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tonight… on a current affair… supermarket wars and tradie horror stories… have you been ripped off? find out whether laundry powder is cheaper at aldi or coles…. for the 5th time this year…. you don’t want to miss it… have you been paying too much for laundry detergent?? and later, tradie horror stories… a builder swore at this lady and you won’t believe what happened when she called the police. stay tuned because next week we are literally screaming into the camera for 30 minutes straight

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please do one with the Oncelers sunglasses

Your  awful wish is my command (Why must you bring this back??)

This is the start of week 5 with Zoe! The name “Zoe” is Greek in origin and it means LIFE, Let’s just say it is a befitting name for her, she is FULL of life! The biggest changes this week are physical ones, she is going through a growth spurt.. Her legs are long compared to her body and her ears are to big for her head. Her puppy fur is disappearing quickly and “big dog” fur is taking it’s place. Her little black spots on her nose are getting bigger, and at some point with merge giving her a black muzzle.. She is growing and changing quickly.. One thing that has REALLY come to the forefront is her guarding instinct, no sound or noise escapes her, and for a puppy, she has a pretty intense, deep bark/growl!  At 13 weeks old she knows.. sit, stay, come, down,speak, sit up, do circles, leave it, get it, fetch, and is 100% house trained with no accident, she goes to the door and barks when she wants to go out.. She really is a smashing little girl, and I’m so pleased with how she is coming along!!

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mummah is gone. I am sad. A new lady came over and said mummah will be back soon (is on vacayshun - not sure what mean. can i puke on it?). new lady fed me and sister cat, and pet sister a lot, gave us treats and scooped poop.I tried telling sister to stay away from new lady, but she kept playing and letting the lady pet her. doesn't she know????? that strangers???? are BAD????



Lucy Rose bringing awareness to the stigma people have of those who genuinely love and care for something - in this case, for her music




Love all that you contribute to the reylo ship 😘 


“Sovereign Loyalties”

While visiting Jakku for business purposes, Emperor Kylo Ren spots a scavenger who is unknowingly strong with the Force. Enticed by her beauty and her power, Emperor Ren decides he must have her and will do anything he can to get her. When Rey is taken to the Empire of the infamous Kylo Ren to be his pseudo concubine, she finds herself attracted to him despite her best efforts. Determined to go back to Jakku despite her attraction to him, Kylo offers her a deal she cannot refuse and Rey agrees to stay with him in exchange for his help in finding her family.


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Decided to walk with my mother to the store and took Góa with me and we waited outside for a little bit. We worked on focusing and being calm with all the distractions and only approaching people if they let her. She did so well and she got a lot of attention and compliments!
One person said she was very well behaved, mannered… and calm… 😂

But I’m proud of Góa for staying focused and ignoring distractions because she does have a hard time with that sometimes. She’s quite excitable.

Home. As of yesterday at noon.
With a light table, to which babes must be Velcro’d in most of the day. It’s kind of awful. And. At least we’re home.

Babes will have daily blood draws, and she has to stay on the light table as much as possible. She’s a pretty sleepy kid, so we spend a lot of time by her table touching her head.

The Retriever ADORES her.

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We have an Asian woman and (very possibly) an Aboriginal man in a straight relationship. Okay let's ship him with the angry 15 white boy then make him a girl. Youre erasing a woc and a healthy het relationship. Like what?

I’ll reply in several points: 

  1. People ship what they want.
  2. I’m not “erasing” anything. I’m not one of the Yoi crew member ? I’m just a shipper in a really wide fandom. In no shape or form does my shipping preferences “erase” anything in canon, nor does it prevent anyone from shipping anything. Me shipping pliroy doesn’t invalidate JJBella shippers.
  3. I’ve never been disrepectful toward Isabella. I once got a bit hard toward her attitude but realized I was unfair after the later episodes came out and considering her short screentime, and deleted the posts. I also never bash on her in scenarios where she splits with JJ, and generally make sure she ends up in an happy situation and stay in good terms with JJ.
  4. It’s easy to put it on race and make me a racist, but if you look at my blog I’m actually a strong supporter of poc headcanons, and especially poc JJ headcanons. Maybe ask yourself if I’m not shipping Pliroy because I like the chemistry and not because I can’t stand a poc couple.
  5. I never said Isabella wasn’t asian. I didn’t “erase” her by not mentioning her in my posts. I just sometimes forget to put that line that “if he’s dating Isabella in this AU they will have a mutual parting”.
  6. You’re taking a separate post to make me look like I’m frantically trying to have a white het couple, but if you look at my blog, again, I support poc headcanons and I actually ship any variations of this ship, including m/m f/f, and not always with cis characters. I just wanted to explore a m/f variation, period.
  7. Once again, as said in #1, people ship what they want, regardless to canon. Just because JJ is in a het relationship in canon doesn’t mean he can’t be shipped into a gay relationship in fanon. Just because he’s in a relationship with a woc in canon doesn’t mean he can’t be shipped with a white person in fanon. It’s fan content. 

