and she knows it accepts it acts with it

Headcanon that one day, after Christine has returned from Erik’s home and after she saw his face, Christine gets a small note from the opera ghost (who she now knows is actually plainly named Erik). It simply asks if she’ll visit with him that afternoon, and that they can go on a carriage ride or stay in and enjoy music together if she should like.

Of course she doesn’t exactly want to go, but when she spots a pair of sad eyes watching her above the stage she decides to accept his invitation.

And so Christine meets Erik that afternoon in her dressing room and he’s much more talkative and almost giddy acting. After 20 minutes in his home, with Erik talking a million miles per hour and switching between trying to entertain her and showing off different objects in his home, she finally asks him bluntly why he asked her to visit today.

And then Erik gets really quiet and shy, and he won’t look at her only at the ground. Christine is afraid she has somehow upset him with her question, but then she hears him mumble, “Today is my birthday.”

He just wanted to have someone to talk to on his birthday, and there’s no one else he would rather see than her.

“Rubies are dumb,” people say. Both in the show and in the fandom, that’s something we hear a lot–though not without good reason. We’ve seen many Rubies act childishly and even downright foolishly, falling for many obvious ploys. Given such staggering evidence, it’s obvious: Rubies are dumb.

This is such a wildly accepted fact that many doubt the validity of Eyeball’s testament of Pink Diamond’s murder. Rubies are dumb, so how can we believe what she said?

I think our Ruby–the Ruby that makes half of Garnet–is certainly aware of this. Gems on Homeworld know what they were made for, and what role they play in society, then our Ruby has know that she’s stupid from her first few moments of life. And she accepts it, for the most part–but there’s one Gem who cannot.


A relationship is, ideally, an equal partnership, and it is so important that Sapphire respects Ruby’s intelligence, because by Homeworld standards, Sapphire’s intelligence far outstrips Ruby’s. Sapphire was made to serve in Blue Diamond’s court, to stand in great Spires that, as Bismuth would say, are for “important thinkers to think in.” Homeworld respects Sapphire’s intelligence–and Sapphire respects Ruby’s.

It’s important that Sapphire doesn’t reassure Ruby by saying, “We’re both stupid” or “I’m stupid, too.” She doesn’t demean herself to be on the same level as Ruby, but instead lifts Ruby up. “I don’t think you’re stupid.”

Sapphire refuses to let Ruby define herself on Homeworld’s terms. They’re the ones that call her stupid–and they’re also the ones who call Garnet disgusting. Ruby and Sapphire both know that they’re wrong about Garnet, and Sapphire needs Ruby to believe that that they’re wrong about her, too.

“Man, Rubies are dumb,” Amethyst says, watching them fly towards Neptune. And Garnet only smiles.

“Not all of them.”

Nothing Was The Same

She knows bro.

Your girl isn’t stupid. She just loves you. She let’s it slide. Bites her tongue. Lies to herself. But she knows.

She knows you. Always around you. Accepted your flaws. Even saw the cuteness in them. Appreciated the kinks in your armor. Made you realer. To her at least. So she knows when you’re not yourself. When you’re hiding something.

You started acting distant. You thought you weren’t. You thought you played it off. She knew. When you got home late and went straight to the shower. When you didn’t wanna kiss her. You said your battery died. When you said you were tired. All the times you cancelled on her.

She knew bruh.

You were out with her. It was all good. Actually having fun together. Drinks come. A few more. 1am. You’re still with her but you’re not. You’re buzzed. You’re on your phone texting the whole time. She’s pretending not to be upset. Trying her hardest not to look at who you’re texting. Your close friends are actually out with yall.  So…Maybe it’s family? It’s 1am.

She knew bruh.

You push her away like you pushed her away before. Because she’s always there when you’re done. She’s loyal so you take advantage of it. You got a rope. So you use it.

You’re so busy doing you, that you don’t realize it. Yea she comes back. But every time you push her away…you push her away a little further.

You see when you’re with someone…you rub off on them. From music, food, slang, likes….and yea…even your insecurities.

She tried to bring it up. You weren’t trying to hear it. Manipulated the situation. It always works. Maybe?

She stops answering as much. Shorter answers. Stops looking for you as much. Now you notice the change. You bring it up.

“what’s wrong with you…why are you acting different?”

She smiles. A mild mocking laugh.

“nothing. I’m great. How was your day?”

But nothing was the same.

You see everyone has a limit. You can’t hurt someone anymore than they are willing to hurt themselves. Once you pass that fine line of their threshold of pain…the hurt becomes anger and embarrassment. They’re embarrassed they let you. She doesn’t even tell you anything anymore. Doesn’t complain.

