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When You’re Sleeping

Person A knowing that person B does cute things when A is asleep (plays with their hair, gives forehead kisses, tracing lips, gentle snuggling, draws them, etc). One day person A pretends to be asleep, but ends up being unable to hold back a smile as person B begins displaying their rare affection

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The first time it happened, it was so quick, it might as well have been an accident.

It was movie night at Erica’s, and there was a heavy weight on Derek’s shoulder, a soft snoring in his ear. He didn’t need to look to know Stiles was fast asleep on him, had been for several minutes now.

Stiles had been yawning from the moment Derek walked into Erica’ apartment, arms full of the extra snacks she had made him buy on the way over. Because apparently they didn’t have enough already, despite the whole living room table being full of bowls and plates with them. Erica went all out to impress everyone though, had been stressing about it for weeks before, so Derek hadn’t thought twice before he’d said he’d do it.

The movie had started and not ten minutes after, Stiles was fast asleep on his shoulder.

Had it happened a few years ago, Derek would have shoved him off with an annoyed grunt and told him to not drool on him. But now – after everything they had been through together, and after they stopped pining and started dating – he just smiled fondly for a second and let him stay there.

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Baby Girl?

Warning: Heated kiss. Awkward attempt at dirty talk. Mentions of sex?

Words: 822

Relationship: Spencer Reid x Reader

Prompt: “I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to laugh, but that is just not what I thought you’d say.”

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This is 110% @kvmalakhvn‘s fault for sending me that femslash post.

Jacqueline Zimmermann, the daughter of famous model and actress Alicia Zimmermann, and lesser known hockey star Bob Zimmermann, is six foot tall. She’s been pressured all of her life to become a model like her mom, but she found that playing hockey with her dad helped her relieve stress and anxiety. Now she’s the captain of the Samwell Women’s Hockey team and is noted for having the best glutes on campus, rivaling even the men’s hockey captain’s. 

Erica Bittle is from small town Georgia where cheer is life. Her mother was a cheerleader back in the day and encouraged her to pursue it too, but Erica is afraid of heights and hates being tossed. Her dad encouraged her to stay in sports though so she started figure skating, which is where she met the community hockey team and the rest is history. Her teammates call her Bitty because she’s a proud member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. 

Mer!Sterek AU

Stiles and Derek are mermen from different tribes, and each decide to visit a human village at the edge of their territories. Stiles is on a rite of passage, maybe, or just curious, while Derek’s checking in for safety purposes – making sure the humans don’t know anything about his kind after a recent close call when Erica’s curiosity ran away from her and she swam too close to a ship.

They meet and fall in love, but are, of course, forbidden to reveal their true natures while they’re in human form. Cue tension and flirting and each of them trying to fake their way through being human while the other fakes his way through recognizing all the human items and rituals. (Picture Stiles combing his hair with a fork while Derek nods along seriously, and the waiter just stares on, baffled).

And of course tons of pointless angsting about having to choose between worlds, and can they leave their families and the ocean and everything they know to be with each other… until something happens – maybe the boat they’re in topples (because face it, neither of them knows how to use a boat anyway) in deep water, and they’re each terrified of the other drowning because humans can’t survive in water so they transform to swim the other to the surface, and they’re each trying to save each other for a full five seconds before they realize each other have tails.


Anonymous said:Dating Erica Reyes before and after her transformation would include please?

A/N: This will be pretty long, and I’ll be sectioning it off to Before and After. I hope that you enjoy it, anon. Thank you for sending in the request! I love Erica, omg.

Not my gif. Gif credit goes to the amazing creators!

Dating Erica Reyes Before Her Transformation Would Include:

- Always going to the hospital when she has a seizure.

- Being a supportive and encouraging girlfriend.

- “I’m a loser.

- “You are not a loser, Erica Reyes!

- Always sitting together at lunch.

- “I believe in you!

- Being Erica’s happiness and everything.

- “Leave her alone!

- Getting suspended from school a lot for getting into fights or trouble because of standing up for for Erica.

- Caring and loving Erica unconditionally.

- Erica always brightening up around you.

- Bringing Erica out of her shell.

- Having late night talks.

- Extra fluffy cuddles.

- Treating Erica right.

- Taking things slow because Erica is shy.

- Doing her make up.

- Giving her a reason to smile.

- Letting Erica stay over at your house all of the time.

- Seeing Erica’s artwork because she’s actually amazing at it!

- Listening to Erica sing because she’s got an extraordinary voice!

- Soft kisses that lead to more.

- Dealing with an insecure Erica.

- Erica being sweet to you.

- When you cry, Erica wipes your tears away and whispers sweet nothings to you.

- “You’re beautiful.

- “Don’t listen to them; you’re perfect to me.

- “You okay, princess?

- Watching 80′s and 90′s movies together all of the time.

- Playing with eachothers hair.

- Making each other birthday presents.

- Fluff.

- Fluuuuuff.



- Always holding hands and entangling your fingers together.

- Watching the night sky together on your roof.

- Always worrying about Erica.


- Hugging Erica when things get too much.

- Helping Erica through her seizures.

- Being each other’s first everything.

- “You’re the most important person in my life, okay? And that is never going to change.

- Sitting on the couch, Erica’s head in your lap as you play with her hair until she falls asleep.

- Always noticing each other.

- Making Erica the centre of your attention.

- Making each other feel less lost.

