and she is curling up to go to sleep

Early Mornings

This is a drabble requested by @lipstickandwhiskey She asked: I’d love Sam’s early morning thoughts while laying next to reader!

I twerked it a bit but this is what came to me. Hope you like it hun <3

Sam was always an early riser. He had been the first awake as far back as he could remember.

When he was a kid he used to get out of bed and watch cartoons. Muted so he wouldn’t wake Dean or his dad. When he got older he would still get up hours before his family but his homework would be what got his attention. As an adult and after he had left school when he woke hours before his brother he would go for a run.

He still woke early, but after Y/N started sharing his bed, he found it harder to leave it. He stayed beside her for hours just watching her. Watching how her lips curled in her sleep. How her eyes fluttered when she was dreaming.

He thought about the night before and about the nights to come. He thought about the days he had spent with her. Sitting close in the library doing research. He thought about going on supply runs with her. How he made her laugh and how she would always throw her head back.

He thought about how beautiful she was and how lucky he was, that he got to wake up beside her every day. So instead of making his way out of bed and going for his run, he pulled her close against his chest. Enjoying her soft moans as she instinctively cuddled closer to him and he smiled.

He hoped this would be his life for the rest of his life. Waking up early, finding her beside him. Sam hoped he would wake up early for the rest of his life, but never again would he leave the bed before her. He would stay right here where he belonged. With her in his arms, watching her sleep, enjoying her soft warm body pressed against his.

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The Secret (1)

prologue; part one; part two; part three; part four; part five; part six; part seven;

5 Years Later…

Parking up your little car outside your tall apartment building, you turned the engine off and reached around to shake the little sleeping child sprawled out on your backseat. “Zo-zo, we’re here!” you said in a hushed voice, jostling your daughter until she started to stretch out and open her big brown eyes.

Your beautiful little five-year old Zoe pushed her chocolatey curls off her face and looked out of the window, a big smile widening. “Is this where we’re going to live?” she asked so innocently, turning to look at you.

“That’s right little one,” you exclaimed brightly, jingling the keys to your new apartment in Seoul in front of her face.

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This was a prompt from my wife :)

Lena discovers her Superhero girlfriend has a fear…

Lena woke at 6am, despite not setting an alarm. She rolled over and was greeted to the sight of a gently snoring mass of blonde curls. She placed a gentle kiss on the curls and her heart swelled as she watched her girlfriend sleep; she never knew she could feel like this, so happy, so loved, so content. 

Lena stretched, her shoulders cracking, before rolling out of bed in search of a pair of sweatpants to go with the t-shirt she had slept in; today was a casual day. She swiped a hair tie off the dressing table and padded out of the bedroom, tying her hair up. 

She took a last look at the sleeping Kryptonian and smiled; Kara was not a morning person, despite the perky demeanour suggesting otherwise. There was no way Kara was emerging any time soon, so Lena left her sprawled across the bed. 

Lena’s morning routine had been the same for many years, she was a creature of habit, finding comfort in the repetitive nature starting each day in the same manner provided. 

She headed to the kitchen first, the coffee machine the first stop of the day. Once her cup was filled, the smell of the coffee hitting her nostrils, she wandered through to the mini office she had set up in her living room . Her laptop blinked to life and Lena started her daily routine of replying to everything in her inbox. 

By 8am she had cleared her inbox, so started her presentation for the Science Outreach Programme at the local High School, she was hoping to encourage more bright young girls into the STEM fields. 

The next time she looked at the clock it was 10am. She could hear the shower running and smiled as she realised Kara had finally dragged herself from under the duvet. Lena saved her presentation and headed back to the kitchen with plans to make a start on breakfast, musing to herself it was more like a brunch at this time. 

Pancake batter ready to go, Lena pulled the bacon from the fridge but abruptly dropped the packet on the floor when she heard a scream from the bedroom. 

Lena ran towards the bedroom, a million thoughts running though her mind. Her girlfriend was Supergirl for goodness sake, she doesn’t scream for no reason. 

Upon reaching the bedroom Lena found Kara sitting in the middle of the bed, a towel wrapped around her body, her hair still wet from the shower. 

Lena looked round the room, expecting to find some kind of assailant, but instead found it empty aside from Kara frozen to her spot on the bed, with a combined look of fear and disgust on her face. 

‘What happened?!’ Lena exclaimed, climbing onto the bed, starting to check Kara over for injuries, before realising it was a slightly ridiculous task considering Kara was pretty much indestructible. 

Kara just pointed to a spot in the corner of the room. 

Lena turned to look and saw nothing. 

'Mhhmhm’ Kara mumbled. 

Lena was starting to get concerned about her girlfriend, had she been infected by a kryptonite weapon..?

'Spider..!’ Kara muttered more coherently. 

Lena squinted and sure enough there was a small spider slowly climbing the far wall. 

Lena couldn’t help herself; she giggled. Her Superhero girlfriend, who could bench press a car and fly, was apparently terrified of spiders. 

Kara pouted when she saw Lena giggle and Lena felt her heart melt. She bit her lip to stop herself before placing a quick kiss on Kara’s forehead. 

Lena got off the bed and picked up the empty glass from her bedside table along with the paper she had been reading the previous night before falling asleep. 

She resisted the urge to look at Kara, knowing it would only make her giggle again, and crept over to the spider, placing the glass over it and sliding the paper underneath. 

Having safely contained the spider, Lena walked out of the bedroom to her balcony, and released it. 

Upon returning to the bedroom, Lena saw that the pout was still in place on Kara’s face. She sat on the edge of the bed and took Kara’s hand in hers. 

'You giggled…’ Kara pouted. 

'I’m sorry darling, it was a bit unexpected. You are a Superhero…’ Lena explained, rubbing her thumb over Kara’s knuckle. 

'Spiders, eh?’ Lena continued and raised an eyebrow. 

'I had a bad experience with a giant one back on Krypton when I was younger…’ Kara explained and shuddered at the memory. 

