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SELFISH (Part One) - Stiles Stilinski smut

Title: Darling Spread Your Legs For Me

Summary: A visit from Allison prompts you to think on the nature of your relationship with Stiles. Shortly after, the man of the hour makes a surprise visit (get your holy water).

Word count: 4.9k

Warnings: NSFW! Unprotected sex, oral (female receiving) annnnd a handjob. Lots of dirty talk. Like seriously. Oh! Swearing too :)

A/N: I said in the introduction that you didn’t need to read that part to understand the rest of the series. Whilst that still holds true, there’s a small part that references the events of the charity gala, so I’m gonna briefly summarise that part under the cut! 

I realllllly hope people read this haha. If you have any thoughts AT ALL, please let me know. It’d honestly mean the world to me. Happy reading!

SONG OF THE PART: listen here. /// Thanks to @isacclahys for supplying me w a song that sets the tone for this fic so, so well. It’s great.


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We’re pretending this gif is Stiles. Shhhh…

Previously on SELFISH…

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the consolations of philosophy

“It doesn’t make you vulnerable to allow someone else to love you, to be kind to you. Most of the time, we are not kind to ourselves, anyways.”

➤ Jungkook x Reader | ChildhoodFriends!AU & College!AU

You will find: angst, fluff, implied smut, friends to lovers

Word count: 21,546

Author’s note: Truly one of the most personal-driven and overly emotional stories I have written in a while. To be quite honest, I hesitated for a second before publishing it, but I believe I won’t regret this decision. Once again, feedback is always welcome. Title from this piece. 

Days passed by monotonously.

At times, they passed in a homogeneous nebula of banausic resolutions, a haziness of venomous smoke that permeated her lungs and suffocated her from the inside out. Consolidated, it could be comparable to the vapor that performed slow-motion pirouettes in her bathroom after a shower; the same foretelling of looming storms neighboring the obfuscous skyline. It was the deprivation of vivacity; the apathy for each and every circumstantiality of her mundane chores, those being repeated again and again—a broken record, as she would contemplate, a vexatious rasping noise in the background of her every action, a recurring routine that leisurely strangled her with its hyperborean hands. Again: the outburst of opaque cinereal that came from cigars on the street; licking of conflagrant flames that illuminated gelid nocturnal alleyways. At least it was positive for some.

Other instances, it would be detected in the viscous hollowness that dwelled in her chest. We are all born with emptiness inside of us, her mother once verbalized. That pathless sentence was one of those fragments of ruptured dialogues that lived amongst her memories, reverberating and emerging when she least expected it too—yet, when she most necessitated. Some people, the woman speculated, decided to congest such lacuna with carnal desires: sex, drugs, food, alcohol; others preferred to spend hours upon hours haunted by the immersive universes of a good book, a movie, or frequent social interactions. Most, come what may, attempted to fill it up alternatively to properly learning how to endure the feeling. Lack of feeling. Whatever could describe it more properly.  

Not solely monotonously: days passed lethargically, apathetically. Wintery, even—denuded of saturation and warmness. They came and went like self-perpetuating waves to the sands of a godforsaken beachside: crashing, cleaning, wiping away all traces that could have been left there aforetime. Undertow, drought, tormentous tides, and currents that led to the eclipsed oblivion. Comparisons aside, tracing parallels did not make those interminable hours any better; the ocean was still there, just as stupendous and immensurable. Just as empty.

But of course, those were not all of her days. Some of them, Jungkook was there to keep her company.

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okay imagine if Harry bought a set of lingerie from VS that Harry asked the brand to make only for his missus like you know his Gucci suits so when he is backstage with her he surprised her with the gift ❤️

He pulls out the poorly wrapped gift from behind his back once the last person left his dressing room, backstage in Shanghai. The door clicking shut and leaving the two of them behind. Pink tissue paper being handed over to her, decorated with the Victoria Secret logo, ripped in some areas from the delicate paper and there were excess amounts of sellotape in places where there was no need for sellotape to be. A sheepish smile sitting on his lips as her eyes dart from the mound of paper in her hand to his emerald eyes, lip taken between his teeth as he nibbled, and chewed nervously, on his pink.

“What’s this?” The gift sitting flat in one palm as she brought her free hand up, fingers hooking into the bow and pulling the ribbon free, “wait, this isn’t some already worn underwear from the show today, is it? I know you’re in your element of sexy underwear for women, but, it’s wrong to gift used knickers to your wife. You know that, yeah?”

