and she isn't thinking about it either

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When you mentioned the device in your post about Lena knowing Kara is Supergirl got me thinking (and maybe this has been discussed already, idk) what if Lena's biological mother wasn't human? Listen, what if Kara didn't actually damage the device and a) Lena thinks the green response is what she was supposed to get and doesn't know she (herself) isn't human, or b) she knows and the device confirmed her Kara is not human either. Part of me thinks the writers are not that smart, but what if?

I SAID THE SAME THING ON TWITTER!!!!!!! Listen! If lena’s mother was an alien indeed and her father knew then isolating lena from lillian would be logical since lillian is not alien friendly at all. I dont think supergirl’s lazer eyes effected the device. I think the device was working just fine. I even saw someone say that the president could very well be lena’s mother because Lillian is full of shit seriously why would we believe that lena’s mother is dead? I also think this could be why lena’s father took her away from her mother maybe because he figured out she was an alien and wanted lena away from her?

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I just rewatched the first episode and I am upset about the scene when Lena saves Alex. Lena shot Corben and saved Alex, but Alex praised Supergirl. Supergirl then says "I had help" and I thought she was going to acknowledge the fact that Lena just saved her sister, but instead she looks towards where Superman is presumed to be. Thoughts?

😫😠 Those faces reflect my thoughts pretty well. From the several times I have watched that scene I am thinking that Alex saves Lena, then Lena returns the favor. No acknowledgement on either of their parts. However, Alex was doing her job, she was there to protect the press event, hopefully apprehend Corben and by result, keep those that were there safe. Just “FBI” things. Lena on the other hand, after Alex saved her, could have run. She could have gotten out of dodge knowing full well that her life was in danger. Instead she stayed, picked up Corben’s gun and saved a complete stranger.

I can understand the general praise of Supergirl because she did help prevent the building from collapsing, but Alex wasn’t addressing that at the time. She says, “Bullet went through and through. But he needs a hospital. Nice work, Supergirl.” Alex, honey, Kara didn’t shoot anyone. She talked to Corben, it served as a distraction, but still. Kara had help! Oh, Lena? No. Superman. He held up a building. Just Superman things. Let’s ignore the civilian that risked her life to save someone she didn’t know.

So, as annoying as it was, here were my thoughts of attempted justification. Alex clearly doesn’t know Lena. That much can be said even, now despite everything Lena has done and everything Kara has said in Lena’s defense and their close relationship. Alex always has that wall up. The same could be said for Kara at this point. She admitted that she could relate to Lena’s feelings on living outside of her family’s shadow, and she couldn’t help but believe that she was innocent. But at that point, she was still just a Luthor. 

There was still that layer of uncertainty and distrust which is why Alex didn’t acknowledge her. For Kara, Kara Danvers may have said something, even just a quick thank you for the rescue. But Supergirl still sees a Luthor – a Luthor that just shot a man, regardless of the reason, there it is. She doesn’t quite know what to think. Even if it isn’t right, but that was the point about Lena in this episode, wasn’t it? Preconceived notions. 

We also know that Supergirl was happy to be working with her cousin. They played that up on the show so, sure, let’s give him that iconic shot of Superman heroically, if not stoically hovering in the distance after an avoided crisis. Yay🎉 

After all of that, how interesting is it that in the next scene, Clark Kent, the one that had the strongest biased against her was the one to acknowledge that she did good work?

  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: Why is it that, in Disney's The Hunchback of Notre Dame, Quasimodo is fair skinned with red hair and green eyes when his parents are both Roma? His mother is even seen at the beginning of the movie with black hair and brown eyes. Maybe his father wasn't Roma? Or maybe the woman carrying Quasimodo isn't even his mother. Perhaps she pitied Quasimodo for being an outcast just like she was, and decided to take him under her care. If Quasimodo's real parents were part of the French elite, their abandonment of a deformed child would make a lot of sense. But maybe this all chalks up to genetic discoloration. After all,the mutation that gave Quasimodo his hunchback and deformed facial structure could have also affected his coloring. Either way I need answers

I don’t even like William, but from what Noora said he really struggled with the Nico stuff. While he shouldn’t have abandoned her and worked all the time, effectively ending their communication, it’s important to remember his side. SKAM is all about people learning and changing for the better, and it teaches us not to judge people based on their mistakes and their prejudices. At the end of the day, he was a teenager who couldn’t handle the weight of that relationship, but to say he’s abusive to Noora and that he’s an inherently bad person is, in my opinion, unfair.

