and she killed the moments right after the kiss and what a fantastic fantastic hug

Evak’s First Vacation

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Can’t stop thinking about what their first trip somewhere would look like (inspired by Henrik’s trip w/ his friends and Lea)

  • Arguing about what to pack and what stays (“Isak, you’re not allowed to take textbooks with you. Like, I’m actually offended that you thought this was an option.” “Fine, but you need to put at least four hoodies back. It’s going to be so hot there.” “But my aesthetic”)

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Wounds and Kisses - Amelia Shepherd x Reader (Grey’s Anatomy)

prompt: “I was wondering if you could maybe do an Amelia Shepard x reader imagine. Maybe they dated when they were younger but reader left because of her drug problem and now she is in the hospital and feelings return and Amelia kisses her or something. Thanks, have a fantastic day!” - anon

- (i hope you have a fantastic day as well anon!) 

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You knew choosing to go for a walk in the middle of a storm was a bad idea but the young girl you nannied for had persisted and, oh my god her puppy eyes were your biggest weakness.

To be fair, you were glad that you were the only one injured when the branch had fallen, Eleanor might have killed you if her daughter had been hurt under your care - but if you were injured then obviously it’s fine.

When you arrived at your local hospital you didn’t think you’d be long. It was only a little cut and possibly a little bit of blood as well. (If a little bit of blood meant it felt as if it was covering your face but, whatever.)

You found yourself perched on a hospital bed pretty quickly and someone was already doing checks on you - Karev, he said his name was? - when a familiar voice made you perk up. However, you couldn’t for the life of you figure out who it was.

“Uh, Alex?” They whispered through the curtains that had been drawn around your bed. You didn’t see the face but you definitely knew the voice. “Alex, c’mere.” Your doctor had tried to ignore them but eventually gave you an irritated smile and grumbled as he left the little cubicle. You tried to keep Rose entertained as you waited, not being too successful.

The silence was broken when your curtains were drawn back, although not loud enough to catch your attention. “Uhm, hello, Doctor Karev had to go deal with… something else so he has asked me to take over. If that’s okay.” You finally looked up and felt your eyes widen as you saw your old ex girlfriend standing right there in front of you. She failed to suppress a smile as recognition spread across your face. “Hi, Y/N.” 

You jumped up (a bit too quickly) and hugged her small form tightly. “Amelia, it’s been a while.” You smiled. “It’s been way too long.” You shook your head, happy that after all these years you get to see each other again and this time you will hopefully stay in contact.

“It has been too long.” She nodded, “I missed you.” She just smiled for a few seconds before forming back into her professional self. “Okay, you should sit down whilst I see what’s going on. I’m sure it’s fine. I may have to ask some questions, it’s procedure I’m afraid.”

You nodded and tried to stay still as she inspected the wound, her face seemingly getting closer and closer to your own. You attempted to ignore the close proximity, still aware that you had feelings for the woman even though it has been so long. You were about to respond when you saw the small child you were meant to be looking after start to squirm and trying to sneak off.

“Rose, don’t go too far.” You shouted out her, not quick enough to tell her to stay where she was, with you. She just nodded and gave you a thumbs up before engaging in an earnest conversation with the old woman in the opposite bed. “You know your mother will kill me if I lose you.” She was way too adventurous, she was the one who got you in this mess to begin with.

Amelia turned to see who you were talking to before turning back to you with a little less light in her eye. “Rose?” She put on a strained smile and snapped some latex gloves over her hands. She began to prepare some disinfectant swabs as she talked. “So, uh, you have a kid?” She asked, wiping the blood of the wound on your forehead.

You flinched at the harsh movements and stinging sensation of the chemical. “Ow, ouch! No, no. I’m her nanny. I work for her mom. Just to pay the bills- ow! I think I preferred the other Doctor. At least he was gentle.” You mumbled but the pressure was taken off once you had responded. You looked up to see Amelia looking somewhat relieved.

“Oh!” She smiled a big smile, “Right, yes… A nanny.” She nodded, a broad smile spreading on her face. “Oh, and uh, sorry… about the wound. I didn’t mean to be rough.” There was a small pause before she cleared her throat. “So, you live with your girlfriend, or…?” She trailed off.

You looked at her for a bit before smiling, “Are these questions still procedure, Doctor Shepherd?” You watched as a small blush makes its way up her cheeks and she looks down to hide it, there was so much familiarity in everything she does and, even though you don’t mean it to, it definitely makes you feel something. “But in answer to your official hospital question: No, I’m not. It’s just me at the moment.” You smiled, checking that Rose is still in sight. “And how about you? What have you been up to?”

“I’m actually Head of Neuro here.” She smiled, clearly proud, however her smile faltered as she continued. “It’s been tough but… I’m better.” She avoided eye contact for a few moments before looking up at you through her lashes. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” You could hardly raise your voice louder than a whisper as you licked your lips. “I should have been there for you.” You felt guilt consume you as you could see how much pain she had been through.

