and she laughs and it is adorable

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I think it was amazing that in gmRileytown riley was so sad about this whole bully situation that she didn't even want to get out of bed. but the ONLY thing that got her to actually smile and laugh was when maya acted all goofy on riley's bed to catch her "chicken pox". it's like she forgot about everything that bothered her for a second before maya reminded her of rileytown.

YES! i just love how pure is their relationship when someone is sad they try to cheer up each other. They have to be their goody self just to at least bring a smile to each other. Both Maya and Riley do anything for each other. God, their relationship just adorable. 

31 Days of Positivity: Day 30: Laughter

Here is my love letter to Last Rites. Is it positive? Ehhhhhh. Ymmv. I think so? Also the penultimate smol thing! Thank you guys for all your love and support while I’ve been whittling away at these. I have read every tag, reblog and reply and I adore you all signifcantly - and to those of you who have had to put up with them on your dashes everyday, thank you for not unfriending me ilu2 <3

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It had dawned on her, on one of those long indeterminable days when he was gone, that she didn’t know what his laugh sounded like. Not a real laugh, not one free of pain, or sarcasm. Not a laugh put on to charm or misdirect. Not genuine joy unencumbered by the general stresses and weirdness of their day to day lives.

It’s not even that she’d forgotten, that she’d allowed the haze of her grief to swallow it along with the way his lips felt against hers and the sound his boots made on the deck of the Jolly. Grief hadn’t corrupted her memory of his laugh in the way it had twisted the memory of his hands on her skin (cold, always cold now when she’s sure he’d always been so warm). She simply hadn’t known. Had never known.

That realisation is worse than forgetting could ever be.

It’s on one of the worst days of her life, her hands shaking when they’re relieved of their twin burdens of flask and arrow, that that changes.

At first she can’t quite believe he’s real - appearing in a flash of white light and calling to her from the foot of his own grave like a gothic fantasy come to life - and then she’s running, running with her arms outstretched in fear he could blink out of existence at any moment, and then she collides with him and he’s warm and beautiful and twittering on about something to do with Zeus and she doesn’t care, she doesn’t care, she doesn’t -

She peppers his face with kisses, all the dozens and dozens of kisses she’s regretted never giving him when she thought they had more time, and she wasted, wasted, wasted it all. And he laughs.

He laughs, clear and bell-like. A giggle, if such a thing could be imagined. A pure, desperate happiness that echoes in her own heart and thrums through her veins.

She memorises it, the rise and the fall and the catch of it, and carves a place for it deep within her chest. She won’t forget it now, not ever, and more than that, much, much more than that, she makes it her mission to hear it every day for the rest of their lives.

She’s done with wasting time.

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What do you think about finny, meyrin and bard?

finny is my favourite among the three , he’s adorable , cute. I like Meyrin too she’s a true badass when she takes off those glasses and takes a good hold of her guns .Bard is funny he never fails to make me laugh .i love the three of them because  i know Ciel needs them for a reason , they were all hand selected by his trusted butler .They seem like some ordinary servants but they’re extremly skilled when it comes to fighting , Ciel needs them to protect the manor .He needs no servants as Sebastian can do all the work on his own .But they’re like family to him, he gave them a new home and they would protect it with their lives.

Help, my wife won’t stop lip-syncing ridiculous pop songs at me and she looks so dorky and adorable and sexy all at the same time, and I can’t stop laughing because I love her so much and it’s overwhelming?!?


Julia McKenzie as Miss Marple gushing over David Suchet’s Poirot <3

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oh my god that hotel could not be more central london! It's slap bang in the middle of piccadilly circus!!! and during the school holidays too!! I can't stop laughing that she's just blatantly advertising exactly where they all are! So private!

Certainly sounds like they’ve made the location quite obvious so perhaps we’ll get some adorable slightly hungover Louis fan pics today. Who knows? 

