and she is wearing martens!

Paging Dr. Scully, chp 3

Paging Dr. Scully, chp 1: Squeeze 

Paging Dr Scully, chp 2: Jersey Devil

Paging Dr. Scully, chp 3: Shadows

Why had she let Gina convince her to wear the lace bodysuit?

“I look like a preteen in a Love’s Baby Soft ad,” she mutters to herself in the bathroom mirror at the restaurant as she touches up her lipstick and pushes carefully-curled tendrils behind her ear.

Normally, she’d have called up Melissa to come help her get ready. Melissa keeps up with fashion trends – she wears chokers and Doc Martens with bohemian dresses, not a predictable rotation of petite-sized scrubs underneath bleachy-white doctor coats. Scully rarely has a reason to put on anything other than jeans and a sweatshirt in the all-too-short hours between shifts.

But Melissa is away “on walkabout,” as she had put it. Scully had teased her repeatedly for calling an aimless American road trip by the Australian term for an adolescent spiritual rite of passage. “But it IS meaningful, Dana,” Melissa had insisted, her voice deep with conviction. “I want to see what the world holds for me, to open myself up to possibilities.”

Scully had nodded, only the slightest raise of her eyebrow betraying her scepticism that the trip is anything other than an excuse to hook up with random strangers and experiment with mind altering substances of one kind or another. She could have been jealous of Melissa’s unencumbered ways, but that had never been what she wanted from life.

She had thrived on the challenges of school and the thrill of the ER’s energy. She likes knowing she has control, giving commands to nurses and technicians, swooping in to bring order out of the chaos. That’s what she does. And it’s what she wants – to make sense of things, to categorize and pin things down. Life should be conquerable, ordered, stable. She needs a partner who wants the same things, right?

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This might sound weird, but how about a GIRLee Girls' Night Out?

hahaha you got it nonnie (names are from shinee’s school of rock (starts at 5:05) which they took part in TWO months after their debut wow! ~ the short’s genre is horror just a head’s up! 


  • has been trying to curl her hair for the past half hour
  • every few minutes “aH hot!!!” / minjung: omg you are a hazard to yourself
  • minjung offered to help and now she has v different curls going on on each side of her head
  • doesn’t know why she even bothered bc her hair is going UP when she dances 
  • absolutely refuses to wear heels bc the time she did she missed a step and almost died so she’s wearing dr. martens and no gwiboon we’re not even the same shoe size IT’LL BE FINE
  • almost fighting people to get to the bar bc she just wants a drink and a sEAT
  • she will stomp on someone’s foot with her heavy af boots by the end of the night probably


  • wants to stay in and bum but……………
  • breaks out her huge five inch red pumps (”HELLO MY BABIES” / gwiboon: you could kill a man with those…. i approve)
  • and after she puts on her bombass outfit she’s so hype
  • blasts edm while everyone is getting ready and that’s why her eyeliner is a bit uneven
  • walking around like her feet aren’t killing her 
  • it’s weird being able to see the top of minjung’s head 
  • she feels sO POWERFUL 
  • after a few drinks her wild side comes out (minjung: oh shit it’s jongmiiiiiii go jongmi go jongmi)
  • climbed up on the stage and when ot4 try to get her to come down she pulls them up and at first they’re like sos but then they dance their hearts out


  • her cat eye, brows, red lips, and highlighter are on point
  • basically her entire face
  • but her clothes/shoes too so basically just all of her, so on point 
  • when they first got to the club they all really needed to pee but there was a huge line for the girls’ bathroom so she burst into the boys’, wielding taeyeon and yelled “SHE NEEDS TO THROW UP” so they got a stall for themselves 
  • drinking a white wine bc she would (ot4: *~sipping of fruity cocktails~* these have so much more alcohol in them)
  •  is tired of yelling over the music so she texts everyone if she wants to say something 
  • when people ask her if she wants a drink she asks for water bottles and passes them out to ot4 (”hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, *takes away jongmi’s drink* junghee will thank me later and also hydrate”)


  • keeps rolling down the window of the cab to yell WHOOOOO at passerbys 
  • really pleased when people whooo back 
  • wearing sneakers and allowing junghee’s little height victory 
  • rolling her eyes when she tries to use her as an armrest (you’re not quite tall enough for that my dude / junghee: *grinning like her face is going to split* whatever shortie) 
  • took off one of her false eyelashes and put it on taeyeon and she swears she didn’t think that she would run out of the club screaming bc where is the logic in that?????? there are more bugs out ther taeyeon you misguided soul 
  • yell-rapping every song 
  • her lipstick is smeared and ot4 all have pink lipmarks on their cheeks 