Now you’re stuck. Mad she’s not acting the same. You’re like “I’ve always been me…why is she trippin NOW?” You front. Still do you. Texting mad bitches. You love the attention. Like why do I need HER? They love me. Hanging out. Living the dream right. Till you wake up.

You realize something that the younger you would troll you for.

Having mad bitches is the loneliness shit ever.

But the younger you never had someone loyal like that. Someone unconditional. Someone who actually cared.

Time passes. You still front. Don’t show emotion. You say shit like “whatever” or “Fuck it” or “it is what it is”. You know. The shit you said for years. The same years that you didn’t make it work.

Until you see her. Somewhere. Anywhere. With someone.

You text her. Twice. Talking shit. You’re buzzed from a night out with bitches that you don’t care about.

She doesn’t answer.

You call. Twice. You’re livid.

She doesn’t answer.

You think the worst. Is she with this dude? Homie looks like a bitch. Is she fucking him? Wait…even worse…did she suck his dick?

You’re sick. All this you wanna ask her. All of this you shouldn’t. Cause all of it is true.

Maybe you thought she would always wait. Maybe you thought nobody else would want her. Word? Nobody would want someone that attentive? Someone who cares and loves? Someone loyal? Someone who was down? Someone touched you like no one else did?

You front. Text bitches. None of them answer. It’s 3am and you’re outside your girls crib. Well she’s dudes girl now. Her car ain’t there. You front. Say fuck it. You’re no longer buzzed. You drive home. Sick.

She would always answer no matter when you hit her up. Not anymore. Nothing was the same.

She always knew bruh.

pjo characters dissociating though

•rachel not knowing if the visions she sees are happening to her in real life, and being paranoid as to whether or not shes just trapped in a vision

•nico hearing the voices of the dead, and not knowing if the voices hes hearing/the people hes seeing are alive or not

•jason and percy constantly doubting their perceptions and identities because theyre not sure if they have all their memories yet and what if theyre acting differently than how they did before?

•demigods not fully believing the fantasy-like aspects of their lives and doubting the truth constantly

•demigods growing up seeing through the mist and having mortals constantly doubt what they see

•demigods not accepting the fact that theyre demigods, or Big Heroes, and constantly feeling like theyre actually someone else

•demigods who dissociate to escape trauma

•d i s s o c i a t i n g d e m i g o d s

I know for sure that what we dwell on is who we become—as a woman thinks, so she is. If we absorb hour upon hour of images and messages that don’t reflect our magnificence, it’s no wonder we walk around feeling drained of our life force. If we tune in to dozens of acts of brutality every week, it shouldn’t surprise us that our children see violence as an acceptable way to resolve conflict.
—  Oprah Winfrey

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I have wanted to make this comparison since I saw Finding Dory the other day, because its so interesting to see how different parents treat a child who was born with a disability, and I think Disney captured the two different kids of parents. Thus, I created this sort of mini “do’s/don’ts” guide, using these two movies! Note: spoilers for Finding Dory!


  • Treat them as you would any other child
  • Change your life to accommodate for them
  • Create strategies to help them cope
  • Never isolate them or make them feel as if they are different
  • Encourage them to accept themselves for who they are
  • Trust your child, and know they will be okay

How did Dory’s parents do this?
Dory’s parents created a bunch of strategies in order for Dory to cope with her short-term memory loss. They used role-play in order for Dory to practice for the real thing, so she knew how to act, and to address her disability, rather than conceal it. They created easy to remember songs to protect her. They always ensured she knew they loved her. They trusted her to come back, and knew she would remember the shells, and that that would lead her to them. Then, they let her socialise with the other children because they trusted her.


  • Make the child feel different
  • Isolate the child
  • Make the child feel scared of themselves
  • Tell them to conceal, rather than embrace themselves
  • Poor coping strategies

What did Elsa’s parents do wrong?
Elsa’s parents made quite a few mistakes. While ice magic is a complete contrast to memory loss, think about this metaphorically. If similar strategies were adopted for Elsa as they were for Dory, Elsa would have been much happier within herself, and if Dory was given these strategies, she would have also lived her life in fear. Elsa’s parents allowed her “difference” (even though I hate that word) to control her life, and constantly told her it was something to be afraid of, and to hide it away from the rest of the world. There was little trust towards Elsa (note: “Elsa what have you done?”), and she felt isolated, different, and you should never do that with a child, as it carried on for the rest of her life. Even with their coping strategies (the gloves, “conceal, don’t feel”), it was all about hiding rather than embracing. Elsa’s parents were not abusive. They just made bad choices.

Resentment and Power

      Hey fam, hope this isn’t too similar to the last one. Please send requests! 

      Context: When something happens between you and Cisco, your powers emerge. 