'It’s gone now’ Lena leaned in to give Kara a quick kiss. 

Kara hummed in response. 

'Can you rescue me from all future spiders?’ Kara questioned seriously.

'Of course my love’ Lena smiled, 'consider me your own personal spider removal service.’

'My hero!’ Kara giggled. 

'Some heroes wear capes…’ Lena responded dramatically, ’…some wear… Superhero themed underwear!’

She pulled down the top of her sweatpants to reveal the boy shorts she was wearing underneath, adorned with Kara’s family crest. 

Kara burst out laughing and pulled Lena down onto the bed, kissing her, the spider (and brunch) forgotten. 

Cassian x Reader: The Delay



said: 63 with Cassian Andor please!! (Sorry if I’m requesting too many)

A/N: No it’s fine! Request as many as you like. I’m actually considering making a second part to this but I'm not sure. x

“Stay in the ship, K-2,” Cassian instructed.

“How come she gets to go?” K-2SO replied.

“Because she was instructed to come with me.”

“As was I!”

“Yes but we need someone at the ship.”

“I could be a convincing Imperial droid.”

“You couldn’t convince anyone. You’ve tried it before and failed miserably.”

“Fine! Go then! But don’t complain when I’m not there to save you. And besides, she’s fast asleep anyway.”

Cassian turned around and you were curled up in a ball sleeping peacefully. He smiled at the sight of you. He didn’t want to wake you up but you were needed. You were on a mission to spy on the Empire and see what they were doing.

“Y/N,” He said and shook you softly. “Y/N, wake up.” You opened your eyes and sat up slowly.

“I’m sorry,” You said yawning. “Long day.”

“Don’t apologise,” He said smiling.

“Actually an apology is needed,” K-2SO announced. “Falling asleep like that is reckless. What if we had been attacked?”

“K-2, stop being so harsh!” Cassian demanded.

“That’s what you’ve said if it was anyone else,” The droid replied. “You really would’ve. But you won’t because you’re madly in love with Y/N.” You blushed but rage built up in Cassian.

“Cassian,” You spoke up. “We need to go.”



You were hid behind a wall and were peering over to see why there were stormtroopers gathering. The planet was occupied by the Empire anyways but there seemed to be more activity going on. You were looking through the binoculars to get a closer view.

“They are supplying the ships however I don’t know what with or what for,” You told him.

“Okay,” He said. “We’ll need to go and get a closer look.”


“Before we go, I need to say something. K-2 was right. You shouldn’t have slept.”

“It was only for five minutes.”

“I know but we can’t afford to do that. We could have been attacked and you may not have been prepared. We can’t all be that careless.”

“Yes okay. I’m sorry.”

“Let’s go.”



A pain shot through your leg as you killed a stormtrooper. You’d both been caught spying so you’d been attacked. Luckily, you defeated them. However, after losing his gun, one stormstrooper had found the closest weapon he could find. This just so happened to be a large wooden post and he whacked your leg with it and you knew your leg was broken. Cassian killed the rest before rushing over to you. He picked you up with strong arms and carried you all the way to the ship.

“Oh dear,” K-2 said sarcastically. “Poor Y/N.”

“Drop the sarcasm!” You yelled while wincing in pain.

“Okay then,” He replied. “I’m glad you’re hurt.”

“That’s enough!” Cassian exclaimed. Then he turned to you. “Y/N! What on Earth were you thinking? You could have gotten yourself and I killed!”

“I was just doing what you were doing,” You replied.

“You were too busy killing that you didn’t notice who was trying to kill you. Careless.” He was shaking his head at you.

“Great. So now I’m useless and a deadweight.” Tears were welling up in your eyes. Not just because of the comments he made, but because of the pain in your leg.

“Not all the time but in this instance yes. We may have figured out what they were stocking if we didn’t have to turn back.”

“Well there is nothing stopping you going alone, Captain.” He ignored you and sat in the pilots seat next to K-2.

“Well your feelings have changed from earlier,” K-2 told Cassian.

“I took your points into consideration,” He replied.

“Or you didn’t like me teasing you about liking her.”

“Shhh! She can still hear.”

“She’s in too much pain to notice.” That was true. The pain from your broken leg was immense and you couldn’t concentrate on anything else because of it.

Cassian turned around. It killed him to see you in this much pain but he couldn’t admit that he loved you. It would cause too much trouble for the Resistance.

“Stop being cute, it’s distracting,” He mumbled in your direction and smiled. If only you’d heard him…

okay but the gangsey didn’t just forget about noah so

  • don’t tell me that sometimes when it’s gansey’s turn to sit in the backseat he doesn’t just lean his head back against the leather burning in the sun and think about that day
  • it’s a mix of guilt and relief and more guilt and just wonder that he’s still here and noah has died for him twice now
  • and blue (who is riding shotgun) will look back and she will notice gansey and reach one hand behind her, wordlessly, and their fingers twine together, a quiet comfort
  • this happens to blue sometimes too
  • she’ll go cold all over for half a second, and she’ll think–
  • but it’s not him
  • she sighs and tugs lightly at her own hair like she used to let him do
  • the grief hits adam in bursts
  • he’ll be fine, happy, curled up on the couch with his legs tucked under himself, ronan dreaming quietly beside him, opal upstairs sleeping soundly, the tv playing with the volume turned way low
  • he’ll think he sees a shadow moving, just over there, maybe by the window or the entrance to the kitchen, and he is suddenly very awake
  • “noah?” hope is dangerous, but adam just can’t help it sometimes
  • it’s a branch moving unnaturally in a thunderstorm, opal coming downstairs for one last good night, the cat slinking over to the food bowl
  • but it’s not noah, and adam just closes his eyes
  • every time ronan sees a glitter snow globe he buys it, whether it depicts a miniature henrietta or some goddamn flamingos, he buys it
  • he puts them in one of the empty bedrooms at the barns, the one he calls noah’s room, because noah never used his room anyway but it seems wrong not to give him one
  • sometimes when ronan drives past monmouth manufacturing he can’t bring himself to look at it, so he forces his eyes onto adam instead (adam doesn’t mind)
  • on halloween ronan hands full bags of candy to any kid dressed like a ghost
  • the four of them see noah in everything; he would’ve liked this, he would’ve laughed at that
  • he is not forgotten

Shepard loves that Kaidan almost always falls asleep before her. He bitches and moans and asserts that he’s going to stay up until she falls asleep, threatening to fight off her nightmares with his bare hands if he has to, and determined to make sure she’s gotten off to sleep herself. But it hardly ever works…

His speech begins to slur and he starts failing to keep his eyes open, mumbling nonsense in response, and slowly curling himself into her body. He pulls the blankets around himself, and when she teases, he asserts its just to keep warm. But then, moments later, she hears his breathing grow heavy and muscles relax. Sometimes, even a soft snoring.

