and she legit looks like a man

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I don't know what the intentions were but please do not make it so he does stuff the her that she doesn't want to do (sexually). ((Because that would be rape )) Idk i just it kinda seemed like it was leaning toward that sort of direction. I'm probably wrong but i just wanted to say

Yea bro, you’re definitely wrong. Idk if it looked like that’s where it was leading, but that’s not what’s gonna happen. Like, did you even read chapter 3? Cuz he legit saved her from that assualt… Why would he do that, if he just was gonna assualt her anyway? Did you see how angry he got when he saw that? He would’ve killed the man, if she didn’t step in. T_T

.: how to catch a nerd 2 :.

this series is going to be my favorite thing to write tbh ♡

Since I’ve got so many readers hyped for this story, here’s an early update ♡


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Peter couldn’t hide the grin from his face the more he talked to this girl. She clearly had an intelligence that matched her beauty, and that just made him all the more interested in her. [Name] embodied everything he ever wanted in a girl, and he looked forward to getting to know her better.

Unlike the girls at Midtown who only wanted him for his looks and for the chance to climb up the social ladder, he knew that [Name] was different. They never wanted to get to know who was beneath this cool guy exterior, and Peter was tired of pretending all the time.

Which was why he was was so drawn to [Name], maybe with her, there was a chance.

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Got7: Reactions to you being sassy on a variety show

Summary: you and your group appear on a variety show with his group, and you end up roasting one of your members after they sass you~ 💚

Jaebum:  *serious face activated* tries his dang hardest not to burst into a grin and pat you on the back, then pull you in and kiss the heck out of your adorable face. The corners of his lips will still curl up, though, and he hides his laughter by shaking his face and looking elsewhere but the member’s shocked face.

Mark:  is just as shook as your bandmate’s face, and for a moment he thinks your roast was serious, but he knows you too well to take that seriously. After everyone has a good laugh, he’ll keep smiling in your direction and wonder how he ended up with someone as savage as you smh he’s so in love.

Jackson:  WILL. HYPE. YOU. TF. UP. “Whoaaaaa…. oh no she didn’t- OH YEAH SHE DID, BOOM!! that’s my baby girl, high five!!” Will legit keep pointing to you in admiration, and messing around with the other member, jokingly teasing them that they wish they could be on your level of savageness. So proud of his baby, he knew he chose the right person to spend the rest of his life with.

Jinyoung:  can’t even hide his smile, and ends up cackling bc you always have the best comebacks, that’s why he never bothers coming for you. Would clap and nod his head in appreciation, and shrug when the other members look at him like, “that’s all yours, man”. This boy is so whipped, and everyone can see it at this point.

Youngjae:  immediately jumps from his seat and rolls all over the floor, so shook by your sudden roast and can’t hide his laughter. He was already excited enough to be on the same show with you, and now you totally knocked him off his game and he can’t stop making it obvious that he’s in love with you (and your sass).

Bambam:  his jaw would drop…then he runs over to you and literally screams intangible things in your face before hugging the heck out of you. “Brrrrrah getgetgetget *dab* that’s my y/n!!!! *dab*” someone has to pull this kid back to his seat bc he won’t stop blabbing about how quick that comeback was, and asking you to dab with him ‘for the camera’. Won’t stop talking about this for days, pls shut him up already.

Yugyeom:  would cover his mouth and tries not to burst out laughing, but ofc fails. He’s so embarrassed bc now his hyungs are all laughing and can’t believe this boy found someone like you. Bc as opposed to him, you aren’t as low key and won’t hesitate to roast someone when you get the chance.

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Legit had a customer look at me like I was a complete moron when I asked them to spell their kids names(bc they had a disposable camera that needed sent out so we need a name and number to contact them when the pictures are back).Like im sorry I've never met anyone named Alanic or Annika before?"Alanic without the T".I'm sorry sir but can you spell that?And he made the little girl spell it and she was extremely quiet and mumbled it because she was shy.JUST SPELL IT YOU'RE A GROWN ASS MAN!!🙃🙃🙃

omggg no one is seeing her. not the kids (who are doing som skipping thing? what is up with that?) 

not the boyyysss who we legit have been hoping would be there for her 4eva. like isak, c’mon kid look at her. she needs u man 

not these bitches, 

she’s sad af and no one is seeing her not even her best friends holy god. 

she is truly realizing that she is alone. 