“No, I understand, the drugs and alcohol… it was difficult for anyone to handle it all.”

“Millie, it wasn’t just that.” You slipped back into using the nickname you always had used when you were dating as you took her hand in yours. ”I just- I didn’t know how I could help you. You needed some proper support and I was completely and utterly useless back then-”

“You were perfect.” Amelia interrupted, putting a hand on your upper arm. You were very aware of the limited space between you and it just made you ache for her hugs. You only just came to realise how much you had missed her.

“No. No, I wasn’t, I should hav-” You were cut of by Amelia pulling you into her, her hand pulling at the lapels of your jacket before placing a hand on the back of your neck. Out of habit, you hold her waist, pulling her closer to you. Her lips on yours brought so many flashbacks of the happiest days of your life and you decided in that moment that you never wanted to let go again. The kiss was cut short when Amelia drew back, uncertainty in her eyes.

“It’s taken me a long time but I’ve finally figured out that when I make the decisions which make me happy then, surprise surprise, I’m happy. I try and be emotionless and not get attached, trust me I’ve tried so many times, but whenever I do… I just- it never goes right.” She fumbled over her words. “I swear, I have never stopped loving you. You were always the one that made me smile and happy and want to keep going on.” She took a deep breath in, “I’m sober now, I promise. I went to rehab and I’m sober. And right now? You will be what makes me happy. It’s been years, I know but-”

You brought yourself closer to her face again and smiled adoringly, “You talk too much.” You kissed her nose. “How long have you been sober?”

“1,321 days.” You watched with pride as she began to tear up. “It’s not much but I’m just so happy and of course there are dark days but I actually feel as though I’m not alone anymore.”

“Of course you’re not alone.” You interlinked your fingers. “Anyway, from now on you’ll always have me. There’s no way you can get rid of me this time.” You smiled cheesily. 

“In that case,” Amelia smiled as she finished dressing the cut on your forehead, “I’m finishing early tonight. I’m off at 9 if you wanna grab something to eat back at your place?”

“Yeah, I’d like that.” You nodded, standing up from the hospital bed and standing slightly above Amelia. “Rose will be asleep by about 8 so I guess I’ll see you there?” Her pager began beeping, interrupting your eye contact. Amelia gave you an apologetic look before quickly getting a pen out of her pocket and taking your hand in hers.

“Text me your address and I promise I’ll buy your favourite on the way, this one’s on me.” She smiled and winked. “You can pay for the next date.” She picked up her white coat and let her eyes rest on you one last time as if she couldn’t believe you were even there. “See you later.” Amelia bit her lip slightly before smiling and turning around to leave, letting the curtain open as she went. 

You watched her as she walked away, not able to control the smile on your face. You glanced at the messy number scrawled on your hand and did a little dance of happiness before collecting Rose and beginning your way home to prepare for tonight.

Two Cent Riffs: The End of the Galaxy

SPOILERS #WOYForever #BlessThisShow #PeaceandLove

Many fans. Three endings. Two idiot reviewers. One Episode. Let’s do this.

Roy: Welp, guess that’s it for the Galaxy. *sips tea*
Julien: Now she has nothing left, the dumb idiot. *sips tears*

Julien: I just have this. Can’t provide much else.

Roy: Dude. Don’t.
Julien: “Dude”, yes. She’s mean, green, lean, and I haven’t made this joke this entire time we’ve worked together.
Roy: Fair enough.
Julien: Of course, because It’s ogre now.

Roy: And so we say goodbyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-

Julien: To be fair, it would have burned out anyways. 

Roy: C’mon. *sniff* Don’t make me feel for her now.
Julien: Like I said. Dumb idiot.

Julien: She poisoned our water supply, burned our crops, and delivered a plague unto our houses.
Roy: No, she didn’t.
Julien: But she could have done that instead of just blowing up planets and leaving us to die because of who gives a good shit, she is the bad guy.

Julien: Or in better terms: The End of the Show.
Roy:………………Too soon, you cynical prick.
Julien: Obvious parallels between this and the #savewoy movement are obvious. You told me this out just yesterday.

Julien: Ah yes, the Dude has return.
Roy: How can he not stop Dominator? Matter manipulation? Telepathy? Can basically turn her ship into Origami?
Julien: Logic is the veggies in cartoons - it’s there, but most want the sweets and fats.

Julien: It’s funny because they think she’s overpowered.
Roy: Pssh. Wander’s overpowered.

Roy: Ladies and gentlemen, Hater did science.
Julien: Yas queen! 

Roy: You know I’m honestly surprised we forgot about that planet.
Julien: We didn’t forget. Just never cared.

Julien: I can tell he just expanded.
Roy: You never know what you got until it’s all over. Also, finally.

Julien: Hey. Hey. Hey. “Kill” is a strong word.

Julien: Dominator ‘bout to “destroy” these sponsors.

Roy: Man, the Joker had better strategies than her.
Julien: Seriously Dominator, villainy is easier putting clothes on and you made it hard for yourself.

