and she is just so unbelievably perfect

“Hey, my name is Aiden and this is my girlfriend Isadara, her girlfriend Eliza, and Eliza’s boyfriend Damien, who also happens to be my boyfriend.”

I had the absolute blessing and a half of commissioning @ladykestrrel / @taylordraws to commission mine and @smetra‘s ultimate OC ot4 that we have (from right to left: Elizabeth Trevor, Damien Ilith, Aiden Gallagher, Isadara Germacia). I am so unbelievably happy with the result that I may or may not have cried uncontrollably at just seeing the sketch.

SO YEAH. I really hope to have the opportunity to commission her again because it is 100% worth it. Everything about this image is perfect. She captured their personalities absolutely exactly in even the tiniest mannerisms and expressions. This is one of the greatest highlights of my life, honestly. So thank you so much Tay, I’m so happy. I am so so so happy with the result. Thank you <3

Oblivious~ Liam Dunbar

Anon:  126. with Liam Y/N (stiles little sister) loves Liam but he’s dating Hayden so she avoids him but somvething happens and they’re fogrced to talk and Y/N admits her feelings for him and you can decide if they get together in the end

A/N: here you go, long as usual sorry! Thanks for requesting it, I hope you like it as much as I enjoyed writing it!


126. “I think about you all the time, it’s freaking annoying.”

Warnings: brief descriptions of claustrophobia, depression, sorta. people freezing to death.

Word count: like 3k oml


It had been 7 months, 3 weeks, 4 days and some loose change since you had realized you were in love with Liam Dunbar.

But who’s counting?

The problem with being in love with Liam Dunbar was nothing more than one seemingly simple reason.

Liam was oblivious.

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SooYona and the Hairpin

I was reading chapter 62 of Akayona and…

We, of course, run into Yona’s hairpin. And we are given a small flashback of when Soo-won gave it to her. I just want to reflect on this hairpin and Yona’s feelings and the development through this manga.

First off, I want to acknowledge how much of a CORE and significant element this hairpin is. Lets start from when Soo-won gives it to her.

This hairpin was given to Yona on her sixteenth birthday and there are lots of things the reader may not acknowledge. Firstly, this hairpin is EXPENSIVE and HIGH QUALITY. So many people realize that, therefore it is seen as a beautiful gift and beautiful item, something a princess would totally own.

What I think is important is Soo-won took the time to search for an item for Yona’s birthday and came across this hairpin (while plotting his murder in Il). (If he only cared about murdering Il, why buy her a gift? Why buy her an EXPENSIVE gift?) He spent money on its quality, having thought she would like it and it would fit her. It shows how much he KNOWS yona. Like literally, Aro, a kai empire woman mentions it goes with Yona’s hair perfectly.

Now there’s two things I’ve considered with him purchasing this hairpin.

1. He did it to keep her from suspecting he would kill her father and keep this idea that soo-won is her perfect, beloved cousin and not a murderer.
2. He genuinely wanted to give something to Yona that she would like and appreciate. A gift that’s tangible and able to be shown off to others. Small enough to not be over the top but big enough to mean something.

I’ve concluded there’s a little bit of both of these in his actions. Soo-won DOES care for Yona, despite killing her father.

In soo-wins mind, king Il is evil. He’s a heinous leader and he can’t stand him. Yona, however, is someone soo-won deeply cares for, but his love for the kingdom seems to overpower his care for her.

I also want to acknowledge the fact that Soo-won had many chances to kill Yona:
- Literally right after he killed Il
- In the courtyard
- When he met her in the earth tribe after kumji’s death (CRUCIAL PART OF THE DEVELOPMENT OF THEIR RELATIONSHIP because 1) he didn’t kill Yona 2) he was shocked and relieved she was alive and so was hak 3) he hid her from judo and the guards 4) he LOWKEY said she can kill him after he finishes his duties as king 5) he tells her a very heartfelt goodbye)
- When they met with lilli
- When they met during the Nadai arc

Many more. BUT HE DOESNT. He does not hate Yona and he does not despise her. There is LOVE there. Certainly. Whether it be romantic or platonic, he has love for his cousin.

Back to this chapter, I’ve realized that a lot of people hate how Yona has held onto this hairpin.

But let’s reflect on why.

I’m sure many of you can relate to having a first love. Try putting yourselves in yona’s expensive customized royal shoes, okay?

Soo-won in Yona’s eyes is the definition of perfect. He’s intelligent, good looking, friendly, accepting, considerate, and incredibly optimistic.

Really, there’s no point for anyone to question his personality, especially Yona. So for years, yona’s love for him built up and up and up with every good thing he did for her and others. Who, ever in their right minds, would think that he would do any wrong, let alone murder her father? It’s such an irrational thing that it probably shocked her more than frightened her when she saw soo-won kill her father.

And JUST DAYS BEFORE, soo-won gave her something that halted her hate for her hair. He’s been in Yona’s life forever and he’s been her best friend, her crush, hell he was her mother at one point.

Soo-won literally is everything she’s always wanted. Now imagine your first love giving you something that is so thoughtful and beautiful, and then SAYS YOURE BEATIFUL ALONG WITH IT. Can you imagine?! If my first love said that, I’d cry in happiness. Seriously. Like, Yona has been in love with this guy who she deemed beyond perfect for YEARS. YEARS, she has been dancing for him, practicing the harp for him, preparing sweets and wanting to engage in dangerous activities because she was that in love with him. I mean cmon guys, Yona had it so unbelievably bad for him. Probably way worse than we did for our first loves.

He is such a crucial part of Yona’s life. She wanted to MARRY this kid and hand him the throne. Okay?

Now just imagine, IMAGINE your first love betraying you just once. And really all it took was once for him to shatter her image of him. But even though it was incredibly painful and so wrong on so many levels, she can’t forget what he was to her before and how he treated her for sixteen freaking years.

Let’s also acknowledge that 99% of the time, first loves never leave. That’s what sucks about first loves. They stay. You may move on, you may develop feelings for someone else, but first loves will always have that hold on you.

In Yona’s life, there was no other guy except for hak and he was SO much more different from soo-won. Seriously, in Yona’s head, as much as it sucks for Hak, there was NO WAY at the time that Yona would ever consider hak. Ever. No way.

And could you really blame her?

Sure, they’re both incredibly hot and great guys, but I would personally choose the guy who wasn’t an asshole to me, who didn’t tease me, and who protected me when someone important to me died as a child. (Hak probably awkwardly would’ve done the same thing, but he got OFFENDED when soo-won and Yona held hands).

Soo-won is literally Yona’s and our Prince Charming. Without even realizing it, he’s incredibly romantic and kind and loving. Like seriously guys, Soo-won is so freaking important to Yona.

That hairpin isn’t just a hairpin. It’s the precious memory of the Soo-won Yona fell in love with. It’s the precious memory of being his best friend since childhood. It’s so much more than a hairpiece.

Losing that hairpin would be accepting reality and letting go of the boy who meant the absolute world to her.

And that’s why this hairpin is so freaking important AND WHY IT WAS SO SHOCKING SHE FINALLY LET IT GO AND LET SOOWON GO.

Give Yona credit. That must’ve hurt like hell. And she did it for her dragons. Sure, from the outside, she gave away a hairpin that she liked but she literally let go of the past. She accepted that the Soo-won she knew and loved is not who he is now.

Even though that girl was a spoiled princess, she hit ROCK BOTTOM and look at the way she’s grown and developed and become a SOLID WOMAN. A WARRIOR.

No wonder Soo-won can’t move when she confronts him. No wonder Hak can’t help but brag about her. No wonder kija has a crush on her. No wonder shin-ah and yoon cry at the thought of Yona hating them or getting hurt. No wonder Zeno wants to shield her from danger. No wonder Jaeha wants to tease her.

The girl is a piece of art.

“I’m in love with her.”

The words came out before I could stop them, the words I swallowed for so long. At first I didn’t look up to see his face; I didn’t want to know his reaction to my confession. But I couldn’t keep it in anymore. To me, she was a goddess, our friendship was circled around loving her so unbelievably much that I couldn’t go on pretending as if she didn’t mean anything to me. And I needed someone to know, I wanted someone to know. Because the way she spoke and the things she wrote and the way her freckles dotted her even skin and her short hair framed her face were just, perfect.

He didn’t respond though. Not at first. It felt as though he were judging me or contemplating something and the longer the silence continued the more I believed he didn’t even hear what I had said.

“I’m in love with her, too.”

“What?” My head tilts up, glaring into his eyes.

“I said I’m in love with her, too. Arguably even more than you believe you are.”

—  You Weren’t Meant for Her
EXO reaction for when they go out with you and you spend a lot on make-up

This would literally be one of my friends. She loves make up so much. I find it cute but… I never know how to wear it xD Ara~
/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise


*Doesn’t even notice because he’s lost in the music store* “Woah… so many guitars… I might buy three…”


“I can’t say no to you baobei… You know it’s okay, go have fun. I’ll wait here… with Baekhyun so he doesn’t go wild with the eyeliner”


*Making theories trying to explain why you bought so much make up*


“Why can’t we go to Gucci and shop there… you already got this… I want my Gucci” *Baby needs his shopping too*


“Oh no…she’s going to try to use that on me… I don’t want red lipstick!” *Perfect way to make him let you buy in peace*


*Just watching outside, making bets with the boys* “Oh good girl! I told you she would win that one! Baekhyun ain’t no match, she always gets the best eyeliners!”