So I’m chilling in my room, doing my own thing, when all of a sudden my dad yells my name! I get kinda upset cuz I’m like in the middle of watching a video and don’t really wanna pause it, but I do and come out of my room none the less. I yell down to him asking what’s up, and he informs me a package has arrived for me. Well now I’m like thoroughly confused because why would I be getting a package unless it’s….OH SHIT!!!




IT’S WHAT I THOUGHT IT WAS!!! AAAAAHHHHHHH I’M SO HAPPY RN!!!! Look at how cute this little ghosty is!!! I’m beyond ecstatic rn!! He’s so cute and smol and soft and just all around perfect!! I would take photo’s of my face with his face but I look like a potato today so I’ll have to do that another time, but this is legit the best thing that could’ve happened today man!

Thank you so much @happykittyshop I love him with all my heart and soul!! I will love and protect him forever! Again thank you!! <3 <3 <3

2x19 thoughts

- so firstly I honestly feel so blessed with the amount of lena screen time like I thought she’d only be in one or two scenes but wow was I wrong.
- also I kinda had a headcanon that lena went to mit and now that it’s confirmed it just makes me love her even more and wow she’s so smart I’m crying.
- also like alex and her survival techniques were crazy man and all the sanvers, that was some good shit.
- I also love that it seems like lena is so healthy and that kara eats kale just for her until she literally can’t anymore and saturday brunch, yaas. I really wished that we had seen more of their relationship as it progressed to this stage.
- I honestly have so much hope in lena and I don’t think she will turn evil like she doesn’t even know rhea’s true intentions yet.
- ok so this is such a major issue but like how can Lena not know that kara is supergirl but know that rhea is an alien?? I do kinda like that lena doesn’t know that kara is supergirl because then kara can be kara and know that she is enough, she is amazing without supergirl and like lena doesn’t just like her for being supergirl. like she knows that #karadanversmatters
- the sanvers reaction to mon-el at the start and the end are literally what I love for, solid gold - rhea seems like she is going to become a morgause, but I know lena won’t turn evil, I have too much faith in her - while watching the episode and thinking about lena and rhea as a mother daughter relationship, I could literally imagine brenda strong being a bitch and fighting with teri hatcher and trying to prove that she is the true mother of lena and man I was legit dying I love the way she’s so proud to play katie’s mum
- so this is totally off topic but I was watching this episode with my mum and she was looking at the met gala fashion and we were talking about lily collins when my mum was like ‘she has really nice eyebrows, right?’ and I was literally like, ‘who? lena?’ cause like she is legit the queen of eyebrows
- so overall it was a pretty heavy and emotional episode so I’m really sad now cause of the sanvers and kara and maggie conflict
- I don’t have some other thoughts but I can’t really remember them right now and can’t be bothered typing anymore, this post became longer than I anticipated. As usual, anything I have reblogged I pretty much agree with.

You guys are gonna love this. I had a dream in which I was looking at a picture of Dan Smith on Tumblr and obviously I reblogged it and what I meant to comment was “smiley baby"but somehow it turned out "smelly baby”
and all of a sudden all of you started reblogging like your life depended on it commenting things like “odorable boy”, “my sweat child”, “stank daniel, back at it with the smelly converse”
Of course, I was panicking and I was like Nooo, please stop reblogging this…I made a mistake. I felt like the Happy 2017 guy. So in real life apparently I’m laughing in my sleep like crazy and I wake up to see my mom over my head. So what happend was she heard me laughing from the other room in the middle of the night. And she’s looking at me, man, and she be like hey, what’s going on? And i’m like I had a dream about something on the internet. She was confused: and why were you laughing? So the first thing I was gonna say was “because Dan Smith is one odorable boy” and burst out laughing again. But my half asleep brain probably realised that was not something my mom would like to hear at 3 in the morning. And what i actually said was “there was a video of a dog doing dorky things”.

12. Matchmaker // Klance

« {Part 12 of my Valentine’s collection.} »

a/n: is this really about matchmakers? no. but is it too late in the game for me to care? yes. yes it is. enjoy some cute lance being embarrassed about his crush.

“I can see a great many things,” said the priestess. When the Jaderian Queen had said she had a gift to give Voltron for saving their planet from Zarkon’s forces, a meeting with the local crazy lady wasn’t exactly what Lance had imagined. Shiro had it lucky—he was still talking about leadership stuff with the Queen.

“The threads that bind the galaxy together,” the priestess continued, “the energy that connects us all—I see every part of it.”