      Y/N: Your Name, Y/V/N: Your vigilante name (you could be a villain for all I know…)     

       You had to admit, Lisa Snart had nerves. When she walked into the Cortex, you could tell she knew exactly what she wanted and it had to do with Cisco, from the way her eyes watched him with more intent than you thought was acceptable. Barry and Caitlin had told you about the history between Lisa and Cisco, but you also knew that Cisco had feelings from you. Or, at least, feelings that Barry had confirmed, but neither you nor Cisco had acted on. Cisco was on his feet to face her as soon as she made her way in, almost shielding you off behind him as you worked at your desk.

           “We need to upgrade the security in here.” Cisco gulped, as you stood a few feet behind the confronting figures.

           You could see his body was shaking at Snart’s presence, but there was silence, and it seemed he wasn’t going to ask her to leave any time soon.

           “Oh, Cisco,” she practically purred and chills were running up your spine, “don’t act like you aren’t happy to see me.”

           You were starting to lose your patience, exhaling heavily, which Cisco noticed.

           “All I want is help taking down a common adversary of ours,” Lisa said as you remembered that the metahuman you had been trying to track down had had a stream of unfortunate encounters with the Snart siblings. The room was silent as Cisco stared open-mouthed at her.

           Lisa made eye contact with you and caught you glaring.

           “And you are-“ She started to ask.

           “Irrelevant, clearly…” You were fast to respond as you brushed Cisco when you moved past him and out the cortex.

           You could hear the murmuring of voices as you paced irritably. No one followed you.

           Lisa Snart as it turned out, had given up valuable information that led to the capture of the metahuman. The criminal enterprise the villain was running, was decidedly shut down as it was being observed by the police. Still, you spent the next few days avoiding Cisco, fearful that he may no longer have the same feelings towards you.

           After three days of careful evasion, Cisco found you working quietly in his lab. Hunching over a bench and pulling diligently at a system’s wires, and hoping not to get fried in the process, you were glad your project wasn’t ruined as you were frightened when Cisco called out your name.

           “Y/N, what’s going on? I know you have a lot of work to do, but it feels like you’re trying to hide something and I just wanted to know if you were alright…” He continued to stammer as you watched him carefully. There was something genuine in his concern that made you feel like you meant the world to him, like his paying attention to some girl was only a fleeting thought and you were his one desire. He was fidgeting with his jacket, prying at its seams and staring at a spot just above your head.

           “Look, I thought that we had something. And when Lisa came around, I just felt like there wasn’t a you and me… anymore.”

           “What?” Cisco looked started, “Y/N, there is no one in my life that I care about more than you. Nothing happened between me and Lisa. I would never let anything happen between me and Lisa if it meant losing you. Y/N, I’ve wanted you for a long time…”


           “Y/N, please just trust-”

           He wasn’t able to finish as your lips collided with his in a messy embrace that felt just right. A sudden possessiveness overtook you as pressed yourself closer to him until he was pressed against a wall under your control. This is my Cisco, you thought. And no one else’s. It became clear that things were heating up but you could tell that Cisco was conflicted with what was going on.

As you reached to unvip his jacket, knowing no one would enter the room when you were working, and seeing it as a safe space to get as close to Cisco as you wanted, you couldn’t help but feel like something was wrong. As you turned to kiss his neck, the darkest suspicions you had were confirmed.

There they were, dark purple hickeys sat placidly on his skin. His attempts to keep his jacket on and his kind of reluctance in reaching his neck were attempts to hide them.

You backed away and turned your back on him, covering your face in your hands, knowing full well that his face would be marked by some cross of shame and fear.

“Nothing happened?” you started, turning back to face him now. “You call that nothing?” You pointed to his neck, knowing that this was something neither of you would be able to get around.

“It didn’t mean anything. There’s something that Lisa does to me every time I see her, it’s like I can’t-“

“Can’t what, Cisco?”

“Can’t let her go.”

You knew that trying move on with Cisco, regardless of the feelings you had now both confessed for one another, would never be everything you wanted, or needed, it to be. There was always that chance that he would turn around one day and go back to Snart and her sweet words and sweeter figure.

“Don’t follow me.” You left him. One last time.

You drank more than you had in a long time that night. Moving from bar to bar, careful not to stay long enough for someone to approach you, you felt the pain start to fade away with every ounce of alcohol. The lights and people blurred into some kind of unforgiving mess, leaving you to find your place in the streets.

Crossing a walkway with watchful eyes, your cold feet are warmed with the numbness all the drinks you’d engulfed. And in all the resentment, the only thing you can focus on was a stray voice in the night.

“Hey you, looks like you’re lost in my neighborhood,” the voice was hardened, obviously a threat to your lone figure.

In all the hurt you felt that night, there was a strength that overcame you. You knew that there had been a chance that your genes would be altered as a result of the particle accelerator explosion. But in no way had you thought your powers would emerge from a moment of extreme darkness, from the rejection and contempt you felt.