SKAM is all about how people aren’t what they seem, and William may seem like a fuckboy who messes with Noora’s heart but just remember that Even screwed with Isak’s feelings but redeemed himself, and Jonas was a pretty shitty boyfriend but redeemed himself.

I mean, as a character, William reminds me a lot of my sister’s boyfriend. Sure he’s an idiot, and he’s a freakin’ mess but he’s also the same age (19/20) and he’s still young. And I know he loves my sister a lot despite his idiocy and the fact that she deserves better. She loves him, the same way Noora loves William. It’s irrational but it’s uncontrollable.

I just think everyone needs to calm down on the William hating and either ignore him (if you hate the Noorhelm stuff that much just don’t let it bother you) or simply wait and see how the story pans out for Noora and Noorhelm.

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I just finished acowar and I have a few questions. Now that Keir etc are allowed in velaris, couldn't mor kill him? She's allowed to, right? And to me, mor closeting herself does not make any sense at all. She said it was so her father wouldn't spoil that for her, but isn't that bowing down to him? There are even queer high lords, so why does it matter what the court of nightmares thinks about her sexuality? And azriel/elain does not make a lot of sense to me either ,:/

-Mor has been allowed to kill her parents since Rhys took over as High Lord and gave her the permission to do so, it is her choice, just not one she has made yet. (Personally, though, it’s my hc that Amren keeps her word to Mor and when the war is over she and Az pay Keir a little visit and basically just, you can go to Velaris, technically, but I can also skin you alive very, very slowly too, so maybe we should both exercise some control over the things we can do, hm? The next morning she simply tells Mor that neither Keir nor the CoN will ever set foot in Velaris, she’s safe. Mor believes her.) 

- @cass-ian posted a lovely long piece about queer rep in acowar and I agreed with the points she made on this, that Mor could be out to her family/Velaris but not the CoN. And tbh, like I’ve defended Mor’s actions in not coming out to anyone, and I stand by that…But from a narrative perspective there are some gaping inconsistencies for the sake of convenience and angst in ACOWAR. 

First of all, Keir is only a steward, the person who actually runs the Hewn City; and indeed the person who runs Velaris as well…Is Mor. Mor is Rhys’ Third in command, the only people in the Night Court who outrank her are Rhys and Amren. Keir, in ACOMAF, does not appear to have any authority over her or ability to influence her in this way. Buuut plot/Drama are more important than consistency and Mor’s power/agency so…That gets overlooked. 

Secondly, it would appear, given how comfortably out and happy both Thesan and Helion are, that homophobia is not really a thing in Prythian (or the mortal realm, given Nesta’s thoughts in Wings and Embers)….Except for the CoN. Because like, it needs to exist in this one place to…Cause Mor pain, obviously. I suppose I could have gone with that given how grossly misogynistic the CoN is and how obsessed it is with breeding and bloodlines (LITERALLY WHY THOUGH. UR ALL IMMORTAL. CALM UR NEED TO HAVE CHILDREN. ahem) But this still drags us back to your first, very correct point, that Mor has authority over the Hewn City and that entire court, they should not be able to threaten her (though I suppose you could talk about internalised homophobia and the way she was raised but I still just…..This narrative was so badly done it physically pains me) 

The bottom line here is: Consistency does not matter, so long as there can be Gay Angst, we’ll bend over backwards just to generate some of that. 

-I think it’s a lovely little friendship and I’m like…the shippers can fill their boots, I get it, go nuts, it’s grand. I just don’t ship it…and I’d rather it be kept out of my tags/tagged properly so it can be avoided. Pls and thank you. 