Julien: It’s kinda sad she thinks she can crush the most mentally and physically strongest in the galaxy like it’s nothing. Am I wrong? 
Roy: Shhhhhhh. Let her dream.


Julien: CURSE YOU, FINALE! Making me wait for ships like this.

Roy: They should call you Lord Denominator, cause that was low.
Julien: *hug* You made me the happiest man alive. 

Julien: We’ll not getting any origins of Dominator or her power. So, what about our bet?! Do I win?
Roy: Dude. I’ll just say Julien Parks-Gavin Wright is the greatest queen I’ll ever know. He’s pimping, fantastic, and has great hair. He’s the best of 4chan and the smoothest criminal in America. And I, Royal Irie Macintosh, am a foolish nerd who loves to squat on the toilet, wants Pinkie Pie as my wife, and is a nonsense booty bashing booger brain. And I’ll leave it at that.*
*HUGS* Still, this is kind of a letdown.

Julien: Her colors are showing!

Julien: Well that was rude of the bot, just scanning him like that.
Roy: On the bright side, Dominator won’t be popping a blood vessel just yet.

Roy: To think she can actually be redeemed, the sadistic one here.
Julien: On the bright side, we couldn’t have ask for a more bitchin’ desktop.

Julien: OK, smart, tan, and handsome, what’s the scale of how awesome this fight scene will be?
Roy: Thanks to probability, it will never top any MLP fights but will be anime levels of epic.
Emperor Awesome: Did somebody call my name?
Julien: Shut up, Awesome, come back when you’re a main character.

Julien: Well. That was unexpectedly epic. And quick.

Roy: I guess it’s no time to get cold feet.
Julien: So ice of them could drop by.

(We had nothing to say, this shot just looked incredible.)


Both: OF COURSE!!!

Julien: It’s official. My waifu’s gone off the deep end.
Roy: Ok. Since this is the finale, I’m gonna level with ya. *ahem* DAT WOMAN WAS OUT OF AAAANYBODY’S LEAGUE!

Congrats, the show’s not cancelled.


Julien: Oh no, she’s gonna get drilled. *sips tea*
Roy: You don’t have to be a tool about it, man.
Julien: You saw my notes, you know my ladder of things. I rule the cynicism.

Julien: Who knew villainy was this hard? DC makes it easy.

Roy: CURSE YOU, FINALE! Making me wait for ships like this.

Julien: They’re going Crash Bandicoot on their asses! I feel complete.

Roy: Oooh, why must she remind me of all the participant awards I got.
Julien: To be fair, Hater or Wander would be better villains than her in terms of brains and brawn. Sorry to say that, but it’s true.

Julien: Hero or villain, he just wanted to be loved. NOW ICE THAT FOOL!

(No comment again, this was the best moment in the Finale, in my opinion.)

Roy: I heard of getting the drill, but this is freakin’ lunacy!

Roy: Crushed by her own weapon, the saddest way to die.
Julien: All I can imagine is her “friends” being spam bots, porn blogs, and empty newcomers.
Roy: How did you?
Julien: I researched your dashboard.

Julien: Wander is giving a speech to somebody who is literally being crushed.
Roy: She’s been ignoring him all this season, cut him some slack. Besides, the bitch needs a talking to.

Julien: Remind you of anything, Royal?
Roy: Besides a pacifist and a flower. Nothing.

Roy: OOOH! I remember something now! SHE’S A TSUNDERE!!! The constant bitchiness and stubbornness, the lovely sadistic nature even though she never kills them, the inability to move on, the fact that she’s clearly misunderstood. It’s all clear to me now!
Julien: I guess WOY is an anime after all.

Julien: And to think, she will always be better than Donald Trump.
Roy: How is a planet destroying tsundere sociopath better than the worst living thing in America?
Julien: One, she’s way less hideous than that sun dried tangerine. Two, the policies of a woman dictator would be more tolerable to think about than anything that turd w/ teeth can muster. (we thought it went well with the scene)

Julien: Hater made it better.

Julien: Seriously Dominator. He put his neck out for you so many times, it’s not even funny. Just give friendship another go and don’t make an ass of yourself.
Roy: Wouldn’t her redemption be kind of a crap shoot?
Julien: The girl lost EVERYTHING! She has NOTHING but the clothes on her back. Why go the hard way when an easier path has opened up? A redemption may be ill-advised, but a character like her can play off some really neat development if given the chance, since she barely could this season. Why be the same way, when she’s gonna fail the same way?
Roy:………………….Discuss over drinks?
Julien: Definitely!

Roy: 4Chan scientist, can you explain this?
Julien: FUCK IT, DUDE! This whole season was Tex Avery’s Star Wars, suspension of disbelief is heavily advised here.

Julien: Damn it! 
Roy: To be fair, after all she’s done, the possibility to change is truly overwhelming to anybody like her.
Julien: *heavy sigh* You’re right. She is a Tsundere. Also:

I’m gonna build a scrapbook with these.