What if when the pack rescues Stiles, it’s Lydia’s job to actually find him and get him out of there while the rest of the pack is fighting the bad dudes and when Lydia finally finds Stiles he says something along the lines of what Lydia said in 5x16 like “You can’t be here” “You could get hurt, what are you doing” and Lydia just smirks and says “Stiles, please shut up and let me save your life”. After she says that Stiles will just like let out a little laugh and smile and do his normal love eyes then he grabs the sides of her face and kisses her with beautiful music and awww.


Why I adore Sam & Cait?

Because Sam looks at Cait as if she was the sun…

Because Cait looks at Sam as if he was the sun too…

Because They love playing with their fingers in public…

And in private…

Because Sam is so proud to have Cait by his side… (I’d like to know what he’s thinking at this moment…)

Because Cait is so proud to have Sam by her side… (She’s like “you bitch, he’s mine lol)

Because they make each other laugh…

Because they are so sexy together…

Because he loves complimenting her all the time…

Because Cait wants Sam to love her dress…

Because He adores touching her knee…

Because they are always in their own bubble…

Always together…

And always looking at each other…

Because I’m sure Sam was touching Cait’s hand behind Tobias…

Because this happened in April, not that loong….

Because he can’t stop kissing/touching her in public with lots of cameras…

Because LOOK AT THEM!!!!!!! 

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Imagine Bucky wearing clothes that had the symbols of the other avengers on them

“It doesn’t fit,” Bucky says, with a marked bashfulness which makes Natasha laugh.

“Looks like it fits just fine,” she says. “Give us a spin.”

The shirt would probably fit someone whose shoulders were a fraction of Bucky’s, would probably reach their midriff and cover it with an inch to spare. As it stands, the Black Widow shirt makes an admirable belly shirt for Bucky, and that’s the best that can be said. The sleeves clamp tightly on his broad arms, and the rest of his shirt ripples ineffectually on his high back. He looks adorable.

“If I put on some denim shorts, I’d be ready for the roller derby.”

“Please join a roller derby team,” Natasha says. “You love that movie so much.”

“I just like when Drew Barrymore is in a producing role. She’s so great,” Bucky says. “You know in my day her grandparents were big? Talent like that is genetic.”

“You could be Freezer Burn,” Natasha suggests.

“I refuse that derby name,” Bucky says. “Sergeant Pain is where it’s at.”

“That’s so boring,” Natasha says. “Anyway, that’s Nick’s. Oh my god- World War Cougar.”


michael: falling in love

“shes so beautiful” michael said, relaxing into the couch and resting his head in his hand, his eyes staring off at nothing and racking his thoughts for all the memories of tonight. a silly grin crossed his face, “she did this thing when she laughed where her nose scrunched up all cute and her cheeks were so chubby and adorable and all i wanted to do was kiss over her face” “you seem to really like her, mate” calum commented, taking a sip of his beer and eyeing the blonde sitting across from him. all calum could do was chuckle at how in love this boy seemed. “calum, all i wanted to do was see her smile like she did. forever. it was that kind of smile that was contagious, and the more i talked the more she smiled and the happier i was” “so it was just a never ending cycle of fun?” michael smiled and looked at his best friend, “thats exactly what it was” the blonde looked back off into space, remembering every detail of you, your smile, how your eyes had this certain light to them, everything. michael grinned again, letting out a silent giggle before covering his face with his hands, “god, shes so beautiful”

jade and dave didnt get to have a proper reunion so i like to imagine that as soon as everyone was back on the victory platform together and she saw dave and karkat talking to each other she just yells “AWW ARE YOU TWO DATING THATS ADORABLE” across everyone

dave turns bright red and face palms x 2. karkat tries not to laugh

C: I work on the till. And every little dark girl I see I tell them how beautiful and cute they are now I go out of my way, and it makes me sad. I said it genuinely, this little girl looks at her mum and was jumping and so excited and laughing and smiling, literally kept smiling and staring at me happily till she left the shops 15 minutes later, like you can tell she’s not used to hearing it. I know this cause when ever I used to say it to little white girls genuinely (kids are just so adorable) they would like glare, or just look around or not care not that it bothered me until that day. It’s just horrible how society just makes little dark skin girls feel unimportant. I thought she looked like a prettier version of me! So yeah just something that bugs me since I started working at this London supermarket.

