and she held up a key


Warnings; smut, slightly dominant!klaus etc.

Okay this is kind of long I’ve probably repeated the same words a few dozen time and made a ton of grammatical mistakes AND I use too many comma’s but this is my first time writing smut and like, third time writing anything at all really so maybe I get a free pass. P.s the intro is v boring so pls try to ignore that.Also, remember kids, consent it key.

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Y/N knew Klaus Mikaelson well. In fact, she knew him a little too well. It began the way things like this usually do. He was gorgeous- and he was interested. And Y/N never had been one to decline good sex. And god, was it good. He was rough and wild and dominant and she was deliriously addicted. And she hated it, that she needed him. She Hated the way he touched her, and the way he held her. But most of all, she hated how good it felt.

But the hybrid screwed up, out of force of habit, really. He said some things and broke other things, seething in irrational jealousy. When she asked him to get out of her sight, he did, but not without claiming that she would come running back to him. Three months later, she still hadn’t. And while Klaus had tried to change her mind quite a few times, she was adamant. And it was driving him mad.

So when he heard that Rebekah had invited her with them to another one of Marcel’s famous fundraisers, he knew he had to take advantage of it. He and Marcellus had already arrived at Y/N’s doorstep in a limo with half a dozen or so of his daywalkers when she stepped out her house, a vision in a salmon coloured satin cami dress and black heels, an encrusted choker adorning her neck. The driver got out and opened the door for her when she saw a certain hybrid waiting inside. ’Rebekah had to get to the party a little earlier than planned to handle some business. She sent us to pick you up, so let’s get on with it, shall we?’ He spoke smugly, his calculating eyes taking her in. She stared him down coldly before stepping into the limo to find a place to sit down, when marcel spoke up. ’right, about that- we had a slight miscalculation when guessing if everyone would be able to fit in this thing. So you’re gonna have to sit on someone’s lap.’

‘You’re kidding me right?’ Y/N asked, dumbfounded. ‘unfortunately not, darling.’ Klaus mused. ‘I volunteer’ hooted one of marcels vampires, wolf whistling but he shut up when both Klaus and Y/N  glared at him. Klaus then looked back at Y/N. ’come on love, are you afraid you won’t be able to contain yourself?’ He smirked, knowing she wouldn’t refuse a chance to prove him wrong. Y/N huffed as she gave up and seated herself on Klaus’s lap. Then she leaned back against his neck, her hot breath fanning his ear. ‘I hate you.’ she whispered. Klaus just smiled as he passed her a glass of champagne. ‘sure you do, love’

A few minutes into the ride Y/N had been introduced to everyone and was enjoying the music and conversation when she felt Klaus’s hand graze her knee. It travelled up from her lower thigh to come to rest on the seam of her dress and he could feel her skin tensing under his touch. ‘Anything the problem love? You seem quite… tense’ he whispered, smirking. ‘Not at all. I’m fine’ she replied coolly, while reaching up to grab his hand. She shifted in his lap, slowly grinding her backside on him. With everyone busy clinking their glasses against each other’s, no one seemed to notice. ‘what about you, are you alright?’ she spoke, a wicked smile on her face as she traced the back of his hand with her fingers while her other hand reached to rest on his knee.She could feel him pressing against her rear, His member hardening at her actions. She looked back at him, pleased with herself. Klaus stared back at her, his lips pressed together and eyes clouded with lust. ‘Y/N, love, what do you think you are doing?’ he asked, his voice coarse. ‘just finishing what you started’ she replied, feigning innocence as she shifted again to press her derriere against his manhood. Klaus let out a low growl, placing his hands firmly on her hips while leaning down to press his lips on the base of her neck and working his way upwards. He nibbled at the rim of her ear, sending shivers down her body. ‘I knew you’d come back for more’ He murmurs in her ear, proud of his accomplishment. ‘you just can’t seem to stay away..’ He continued

