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Whatever You Say

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Word count: 1846

Characters: Izzy and parabatai!reader, Raphael x reader, Jace Lightwood, Clary Fray, Simon Lewis

Warnings: Fluff? I don;t think there’s anything else, actually!

Summary: Set in 1.09 Rise Up. Rapahel has a condition to his keeping Simon and Clary safe.

“Hey, Y/N. Can I ask you a favour?”

You had been planning on spending this evening training with Izzy, but Jace found you in your room just as you were getting ready. He was leaning against your doorway, and he looked tense. You were immediately on your guard. Jace hated asking people for help. If he was coming to you, then whatever the problem was, it was serious.

“Sure. What is it?” you asked warily.

He glanced around, before coming further into your room and closing the door. “Look, you know Simon?”

“Clary’s friend? Sure I do.”

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You're Alright You. Twenty-Three

• What if … on the day of her release from the mental hospital Rae doesn’t see Chloe and the gang on the bikes…


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Part Twenty Three

It has eight days since my Mums wedding, and the whole fish thing.

Sometimes I could swear that I could still smell it in the air.

Especially when Chop or Archie walked past me.


Archie and Chop still kept giving each other looks when they thought nobody else was looking.

I was worried something else was brewing there.

Well, as long as it wasn’t another gone off fish I could deal, probably.

God I hope I never had to smell anything like that ever again, and even then it would be to soon.

Finn’s Nan’s funeral was five days ago.

It was bloody horrible.

A lot of people came though, which was good.

It showed Finn and his family just how much she was loved by everyone she came into contact with.

I had only met her a couple of times and I thought she was amazing.


“I’m bored” Chloe was flipping through a trashy fashion magazine that she had brought over to my house.

I didn’t understand why anyone wasted money on them really. I didn’t need to look at more skinny and perfect looking people who filled those things to know that I didn’t look like that.

To know that I never would look like that. Ever.

“Me too” Izzy sat on the floor, picking at the ends of her long hair.

“What are the boys doing again?” Chloe asked. Getting sweaty. Corrrr.

“Something to do with a football thingy” Izzy said.

“They have a match the weekend before we start college, there practicing” football thingy? Bloody hell

“Oh” Chloe pulled a face “Let’s go, do something”

“Like what?” Izzy asked.


“No fucking way” Nope. No. Nuhuh. Not happening.

“Alright calm down, Rae” Chloe laughed “Jesus

“We could go down the park?” Izzy shrugged her shoulders.

“Yeah, alright, Chlo’?” As long as I get to see my delicious boyfriend running around. Shirtless.


“ ‘Spose” I rolled my eyes.

“You just wanna go down there and watch your boyfriends play football with their shirts off” Damn right I did.

“Oh god” Finn shirtless was something that was permanently burnt into my brain. He was one sexy motherfucker.

Abs that I wanted to lick dairy l….

Rae!” A pillow smacked me in the face. Ugghh.


“You’re drooling” My best mate snickered.

“I’m allowed” I shouted “He’s my boyfriend!”

“Have you and him even had sex yet?”


“Why not?”

“Just haven’t!” We’d done other stuff.

Well technically he had done stuff.

I hadn’t gotten my hands on him just yet. Yet.

“I don’t get it, have you seen him?” Chloe sat up and looked at me “Apparently all the girls around college have permanently wet knickers when he’s around”

Chloe! Thats my boyfriend your talking about!” I threw the pillow back at her, right in the middle of her face. It was a little satisfying. 

“It’s the truth Rae, He is a hot commodity, you need to get that shit in the bag! Plus you don’t wanna be turning up at college with your v plates, people will think your frigid”

Jesus” I muttered under my breath. How can she say things like that? I’m meant to be her best friend!

“I’m not frigid Chloe”

“I didn’t say you was” she huffed “I said you don’t want people to think you are” bullshit is still bullshit.

“Plus, he ain’t gunna wait around for ever Rae, men have needs

“Needs?” Izzy quietly mumbled.

“What about you Izzy? Still think Chop’s a virgin?” I turned the attention on to our other friend, who also still had her V plates. Just saying.

“You what?” Chloe laughed “Chop is no virgin!” How the hell does she know? “God


“Well you said you thought thats why you hadn’t done, it, yet”

“I asked him”

“What did he say”

“Told me he weren’t a virgin, but that he was waiting for it to be perfect, doesn’t wanna rush it, cause he wants my first time to be dead special, cause I’m it for him”

“He actually said that?” Chloe looked, well she looked kind of shocked really.

“Yeah” she blushed “Told me he wanted to marry me and have a billion of kids”

“Oh my god Iz!” she shouted “This is huge”

So its alright if they guy wants to wait Chlo’? But if a girl does she’s frigid? Double fucking standards that is. Pure bullshit.

“I know” Izzy was blushing “I just want him to screw my brains out though” Did not need that image in my brain thank you very much.

“You two are lucky bitches, you know that! But you really do need to get it in the bag, I can’t believe that out of the three of us I’m the only single one and not a virgin! Sort it out girls!”