  • making friends in the girls’ bathroom and now she has 7 more instagram followers (junghee: who was that?? / taeyeon: shrug emoji) 
  • dude they give french fries at the bar oh hey eunsook since when were you here 
  • wants to dance dance dance da-dance 
  • fantastic baby 
  • her hair has whipped several people who moved away grumbling 
  • if it looks like they’re going to start a problem minjung and gwiboon just stare them down until they walk away 
  • shuffling 
  • boom shakalaka 
Headcanon No.23

What they wear (besides their usual clothes)

Jeff: Black skinny jeans, joggers, black tank tops or shirts. Vans and Converse as said in earlier posts. m a n b u n. 

Laughing Jack: Faboo Bitch. Sassy black crop tops with some bitchy phrase on them. Drop crotch pants. Usually black or monochrome striped. He wears monochrome thigh highs under his pants. If he’s feeling extra bitchy he’ll throw on a pair of stilettos but normally he wears Doc Martens. His right ear is pierced to the max. His hair is usually in a nice high pony tail when he doesn’t have it down.

Eyeless Jack: Tank top usually under a hoodie. He recently dyed his hair white. He wears really baggy jeans, usually black. He has three different masks. One with an angered expression, one with a neutral expression, and one with an almost joyed expression. His look has changed over the years. He’ll wear red plaid with black accents when he isn’t working.

Jane: She likes shorts. High-waisted shorts especially. She’ll tuck a shirt into them. The shirt is probably grey, black, or maroon. She sometimes wears knee-high socks. Her shoes of choice are Doc Martens or all black Converse. She also likes leggings.

Masky: f l a n n e l

-I’m ending it here because Toby and Hoodie really don’t have a changeable look in my opinion. Like what Toby wears normally is pretty much like all his other clothes. And Hoodie pretty much wears hoodies and jeans. Plus I’m tired and need a nap. Forgive me-

What made you ditch Spider-Man for the night?Part 1

Hi everyone! This is my first spideychelle pic so please be aware that I’m very fresh to all of this. Also part 2 of this ficlet is kind of nsfw so be warned. Also I didn’t really edit this so I apologise for grammatical errors.

Peter hates! Flash Thompson’s parties, with a passion but despite that fact, here he was, at Flash’s big house in the suburbs because Ned had begged him to go out. They had only been there an hour and yet the relentless ‘Penis Parker’ chant had already begun.

Peter groaned to himself, ‘Ned can we go?’

‘No way Peter we only just got here, besides, no one is teasing you anymore, it’s more like playful jesting.’ Peter rolled his eyes but he couldn’t argue. Although Peter was still not a ‘cool’ kid by any means, he was a senior, and he had gotten close the other kids from decathlon, even to some degree to Flash.

‘Hey Ned,’ Peter asks as casually as possible ‘Where’s Michelle I though she said she was going to come tonight?’ Ned had just shrugged giving him a knowing look and said ‘I dunno man, call her?’

Peter shrugs and figure why not as he steps outside in order to reduce the sound of the thumping music. He calls Michelle’s number, she answers after 3 rings.

‘What do you want Parker?’

‘Hey MJ!? Are you at the party yet?’

‘No, but I am literally pulling up in an uber now, why did you miss me?’ Peter knows she is teasing but is still a little flustered by the question. ‘No, I uh, Ned and I were just wondering if you were still coming.’ He asks nervously.

‘Well I’m here now loser so meet me out the front.’ And then he realizes that she has already hung up.

So Peter walks back through the house, dodging drunken teens and then makes his way to the front garden, by the time he gets there he sees MJ walking up the driveway. She was wearing skinny jeans with black doc martens with a black cami top; her hair was down and curly. Peter couldn’t help his breath hitch a little. Why did she have to look so cool all the time?

‘Hey MJ!’ he said waving at her,

‘Hey loser, what’s up? Where’s Leeds?’ She asks.

‘I dunno actually, we should probably go find him. I kinda just ditched him in there.’ She chuckles a little in response as they inside the giant house and set off looking for Ned.

Along the way they both accept a drink from Abraham and chat to a few friends. After a while, Peter decides to just give up and call Ned but before he has the chance he feels MJ tug on his shirt. He looks at her, her mouth was open in shock pointing to the opposite side of the room. Following her eye line, Peter finds Ned. He is huddled in a corner and someone (who appears to be Betty Brant) is aggressively making out with him. Peter feels his mouth also fall open in shock. Before he hears MJ happily whoop next to him ‘Get it Leeds!’ she shouts as people around them begin to notice and cheer.