Roy: There she goes, off to her death…of any more character.
Julien: #beckyWithTheBadGrades

Julien: Well well well. Looks like there’s berry much hope after all.
Roy: Go to the corner. *kiss*

Julien: Here we go. Again. *epic facepalm*
Roy: Relax dude, the status quo has always been god.

Julien: And so ends the Finale, the season, and the-


-and the show Wander Over Yonder. Besides the fact that it all went so fast, up yours Disney, I loved every character’s moments, it was thrilling, the humor was still a delight, and Wandy and Hatey and Domi are still favorite characters of mine. Wander Over Yonder is and always was a fantastic spectacle of animation and it was beauty to see. Royal?
Roy: I love cartoons, always have, and WOY has helped me embrace that love more. While I felt the finale lacked in pacing, up yours Disney, it felt truly satisfying. It came full circle, in a way that’s too hard to explain. This cartoon not only wanted me to laugh, but also think. I believed in Wander Over Yonder since the beginning, never doubted it’s power, and this finale has undoubtedly made me want more. I believe in a Season 3. Then again, for everything they gave me, I’m glad with what I could get.
Julien: Couldn’t have said it better myself. But… what?
Roy: I don’t know. Two Cent Riffs was just something I thought up for you and I to laugh at good episodes. I never knew we could make it this far. I say we take a hiatus, since it is a pain for the both of us to script/edit these, and just enjoy our vacation a week or two. Then, if either of us think about it, we can do other shows (SU, Star vs., MLP, etc.). We can make our last real vacation together entertaining Tumblr as well as ourselves. As partners and as friends.
Julien: No. I mean, everything’s either now dead or on hiatus. What now?
Julien: Alright *smooch* friend.

* - A bet we made.

We hope to continue this dumb crusade of jokes before school starts in August. We also hope Season 3 is achievable, and that the #savewoy movement can do so. Stay strong. And to @crackmccraigen, thank you for another wonderful cartoon.

- Roy & Julien; stay classy, everyone.

Weekly Idol- Couple Test

You smiled walking out to the two hosts of weekly idol, you bowed and smiled at the camera before glancing at Jiyong who winked at you. You both knew what would go down today. You’d recently announced your relationship publicly and since Hyung Don won an award with Jiyong for being a good couple he wanted to know if you could beat him in the couple test. You were confident you’d win in a landslide. Defconn announced you both and started out with the normal small talk, joking with Jiyong about how busy he always is and how he doesn’t have time for anyone. You chuckled slightly as Hyung Don tried to separate you both by standing in between the both of you.

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I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be......

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So authors note…..first off i have no idea if Fabian was alive at this time, i just wanted to make it interesting and have a fun little cameo.. 

Secondly i didnt count the words and im rating this t because of the end

Thirdly this is based off of a dream i had after reading the book and I’m still unsure about how i feel about it so please be kind, it does jump around a bit and I’m sorry i was just trying to get it all out based on how it was flowing in my head i hope you all like it <3

I found love where it wasn’t supposed to be…..

 You couldn’t focus on your assignment because of a certain freckle faced young man sitting beside you. You kept batting your quill back and forth trying to shrug thoughts of him from your mind. You began biting your bottom lip in frustration and drew random doodles of the symbols in front of you on your parchment paper.

“Pardon me (y/n) but is something on your mind?” a hoarse voice whispered to you concerned. You turned to face the source and met his beautiful green eyes.

“Sorry Newt.. it’s just that umm I think I need a break from this for a bit.” You said feeling stupid stumbling over your words. You couldn’t believe you’d been lucky enough to be paired with your best friend who you’d been in love with for years. Much to her dismay.

He sighed in relief. “Thank goodness, History of Magic is not my best subject.” He smiled sheepishly back at you.

You stood up and stretched, relieved to move your stiff muscles. Newt stared at silently.

You raised an eyebrow at him. “What is it Newt? Do I have something on my face?” You smiled innocently. But he hadn’t heard you.

He was in fact looking past you at a beautiful and eerie girl with gorgeous eyes and dark hair.  She eyed Newt up and down like a piece of meat. Smug in the fact that she clearly had his whole attention against yours.

You sighed and grabbed your bag slamming it down on the counter but he barely noticed. His face had gone flush and his palms were getting clammy as he steadied himself tightening his hand near his wand out of a nervous habit of being around her.Frustrated you threw your cardigan, robe and books in your bag.

“You’re unbelievable Scamander you know that? She’s only using you for your knowledge on creatures and potions, as soon as she gets what she wants from you mark my words she’ll set you up to fall and leave you with the blame.” With that you pulled your bag on your arm and stormed off making sure to rudely shove past Leta Lestrange as you did so, since her and her goons were blocking your exit.

“What’s a matter (l/n) jealous?” she laughed softly basking in the glory of your now miserable face.

You stopped and took a deep breathe. “You know as well as I Lestrange that I can’t be jealous of something that was never mine to begin with…. That being said…..” you turned on your heel and walked straight up to her pushing your way past the swarm of Slytherin girls around her.