“So, like, you can read people’s thoughts?” Pidge asked. “Or—wait, can you see the future?”

“I can see a great many things,” the priestess repeated. “The future is just one of the secrets revealed by my gaze.”

“Could you read our fortunes?” Hunk asked excitedly. “Could you tell us if we’re going to be super rich, or if we’re going to save the galaxy, or what our love lives will be like?”

“Well,” the priestess said, “I am well versed in the art of palm reading…. I… suppose it is within my power to see a person’s greatest loves—”

“Ooh, do me! Read mine!” Lance said, thrusting his hand forward.

It was at this moment that Lance realizes he had made a very grave mistake.

Getting his palm read would mean that Lance’s love life would be described in detail for all the other paladins to hear. It meant that all of his current and future pursuits were going to be laid out in the open. It meant that there was good chance that if this priestess lady was legit, she was going to expose Lance’s major crush on Keith to everyone—including Keith.

He was so fucked.

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why people are so obsessed with the concept of "jeonlous?" I have stanned over 20 groups, more otp's than i can count and i have never seen a fandom so obsessed with jealousy moments. why would he be jealous of his own band members, when he's likely seen them with jimin/v billions of times anyway. i think if he was as jealous or obessed with someone as ppl like to make him, it would be more worrisome than omg cute!!!!

i mean, honestly, i’m not a huge fan of jeonlous. like it was cute at first, and i thought it was suspicious but now ji/kook fans will legit be like “did you see that? jungkook looked at jimin and jin for 0.3 seconds he’s so mad!! jin back off of his man!” and i can’t stand it. lol. i understand that jealousy is a natural feeling. like i’m jealous of people who have lots of money, i’m jealous of my friend bc she’s travelling around europe right now, i’m jealous of my older brother because he has a stable job, etc, etc. but i think toxic jealousy is disgusting, and that’s what a lot of people make the jeonlous out to be. i agree so much with your last statements, because they are true. i’ve never been in a relationship so idk for sure, but i’m pretty sure you’d eventually grow used to ur s/o being with their friends and stuff so often, especially if you were all in the same group. idk, jealousy is cute when people are like “aha, jungkook looks jealous in a way” when jimin is like you know being super flirty. but when jimin is just sitting next to hoseok or something, and people are like “jimin better stop being like that or else jungkook will get mad” its like ?? what the fuck ?? ur spreading around toxic relationship headcanons ?? leave please ??

All Business - Alfie Solmons Fan Fic (rqtd) - Just You Wait P2

would you possibly do a part two to “just you wait” where o/c never turned up to the date or whatever alfie had planned because she wanted to make him wait like he did her, and they don’t speak for a week or whatever and he asks her to be involved in a meeting (or make that bit up I don’t mind) and she gets her own back on Alfie during the meeting? Thank you x

 PART ONE – Just You Wait

All Business - Just You Wait, Part Two

 Her lunch sat untouched on the desk crowded with paperwork, as Y/N stared at the opposite wall lost in thought.  Or maybe it was lust.   She hardly knew anymore, only that her insides were in a constant twisted state.   It had been lingering, coiling within her since that night when she had changed in and out of that damn polka dot dress at least a dozen times, before backing out of the date.  If it was a date at all.   More like a command attendance. 

It had been about a week.    Each day flipping back and forth between anger, regret and a desperate unquenched desire she wasn’t rightly proud to admit.   A week of avoiding one another – until they couldn’t.   Especially since he was her boss and actually required her to do work for him.   His requests coming in a stilted, indifferent tone.   Followed by that look.   Despite his best grumpy efforts, he couldn’t hide what he really wanted either.   Her own gaze a loaded canon of emotion and confusion.   The lingering glances often leading to casual touches and every now and then she could still feel him like a ghost that whispered upon her flesh.

A brief brush upon her arm “Miss Y/N can you please type this form.”    

A light hand on her back.   “Miss Y/N please come this way to my office.”    

Every touch pushing her further into the regret camp, as her mind still vividly recalled the feel of his mouth and hands – those strong hands all over her body.   She had only just fully healed from the red, raised welts left behind by his beard.   The day they disappeared in the mirror a feeling of loss overcame her.   She had meant to prove a point, and now it seemed she proved it all too well and lost the bigger catch.    The truth was, she had been desperately wishing for a second chance, but Y/N just didn’t necessarily want Alfie to know that.

And now it had arrived.  Of a sort.