Y/N suddenly jerked her body away from the hybrid, taking in heavy breaths to ground herself. ‘fuck.’ She sighed, running her hands through her hair just as the limo slowed to a stop. She turned to look at a confused Klaus. ‘You almost had me there. Almost.’ she stated as the driver opens the door and she gets out. Still slightly surprised by the swift change of events, Klaus follows her through the gates of the party but she soon disappears into the crowd, leaving him angry and frustrated. He scans the masses of sweating, huddled bodies to find her dancing carelessly with another man while she downs yet another glass of champagne. Jealousy seething through him, he grabs the first woman the comes at him, attacking her neck with sloppy kisses while making sure Y/N notices. She does. But jealousy has never been her game. Her attention is more focused on the gentleman with his arms around her waist head in the crook of her neck. 15 or more minutes of the torturous attempts to guile Y/N to him, Klaus gives up. He drags the girl at his arm to a dark corner and compels her to be quiet while he bites into her neck, drinking from her while her body struggles to push him off. When he’s had his fill, He drops her on the ground, knowing Marcel’s minions would take care of it. He wipes his mouth with his sleeve, not bothering to clean up and steps back into the raving party just in time to see Y/N leaving with some man through the back door, her lips on his, his hands roaming around her body. Anger boiled up in his body as he tears through the lumps of people to the opposite side on the room where Y/N was. He opens the door, which lets out into some back alley, to find Y/N pressed up against a wall, with another man’s lips on hers, hands wandering her gripping her waist. Now fuming, Klaus flew in a rage towards the fellow, pulling him off of her. ‘what the fuck, man-’ He started as Klaus shut him up, veins under his eyes as he compelled him ‘Leave.’ He growled.

Y/N stood back, shocked. ‘what in the hell do you think you’re doing, Klaus?’ she spat, bringing her hand up to comb through her now messy hair. Klaus approached her, his stance atrocious as he grabbed her by the throat. ‘leave him be, love..’ he hummed. ‘we both know I can take care of you in ways that a human like him cannot even grasp..’ he mumbled against her neck, leaving stray kisses up and down her throat. ‘N-Nik..’ Y/N mumbled, barely audible to human ears with the loud music blaring in the background. ‘what is it,love? Do you want me to stop?’ He grinned, gratified by the effect he had on her. ‘yes.’ She stated firmly, but the moan escaping her lips in the end stated otherwise. ‘get off of me’ she whispered feebly, pressing her palms against his chest to drive him off her. He pushed her back against the brick wall, continuing his advances on her, his lips wandering lower still and his free hand slipping under her dress. Y/N sighed lightly in pleasure, Her body rebelling against her instincts. He placed butterfly kisses on the top of her breasts, the hand on her throat leaving to slip off her dress strap and then going right back to her throat. He trailed kisses along the valley of her breasts, nipping and sucking at her flesh. Y/N was a hot mess by now, melting into his very touch, writhing and moaning. ‘Klaus.. don’t..I-ugh, fuck.’ Klaus came back up to face her. ‘ you can rave and push me off all you want, love, but we both know I am the only one who can please you like you need it.’ She looked at him. A lamp lit up the otherwise dark alley, yellow shadows falling on his lashes, the bridge of his nose, his lips. He was beautiful. ‘you need to be shown your place, you need to be dominated.’ He said, his lips dangerously close to hers. ‘ so admit it, Y/N or I can leave you here, flustered, aroused.’ He whispered, hot air leaving his lips and hitting hers. She struggles to get words out of her mouth, her breath stuck in her throat. ‘I need you’  she uttered, and Klaus’ mouth turned into a lopsided grin. ‘good.’ He whispered, before placing his lips on hers, traces of blood still left on them for Y/n to taste. His hand strayed to the back of her head, grabbing her by the hair, continuing to kiss her until she couldn’t breathe. ‘I knew you’d come around, pet ‘ He whispered