She moves her hands up to his hair, and weaves her fingers between his still stiff curls, slowly pulling them loose. It’s one of the only times she can play with his hair, and she takes in each moment. Occasionally, he’ll softly moan and snuggle into her chest more. 

She presses a soft kiss to his forehead, slow and long, her lips lingering on his skin for a few moments longer so she can breathe in the smell of his clean hair and soft skin. She likes these defenseless moments where she can just purely love him, without him blushing, telling her she’s being ridiculous. 

For all he offers to fight off her nightmares, help her through the worst memories of the war, he has no idea that by just being here, he’s sending her off to sleep completely safe and sound.

We, Us

Request: (by @hiitsmecharlie)

(y/n) is pregnant, one day she wants to go out with Romeo and Naomi/Jimmy, but he says no. She feels excluded and embarrassed as if Ro was ashamed of her, of her “new” body and was about to leave her. She packs her stuff & cries to sleep, Roman notices the bags & finds her all curled up in bed and explains why he does the things he does, it’s all for her and his son’s sake, they’re his life, that kind of fluff


Y/N’s phone danced around on the floor, the screen lit with a photo of herself and Roman cuddled together. She smiled at the recently taken picture and put the cap on her nail polish bottle and picked up the restless gadget.

“Hey babe,” she said.

“Hey doll, you’re still up?” he said, a hint of a smile in his voice.

Lately with the pregnancy and all, her bedtime fell between 7-9pm, meaning early mornings that Roman begrudged. She’d wake him up too, depending on how her hormones were feeling. She’d request he accompanied her on a walk at the wee hours of the morning, drive her around aimlessly or sometimes she’d wake up to eat, the humming sound of the microwave inevitably waking him up too.

“That’d teach you for not wrapping it up,” she always teased him when he complained.

“Shut up,” he said playfully, throwing popcorn at her. “You didn’t complain when I didn’t pull out,”

She’d raise her middle finger in response so that the baby wouldn’t “hear” her swearing, she argued. “I’m not complaining sweetheart, I’m loving the attention, the TLC makes me want another one straight after this,”

“No way, I’m not touching you for at least another ten years. You’re on a sex ban when that little kid pops,”

“We’ll see if you can resist it, y'know they do say it gets very tight down there…think about it. It’ll be like my first time all over again,” she teased, wiggling her eyebrows and smiling suggestively.

He’d pounce on her and smother her in kisses, telling her to behave and stop tormenting him, especially knowing that he can’t take her rough like he usually does and have her in all the positions like they used to. But that never stopped him from finding himself buried deep inside her, making love to her so delicately.

“Yeah, just painting my nails, and I’m waiting for you. I miss you,” she responded on the phone.

“Aaw babe, I miss you too. I’s just calling to say don’t wait up for me, I’m on my way home but I’m gonna hit up that new spot on 50 West with Jimmy and Naomi,”

Y/N paused, sadness suddenly overtaking her at the sound of that. It was as if he’d completely disregarded the fact that she’d been waiting up to see him.

“Oh,” she said softly. “Okay,”

“Is that okay?”

She shrugged, do I have a say in this? she thought to herself.


“It’s not, is it?”

“It is, it’s just…I miss you. And I want to spend time with you. Can I come with you?”

“Babe, I’m five minutes away. We’ll talk when I get home okay? Love you,” he said.

“Okay,” she hung up and whispered to herself, “I love you too.”

Almost ten minutes later when he walked in, with Jimmy and Naomi in tow, she wondered why he hadn’t mentioned that he was with them.

“How’s my little peanut doing?” Jimmy asked enthusiastically, his palm flat to her apparent stomach.

“Stop calling my baby a ‘peanut’,” she smacked his hand away.

“You’re glowing, I want some of that,” Naomi said hugging her.

“It’s a price to pay for that kinda highlighter girl,” Y/N joked, looking at Roman who was next in line to greet her. One look at him she momentarily forgot about the phone call, and saw the smile on his face at the sight of her. She smiled back at him too and they hugged, him rocking her side to side.

“Hey beautiful,” he pecked her puckered lips.

“Hey,” she said shyly.

“Aye man hurry up and stop flirting,” Jimmy called out from the couch where he’d made himself comfortable.

“Chill,” Roman glared at him over Y/N’s shoulder.

“Y/N, you coming out like that?” Jimmy peered at her get-up.

She looked down at her maternity leggings and oversized jumper, then frowned up at him.

“No, I don’t think I’m coming, I wasn’t -” she shared.

“Come with me upstairs?” Roman interfered quickly before that sentence finished and before Jimmy could offer his commentary.

“Come on maaaan, we ain’t got time to wait for y'all to fool ar-”

“Why did you bring his loud ass mouth here?” Naomi protested.

“I’ll be back real quick, I need a shower first,” Roman said, ignoring them and pulling his wife along with him.

“Babe, I don’t wanna argue,” was the first thing Roman said when they got to their room. “But I don’t feel comfortable bringing you out to a place like that,”

“A place like what?” she crossed her arms across her chest.