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I positively need more AUs

-we’re both freshmen in this giant-ass high school and class started ten minutes ago and I can’t find my class–are you lost too?

-you just casually put that girl’s pen in the trash can and I know she really likes that pen but I’m okay with your sins because she’s a jerk to me

-our school wouldn’t let me start a GSA but they DID let me start a ‘book club’ ((you didn’t understand and joined because you wanted to read books with other nerds like you and that’s kind of adorable but sorry buddy welcome to gay hell))

-somebody just fell down the stairs and you narrated the whole thing and now people are looking at me because I’m laughing while the poor unconscious kid gets taken to the nurse

-I’m going to ask for a new roommate if you don’t unplug your 32 fans right this second this room is freezing

-we were in the same elementary school; your name is tattooed on my wrist, but you’ve always been popular and I’m not so you never talked to me, but I always knew you were my soulmate. we never talked in middle school or high school, but I always gave you good peer feedback and I voted you for class president. now you’re famous and I watch every YouTube video you make and I go to every show you have, but I know I’m just another face in the crowd to you, and I’ve accepted that you’ll never know who I am.

-soulmate tattoos change color to match the mood of your soulmate, and you must be a terribly sad person because my tattoo is blue all the time.


-my tattoo is literally always the color of excitement– who are you and what are you so excited for??

-you’re sitting on your back porch and there’s a fish bowl in the chair next to you– do you realize fish don’t need to go outside??

-I dressed my kid up to match my cosplay and you dressed your kid up to match your cosplay and if we put all our cosplays together we make a team.

Imagine: Marinette and Chat Noir becoming good friends and talking about all sorts of things, although 30% of it is just about how much Chat loves his Lady (”It’s so cute the way she wrinkles her nose when she’s concentrating!” “Her giggle is absolutely adorable, Marinette.”). Although Marinette has to hold her tongue when Chat exaggerates stories, she still likes having him around to talk to. He isn’t just her partner, he’s also her best friend and, as Marinette, she can just talk to him as a friend and vent about things that are bothering her and laugh at his silly antics and his adorable laugh when he embarrasses himself in front of her and woah, where did that thought come from? Chat, cute? Okay, sure, he was kind of adorable when he’s showing off and sure, he has a really nice smile and his laugh is infectious and-and…oh. Oh no. No, no, no. She has a crush, an actual crush, on her partner. But she likes Adrien, okay! Adrien Agreste! But…but Chat is nice, too. Oh, this is bad. Very, very bad. She is crushing on Chat Noir. Cue Marichat angst/fluff.

Sometimes I remember that an adorable goober like Chris Evans exists.  And also, there is a Chubby Dumpling named Sebastian Stan.

There is a John Cho and a George Takei who were both Hikaru Sulu and are both epically awesome.

There is a John Boyega.  And an Idris Elba.

There is a Daisy Ridley who is SUNSHINE.

There is a Carrie Fisher who is ROYALTY. 

There is a Mark Hamill who is happiness and rainbows. 

And last but not least, my Mommy Duck exists.  And she quacks at me and we laugh and we cry and we waddle together. 

All is well in the world.  All will be well.

—  Me

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can i know all ur malec headcannons because i, too, have fallen into that hell