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Yeah I don't get their logic at all - they say Bismuth is coded as a villain ignoring how she's presented as a complex, sympathetic character; and say that SU is making "butch" characters evil. While ignoring Lapis, Blue Diamond, Aquamarine, Yellow Pearl, Navy...or the fact that Jasper isn't a 100% villain either. I guess every exception doesn't matter when you're trying to "criticize" the show.

I think some people are allowed to be upset about parts of the way bismuth was presented. There’s been a long line of black butch characters being shown as irrationally violent, and I personally think the crewniverse could have done better with that. But I also have faith they will bring her back and treat her well. It may take a bit of time but I can be patient
I mostly have a problem with the ones that are like “bismuth did nothing wrong” and that they agree she should have been allowed to shatter the diamonds and think it was a huge injustice to her that they wouldn’t let her shatter gems so

Turns out the Raza aren’t a race of aliens. “The Raza” is the name of this ship.

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This is the anon about Kim Chi! The article makes it sound like she could be at least demisexual or gray. I think what most people forget is that you can be asexual and still be romantically attracted to people. Nor do you have to hate sex. I would just be really awesome if she was because it could bring so much more visibility!

it does tbh, just depends what labels she’s comfortable using i guess. i think it’s cool how open she is already about being content with being a virgin since there’s such a large focus on sex in the gay community

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Hey, what if Betty isn't actually Evil? Now hear me out. Her trait is Fear, so its possible her insanity to to hide her fear, constantly screaming and Crying In her head. She didn't ask to be like this. I know I feel pity for the Bad Guy, but think about Chara. The Hate made Them evil but when Asriel got to Chara They were a Good person. Chara isn't evil and Betty isn't either. The Fear is like the Hate, Fear could stand for 'For Ever Alone, Right?' I believe Betty will gain BRAVERY back. Butidk

Betty’s soul is Fear. Her body was created with the sole purpose to be a vessel for that soul. No one is born evil, but sadly when the barrier broke, her soul’s essence got activated and she got all those memories from Bravery commanding her the one purpose of her existence.

She’s doomed to fullfill that one command, even if she didn’t want to. Blame Bravery.

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Just saw your 'I love you' post. Gaaaaawd! I LOVE those two! Was wondering if you could help me out, there's a scene I keep remembering, but I can't seem to place it, whether it was in the books or just a fic lol, but it's a scene where C/J are in a lean to or something and he's asking if she wants a baby, she says no but she loves him. It isn't on your list so just wondering if I'm imagining things or did that happen at some point?

Hi anon - it’s a scene from The Fiery Cross.

For context: Jamie and Claire have come into possession of a baby who is all alone in the world, abandoned by her mother and no father in sight. Being in such close proximity to this baby reminds Claire of when she carried Brianna - and Faith - and she gets to thinking about how Jamie never saw her hold either of their children.

Jamie is acutely aware of this. He is also aware that he and Claire have come across a newborn who is clearly in need - and, as they have so many times before, he is prepared to take this child into his family.

“If ye want the child, Claire, I will take her, and manage whatever comes.”

If I wanted her. I could feel the soft weight of the child, sleeping on my breast. I had forgotten the intoxication of motherhood for years; pushed aside the memory of the feelings of exaltation, exhaustion, panic, delight. Having Germain and Jemmy and Joan nearby, though, had reminded me vividly.

“And manage whatever comes.” Here Jamie makes clear that he wants what Claire wants. If she wants the child, he’ll raise it as his own - like he did with Fergus, and Marsali, and (later) Fannie.

Especially because he so wants to give Claire the gift of motherhood.

“For my sake,” he said firmly, addressing the air in front of him as though it were a tribunal, “I dinna want ye to bear another child. I wouldna risk your loss, Sassenach,” he said, his voice suddenly husky. “Not for a dozen bairns. I’ve daughters and sons, nieces and nephews, grandchildren—weans enough.”

He looked at me directly then, and spoke softly.