“You know what I mean, there’s alcohol, things might get a little wild, some people get out of control,”

She rolled her eyes and sighed, “I’m not stupid Roman, you mean a place where women look like Naomi Campbell with flat stomachs, bodycon dresses, crop tops and sky high heels. I get it, I don’t fit in anymore because of this tummy, I’d like to remind you that we got here together,”

“I know-”

“So why’re you ashamed of me?”

That escalated quickly, he thought, scratching his head as the conversation took a completely different turn than he expected. He inhaled deeply and exhaled just as, thinking, choosing his words wisely.

“I’m not sweetheart, I just want you to be safe.”

“I’ll be safe with you, Jimmy and Naomi,” she argued.

He gave the 'come on’ look. She rolled her eyes and exhaled deeply this time and thought about it; she didn’t have the energy to argue anymore. In fact, she realised then that she could do with a full night’s sleep. So she resigned the thoughts in her head and nodded.

“Okay, okay, fine, go,”

His head jerked back slightly in confusion.

“Roman, go,” she laughed, amplifying his confusion even more. “I’m just overreacting because I miss you. Besides, what’s a pregnant woman’s business in a bar anyway? Go out and have fun for us, okay?”

“You sure?” he asked skeptically, wondering if this was a test. When she kissed him on the lips and said 'yes’ he relaxed a little and nodded.

“I’m tired anyway, I don’t have the energy to start picking an outfit, doing my hair and make-up. So be quick, they’re waiting for you. I’ll pick out your clothes,”

“So we’re okay?” he asked for his own reassurance, she nodded. “I love you,” he kissed her properly this time. “I swear I’m all yours tomorrow,”

“Okay,” she grinned and watched him take his shirt off as he headed to the bathroom, throwing said shirt on the floor on his way.

That. Fucking. Bastard! She thought, eyeing up that shirt on the floor. I’m not your slave, she cursed him in her head. He closed the bathroom door nonchalantly, unsuspecting of the storm brewing inside her and that set her off. The tears came streaming down and she felt off-balance! She sat on the edge of the bed as she sobbed silently, and she started thinking…

After all these years, I get pregnant, a little bump shows and you’re embarrassed to be seen with me? I bet there’s someone else, some hot chick who flaunts her bikini body, that’s why I’m not invited.

How could he? she thought. “I swear I’m all yours tomorrow,” yeah you bastard, because you’ll be hung over and you know you wont be able to go anywhere and will need me to nurse you. That’s it…I’m tired of being your housewife. I’m going! And I’m not picking up that fucking shirt!

And just like that, her mind was made-up, she stood up; the decision seeming very rational. She walked into their walk in closet and pulled out her overnight bag. She’d be back tomorrow or another day when he’s not around to get the rest of her stuff. Right now, she needed to make a quick escape. She’d managed to pack a pair of pyjamas, socks, some lingerie and a couple of jeans. But just that little running around tired her, she resigned back onto the bed, hating that her plan wasn’t going as smoothly as she intended. So she lay down, sobbing, pulling the covers over her and hopefully she’s doze off into sleep. But the bathroom door opened before sleep took. He walked out whistling as if he was on cloud nine.

“Wanna go to that seafood place tomorrow?”
he asked her back across the room. “I know you’re not sleeping,”

“Mhhh-hmmm,” she nodded after a few seconds.

Joke’s on you Roman, I’ll be gone. This is our last conversation, she thought. Have a nice life.

“And we can go watch La La Land, and see what all the hype’s about,” he said. “Babe, where did you put the clothes…what’s the suitcase for?”

She shrugged, afraid to speak because she knew her voice would give her tears away.

“What’s going on Y/N?” he asked, but she didn’t hear him cross the room.

She felt the weight on the bed and suddenly, the sheets being pulled back, revealing her teary face.

“Go away!”

“What’s the problem now?”

“Nothing. I said go away!”

He sighed and pulled her up, she didn’t put up a fight, she let him take her into his arms for a hug, submitting into his naked chest for a couple of minutes. He rubbed her back, kissed her forehead, anxiously waiting for her to start speaking but he soon realised she wasn’t going to initiate it. He also knew one of them had to stay calm, and by one, it meant him; he wasn’t the one with the erratic hormones.

“Talk to me,” he urged.

“I…I’m…I…I’m leaving,” she stuttered. “I’m leaving you,”

“Oh, and what did I do for you to make that decision?”

She pushed him away, sniffing and wiping the tears away on her jumper, “See you don’t even care! You’re so calm like you’re asking me how my day was. You don’t even care that your wife is leaving. You think it’s funny,”

He bit his lip to stop from smiling, he found it quite interesting how a pregnant woman could go from zero to a hundred in the space of a second. Like a child does; when they throw a tantrum about the most juvenile thing. But this was his wife, as much as he cared for her and loved her, damn he loved her, he knew she was having a 'total bf’. A total bitch fit, and that too would pass. He was going to let her vent it out. The problem was he couldn’t take her seriously and that was getting him into trouble.

“It’s not, I’m not laughing,”

“Did you even ask how my day was Roman?”

Yes I did, all the way throughout the day via text or calls, he recalled, but he wasn’t going to say that and get kicked out of the house.

“No, you’re right, I didn’t check-in to see how you’re doing, and I’m sorry,” he humbled himself and this earned him the right to touch her again. His hands gently cupped her upper arms as he looked at her and listened.

“It’s like you don’t even care! You walk in and just take your clothes off and leave them on the floor for me to pick up! And then you ask me to pick out your outfit,” she vented, but he thought 'hang on, you volunteered to pick out my outfit,’ but he let that slide too. “It’s like I’m living with a child,”

He wasn’t going to protest and call out her bullshit and point out that she was acting this way because she wasn’t invited out. He liked being married and he knew challenging her right then was a highway to a divorce. So he apologised, and then the real issue came up.