“I know I’m a much better person inside and out than you because I can genuinely have a man because he wants to be with me, not just because of my money or looks….those things fade as fast as time…and with the way your family tree goes your bound to lose your mind next. Have a lovely day Leta.” And you walked off.

“WELL I’D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY MUDBLOOD” she laughed, a sickly mocking laugh.

Unbeknownst to you, another freckled face had been observing the situation and was waiting for his chance.

As you stepped up onto the top landing adjusting your bag and not paying attention, You bumped into a tall red haired young man with freckles.  He had a glorious smile on his kind face. It was slightly comforting.

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“Fabian sorry.” You went to pick up your bag and he beat you to it.

“Not to worry (y/n), say is that little minx bothering you?” He whispered in your ear as he brushed a strand of hair back from your face.  He saw the hurt in your face and leaned in closer to you wrapping an arm around your waist.

“How about we give her a run for her money then eh?”

You eyed him both playfully and curiously, “And what exactly did you have in mind Fabian?” and before you knew what was happening Fabion Prewett had you in a slow and soft kiss that you were both smiling into. He ran another hand through your hair resting it on your neck and without noticing you dropped your bag. It made a loud slam as it hit the ground. He backed you up into a bookshelf and suddenly there was cat calling coming from everywhere before you two pulled away out of breathe. His hands to his lips

“Pleasure doing business with you Prewett.” You winked as he picked up your bag he grabbed your wrist gently. “Go on a date with me then (l/n), Let’s really get under her skin.” He laughed.

“And you don’t mind at all? Me using you to get back at her Prewett? That sounds awfully cold hearted of me,” you whispered.

“Consider us friends with benefits, I’ll teach you all you need to know to get back at the likes of people like her, and besides I’m trying to get under her skin too, you know ill breading and all that” he winked.

“You’re unbelievable Prewett” you rolled your eyes and walked away shaking your head laughing.

“Don’t forget love we’re still on for Friday” he yelled jokingly at you as he looked back at a gawking Newt and  Leta.  He earned a harsh shushing from the volunteer librarian Irma Pince.

Leta meanwhile had walked over massaging Newts shoulders. He shrugged her off and began chasing after you.  Leaving Leta stunned and glaring at a mischievous Fabian and Gideon grinning from ear to ear and high fiving. She rolled her eyes and went back to her group of friends clearly not amused with how the events had turned out.


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You in the meantime had walked out into the greenhouse desperate for some air and privacy after what had just happened. You took a deep breath as you looked up at the beautiful night sky.

“Thought you’d be here.” A voice said out of breath. You looked over shocked to see someone in your secret place. Newt cast Lumos and you saw a look of pain on his face.

“That was an impressive little show back there.” Newt spat out bitterly.

“I could say the same for you Scamander.” You said eyeing him angrily.


“No you didn’t because you were too busy undressing Lestrange with your eyes.” You said angrily cursing the fact that tears had begun to well in your eyes.

“And besides what does it matter who I kiss?” you said walking up to him angrily. “Up until five minutes ago you didn’t even notice I existed.” You brushed past him to leave but he grabbed your arm and pinned you up against the wall.

“Newt what’s gotten into —“ but before you could say another word his lips came crashing down on yours. It was fiery and intense and full of desperation. You were momentarily stunned as you allowed yourself to get lost in this heated kiss full of all the passion and desperation the two of you had been holding back for years. But then you remembered how he’d looked at her, his eyes had never left hers he was utterly hypnotized. And you pulled yourself away.

You stood there staring at him for a moment before reaching for the door handle. A hand already on top of yours.

“She was my friend. And you’re right. She will be my downfall and I was too blind to see it, too blind to see who I really loved. She used me to get knowledge about a new potion, it’s called the drought of living death and the main ingredient is extracted from a basilisk fang. Their venom is deadly, and incredibly painful if ingested.  She said if I told anyone about what she was doing, sneaking out at night and stealing ingredients, that she would kill you….” His voice was breaking now, “Her and her family; they’re part of Grindelwalds gang now.”

“Newt.” You could see he was wrestling with his conscious thinking that he had somehow helped her get there.

“She was on that path long before she met you, and even after meeting you, she chose it none the less.” You whispered as you took his hand in yours and squeezed it gently to which he squeezed it back.

“You need to go to someone you can trust about this, plead your innocence, what about Professor Dumbledore, he was always fond of us!” He looked at you with tears in his eyes.

“Think about this Newt they’ll expel you either way, at least if you do it this way…… you might get to keep your wand and your good standing. I’ll even walk out with you.” You smiled warmly your eyes also starting to swell with new tears. He gently walked over to you and you held each other in a close and warm hug.

“No you need to stay. You’re too good for me (y/n)” he looked at you dead serious. Running a hand gently through your hair. “Besides I was never going to be the winner of my family.” He laughed bitterly thinking about Theseus.