He scoffs and rolls his eyes, falling to the black sofa located at the far wall of his dressing room, hitching a leg over his other as his foot, free from his boots and clad in black socks, bobbed up and down. Anticipation riddling his veins as she draped the ribbon over his toes.

“Just open it, you nutter. I promise you, it’s brand new,” he smirks, grabbing the ribbon from his foot and beginning to twirl it around his fingers, feeling the soft silk slip through the pads of his fingers, “in fact, it’s pretty exclusive. For you. And only you.”

She gives him a confused look, one eyebrow cocked up whilst one dipped down towards her eye, her tilted to the side.

“You haven’t done what I think you’ve done, have you?”

“What do you think I’ve done?”

“You’ve, somehow, gotten in touch with the creator of the garments from this underwear brand and made me something, haven’t you? Something that is for me, and only me, and I’ll be the only wearer of this particular garment, in the whole world,” she glares at him, the corners of her lips twitching, “right?”

She peels the pink paper from the garment and lets it fall to the floor by her feet, the cup of the peach and white patterned bra coming into her view as her eyes widened in pure shock. Adoration soon taking over her features as she scoffed out a laugh and shook her head in disbelief. The knickers tucked beneath the bra, in a matching pattern, with peach-coloured bows situated around the waistband. Soft to the touch and absolutely gorgeous. A colour that she wouldn’t usually pass by in the store but fell completely in love with; her Peaches brought her peach-coloured lingerie… an act she’d never witnessed him do before.

“What do you think? Is your silence a, uh, is it a good thing? Or are you completely hating it? I know peach isn’t your colour but I thought it went well with white and the material was one I loved the feel of right away, and,” a smirk lifts up his lips, “I thought it would look so good on you, being peeled off of you, on the floor of whatever hotel room we end up, on our bedroom floor back home. I pictured this material, this particular set, and I just had to, you know, get it made for you.”

“It’s beautiful. Honestly,” she falls to the seat beside him, holding the matching garments in her hands, as she strained her neck towards him and pressed a kiss to his cheek, “thank you, Peaches.”

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One time at work I was flirting with my really cute co-worker and I was like 99% sure she was straight but she is really good at rolling her r's and she found out I can't at all so all night when we were working together she'd tell me to roll my r's and then do this adorable laugh and I finally just said to her that I make my tongue roll when it mattered. So after closing we were walking out to our cars and she asked me if i wanted to prove my tongue could roll when it mattered and i ate her out

Gay gay gay gay gay I’m crying

“When you find somebody you love, all the way through, and she loves you—even with your weaknesses, your flaws, everything starts to click into place. And if you can talk to her, and she listens, if she makes you laugh, and makes you think, makes you want, makes you see who you really are, and who you are is better, just better with her, you’d be crazy not to want to spend the rest of your life with her.”

– Nora Roberts-

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I don't like how GRRM approaches the character of Cersei. Yes, she's a horrible person and she's hurt many people, but I feel like he is... disrespectful to her, for lack of a better word? I feel like he portrays her as a character we're supposed to laugh at and throw stones at and not feel any sympathy for, despite her rape, torture, humiliation and other trials or take seriously.

Yeah? I’m trying to think back to when I first read AFFC, because at this point I’m so far down the rabbit-hole with Cersei’s PoV that I adore every part of it and find a ton of value in the juxtaposition to other female PoVs–particularly Sansa and Brienne. Then there’s also her immaculate parallels to Tyrion, and sometimes I truly struggle to see a major difference in presentation, though there’s no denying the fandom attitude and discussion surrounding these two PoVs are worlds and worlds apart.

I mean, I know GRRM said how he needed a shower after Cersei’s chapters (she’s a very unpleasant person), but I can’t imagine certain Tyrion chapters were pleasant headspaces for him to occupy either. I also think it’s very hard to read Cersei’s Walk of Shame point of view and come away siding with the crowd, though of course there’s people who do.

So idk, I sort of understand what you’re saying in the way he talks about characters, but I’m not seeing that in the writing so much, especially since he holds such a strong lens up to her internalized misogyny. At least…I think he does? Or is that just my hyperfocus at this point?

Today I was walking behind a mother and a small child who couldn’t have been older than five. The child was walking in that syncopated gait that is instantly recognizable as a small child avoiding sidewalk cracks, which was completely adorable.

And then this adorable golden-haired child looked up at her mother and said in a completely even voice “Someday, I’ll step on it.”