“But I’ve no life but you, Claire.”

He swallowed audibly, and went on, eyes fixed on mine.

“I did think, though … if ye do want another child … perhaps I could still give ye one.”

Here Jamie plainly shows Claire - admits to her, for the first time ever - that he feels…inadequate, or guilty that he couldn’t have given her more children during their younger years. So he will do whatever it takes to give her more. In whatever way he can.

Because he loves her so deeply. Always puts her first.

And Claire knows this. It takes her breath away.

And reminds her that she doesn’t need to care for another child - not at this point in her life. She’s been there and done that. That phase of her life is other.

She needs to remind Jamie that she doesn’t resent him, or feel bad, that they weren’t able to conceive more children.

And she needs to remind him just how deeply she admires and appreciates him, and his selflessness, and his sacrifices.

I knew. As a mother, I had the lightness now of effort complete, honor satisfied. Mission accomplished.

I leaned my forehead against his chest and spoke into the shadowed cloth above his heart.

“No,” I said softly. “But, Jamie … I so love you.”

Things about the MBTI types I know irl.
  • (I'm an INFJ, by the way.)
  • ISFJ: Actually the kindest, most socially graceful person I know. Has their nose to the grindstone 24/7 and always directs their full energy to things. Full of puns. Loves All Time Low. They seem to have the dirt on EVERYONE, except they don't tell unless that person is a jerk. So every now and then they let us in on some major shit. Oh, and an anecdote: my insides literally twisted when I had to tell them that the password I set for the squad's online CAH game was "titty.5" i.e. "titty point five"
  • ESFJ: A sinful indulger in the waluigi meme and a huge fan of Ed Sheeran, her salt level is the highest I've ever seen. She's great at doing impressions, and is a person who seems to have knowledge about a lot of things. Is not good at faking laughs. Went to zombie laser tag and screamed the entire time. Her sneezes will literally shake the foundations of your house. Oh and she bakes really, really well! She made brownies from scratch and I think an angel cried.
  • INTJ: She once said I was reserved but "wonderfully caustic". And it seemed like she admired me? Either way, I admired her because she's really a whole lot better at translating her thoughts into words than I ever was. At first we were pretty chill, but it turns out she isn't very nice to people she doesn't think are "wonderfully caustic" so I haven't been in contact with her lately. She has slanted handwriting, likes cheese, and she wears her hair in braids a lot. One time she said "owie" and I remember thinking it was cute.
  • ENFP: He's really optimistic about everything, seems to have the idea that everyone can just be happy if they have the right mindset, and likes to be liked by everyone. He has a few nicknames, except no one really calls him by them because he's the one who made them up. For halloween one year his costume involved glitter, and he was covered in traces of it for the next three weeks. He wore this really punk sweatshirt once, which he got from a rapper that spit some bars at his church.
  • ENTP: My history teacher. He's not awful but he's not the best at it either. (Still a fun class though!) He makes interesting comparisons, is good at finding logical inconsistencies, tells a lot of stories from his life, and shoots students with a nerf gun when they fall asleep in class. I was assigned a seat in the front and center of the room, and one time during a test he put on some lotion and did the hand-rub thing right in my face and it was mad awkward.
  • ISTP: He's rude without realizing it quite often; I found him intimidating at first. (You kind of have to get used to him.) He's a lot taller than me, so I would hold onto the back of his shirt in the hallways. A lot of times, when someone tells me some random fact they found out, in the back of my head I'm thinking "I think ISTP might've told me that once in like, third grade...?" In kindergarten he publicly condemned the nursery rhyme where the cow jumps over the moon for being "unrealistic and plain silly". For a 9th grade art project he sculpted the Ringworld.
  • ESTP: Really fun guy to be around to be honest. Interesting to talk to because he knows a little bit of everything, and he's super hilarious. Pretty argumentative and could be abrasive sometimes, though. When he was out of school after having his appendix removed, he sent a robot in his place (he controlled it from his house and received audio and video from it; basically went to school through video chat). He really likes cats and has nice eyebrows. One time he paid someone fifty cents to eat a banana peel.
  • ESFP: She's really eccentric in the most beautiful way. So genuine and so sassy. Remembers things /very/ vividly. When she's trying to describe a person, she would describe their shoes first for some reason. Has a very energetic puppy that makes gurgling sounds. We became close friends because we sat next to each other in algebra and bonded over our repeated failures to understand.
  • ESTJ: He's an incredible artist, and he dyes streaks in his hair a lot and it looks really cool. He has a pretty quick temper, and doesn't really mind breaking rules that don't make sense to him. He's got neat, loopy handwriting and an incredibly clean room. Talks a lot, and really fast. Calls himself an asshole, but I say he's a genuinely good person. For a few months he wore this mood ring made of cheap metal that stained his finger. Doesn't have a tumblr, but if he did he'd be a huuuge piece of meme trash.