In conclusion: That ask was unnecessary, but thanks for your insight.


Rebecka sat alone at the pool admiring the view. She was trying to keep a calm, clear mind, but she knew she needed to head home and face Marc again. She had to work things out with him and figure out what she wanted to do about this situation.

Marcello is her husband. He helped her out when she got the divorce. He let her stay with him, and eventually, they fell in love and had a son. They had a lot of fun together and when she was with him, he made her feel solid and grounded. But there was so much fighting.

Then there was Rory. They went way back and they knew everything about each other. They would have a lot of fun, too, and until Bridgette came along, they didn’t argue much. Rory made her feel light and free, but when it came to him, she knew that there might be a chance he wasn’t in it for the long run.

Of course, with all this in mind, the most important people in her life were Audrey and Stephen. What would they think if they knew? How would they react if she chose one over the other?

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Lol Pink finding out Yellow's pregnant, and she eyes White like, 'you stay exactly ten feet from me at the baby shower when you have liquor, you hear?' and White just smirks devilishly at her.

Pink is just annoyed as ever while White just stands there not caring at all.

Watson had her checkup today, and was incredibly brave.  She only cried a little when she had to get her jabs.  You should have seen the look she gave the practice nurse afterwards, though–like the lethal calm before a storm.  It’s funny to see so many of John’s expressions on her little face.

She got ice cream and a trip to the park to see the ducks afterwards, so she didn’t stay angry for long.  

She seems sleepy now, though, so we’re watching BBC Earth and having a bit of a kip on the sofa.

Imagine Nina’s and Matthias’s wedding!!

• Obviously a Fjerdan traditional wedding
• Matthias being a perfectionist (traditions)
• Nina wanting to wear something flashy and fabulous and Matthias eventually agreeing because she looks stunning in everything
• Waffle Cake
• Kaz staying away from the preparation because ew feelings and ew spending money recklessly
• Wylan playing piano but stopping for a dance with Jesper
• Inej as maid of honour in lilac
• Jesper in shiny lilac as well because he can
• The struggle to find someone holy enough to marry them
• every guest teary-eyed but Kaz
• Kuwei catching the bouquet and winking at Jesper (Wylan putting his arm on Jesper’s lower back, practicing the Kaz glare once again)

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i wonder how karais stay at the hospital was like? think she had any spontaneous snakification in front of the nurse/doctor?

oh I don’t think so. We’ve seen her turn back into her human form every time she got hurt and now when she has got her mutation under control, as far as I understand it, it’s her own choice whether to stay in her snake form or not. There’s a scanty chance she could use her mutation laying unconscious. Moreover, it’d make lotta problems which noone of the team needed at that moment 

“I’m not complaining, but why did you invite me over all of the sudden?” Obi said, his arms crossed over his chest with one eyebrow cocked upwards, listening curiously as Shirayuki fumbled around in the kitchen after he was ordered to stay out.

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Do you think Lizzy is ok? Mentally? Like maybe she's being blackmailed or someone's controlling her?

Well, Lizzy doesn’t really seem okay. She seems quite confused and desperate…

Someone must have told her something that makes her stay with the cult. But rather than being controlled or blackmailed I think it’s still her own choice to stay there. I believe she’s probably staying for Ciel’s sake so maybe the cult has a way to help Ciel (about the contract, about the job as Watchdog or other dangers…).

You Know What?

I think I just realized why I want to have a movie about Ash.

Because I relate to her.

I mean, I never had a boyfriend cheat on me or play a guitar or did anything punk rock really.

But I mean, I relate to her as a 19 year old teenager.

Think about it. Usually teenagers in media aren’t portrayed in a positive light (usually rebellious or rude or whiny), or even portrayed in media at all.

Yet Ash doesn’t really come across as much of that. She’s pretty nice, fun, and while sarcastic, never really truly rude.

She prefers comfort over style, especially in the fashion department. She wants to be more of herself instead of what someone else wants her to be (whether it be Buster wanting her to be a pop princess, or Lance wanting her to stay in the background). And while she does have problems with that along the way with Lance cheating on her, she eventually finds her own route and her own way of doing things. And she finds a way to do it how she wants, like wearing the dress Buster wanted her to after taking scissors to the hemline. While she does have some problems, primarily her quills flying all over the place, it doesn’t distract from the fact that she managed to do her own thing, to set it all free, and do so amazingly.

I’m sorry. I just really REALLY like this character and for the longest time I wasn’t sure why. But now, I know exactly why.

And now, I know that THAT’S why I want a movie on her.