and she is a cutie

Another collab Sweetie, this time with my boy @lilfunkman!

Funk draws so smol I love it, her body looks so exceptionally squish, I couldn’t tarnish it with a cutie mark. I feel like she should be saying something but I couldn’t come up with anything that wasn’t a filthy meme or a yoyo so happy belle shall stand on her own I suppose.

Feels like old times to draw this, Funk and I have known each other something like 4 years? All the way back in the day when I was first learning over at MLP Drawing School from reddit. Been drawing with him on voice or on video for years ever since so it was only natural this Sweetie happened. God bless lilfunkman and god bless Sweetie Belle. 🙏 🙏 🙏 

Anyways, enjoy a simple cute Sweetie Belle with thanks to lilfunkman for the sketch!

supernovacoffee  asked:

Your cat's name is Boo Boo?!?!?!?! 😍😍😍

Yup! She came from the shelter with her friend Yogi Bear after our family cat died. (Yogi is so named because he has a little stump of a tail that makes him look like a fluffy teddy bear.) Yogi is the friendliest fluffball you could meet, but Boo-Boo is a fraidy cat who decided that I would be a good protector so she just sort of adopted me.

So cutie Kat @blushykat promised to admit she lied, is a ticklish little lee, and is a cute kitty in a video TOMORROW, so that she can get an hour off her minute counter.

We must make sure that she upholds this promise, or else you all may attack her for being a bad kitty and lying~ @danmiller @ticklishcutie @speaknowtillmay @awanderingpizza @little-girl-problems Thank you! ❤️😊😉

samibrightberry  asked:

Smarties: Who is the sweetest person you know? (all characters)

“Sweetest? Oh this is easy! It’s Demi!” @voidbornraltia “She’s the sugar in my tea, the icing on my cake! The cherry to my- “ 

“That’s enough, dad!” Luke’s squid projection interrupts. 

“Who asked you? Squid talker!”

Suki Stillriver points to Elkhan Albright! @elkhan-albright

“He’s so sweet. He’s always worried about other people, even when he’s just come out of a coma and can’t complete a sentence!” She giggles.

Lamaya points to Kyrize! @wilder-weave

“This little cutie always has something positive to say. He brightens up my day.”


Irith shyly looks over at Zero. @zeroskyweaver He blushes. “I don’t want to explain. It’s… a long story. He’ll probably just make fart noises at me.”


Hawk blinks. “My wife… if I know what’s good for me.”

miraculouslykawaii  asked:

could i have any general dating ut alphys headcannons?

((Aww cutie dino/drake HCs))

She is addicted to Amazon. Seriously, her wish list and save for later are like ten pages long and going.

She has her own tumblr, and stalks all the Mew Mew Kissy Cutie headcannon blogs.

Once on the surface, her shyness starts to ebb a bit as she realizes just how many people love anime too. She is a vet con goer now and has a bucket list of cons she now has to attend.

-Her new best buddy is Little Debbie. Seriously, where have Nutty Bars and Swiss Rolls been all her life?!

-She loves Mystic Messenger almost as much as MMKC.


White Day  ♡ (˘▽˘>ԅ( ˘⌣˘)