*In his element* “I’m ready jagi! We are going to get all that make up we don’t need! Specially that eye liner!”


“This was Baekhyun idea, wasn’t it? Otherwise, why would she buy so many eyeliners…”


“I forgot my wallet… just kidding! Let’s go, I saw something you might like” *Enjoys seeing how much you like going to the mall*


“Jagi… I know you like make up a lot but… I don’t understand why? You are beautiful with or without it. I love you the way you are” *Bf goals*


*He just finds it amusing* “Unbelievable babe.. I’ve never seen so many products… you might as well become my personal stylist” 


“Babe… why did you only buy that? Do you want more? It’s okay, you don’t have to worry about anything” *Perfect shopping partner*

[Masterlist] [Guideline]

Happy Birthday, Sweetheart

(gifs are not mine)

PAIRNG: Dean x Reader


CHARACTERS: Reader, Sam, Dean, Cas, Gwen (OFC)

WARNINGS: None. Let me know if there are any, I’m really bad at warnings.

A/N: Hey, so as tomorrow (September 19) it’s my birthday, I wanted to give myself a birthday present, and here it is. At first I thought I should’ve make a personalized fic, but I wanted all of you to enjoy it. Thanks as always for reading and remember feedback is welcome

PAIRNG: Dean x Reader


CHARACTERS: Reader, Sam, Dean, Cas, Gwen (OFC)

WARNINGS: None. Let me know if there are any, I’m really bad at warnings.

A/N: Hey, so as tomorrow (September 19) it’s my birthday, I wanted to give myself a birthday present, and here it is. Thanks as always for reading and remember feedback is welcome

When you were a child and had your mother and sister around, your birthday was, with no doubt, the best day of the year. But when grew up and they were gone, your birthday was a day like any other day
Even when you met the Winchesters, still your plans were the same as the other years: watch TV, read, eat cheese burgers and fries, and talk to your best friend, Gwen, over the phone.
Everything was supposed to turn out okay, unless the boys found a case. That way, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy your birthday as you wanted. They wouldn’t turn off the hunt because you had never told them when your birthday was.
Nevertheless, you didn’t regret your decision. You had thought about it a long time. You had even asked Gwen about it, she had told you that you deserved to celebrate your birthday like birthdays should be celebrated, with gifts, people you loved and even some cake.
Your thoughts were different though, with the kind of life you had, you knew that by the next year everything could change. Dean could dump you, Dean could die, Sam could die or both could die. And you couldn’t afford to take such a risk. You wouldn’t get used to something that could be taken away so easily from you, not again.

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Elucien bedsharing part 2/2

@americaswan @tragically-broken


part 1  //  ao3  

When he speaks again, it’s a low rumble in his chest. “If you keep doing that, dove, neither of us is going to get any sleep.”

Heat coils in Elain’s stomach. “I’m not tired.”

Lucien stills for a moment, and then one of his hands comes to trail up her arm, knuckles skimming against her skin and raising goosebumps. Her heart drums in her chest, afraid he’ll stop her or draw back, but she presses a kiss to the bit of his chest exposed by the deep V of his shirt collar.

He makes a faint humming noise. “Wicked little thing, aren’t you.”

Elain flushes a little. “I don’t mean to be.” She’s glad they’re not making eye contact or she’d never have the courage to say, “I just… want to touch you.”

All of the oxygen seems to go out of the room, the way it does when fire ignites in a burst and eats it up. The fingers on her upper arm stop, and for a beat Elain thinks she’s made a mistake.

“You can touch me all you like,” Lucien says coolly.

Arousal courses through her at his answer and Elain bites back a noise. Lucien’s fingers come up to grip her chin, tilt her head up towards his.

His gaze flickers over her. “As long as I get to touch you too.”

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What is a Mary Sue?

Good grief. As someone who critiques and specializes in the Mary Sue topic, don’t call a character a Mary Sue simply because they’ve got skills.

Misconception: The major misconception I see going around regarding Mary Sues is that they’re super amazing characters with skills anybody would be jealous of, thus people start labeling any character both canon and OC who shows special skills as a Mary Sue when they are in fact not.

Origin: The original Mary Sue came from the Star Trek fandom, and was a parody of all the female OCs showing up in the fanzines who were better than the characters at everything, but whose skills were not just special, but unbelievable. For example, she graduated from the academy at an age which was nay impossible, I believe twelve, when most were in their older teens or later. (Weasley Crusher went when he was sixteen if I remember correctly). Add to this, everybody loved her, and she could do no wrong.

Birth of the Anti-Sue: People started to believe that Mary Sues were “perfect” characters, so they started tried to make their characters flawed to avoid the Mary Sue title. But in regards to these flaws, they were never, ever handled properly, nor believably. Notice how I brought up “believe” again? This led to characters like Bella Swan, and the debate of whether or not a canon character can be a Mary Sue, and the answer is yes, as it is possible for a canon character to not believable.

False Accusations Against Canon Characters: This in turn has led to false accusations against canon characters, because the consensus now is that canon characters can be Mary Sues. (It’s where we get the most talk about Gary Stus, as fanfic favors females publishing, and traditional favors men.) However, there is still this misconception that Mary Sues are “perfect”, so people only look at the “perfect” traits.

Ke/th and Sh/ro aren’t Mary Sues: Yes, both characters are gifted in things such as piloting and leadership, with Sh/ro being the Garrison pride and joy. However, despite these mad skills, they aren’t perfect. Ke/th is anti-social, struggles with connecting with people and even dropped out despite the fact he was supposed to be the next Garrison pride and joy. Sh/ro has got serious PTSD going on, but there is also a darker side to him that really only Ke/th has seen, but is hinted at in the series. We see a bit of it come out in episode one of season two. Plus, they’re guys. You’ve got to use the proper term, Gary Stu or Marty Stu.

Fanon L@nce is a Gary Stu: No, seriously. You want to talk about Gary Stu, here he is. They try giving the positive traits of the other characters to him, he steals the spotlight from other characters, he’s a major woobie to try to counter his fake perfection, yet every which way you turn, he’s not a believable character but just a bunch of wish fulfillment.

P.S. I’m suddenly wondering what Canon!L@nce and Fanon L@nce would get on the Universal Mary Sue Test… scores would vary depending on person.

BOOK REVIEW: All the Crooked Saints by Maggie Stiefvater 

Release Date: October 10, 2017

Age Group: 14+

Genres: Magical Realism, Romance, Fantasy

My Rating: 5/5 Stars

Add it to your Goodreads TBR here.


I received an advanced reader copy of this book from Indigo Books & Music Inc. in exchange for an honest review.

This is a long text post.

There may or may not be spoilers in this review. I tried not to spoil anything since this doesn’t come out until October, but then again, my definition of Spoiler often differs from others’. 

You can check out my original post on Goodreads here.

Also, I know about the drama circulating Goodreads regarding this book. I will not tolerate any hateful comments made regarding my opinion of this drama. 

First of all: 

I’ve read what I like to think is a good chunk of Maggie Stiefvater’s books and though I can appreciate that she has a magical way with words, I have never actually fully stopped to say, “Holy crap. That was beautiful.” This book had me doing that. A lot. I might even call it one of my favourite reads of the year so far. (It has been a good year for books).

In my very honest opinion, All the Crooked Saints is potential one of the best Stiefvater books out there. There are so many components to this book that it’s hard to fully even describe what exactly enthralled me so much about the story. The writing, the weirdness, the matter-of-fact reasoning behind the characters’ lives–it was all done so masterfully. This was truly a modern piece of literary art.

First, let me mention the elephant in the room: the use of Hispanic characters that has apparently become an issue with this book. I’m not Mexican, but I am Latina and I honestly didn’t see anything wrong with the book. The Mexican culture was not appropriated–the Latino concept of religion was flirted with in this novel, but a lot of the stories and mythology (I believe) were a creation of Stiefvater’s mind. I might be wrong, so you’re welcome to correct me (in a polite manner). But honestly, I just saw a story about kids who happened to be Mexican living in New Mexico and whose parents happened to speak Spanish. Frankly, I loved the whole concept of being able to read the Spanish sentences and grasping that extra layer of storytelling. I’m Cuban and if Stiefvater decided to write a story with kids who happened to be Cuban, I’d be all over it. For a world that begs for more POC in YALit, we judge non-POC authors harshly when they write characters that aren’t white, or stereotypical creations of the race they just happen to be.

Now that I’ve voiced my thoughts on that, back to the review!

In true Stiefvater fashion, this book is really weird, but in a beautiful way. The writing, at the beginning, felt very verbose but as the story progressed I began to appreciate it more. With every word and every sentence, Stiefvater created a more detailed picture of the world were miracles could happen. After all, it has to be a very magical world. 

One of the things that always made me feel not entirely invested in The Raven Cycle quartet was the writing because at some level, some of the lines connecting the storylines were occasionally lost on me. While I loved that series, I always felt like I was a step behind in understanding why it was so beautiful and so memorable. I finally understand with All the Crooked Saints. Something just clicked for me as I read and the magic of the writing made it really hard to put this book down. 

