and she laughs and it is adorable

Little One

Requested by @phasiion : I was wondering if you could do a Derek Hale imagine where Y/N is mad at him and because that she’s so short (compared to him and generally vary short in general) He finds her so adorable and ends up laughing even more which angers her more.

Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader 

Word count: 865

“Stiles, I won’t say again. Tell this werewolf to let me out RIGHT NOW!” You yell at your best friend, pointing a finger at Derek.

The thing is: This unknown pack just invaded Beacon Hills and Derek’s job is to keep you and Stiles out of danger. You have no idea why the Alpha is babysitting you while Scott is out there doing God knows what. Probably it was his choice, but you don’t care. You have a party to go and Derek is forbidding you to step out the bedroom.

He stands at the door, like a damn wall. You stand right before him, raising your head a bit to look into his eyes.


“(Y/N), c'mon, let’s just watch cute videos and wait for Scott to call or something.” Stiles pulls your arm, but of course, you violently push him away, making him fall awkwardly. You hold back a laugh and keep staring at Derek.

“Listen, werewolf. I don’t need a babysit. I have somewhere to go and you will move from this damn door!” You’re screaming again, and you notice a shadow of a smile on Derek’s lips. He’s handsome as hell, but you try not to let this fact distract you.

“There’s a whole pack out there. It’s too dangerous. Plus, it’s full moon and that means you’re not going anywhere until sunrise.” Derek’s voice is low, like a command.

You would kiss him again like you did last night, but you’re just mad at him. How can you be in love with this pain in the ass? Maybe you should kiss him with your fist.

“Derek, I’m not kidding. I will throw something at this pretty face of yours.” You check Stiles’ bedroom for anything heavy enough, and you choose his chair. You try to raise it over your head, but Derek grabs the chair and puts it down.

“I wouldn’t do this if I were you.” He’s looking down, lifting your chin so he can see your eyes. You slap his hand away from you. “You should be mad at me more often, it makes you look cute.”

“Excuse me?” You’re voice is arrogant, because you do feel insulted. You’re thinking about killing him while he thinks you’re cute.

“Oh my, now she’ll set my house on fire.” Stiles jumps on his bed, pulling the blanket over his head so he won’t witness you murdering Derek fucking Hale.

“Repeat.” You hiss, taking a deep breath.

“You should be mad at me more often, it makes you look cute.” He has a stupid smile on his face, and before you can think you try to slap him right in the face, but he holds your wrist. “See? You’re so little, anything makes you look cute.”

“It’s not my…” You struggle to get your hand free, and when you do, you try to slap him again, failing. “…fault you’re so damn tall!”

“That’s why I like you.” Derek moves, throwing you over his shoulder. “I can carry you easily.”

“FUCK YOU, DEREK! YOU WILL PUT ME DOWN RIGHT NOW!” You command, pushing his back while he leaves the room carrying you.

“If you guys wanna have sex pleeeeease do it on the floor. Keep my couch clean!” Stiles screams from his bedroom but you and Derek just ignore him. Well, you’re too angry to give a shit about anything now.

“Derek, I want you to PUT ME DOWN.”

“Keep your voice down, (Y/N).”

“Stop telling me what to do!”  He puts you down and you try to run to the front door but Derek grabs your arm.

“Just brought you here to eat something.” He lowers his voice, pinning you against the wall. “Or to have some time alone with you, little one.”

“Don’t call me that.” Whispering, you avoid his gaze. “I have a party to go.”

“You’re not going anywhere.” Before you can say anything, Derek’s lips meet yours abruptly.

You can’t help but surrender to his kiss for a while, but them you manage to push him away. Catching your breath, you keep your hands on his muscular chest, in a stupid attempt to keep him from kissing you again.

“Your kiss is amazing, don’t get me wrong, but I’m still mad so don’t do that.” He gets closer again, your hands slowly moving until they’re wrapped around his neck. “If I let you kiss me you’ll allow me to go?”


You don’t let him finish, you just push him away and run back to Stiles’ bedroom.

“Fine them. You’re free to think I’m cute, but I’m still mad at you!” You yell at Derek while you run, soon reaching the bedroom.

“What? You’re guys are really fast.”

“Shut up, Stiles!” You kick his back, making him roll on the bed and fall to the ground. “We didn’t have sex, you idiot!”

”Just because she didn’t want to.” Derek shuts the door close, sitting on the same chair you were planning to throw at him.

“Shut. Up.” You cross your arms on your chest, jumping on Stiles bed making an angry face at Derek. “I love you but just shut up now.”

