and she knew she would be a great supreme

Horoscopes by MSI Song & Lyric ♪♫
  • Aries: My World - Everybody wants a piece of my world, everybody wants a piece of my... ass.
  • Taurus: Bite Your Rhymes - All my life, under the knife, kiss my ass, kissin' my wife, I said all my life under the knife makin' me so... metal. Don't forget I'm the shit 'cause I reign supreme in my own backyard.
  • Gemini: Molly - Molly was a good girl and she knew the reasons why so when she went back in the bathroom she would never come outside. She was a good girl and it felt great to be a liar.
  • Cancer: Played - I'm big enough to make up for all that I never really did. So happy. I have lost my edge.
  • Leo: Frying Pan - Out of the frying pan and into the fire, no one knows me 'cept me and my mother. Out of the frying pan into my Mercedes, this is the dope shit for me n' my lady.
  • Virgo: Mark David Chapman - We all want to swindle kids out of their money, if you're still doing this 'cause you believe in it, you are so fucking lame.
  • Libra: What Do They Know? - For what it's worth, I'd do it again. With no consequence I will do it again. Hard up, so hunt me down (down, down), jump the gun, bust a cap, hit the ground.
  • Scorpio: Bomb This Track - I wanna take a chance deep in your underpants, all my little girls, everybody, kiss my ass. Bomb this track, disrespect, no regrets.
  • Sagittarius: Cocaine and Toupees - I've been frank enough and in the way I have returned it to yo yo yo you. My got me right where I want, my got me very very hot because it's ON.
  • Capricorn: This Isn't Good - All along I knew better and that was my first mistake. This isn't good and neither is this. Multi A, Multi B, Vitamins. Please save me a fucking spine 'cause I gave mine away.
  • Aquarius: Wack! - I wonder when I'll stop being good at this, was I ever good at this? I know it's shit but it is something I will not admit, too fucking bad for you. Me likes watching it go down in flames.
  • Pisces: Brooklyn Hype - No way in hell I can compete with this, I know I hit the bottom because all my friends are in it. Yo does it make y'nervous?
Reflektor, Chapter 3

TITLE: Reflektor


RATING: M, language, eventual sexual content, graphic depictions of violence

NOTES/WARNINGS: Please note that this chapter is violence and abuse heavy. Snoke is a son of a bitch. Also, I love, love hearing back from you guys. Please let me know what you think in replies, asks, reblogs, whatever. ily

HUGE thank you to @southsidestory for her glorious beta services/support. She’s my writing soulmate.

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Spoiled Little Thing

Kylo Ren wasn’t sure what he was going to say to Supreme Leader Snoke. He didn’t often visit his master when not summoned directly, and never so late in a day cycle. He wondered detachedly if Snoke slept, or ate, or indeed left the room beyond this door. He was a living creature, under all that power, and Kylo supposed it would follow that he would perform such mundane tasks as these.

Kylo shook the absurd thoughts from his head, reaching a hand out to open the door. He was stalling, and he knew it; he was afraid to go to his master. Snoke had given him a singular task and had already commanded against that which he was coming to request. Kylo knew that whatever discussion awaited him beyond this door, it was not to be pleasant.

Come in, Kylo Ren.

The Supreme Leader’s voice spiked through Kylo’s mind, a slicing intrusion that took no care for the mind it invaded. It was not from Snoke that Kylo had learned his more gentle methods of navigating the thoughts of others, but rather they were a form of self-preservation that he perfected on his own. To see inside, he learned, one did not have to cut the thing open. The fact that Snoke disregarded these niceties was very telling of his master’s superior mental fortitude.

I know why you are here, came his master’s voice again, and Kylo swiped the door open.

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