hell yeah son welcome to suffering

  • alec is a huge cuddler but it takes forever for him to admit it. like the last time he can remember cuddling someone it was izzy and she was like seven and then it just… stopped. so at first he’s kind of worried he’s forgotten how to cuddle??? but the first time he and magnus share a bed he forgets to worry and just latches onto magnus and oh my god cuddling is great why did he stop
  • alec loves being the little spoon
  • while making out and kissing are all good stuff, magnus’ favorite thing to do with alec is tickle him until he’s laughing and giggling so hard he can’t breath because it’s adorable
  • magnus is weak to alec’s laugh 
  • he has a video recording of it where his phone is halfway in his pocket so alec didn’t know and its kind of muffled but magnus listens to it when he misses alec
  • so magnus does a lot of work that involves reading (translating, spells, stuff like that) and he ends up overworking himself a lot, especially his eyes. so he’s this pair of glasses he wears to help when it gets really bad and the first time alec saw them it was the middle of the night and he was coming back to the loft after a particularly long day at work and magnus’ study light is on so he peeks in and sees magnus hunched over his desk with a particularly dusty looking book and a notepad, scribbling away. and while that’s all normal alec sees the glasses and hes pretty sure???? hes so tired???? hes hallucinating??? 
  • he in fact is not and the next morning (or afternoon cause they’re both so tired they sleep until the sun is just starting to go down) alec sneakily steals magnus’ glasses and magnus starts trying to think of how to persuade alec to wear fake ones cause goddamn
  • alec. fucking. loves. aliens. and dinosaurs. he doesnt even know why just that he does and he finds this out when he and magnus go on a museum date and magnus is enchanted. he’s never seen alec act so young, almost like a little kid. 
  • after that they often have museum dates cause magnus thinks alec is adorable
  • alec always is the first one up cause he’s been getting up early his whole life and its just programmed into his head. magnus on the other hand cannot physically get up early in the morning. so alec almost always gets up to get some clothes on and start coffee and breakfast because he loves treating his boyfriend, especially when he gets sleepy kisses as a reward
  • ive seen a lot of posts about alec overworking himself, but what about magnus??? he loves to throw himself into his work and often gets lost in it, and after decades of having no one around to pull him out he often finds himself overworking himself. luckily alec’s there to pull him away and get him to eat and sleep because yes magnus i know this ancient text that only you can read is important but so is sleeping
  • magnus often talks to alec in some of the many other languages he knows, using certain languages for certain feelings or senerios. he mostly doe sit in private and he does it so much that alec starts picking up on a few of them. after a while they’re able to gossip (or pretend to do so) in public in other languages so jace or simon or certain clave memebers have no idea what they’re saying but they always end up turning into giggling messes when they do

oh god this turned out longer than i wanted

EXO & how they get your number at a party

Suho: In the moment he sees you he would be determined to meet you, for this he would go and ask Chanyeol to introduce you two since your beauty intimidates him a little. At first you thought it was awkward until he pulled one of his lame jokes which actually made you laugh, this took him by surprise because other members always told him to stop but you laughed at it. The sound of your laugh was just too much for his soul that he had to compliment you making you blush a little bit “GOD SHE IS ADORABLE I CAN’T” he would think. In the end he asked you for your number, and of course you happily gave it to him. Even before he could say it you told Suho you hoped to see him again sometime. It was just a matter of time for him to ask you out on a date.

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Chen: This boy would go and introduce himself with that cat-like smile he has “Aren’t these people boring?” he would ask you playfully while you just took a sip from your drink and kind of rolled your eyes in agreement. He would disguise his compliments towards you with lame pick up lines which you just found just too funny. By the end of the party Chen would ask you what your number was, of course you gave it to him. The next day the first thing you did when you woke up was check your notifications, as you did you suddenly received a text from Chen: Good Morning Princess!

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Baekhyun: This puppy tried to get your attention since you first walked in to the party. He would dance like a total goofball until you looked at him, of course you did because he was being literally the soul of the party. Once he got your full attention he decided to step away from the crowd of people that were dancing and walked towards the bar where he asked for a drink. He acted like he didn’t see you but you clearly knew he did, so you just smiled at him when he turned to look at you making him smile too and look away shyly. By the end of the night you two were already talking about stupid things and dancing randomly making each other laugh. You gave him your number without hesitation and even set up a day to meet at the movies.