A new power swept from within you. And from that moment on, part of Y/N was gone, and Y/V/N overcame the night.

Picture this: Hopper struggling and trying to deny his intense feelings for Joyce. He finds himself buying flowers and putting them at Joyce’s front door. As he walks away he is still denying his feelings and convinces himself that what he did was normal amongst friends. But still didn’t want to leave a note saying it was from him.

Also picture this: Joyce saw Hopper through the blinds with the flowers. She is too shy to bring it up with him because he’s stubborn. She finds herself smiling in the kitchen as she holds the flowers close to her, smelling the sweet scents. It’s these little acts that make her know he is worth the wait. Waiting till he can accept his feelings. Secretly holding onto his little acts of vulnerability while she can.

Don’t Be Mad

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Pairing: John x daughter!Reader, Sam x sister!Reader
Word count: 626
Warnings: A swear
Request: Anonymous. REQUESTS YEEEE so this isnt a ship or anything but a fluffy lil john piece where he finds out hes daughter is bi and shes scared he wont accept it but he does akd FLUFF

John sighed as he ran his hand through his hair, sitting at the motel table. The four of you had just gotten into town, and you’d been acting off. “Hey, Sammy?” He started quietly once he heard the shower start. “Has something seemed, I dunno, off about Y/N/N lately?”

Licking some sauce from his thumb, he shrugged. “I haven’t noticed, why?” Sam asked, glancing towards John.

“I don’t know. She looks almost afraid when she looks at me.” He said sadly. “I hate it.” He admitted, shaking his head. “See if she’ll talk to you?”

“Yeah, of course.” Sam agreed. “I’ll bring her with me on the food run after.” He shrugged. “See if she’ll open up.” You were only 13 months younger than Sam, and had been best friends since before you could remember. You told him almost everything, so he couldn’t even begin to think what would be so bad you wouldn’t tell him.

An hour later you were riding around a shopping cart as you and Sam did some quick shopping. He pushed while you were on the other end, just like you always had. “Hey, sis?” Sam started, grabbing a bag of chips and dropping it in the cart.


You could tell that something was getting to him as he ran his hand through his hair. “Is something wrong?” He glanced at you.

You raised an eyebrow at him. “What? Why would you ask that…?” As far as you knew, you hadn’t given him anything to worry about.

Letting out a small sigh, he gave you a sad smile. “Dad’s worried, Y/N/N.” He told you gently, noticing how you swallowed and looked away. “He says that you seem almost afraid when you look at him.” You whipped your head over to look at him, and he saw fear in your eyes. “What’s going on? You know you can tell me anything.”

Chewing your lip, you sighed. You knew that you could. “I’m bi, Sammy.” You told him.

“Okay?” He shrugged. “So, you like both- I don’t see the issue.”

While that relieved you, it didn’t completely take away your fears. “That’s you, that’s not Dad.” You told him, your voice cracking. “You’ve always been more accepting of shit.” Which was true, Sam was the most level headed one of the four of you.

Sam smiled at you. “Why haven’t you said anything before?” Sam was curious. “Or is it something you’re figuring out now?”

“No, I’ve known for years now.” You chuckled. It sounded like you were much older than 17. “Never really came up. Then in the last town, there was a girl I really liked.” Sam gave you a half smile. “I wanted to talk to you, and to Dean, but Dad was always around.”

“Tell him.” Your eyes went wide. “I’m serious. It’ll be okay.” He assured you.

It was a few days before you gathered the courage to bring it up to John. Dean was out at the bar, Sam was in the shower, and you were picking at the remainder of your fries. “Dad?” You asked, looking over at him.

“Yeah, princess?”

You put your hands under your thighs to hide how much you were shaking. “Sam talked to me the other day…” You told him quietly. “Said you’re worried.”

John nodded. “I am.” He agreed, leaning back in his chair. “Talk to me, sweetheart.”

“I’m bi.” You blurted out. “I-I lik–”

“I know what it means.” He smiled at you. “That’s what this has been about?” He half chuckled. “You’ve been worried because you like girls?” You nodded, slightly in shocked. “Not shocking. You’re a fuckin’ Winchester…” Even you laughed at that. “Besides, I’d rather you bring a girl home. Less chance of being called ‘Grandpa’.” He shrugged, getting up and pulling you into a hug.

You smiled. “Thanks, Dad…” You sighed.

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Sketched human au Poppy’s parents!!!