“Love you too, little one.”

anonymous asked:

Could you do a gif reaction of BTS finding out their girlfriend is a bit of an exhibitionist? Like, she walks around the house naked when no one is home and things like that and BTS walks in on her or whatever x)

Thank you for your request lovely!! Please enjoy :)

~~ Admin Abbie

Jin: I feel like Jin would be really shocked at first and really embarrass but would grow to love it after accept you as you are.

“Jeez, what am i going to do with you”

Jimin: I feel like Jimin would be like Jin but he would accept it almost right away and just laugh at you.

“Gosh you just keep getting more adorable”

Namjoon: He would be turned 100% about seeing you naked no matter what the circumstance and he would problem try and say something really sexy but it would come out really funny XD

“You know…..When i said i like your clothes better on my bedroom floor i meant when i’m actually here”

Yoongi: He would just shrug it off and not care even in the least, he would just enjoy seeing you comfortable and happy

“Looking good babe, i like the new look”

Jungkook: This little baby bunny would be so embarrassed no matter how many times he has seen you naked. He wouldn’t really know what to do XD

“Um….I…..uh well you see……”

J-hope: He would scream and then join you XD

“Its more fun with the both of us naked!”

Taehyung: He would laugh and just look at you in an adorable way but also be slightly turned on. He would wanna make a sexually comment but your shocked face would make him laugh to hard.

“I swear i find a new reason to love you everyday”

source-powered-archineer  asked:

Hi mods! Hope you are all well! One question: what is each of your favourite monster that is a random encounter? Thanks!

parsnick. because when i first saw how it confused snack for snake, it cracked me up so much. i thought it was hilarious. it was so ridiculous, i loved it.

Mod Ellipsis:
Temmie would probably be my favorite. She has amusing dialogue, especially when you don’t give Temmie the Tem Flakes. Seeing her face vibrate of her head the first time was hilarious, too!

Mod Felt:
Vulkin is my favorite random encounter! I love it’s cute face and little sounds. Even when you criticize it, it is still adorable and yields some of my favorite lines in the game. As an added bonus, it also appears with Tsunderplane, another close contender.

Mod Knives:
Probably Tsundereplane or Ice Cap.  Both have really funny dialogue, and Ice Cap wondering why it isn’t called Ice Hat made me laugh pretty hard.

Mod Keys:
Woshua because he’s super polite, and I love the way he talks!

Jennifer Aniston was distracted by corpsing co-stars

Jennifer Aniston found it hard to concentrate when filming ‘Office Christmas Party’ because the cast was continually corpsing.

The 47-year-old actress - who plays a grumpy CEO in the new festive movie - has revealed her co-stars were guilty of breaking character and laughing during the filming of the big group scenes - particularly Kate McKinnon, who she recalled found it hard to keep a straight face during the shoot.

Jennifer shared: “Adorably, Kate had a really hard time keeping a straight face, so that would send all of us laughing and there were a lot of people in that room.”

The comedy also features Olivia Munn, T. J. Miller and Vanessa Bayer, and Jennifer revealed that her on-screen co-stars were constantly making her laugh on the set of the movie.

She said: “They’re all so funny, Kate obviously, Vanessa, TJ, they’re all funny, it was just wonderful, everybody’s cheeks hurt that day.”

The Hollywood star also recalled her favourite moment of making the festive movie.

Jennifer said: “The car chase, being in the back seat with Kate was one of the most hilarious … also the board room scene, I laughed a lot, these people make me laugh all the time.”

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It's changed my perspective on Danielle's role in his life. That was a harder one for me but at this point I'm so happy he had his girlfriend there so much to support him. I'm done laughing about douis because as far as I can tell she's been nothing but a loving supportive girlfriend to him this year. He deserves more than mockery about his life. Nothing this year has been fair to him.

omg i feel the same way. i’m so glad he’s had her. he deserves all the happiness and love in the world and she’s adorable and seems to be so chill and full of life.

Mystic Messenger
  • Me: Woah
  • Me: What now?
  • Me: Uhh...
  • Zen: You'll be mine or I'll be yours? Choose.
  • Me: That's too direct.
  • Zen: *is dumbfounded*
  • Unknown: Well, well, well, what do we have here?
  • Me: LOL XD
  • Yoosung: A CUTIEEE!!
  • Jaehee Kang: She's pretty.
  • Jumin Han: Let me correct that, she's beautiful.
  • Me: Wha-
  • 707: ADORABLE!!
  • Unkown: Yeah, yeah yeah...
  • ------
  • Ps. I don't even know what's going on.
Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.
You claim to love her, inside and out, but the only time you call her beautiful is when it’s 3 in the morning and I’ve already turned you down.
—  girls tell each other everything, c.j.n.