- Goofing off when it’s only the two of you.

- Doing anything for each other.

- Being utterly cute together.

Dating Erica Reyes After Her Transformation Would Include:

- “I don’t need protecting any more, I can protect you, (Y/N). So please relax.

- Having the hottest girlfriend in school.

- Dealing with a bitter and impulsive Erica.

- Her coming to you after her transformation.

- “What happened to you?

- “I got better. No more seizures, (Y/N). Derek turned me and everything is going to be okay.

- Erica being fiercely protective over you.

- “Thank you for everything, (Y/N).

- Erica being forever grateful to you for always standing by her side, - especially when no one else did-.

- Hot sex.

- Erica frequently getting jealous.

- You frequently getting jealous.

- “That’s my girlfriend.

- “Back off, that’s my girlfriend.

- “Touch her and I swear to god I will break your face in ten different places.

- “Is there even that many places to break their face, Erica?

- “I don’t know but I can test it out.

- Erica’s deliciously devious sexy smirks.

- Long passionate and hot kisses.

- “You okay, (Y/N)?

- Erica now protecting you.

- Suddenly being pretty cool.

- Being close to Isaac and Boyd.

- Knowing about werewolves.

- “You’re still the most important person in my life, and that’s still never going to change, okay?

- Erica still wanting you to play with her hair so she can fall asleep.

- Erica being the big spoon.

- Erica sneaking in through your window at night so the two of you can talk like you used to and cuddle.

- “You know that I love you, right?

- “Yeah, and I love you too.

- Erica treating you like you’re fragile.

- Erica threatening anyone who messes with you.

- Going out to parties with you.

- Helping you with your confidence.

- Dancing randomly in her bedroom.

- Always wondering whether Erica will leave you.

- “I’ll never leave you.

- Erica always checking your heart rate to make sure that you’re okay.

- “Your heart rate has gone up, what’s wrong?

- Erica always leaving hickey’s on your neck.

- Erica holding you when you cry and vice versa.

- Sitting together at lunch.

- Still holding hands and entangling your fingers with hers.

- “I love you.

- “I love you too.

- Still being utterly cute together.

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k-kopp  asked:

Haha had a feeling it might be too spoilery. Just means we'll get to see it instead of just reading it from an ask! Gotta wonder where Erica turned out so toxic though. But I'm sure we'll see more about the family, can't wait! So, less comic spoilery stuff, Josie a morning person, or a "hits the snooze 27 times before getting out of the house an hour late" person? What about her friends?

Can’t wait to power through this first chapter and start exploring more stuff like this. A lot of Erica’s animosity comes from clashing personalities and good ol fashion sibling jealousy, but then there ARE other factors.

All three girls are not morning people, Eli being almost an exception because she’s punctual and a ray of god damn sunshine once she’s up. Danielle works at night at her shit job and/or as a musician playing gigs. Josie has no excuse except her own weird issues, has a natural inclination towards being a night-owl despite her day job. She’s not hitting the snooze 27 times but she does have to set an alarm early so she can spend 20-30 minutes staring at a wall to boot-up her brain in the morning. Josie does manage with Coffee, Tea, and medication though.

Family Secrets Ch1

As they drove, Mark was nervous and excited all at the same time. He and his girlfriend Erica had been together for almost a year now and this trip wasto be the first time he met her parents. The problem was that the whole trip was set up because Erica’s sister was pregnant and the family wanted to have a get together before the birth. Not just pregnant, but Very, VEry, VERy, VERY pregnant, with quadruplets!

As far as he could remember he adored pregnant women. He remembered being a kid and watching the movie “10 Things I Hate About You” and seeing the girl from the Nickelodeon show “Secret World of Alex Mack” with asympathy belly. He was turrned on back then. His love for pregnant women had only grown throughout the years. And, Jamie, Erica’s sister, was supposed to be huge, and only just beginning her fourth month. He overheard a conversation between Erica and Jamie, and Jamie had said that she was already so big that before too much longer she wouldn’t be able to walk! Now at 5’ 10", brown hair, hazel green eyes, and a 40 D- 28-40, Erica was gorgeous. Mark especially loved her wide"child bearing hips" as she called them. But if Jamie was half as beautiful as her sister and with that huge belly, Mark wasn’t going to be able to keep hiseyes off her.

Erica slept in the passenger seat next to him. God she was gorgeous. He was always turned on by the way the seat belt showed off he ample breasts. He noticed a sign for a rest stop so he grabbed her inner thigh to wake her up. “Mmmm, Hey baby” she said as she stretched.

“There’s a rest stop coming up. I didn’t know if you wanted to stop.”

“No I’m fine, but you look like you could use a little break from the wheel.”

“I’m alright” he said, “but I’m just a little nervous. That’s all.” They had talked a few times about his desire for pregnant women and she was completely understanding. She would even role play sometimes and tell him to make her tummy huge. She would say that she wanted it to swell. But it was all just play. She was on the pill, he knew that. Sometimes it was just hard to separate his desire from reality. That’s why he was so surprised and excited to go on this trip. He didn’t know how Erica would take it.