“I just can’t do this anymore Roman, you can’t just knock me up and then not wanna be seen with me, you could’ve have at least pretended to want me to come by just inviting me so I can say no. But you didn’t even want to invite me just in case I say yes. You can’t make decisions for me, I’m not a baby. Anyway, I don’t care. Whatever, go ahead and enjoy the night with your new best friends, when you come back, I’ll be gone,”

He wanted to laugh but he looked away and controlled himself, knowing he wouldn’t be able to fix it if he dared to even smile.

“Baby, come here,” he said after reaching for his phone. Then he thought against it and scooted closer to her instead, taking her hand in his and kissing the back of her palm as he opened his photos album. “I wanna show you something,”

She blinked the tears that were blurring her vision and wiped them away as soon as they rolled down her cheeks. She leaned into to see the screen.

“Look from the moment I found out you were pregnant, I cleared out my entire library to make sure you’re all I document. Here…from the very first picture,” he said tapping the said picture of her smiling so hard, she recognised it; it was the day they found out she was pregnant when she’d thrown up straight after eating her favourite and usual order from the chinese restaurant. “It’s all you on my phone…see…every inch your stomach grows…I’ve documented it…I’ve documented you eating the random cravings…I’ve documented those bloody 5am drives, the 4am breakfast calls…the walks that you make me come out to; even when it’s raining. All that… look…you…
you…us…us…you again…you…”

“Okay!” She nodded frantically.

“No you don’t get it, I’m showing you this, and you think I’m ashamed of you? I’ve shared some of these pictures on my social media. I want people to see how beautiful you look carrying my little boy. I want them to see some of the milestone moments in your pregnancy because I’m so happy and proud of you. I’ve watched you transform into this new person that I didn’t think was possible and I’d never want to hide that from the world. Everywhere I go, I show off pictures of you, you’re all I ever talk about, so don’t you think for a moment that you’re going anywhere because I sure as hell ain’t. And I love you and my son, that’s why I didn’t invite you out tonight,” he explained, his gaze trained on her and vice versa. “Not because I didn’t want you to come, but because I’d never forgive myself if anything happened to both of you. I know it’s harmless to come out and sit with us, but some people lose their shit even when sober and others worse after a drink…what do I do if anything happens to you?”

“Roman don’t think like that,”

“It’s true babe, anything can happen. And I wanna protect you and our baby the best I can, when I can, and in this instance, I can, so let me do that.”

She didn’t nod straight away but when she did, her mature self understood well and true where he was coming from and it was totally responsible. She turned to face him finally, guilt and shame replacing the anger and sadness she’d felt. She cupped his cheek and pouted.

“I just want to spend time with you, that’s all,”

“I know baby, I do too, it doesn’t mean I love you less if I have other things going on,”

“It’s just unfair that you can still do things that I can’t do,”

“Like what?”

“Like….go clubbing, go to bars…uhmm,” she’d ran out of options. “The gym and stuff…I miss doing all that stuff with you,”

“I miss it too, believe me. But let me ask you this, would you rather do all that or do the one thing that I can never do?” He cupped his hand over hers.

“What’s that?”

“Give birth, think about how beautiful that is baby, you’re able to give life to a person. That is priceless. You,” he emphasized. “Have the strength and power to do that. Yes you’re giving up all the things you loved, but that’s only for a short while, a small sacrifice for the best gift anyone can ever ask for,”

“Why’re you so thoughtful?” She laughed, he wiped the last of hear tears away.

“What you think I went to college for fun?” he laughed.

“And some girls,”

“Yeah well all true, but neither happened. Those movies lie baby. On a serious note though…are we okay?”

“Yes, I’m sorry, I’m such a drama queen,”

“You really are, but it’s quite funny actually- and where the hell did you think you were going at this time?”

“Hey!” she fake frowned then she couldn’t help but laugh as she thought about it too. She looked at the half-filled overnight bag, “I didn’t work out all the details, I had five seconds to come up with the plan to leave you forever, hence why I had to lie down. I got tired and overwhelmed,”

“You’re something else,”

“Does that mean you’re not going out anymore? And you’re gonna stay in with me?” she smiled encouragingly, Roman paused in contemplation, confused again as to whether this was a trick question or whether he had somehow somewhere in that conversation agreed to no longer go.

“I mean…we…I could-”

“I’m just joking!” she burst out laughing at his expression.

His features softened and he rolled his eyes.

“Maybe I’m gonna pack my bags and leave,” he glared at her.

“Ha ha! You comedian, you! You wouldn’t dare, you need me.”

“Uuhhh-uuuh, so be helpful here; what should I wear then? I need to look good for the ladies,”

“You can pick your own outfit, I’m going to bed,”

“For real?”

“Yeah, I just waited up to see your pretty face. That’s all you’re good for Roman, to look at,” she rolled over onto her side and pulled the sheets up. “And y'know, once the novelty of your face wears off…you realise… you’re not that pretty,”

“I am fucking pretty and I’m a good fuck too, hence the bump,”

“Do me favour and pick up that shirt off the floor? Goodnight baby,”

Whatever you do don’t picture Blue being motherly towards Lance.

Don’t picture her nuzzling and cuddling him despite the fact that she’s the size of a skyscraper just because she saw one tear fall down his cheek.

Don’t picture her grabbing him by his jacket with her mouth to stop him from squabbling with Keith.

Don’t picture her grabbing him up by his hood with her paw and shaking the other paw at him in a no nonsense way because he made a jab at Keith’s hair.

Don’t picture her waterblasting him because she thinks he smells after a mission and her little cub needs a bath.

Don’t picture Lance curling up in the crook of her front leg and going to sleep as Blue gently nuzzles him and attempts to sing him to sleep.

Don’t picture her ripping apart a Galra monster BY HERSELF just because her cub fell down and uttered one “ow”.

(Feel free to add more)


John’s favorite thing is to come home from the clinic to find Rosie and Sherlock curled up asleep together.