The Soria family is made up of peculiar people that together make Bicho Raro (Strange Bug, or Strange Thing–so fitting, imho) a very surreal place. I love the different kinds of people that inhabit this very tiny place in the middle of the desert. Everyone had a story to tell and because Stiefvater is a a fan of showing us different stories that all link up to the main story, we get to hear from a large portion of them. In my opinion, all of the characters in this book are cautionary tales of the imperfection of what it means to be human. We can all learn a little something from each character who is struggling with some aspect of themselves.

The romance in this novel is slow burning but wow, when Stiefvater finally gives it life, it’s a wondrous thing. You’re prepped early on for the potential for romance in that foreshadowing way that this author loves to use, but when it happens it happens like the very miracles that we are told about. There are many layers of miracles in this book that surpass the power of The Saint and of the eye, and the romance is a perfect example. 

My friend, who is an avid fan of Stiefvater, commented that she loves how some of the otherworldly and superstitious stories that Stiefvater included in this book were just stated matter-of-fact, like they just existed. I agree with her because this book makes the unbelievable believable, especially set in a time where anything could have happened. It also plays into the idea that magical and unknown things could potentially happen in very small and rural areas. Its small and remote location is one of the reasons why Bicho Raro was so endearing to me, so add a dose of magic and I’ll be adding it to my must-visit list. 

The use of religion in this book is much like the genre that Stiefvater appears to love to write: it is magically realistic, meaning that while religion is obviously a platform for this story, it isn’t really the message. I like to believe that the message is that while we search for miracles in the holy, it is us who come to terms with what we need to change in ourselves to truly get our miracles. If that makes any sense. 

I may or may not be rambling at this point. 

I think this is a must-read, especially if you’re a fan of Maggie Stiefvater’s previous books. This is such a well-rounded story that you will be aching for the next book from this talented author. The writing is beautiful and weaves a unique story. I don’t know how she does it, but she is a master of really using her gift for words to their full effect. 

Happy reading!

New Thoughts

Requested by @sabrinas-wolves​- you should write lydia x reader smut b y e
I watched Lydia’s hand as she flipped through the pages of her notebook, he hands occasionally playing with her strands of hair that were hanging around her collar bone. I don’t know what has gotten in to me, I’ve never been into girls, I mean I can look at a girl and think  she is pretty or beautiful but I don’t think of them as anything more, maybe it was an affect that Lydia had on people but, god I was I thinking about her. I know Lydia isn’t into girls, just like I never thought I was so I guess if I only play in my mind, its harmless, right? I continued to gaze over at Lydia, her lips red and plump, it was unbelievable to me that her lips were just so naturally perfect. I imagined her lips, curving up at jokes that I crack, her lips on mine, and everywhere else on me. Her hands, delicate and filled with fluid motions, graceful and yet I was having thoughts that were anything but graceful. The bell ringing, pulled me from my mind, causing me to gather my stuff up and stuff it in my bag. I turned back to where Lydia was sitting and saw that she was gone, I thought about it for a second before I shrugged, she probably just rushed out to get to her next class. I was one of the last students to walk out of the classroom, I walked down the hallway, on my way to my locker, to put my books away to enjoy my free period. Before I could reach my locker, I felt a hand grab my left shoulder and pull me in that direction.
“What the hell?!” I yelled as I got yanked into a small room, that I soon saw was Coach’s office. I turned back to the door to see who pulled me into the room, only to see Lydia standing there, the door now shut and one her eyebrows cocked up, like she was about to ask me something.
“What’s up, Lydia?” I asked causing my voice to shake a little as I said her name. These feelings were all brand new and I still wasn’t sure what to do with any of them. She just looked me up and down before she took a few slow steps towards me, her heels clicking on the ground, causing me to back up, my butt hitting the edge of Coach’s desk. I couldn’t go back anymore and that only made Lydia smile up at me before biting her lip.
“You are freaking me out Lyd, what’s going on?” I asked, using her nickname that I started calling her from the first day that I met her. She let out a small chuckle before standing in front of me and putting one hand on each side of me and leaning forward.
“I’m freaking you out?” She asked with another chuckle before she looked at me with innocent eyes, one of her hands running up and down my arm, slowly.
“My thoughts about you, are freaking me out, and you can’t tell me that you haven’t been thinking the same things, I see the way you look at me, well study me.” She whispered, sending chills down my spine. Okay, I guess it wasn’t all harmless, I guess I wasn’t covering it up as well as I thought. I opened my mouth to say something but Lydia just shook her head, her hand rising my arm and coming over my shoulder to play with some of my hair. My heart was racing, I didn’t know what she was doing, or that she even had thoughts of the same nature of the ones that I was having.
“You know, it’s not really nice to stare at me when I’m trying to focus in class.” She said, her hand now slowly making its way down my body. Her hand brushing over my breast, causing me to take a sharp intake of breath before her hand continued down.
“Especially when I know what you want, I wish you would have just told me.” She said her hand gliding down my stomach and stopping just above the top of my pants. Her eyes met mine, before she bit her bottom lip and slid her hand down my pants, making me gasp at the contact.
“Lydia!” I screeched and moaned out as her cold hand met my now hot core. I had never been so turned on in my entire life and the temperature difference with her cold hand and my warm middle, only made me hotter. She just chuckled softly before she ran her finger up and down my center, making my breathing getting heavier by the minute.
“You are so hot for me, god I knew you were having thoughts like this but I didn’t think they were making you so wet.” She said, gliding one finger into me, making one of my hands grasp onto her shoulder and my legs shake slightly, my head falling back a little as a small moan escaped my lips. That only made her pump her finger in and out of me faster, as her thumb began to circle my clit.
“My god, Lydia.” I said, causing her to smirk and nod, knowing that my every day thoughts were becoming a reality. She was just taking pleasure in knowing that she was the one doing this to me. Her cold, delicate hands, in my most intimate place, making me feel things that I never thought I would. I could start to feel a familiar feeling, pool up in my stomach and Lydia saw a change in my body language. My hand that was on her shoulder, my nails now digging in, wanting more, my lips circling softly and my panting getting louder.
“Come on (Y/N), give me what I think about every time I see you. Give me the one thing, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about for weeks. Cum for me.” She whispered in my ear, causing me to do exactly what she said, my legs shaking from my orgasm, moaning nothing but Lydia’s name in the entire time. After I began to come down from my high, I could feel how weak my legs were from standing and having an orgasm at the same time so I sat on Coach’s desk as Lydia took her hand out of my pants, and grabbing a tissue off of the desk and wiping her hand off.
“I hate you.” I said, causing her to smile as I panted, coming down from my orgasm. We both knew that I didn’t hate her, we just knew that I wanted more and that was my brain’s way of letting it be known.
“Don’t you get it? We are both having these feelings, so let’s do something about it. I just made you cum in Coach’s office. You better believe there will be more.” She said, causing me to groan, my hand now on the back of her head. I let out a slight chuckle and a nod before Lydia leaned even closer to me, leaving barely an inch between our lips.
“This is real. We are taking action based on our thoughts, I’m ready to face up to my feelings. Are you?” She asked causing me just to nod, still shocked that this was all still happening. Before I could do anything else, Lydia connected our lips in a passionate and deep kiss, causing my body to curve towards her and hum in her mouth, kissing her back. I knew Lydia Martin was hot, but I think I just reached another degree of hot.
i think this is how love goes, check yes or no - kayyyy31 - Brooklyn Nine-Nine (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

If waking up next to Jake every morning for the last week was amazing, getting to go to work with him for the first time since he was released from jail was heaven on earth.

While he was gone, she was so pointedly aware of how long the walk from the garage to the precinct was. It was glaringly obvious just how alone she was whenever Taylor Swift would come on or she said something that was a perfect setup for one of his dumb jokes and she’d look up to find an empty desk. It was shocking how cold her hand could get from the 2 minute walk at the end of the day without the warmth his always provided her’s.

It’s so so unbelievably easy for Amy to wake up the morning of his first day back. She doesn’t even need the promise of three cups of coffee to get her out of bed, the cold tile doesn’t bother her as she brushes her teeth. How can she focus on how cold her little toe is when her elbow keeps bumping into Jake’s and when his gaze is warms her better than her heaviest winter coat ever could?

First sight

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Young Derek POV

I was running back and forth across the basketball court, dodging, shooting, passing etc. It was about thirty minutes into practice and we were going a scrimmage against ourselves. It was still zero to zero with a minute left. I stole the ball and made my way down court. As I was about to shoot my eye caught someone standing in the doorway of the gym. She was the most beautiful thing I’d ever seen. Bright y/e/c eyes, flowing hair, rosy cheeks, just completely perfect. I stood still and blocked out all the screams at me as I dropped the ball and walked off the court. My coach and team yelling behind me. I made my way over to the unbelievably attractive girl. 

“Hi, sorry. Not to sound weird but are you new here?”

“Uh yeah.” she tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear.

“I thought so, I’d remember a beautiful face like yours.”

“Thanks.” she laughed a little.

I couldn’t figure out what it was but there was something pulling me to her. Obviously she was gorgeous but her voice was music to my ears and her laugh made my heart beat a million miles per minute.  

“What’s your name?”

“Y/N.” she smiled. “And what about you handsome?”

My heart took off like a race car. She called me handsome! A grin the size of the great wall of china spread across my face.

“Derek Hale. Nice to meet you Y/N.”

