend? I'm going to. She's absolutely beautiful, and has a smile she hates, but that lights up even the darkest of days. Her eyes are incredible, I could get lost in them. She's so funny, and so loving. She deserves the whole universe. I look at her and I see the sun and the stars, I look at her and everything finally feels like it's going to be okay.

you’re allowed to talk about who you prefer, sweetheart! and that’s the best thing i’m probably going to read today, it gives me a lot of hope for the future. she’s lucky to have you, and you are lucky to be with her. please, love her as much as you can! 

Sky’s like

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red & white!!

Red: 5 facts about my best friend

i’m going to split these between two people, sophie and sarah (my friend at college)


  1. they really really love the ocean
  2. is afraid i’ll throw cheese at their face while they’re sleeping one of these days while we’re camping after i sent them a gif of someone slapping cheese at their friend’s face
  3. pretty good at badminton and would be a great setter if they played volleyball imo
  4. they’re really fun to talk to and i always end up laughing talking to them
  5. really good at holding candy in their mouth
  6. light of my life honestly i cherish all the time i get with sophie. they’re great i love them


  1. we used to play jv ball together in high school. she was a middle blocker bc she’s TALL and i was the right side hitter but we didn’t really get to know each other until this year as freshman at college
  2. one time i put an annoying orange plush next to her while she was sleeping and made it make noise to wake her up
  3. she died her hair purple today!! it looks so good!!
  4. great humor, good buddy to take a spontaneous bus trip at 4 in the morning with
  5. her photography is the i love it so much and she’s always taking photographs with film and her view of the world through a camera is super super cool

White: 3 facts about my personality

  1. i love puns
  2. i usually pull back in crowds but love hanging out in small groups or 1 on 1
  3. cartoons? is cartoons a personality trait? because i feel like i’m a cartoon character (or i should be)

Good Morning !!! Live in Paris …
Love this colours match, and remember always wears slim or skinny fit jeans ;)

Five things that make me happy

ylissean-shinigami tagged me so here goes

1) talking about my ocs but also talking about my friend’s ocs just talking about ocs in general

2) writing

3) any form of making music. I love making music it’s so much fun

4) watching my sister’s eyes light up when she learns something new

5) cuddling. I love cuddling. I will cuddle all day pls cuddle me

And now I taaaaag: courf pugsbooksyoutube luneea pastel-dream-queen and butterflies-never-die

The amazing tour

Porcelain skin with charming blue eyes, you’re just a pretty boy … “Pretty Boy/ Edurne”