Both of them snuggled warmly on top of a pile of blankets in front of the crackling fireplace. Spooned up close on the sofa, Rosie’s face tucked into Sherlock’s neck. Facedown on the rug as if they couldn’t go any further, Sherlock’s arm protectively around her shoulders so he’ll wake if she moves. Crammed together in the leather chair, telly still playing some vintage cartoon dvd they’d bought on a whim, long legs hanging over the side, little ones in between. And just once, both slumped over in a kitchen chair, Rosie in Sherlock’s lap, bowl of applesauce turned over, flecks visible in raven curls and blonde wisps.

John never wakes them when he finds them. Just gently kisses foreheads and lets his sleeping loves lie.

anonymous asked:

Ok so here's too much fluff to handle. A pregnant Mercy falls asleep curled up in Genji lap, and she stirs so he helps her go back to sleep with cuddles and kisses

My heart is going to explode with so much fluff omg

  • Only five months along, the baby bump is noticeable. She gets in moods, and has odd cravings, but now, she just wants to be close to him. It’s been a long day, and they both haven’t seen each other until now.
  • Genji wanted to see the stars, so they sit by the window where Mercy slips into Genji’s lap. He can hardly believe he’s going to be a father, but with a hand over her baby bump it makes it a little easier to know. 
  • She’s soft, and has the glow that so many talk about. Her hair brushes against his body as she soon slips off to sleep. He’s steady and still, making sure to breath evenly and quietly while she curls up closer. 
  • For a moment though, she stirs. Eyelashes blinking open for a moment before he presses his lips to her hair. Soft and gentle while telling her to go back to sleep. 
  • She leans up, giving a kiss to his throat before settling down against his shoulder. Her breath warm and familiar against his body. His hand rests on her baby bump, while the other brushes aside a lock of hair behind her ear. Doing his best to understand how he came to be such a fortunate man. 
Giraffe for Baby

Originally posted by clubeskimo


Jay as a father /fluff/ /just fluff/ /pure fluff/

‘Baby what are you doing?’ Jay groaned out his voice filled with sleep and his eyes still closed. The little girl continued on to climb over him pulling the tightly held blanket in Jay’s hands. Jay kept his hold on the blanket until he felt the small tug and the whined of his little girl and slowly he let it go making sure she won’t fall back from the force of her pull. He could hear her chuckling happily at the blanket being shred away from her father’s body. Jay curled closer, trying to find whatever warmth he could to get back to sleep. He didn’t get any sleep last night and he barely felt like he had slept for more than two hours before the little monster interrupted him. He stayed still as he felt the girl climbing up his legs and stabling herself on his hips.

‘Daddy.’ She called softly at first and when she didn’t get any reply. She started shouting for him, bouncing on his hip bone as if he was a trampoline. She was giggling at every groan that Jay let out. It wasn’t that she was heavy but Jay knew he would love it if she thought she was causing him pain. ‘Daddy get up.’ She cooed at him excitedly making him groaned louder. ‘Baby please. I just slept. Just give daddy a few more hours’ okay princess?’

‘No, now.’ She demanded leaning against his arm and wrapping her arms around his neck. Jay heard a small chuckle from his wife as he groaned at the weight and noise his daughter was making next to his ear. She started pulling at him and jumping on him making him groaned louder and her giggles increasing as well. He sighed mentally knowing he would never get any sleep until he entertained the little girl. He pulled the girl down and into his arms, holding her inside his arms tightly. She started struggling and shouting for him to let her go.

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Day Off

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Tzuyu x Reader



Word Count: 343

“Tzuyu,” you said softly. “I need you to get off of me.”

Your girlfriend had been working a lot lately but finally had time off to rest and she had decided to she wanted to spend it with you. You were happy to see her somewhere aside from the TV for the first time in a while, but you weren’t used to her being this way.

She had texted you that morning telling you she was coming over and was bringing breakfast. The two of you ate together and then got back in bed for a nap, her curling up around you and holding you tightly. It was nice at first, honestly the best sleep you had gotten in a while. But now you had to pee and she was like a koala, wrapped around you half asleep.

Tzuyu mumbled something but didn’t let go of you so you said it again. She groaned before letting you go. When you came out of the bathroom, you stood on the edge of the bed.

“I’m gonna make lunch. Do you want some?”

Tzuyu stretched out on your bed and nodded, wiping at her eyes with the back of her hand. You went into the kitchen and started taking out things so you could cook. As you were standing at the stove, Tzuyu came out of the bedroom and snaked her arms around your waist, resting her chin on your shoulder. You couldn’t help but smile.

“What’s gotten into you?” you asked. “You haven’t let me go for more than 5 minutes since you got here.”

Placing a lid on the pot you were using, you turned to face your girlfriend, resting your arms on her shoulders. She smiled shyly.

“It’s just that I missed you…I feel bad that I don’t get to see you a lot when we’re promoting and I just want to be around you.”

You gave her a peck on the forehead. “I missed you, too, princess.”

“What am I?” She asked cutely. You laughed, giving her another peck.

“My princess.”


Lucy was jolted awake when she heard the window open. The breeze rushed in, bringing in the cold, late night air. She didn’t have time to ask what was going on before the window was shut and the covers lifted. 

She felt a warm presence shift under the blanket and curl up behind her. Her eyes drifted shut when she felt those strong arms wrap around her. The sound of sniffing filled the air before she heard him sigh. 

“Natsu?” Lucy asked in a whisper, already knowing it was the fire dragon slayer. “Are you okay?”

It was silent in her room now. She could barely hear her own breath, let alone his. Finally, she felt his chest against her back move. “Y-yeah,” he said, voice low and rough. 

She frowned at his tone. Lucy started moving, shifting until she was facing him. She could barely see him, the only light coming from the moon shining through her window. “Did you have a bad dream again?”

Natsu’s arms tightened around her, bringing her closer to his body. “Y-yes…”

She could hear the restraint in his voice. He was holding back unshed tears. She knew about his problem. Lately he’d been plagued with dreams of her dying in the war. The war was over, but it didn’t lessen the heartache he felt watching her die. 