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You know I love the monsters but I find them a little hypocrite. I will spoke about the not-pacifist neutral run here (not the genocide since Frisk isn't really herself). I mean the monsters attack the little human, they try to kill her and take her soul and then they become angry because the child DEFEND herself? Yes I know that Papyrus didn't try to kill the kid, but he has either attacked Frisk for capture her, and she could also think that this "too nice" side is a trap. What do you think?

I don’t know if I’d say hypocritical. They’re desperate and afraid. They enter with a negative bias against humans, that humans kill and take everything away from them (which is a reasonable view given what they’ve experienced), and you have to prove to them that not all humans fit that image.

In a neutral ending… Frisk DOES do all those things– even if they were a good kid. The monsters don’t know about Flowey. They assume you killed Asgore and somehow took the other 6 souls. You just doomed them to several centuries more of imprisonment.

Typically in the endings, Undyne is the only one who gets upset with you. Everyone else seems to understand that the situation was bad all around. Even in the Judgment Hall, Sans is usually pretty forgiving about you fighting back up to a certain level. Killing Papyrus usually leads to the endings where they’re the angriest at you, and that’s probably because even if you fought back against him, you should’ve still had the option to spare him when his health was low. You’ve confirmed that even if they give humans a chance for peace, humans will backstab them.

And you should remember that most monsters besides the guards and sentries aren’t attacking you on purpose. Most don’t realize you’re a human, or even know what one looks like. Pelting each other with magic bullets is how they say hello– a lot of them may not realize they’re hurting you.

As for the others, they think they’re defending themselves and the Underground the same way you are. Over the course of the game, if you show them that peace and love is another option, they’ll start believing it too. 

“um don’t get mad at ppl who believed/defended discourseprincesa uwu she acted like she knew what she was talking about”

asking that people use critical thinking skills is not an unreasonable burden, sorry

blue like I’ve never known, dark grey (and all alone)

It’s official: I have descended the farthest of the far into loser detective hell. Some disclaimers: 1) Daphne Simmons is based on a character from think once, think twice by ao3 user Fahye (which I highly recommend) - but, yeah, all rights go to them for Daphne Simmons 2) title’s from Taylor Swift and I totally am aware that that was literally one throwaway line in The Unsolvable Case but tbh it has fuel this fic, so taylorswift​ thanks for your rad music (and @ Jake thanks for having fab taste in music), and, 3) I have never actually seen Die Hard (there are four of them?!?!). Basically, the motivation for this fic was mostly based on Teddy’s comments from The Roadtrip in season two, about how Amy liked Jake back before he left. Also, this might just be me, but tbh light-hearted tone of the show aside i reaaaally have to admit that I think Jake’s going undercover with the mafia was a little more dangerous and gritty than the show suggested. Hence: Amy Santiago worries. Finally, thanks SO MUCH to star-vault-ofthe-heavens​ for proofreading this for me last minute - you are LITERALLY the greatest ever. *salutes*

He’s been gone two weeks when she first notices the tension in her shoulders.

She comes in to work exactly on time, not a second before or after the clock, crossing the bullpen and sitting down at her desk just as she’s done almost every other day for the past eight years.