“Uh Derek don’t you have a practice to be at?” she asked me. I turned around and faced my team who were all yelling at me wit angry faces still.

“Uh nah.” I waved them off. “Your more important.” 

“Is that so?” she giggled but I nodded. “Okay well I better go.”

“No, you should stay. Practice is almost over anyways.”

“I can’t I have to finish touring the school before tomorrow.”

“Well then I’ll show you around. Just wait five minutes I have to shower than I can take you on a tour.”


“I’m not taking no for an answer so wait right here I’ll be right back!” 

“Uh okay.”

I ran off towards the locker rooms but my coach stopped me.

“Hale what are you doing!”

“Hey Coach sorry but I have to leave practice early today, sorry!” I said than made a beeline for the locker room. I showered in record time and got dressed in my sweats and a sweatshirt before I ran back out and found Y/N waiting for me by the door.

“Thanks for waiting.” I smiled.

“No problem.”

I led her around the school purposely putting my hand on her back whenever I could. I made a couple jokes because I loved her laugh. I really liked this girl. After the tour I took her back towards the parking lot. 

“So Y/N, I hope you have a great first day tomorrow and remember if you need any help at all, I’ll be around somewhere.”

“Thanks Derek see you tomorrow!” she started to walk away and I got the courage to ask what I’ve been wanting to ask since I saw her.

“Wait Y/N.” she turned and hummed. “I know we just met and this is really sudden but I can’t help but like you and I was wondering if maybe you wanted to go on a date with me this weekend?”

“I would like that Derek.” she smiled and kissed my cheek.

She walked to her car and let me standing there with a giant smile on my face. I never believed in love at first sight but….this felt a hell of a lot like it.

Hope you like it, I was bored so this is what I came up with :) KEEP REQUESTING!

‘Help me find my shirt’ ‘You know, as much as I want to…I don’t want to.’ -@happylilprompts

Part 2 to my mini-fic series. It’s been busy with school, but more should be up soon! Hope you all enjoy!

It was the night of the Gala that Lucas had been planning for months. He had been a vet for two years, and decided that he wanted to raise money for abused animals. Maya was so unbelievably proud of him, but she was so tired of him being stressed out over it .

“Babe, everything is going to be perfect.” She said, getting out of bed. As his wife, she felt like it was her duty to make him look great as a vet and as her husband. 

“I know, but I just can’t help seem like I’m missing something.”

“What else could be missing? You have the music, the venue, the food, exactly what you need to host a Gala.”

“I don’t know what I would do without you.” She chuckled at the statement, usually it was the other way around.  

“You know what you need? Some huckleberry pancakes.” It had become term of endearment between the two; he was her huckleberry, and she was his pancakes. She had found this great diner downtown, one with the greatest huckleberry pancakes that the two had ever known. He had even proposed to her there, with the ring in the pancakes.

“I can’t tell if you mean actual pancakes or something else…” he replied with a wink.

Only he could make her blush like a maniac, and giggle like a little girl.

“You tell me… but I don’t know if I’ll be able to fit in my dress if I eat those pancakes.”

“I still haven’t seen this dress yet.”

“You know that it’s a surprise. I haven’t seen you in your suit yet either.”

“My suit.”

“Your suit.”

“I don’t have my suit.” He was panic stricken, that’s exactly what he had forgotten. His normally tan skin was completely white and bleak.

“Honey, your suit is in your closet.”

“The suit jacket and pants are. But I have no idea where my shirt is. That’s what I forgot.”

“I’m sure you have a shirt around here somewhere.”

“Help me find my shirt.”

“You know, as much as I want to…I don’t want to” She was quite enjoying her view at the moment, his toned abs and back were right there. Who cared if he had a shirt on under that suit? 

They both searched around for a while, when Maya suddenly gasped.

“Is everything alright? Did you find my suit?” She looked up to meet his eyes.
“I found my diamond earring!” He rolled his eyes and went back to the closet that he was searching in. “And your shirt,” she hinted afterwards.

“You’re a lifesaver.” She winked at him.

“What’s my reward?”

“Later you’ll get to see me take off the shirt. How about that?”

“Sounds like a fair deal to me.”

things about ASOUE on Netflix that need to be discussed
•how perfectly (perfectly!!!!) cast Violet and Klaus are (I used to have crushes on both of them at various times and still do tbh [on their older personas of course] so like this important they’re perfect honestly I’m just so
•Neil Patrick Hariss being perfect as count Olaf he is the count olAf of my dreams honesty
•the fact that it’s 100% accurate to the books
•a bunch of the lines were actually directly from the book
•the aesthetics
•the unbelievable attractiveness of Gustavo and the secretary lady I forget her name I’m sorry but
She was really cool
•Beatrice!!!! We’re going to get Beatrice backstory!!!!
•sugar bowl reference!!!!! Foreshadowing!!!!

Feel free to add your own

Oscars (Shawn Mendes x Reader)

Request: Your imagines are so good babe! The one with James corden is by far my favorite! Can you do one where YN is nominated for the Oscars and takes shawn as her date and she wons? (And please don’t make it short) thank you love you

A/N : Ookay, i don’t know if this is long enough haha but um i tried! Btw i love th oscars, so this was awesome to write!!!!

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“Wowowow you look amazing!” Shawn said as he walked in the bathroom. Your makeup artist and hairstylist were currently busying themselves on your look for the big night. Glancing up at him, in the mirror you smiled.

“Thanks babe. And you look quite dashing yourself.”

Shawn went for his classic all black look, wearing a black three-piece suit. It was sharp and neat, and fit his form perfectly.

“Alrighty Y/N, your hair and makeup are done!”

“Wow thank you so much guys, you’ve really outdone yourselves this time! I can’t thank you enough, I don’t look like a zombie anymore.” You chuckled, hugging both your friends.

Tonight were the Oscars. The biggest film award show ever, the highest prestige an actress such as yourself can get. And this year, you were nominated for Best Supporting Actress. An Oscar! You! You still couldn’t believe it.

“Shawn, wanna help me get in my dress?”

He gladly nodded and walked you over to your closet, where laid your magnificient dress.

It was a (favorite color) gown, with a tight V-neck top, and it came down in a beautiful silky flowy manner around you. You slid in it, and Shawn helped zip up the back.

You took a big breath.

“Hey, you okay?” Shawn asked you, taking both of your hands and looking straight into your eyes.

“Yeah, it’s just you know… This is huge. Like the freaking Oscars. This is kinda like when you got nominated for a Grammy, remember?”

“It’ll be okay, you got this. You’ve worked so hard and you deserve this.” He whispered soothingly into your ear. You hugged him, smiling.


Shawn stepped out of the car, and rushed to your side to open the door for you.

“Shall we?” He grinned, reaching his arm out for you. You giggled, he looked like a boy in a candy store. He’s never been to such a big event with so many actors before.

“You gonna fangirl over Emma Watson?” You teased.

You saw his face light up as you began walking down the red carpet. Along the way, you stopped by to chat a bit with you friends. You introduced Shawn to Jennifer Aniston, Eddie Redmayne, and many more famous actors.

“Oh my god I used to have the biggest crush on Eddie when I was a teen.” You giggled to Shawn as you made your way to another group of photographers.

“You don’t anymore right?” Shawn stuttered. You looked at him and burst out laughing.

“Of course not stupid. Gosh you’re so cute.” You giggled up at him. He stared down at you with a goofy grin.

“Just wanted to make sure.” He whispered into your ear as cameras flashed at you.

You made your way to the center, and caught up with Academy Awards Pre-show, Robin Roberts.

“Robin! Hi!” You exclaimed, hugging her.

“Y/N how nice to see you! Wow you look stunning. Actually, doesn’t she look beautiful?” Robin asked the camera.

“She’s perfect.” Shawn grinned.

“And of course, Y/N brought Shawn Mendes, everybody. Tell me Shawn, how does it feel, your girlfriend being nominated for the biggest award in Hollywood?”

“Oh my gosh, um it’s surreal. I’m so unbelievably proud of her, I have no words.” Shawn gushed.

“Aww.” You and Robin both smiled, Shawn squeezing your hand.

“So, Y/N how do you feel?”

“Wow it is so overwhelming. Like two years ago, I’m in my sweatpants watching the very same awards from my couch, and then I star in this huge Scorsese movie and now I’m actually here? I feel so blessed.”

“You are so cute, both of you. Well, I wish you both the best of luck, and we go back to you Lara!”

The both of you made your way to the theater, laughing and goofing around. You had made some silly poses in front of the cameras just for the fun of it, as long with some classic serious ones, and even joined a huge group photo with Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper.


The show started, and you laughed along with the whole audience as Ellen Degeneres cracked another joke.

The night continued, it was all very enjoyable. You watched some of your best friends take home awards, and Ellen had really outdone herself when she ordered pizza.

“Here’s what I’m gonna do. Meryl, here’s my idea. You were nominated 18 times, a record-breaker. So I wanna break another record right now, with the most Retweets of a photo. So right now, I’m gonna take a picture of us, and then we’ll see if we can break the record. Oh, you too get in Julia. Jennifer, yeah Bradley come on in. Of course Y/N, here squeeze in, Shawn you too.”

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You laughed as Shawn put bunny ears behind your head.

“I’m gonna go retweet that now.” You chuckled.


It was almost here, your award. Before you knew it, Christoph Waltz walked out on stage holding a gold envelope.