His teeth nipping at her jaw, making goose bumps rise all over her skin. His other hand hiking her dress up past her hips and then reaching back to grab her ass. He then let go of her hair, bringing his hand down to cup her tits and he worked teasingly on her collar bone, no doubt leaving hickeys to mark her as his. His rolled her left nipple between his thumb and forefinger, while taking the other in his mouth. Y/N moaned in pleasure, arching her back to grind on his mouth. Klaus’ right hand brushed against her inner thighs, then back to the waistband of her panties. He hooked his fingers around her the soft material, pulling them down in one swift motion. His fingers slowly, teasingly rubbed her pussy lips, his middle finger slipping between her folds to graze against her clit Klaus let go of her breasts, receiving whimpers of complaint from Y/N, which soon stopped as he knelt on the ground, littering chaste kisses all over her inner thighs. ‘mmhfh’ Y/n groaned, pushing her hips towards his face. ‘Klaus, please’ she begged. Klaus growled, grabbing her by the hips. ‘patience, love.’ He stated, as he placed his tongue on her aching core, sucking softly and spots he knew made her weak. Y/n let out stray sounds of pleasure, unable to contain herself as he continued to alternate between kitten licking and sucking on her clit. She had missed this, his mouth on her. She had missed him. He slurped at her pussy, lapping up her juices, his right hand reaching down to rub lightly on her clit while he fucked her with his tongue. Strangled words left her mouth ‘Oh, oh my god, nik’ she cried out. Klaus then withdrew his mouth from her vulva, earning a groan of dismay from Y/n, but she dare not question him. He got up, his fingers still working on her clit and leaned in to kiss her, so she could taste herself.

Y/n got bold herself, undoing the buttons on his shirt and sliding her hands on his toned torso. He kept rubbing lightly on her swollen nub as she undid his belt and pants. Klaus’ manhood strained against his boxers as Y/n stroked him through them with one hand, the other resting on his waist. She slipped her hand under the waistband of his boxers and pushed them down, pumping his length rhythmically. Klaus, now growing impatient, hooked one arm around Y/n’s waist as the other lifted the her leg, prompting her to wrap both legs around his waist as he entered her. ‘fuck’ she groaned, as he filled her up, stretching her walls as she wrapped her arms around his neck for support. Klaus started with steady thrusts while attacking her neck and throat with his mouth, making her feel hot all over. She could feel her nipples harden against the fabric of her dress as she let out desperate moans of pleasure with each thrust. Y/n threw her head back, giving easier access to Klaus while grinding into his body. ‘you feel so fucking good’ she cried, squeezing her eyes shut. Klaus grunted in reply, biting at her skin, making her clench around him. She tangled her fingers in Klaus’ hair. ‘I’m- I’m so fucking close i-‘ she pulled at the blonde, curly strands in between her fingers. Klaus then pulled out of her almost completely, sliding his tip on her slit before thrusting his cock back inside her, bringing his hips to meet hers. He continued the torturous actions until Y/n couldn’t take it anymore. ‘ Klaus, please.’ ‘please what, sweetheart?’ he spoke, the smug smirk still on his lips as sweat beaded his forehead. ‘please, go faster and deeper and i- shit’ she gasped, as he thrusted roughly into her again. ‘you’re so pretty when you’re begging, love’ he said, making you bite your lip. He hit a certain spot inside you and you inhaled sharply, her nails digging into his shoulders and back arching into him. ‘right there?’ he asked, his tone breathless, but still smug. She nodded your head rapidly, unable to make a sound. she pulled him in for a deep, desperate kiss, as he held on tighter to your waist, steading himself as he pumped into her at a faster pace to bring them both closer to orgasm. They both moaned into the kiss, and Y/n felt Klaus twitch inside her when she felt her own toes curl, before releasing into waves of pleasure and bliss, as he did the same, inside her. They both pant, breathless, pulling away from each other as their moans die down. Still out of breath, Y/n leans her head back into the wall before looking back at Klaus again. ‘I still hate you.’ She whispers. Klaus smirks at her.