Her face softened, eyes closing once again as she scooted closer to him. “You can sleep here tonight,” Lucy whispered, earning a sigh from the dragon slayer. 

“Thank you,” he whispered back, lips resting at the crown of her head. 

“Anytime,” Lucy murmured before slipping out of consciousness. His warmth and comfort were always enough to lull her to sleep. 

Natsu curled protectively around Lucy, making sure he could smell her scent and hear her breathing. He always did this when he had a bad dream, and she never made fun of him for it. 

He relaxed shortly after, muttering as he drifted asleep, “I love you, Luce.”

Little drabble I was thinking about this morning after having a nightmare. I’m sure this has been done before, but oh well. Hope you liked it. 

Letters For Christmas | Seven

Secret Santa Posts

Ahh we’ve come to the end! I hope you’ve enjoyed your fic-gift @akb723! I loved this little world. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! And may you have wonderful days ahead! -WTT

25th December 1969

My Wonderful Wife,

Merry Christmas!

Today has been beyond words. Our first grandchild is snug on your breast, her peaceful face reflecting that of her mother and grandmother…happiness. She’s pure joy and I’m so thankful to have her, but Sassenach, are we really old enough to have grandchildren? When did this happen? How did the years go by so fast?

It feels like only yesterday we were kissing under the mistletoe for the first time, and only a second ago was Faith this small and curled up sleeping on you beneath the Christmas lights. I consider myself a lucky man beyond measure. I have lived a life filled with so much joy I am bursting on the inside, and I have only lived half my lifetime.

For forty of my fifty years alive, you have been by my side, and each year feels as though no more than a second gone by. I have loved you from that first day, and you I believe have loved me from the first week. This love has grown and expanded into four children and now one grandchild. Soon two of our four children will be married.

Brianna’s Roger seems like a fine young man, and it warmed my heart that he wanted to join in on our traditions. He asked my permission to propose on Christmas; he knew this holiday was special to our family and he also knew it was our anniversary. He did not wish to take away from our day, and I laughed at the idea. If anything, his proposal will only enhance our day, I told him, and it did. Seeing Brianna so happy with young Roger MacKenzie made the day even more special to me. All of my children are happy and healthy, and together.

I do wonder if Bree will do as she always said, and get married the same day we did. So far, she’s off to a good start. Proposal on Christmas Day was the first step, but I don’t know if our daughter will wait a full year to be married. I would not be surprised if by July they were married and by next May we have a new grandchild to spoil.

I would love to see Brianna in white, surrounded by the garland and snow. I can see her as a red-headed version of you walking down the aisle.

Christ, what I wouldn’t give to go back and relive our marriage over and over again. You were so beautiful that day, and more importantly you were all mine. I was not nervous asking you to marry me (any of the times I asked). I wasn’t scared when you dated a boy that wasn’t me when we were teens, I knew you’d come back to me. However, I was shaking in my boots when you walked down the aisle to me. You were a vision out of a fantasy, and I didn’t feel worthy to be yours. You eased my fears when you got to the altar and grabbed my hand, whispering ‘I love you.’

The rest of the day was a blur filled with presents, love, laughter, and family. Regular Christmas celebrations and wedding day festivities had you falling asleep on my shoulder as I carried you to our bedroom. That night. That most blissful night will be one of the most special moments of my life. We came together as one, before the church and God, our families and friends, and then finally in the intimacy of our bedroom.

That started my insatiable need for you at all hours of the day. Before I thought I would die from frustration of not knowing your skin on mine in that way, but afterwards I knew I would die if I could not experience that coming together for the rest of my days. I will never get enough of you, my Claire. There’ll never be enough hours in the day or days in a year for me get my fill of your body and your love.

You have shown me what it means to truly love someone without any reservations, boundaries, or doubts. You are my one true love and each second of every day, I count my blessings, because you are near.

Merry Christmas Mo Nighean Donn and Happy Anniversary.

Love, Your Husband of 30 years,

James Alexander Malcolm MacKenzie Fraser

Claire smiled down at her namesake, Elizabeth Claire Moore, her first of hopefully many grandchildren. Faith sat beside her leaning her head against Rabbie Moore, her best friend and husband of two years.

The peace and joy she saw in her face made Claire’s eyes prick with tears. So much love and happiness was surrounding her. Brianna cuddled on Roger’s lap, William blushing furiously with Rabbie’s sister Jane, and Fergus flying a superhero around the tree, protecting it from the evil villain that tried to take it over.

Jamie made his way over and sat on the arm of the chair, gazing down at his granddaughter.

“Do you think we’ll have more?” Claire asked him. Her eyes hopeful.

“If yer asking me if we’re to have any more bairns the answer is, God I hope not. We’re no so young anymore.”

“I’m only 51 and you’re 50. It’s not as though we’re that old.”

“I ken the wean has given ye, what have ye called it? ‘Baby fever?’”

Claire nodded with a pout. “I suppose you’re right. But I just love them when they’re this little. I love holding them, and feeling their unconditional love.”

“Aye, but do ye remember what else comes with a bairn, Sassenach? The dirty diapers, the scream-filled nights and the sleepless days?” Jamie bent down and kissed the top of her head reassuringly. “Let’s wait for the children to bring us many grandchildren we can spoil then give back, or babysit as often as possible, aye?”

Claire smiled and leaned against his side. “That sounds wonderful.”

“Da!” Fergus squealed, launching himself onto his father. “Can Ian and I go out to the barn to play? Please?”

Wide, whisky-colored eyes, and dark brown curls framed his youngest son’s pleading face. Fergus took after Claire the most of all the children, and because of that he held a special place in Jamie’s heart.

“No.” Claire said to Fergus, breaking Jamie’s thoughts just before he nodded yes.

“Ahh! Mam!!!”

“Don’t you pout at me Fergus James Beauchamp Fraser! You haven’t cleaned your room and I know you want to go out there to rile old Donas up. I will not be resetting bones on Christmas nor will I be taking anyone to the hospital. It’s too icy for riding and I’ll not have it.”