And then she stops. And flexes her shoulders, because they’re feeling uncomfortably tight. Her hand presses against the desk and Amy takes a deep breath.

She realizes, then: she’s waiting for something.

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INTP Cognitive Functions (in a nutshell):
  • Ti: If you think about it though, there's really no way to deny the existence of the supernatural. I honestly don't think it's a science vs. faith thing. I'd say to either believe or deny the supernatural would require at least some amount of faith. In fact, the only way you could probably put a complete lack of faith into this would be if you were to say, "I don't know, and I don't care" and be totally indifferent about it. The human brain is extremely infantile compared to the universe and there's probably tons of stuff we'll never even know because our brains simply lack the ability to comprehend them.
  • Ne: Aw man, isn't it cool to think about the avenue of possibilities though? Like, what would a spiritual realm even look like anyway? And if some kind of higher deity created our world, why would he (or she) stop there? I mean, there has to be other intelligent life out there in the universe. And there's no way we can really prove that alternate universes don't exist either. What if everything in life is like a mix of predetermined destiny and freewill, and every time we make a decision, new alternate worlds are created to compensate for the decisions we DIDN'T make? Heck, what if human ideas all exist in some literal form somewhere? I know it's rather abstract, but literally anything within the scope of the unknown is possible.
  • Si: Hey, guys? Can we think about this later? I just stumbled across this old television series from our childhood and someone uploaded all the episodes to Youtube. I'm kind of in the mood tonight to just consume an unhealthy amount of caffeine and go on a huge nostalgia binge.
  • Fe: No. NO! We can't do that tonight. Remember that old friend who stopped being our friend a while ago? Well HE MESSAGED US AGAIN. He still thinks we hate him! Oh my god. OH MY GOD. He's right though. Sometimes we do act really aloof and keep to ourselves too much. Is that okay? Is it okay to seclude ourselves like this for too long? Oh man, no. NO. We're hurting everyone we care about. This is not okay! We have to let everyone know we still care about them! Quick, what do you say when you want to tell someone you care about them but you want to sound genuine? We can't mess this up again! WE CAN'T. I don't know what to say to console this person AND I'M KIND OF FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW.

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hi i've really loved your recent metas on jaime x cersei. you've said that you believe jaime's murder of cersei will be more about vengeance than heroism? do you have any speculation about what that could be? right now the most popular theory is that jaime kills cersei because she will burn KL. now obviously strangling cersei is cruel way to kill her but if he does kill her to stop mass murder, then isn't it heroic after all? i'm just curious what you think :)

[ Posts about Jaime as the valonqar: 1, 2 ]

Thank you, I’m glad you liked them! 

the most popular theory is that jaime kills cersei because she will burn KL. […] if he does kill her to stop mass murder, then isn’t it heroic after all?

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding your question, but you seem to be proposing two completely opposite scenarios here: (1) either Jaime kills Cersei to prevent the wildfire explosion in a “heroic” repeat of what happened with Aerys, or (2) King’s Landing explodes and Jaime kills her after the fact, either (A) because he’s coldly passed judgement on her and deemed her guilty, or (B) because he’s passionately angry with her. 

Option (1) just isn’t happening. I guarantee you, that wildfire under King’s Landing is going to explode in the books. All those people are going to die. The show is probably going to do (2A), which is disgusting. (Cersei deserves to be judged, but not by Jaime. Goldenhand the Just wouldn’t know justice if it slapped him in the face.) Fortunately I’m not here to talk about the show. In the books, I believe Chekhov’s Wildfire and the valonqar will be two separate and ultimately unrelated events. 

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This isn't exactly representations because it's not "official" but its very very easy to interpret Korra from Legend of Korra as either combined or hyperactive-type ADHD!!! She's reckless and quick to be emotional and has trouble regulating her emotions, she's really loud and excited about almost everything in S1, she hyperfocuses on learning airbending/has trouble with sitting still and meditating because it doesn't have instant gratification, etc. ADHD KORRA.

What do you guys think? Do you agree?