I wanted to have sex with Finn.

I was ready to have sex.

Most of the time I spent alone, in this room, was spent fantasising about it. About him.

It’s just that, being ready to have sex was not the problem.

The truth was that I didn’t know If I could be a hundred percent naked, with nothing to hide behind in front of another person when I couldn’t even look at myself naked.

How the hell was I going to let him see me like that.

Hell I could barley look at myself in any mirror, fully clothed or not.



“How’s Tix?” Chloe asked when Izzy ran off to buy a drink.

“Better” I smiled.

She had finally woken up last week.

That was the good news.

The bad news was that she wasn’t any closer to being out of the woods yet.

Doctor Nick told her if it happened again, her heart would not be able to cope. She would die. I fucking hated it.

All I wanted was for her to get better and out of that stupid hospital.

“Good” She smiled and pulled out a Chapstick from her pocket.

I need to……

Chlo’ ?”

“Yeah” she rubbed her lips together.

“Do you think Finn is going to want to have sex, with me?”

“He’s a lad, that is all they ever want”

I chewed on my lip.

“Yeah but” I looked away from her “I don’t exactly look like, most other girls, like his ex

“He must like yah, or he wouldn’t be with yah Rae”

“I guess”

“Plus if he is a boob man he has won the fucking lottery with yours, each one is the size of my head!”

“Oi” I shoved her “I’m being serious”

“Rae, look” she moved onto her knees closer to me “He is with you, and you’ve done other stuff so just pull the fucking trigger and let him whack it in yah”

“CHLOE!” I shouted, causing a few looks from other people sat around, including Izzy who was now walking back in our direction. Jesus.

“You just have to get the first time out of the way, thats the scariest” Thats what I was worried about. Being naked in front of each other, that first time. Hell every time. How do people do it?


“Definitely” She curled her arm around mine “Everyone is scared and nervous the first time, everyone is worried about their bodies, what to do, how its going to feel

“Really?” I could not imagine girls that looked like Chloe worrying about their bodies. Hers was bloody perfect.


“Was you?”

Yeah, he was older, he’d done it loads” Mr Carrisford. I had almost forgotten he was the guy she lost her virginity too.

“But you..”

“Look Rae, if Finn didn’t like you, or the way you looked do you think he would be with yah, right?”


“He wouldn’t, but he is and he loves yah”


Bloody hell.

We hadn’t said those three words to each other.

I knew I felt that way about him, but I had never though about him, having those kind of feelings about me.

“Fuck me”

“What you guys talking about?” Izzy plopped down opposite us.

“Sex” Chloe!

“Again?” she rolled her eyes “Anyone would think you two where sex addicts or something”

That is something I would not mind being addicted too.

As long as I had Finn to cure the urges of course.

It would be better being addicted to sex than to all of the crap in Mum’s cupboard.

I would be bloody skinny then, that would be for sure. I wish.


“Alright Girl?” Finn made me jump as he kissed my cheek “What you doing down here?”

“Chloe was bored” I looked up and smiled as he sat down next to me.

“Alright you lot” Chop smiled and went to kiss Izzy on the lips but thought better of it as Archie sat down next to Chloe. Oh god.

“Oh” he looked over at Chloe “How come you didn’t come down the field?”

“Didn’t wanna take your attention of the game, did I” I poked my tongue out at him before laying backwards. That was bullshit.

I was all for going and watching him play. It was Chloe who put a stop to us going.

“You still ok to take me to see Tixie later?” I turned to look at him as he laid down next to me.

“ 'course” he smiled. God he really was a sexy motherfucker.

Chloe was right, I just needed to get that first time out of the way.

I needed to just be strong and do it.

Get naked and do it.


“Is your Dad home this weekend?” I asked. Please say no.

“Not till Sunday”

“So Saturday?”

“He’s away” he was looking at me curiously “What you thinking girl?”

“Can I stay over?” In four days. Four days.

“ 'Course”

“Good” I nodded.

“I feel like I’m missing something”

Just tell him.

Be honest.

“I wanna do itIn four days.

“Do it?” his eyes widened when he realised what I was banging on about “Sex?”

“Yep” I took a deep breath “I wanna have sex”

“Jesus” he closed his eyes “You can’t just say that to me Rae


Oh god.

Maybe he doesn’t want to do it.

I watched as he rolled over and burrowed his head into the bag that he’d been using as a pillow.

“Are you trying to kill me?” his voice was muffled now.

“Forget it” I turned to look at the sky.

“How can I? Jesus” I felt him tug on my sleeve “Rae

I looked over and saw he was now looking at me “Saturday?”

“You don’t hav..”

“Saturday?” He was a little louder this time. Which gained the attention of our friends.

“Oi, whats happening Saturday?” Chop asked.

“Nothing involving you, that is bloody certain” Finn shouted without taking his eyes off me “Saturday?” he asked again.

I just gave a small, quick nod.

Saturday. Holy shit.