“And just exactly who is going to be able to save your stubborn ass from all of the chaos out there? Because last time I checked I’ve been doing that for almost 7 years Newton.” Raising an eyebrow and crossing your arms.

“(y/n) You are honestly the most stubborn person I have ever met.” He said tearfully laughing.

“That makes two of us Scamander” you said as you through your arms around him kissing him gently and passionately.


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“Please don’t read my mind.” Newt said flustered with Queenie.

She stepped closer to him apologetically.

“Sorry I asked you not to.” He said angrily.

“Sorry honey I can’t help it, people are easiest to read when they’re hurting.” She said looking at the picture of Leta on his desk.

“I’m not hurting; anyways it was a long time ago.” Newt said as he ran a hand over another photo. Queenie eyed him and saw his emotions change as he stared at your photo.

“That was a real close friendship you two had at school, and in the same house too! I bet you spent a lot of time together huh honey?” she winked.

Newt began to blush. “Yes well neither of us really fit in at school so we—“she stared at him.

She snapped back “Became real close—for years.” He looked back at the photo of Leta angrily.

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“She was a taker honey, you need a giver.” As she slid the photo of you over to him.

“I SAID STAY OUT OF MY HEAD QUEENIE.” He spat bitterly and threw a pot. It smashed on the floor as she saw the whole event unfold.


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You looked up at him the venom spreading through your body the pain becoming unbearable as you looked down at the snake fang now protruding from your heart. Leta stared at you in a conquered manner and disaperated laughing. Slowly the rest of his followers left too, all but one.

But you never faltered. Newt looked on in pain as he watched you suffering. Your veins all lit up through your body and turned black with poison as Newt helplessly rummaged through his potions.

“Don’t worry my love, it doesn’t hurt as much as you’d think, and besides won’t we all die, just a little?’ you said smiling as your last breathe left your body, falling lifelessly into his arms.


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Grindelwald eyed Newt looking down at the floor and then defiantly at him. Newts eyes were cold and harsh as he glared at Grindelwald, at the man who’s visions had robbed him of his very happiness. Had robbed him of you. Gellert was amused at his distain, and with a hint of irony whispered to him

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“Won’t we all die, just a little.”

To be continued?!?……. ��^Q��.

Newt Scamander x Reader: A Difficult Conversation (5)

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You’ve woken up and gone to work earlier than usual. You were far too hurt to see everyone else and smile like nothing had happen. Work was decent. Not too dreadful, it kept your mind busy.

It was finally time to go home and you saw Newt standing there, waiting for you. You couldn’t help but smile.

“Hey Newt” you said, kissing is cheek. You felt somewhat bold doing it. You knew someone from MACUSA was probably watching but you decided you didn’t care.

“Hello” he said with a big smile, “Let’s have some tea before heading back, shall we?”

“Absolutely” you held his arm and walked with him.

You sat in a nice little coffee shop. Newt’s face was so calm and pure, you couldn’t help but smile and feel safe around him. 

“We need to talk” you said, not wanting to waist any more time.

“I agree” he said, while reaching for your hand. “I want to ask you something… I want to know if you want to move to England with me” he stopped talking for a moment, examining your facial expression to see if he could understand what was going on through your mind. “… Or anywhere, really. Anywhere but here”.

You couldn’t help but have this stupid grin on your face. You were so happy, bursting. You really did love this man and that was his plan. That’s why he was so calm.

“Could we…? I mean…” you were so excited about the whole thing but also really scared that they would use “every means necessary” to erase your memory.  "What about Jacob, Queenie and Tina?“

"Well, these laws are outdated. There’s no such thing in England. Muggles and wizards can be friends and even marry each other…”, your eyes widened.

“Ahm… Yes. I mean, yes, of course! I wouldn’t want to forget you” you said eagerly. “But Tina has a point, I’m American. I have to live by these stupid rules” your voice full of sorrow.

Newt squeezed your hand tight. “We can just run” he said, hopeful.

That sounded crazy and just… perfect. Newt wanted you just as much as you wanted him and that was everything you could’ve asked for.

The music from the coffer shop was slightly overpowered by someone opening the door. It was Henry. You and Newt were still holding hands and you didn’t plan on moving. He approached your table with a hint of surprise on his eyes.

“Hello (y/n)! How are you on this fine day?” he said looking at you attentively.

“Hi Henry. Everything’s fine. How’s it going?” you finally looked at Newt, who was looking down with a very confused look on his face, you decided it was probably time to introduce them to each other.

“This is…” you were about to say Newt’s name when Henry stopped you. “Newt” he said. Your mouth dropped open. “How on Earth…?” You looked at Newt who had violently stood up from his chair. They were both facing each other with a confrontational look on their faces.

“What’s going on?” you looked at both of them for answers.

“He was in the meeting yesterday, at MACUSA” Newt said with a violent tone in his voice.

“What…?” you looked surprised at Henry. You felt a little heartbroken too. He had deceived you. “You were keeping and eye on me?” you said disappointed.