‘About time,’ Peter chimes in turning back to face Michelle. She chuckles in agreement and says, ‘ugh we are never going hear the end of this though. If we thought he was obsessed before just picture it now.’

They retreat to their own dark corner and talk amongst themselves, its easy Peter thinks. They are standing so close and leaning into each other so that they can hear over the music and it feels so natural. Like if he just leaned in and kissed her it would be like something inevitable and meant to be. But he knows he can’t. MJ is MJ and she would freak out, she would punch him in the face, tell him he read all the signals wrong. So he just ignores the urge to confess his undying love for and tries his best to be interested in the conversation they are having about Game of Thrones.

After a while she excuses herself and says ‘I’m going to get another drink. Want one Spider-Boy?’ she asks winking teasingly.

‘Yeah why not, just get me whatever your having.’ She nods before being swallowed into the crowd.

Peter is lost in thoughts of MJ and minding his own business when a drunken blonde girl approaches, throwing her arms around him. ‘Hi, You’re reallyyyyy cuteee.’ She says sloppily. Peter pushes her off but uses his arms to steady her. ‘Hi, what’s your name?’ Peter asks seriously.

‘Kelly.’ She replies very slowly.

‘Hi Kelly, where are your friends?’

‘I dunno, I can’t find them… but that’s ok because I found you.’ She moves so quickly even Peter can’t stop her, feeling her lips land on top of his.

Peter immediately pushes her off but still props her upright. He looks up and sees Michelle standing next to him, two drinks in hand and looking even less pleased then usual. Peter looks at her with pleading eyes ‘Please help!’ Michelle rolls her eyes and huffs, before taking Kelly’s other arm and saying ‘Alright Blondie, how old are you?’

‘18!’ she replies quickly Michelle looks at her skeptically and says

‘ok we will pretend that’s true. Give me your phone.’ The girl is too drunk to argue and complies passing her phone too Peter, Michelle uses the girls thumb print to unlock it and scrolls through her contacts. ‘What are you doing MJ?’ Peter asks.

‘Calling her mom, she is absolutely gone.’

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The Secret Life of Yasmine Yousaf

My bedroom is upstairs, 16 steps above Yasmine’s. From here, I have a better view of my little sister than a fan’s front row view at a show (don’t be jelly). For many of you, Yasmine is a star, idol, or role model that you’ve only met through pictures, videos, and songs. What you don’t see are the simplistic, spontaneous, low maintenance, and nurturing aspects of her personality that I get to observe in our day-to-day life.

So here I am, reporting from the frontlines, the secret life of Yasmine Yousaf.

Photo by Hayden Belluomini

Yasmine wakes up at approximately 7AM everyday since we’ve been home focusing on our upcoming body of work (which is about 90% completed, no plug intended). In my groggy state, I can hear her pouring dog food into our dog Scarlette’s metal bowl downstairs in the kitchen. After Scar inhales her food in less than 60 seconds, she takes Scar for a hike. Yasmine never leaves the house without making her bed.

When they return, Yasmine gives our pitbull a detailed body wash on our balcony, where she carefully scrubs in-between the the crevices of her paws with baby shampoo. The dog wash is also an opportunity to for Yasmine to inspect our dog’s butthole to see if she has any funny things happening down there. For someone who doesn’t fancy children, my sister shows such care for our baby.

Following Scarlette’s bath, Yasmine takes a shower while listening to whatever song she is obsessed with at the moment. Sometime she’s listening to Bring Me the Horizon, lately she’s been jamming Twenty One Pilots. The shower does not surpass more than the length of 2 songs, as she is concerned about water wastage in California.

When we leave the house for the studio, she is barely wearing makeup and is usually dressed in a black tank and baggy drop-crotch pants. Almost every day she wears these clunky Doc Martens which are tearing at the soles. They’re the shoes you see her wearing in almost every live show photo for the past few years. She simply will not give them up.

The second we get in our Prius, I get a whiff of her woodsy, spiced, natural men’s cologne. I enjoy the scent so much. On the Los Angeles 101 freeway we listen to our catologue of demos and make notes on how to improve the songs.

Once we settle down in the studio, we talk about our where our heads have been and how we can articulate our feelings into song. When we’re done purging our thoughts and picking each other’s brains, she puts on her glasses and then taps away on her computer tirelessly for 5-10 minutes. When she feels like she’s ready to present her lyrics, she grins to herself and says, “I think I have an idea.” Sometimes she laughs at her self and says, “this is going to be really stupid.” I usually love what she thinks is a ridiculous idea.