That child is going places. Maybe jail. But places.

Do y’all remember how adorable Melissa Benoist was when she was doing that puppy challenge for MTV, could you imagine if they got Katie McGrath to do it. It would be the best video that we would ever see because you know she would try to take like 4 puppies with her as she left. 

This was her  at just hearing the word “dog” 

I can’t stop thinking about how excited and happy she would be to get to play with a bunch of puppies.

Female Zodiac signs as girls I’ve met

(Not including myself)

Aries♈: independent & dependent at the same time, confident, popular, has the best hair I’ve ever seen, can be really moody at times, cares a lot about her friends, isn’t sporty, but still looks very athletic, a bit selfish but will defend anyone who she believes is worth defending and protecting

Taurus♉: mom of the group, somehow she always has snacks in her backpack, wears headphones everywhere, seeks a love relationship, stalker when in love, very good at cooking, marriage material, incredibly stubborn, strong af, loyal

Gemini♊: always in the center of attention, either very quiet or very loud, top class student, isn’t afraid of confrontation, obsessed with Harry Potter, writes poetry but is ashamed to show it (why??), gets bored easily, overthinks a lot, independent, not good at showing her emotions, but if she cares about you you’ll know, says she hates drama but somehow always gets involved in it

Cancer♋: poor little lamb, wants to help everyone but doesn’t know how to help herself, very sensitive™, kind to literally everyone, has been through a lot, thoughtful, very romantic, cries over every (even slightly) sad moment in the movies and TV shows, a bit paranoid, the best person to have on your side, loyal af, her laugh is the best laugh in the world (idek why, I just like it), creative

Leo♌: adores being in the center of attention, kinda annoying at times, either very bitchy or not at all bitchy, can be very jealous in relationship, confident, loves being loved and to love, selfie queen™, creative, dramatic, very emotional

Virgo♍: quiet™, overthinks, very knowledgeable, can surprise people like no one else, loves animals more than people, no one knows what she thinks, her mind is like a labirint, interesting in many ways

Libra♎: social butterfly, everybody loves her bc of her easygoing nature, creative, very kind except to people she doesn’t like - she tries to ignore them, hates confrontations, sensitive, she gives some weird vibes that makes me feel like I’ve known her for thousand years

Scorpio♏: secretive, can and will destroy you if you provoke her or anyone from her squad, perverted, likes to discuss things, tough love, it’s hard to know what she feels, intuition on point, basically protective mama bear

Sagittarius♐: very independent and outgoing, creative, hakuna matata, looking at her is like looking at the sun, honest about everything, good at physics, athletic, tolerates everyone

Capricorn♑: classy, always says smart remarks, sarcastic, very funny when in good mood, worries too much, always says exactly what she means, hates drama, sick of people’s bullshit

Aquarius♒: the best taste in music, independent™, always wonders about life, world and other universal questions, very open minded, extraordinary, creative, social, belongs to thousand fandoms

Pisces♓: that girl that is always confused in class, so adorable™, gets very excited about things she likes, whatever she does it’s sooo cute, open minded, sensitive, playful little angel

Imagine Bill letting it slip that you are dating during an interview.

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“So here we also have a photo of-” Jimmy paused, taking a look at the screen, just like Bill, and the entire audience that went crazy and started cheering and clapping the moment they saw you.

Bill himself chuckled as he took in the sight of you looking stunning as ever in your red dress, standing on your tiptoes even if you were wearing high heels to kiss his cheek; one hand on his chest and the other on your shoulder as he had an arm wrapped around your waist and the other cupping your cheek. 

He didn’t even know how they had managed to snap that photo because it wasn’t exactly in front of the cameras. You had mostly been standing on the side with his brothers, and great friends of yours, and he had rushed to you to get that good luck kiss. He didn’t expect there to be evidence of that so he was glad he’d kept himself from kissing you properly on the lips.

“(Y/n) and you.” he completed with a smile, glancing for a moment at the enthusiastic audience “You two-” he turned back to the actor “You two are great friends right? I’m- I’m just asking because that could, you know, be misinterpreted by some.” he motioned to the photo, giving a look at the audience and everybody laughed at that.

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Olicity | Oliver Queen x Felicity Smoak

Arrow 1 x12

Actually, my buddy Kevin is starting an energy drink company. He says it’s fantastic for curing hangovers, but I am very particular about what it is I put in my body. - Oliver 

I’ve noticed. I said, not noticed. Right? - Felicity