“Someone had to” he said, standing tall.

“Como on (y/n)! Let’s go!” Newt reached for your arm. Before you left Henry said “You’ve got one day to erase her memory. Do it, before we have to. We are offering you a chance, a way for you to get out of America without any consequences. Take it!”

Newt didn’t answer. He held you tight and started walking. After a couple of minutes in silence, he finally said “How are you?” you stopped and looked at him “We are never going to make it now, they are watching our every move”. Newt hugged you but you pushed away. He looked at you surprised but you didn’t say a word. You just looked at his face, memorizing every last detail, placing your hand on his beautiful full lips. You decided to lean in, pressing both of your lips together. Everything seemed to disappear from your mind all at once. The warmth of his lips made everything feel safe. You could feel his hands pressed to the end of your back. It was everything you needed, both of you.

As you slowly started to break free of each other, your trembling voice said “We have one day left… one day”. You couldn’t believe the whole thing. Henry, the nice guy from the park was just a ploy. A spy sent to watch you and you fell for it. Were you this oblivious? Were you so easy to deceive? So naive? Everything was hitting you like a wave. There was no time to come up for air, you were being dragged down further and further, asphyxiating.

Newt held you tight and close to his body. “As long as we’ve got each other, we will be fine. Trust me, we will get through this”. His voice calm and secure. 

You walked to the apartment. When you arrived, everyone else was having dinner. You couldn’t be bothered with pleasantries so you just looked at Jacob and said “We have one day. After that they will erase our minds”. He looked frightened. Queenie was so sad she couldn’t even look up.

“It’s okay” she said, with a sad look on her face.

“You don’t have to. You can just… Walk” you said furiously. Were day giving up on each other? Should you and Newt do the same?

Tina spoke “They will go after them. Wherever they go. They will find them and it will be worse. They could kill Queenie for not following their orders”. You felt restless, your heart beating so fast you felt sick to your stomach. “What…? ” you cried out, looking directly at Newt.

“There’s no use in fighting this, honey” said Queenie “We knew from the first moment we met you that this wasn’t how it was supposed to happen” she squeezed Jacobs’s hand and smiled at him. “It’s okay, we still made these memories. I will never forget about the two of you. I’m sure we will find each other again, sweetie”, she reassured.

“No!” you said firmly “This can’t be! Newt said this is not how it is England. You can go there, we can go there” you said while holding Newt’s hand.

“Tina is right, honey. They will go after us. This all happened here. These are our laws. There’s no running from this” her eyes were sad but she still made her best effort to smile at you.  Your heart shrank.

“This can’t possibly be” said Newt.

“There’s no running from this” Tina answered all too quickly “The faster you say your goodbyes, the better”

“Newt…” you faced him “Can’t we just go?”

“Guys, please, don’t put yourselves in danger” Jacob said. “You think we don’t want to do the same? To just run? That would be amazing. But we can’t. We have to face this”. His voice was loud and firm. It finally started to dawn on you. You and Newt were just postponing the inevitable. This wasn’t something you could escape. You felt small and scared.

You locked yourself up in the case with Newt for hours. It was beautiful, painful magical and dreadful at the same time. You said goodbye to each and every creature but you just couldn’t bare to look at Newt’s eyes without crying.

“We could still.. You know, run” he said, while holding you.

You cried to his shoulder. “No, we will not spend our lives running. I won’t risk your life” you hugged him.

“I want this!” he said strongly.

“Maybe we will find each other again, this time in England” you said, not having the courage to look into his eyes.

“Are you giving up on us…?” his voiced failed him.

“I’m choosing you and your live” you said.

“Are you? Or are you just choosing the easy way out?” he let go of you, his hands finding their way to his pockets.

“What…?” you said surprised. “Don’t do this Newt. I love you!” the words came out of your mouth rougher than you intended them to be. You just couldn’t believe. You were shocked.

“Then come with me. We don’t have to give this up!”

“Please… Newt…” you looked down.

“I love you” he said, kissing you.

Your hands held his face. You looked into his beautiful freckles afraid of the day you would no longer recognize them. It pained you.

“Is this really goodbye?” he asked you, hopeful.

“I guess so” your voice broke and he immediately pushed away and turned his back on you.

“I’m sure we will find each other again” you placed your hand in his shoulder, he didn’t face you.

“I hope so” he said with a voice so small it was hard to hear. “You won’t know who I am though. You won’t know how I feel about you and you’ll never remember you felt the exact same”. He stopped for a while. “Maybe I’m being selfish but it seems you get the better end of this deal”.

“You don’t mean that” you said.

“Maybe” he said.

You hugged him from behind. Feeling is warm body one last time.

You could hear him whisper “Please change your mind”.

But would you?


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Sole finding an old (but surprisingly still working) piano and the companions reacting to hearing them playing/singing the song Hallelujah on it.