 Her mother is very passionate about cooking, especially baking! (And she always makes the best cupcakes for Poppy and her friends!) She runs a pretty successful bakery and employed Branch’s mother (she was fully aware she was undocumented, knows why she and her husband had come to the US undocumented, and still paid her fair wages) up until the car accident. The two of them were actually REALLY good friends (well, autocorrect just capitalized “really” w/o me prompting it to, but I’ll roll with that, sure) for the six years that they knew each other. She is also the embodiment of “do no harm, but take no shit” and is super sweet and even doting at times (she even acts very motherly towards Branch, though he doesn’t accept or appreciate this until highschool) but will go completely Mama Bear if someone messes with her or her family (or friends). She now employs Rosie, and Poppy even worked at her bakery on the weekends during highschool. She also wears contacts bc she doesn’t like how she looks in glasses u_u 

Her father is very well known for his friendly attitude and positive outlook on life, though he is greying and wrinkling fairly early because the life of a politician is never stress free. He grew up wanting to be an artist but ended up pursuing a different career, and art (painting, to be specific) became more of a hobby. When Poppy was a child, he very much encouraged her to draw and fingerpaint and scrapbook to her heart’s content, and signed her up for dance classes without hesitation when she asked to be. He’s a big softie and kind of spoils children, and he doesn’t mind popping in to Poppy’s classroom on the occassions that he has the time to. He has fairly big ears, and people tried to tease him about it when he was a kid, but he’d always just laugh along. He’s also a little skatterbrained and his wife often keeps him in check if he forgets something, haha

They are a very loving couple nwn

people cmon vilde is just being vilde and i know that is no reason for her to do this but it’s NOT as if she hadn’t done it before… and i know the situation isn’t ok for us to deal with this rn bc we’re defensive over isak and even but cmon

skam is all about character growth and realizing your mistakes as a teenager and vilde IS the biggest representation of an actual teen there is on that show being left behind, feeling insecure and just wanting to fit in and the fact that she hasn’t been in a situation where she can grow as a person (cof like isak has cof) helps a lot to think that acting like this is acceptable

the only thing i can personally hope for is for her to grow and leave this bad bad place that is the teenage mind

I know that everybody has made Linda the ‘villain’ of the PTA Sans AU but please consider:

  • Linda being resistant to her new monster neighbors at first and attempting to change them into something more ‘humanized’ and ‘normal’, thinking she’s doing them a favor, but actually learning to accept them as they are when they accept her for who she is.

  • Sans and Linda starting off on the wrong foot and becoming ‘mortal enemies’ until they eventually get to learn more personal stuff about each other and why they do things that irritate each other.

  • The other moms (and dads) are afraid of Linda’s ability to ‘effortlessly’ handle everything. She’s also seen as bossy because of the way she takes control of most events and activities. Little do they know that she’s internally a nervous wreck from balancing so many things at once.

  • Linda might act like she never needs a shoulder to cry on, and she may appear unsympathetic to the problems of others, but imagine her leaping to her friends’ defense whenever they’re feeling down or being attacked.

  • Linda actually knows a few good puns and jokes, but she hides her sense of humor from most people because it was always considered ‘immature’ and ‘improper’ in her household. When Sans challenges her to a battle (of puns) Linda takes everyone off guard by unleashing some of the best plays on words that the room of parents has ever heard. Sans still wins, but it’s a hard-won victory.

  • Papyrus inviting Linda to one of Undyne’s cooking classes. Linda is mortified but kind of takes control in the kitchen, doing everything with a special touch! (Secretly she’s an amazing cook. It was her childhood dream to be a five star chef, but her dream was crushed, so she can really relate to Papyrus’ passion.) She politely encourages him to improve nonetheless and compliments Undyne’s teaching methods despite turning down their invitation to another class.

  • Frisk becoming friends with Linda’s children (who initially bully them) in the same way that they first befriended the monsters in the underground. Linda takes notice of this and starts to question her actions. Is it really right of her to allow her children to treat other children with little respect just because their upbringings and values don’t agree?

  • Linda and Sans still being lowkey competitive and passive aggressive because they still don’t completely agree with each other despite having a ‘truce’ (but it’s pretty chill after they kinda get to know each other?)

  • The other moms arrange a ‘mom’s night out’ and prefer to invite Sans over Linda because they all have some animosity towards her. Sans is fine with this at first, but Toriel convinces him to convince the other moms to invite Linda. They all end up going to the bar where Grillby works. After a few drinks, Linda is spilling her feelings everywhere and the night ends in several rounds of group hugs for each sobbing parent.

  • Linda developing into a better person than she was before because of her new monster neighbors.

Remember when Catelyn told Bran to stop climbing? You know what he did? He kept climbing and ended up getting pushed out a window and is now paralyzed. 

Remember when Catelyn told Ned not to go to King’s Landing and accept Robert’s invitation to be the King’s Hand? You know what he did? He went to King’s Landing and acted as Robert’s hand and ended up getting his head chopped off. 