“I told you baby, everything will be alright, my parents will love you” she said as she put her hands between his legs and massaged his crotch. “And I know you’re going to love how big my sister is” she purred. With that, she slowly raised herself up and pushed her body next to his so that her breastswere firmly pressed against his right shoulder and whispered into his ear, “Maybe someday you’ll be able to get me that big. Hopefully I’ll grow so large that you’ll have to sell this old four door and buy a van so you can carry me around in the back. Now why don’t you slow down to 65 so you don’t have a wreck on the interstate.” Then she unzipped his pants, lowered her head, and began to work feverishly.

He loved road trips.After hours, the trip finally ended. It was great to get out of the car and stretch. As Erica got out of the car she wiped her mouth and smilthe most glorious sight he had ever seen.

Not only was Jamie gorgeous but….“You never told me you had a twin!”

“I don’t.” replied Erica.

“She’s a triplet.” said a voice from behind the wall, and in walked another girl as beautiful as Erica, only a bit shorter with slightly smaller breasts. “Hi, I’m Carrie. I can’t believe she never told you about us!”

“Well,” said Erica, “I can’t let out all my secrets just yet.”

Jamie was stunning. As she walked over to shake Mark’s hand she had a distinctive waddle. Her belly was enormous! It looked at least full term with twins and she was only four months! “Are you sure you’re only four months along?” Mark stammered.

“Well hello to you to. Of course I’m only four months. I’m just having large babies. But, I might have more than four in here. Who knows?” As she said this she just smiled and patted her large tummy. It stuck out at least a foot and a half from her and she was clearly pregnant from behind. She was standing in front of him with mid-thigh shorts on and a shirt so tight that a third of her huge belly was showing. She clearly didn’t have a bra on and her large E cup breasts were spilling out. Mark was in heaven.

“Well (Mark cleaed his throat) where are your parents?”

Erica pulled out one of the new diet shakes she had just started drinking about a week ago and laughed, “This isn’t their house silly. I told you I’m from Tennessee, and last I looked we were in Georgia. We’re at Carrie’s. This is your test.”

Mark was stunned. He had just guessed her parents had moved. “What test?’

"Well,” chimed in Carrie “it seems our sister really likes you, and we don’t want what happened to Jamie to happen to her. When Jamie’s husband found out about our condition he left her. Silly Jamie,” she patted her sister’s belly throwing Jamie off balance, “she decided to wait until this happened to let him know. We have to be sure you’re the one for our sister before she gets too serious. Now take off those pants!”

“W-What?” stammered Mark.

“You see,” said Jamie as she waddled closer to him exposing the curves of her body “the women in this family have multiple and very large pregnancies. So we need to be sure that you’ll still love her when she gets this big. And besides, I haven’t had sex in a long time.” Before he knew it, Erica and Carrie had his pants off and were lowering him onto the ground. He needed no further encouragement. Although he felt weird about his girlfriend having him fuck her sister, his cock didn’t mind at all. He quickly sprang to life as Erica helped Jamie take off her incredibly tight shorts; she was obviously too big to easily take them off herself.

She rubbed her hands up and down her huge swollen belly and smiled. “I’m going to enjoy this, and I hope you do to, for your own sake. You don’t know what you’d be missing,” she said as she grabbed a hold of Erica and the couch as her other sister slowly lowered her onto Mark’s erect and waiting penis. Her warmth could be felt from miles away. As she sat down on top of him he ran his hands all over her swollen body. He couldn’t believe it! Not only was his dream coming true, but it was at the wish of the girl he truly loved. If he did this right Erica would be his forever. Her juices were sweet and flowing out of her. He could feel her as she rocked back and forrth on his cock. Her moans were ringing in his ears as he did his best to please her. Her belly was so large that it was impossible for her to sit straight up. She had to lean back on his bent knees to rest herself. Try as she might however, she was unable to hump him. She grabbed the couch next to her and her sister’s hand for support, and with great straining and moaning able to do it a few times, but she was just to heavy to sustain it. “It’s…huff huff huff…good…uhhh…but I need….Ahhh… you tooooooh pound me!,” she gasped.

Mark saw his chance. He tried to raise himself but he quickly realized Jamie’s belly ended right below his sternum. So, with the help of her sisters he raised the moaning preggo to her feet and directed her towards the couch. “I’ve got to get you out of this shirt!,” he said in desperation.

“Just rip it off…ummmm… it’s way to small anyway. I grew out of it weeks ago.” He grabbed her shirt right below her chin and ripped it off exposing the most beautiful set of tits he had ever seen. Not only were they huge, but nice and perky. In fact, she didn’t have a single stretch mark on her whole body. “Those things are way too full, empty them please, I beg you,” she pleaded.

He immediately began to suck and before he knew it her sisters were milking Jamie for him. “Just rub it in,” Erica told him, “It’s the best tit lotion in the world, right next to cum. You better give me plenty of both before long.”

When he had his fill he laid Jamie on the couch with her feet on hisshoulders. Her tits bounced off each other and her belly as she climaxed. “OH!Mark. YES YES YES! FUCK ME HARDER; COME ON… OH GOD, OH God. FUCK, YOUR GOO…AHHHHUHH UHH UHH!”

He drilled her harder than he had ever fucked Erica. He was so hard he could have fucked his hugely pregnant partner for hours, but when she finally climaxed again he had to release.

“Put it on my belly Mark. Spray your load all over this huge belly of mine. I want it to drizzle down all over these huge tits!” With that he came,and came, and came. He gave her all he had, just how she wanted it and with that, they both passed out in ecstasy.