She stared at the note that lay crumpled upon her desk; ink blurred from the sweat of her hands.   Another summons.  This time – all business.  As in a Business Meeting that she was required to attend.  Strictly legit as it absolutely fell in line with her prescribed duties.   A duty she had performed at least a dozen previous times.   So why were her palms sweating?

There would be others in attendance.  It wasn’t like she would have to be alone with him.  Her stomach clenched in protest and she picked up the neglected sandwich, taking a small bite.   It didn’t settle the gnawing ache that was more fear then hunger.  Or perhaps, it was just another kind of hunger.   She knew he felt it too.   A man didn’t look at a woman the way Alfie Solomons looked at her – if he didn’t want her.   And she was damn sure that he had gained a measure of respect since she did not jump when he commanded.   Despite how easily he had stoked her passion.   Now, to just hold that in check so she could do her job. And then, what?   She pushed the thought aside as she rose to go to what she now considered his lair.

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ok so santi, lou and fiona are legit the hottest fam i've laid my eyes upon like??? LOOK AT THEM FUCKIN GET IT SIS LOOK @ U WITH YOUR MAN, LOOK AT YOUR MAN!! also freakin fiona looks like she just threw on her regular get up, classic, never change bbygirl. gigi and roo-roo are very cute ok just i fAVOUR MY FIRE REDHEAD FAM, REDDIES STICK TOGETHER!! santi if u hurt my honeys i will come after you istg

REDDIES AHJDJSHBFHKJSD SAME i just needed to publish this message because i laughed so hard, LOOK AT UR MAN, NOW BACK TO ME

that’s exactly what fiona did tbh it’s the fanciest dress she owns

that last part tho…g2g

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I think the truth is that Gillian and PM are NOT together and it isn't us not wanting to accept the truth, but the people on the other side who don't want to accept it. They are either colleagues or friends and it's the other side that won't accept it. They are very eager to put together Gillian with someone who is not David. Everything PM has been involved with around Gillian is work. Charity = work too. Does David look like a heartbroken man? HAS he looked like that since September at all? No!

There are so many weird things around GA and PM, which makes me believe that something is going on, but it’s not a romantic relationship in my opinion. Maybe it’s just work, I dunno. We have only questions and no answers. Why no sightings of them together in London or else where? Why only attending professional events together? Why not walking the red carpets together if they arrive in the same car? Why is he always so cold and distant like he doesn’t even know her? They never look at each other, never touch each other, why? Why no real newspaper article about them? Why is she looking always so miserable next to him? Why is everything so dubious when it comes to them? And these are legit questions not just us not wanting to see her with another man happy. In fact I want nothing more than see her happy, but that only happens when she is with David. And David looks happy too, so we can completely rule out the theory that they broke up last year, like some people here think. If they were together at some point, they still are, and that’s the main reason I’m still fairly convinced that she is with David. I’m just glad the Webby’s happened, so we could see that everything is fine between them. There’s no way they broke up.

And we have so many reasons and facts to believe in Gillovny, and yet there is this little doubt in my mind asking constantly “what if?”. Maybe you’re right, and that is because the other side is pushing their agenda so hard, but we can’t deny that something is going on with PM, and it’s something very weird. 

squigglydigglydoo replied to your post “and i like her with striped b&w/gray tights because yes i am hot topic…”

I like the B/W tights, but I think the greyish skin tone with a brighter hair color is gonna do more to make her stand out amongst humans without blending in with the ‘toons. Especially if you make her skin legit GREY – then she won’t just look pale, but more like there’s something other than red blood in her veins.

haha i mean, the tights are just like… kinda… me being silly & cheesy, i’m not too concerned about them as an actual character design choice. unlike the toons india doesn’t have a default ensemble (though i guess.. i’ve drawn the toons in other clothes… man, who knows) but yeah that’s exactly what i was sorta worried about, & i think that’s for sure the answer!

it looks a lot clearer in a close-up tho i gotta say

TVD 1x10 Review

Hi all! Welcome to the tenth review of TVD season 1. Considering that I haven’t like sat down to watch a full episode of the past seasons of TVD in a few years and my memory might not be the greatest I think I will start with my usual disclaimer: I will write my thoughts in real time so if I make a mistake at the beginning of this post, it will be corrected by the end. There will be anti-Damon and anti-Delena sentiments (I’m only mentioning these two because it’s the beginning of the series), and I feel the need to say that there may be some anti-Jenna sentiments too. I will probably bring up other shows and call attention to misogynoir, racism, anti-blackness etc. Ready? Let’s go. 