Valentine’s #4: Improving Her Marriage

Length: Short

The aroma of steak and well-aged wine came up from the tray as Emily carefully set it next to the basement door. She adjusted the vase with the flower in the center of the tray, wanting this Valentine’s Day to be perfect, then pulled a set of keys from her pocket. With well-practiced hands she unlocked the three padlocks and the deadbolt that held the basement door shut. She opened the door, turned on the light, grabbed the tray of food, and began her descent.

She smiled as she walked, thinking of how much her marriage had improved. Her and Trent been near rock bottom a few years back. They’d grown distant, Trent claiming her hobby had taken her away from him. That night Trent even threatened to leave, saying he couldn’t be with her anymore. Emily couldn’t bear the thought, and it only took one drugged drink to stop him from leaving, giving them time to work on things. Her marriage had improved so much since she locked him in their basement.

She reached the bottom and found her husband right where she had left him, his collar chained to the back of the chair. She set the tray on the table in front of him and began preparing their dinner. Trent looked like he wanted to say something, but no words came out. So different from the days when she’d first brought him here. He’d cursed her then, screamed for help, begging for someone to find him. He’d pleaded and begged and threatened until she couldn’t take it. Now he spent much less time talking, and much more actually listening to her. Her marriage had improved so much since she’d taken his vocal cords.

Under Trent’s expectant gaze she cut his steak for him. She frowned a little at the slightly overcooked meat, almost ashamed that this Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be perfect. Trent had always been the better cook of the two, and to be honest she missed having him in the kitchen. But she couldn’t trust him with cooking utensils or, heaven forbid, open flame. When she first brought him here he tried to attack her constantly. Trying to strangle her and take the keys to his collar had been the final straw. A man shouldn’t raise his hand against his wife. Her marriage had improved so much since she’d taken his hands.

The steak cut, she took a piece up with her fork and extended to Trent. He opened his mouth and allowed her to place the steak on his tongue. He started chewing but showed no response as to whether or not he liked it, and Emily frowned at him. Trent noticed her frown and quickly smiled as sweat broke out on his forehead. Emily relaxed and smiled, pleased that Trent was enjoying his meal. It was wonderful that Trent now understood her so well that she didn’t even have to tell him what she was thinking. Her marriage had improved so much.

Credits to: Painshifter

‘Filthy Pride’

*CLAPS HANDS* okay fuckers. this really gave me feels. ENJOY

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*CLAPS HANDS* okay fuckers. this really gave me feels. ENJOY

(I took inspiration from Social Repose’s new song ‘Filthy Pride’ hence the name choice. It’s an amazing song and i suggest you go check it out)

‘heavy handed, rapid fire’

    Michael had been hunched over the piano for hours. His hands not making a sound on the keys.

He breathed heavily, but never moved. This happened a lot. Days on end he would sit at the piano and not move a muscle.”M-mikey…” Y/N said softly from the doorway. She held her breathe waiting for a reaction from him. He turned to her waiting for her to say something. “I-it’s really late… Do you wanna come to bed?” He let out a irritated sigh and got up from the instrument. He quickly brushed pass Y/N not saying a word.

   Michael and Y/N layed in bed facing away for each other. Quickly he drifted to sleep leaving her alone…. And cold. She missed him. He hadn’t been the same since he came home.

Her small feet padded to Michael’s piano room. She sat down and brushed her fingers over the keys gingerly. Y/N sat there for a good 3 minutes before she did anything. She moved her fingers across the keys playing random ones as she went over them. She heard a creaking behind her and turned around.

‘When I chase after affection, it won’t chase after me’

“Mikey? Did I wake you up?” She asked softly staring at the ground.

“No. I couldn’t stay asleep”

“Oh… I’m sorry.” He shrugged in response, and sat down next to her.

“M-mikey. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure. What is it?” He said hushed. She became chocked up. She couldn’t find the words to say to him. The pressure finally weighing down on her. I single tear ran down her cheek as she looked up at him. His heart sank and a look of shock overcame him.