“I’m honored to salute the outstanding performances given by the 5 exceptional actresses nominated tonight. 3 of them are first time nominees, all of them are amazing. Here are the nominees. Sally Hawkins, Blue Jasmine. Jennifer Lawrence, American Hustle. Julia Roberts, August Osage County. June Squibb, Nebraska. Y/N Y/L/N, (Movie title).”

You shuffled in your seat excitedly and Shawn squeezed your hand, bringing it up to his lips.

“And the Oscar goes to… Y/N Y/L/N, (Movie title)!”

Your mouth fell. Did you hear correctly? Did you?

“I’m hallucinating.” You said as you stood up. Shawn stood up as well, pulling you into a tight hug.

“I’m so proud.” He whispered into your hair. Tearing up, you made your way to the stage.

“Oh god my makeup’s gonna be totally ruined.” You started off, earning a laugh.

Shawn was staring at you so intently, giving you his full attention.

“Um there’s so many people I’d like to thank. Um oh wow, an Oscar!” You shook the little gold man in your hand. “Oh god, this is unreal. Thank you to my parents, my friends, my boyfriend Shawn. You’re the best. And shoutout to the director, the Academy, thank you so much everyone! I just want to say, if you have a dream you can accomplish it. I’m serious this is cheesy, but it’s true. Work, and you will get there. I promise. Thank you so much!”

You gave one last smile before you walked out, still gesturing unbelievingly with the award.


“Thank you so much for coming tonight Shawn.” You kissed your boyfriend, now back at home.

“Of course I came love.” He kissed you back. “I’m so proud of you.”

You smiled. You felt unimaginable happiness. Having Shawn, your very first Oscar. What more could you ask for?

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Whoever that actress was who played young Mr. Kaplan deserves about five Emmys for tonight's episode

That was fucking incredible. I could watch her for hours. How did they find somebody so unbelievably perfect to play Kate? For a hot minute I thought they’d just CGI’s the older actress’s face - she was that spot on.

I need a show starring both younger and older Kaplans immediately!

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Taylor has gotten so beautiful. I think when you are happy and just trying to live your life and minding your own business your skin will glow. She really is perfection. That picture with security and her assistants guarding her she looks amazing. And the outfits are unbelievable. I think this era will be her most beautiful visuals yet

she is amazing. i still need confirmation that she is real. 