You know, I never get the sense that MF is affected by the vampirism, like we see that Damon has killed Tanner and Vicki’s friends and, well, everyone and while there are reports of animal attacks, it doesn’t feel like the residents care or even know. With True Blood, everyone was on fucking edge because people kept dying, with Sunnydale people aren’t exactly on edge but they know their town is weird with the constant mysterious deaths and because the stakes themselves are actually like End of the World big, we already get the hysteria of something terrible is about to happen so we need to stop it. Even in Teen Wolf, Beacon Hills is under curfew. Everyone is chillin’ in MF. Oh I bring this up because Logan Fell killed that random jogger because he’s a newbie vampire.

“But we’re a team, we can travel the world together!” When have you two ever actually been a team, though? Like in the past. Even when they liked each other as humans, Damon was never on Stefan’s team. He was Team Katherine.

“Kids are too young to be brought into this.” This is what Liz says about Stefan to Damon regarding the Council. “Kids are too young to be brought into this”. This is what Liz says about the boy who is going to school with her daughter to the man she saw her daughter dating. Like SERIOUSLY TVD.

Matt and Caroline legit look cute and them talking about TV is adorbz. Yes, Zal ships this POS with Queen Caroline, anons.

I like how moody Elena gets when Bonnie is like, what kind of future could you have with Stefan even if he stayed? She just gets grouchy, lmao.

I like how Damon says that he wouldn’t have been so obvious about how he killed people if he’d been the one who killed the jogger as if his messy ass killing people isn’t what alerted the Council about vampires coming back to MF in the first place.

“Until you become ‘we’ people … we can’t make it to the party, we can’t make it to the game, we don’t like the colour red” lol.

Logan’s transition still doesn’t make sense to me. Damon said that he killed him but didn’t turn him, another vampire found him and give him their blood — Anna, but like, Logan was DEAD when Damon attacked him so like when the hell did Anna give him her blood?

“For once, Mayor, we actually know where our kids are.” WHERE COULD THEY BE IN A SMALL TOWN LIKE MF?

Poor Matt. “It’s not a big deal…” looking at Elena with those hopeful eyes and she’s legit just ribbing on him like a friend.

“Well you probably love her” there’s absolutely nothing to suggest that Logan loved Jenna.

I love Dobsley standing next to each other, they’re such an attractive pairing.

I really like when Elena says “I appreciate you looking out for me but please if you’re going t leave then just go” and her voice quavers as she says it because him being around but not being with her is painful.

And their intense stare before Jenna comes and asks Elena to hide her from her ex-boyfriend.


LOL Stefan staring Logan down being like “Don’t ever. Threaten me. Again.” And then walking away, Logan has no idea what to do with himself. With Damon he was snarky and actually pretty confident, with Stefan he’s like … … …

“Bonnie, where are you I’m ready to go” OK Caroline but maybe Bonnie isn’t? LIKE? And even HERE, we don’t see what Bonnie wants to be when she grows up. Tyler draws, Caroline wants to be a broadcast journalist, Matt used to want to be an astronaut, Stefan wanted to be a doctor, we find out later Elena wanted to be a writer and Bonnie what, doesn’t need to have any background because she’s a witch?

“Alpha male douchebag” oooooooooooh werewolf reference.

“Yeah I’m starting to see a lot of things, Stefan” like the fact that he is a good man who will protect her and her friends and therefore a person she’s in love with.
Moon over Tyler, lmao, I booked that in season 1 too.

Awww, the teary gazes between Stefan and Elena.

And the SE love scene! I’ve written so many posts on it I’m just going to link them here:

Needless to say it’s such a transcendental scene.

And I love that Elena gasps right before Stefan kisses her.

Also, I like that “Cut” is an accompaniment to the scene, it doesn’t overpower it. With DE scenes, what you remember is the song, you remember Never Let Me Go and I Was Wrong because it’s blaring and overpowers what’s actually happening. With the SE scene, they are the main event and the song doesn’t blare until after they’ve given themselves over to each other in the living room.

I have it paused because my mother won’t leave me alone but it’s paused at when Stefan turns away from Elena and the expression on Paul’s face is full of such vulnerability and fear at Elena discovering the part of himself he hates the most.

And when he says “Elena I can’t” it legit looks like it tears him up inside.

I’m just realizing I usually focus on Elena when I watch the “don’t hide from me” scene but I’m looking at Stefan and when she puts her hand on his face, the way his mouth parts, like being touched on his face affects him so deeply and thoroughly.