Photo by Jack McKain

While Yasmine is recording in the vocal booth, everyone on the other side of the glass is usually blown away by the insanely high notes she can hit. We sometimes joke around and call her a robot when she records doubles of her vocal because they sound so perfectly on and consistent.

If we take a break to order lunch or dinner in the studio, Yasmine almost always offers to pay for everyone’s food. I can tell she doesn’t think twice about expecting anything in return; she’s simply generous. For a snack, Yasmine nibbles on dried mango or roasted hazelnuts from Trader Joe’s.

That brings me to Trader Joe’s. Did you know Yasmine used to wear a tropical button-up shirt and bag groceries at TJs?

On the way home, we stop by her old employer to pick up chicken thighs to cook a Friday night family dinner.

Yasmine makes a killer sweet potato, kale, and almond butter soup. Rustic meals are her specialty, with roasted vegetables infused with fresh rosemary from the bushes in our neighborhood. I feel like a little child waiting for her to finish cooking. If she’s in a beer mood, she loves to enjoy La Fin Du Monde, otherwise she is usually drinking a Malbec from Argentina to accompany our dinner.

Settlers Of Catan is Yasmine’s favorite game (warning: a highly addictive board game that severs friendships and brings out the worst in people). Occasionally she likes to rally a small group of friends together on a weekend night to “settle” around our dining room table.

Photo by muthafuckin me. taken with an iPhone 6. 

If she goes out on a weekend, she sometimes comes back home within in an hour, preferring to be in bed, with her head in a book.

In her room she has worn-out plushy Minion slippers, a Funnasyi stuffed animal from fans in Tokyo, juxtaposed with her elegant but aged Steinway piano from Craigslist, and flowy, white curtains. Her room is like Nickelodeon meets Pottery Barn; a blend of juvenile souvenirs and French-country sophistication.

When we grew up in Chicago, we shared a room together. I always knew when Yasmine was asleep because she went in and out of purring like a cat, and snoring like someone slurping the remains of a milkshake. I was on the top bunk, only a ladder away. Now it’s 16 years later, and I’m lucky to only be 16 steps away.

While I can usually tell how long it’s been since she washed her hair, or what her footsteps sound like, I’ve never felt like I’ve had enough. I’ve never been sick of being around Yasmine, despite living together since birth, creating music together, and touring the world together. I still can’t tell when she is PMSing though. I wish I had a sixth sense that could detect hormonal changes.

I’m taking this day, Yasmine’s birthday, to reflect on the power of simplicity in her lifestyle, yet the deep and complex nature of her thought process. Thanks to all of our fans who have paid attention to the details, admired her little quirks, and look past pictures and videos in search of other aspects of her personality.

PS: I am not a stalker. I am just Yasmine’s #1 fan.

-muthafuckin jahan

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what’s the gay once over? I’m a lesbian but have been VERY sheltered until recently (I do know the dyke nod, considering im a dyke, but to be honest I just learned about that not too long ago too)

uknow. when u glance at that girl at starbucks and she has purple hair AND a septum piercing AND is wearing doc martens AND flannel. so you approach her. stumbling. and u talk to her. and then u find out shes just an art student and shes dating the most ridiculously ugly kylo ren looking motherfucker ever and u have a little cry in the bathroom

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I really love your SF redesigns. Question though, how do you like or don't like Sakura's new default outfit?


I think Sakura’s default outfit is kind of a lukewarm reception for me.  I don’t think it’s bad, but it’s not great either.  Given as how we don’t know the complete story yet, her appearance and story was very unexpected for me (she works at an arcade, or maybe a pachinko parlor?)

What I like:
-Her outfit resembles her school uniform in many ways still.  So in movement, her silhouette when she moves is familiar.

-I like that her shoes appears to be Doc Marten’s boots (basically she’s still wearing shoes that would be considered what younger people would wear, like Converse or Vans).  I think Capcom was trying to retain the spirit of school girl Sakura, who probably wore Converse when it wasn’t school dress code.  Maybe the boots act in a similar way to her current uniform as a form of quiet youthful rebellion.

-As we don’t know the whole story yet, I’m not too sure on the scarf and headset.  But if she is a pachinko parlor operator I would be ‘ok’ with those elements.

What I don’t like:
-Her color scheme.  The blue is removed and black and pink are introduced (probably as a way to further distinguish herself from Ryu’s color scheme). I’m not a fan dressing her in black as I find Sakura to be an energetic, very positive character, and the black kind of mellows/dulls her design.  The black along with the pink accents give her a kind of punk-ish feeling, which is also something I don’t really associate with her.