Remember when Catelyn told Robb to control himself and not marry Talisa and to keep his oath? Well surprise fucking surprise! Nobody listened! And oh my God wouldn’t you know it? All three ended up dead. 

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I have this modern au where hiccup leaves berk at age 18 after getting accepted to MIT of course in the process breaks up with astrid. I just don't see hiccup sticking around in berk, living the small town life, being all suburbanin a modern setting. He would only visit maybe during holidays and come to care for his father or gobber if they fall ill or something and the town people would act cold towards him.

I am into a lot of this. You also just made me sludge through my modern httyd tag which brought back a lot of feels about it.

So, YES to MIT (or similar). I also like to think Hiccup studies abroad at every opportunity.

Double yes to Hiccup wanting to get out of the small town life. There’s a comfort to it he doesn’t appreciate until he’s out in the Real World™ but for the moment Berk feels like shackles (especially in motorcycle!au)

Breaking up with Astrid? I can kinda see that, actually, but (and I swear I talked about it once, if not, whoops) I feel like they would both say ‘we’re heading in different directions, maybe it’s for the best we put this high-school romance to rest for a bit’. I can more readily see Astrid saying that over Hiccup. Like, she sees him, he’s his usual antsy self, looking at the horizon, and she has this unsettling feeling that she’s weighing him down somehow. So she’s the one who suggests “maybe we should take a break, settle into college, see how things are over winter break, you know?”

And Hiccup’s thrown. He was willing to give the long distance thing a try, and in the back of his mind he has these lingering insecurities telling him that she’s been waiting for an opportunity like this to arise the whole time. He squashes it down, tells himself it’s just Astrid being practical Astrid.

Of course, the next thing he does is wince and say “Winter break? Yeah…” because he’s already looking at these month-long abroad courses and over spring break he was looking at maybe visiting his mother in South Africa and he’s starting to see a real problem because Astrid deserves someone who’s actually there.

So he sighs, ignoring the squeeze in his heart, and agrees. On the surface they’re trying to make it look pragmatic, but inside they both feel like they’re letting the other go because it’s what’s best for the other.

Finally, Hiccup coming back (Gobber had a heart attack?) and the town being like “Oh, sorry, who are you again?” because they saw Astrid over her winter breaks, volunteering at community centers and school plays and generally being involved with the town as she usually was, and they saw her heart broken when Hiccup never came home. And Hiccup missed every major even in town: yule festivities, his father’s birthday that one time, weddings…

So now he’s back, and he’s different, and they’re kind of annoyed that he doesn’t look to be coming back home after college (betrayal!) but instead moving straight on to this stupid unpaid internship at Stark labs?? like the corporate slave he’s clearly become

Love it. Just word-vomited all over this ask, but love it.

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just out of curiosity, since the Clans find passing on one's genes as very important, would tortoiseshell toms be viewed, in general, like fixed cats (since the majority of them have Klinefelter's)? if a queen is born with one, is she/the clan typically quite unhappy? would the clans figure out that most of them can't have kits?

Interesting question! Tortoiseshell toms haven’t really occurred in the Clans’ history, but if they were to, it would be the talk of the territories. Most would just assume it’s a molly who acts like a tom (or their version of transgender), and it’d take a lot to get them to accept the cat as they are. Everyone knows calicoes and tortoiseshells are female, after all!

It probably wouldn’t occur to the Clans to think of them as a symbol of bad luck. The chances are that he’s a little more sickly than normal, and he’ll need a friend to help his mate have a litter, but the Clans don’t have any correlation between those things. If anything, they’d consider that tom a fun curiosity. 

Imagine meeting the Originals-Part 12

Hi, hello, bonjour :)

Part 12 

Please, note that I am French so there might be some mistakes here and there.

Let me know what you think, enioy !

(Taking place in 3x01)

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Staying away was easier said than done. Bonnie was persistent. She kept texting and calling and you were too nice not to answer. You didn’t like to be rude. You only saw Caroline at school but she treated you like a friend. Elena was having a hard time accepting Stefan’s disappearance. But you felt better knowing that the worst vampire in town was now Damon. Alaric was crashing at the Gilbert’s house. You were still helping him with his research. The city had hired you to take care of the archives at the library, feeding your passion for history. You didn’t want to go to college. Not yet anyway.

Bonnie was leaving for the summer and she stalked you the entire week before her departure. Caroline and Elena had been acting weird. It all became clear on that Friday night, when Bonnie brought you to the Salvatore’s and you almost had a heart attack when everybody screamed “Surprise!” at your face.

It was a total surprise indeed. Nobody had ever thrown a party for you. It was a “Happy Birthday-Congratulations” party. You had graduated first of your class and when Bonnie said that you should celebrate, you told her no. Obviously, she didn’t listen.