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This is surprisingly PG for a fic about dildos. Inspired by this post by KuriKuri. Word count: 1.8k


In the short time since Derek Hale moved in next door, Stiles has learned some valuable life lessons.

For example: Do not open mysterious packages left on your doorstep without first checking that they’re really addressed to you. There are some things in life that Stiles will never unsee, and a 10-inch glittery blue dildo with a knot at the base is one of them.

Stiles has also learned that if you really must open mysterious packages left on your doorstep, you shouldn’t wait until all of your friends and your dad and your dad’s new girlfriend are over for dinner.

It’s been two months, and Erica still cackles and makes obscene finger gestures every time she sees him.

Of course, Erica being Erica, that’s not too out of the ordinary. What’s much, much worse is the awkward safe sex talk from his dad and the judgey looks he still gets from Boyd. Emphatically explaining that he did not order that, holy god, was no use. Isaac just rolled his eyes, while Scott patted him on the back and said, “You don’t have to be ashamed of your kinks with us, man. We still love you.”

The bright side to all of this is that Stiles doesn’t have to look Derek Hale in the eye when he delivers the packages to his porch. Derek’s apparently some kind of recluse. He never opens his door when Stiles knocks, so Stiles has never actually seen him. 

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   erica laughed as she pulled the small redhead closer. she was afraid that lydia would be weirded out by the physical contact from her. it wasn’t weird for erica because wolves were affectionate creatures. she had been used to curling up with boyd and isaac every night. “definitely. i’m glad we can do this without it being weird now. considering everything that’s happened.”

The Orlando-based restaurant chain says its sales this Sunday were up 33% compared to Sunday a year ago, following the mention from Queen Bey.

Red Lobster spokeswoman Erica Ettori told BuzzFeed News the company “had no advance warning” about the song and was “completely surprised.” She said “we continued to see positive momentum into Monday,” but also noted that the current Lobsterfest promotion may be partly responsible for the bump.

(Yeah, sure, Red Lobster. It was the Lobsterfest. Definitely Lobsterfest.) [x]

guns and hoses

It’s very likely that Derek Hale is going to kill Stiles Stilinski. Because Stilinksi is a total fucking jerk.

Derek first becomes aware of him at a little past 3 a.m. one night, when they get the call for a fire out in the abandoned sawmill. The cops are already there, because…

Because that’s their fucking job, okay? Not that it stops Stilinski being a dick about it.

“Oh,” Stilinski says, peeling himself off the hood of his patrol car. “It’s okay, you guys! Somebody finally woke the firefighters up!”

Derek wants to plant a fist in his face.

“What do you guys do every shift, anyway?” Stilinksi asks. “Eat until you’re sleepy and then wake up when you’re hungry?”

“Asshole,” Derek mutters as he jogs toward the sawmill.

He expects Erica to agree with him, but she just laughs. “Jealousy’s a curse, Stilinski!”

Stilinksi gives her the finger, and the glow of the flames from the sawmill throws the dark shadows under his eyes into sharp relief.

Derek spares a fleeting moment to hope he’s so tired he crashes his patrol car into a tree on the way back to town, then he shoves the irritating deputy out of his mind and gets to work.


“You do realize,” Parrish says a few days later while he and Stiles are eating lunch in the diner, “that we’re supposed to be on the same side?”

Stiles grumbles something indistinct into his coffee, and turns his glare on the parking lot, where the big red shiny fire engine is pulling in. Way to make an entrance, douchebags.

Stiles’s hatred of firefighters is legendary in the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department. And, Stiles maintains, it has nothing to do with the fact that the woman from that kids’ charity had looked at him like he’d grown a second head, and said. “Oh, no, Deputy Stilinski. People don’t want calendars with cops on them. We’ll ask the fire department.”

Erica Reyes was right, of course. It’s pure fucking jealousy.

And he’s just so freaking tired, and you know what those firefighters get? Twenty-four hours on, and forty-eight hours off. Jesus. Stiles can’t even imagine what that’s like. To have a schedule that’s not completely all over the fucking place, from morning shifts, to afternoon shifts, to night shifts, and back on the goddamn rollercoaster before his body clock’s had time to adjust.

Firefighters work nights as well, Stiles, the voice in his head tells him. It sounds suspiciously like his best friend Scott. Scott always gets to play the voice of reason in Stiles’s mental debates.

“Firefighters sleep nights,” Stiles mutters into his lukewarm coffee. “Do you know how many fires we get in Beacon Hills? Not fucking many.”

“Talking to yourself again, Stiles?” Jordan asks him.

Stiles looks up as the firefighters walk inside the diner. “Yep. Only way to get an intelligent conversation in this company.”

He tries to ignore the firefighters, but Jordan has to be all polite and sociable. He’s even friendly with Derek Hale, the absolute worst of all the firefighters. With his growly face and his thousand-watt glare, and his cheekbones that…

No, wait? What? Stiles was listing reasons why he’s an asshole, not a fucking walking wet dream.

He feels much less confused when Hale walks past their booth and drops a donut on Stiles’s plate with a shit-eating grin.

Stiles could just shoot him right now, right? He could.

“Fuck you,” he mutters instead.

The donut is pink. It has sprinkles.

It is mocking him.

And so is Derek fucking Hale.

Fuck him sideways.

That donut thing is total fucking cliché. You know why cops get fat? Fucking epinephrine, that’s why. Because cops have the whole hyper vigilance thing going on. Firefighters don’t. Their stress levels are totally different. They’re not so elevated all of the time that it changes their fucking body chemistry. And that is an absolute fact. There have been studies.