the world we live in. it’s so… wonderous. mysterious. even magical. no… no no no.. not that world. i meant this one. the smartphone. each system and program app is it’s own little planet of perfect. technology. all providing services so necessary, so crucial, so unbelievably profound. look who just sent me a text! addie mccallister? it must be a mistake. or a joke. or a scam! don’t send her your social security number. she’s right there! that’s our user, alex. and, like every freshman in high school, his whole life, everything, revolves around his phone. and, because the pace of life gets, faster and faster… phones down in five. and attention spans get shorter and shorter… and… you’re probably not even listening to me right now. who has the time to type out actual words? and that’s where we come in. the most important invention in the history of communication! emo gees. that’s my home! textopolis. here, each of us does one thing, and we have to nail it every time. christmas tree just has to stand there, all festive. merry christmas! it’s still september, tim! and princesses… i am so pretty. they just gotta wear their crowns and keep their hair comb. we are so pretty. devil, poop, thumbs up, they just show up and they’re good to go. but for the faces, the pressure is on. cryer always has to cry, even if he just won the lottery. hurray, i’m a millionaire! laugher’s always laughing, even if he’s just broken his arm. ahh!! ah! i can see the bone!! ah ah ah ah ah… and me, i’m a meh. so i gotta totally be over it all the time, you know? like meh, who cares. which is not as easy as it sounds. i gotta be mehhhhhhhhh i GOTTA! be! mehhhhhhhhh morning misses D, i see you have the little minis with ya! oh, they’re so… cute! NYAH, SO ADORABLE, I CAN’T TAKE IT! I WILL NEVER GET THEM TO SLEEP! STICK TO YOUR ONE FACE, WEIRDO. OLE! OLE! OH NO! OH NO! it’s hard to only act blasé. when, living in textopolis is…. just so exciting! hah low good simeans! those ah some shalp attach shays! yes, well we have business to attend to. whot kind off business? monkey business. ha ha ha ha, i sounded british. meh… Oh, that was really good.. meh ? meh … meh ha ha… what the freak ya doing there, mate? practicing. today is my first day on the phone. oh, droit. i’m gonna be so.. meh. what are you going to do? blah! me and the boys are gonna throw ourselves on the barbie! woo! puh-zow! gooday, mate! hey, koh knee chee wah! sorry emote icons!! oh, I hate knocking over the elderly.. let me help, let me help… oh, my colon!!! ducks… hey, is that the time? HEY, my eyes are up here, pal! woo ooh hoo! woo hoo! right on time! and last week, Alex sent me next to THIS text! huh? huh? HA HA HA THAT ELEPHANT PISSED HIMSELF HA HA HA AH HAH HA HAH HAH UH HUH HUH why are YOU laughing, freak? ho ho ha ha ha! now, unlike me, my parents are total pros. gene, please tell me you weren’t laughing just now. gene so help me i swear oh, he was, I remember. let’s go see if you can get it right. i have some bad news, gene, and i’m afraid that you’ll have the wrong reaction. ok, what’s the wrong reaction? anything other than meh. come on! i don’t want to be late! i’m not letting you go to work today. wait, WHAT? you’re just not ready, son. come on!! working in a cube is an Emoji’s whole purpose in life! everybody my age is working on the phone except for me! oh sweetie, that’s not true. ow! YEAH! i’m going to work on the phone and I’m only ten! that’s because I believe in you! should we wash our hands? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! we’re number two! we’re number two! see? i, i know i’m different, ok? but, i need to… i can be meh… i just… want to be a working emoji, you know, like… everybody else… and then… i would finally fit in, you know? ah, you fit in, honey. no I don’t, mom. I never have. but I could change all that if you just let me! just give me a chance! but what if you get sent out on the phone, making the wrong face? no dad, i’ll make the right face! look! maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah? you’re so handsome when you make that face. i think he’s ready, mel. meh. come on, dad. let me prove it to you. if you really think you’re ready… YES! yes i am! i promise i won’t let you down! wow! Congratulations, everyone! What an exciting day for all of you! oh, it’s really her! oh, pizza! first day on the job, hi, hi! don’t be nervous! i won’t bite! hi, i’m smiler! ho ho ho ho ho… DON’T TOUCH ME! Hi! i mean.. hey.. as you know, i’m smiler, i’m the system supervisor here, because I was the original emoji. here’s how it works. it’s nothing fancy! wait a minute… it’s really fancy! you each have your own cube on the emoji bar! if alex chooses you, should you be so lucky, your cube will light up! it’s showtime! the scanner will scan you, and that scan will get sent right up to alex’s text box. and let me tell you guys, there is nothing like getting scanned for the first time. a har, you’re gonna love it. now over here is the favorites section, where you’ll find all the most popular emo gees. and of course, you’ll find my cube here. whoo. you are smooth. just doing my duty. ha ha ha! what did i say? come on, tell me you aren’t just a little bit tempted? steven, for the last time, i don’t want to buy a timeshare. come on, man, it’s high five! you know me! i’m a favorite! Alex hasn’t picked you in weeks. when he stops picking you, you’re no longer a favorite. there’s gotta be some sort of mistake, i mean, look at me, i’m an attractive, hand-giving high five! oh! fistbump! come on in! hey, ladies! FISTBUMP? he’s a knucklehead! literally! look at him, I can look like that! ugh, ow, cramp.. big mistake.. oh… help me.. help up a hand.. oh… here you go… thanks mate… hey, little man, how about you create a distraction, and i’ll just slip under the rope! uh, oh, is someone lost? smiler, hiya, just leaving. yeah, you know, just killing time before i go back to my cube in the far corner where Alex can’t even See Me ANYMORE! you may not be a favorite anymore, but you will always have a place, in a cube! yeah, in the nosebleeds… uh, i’m standing right here? words hurt. the most important thing I can tell you is to just be yourself… basically, happy itself… i am always smiling… places, please! emo gees to your cubes! attention, we’ve got incoming! gotta be meh, gotta be meh. oh my gosh, my own cube! i can’t believe it… oh, i could put a plant over here, and over here could go an inspirational calendar, okay, gotta be meh… look at our son get on there, i’m beaming… with pride! you don’t think he’ll actually get picked, do you? heiroglyphics. heiroglyphics was an ancient language of picture forms. does that remind anyone of anything. hello. a language of pictures… anyone? early heiroglyphics back in ancient… i gotta reply to addie’s text! what should i write? nothing! nothing? words aren’t cool. ok, be cool, be cool… alright, alex is not sure how he wants to play this… oh! i would really love it to be me! beam me up! beam me up! i need thumbs up on standby! oh yeah! thumbs up is going in! wait! alex is changing his mind! he’s moving! ok, looks like it’s gonna be meh… i’m so nervous, i could almost shrug. we are go for meh! initiating scan! okay, you can do this. ah! i can’t do this! i can’t do it! stop the scan! i can’t, it’s too late! oh! what’s he doing? he’s making the wrong face! good for him, little… wait, what? ugh. abort, abort! oh, shi… shut it down, shut it down! ah! what is that emoji? all the emo gees present, evacuate the cube! evacuate the cube! i gotta get out of here! i’m trying! oh, jeez. sorry, everybody. that is not what i meant to do! i kinda.. i kinda panicked.. are you even a meh at all? uh, who, me? like you are, is a malfunction! a malfunction? no, i can be meh, just give me one more chance? you know what would be really fun? a board meeting, where we can find out what to do with you! i just wanted to be useful, you know, fit in! now everybody’s calling me a malfunction. i am a malfunction. even if you are a malfunction, gene, your mom and dad still love ya. i knew you weren’t ready. let’s get you out of here and take you home. one day, all of this will blow over, and everyone will almost forget about what you did. until then, you should probably stay locked up in the apartment. wait, you’re gonna hide me away? you’re embarrased of me. it’s for your own safety. we’re trying to protect you, son. gene, where are you going? i’m not going to run away from this. i’m an emoji, and, even though i’m not exactly sure which one… i’ve gotta have some sort of purpose here, i know it. gene, no! sweetie, please! so, how’d it go, gavel? hey, lightbulb, tell me what’s going on in there. what… poop… what is it? tell me turd, tell me truth. what happened? i know it was an accident. we all have accidents you’re so soft, poop. not too soft, i hope. i came up here to defend myself, but, uh, you seem pretty happy. so, good news? i’m always happy. oh, right, yeah, truth. but the only thing that could ever make me unhappy, is if one of our emo gees has made a mistake. which would cause alex to lose faith in the phone… and then, our whole gets wiped out! smiler, i devil pinky swear promise to you that i will never, ever make a mistake in the cube again. oh, we know you won’t, gene. we know you won’t! ha ha, you know, the first time you said it it sounded genuine, but then you repeated it, and, and then, now it’s weird. we’re setting you up! with our best anti virus bots! so they’ll, like, uh, they’ll just, they’re gonna fix me? actually, delete you. but yes! wait, what? if you get deleted, you don’t have to worry about department heads, or the future, or lying about being a malfunction! because you’re deleted, right? right! good job! bots! no! stop, he’s escaped! party time! oh, wait a minute… the air is better here! beer, tea… i’m coffee! sorry… ish… so ish e. my old cube! ugh, pinkeye. mike! my name’s not mike… ah! there’s AV bots coming! what, me? just because i’m in the wrong section? holy toledo! what do we do? quick! this way! let’s go! don’t tell anyone you’re about to see this. they’ll never find us down here. where are we? the basement? nope. welcome to the loser lounge, where the emo gees who never get used, hang out. go fish! fishcake with swirls sweep so you won’t cry. sweep so you won’t cry. sweep so you won’t cry. i almost got deleted! me! high five! hey, what’s up high five? they weren’t trying to delete you, they were trying to delete me. you? what’s so important about you that they’d send out an entire team of bots? they say… i’m a malfunction. gasp oh, you bringing malfunctions in here now, high five? for crying out loud, abandoned luggage, that had better not be my leftover chinese food… uh… what chinese food? huh ha! do you have any idea what it’s like to be living large? hashtag blessed? the favorite of the favorites, and then demoted to this pit of despair? here, will you hit my callouses for me? at least you’re a working emoji, that’s all i ever wanted. well, if that’s all it will take you to be satisfied, then just find a hacker and get reprogrammed. it’s not that complicated. where would i find a hacker? in the piracy app, duh. ugh. and who took my clear nail polish? piracy app? to get there, i mean, i have to leave textopolis. so? i’ve done it. would you be a brother. one of the princess emo gees left the phone altogether, now she lives on the cloud… mmm… ooh, that is good. i’m sure the hacker that helped her do that could easily reprogram you. The name’s jailbreak. jailbreak? that’s great? reprogrammed. i just need to get reprogrammed, and then i can finally be the meh i was meh to be! help me find that hacker high five, will you? please? maybe this hacker can help you, too? like, rewrite some code? get you into the favorites sections? wait a minute! ow. i’ve been trying to use my charisma and sensitive entitlement to get me back on top when all I need is a hacker! today’s your lucky day! let’s roll! hey, can i come too? talk to the hand, bretheren. i thought i was… bye, felicia. ciao, fishcake with swirls. daddy’s headed back to the VIPs where he belongs! wait, what about the bots? good point, good point. ow, ow ow, ow… hey… i shouldn’t have picked the cactus. i shouldn’t have picked it. you didn’t even try to get the tree, it’s baffling. let’s go. high five? hello? high five! where are you? i’m right here! here we are! end of the text aisle. no way. come on, gene, it’s perfectly safe! ah! gene, help me! high five! oh no, this is all my fault, high five, I… i’m just messing with you! it’s just one of those rubber finger monster puppets from the eighties, i collected the whole set! alright, you coming? uh, what do i do? what do you mean? just take a step through the other side. this, is it. the next time i come back here, i’ll be a real meh. high five? woah! are you