Fergus groaned and stomped back to the tree to tell Ian the verdict. Jamie laughed. “See, do ye really want another bairn to go through this stage again?”

Claire groaned. “I guess you’re right.”

Switching subjects, Claire coyly looked up at her husband, “So, did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?”

Jamie smiled and kissed Claire. “Aye, I did. What about you, mo ghradh?”

“I didn’t,” Claire sighed dramatically. “Every year my husband writes me the most beautiful letter and this Christmas season I haven’t gotten one.”

“Oh, no?” Jamie gasped in mock horror. Claire smacked his arm.

“No, is there a reason for that Mr. Fraser?”

Chuckling Jamie handed Claire his yearly letter. “The reason, Sassenach, was because I hadn’t finished it yet.” He kissed her lips once, twice, then pulled back.

“Happy Anniversary, Jamie.” She sighed.

“Merry Christmas, mo chridhe.”

Three Months

This prompt was sent in:

Amelia hates her body after pregnancy and feels self conscious about herself and refuses to sleep with Owen or something fluffy/smuttyyyishh

Another very similar prompt came in and requested it with angst so this is angsty, fluffy and smuttyyyishh!

It’s been three months since the birth, over three months since we’ve properly had sex, and I miss her. It’s the same most nights- we go to bed, I sit with the light on and she lies facing away from me, and when I decide to join her in the land of sleep, I’ll curl up behind her. She used to love spooning. She’d pull my arm in as close to her as possible and I’d be able to feel every part of her body against me. But now, as soon as I curl into her, she’ll sleepily move an inch out of reach.

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More Desus Headcanons:

Dedicated to @littlewolfy999 cause she’s got exams this week and wants some fluffy Desus.

-Daryl often wakes up first in the morning, so he makes a point to roll over and wrap his arms tightly around Paul and then go back to sleep, so that when Paul has to get up and go to work or do his yoga, he can’t get out of Daryl’s grasp. His struggles to get put of bed usually wake Daryl, who just curls up tighter, trapping Paul completely.

-They have cute nicknames for each other, they just don’t really use them in front of the group. Paul calls Daryl “my sunshine” (it’s semi-ironic) and Daryl calls Paul “peaches”.

-During their first fight, Daryl got too worked up and called Paul a lot of names and said lots of hurtful things before storming off. Ten minutes later, he was ringing the doorbell and when Paul opened the door, Daryl was crying and he headbutts Paul in the shoulder in the way that he does when he’s upset, and he just keeps apologizing.

-One day, Paul brought Daryl home a geode he found, and tried to show him why it was cool. So the next day when Daryl was out on a run, he brought Paul home a rock he thought “looked nice”. And it’s just a rock, and Daryl completely got confused about what Paul liked about the geode, but the rock is now their centerpiece for the dining room table.

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Alright, here's a classic one, sleeping headcannons for the boys

Here are a few, I didn’t do all of them but if you want any of the others please feel free to ask again


-he has a timer that tells him when to go to sleep 

-he has like a charger thing he plugs himself into, which keeps him asleep until 8am

-before he goes to sleep, he downloads stuff for dreams

-mostly to anime Shirogane suggesed

-she suggested something called boku no pico once

-he always checks the reviews now…

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She laid across from me, eyelids shut, curled up into a cute little ball. Time zones were always going to do this to her; make her oversleep for hours. I knew it the second I woke up from my slumber that she would be sleeping long after I awoke. And I was right. I watched her peacefully dream of god-knows-what, in my view at last. The occasions I had dreamt of her finally being mine were countless, but nothing could have prepared me for the real thing. Her really being next to me. Finally being able to touch her. Just, her.

I reached across and brushed a lock of her hair behind her ear before resting my hand on her head and slowly stroking it with my thumb as I stared at her perfect -although she would disagree- face. I watched her eyes flutter behind closed eyelids, her parted lips with the occasional flick of her tongue, her muscles shift and her fingers curl, until once, she reached out and clutched the front of my shirt as if wanting me closer. When her soft, small hands touched the cotton of my shirt, she felt it for a while, as if not believing it was there, and then tugged at it over and over. Giving in to her unconscious wishes, I moved closer to her and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her into my body and letting her nuzzle into my chest and knead my clothing.

Her body fit perfectly with mine like in a cliche romance novel. We just slotted together like two pieces of a puzzle to complete the perfect picture.

All of a sudden, it hit me that this may have been a frequent occurrence; her reaching out for me and finding nothing. That now would be the first time she has been greeted with me. The first time she has reached out and found what she was looking for.

So, I pulled her even closer and pressed my lips to the top of her head, and promised that I will always be just a reach away.

dating Natasha Romanoff would include

Originally posted by ezra-millers

  • her being really possessive over you
  • “i just want you to be mine and only mine”
  • “i am, Nat”
  • rough fights (because she’s really impulsive) followed by hot make out sessions (because you adore each other)
  • pillowtalks
  • her being the big spoon
  • but when she’s really tired or upset, she curls up in your arms like a tiny kitten in need of affection
  • playing with her hair as she’s talking about her day
  • her always leaving hickeys on your skin
  • “i’m just marking my territory”
  • running a bubble bath for her when she’s stressed
  • “aren’t you gonna join me?”
  • taking a bath together with a bottle of red wine
  • taking care of her when she’s drunk
  • “no Nat, you can comb Bucky’s hair tomorrow, let’s go to sleep now”
  • being jealous when she goes on undercover missions as Steve’s wife
  • spraying whipped cream in her face when you’re baking
  • “uhm you taste great Nat”
  • “come here you noob”
  • calming her down when she has nightmares
  • staying awake, waiting for her to fall asleep
  • wearing each others clothes
  • gentle kisses turn into hot love making
  • showering together
  • massaging her when she’s tired
  • at first she’s afraid to admit that she’s fallen for you
  • but as time passes, it becomes almost impossible for her to keep all those feelings bottled up inside her