Studies that tell Stiles he’s going to die twenty years younger than his peers, and all because of his fucking job. Which he loves, by the way, but still. Twenty years. That seems … that seems like a lot to give away for generally shitty pay and the privilege of dealing with assholes day in, day out.

Assholes like Derek Hale, who is currently laughing at him from the other side of the diner.

“I’m gonna kill that motherfucker,” Stiles mutters.

“Are you gonna eat that?” Parrish asks, ignoring Stiles’s rage and eyeing the donut hopefully. “Because I will if you don’t.”


Generally speaking, the relationship between the Beacon Hills Sheriff’s Department and the Fire Department is a good one. Personally speaking, Derek hates Deputy Stilinkski with the fire of a thousand burning suns. Particularly when they turn up at a dumpster fire behind Burger King one night and Stilinski is already there, already bitching about their response time, and something about getting all the credit just for knowing where to point a hose.

“We don’t just fight fires,” Derek snipes. “You know what EMS stands for, right?”

“Yeah,” Stiles agrees. “Earning money sleeping.”

Derek resists the urge to punch him in his smug fucking face.

“Listen, Hale,” Stiles continues. “All I know is there are two types of people who make money in bed, and I arrest the first type.”

Boyd laughs.

The fucking traitor.

Later, back at the station, Derek lies awake in his cot and seethes quietly.

“I can hear you hating on Stilinski from all the way over here,” Isaac mutters. “Can’t you just fuck him and get him out of your system?”

Erica barks out a laugh.

“Shut up,” Derek snarls.

He doesn’t want to fuck Stilinksi.

He wants to punch him in the face.

End of story.


For this twenty-third birthday, Stiles goes to The Jungle. Of course he does. Where the hell else is he going to get laid on short notice in Beacon Hills? Scott plays his wingman for a few hours, but he has to be home by midnight, and, really, he’s the straightest wingman in the world.

“Dude,” he announces, “let’s hit some dick tonight!”

Stiles resists the urge to facepalm. “It’s very nice that you’re being inclusive, Scotty, but that’s not really how we talk, okay?”

“Okay!” Scott bounces off toward the dance floor.

So much for his wingman.

Still, it’s cute. His straight BFF getting hit on by all the boys, and Scott’s so friendly and happy to meet new people that he doesn’t even realize they’re pretty much only interested in fucking. He’ll figure it out eventually. Probably when he gets his wallet out and shows his picture of Allison, her hands resting on her very pregnant belly, and discovers not everyone else is as enthusiastic to hear how in love he is with his perfect, pregnant wife.

Stiles makes a friend of the barman, and makes sure the drinks keep coming.

Scott heads off just before midnight.

Stiles dances some, and grinds up against a few different guys. He’s had enough to drink that he parted ways with his inhibitions a while back, thanks. The music is pumping, he’s surrounded by hot guys, and he’s going to get laid. Happy birthday, Stiles.

Which is right when he smells smoke.

Okay, so the smoke machine has been on all night, but this isn’t the strange, cold taste of artificial smoke. This is the real thing. Stiles is just looking around worriedly when the music shuts off, the lights come on, and the smoke alarms start to beep.

A few minutes later, standing in the cold street with the ladies and sharing a cigarette with Valencia, Stiles groans as the fire engines turn up.

“What’s the matter, baby?” Miss Andrie asks. “Who doesn’t like a firefighter, hmm?”

Stiles doesn’t.

He really, really doesn’t.

“Oh, would you look at that hunk of burning hotness,” Valencia sighs as Boyd heads into the club. “Show me your hose, honey!”

Boyd’s mouth twitches in a grin.

“Oh, sweet baby Jesus!” Miss Andrie exclaims as Derek Hale heads for the entrance. “I want to climb that one like a tree!”

Miss Andrie is at least seven feet tall in her heels, and towers over Hale, but Stiles gets it. Objectively, Hale is hot. A part of Stiles wants to forget he knows he’s such an asshole. The other part wants to hate fuck the attitude right out of him.

That’s probably the tequila talking.

Derek looks over, and pulls up short. “Stilinski?”

“Hale,” Stiles says, folding his arms over his chest in an attempt to look somewhat intimidating. It’s pretty impossible though, surrounded by this much glitter and taffeta.

Hale’s gaze shifts from Stiles to the posse of drag queens and back again. “Having a good night?”

“Right up until you turned up,” Stiles tells him.

Hale glowers, and walks inside the club.

There’s a moment of stunned silence, and then the ladies turn on him like a pack of raptors.

“What?” Stiles exclaims, flinching away. “What?”

“Have you got eyes?” Valencia exclaims. If she had pearls she’d be clutching them. “Why would you shoot that down?”

“Oh, please! He hates me!” Stiles insists. “And he’s an asshole!”

Valencia rolls her eyes. “Sounds like a match made in heaven to me.”

Stiles grumbles at her, bums another cigarette off Miss Andrie, and calls for an Uber. It’s not until he’s halfway home, still stewing at Hale’s dickishness and the ladies’ unfair treatment of him, that he remembers he didn’t even get lucky tonight.

Happy fucking birthday.


“Oh,” Stilinski says. “Here they are at last. Not keeping you up, am I, Hale?”