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Chanyeol: He was the DJ and moodmaker for the party. He was mixing songs and bringing up the beat so people would keep on dancing and having fun. His eyes got fixed on you who was dancing to the beat of Let Out The Beast. His jaw dropped in the moment he laid eyes on you and the way you moved to the beat of the song. It was like this for the rest of the party, him looking and admiring at you while dancing and just having fun with such a big smile on your face that made you look 1000 times more beautiful than you actually are, and this made him smile as well. Once the party was over he hesitated on asking for your number but in the end he grew the courage to do so. The first thing you did was to compliment him for doing such a great job with the music and even before he could ask you were already exchanging numbers. You texted all the time and even called each other until he finally asked you to go to a concert with him to which you said yes.

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D.O: He would keep a distance from the crowd sitting at a table with Sehun as the maknae tried to catch his breath back from all this dancing. Quickly Sehun noticed you were looking in D.O’s direction.

sehun: D.O hyung, that girl has been staring at you for a while! you should go talk to her *smiles at D.O*

D.O: *he frowned confused and turned to look at you and DAAMNN SON, you looked stunning he turned around quickly with a slight blush on his face* naah..she’s probably looking at you

sehun: oh wellp *the maknae stood up and walked towards you and your group of friends who started swooning over him talking to you, then after a few minutes he went back to where D.O was and handed him a paper* here, I told you she was looking at you. You have a date tomorrow at 7, don’t thank me *then he left to the dance floor once again*

D.O: A WHAT!? *he couldn’t believe you were actually looking at him and not the brat, also you were having a date. OMG D.O CALM DOWN*

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Lay: He felt really tired lately, all these practicing to show his best on stage consumed him, but still he managed to go to this party. He got there early, literally Chanyeol had been starting to play some music when he got there so in the meantime Lay decided to go to the bar and ask for a drink. People started arriving and he greeted and had conversations with everybody. He was feeling a little bit tipsy so he would be giggling at the lamest jokes Suho could be telling other people. 

Chen: Lay! this is Y/N

Lay: oh hello, nice to meet you *he greeted you and he couldn’t help but notice how beautiful you were. You and Lay had a really long conversation and he discovered you were really nice and just beyond amazing. He was with you for the rest of the night and you had a lot of fun together* ummm…is…it okay…if ummm….can I have your number? *he asked shyly and you just nodded and took his phone to add yourself to his contacts. When you got home he sent you a text asking if you had gotten home safe, this made you feel butterflies in your stomach. He would send you texts daily expressing how much he cared about you and your well being. He occasionally sent you pictures of flowers until the day you actually received real flowers from him on your first date to a small coffee shop *

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Xiumin: The moment he saw you he didn’t even bother to think about it twice so he went straight to you, introduced himself, invited you to have a drink and smoothly asked for your number. EVERYBODY OUT OF THE WAY XIUDADDY IS IN DA HOUSE.

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Kai: He danced with everybody in the party but saved you for last. He’d been looking at you while dancing and it amazed him so much. Chanyeol played a slow song for the end of the party and invited everyone to pick a partner. He pointed at you with that mischievous smirk of his and made a motion with his index finger for you to get closer to him and be his partner. After you both danced to the slow song he asked for your number. After that day you two would go out more often and started falling for each other.

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Sehun: He’d been taking pictures with everybody in the party and was going through some of them while he was taking a break from dancing. He looked up and saw you standing by the bar laughing at something one of your friends was telling. He felt his world stopped when he laid eyes on you. He walked towards the bar and sat there, then asked for a drink. You looked at him sitting a few feet away from you, he smiled at you and of course you smiled back while your friends giggled. Out of nowhere the waiter gave you a drink, which you did not order but was already paid.

waiter: the gentleman sent it *you looked at him confused then turned to look at Sehun who took a sip of his drink while winking at you*

Later that night he introduced himself and asked for your number and finally took a picture of you both. The next day he called you and asked you out on a date to have bubble tea with him.

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aaaahhhhhh wrote this really late at night, sorry if it seems a little bit boring for any members but I need my beauty sleep too. Enjoy~<3