Nina’s shining fucking eyes man.

Still love that she takes him by the hand and guides him to his own room in his own his house

They want to talk about how the necklace is a DE symbol even though they focus on it during the SE love scene.

Seriously, Elena’s face when Stefan’s kissing her neck.

OK so it turns out I did have a few things to say about the love scene.

“LOOK, I like Caroline, she has this thing, this way about her and I like her!” SO high school. Yeah Matt, stand up to Tyler!

I also like that Matt looks at Tyler like wtf is up with you when he just accepts that he likes Caroline and isn’t being a raging douche bag.

Also it still bothers me that they’re friends considering how FOUL Tyler treated Vicki.

Still totally love that Elena is in Stefan’s shirt, cuddling with Stefan after sleeping with Stefan, like you just want to be wrapped up in him, girl.

Stefan being all considerate and asking if she needs a drink of water.

And the way Elena is so giddy and cuddles his pillow.


Here is the thing that bothers me. OK Elena is upset that Stefan didn’t tell her she resembled Katherine, like fine, I get that, but why the fuck would she leave the vervain necklace, like that DOESN’T make sense. “But maybe it’s a token of their relationship” yeah it’s also what keeps her from being compelled. LIKE. IT IS AN ILLOGICAL AND STUPID MOVE.

I also want to know how the car works. Like, Bonnie consistently drives Elena to school but Elena’s driving the jeep or SUV or whatever from Stefan’s place and it’s not the weekend so like, why does she get it tonight? Are she and Jenna sharing the car?

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SAM: Look, that’s really nice of you, but not necessary.
ROBIN: Really? Okay, look, your eggs are scrambled.
SAM: But -
ROBIN: But nothing.
SAM: No, I mean I’m just some guy. I - I could be anybody. You gotta be nuts.
ROBIN: I’ve been called that. Look, if I let you go off alone, I won’t be able to sleep at night. And, honestly, I’m dying to know how it all turns out.

And here we have another example of Sam being an ally to ladies in general, acknowledging the danger he poses just by being a big old man who is also a stranger to this gal, Robin. He is also acknowledging what a limb this girl is going out on to help him (assuming she is just a girl… I legit cannot remember). 

I just like this moment, so I wanted to blog it. 

Carry on!

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Another cute Somin/Jiwoo moment is when they give the "spiked" coffee to the boys in Valentine's Day. Somin is the absolute picture of the angelic Maknae giving her oppa some delicious latte, while Jiwoo looks super mischievous and gives J Seph his chocolate with the most nonchalant manner.

oh my gosh i loved it bc somin proper like bowed + the way bmsm did it seemed like? so cute and sweet and acted if it was like a legit valentines thing whereas jiwoo was just like ‘yo hear taebangie’ all cool + casual as she is and he just takes it aND THEN BM’S REACTION IS LIKE !!!!!!!!! EW !!!!!!!! and somin is cackling with jiwoo while jseph continues to drink the mustard drink like ?? whatever ?? MAN I LOVED THAT V-APP THE MOST IT WAS LITERALLY MY FAVOURITE  

It gives me a lot of feelings when I think about how mentally tormented all of the main Inuyasha characters are, like we have Sango who witnessed her dad get killed by her possessed brother, then her whole clan being annihilated, then Mirou who legit watched his dad be sucked into a wind-tunnel and then wake up to see it horrifically on his hand, Shippo who saw his father’s pelt being worn like a damn scarf, Kagome who was a modern 15 year old girl during the damn warring era, precious homeless Rin being beat by nasty old men and then being mauled by wolves, Kohaku was possessed for god knows how long and killed his own father and clan, Inuyasha being revered as an outcast his whole damn life and the first time he feels accepted he gets shot thru with an arrow by someone he cared about, then has to deal with waking up 50 years later and finding out that it was all due to a crazy man who wants to legit destroy the world for zero reasons, Kikyo’s literal tragic story, Kaede lost her eye, grew up without a sister, took on the responsibility of protecting a whole village for probably almost all her life. Freaking Kagura and Kanna, my god their sad sad ends (especially Kanna, idk but the way she died made me so sad?like she didn’t deserve that? Or maybe she did idk) Damn Jinenji and his terrible village full of shitty people. Sesshomaru’s dad didn’t love him. But they’re all hopefully living mostly happy without ptsd, and looking towards tomorrow and it makes me happy despite all this darkness.