Shit shit shit. That is a lot of blood.

“Hey, and you brought the rest of the crew too,” Stilinski says. His face is white. The shadows under his eyes are blue. “You guys gotta travel in a pack, right? Incapable of inde-independent thought?”

Derek puts pressure on his wound, and tries not to think about just how much blood he’s already lost. “Sure. You know us. Can’t even buy a loaf of bread without backup.”

“B-backup,” Stilinksi says.

“Looks like you could have done with some of that yourself tonight.”

Stilinksi blinks up at him, like he’s suddenly not registering the words. His pulse is tachy, and his pupils are dilated. He’s cold. He’s going into shock.

At the side of the road, the lights on his patrol car are still flashing, bathing the world in red and blue. The windshield of the car is shattered. There’s a bullet hole in the hood. One in Stilinksi too.

There’s nobody else in sight. It was a traffic stop, Derek figures, and the guy got the drop on Stilinski. He knows from the frantic radio chatter that there are roadblocks being put in place, reinforcements being called out. Every cop who isn’t here is on the hunt for whoever did this.

Stilinski curls a bloody hand around Derek’s wrist. He opens his mouth and closes it again. He looks a lot younger suddenly.

“Hold on,” Derek tells him.

Around him, Boyd and Isaac are working quickly. Isaac reaches over and presses an oxygen mask to Stilinski’s face.

“We’ll get you to the hospital real soon,” Derek says. He keeps pressure on Stilinski’s wound as Boyd and Isaac lift him onto a stretcher.

Stilinski’s gaze drifts past him.

“Stiles!” It’s the sheriff. He’s wearing his jacket thrown over his pajamas. “Kiddo?”

The deputy unlatches his fingers from Derek’s wrist and reaches for his father’s hand.

“You can ride in the back, Sheriff,” Derek says as they carry Stiles toward the ambulance. He’s guessing it’d take a braver man than him to tell the sheriff otherwise.

Boyd drives, while Isaac and Derek work on trying to keep Stilinski stable. His blood pressure is too low. He’s in danger of going into cardiac arrest. Isaac holds the oxygen mask on him, his gloves leaving bloody smears on the plastic. Derek pumps fluids into the canula he shoves in one wrist.

“You hold on, Stiles,” the sheriff says fiercely. “Don’t you leave me, kid.”

Stilinski’s eyes are wide but unfocussed. He mumbles something under the mask.

Derek can’t be sure, but he thinks Stiles is asking for his mom.

They race toward the hospital.


Stiles spends a week in hospital, three more at his dad’s place, and then four months on desk duty. When it finally comes time to get out and patrol again, he swallows down his fear and checks the tasking sheet.

“Seriously?” he asks. “Dad, seriously?”

“Problem?” his dad asks, reaching for his hat. “Let’s start with a foot patrol on Main and see where we go from there.”

Stiles sighs dramatically.

“I’m just saying,” he says later, picking up his grievance from where he left it before his dad bought him a coffee, “this is ridiculous. I’m a grown up! I have a firearm. I don’t need my daddy to hold my hand on patrol!”

“You wanna keep bitching?” his dad asks him. “Or do you want me to put you on report?”

Stiles knows when he’s beaten. It doesn’t stop him whining like a little kid though. “Dad!”

They stop in at the bakery, and Stiles’s dad picks up an order for two dozen cupcakes.

“Is it someone’s birthday?” Stiles asks. Shit. Whose birthday has he forgotten?

“Nope,” John says, a smile tugging at the corner of his mouth. “Doesn’t mean you don’t have to remember how to play nice with others though.”

Stiles narrows his eyes at his dad. “What others?”

John hands his credit card to the woman behind the counter, and doesn’t answer.

“Dad? What others?”


“Yo, Derek!” Boyd yells out. “Cops are here!”

“What?” Derek sets down the dumbbells and wipes his sweaty face on a towel before he heads outside.

There’s a patrol car pulled up out the front of the station, and Sheriff Stilinksi is handing out cupcakes to Derek’s crew. Stiles is standing by his side, looking for all the world like he’d rather be anywhere else right about now.

“It’s his first day back on full duties,” Sheriff Stilinski tells Erica. “Figured that was worth celebrating.”

Derek wishes he could smirk at the deputy’s obvious discomfort, but he can’t. Stilinski junior might be a dick, but it’s impossible to look at him and not see how he was that night: scared. So fucking scared, and so close to dying.

“I can’t decide which one I want,” Isaac says when the sheriff shoves the box toward him.

“Take two,” the sheriff says. “Hell, take three.”

Derek lets himself get drawn into the small crowd. He selects a cupcake, and turns around to find himself staring into Deputy Stilinski’s face. There’s a look there he’s not used to seeing. Stilinski looks almost vulnerable.

“So, um,” Stilinski says, clearing his throat. “I don’t remember a lot about what happened, but thanks.”

“Just doing my job,” Derek says, and hates the way it sounds.

“Right,” Stilinksi says, the word bitten off short. “Of course.”

Derek could kick himself as Stilinski steps away from the group and heads back toward the patrol car. He snaffles another cupcake, and, sighing, follows him. It’s almost gratifying to see the surprise on Stilinski’s face when he shoves the cupcake toward him.

“You really think I hate you?” he asks.

Stilinksi takes the cupcake hesitantly. “Um, maybe? You’re kind of a dick to me.”