-The vest. Usually that style of vest where it buttons under the chest, I don’t really find appealing.  I find that it frames the chest in a weird way.  It’s very lolita-esque which again does not seem like her style.  I don’t really like the way that the buttons are designed either.

Overall I think the reason why I’m lukewarm to this outfit is I’m not really sure what Capcom was trying to say/convey with this design. Maybe because the concept of arcade and pachinko parlor operators are a bit foreign to me.  Regardless I don’t feel like it’s an outfit that she looks comfortable in, or if she had a choice, would choose to wear.  

Bottom line is, I don’t think many of us imagined Sakura would be working at an arcade or pachinko parlor which dictates her current design.  I think unlike the other returning characters whose designs and stories seemed like an logical directions (except for Akuma’s design IMO but that’s another write up), I feel that where they took Sakura is a bit weird.  I’m not against the unexpected but it also has to be in line with the character (Sagat and especially Cody look promising.  Blanka…is Blanka…). 

Capcom took Sakura in a weird direction story wise.  


pansy parkinson headcanon

pansy prefers pastel colors (mostly pinks and grays) to darker colors. she loves mini skirts (like those cute white pleated tennis skirts), fuzzy pom poms, coral lipstick, and the smell of chanel (no. 5), but that doesn’t mean she won’t throw on a leather jacket just for fun. she wears doc martens, but she can pull off either the red vegans or the pastel bubblegum. the best part about pansy parkinson is that she isn’t afraid to be girly, because being girly doesn’t mean you don’t know how to kick some ass

Portrait of a Young Lady (c.1535). Parmigianino (Italian, 1503-1540). Oil on canvas. Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte, Naples.

The lady is dressed in elegant clothes, with a yellow dress made of atlas silk. The top is patterned with lozenges, while below is a narrow white apron. Over her right shoulder, which curiously is far too broad, she is wearing a pine-marten fur stole complete with head. Importance was attached to the depiction of the expensive fabric and of the lady’s wealth; if one excludes the courtesan thesis, she must be a lady of rank. 

Unbreakable Chains

Robin was tired. Her last assignment had been a handful. The target weren’t difficult to kill, but the guy had been certainly hard to find. She arrived at her apartment exhausted, only to be summoned to the Assassin’s Bureau a couple of hours later.

She parked her motorcycle outside the Bureau, and headed inside. Of course, on the outside it looked like an abandoned building, which it actually was, the Assassin’s complex was hidden underground. The guard stopped her before she reached the elevator. “STOP! Show me your face and tell me where do we work”. Robin pulled her hood off, revealing her face.

She had bright blue eyes, shaved eyebrows and piercings on her nose, lip and an eyebrow, not to mention all the ones she had on her ears. She had recently dyed her hair black, got short bangs and irregular length haircut, but she kept her usual side shave. That day she was wearing her Dr Martens boots, black leggings with a lot of holes, an oversized white tank top with the “Parental Advisory” label printed, and a black hoodie. She had many tattoos, but that outfit only allowed to see a peek of the one on her chest.

Looking at the guard she recited the watchword: “We work in the dark, to serve the light”. The guard smiled at her “Hi, Robin, you can go inside”. She nodded and entered the elevator. She hit the “lobby” button, and leaned against the cold elevator’s stainless steel wall.

Robin exited the elevator on the Bureau’s lobby. She looked around hoping to find a familiar face. Soon she did, at the other side of the room, a wide smile welcomed her.


you walk down the city street; the sun is dappling the sidewalk through the trees, she’s by your side, holding your hand. you’re both wearing flannels because there’s a breeze. she wears doc martens and it’s cute and her hair is short and her freckles come out when it’s summertime

you’re sharing an iced tea and maybe you’ll get smoothies later but for now you’re warm and content and in love ♡

Welcome Wagon


Dena stood outside of the Camden Lock underground station. She was sucking on a lollipop and wondering if she’d worn the right outfit even a little bit. 

She’d put on a long, lightweight jumper with the Picasso quote ‘The world doesn’t make sense so why should I paint pictures that do?’ on it. She was also wearing leggings with the underground map on them. Then, she was wearing doc martens. 

She hoped that it didn’t make her look completely ridiculous. Her braids were back in a headband, mostly to keep them out of her face. They had just been redone recently, which was a relief. At least they’d look really nice. 

When she saw Sheena emerge from the station, she nearly jumped out of her skin. 

“Hey! Sheena!” she called out, raising one hand to wave.