finished? where, where are we? welcome… to the wallpaper! wow. this place is incredible! each app is a whole new world. ow, that’s my face, get off my face, thank you. what is this place? WeChat! it’s like a whole other world! oh, it is. what are they? they’re bubble pups, they might be cute, but man, are they clean. bubble pups? they’re stickers, gene, try to get with the program? this is so cool! wait, what’s in that one! everybody’s talking about themselves! how does he know so many people? none of these people know him, but they like him, and that’s what matters in this life, popularity. uh, i, i think i’d rather just have a real friend. a real friend? how’s that going to get you anywhere? what you need are fans! they give you complete and unrelenting support! as long as you’re on top. poor gene, i blame myself. i blame you, too. i just wanted to be supported. you just wanted a vacation. you take that back, mel. bots, they haven’t found gene by now. he must have skipped town. you mean the wallpaper? our boy’s on the run. how about we find him ourselves? yeah, sure. tell those bots to follow those mehs. i’m sure they’ll know about all those freaky deaky apps Gene would hide out in. i’m really good at making plans, you guys, right? here we are, the piracy app! this is where we’ll find jailbreak. um, but this is, the dictionary app. that’s just what alex wants his parents to think. this is called a skin. really? what could a teenage boy possibly want to hide from his parents? just try to keep up, this place can get a little rough. ahoy mateys, look who’s back! high five! i’m a bit of a celebrity here, always welcome. ow! loser! come on, follow me. oh, great, emo gees! i thought the conversation just got dumber. ugh, internet trolls, just ignore them. eventually, they’ll get a job, or a girlfriend, or some sort of purpose in life, and then they’ll stop. virus, we’ll just, we’ll just walk over this way… hi! it’s so great to see you again! do i know you? it’s spam! just sign here and i can get you special discounts on vitamins and coupon offers that can save you up to 25 percent! 25 percent? nonono no no, don’t get sucked in! back off, spam! it’s the only way to do it. back off! thank you very much! you can illegally download our CD right here! hey, trojan horse, how are you? yeah, what’ll it be had? i’ll have a bottle of… hack, daniels, hmm? maybe with a plate of… cheese, and hackers, kapeesh? you try to buy a hacker, you can just ask, you know. oh, sorry, um, yes. we’re looking for a hacker named jailbreak. oh, i know a guy who could hook you up. right over there. oh, yes. patable. no, not him. her! wait, he’s a she? hey! jailbreak! mind if we join in? yes. that’s the thing about the internet, is that you never know if someone’s being ironic or sincere. i sincerely, unironically want you to go away. ha ha ha ha, so good… so here’s the thing, my friend gene here has a little problem. well, see, i’m supposed to be a meh, but i don’t really feel… yeah, yeah, and we thought that you could help… the princess, you know, off the phone… woah, hold up, that’s not a meh face. bots, they’re after me! how are you doing that? look, it’s just something that i can do, can you help us? follow me. bots, delete my history! i need to wipe my entire hard drive! i made the most delicious cinnamon buns! maybe if there was something to uh, jog my memory? come on! move! hey trolls, wipe our mailbox wearing a tuxedo! hi, it’s so great to see you again! this tunnel will get us out of here! move! get us out of here! move! did that cloud taste sweet to you? ow. ow. ow. help me. help, i’m stuck! sweet motherboard! where am i? candy crush! get me out of here! hey, cornface! try getting him out the top! already on it! hold tight, gene! woah! woah! this feels very off.. and smells. i mean, it smells delicious, but, i still don’t like it! the game obviously thinks you’re a candy, even though you’re, weirdly misshapen, you know? what do i do? stay very still! don’t worry, we’ve got your back! right, high five? hey, fingers! you wanna focus? for your information, i happen to have a sugar addiction, and it’s a very, serious… hey, finger head, we have to get Gene out of the game without blowing him up! i don’t want to blow up! we have to match up the candies so that Gene will drop to the bottom. and we can’t match him with any yellows, or else… oh! don’t do that, please don’t do that. watch. got it? knock 3 in a row, don’t blow gene up, got it. and, we have to be careful. yeah yeah yeah. careful! woo hoo! candy! yo! no no no! don’t do yellow! do NOT do the yellow! i said careful! hey, addie! i… i was just wondering, if, you are… tasty. what? um… delicious. excuse me? sweet. hey addie! uh… hi nikki. see you later, alex sugar crush. ah! i’m so over this. Wireless Repair Service, how may I help you? i’d like to make an appointment. it’s like this phone is playing games with me! woah! hey, what does this do? get me out of here! ooh… suck it in… stop it… stop it… ow ow ow… it’s not working! well, there’s one option left. we line you up with the yellows. but you said not to do that! special candies get transported to that jar. the game might think that you’re a special candy. and… what if it doesn’t think i’m a special candy? well… ah! jailbreak, hello? hello, jailbreak? uh, sorry. what if it doesn’t think i’m a special candy? oh, i’m not too worried about it. alright, just do it. gene, gene! you’re alive! you were trying to see if i had somehow turned into candy, weren’t you? yes i was. and you have not! hey, looks like something popped up on alex’s calender. ah, i’m sure it’s nothing. uh, alex made an appointment at the phone store? calm down, everyone, calm down. don’t worry, everything is fine. maybe alex just wants to buy some accessories. uh, his appointment is with techinical support. well, i’m sure we’ll have plenty of time to figure this out. uh, his appointment is for tomorrow. then maybe it’s just for some routine maintenance? uh, actually, it’s to erase the phone. listen, gene, i’m about to become your knight in shining armor. you are? oh yeah. but first, we need to get uploaded to the cloud. that’s where we’ll find the source code to reprogram you. the… cloud? isn’t that off the phone? ding dingding ding! you got it! mmhm, yeah, the cloud! off the phone! uh! we’re in candy crush, oz, i know a shortcut to just dance, which is right next to dropbox, where we can get uploaded to the cloud. mmhm, of course, just go dive into the dropbox and vroom! hold up, here’s the stinker. before they let us into the cloud, we have to get past this… firewall. the firewall uses face identification. it’s really annoying, because i’ve already tried to get through. guessed wrong once, and now i’m locked out for life. locked out for life? you’re thinking, because i can make different faces, the firewall will think i’m different emo gees! yeah, i wanted to say it, because it was my idea. you know, women are always coming up with stuff that men are taking credit for. you know what, well, let’s hit the road. high five, you coming? i’m coming! why do i always think i’m going to come around on black licorice? ah! oh! my precious… move it! sudden death, here we come! let’s try this one… you tube? wow, what an original treat, and i don’t even need a remote. that guy is so expressive. he reminds me of gene. yes, something’s really wrong here. our son is a malfunction, and you should have never let him go into that cube. don’t blame me for that now, i am hopping mad at you. see? mary, i think we’re being followed, but don’t overreact. uh oh. i told you not to overreact. what are you doing now? i could be in there for hours. hey, where are you going. i think we should go our seperate ways, mel. i thought i knew the meh that i married, but maybe i don’t. but, mary? this tunnel will help us avoid the bots. thanks for helping us. it’s really, really nice of you. NPD, dude. you’re helping me! move along, move it, why so slow? high five, stop, why are you getting so close? back off. i can’t stop now, i’m having a sugar rush! i’m going to go around you. if i stop moving, my heart’s going to explode! coming through, jailbreak! watch out! hey! watch it, knuckle butt! i can’t feel my face! ha ha! jailbreak, you said back there that i’m… helping you. i’ve been trying to get past that firewall for months! ha ha ha ha ha, come on, come on, the faster we go, the faster I can become a favorite! ah ha ha ha ha ha! woo hoo! look at me i just want to bounce out of here, get off the phone, and live on the cloud! hee hee! ow! what just happened! you know, you don’t like it here? there are so many rules here! what is up with that? the cloud’s supposed to be amazing, it’s full of dreams too… oh, sugar crash. i can’t hold on anymore. catch me, gene, catch me! and you can be whoever you want! thanks. we’re free! come on! oh, oh my gosh, my hands are sweating. you know what, come to think of it, i don’t really remember there ever being a hacker emoji. oh, um, you know, you’re taking too much of my brain space, let’s try to keep the chit chat to a minimum. ooh, someone likes you. what are you talking about? this just like when peace sign gave me just one finger, i knew she was in love with me. let’s go! ugh, i’m never eating another piece of candy ever again… high-five, don’t do it! don’t you do it! it’s already been in there once. don’t do it. wow. move it! are my fingers getting fat? i’ll tell you what, this bandage wasn’t so tight before. okay, we get through this app, and dropbox is right on the other side. we just need to keep it super DL in here. and no matter what, we can’t, turn it, on. OMG this turned it on! what? i’m a hand, it’s a big red button! woah. no no no no! what’s happening! welcome to just dance! follow my moves and you get to move forward! do the wrong moves and you get an X! three strikes and you’re out! out? what does she mean by out? digital death. thanks to you, fingers, now we’re going to have to dance our way out. which is alright with me, because I can shake it like michael. or michael’s glove, anyway. Are you ready to daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnccccccee? this is bad, gene, i can’t dance, i got no groove! come on, everybody can dance! not me, okay? i’m really stiff… see? you don’t… understand? okay, no no. stop, stop. you have to stop. i see now what you are saying? just follow her moves. ready to dance in three! this i can’t do! two! dude! just shut up and… dance! i’m just doing it! hee hee! shamon! jailbreak! i got you! look, just do the music, express yourself! dance? yeah, you got it! now throw some sauce on that dance burrito! woo hoo! i’m doing it! i’m finally nailing this dance! you got it! hee hee! oh ho ho! great job! now you’re moving on to free dance! impress us with your moves to move forward! more dancing? you’re killing it, gene! nice! take it gene! you can break it! wait a minute! i’ve never seen that dance before! what’s it called? the emoji… bob? i love it! you do! everybody! do the emojiiiiiiiiiii bob! ha ha ha! woo! oh! princess! woah! you’re the princess emoji! you never got off the phone! new player! who? oh no! we gotta go! no worry, they’re robots, they can’t dance! downloading thought protocol… can’t dance, he says. heh. hey alex, you gonna dance for us? alex, that’s extra homework for you. yeah, alex’s getting wicked, ha ha ha… alex must be deleting the app! watch out! we gotta get out of here! come on! hoo! this song is my jam! high five! come on! let’s go! hurry! gene! i got you! gene! gene… hey, wait a minute, where’s high five? alex trashed the app.. and high five right along with it. wait, what? wait, trashed? high five is in the trash? he wanted to dance… but, i knew it was a bad idea… i’m so sorry… we gotta get him out of there. gene, dropbox is right here, we have to get to the cloud! and the trash is on the other side of the phone! we don’t know how many other bots are out there! i’m sorry! no, wait! i can’t go without high five. i don’t care how far away it is. gene… that’s my friend down there. i’m not going to just let him get deleted. what, what is it? i’ve always just thought, you’ve got to look out for number one… but what good is it to be number one, if there aren’t any other numbers? wow, okay. i’m sorry, this is, this is my malfunction, i just, i can’t be meh about anything, this is why i’m going to be reprogrammed. well, actually, it’s kinda cool. wait, really? no, i think i know a shortcut. we can take the music streams in spotify. let’s go give that big hand a hand. come on! now it’s trashed the just dance app, and our bots are offline, and it’s giving me a real headache… i am so angry! i really need to stay happy. can we please lighten the mood? no one can resist la fiesta! ole! not that happy. ow! we’ve only got four hours before alex’s phone appointment. if they find a malfunction on the phone, we are all going to be wiped! she said wiped! aim higher, steven. i didn’t want to have to do this, but it is fun to press buttons. the illegal upgrade! now that makes me happy! ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha! i just want to dance.. dance… argh! quiet, you saucy gypsy. ugh, where am i? hi! it’s so great to see you again! you’re in the trash, fingers for brains! get away from me, troll! hi! it’s so great to see you again! i’ve got to get out of here. you can’t! and at the end of the day, the trash gets emptied, and we’re all going to die! oh no, no, no! this is the last face you will ever see! this is spotify? yep, every one of those streams is a different song. is it safe? are you sure that this is a good idea? that’s the point of the wave, dude! can we at least pick a… a colorless stream? okay buzzkill… alex, a bunch of people are hitting the promenade, and i think addie might be there, too… that’s perfect! i have an appointment down there, anyway! i’ve got to get this phone fixed! hey, bubble butt! yeah. ah, much better. so, i gotta ask, is it true that when a princess whistles, birds fly down from the skies.. hello, stereotype, that is a complete and total myth! i’m sorry. did you realize that in the first emoji set, a woman can either be a princess, or a bride? that’s why I need to get to the cloud, where you can be whatever you want to be! get ready! whale song coming! wait, wait, whale what? whale song! from alex’s biology DVD! woah! wow! woah! ha ha ha ha. you’re not going to see that sitting around in a cube. funny, you went out of the cube, and I went in. gene, that means you can’t be yourself. what’s the point? you know, i think you’re pretty cool just the way you are. we’re, we’re going to need this. nobody knows, the touchscreen dramascene. nobody knows my screenshot… trash? me? i used to be somebody. here i am, in an old email Alex never sent. addie, blah blah blah blah blergh… and then there’s me! high five! right there! doing my job! FYI, nobody cares about you. just leave me, troll, and let me die! in this dump alone! let me look for the world’s smallest violin in here, so that you can play it! is that the hand angel of mercy? has she finally come for me? give me your hand! i mean, give me yourself! take my hand, angel! i’m ready to take my place amongst the other great hands of the past. it’s me, gene! gene? the one and only. gene! i got him! take me with you! high five! let go of me! you’d leave me down here? you were wrong, troll, people do care about me! and i’m not upset, troll! do you see how not upset I am? gene! you came back for me! you saved me… it wasn’t just me, jailbreak helped, too. she’s a hugger. give her a squeeze. oh, nonono no. not really, nothing great. i’m not feeling your feelings, relieve me! you filthy trolls, I inhaled your stench, and I was once one of you, so I feel your pain. so now, go. be free! smooth sailing from here. huh ha ha! ugh. gene! gene… gene? are you insta gramming? oh, where is my gene… oh, mary, you’ve really done it this time. no, you haven’t. mel? what are you doing in alex’s trip to france album? i was looking for you. none of this is your fault, mary. it’s mine. what do you mean? is that a tear on your cheek? it’s my fault gene is the way he is. i have other expressions, too. i think they’ve just been buried away. but with gene going missing, and thinking i might have lost you, too… oh, mel, why didn’t you tell me? i didn’t know myself. right now, i’m so overwhelmed with passionate feelings for you. mary, my love for you burns with the intensity of a red hot flame. oh, i like it. let’s go find our son. together. we’ll always have paris, mary. so you’re a princess. so you have a little tiara, very fancy. is it true when a princess whistles, birds fly that’s what i said! no, guys, that’s a stupid myth! what awkward virgin haven are you living in? go read an e-book! educate yourself! uh, jailbreak? what the? what is that? smiley must have upgraded her bots! let’s get out of here before it… hi, do you remember me, it’s smiler! i’m coming to you live from the amphitheater, why don’t you come back to textopolis and we can talk through our differences, okay? my friend here will escort you, alright, i’m gonna see you soon, buddy, bye now! we’re actually going to delete them in front of everyone. psst, it’s still on. it’s still on? oh! jiminy, attack the frauds! seperate! take a look! jailbreak! gene! this way! it’s still onto me! over here! let’s go! we have to make it to dropbox! yes! no! go low! woah! don’t worry, it can’t get in. it’s illegal malware, and this app is secure. come on. welcome to dropbox! you are about to leave the phone. remain seated, please! permanecer sentados por favor! might want to hang on! why do they call it dropbox, anyway? oh, this is why! i see why now! i’d better not see that candy corn again! we made it! you guys, chill. we still have to get past… that. oh… shaw. welcome to the firewall, how may I help you? alright, here goes! what should I do? sit in the corner, and don’t say a word. keep those soft fingers to yourself. yes, your majesty, princess of nightmares! now gene, step onto the password icon, and i’ll feed you the passwords. okay. okay. ten, eleven, two thousand and two. ten, eleven, two thousand and two. ow. cough. access denied. okay, try a different expression. is it going to blast me every time i messed up? yeah, kind of. what do you mean kind of? ready? welcome to the firewall. his favorite food. chimichangas! chimichangas? ow. access denied. huh. this might take a while. oh boy. krav maga! krav maga. major lazer! major lazer. what did i do now? ow. skate, or die! access denied. denied. denied. denied. i don’t get it! we’ve tried all of the important things in alex’s life! his favorite pet, his sport, his favorite grandma… i’m sorry, gene. i let us all down. now, if I had to come up with a password, I’d probably use the name of a girl I like. i’ve been all over the phone! he’s never mentioned a girl. yes he has! hi. when I was in the trash, I read a very interesting email, but, i’m just a dunce, in the corner, forbidden to speak… what email? sorry, what? what email? uh, took it out, at school, he was declaring his feelings of love for her, i guess instead of sending it he tossed it in the trash. high five, this is very important. what is her name? her name, yes! excellent question. it… was… tina. karen. marge. lint, lindsay. ack, allison. sarah, or, lupita. i want to say lupita, but that doesn’t feel right, now i’m saying it out loud. ugh.. gotta find that email, i think i can access the trash. i got it! addie! yes! yes, that’s it, addie! i knew i’d get there! dear addie, you and I, we are like diamonds in the sky. you’re a shooting star I see. a vision, ecstacy. shining bright like a diamond. he used a high-five, see? guess now we know why he trashed it. ooh, shade. guys, should we try this? addie! access granted. oh snap. this place, is, amazing. wow, i can’t believe it. woah. one little emoji could sure get lost in a place like this. i… i guess we should, make you, a meh before that bot comes back home. oh, oh, so we’re gonna do that now. we had a deal, right? yeah, okay. right. i, uh, guess i’ll start hacking. ha! we did it, gene! all our dreams are coming true! i’ll be alex’s favorite again, and you’ll be a real meh! ha ha, yeah! do the hand dance. do the hand dance. and pinky. pop it with the pinky. pop it with the pinky. yeah, but this all seems kinda super fast now, doesn’t it? i didn’t expect to be having these feelings right now. well, maybe you should go and express them while you still can. so, uh, i’ve been thinking, um, ever since we. jailbreak, you’re the coolest, most interesting emoji i’ve ever met. and, after all the adventures that we’ve had, i’m just not sure that i want all of that to go away. because, my feelings, right now, are, like, huge. i just think that they could be enough for me to want to stay the way that I am. if it means that i could stay here, with you, like, forever. forever and ever. and ever. maybe longer than that, even? like in the fairy tales. uh… wait, wuh, what is that? gene, if this is about you deciding not to be meh, then, i am all about that. i like you just the way you are, but i had a plan. right. i’m not just some princess, gene, waiting for my prince. i mean, uh, what you said was beautiful, but, gene… ha ha ha! you’re all… meh! the source code worked! turns out I didn’t need it. for the first time in life, meh is all I feel. oh! gene! i have an appointment. i’m a little early. no prob. i can take you right now. jailbreak! ah! don’t do that! that freaking huge bot has got gene back inside the phone! what? he left being more meh than the meh-est meh face i’ve seen! what did you say to him? it’s what I didn’t say. we gotta go get him. how are we going to get there in time before he gets deleted? ugh.. i can’t believe i’m doing this. you tell anyone you saw this and I’ll crack more than those knuckles. woah. birds do like princesses! it’s not a myth! it’s not a myth at all! what happened with becoming a favorite? because i’d rather have one real friend. let’s go get him. i can’t wait to see that emoji’s face! look at that expression! is that for realizing that you’ve put all of textopolis at risk? causing Alex to question our reliability? hmm? hey, now that’s going too far, even for me! if we could delete this malfunction, before he gets dissapointed, Alex will realize there’s nothing wrong with the phone. and any last words? meh. well, it’s too late for that. delete him! wait! you delete gene, you’ll have to delete me, too. what? i have the same malfunction gene has. dad? oh gosh, i don’t know what to do! yes i do! BOTS! sorry misses meh. wow. i did not see that one coming. smiler, I think you might be making too much stink out of all this. oh really? how about you’re next? i was wrong, gene. i should have believed in you all along. oh, what a touching daddy son reunion moment! it reminds me of the time I deleted you both! oh wait! that’s this time! delete the two malfunctions! How’s that for an entroof gasp oh, great. I can’t reach! oh no! what did you do to my beautiful monst Ow my tooth! hand, button! jailbreak? oh, gene… you really are a meh… what happened to looking out for number one? being number one doesn’t matter if there aren’t any other numbers. alex’s appointment! he’s deleting the phone! nononono no no no no! show me alex. are you sure you want to delete everything? do it! red alert! alex, no! game over. fellas, i’m afraid this is the last call. dude, addie’s here. you should go over. every time I try, i screwed up! i don’t even know how to tell her how I feel! if we help alex connect to addie, maybe he won’t delete us. i might be able to bypass the wipe and get a text through to him. but we’ll only have time to send one. maybe I should go! he has love in his eyes. send me! alex looks nervous, too! he’s more shy than nervous! stop! it’s gene. he’s all of those things! emo gees should only be one thing! oh, really? gasp the princess! linda? not now, mom! gene, you got this. that’s not me anymore. but I have to try. it’s starting! no! it’s ending! almost in? working on it! mom? dad? no.. i’m in! last time I was in this cube I screwed everything up. gene, why do you think I came back? it’s because of you. me. it’s all inside of you, gene. just try to bring it back. and do you. high five! i don’t want to wave goodbye! it’s now or never, gene! jailbreak, now! woah! she got this emoji! no way! hey, i got your text! that’s one super cool emoji! i know, right? a lot of feelings in one! i get it! i like that you’re one of those guys who actually expresses feelings! yeah, that’s me! so, do you think you cou yes, i’d love to go to the dance with you. we made it! oh, i could have lost you, peter pinky finger… oh, you wretchy ring finger, even you, tiberius thumb… change your mind? yeah, maybe it’s weird, but i’m going to hold onto it. gene, you did it! you saved us all! oh, mel… gee hee eene! gee hee hee heene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! gene! and us! and high five! and high five! and high five! and high five! hey, what happened, gene? slap me some skin! and a little orange for the pinky! hey high five! save a little hand for later! unless you know the hamburger! back on top of the hand pile! you’re not on the list! wait, what? what’s going on? ha! from now on, everyone is welcome! wait, what is all this? it’s for you, gene! everybody! the emoji bob! this is so jazzy… go eggplant! go eggplant! go eggplant! we are out of Alex’s pocket, emo gees! this is not a butt dial! to your cubes! are we up and running? roger that. good, because we got incoming! looks like it’s gonna be gene. hey gene, ready to try out your new cube? in 3, 2…