“Oh,” Derek says. “I’m a dick to you?”

Stilinski narrows his eyes. “Um, yes.”

“And you’ve never been a dick to me?”

“Maybe,” Stilinski admits grudgingly, and groans. “Okay, yes, and I’m sorry, and it won’t happen again, and thank you for not letting me die.”

His eyes are the color of whisky. Why has Derek never noticed that before?

“Apology accepted,” he grinds out.

“Oh my god!” someone yells from nearby. It’s Erica. Of course it’s Erica. “Just fuck already!”


Derek gapes. So does Deputy Stilinski. The sheriff shakes his head ruefully.

Deputy Stilinksi points a finger at Erica. “Shut up, Reyes! That is not— That is—”

“That is not what’s happening here,” Derek growls.

“Right!” Stilinski agrees. “That is not what’s happening here.”

Derek eats his cupcake, his face burning.


Sometimes, Stiles is pretty sure the universe is just fucking with him. Like the guy he hated? Like, lay awake at night just thinking about how much he hated? Well, when a bunch of drag queens, your own father, Erica Reyes, Parrish, and even Scotty all start telling you that maybe you’ve got your head up your ass when it comes to that guy… maybe you’re supposed to listen.

Stiles is very unused to listening.

He’s very unused to all of this.

He’s unused to dating, and kissing, and feeling like a teenager again just because of the way that guy sometimes smiles at him.

He’s still a dick though. Derek. Derek is still a dick.

He’s just…

Well, somehow he’s become a dick who matters.

Six months later when someone lights a fire in the dumpster behind Burger King again, Stiles waits a safe distance away and grins as the fire engine pulls up.

“Guess someone woke you up from your beauty sleep, huh?” he yells across the parking lot. “About time!”

It’s a dumpster fire, seriously. Derek lets his crew handle it while he comes and leans on Stiles’s patrol car with him.

“Did you set this fire just to get us out of bed?” he asks.

Stiles jabs him in the ribs. “Fuck you, Derek. Everyone knows it’s firefighters who do that shit, just for the chance to play hero.”

“Uh huh,” Derek agrees. “Look at them. So heroic.”

Boyd and Erica are digging around in the dumpster to make sure the fire’s out.

Stiles snorts. “Hey, you heading back to the station after this?”

Derek nods.

“You need someone to come and tuck you into bed?” Stiles waggles his eyebrows. “Maybe read you a fairytale?”

“Nah.” Derek grins. He straightens up and stretches. “But I kinda want to suck you off in a supply closet.”

Stiles looks at his watch. “My break’s in an hour.”

“I’ll try not to fall asleep in the meantime,” Derek tells him, heading back toward the truck.

“Asshole!” Stiles yells after him.

Derek laughs, and flips him the bird.

It’s not until the firefighters have gone that Stiles sees the paper bag Derek tossed in the open window of his patrol car. He inspects it carefully.

It’s full of donuts.

Fucking asshole.

He takes the donuts back to the station, shares them around, then checks his watch. He’s got a hot date with a firefighter and a supply closet. He’s also got payback to consider.

Yeah. He’s definitely taking his handcuffs.

YAY! I can finally post this cover!

This was the only one where I completely finished the first cover and then had to start from scratch and do something completely different at the last minute. I really love comics that have a unifying theme to their covers (She-Hulk 2014, Fraction/Aja Hawkeye), but I’m personally enjoying being able to do whatever comes to mind.

• Our friend Squirrel Girl doesn’t like our new friend Girl Squirrel! In this issue we’ll discover if this dislike is… POTENTIALLY JUSTIFIED??
• Also: if you don’t care whether or not these two people like each other, perhaps me telling you that THE WORLD HAS GONE MAD AND SQUIRREL GIRL HAS TO FIGHT THE AVENGERS IN THIS ISSUE will attract your attention?
• It did? Well guess what: she also fights Ratatoskr, the Norse God of squirrels!
• Also, Old Guy Thor is in this issue! As is New Lady Thor! We don’t have Frog Thor, though.
• That seems like an oversight, actually??
32 PGS./Rated T …$3.99
'Criminal Minds' Promotes Paget Brewster to Series Regular

In the wake of Thomas Gibson being fired from Criminal Minds, the CBS drama has promoted Paget Brewster to series regular, EW has learned.

Brewster joined the show as SSA Emily Prentiss in season 2 and was a regular castmember through season 7. She returned for one episode in season 11 following the departure of Shemar Moore. The actress was already slated to guest star in multiple episodes this season before being promoted.

“We’re all so excited to have Paget with us full time,” executive producer Erica Messer says. “The BAU family has definitely missed her, on screen and off. Having her back on set has been great, it’s like she never left.”

The news comes on the heels of Gibson, who played Aaron Hotchner since the show’s launch in 2005, being dismissed after an on-set altercation with a writer on the show. Two days prior to the announcement of his departure, Aisha Tyler, who plays Dr. Tara Lewis, was also promoted to series regular.

Random thought for today: I would watch the shit out of a grounder origin story based around Bekka Pramheda. 

