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When he Sees Me

 (Author’s Note: So I have been listening to “When he Sees Me” from Waitress and well….I was inspired. Thanks to you Sixer, you got me all Stephew feelsy) 

Stephanie paced around her dorm room as her roommates watched is concerned silence. She hadn’t stopped moving since coming home from class, and not a single one of them knew why.

            “Stephanie,” one roommate called out causing Steph to snap her head towards her, “what’s going on, darlin’? You seem rather frazzled.”

            Stephanie bit her lip, mulling over her thoughts before taking a deep breath, making her decision.

            “Matthew asked me out today.” She sighed, not looking up at her roommates. All three of the girls squealed and gasped, obviously happy about the news. Stephanie flinched at that, her face taking on a concerned look.

            “Wait…Steph why do you look so worried? Aren’t you excited? I mean, he’s your best friend.” One of the girls asked causing the others to pause.

            “Well yeah but…but… Look,” Stephanie closed her eyes, getting the girls to sit in attention, “I stick with real things, usually facts and figures and the what not. I can plan accordingly when things are tangible like numbers. But this? Feelings? It’s all a guessing game and I don’t like guessing games.”

            “But don’t you have feelings for him?” one of the girls asked.

            “I don’t know! I don’t understand these feelings. And I certainly don’t know what will happen on this date. What if he asks me questions about myself that I don’t even know? What if he sits to close? What if he’s weird and eats Oreo cookies wrong?”

            “How do you eat an Oreo cookie wrong?”

            “I don’t know! Like eat the cookie before the cream or something! I mean what if…what if when he sees me for the date, what if he doesn’t like me? What if he just bails on me? How am I going to be ok afterwards? How can I loose a best friend like that? No…you know what, its better to just cancel.” Stephanie reached for her cellphone on the table but her roommate snatched it away.

            “Stephanie don’t you think you are being a bit dramatic?”

            “I am not! I’m being cautious. I don’t really know him anyway! He could be some weirdo psychopath or something!” at this her friends snickered. “I’m serious! He could have just befriended me to get at me. Just to use me for one night. Or even worse use those lovely eyes and make me laugh…gosh what if when he sees me, he sees I like him and he knows it? What if it opens something inside of me and I can’t stop it! What if he holds me and…and I like it and then I’m done for?” Stephanie flopped to the floor worried and unsure.

            “Stephanie, darlin’, just go on the date. I’m sure you two will have a lovely time. You just need to trust that he’s a good friend and just wants to get to know ya better.” Stephanie sighed knowing there was no way out of it.


Stephanie couldn’t help the laughter that erupted from her as Matthew nudged her shoulder laughing along.

            “Aww come on Steph, you wouldn’t ever try it?” he asked raising a brow at her as they slowly made their way back to Stephanie’s apartment. The date had been a simple one, just a dinner and a nice walk. But Stephanie hadn’t laughed this much in a long time and was feeling right at home.

            “Why would I? that’s just gross!” she countered back, relishing in the fake hurt on Matthew’s face.

            “Well I’ll count that out as an option for our second date.” He pouted. Stephanie felt her heart jump. A second date? Does that mean, he wants to see me again?

            “A second date huh?” she asked trying to sound playful but cringing at how pathetic it came out. Matthew stopped to look at her.

            “I mean only if you want to Stephanie. I…well I had a really great time with you tonight. No surprise there, I always have a great time with you.” This caused Stephanie to giggle. “Would you want to go on a second date?”

            Stephanie looked up at Matthew, and seeing his eyes so large and warm, full of kindness, she couldn’t help but nod her head. “Yeah…I think I would like that very much.”

            The smile on Matthew’s face took her breath away as he stood closer to her. “Well yay! I’ll make sure to make the next one even better!”

            They arrived at her door and Stephanie felt nervous and awkward all of a sudden. “Well thank you so much for the date. I had a really great time.” Stephanie breathed, smiling up at Matt. He returned the smile and shrugged.

            “It was nothing. As long as you had a good time then all I can say is mission accomplished. Thank you for going with me. I had a blast. So I guess goodnight then.” Matthew smiled raising his arms for a hug, which was normally how they parted ways from class.  Stephanie wrapped her around him but as Matthew held her Stephanie felt something new and it caused her heart to speed up. She felt anxious and at peace all at the same time. Before she even knew what she was doing she pulled back and kissed him.

            She could feel Matthew’s stunned expression and it shocked her back into reality as she pulled herself away. “Oh my gosh! I’m so sorry…I didn’t mean…I was just…oh gosh.” Her face started to burn up as she looked back at Matthew’s face. He was staring at her until he pulled her back in and kissed her back. Now it was her turn to be stunned. She didn’t know how or when but she relaxed in his arms and just enjoyed the feeling of being so close to him. He held her so gently as though she could break, she could feel his heart beat against her own chest and something about it felt right. After a while they pulled apart, both a little breathless and blushing.

            “Well um…goodnight.” Stephanie quickly rushed out and ran back into her room. What the heck was that?! Why did she do that? And more importantly, what did this boy do to her?