Cait: Seems quite amused as she hangs back and listens, keeping a neutral expression with her arms folded to hide the fact that she’s got goosebumps. The line “all I’ve ever learned from love was how to shoot somebody who outdrew you” strikes a chord in her, and she’s never heard music like this before. She plays it cool when they’re finished, complimenting them with a simple “not bad”, but spends the rest of the day thinking back on the event.

Codsworth: He’s almost overcome with emotion at hearing Sole do something they once enjoyed so much. It’s such a strong reassurance for him that Sole might be getting back to their old self, or at least as much as they can. He says their performance was absolutely delightful, and requests a few of his favourite songs.

Curie: Tries incredibly hard to suppress the smile on her face as they sing, but can’t stop the tears that come to her eyes or the shaky smile on her face. She thinks the song is absolutely incredible, but nowhere near as beautiful as the sound of Sole’s voice or the fluid movements of their fingers across the keys. When they’re finished, she claps her hands with delight and wraps them into a hug, gushing about how fantastic they are.

Danse: He seems to go somewhere far away as he listens to them play, leaning back against the wall and shutting his eyes, just losing himself in the sound of their voice. To him, there’s something special in the line “Love is not a victory march”, so he struggles to maintain his composure when they sing it, their voice swelling to hit the note. When they finish, giving him an expectant look, he can only choke out a hurried “Outstanding performance”.

Deacon: Sits down next to them while they sing and tries his very best to join in on the chorus, making up some of the lines in the verses too. When they’re finished, he decides that his input must have ruined it and urges them to go again, giving them some space and keeping his mouth shut. He’s hugely grateful for the fact that his eyes are hidden, because Sole’s voice makes them water - in a good way, of course, because its the most beautiful sound he’s ever heard. He tells them how fantastic they were and makes them teach him the words, which he sings to himself constantly for about a week after.

Dogmeat: Gives a few excited barks when they start playing the strange instrument, seeming to pick up on how happy his owner feels when their fingers touch the keys. When they’re finished, he jumps up and gives them a huge, slobbery kiss of appreciation, then happily rests by their feet when they continue playing different songs.

Hancock: Watches them with a huge smile on his face the entire time, an expression of love mingled with pride. He’s never heard a song that’s quite as powerful as this, and the beautiful voice singing it only makes the experience more moving. About halfway through, he sits down next to them and puts an arm around their waist, whispering that they’ve never looked as beautiful as they do right now. He tends to think back on the line “Her beauty in the moonlight overthrew you” every time he sees Sole looking particularly radiant.

MacCready: Isn’t ashamed of the tears that come to his eyes when he hears them play, though manages to maintain a calm demeanour despite them. He’s completely awestruck by the performance, unable to believe how lucky he is to have a treasure like Sole at his side. He releases a tiny noise of emotion at the line “I used to live alone before I knew you”, and when Sole is finished he pulls them into a kiss and tells them how beautiful they sang. Sole hears him humming the tune for days afterwards.

Nick: All he can think throughout the song is I’d be crying if this old body could. Sole is absolutely breathtaking, completely lost in a song that no one in the Commonwealth has heard before. He drinks down the sight of them, falling in love with the sound of their voice. When he closes his eyes, he’s the old Nick again, sitting in a smoky bar room and soaking up the music and the atmosphere. And when he opens them again to see Sole’s face beaming up at him, the song having ended before he even realised it, he finds himself unable to stop himself from taking their hand and kissing it gently, telling them how absolutely wonderful they sounded.

Piper: She sucks in an excited breath when she hears Sole sing the first line, completely taken aback by how beautiful their voice is. She lets herself get lost in the song, her body shaking a little bit with emotion, her stomach doing backflips. She releases a massive breath once they’re finished playing - one she may have been holding for the past few minutes - and struggles to speak for a few moments until finally she comes out with “That was incredible, Blue!” She makes it one of her goals in life to find a piano she could easily transfer to Sole’s home, so she can hear them play more often.

Preston: Smiles like an idiot the whole way through the performance, swaying a little to the tune and soaking up every second of it. He watches their face the entire time, lets the calmness in their expression flood through him, and for just a little while he feels exactly what his General is feeling, like their emotions are something in the oxygen. He really believes that he’s found something special with Sole, and their remarkable singing voice is so uniquely pre-war that he knows he’s never gonna meet another person like this. He struggles for words after Sole is done, finding nothing to say but “Unbelievable.”

Strong: Sits down and grumbles to himself while Sole sings. He likes the sound of their voice, but thinks it’s silly to sit around making noise when they could be out killing things and helping him find milk. He waits for them to finish the entire song before telling them to keep moving, though, which Sole takes as a very high compliment.

X6-88: He finds himself strangely enchanted by the way Sole’s fingers move gracefully across the keys, and they have a very beautiful singing voice. He doesn’t exactly get lost in the moment, but thoroughly enjoys the song. There’s something reassuring about the peace on their face when they sing, which encourages him to let them play on uninterrupted. He compliments them on their talent, and is gracious enough to to mention that their musical skill is completely useless.