They were all there. Alaric, Elena, Caroline, Tyler, Jeremy, Bonnie and even Matt (who were trying very hard to avoid the blonde vampire) and Damon. You had a lot of fun that night. And that’s when you knew that it was too late. You were one of them. You cared about each of them and each of them cared about you.

When they learnt that you had been taken by Klaus they got worried. They said they thought you tried to stay away because you were scared and they apologized they hadn’t come for you. You told them it was okay, that Klaus didn’t harm you, that they had more important things to do that night anyway.

Elena spent the summer trying to find Stefan. Caroline and Tyler were inseparable. Bonnie called you every day and you saw Matt and Jeremy everyday at the Grill.

Robert was never home anymore. He had met someone, you didn’t even know her name, but he spent all his time at her place. You think it’s because, now that you had turned 18, you had inherited everything your mother ever owned, including her great fortune. You didn’t really care about the money. But you were glad you had it, at least you didn’t have to worry about that.

Sometimes you thought about Elijah, where he could be, what he could be doing. But when that happened, you tried to think about something else.

Today you were shopping with Caroline, helping her preparing Elena’s birthday party. Caroline was on the phone with her when you saw Tyler coming towards you. The three of you decided to go to the Grill and you sat at a table outside the restaurant.

“Something is up with your mother…” she tells Tyler.

“Like what?”

“She just kept eyeing me yesterday…”

You were interrupted by Jeremy “Hey guys”

“Did Matt make you switch sections?” she asks him

He answers with a nod.

She sighs “He thinks we’re dating”

“So is my mother” Tyler says.

“So is everybody else in this town” you laugh.

Caroline looks at you with big eyes “What?”

“We’re together all the time!” Tyler says

“That’s crazy” she laughs, awkwardly.

“Right?” you hear Tyler say.

You watch the both of them staring at each other. Right…

Jeremy has the same reaction and smiles before walking away from your table.

The three of you drive to the Salvatore’s house with lots of boxes filled with supplies for tonight’s party.

“I feel like I have to fight Damon every single time we get a lead on Stefan”.

A lead on Stefan is the only thing Elena talked about every time you saw her.

“Maybe he doesn’t want to find him”


The werewolf shrugs “What? He’s into you…isn’t he?”

You see Caroline and him share a look.

“The only reason Stefan left with Klaus was to save Damon’s life, I mean, trust me, Damon wants to find him.”

“Yeah but you kissed him, it probably screwed with his head”

You raise an eyebrow.

Caroline shrieks “Tyler!” then sighs “I’m sorry” she apologizes to Elena.

“Don’t worry about it” Elena shrugs “look, yes I kissed him but it was a goodbye kiss, I thought he was gonna die…” She sighs “I missed a call from Bonnie” and then leaves the room.

“Just because I tell you things doesn’t mean you’re allowed to know them!”

You find this funny.

“Sorry” Tyler apologizes “I got to run if I’m gonna change and pick up Sophie”

Caroline is surprised “Wait, you’re bringing a date? Slut Sophie?” she laughs obviously jealous.

“Hey, it’s been kind of slow in that department” Tyler says in his defense. “And, I am horny all the time now…’”

You weren’t sure you wanted to hear this.

Caroline chuckles “Tell me about it, sometimes it feels like I’m gonna expode”

Yeah, you definitely didn’t want to hear that…


The house was filled with people. Some you recognized from school, others you didn’t. Elena weren’t going to be happy to see all those people.

Caroline comes find you, she doesn’t seem happy, you figure it’s about Tyler.

“He kissed her on the cheek and didn’t even look at me! He hates me!” You were wrong, this time it was about Matt.

“He doesn’t hate you…” you sigh for the thousand times this summer.

She changes the subject.“You see anyone you might be interested in?” she asks you with malice.

You frown and tell her a cold “No”

“You didn’t even look at any of them!”

You sigh.

“Come on, let’s go find your first, pure perfect love tonight!”

You laugh at her, looking around to see drunk people “I’m 100% sure I’m not going to meet him here…” you say and you get interrupted by some guy screaming to his friend who was taking his shirt off. “At least I hope I’m not…”

You were just adapting to having friends, you were pretty sure you couldn’t deal with a boyfriend.

“What’s your deal with Tyler?” you ask her. It was your turn to change the subject.

She raises her eyebrows “What?”

“What don’t you tell him you like him?”

She fakes it “I don’t!”

“Sure you do! And I know he does too, go for it!” you tell her.

She looks at you like she doesn’t recognize you, it wasn’t like you to give advices like that. But she does as you tell her and leaves you to go find him.

Now you were standing in the middle of strangers dancing around so you decided to get out of here. You see Damon climbing the stairs, he didn’t look happy.

“Damon!” you call his name.