A story that shows how the Commanders came into being, the Flamekeepers, the nightbloods, and the formation of the religion, how things got misinterpreted from generation to generation. The formation of the Clans and the power struggles. We get to see Becca struggle with the things she has done, but also how she becomes a legend. Erica Cerra is an incredible actress and i think many of us are intrigued by Becca and the Grounders. There could be more flashbacks to Becca creating ALIE and her times before ALIE destroyed the earth. We get to see her build her own space station and go up into space. There are just so many things that could be explored and have an amazing actress and strong female character as a lead. And of course there would be a shit ton more strong female characters. Let me emphasis that THIS would NOT be created by Jason. That would be a disaster. If they want someone with experience and insight from the show, make Kim the show runner or get someone else entirely new to make it. 

Okay, did you see why Felicity is the perfect one for Oliver and why Laurel isn't?

How he talked about Thea not being able to survive the guilt, she knew exactly what he was talking about, and could finally SEE IT. What his vantage point is, even for that moment. That’s why he lets HER in. 

Laurel? Barking like a dog in the backyard about HER pain, her anguish, and not giving a damn about Thea. Not one fuck. “This is why I keep secrets from you.” I MEAN WOW. THE STARK CONTRAST ABOUT IT. HE WOULD NEVER SAY THAT BULLSHIT TO WIFEY, WHO IS OVER THERE FINDING HIM A WAY IN.


Battered // Erica


After graduation, Stiles went to college like everyone else in the pack.  He was the only one who went to Yale so it was toguh being away from them.  He met a werewolf named Chloe and they hit it off.  They started dating and when they graduated, she came back to Beacon Hills with him.  They moved into an apartment at Derek’s building and thigns were great.

Stiles was working at the library and Chloe was working at the hospital.  She was working long hours and Stiles would stay up for her.  He loved her, it was the least he could do.

Lately though she had been going out after work with some of her coworkers.  Stiles waited up for her and he asked if maybe she didn’t go out every night.  She yelled at him, accused him of smothering her then slapped him across the face.  She apologized right away and Stiles waved it off as stress.  She’d never do it again.

Until she did.  And again and again.  She’d hit him, push him around and insult him and Stiles would blame himself.  He pushed her too far, she’s stressed and he made it worse.  HE loved her and she loved him.  She wouldn’t do it again.

After a few months, they went to a pack meeting and Stiles had a black eye and a cut on his lip.

Review - Patsy Walker, aka Hellcat! Vol 1 by Kate Leth

A light and funny addition to Marvel’s recent foray into making female-lead comics that are not about T&A.  The result is a great beach read from a bi author with an additional bonus of a new bi and Asian male secondary character.

Our titular heroine Patsy Walker is working for She-Hulk and living in a storage closet…. at least until she is fired and evicted on the same day.  On that day she happens to meet a ‘villain’ with psychic powers calling himself Telkinian (cuz his name is Ian get it?) and they go from being enemies to friends to roommates in short order.  We get to see Ian totally crushing on Patsy’s childhood friend Tom and the story handles his coming out in a way that perfectly matches the lighthearted tone: 

Ian’s last name is Soo and he’s clearly drawn to be Asian, though his exact ethnicity is unspecified.  The art by Britteny Williams is bright and colorful, often similar to what Erica Henderson is doing on The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl.  It also uses a touch of chibi cuteness without ever going too overboard with it.  This book makes a natural readalike to the Batgirl of Burnside story arc, which also featured a white redhead trying to balance the past and crime fighting in a new apartment in the big city with a bi Asian secondary character.  

Honestly, everything I knew about Patsy Walker before reading this comic came from watching Jessica Jones on Netflix and I had no trouble catching up here.  Patsy’s mother used to write comics about her childhood and while she wishes they would just go away, her former BFF Heady has (kinda) secured the rights and reprinted them.   So Patsy has to balance new friends, a new apartment, minimum wage jobs, starting her own super-powered temp agency, and crimefighting with being just kinda famous enough that it’s annoying.  

While it doesn’t reach quite the superb humor of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl or the depth of Ms. Marvel, Hellcat has a light breezy tone that combined with its queer characters, give it heart and (hopefully) staying power.  

- Sarah


I redid my old “Stay Fearless” poster I made about 3 years ago. It got ruined when I moved so I decided to put it on canvas, a more solid form than the previous material the old one was on, because it means so much to me. The first picture shows my sketch of it. The second is just the words painted. The third is the finished product with flash, the fourth is without flash.

For those of you who don’t know, or don’t remember, “Stay Fearless” is a phrase that means a lot to me. It’s kind of the motto of Erica Norris ( @ericajonorris ), who is a huge inspiration to me and has helped me with some of my problems. Erica, through her posts, videos, and messages taught me the phrase “stay fearless,” she also helped me become who I am today. She helped me accept myself for being gay and coming from a Christian family, she helped me believe that finding love is possible, she helped teach me ways to cope with anxiety, and she taught me throughout all the years I’ve followed her to live life fearlessly.

The “stay” is supposed to kind of look like Taylor Swift’s handwriting ( @taylorswift ) because it’s her definition of fearless that I fell in love with. To quote her on what fearless means to her, “to me, fearless is not the absence of fear. It’s not being completely unafraid. To me, fearless is having fears. Fearless is having doubts. Lots of them. To me, fearless is living in spite of those things that scare you to death.”

Thank you to these two beautiful women who shown and taught me how to be fearless, and stay fearless. This poster painting will always be there to remind me that when life gets me down that it’s okay. That I can get through whatever challenge I face. That I can reach and accomplish my dreams if I try hard enough. This will remind me to never let my fears stop me from getting to where I want to go and be who I want to be.