He turns around “What do you want?”

You frown “Are you okay?”

“What do you care?!” he spats at you.

You decide not to push it and to go home. There weren’t any chance of you having fun here.


You were going to open your front door when you felt a pair of eyes watching your back. You smile. You don’t have to turn around to know who it is. She’s been doing this all summer.


“Y/N” she says.

You open the front door “You wanna come on in?”

She doesn’t answer and just step inside your home.

“What can I do for you Katherine?”

“Can’t I just stop by and say hello to a friend?”

You smile, raise your eyebrows showing her you didn’t believe her.

She sighs “I found Klaus” she says.

You frown, you didn’t want to know that. You say nothing.

“Did you hear me?”

“I did” is the only thing you say

“Don’t you have anything to say?”

You sigh. You stay silent for a minute “Was Elijah with him…” you finally say, kicking yourself for asking that.

You see guilt on Katherine’s face for a split second. “No” she says, breaking eye contact with you.

You frown. “Are you…lying to me?”

“Elijah was not with Stefan and Klaus” she says again, this time looking at you in the eye.

You shake your head. Why did you even care? You sigh.

“I’m sorry…” she says.

You look up at her, Katherine Pierce, sorry? You smile at her. “Are you spending the night here?”

“You didn’t tell anyone I’ve been in town, did you?”

“I promised you I wouldn’t”

She nods “Good. I can’t stay but thanks anyway” She pulls you in a hug and then leaves.

Katherine was, no offense to Bonnie, your best friend. As terrifying as it sounds you told her things you never told the witch. You told her about your father, about how you tried not to have feelings and she told you about herself. You saw good in her even though she never did anything to prove it. You should be on your guard with her but she never asks you for anything. She just wanted someone to talk to and that’s why she came to you the first night. You wondered where she was going and when you would see her again.

You sigh. You take your phone and text Elena “HAPPY BIRTHDAY” before going to bed.

ive seen a lot of radical-leaning feminists critique like, the toxic masculinity making itself apparent in like literal toddlers or adolescents and i think thats a sloppy way of looking at gender. gender isnt some innate thing that manifests as harmfully aggressive in men and passively submissive in women. toddlers exhibit the widest array of behavior possible, but gender limits what is possible and creates a smaller range of normal / acceptable. if a little girl acts aggressively handsy with a little boy, shell be scolded, therein framing the boundaries of her gender and gendering the boundaries of what shes allowed to do. the same is for the flipside; if a boy acts aggressively handsy with a little girl, he isnt displaying some inherent toxicity of his maleness. what happens next, however – the fact that no one stops him from being mean / aggressive – is what creates the masculinity / maleness that we come to know as toxic.


Fire Emblem Fates Vassals Anthology

Chapter 1

Odin ask Leo to give him some missions to do. At first he didn’t wanted, but after the constant insistence of Odin, Leo accept.

Azama is resting near the Pearl lagoon (you know, the one from My Castle) and is bored, thinking about how Hinoka probably wants to give him too much work (or she actually give him some work and he didn’t want to do it, ‘m not sure) and Mitama is just sleep somewhere. For his luck, Odin appears acting weird.

Odin explaim him about his missions, and that he is looking for something. He searched under a chair, in the grass, inside a jar… Even in the onsen when the girls were taking a bath! But nothing. What he needs is a pearl, one that Azama happyly give it to him after taking one out of the lagoon. Odin can’t accept Azama’s help for the missions, but after realising that he didn’t know how to accomplish them, he accepts the help. Both of them proceed to follow the list of missions, like finding veggies in the farm and feed Lilith.

After finishing everything, both of them return to Leo, who in exchange for his efforts, give Odin a new tome (???). Azama is happy for Odin, but then, Hinoka appears screaming at him, and he start running away of her.

While Hinokais trying to catch Azama, Leo was left with dealing with a super happy Odin.


*Plz, take in account that my interpretation of the dialogue can be wrong*

Panic Party (Bucky Barnes x reader)

Requests: 1. achievementhuntersrage said: Could you do a Bucky x reader one where she has a panic attack and he helps her through it? This is so exciting!! I hope this gets picked, but if not, no worries. 

2.Could you do a sort of angsty to fluff one shot (or a 2 part one) with Bucky? He is acting all sad about the reader and is self-conscious about his arm and the reader is upset about Bucky and because she isn’t the skinniest girl in the world. The rest of the team know how they feel about each other & decide to have a pool party (Nat’s idea) to get them together/get them to accept themselves. Just fluff all around. Thank you!

“Look at those idiots,” Natasha huffed, tossing her magazine on the bar top, “they sit there like two lovesick teenagers without the balls to tell each other how they feel.  It’s…gross.”

“It’s gross?  Love is gross?”

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