   “Do you still love me?” She asked almost a whisper. He didn’t know how to respond. “O-of course what would make you think I didn’t?”
She let out a slightly sob as she answered. “Well… Y-you never look at me anymore. You never talk to me. You never hold me, and you sleep facing opposite directions as me.” Tears pooled under her eyes. They were the saddest tears he had ever seen. They broke his heart. They were heavy flowing tears. She didn’t make a sound as they came down her face. 
    “A-am I not beautiful to you?”
     Give me your damage. I’m begging you, please

“Y/N…. You are the most beautiful, most happy person I’ve ever met.”
     “T-then what;s wrong with me?” Her voice cracked bad. She put her hands into her face and cried into them. “Nothing…. Absolutely fucking nothing. I’m the reason you’ve become like this. We can fix this though. We can fix each other.” Y/N and Michael walked back to their bedroom and layed down without another word. Her head pressed against his chest soaking in his smell. His head on her shoulder. 

Home//Daryl Dixon

Info: After the Negan line up, Negan takes Lauren after Daryls’ outbreak. Lauren is taken into captivity and tortured and used as a servant for Negan. One night she gets a letter with a key, telling her to go and she isn’t going to pass up that offer.

Warnings: swearing, mentions of Glenn and Abe’s deaths, gore

Requested by my wonderful friend Lauren, this is my late Christmas gift to her !! <3

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Daryl punched Negan, his patience had run thin with everyone crying. Maggie sobbed over Glenn’s death, Rosita and Sasha could barely hold in their tears from Abraham. They held Daryls thrashing body to the ground, Dwight came to him, holding his crossbow over his head. I didn’t dare move or make a sound, I couldn’t.

“No! That, is a no no” Negan says crouching down in front of Daryl.

Daryl caught my eye and I looked back. I didn’t want to look away, this could be the last time I saw him. I nodded my head and gave him a soft smile, weak, but it was something. 

“That your girl?” Negan asked Daryl with a smile.

Daryl just grunted.

Speak, when you’re spoken to”

“Yeah” He said through a grunt. 

Negan stared at me while running his tongue over his teeth. I tried to ignore him by looking at Daryl but he wouldn’t look away.

“Load her the fuck up, Si” Negan says after a few minutes of silence.

Simon grabbed both my arms and held them behind my back. I kicked up gravel with my feet.

“Stop! Don’t hurt her!” Daryl cried out.

“Should’ve thought about that before you punched me” Negan says stroking his beard before turning his back to me.

Simon threw my small frame into the back of a small van. It was cold. I was cold. Daryl had a blanket, I wish I did. My knees felt some relief from the gravel, but it still didn’t feel good. I held my legs close to my chest and tried not to cry. It was dark and the cold metal sent chills down my spine. I wanted to know what would happen to Daryl, if Negan would kill him or not. 

Two people got in the car, Negan and Simon. Simon drove while Negan sat passenger. I watched my group behind me through the small, dirty window.


I was dragged out of the van by Dwight. He wore Daryls’ vest and I wanted to punch him, but I knew not to, I had better control of my temper than Daryl. I was led down some dark halls and then thrown into a darker room. They closed the door and I was in darkness, the only light came from under the door.

A woman was sent in to collect my clothes. I wasn’t allowed to keep anything, not even underwear. I sat in a dingy room, naked and cold. I held myself close in hopes of heating myself up. Days went by. Days of the same song, Easy street. Only one verse would play though.

we’re on easy street
and it feels so sweet
and the world is but a dream
when you’re on easy street

I didn’t shower, I had to use the bathroom in the room, on the ground. A layer of dirt grew on my skin. I was given a one sandwich, everyday with the end pieces of bread on either side of a slab of canned dog food. 

Like clockwork, easy street and then food. Then repeats the song, hour by hour. When it stops, I’ll try to sleep but then it goes off and I’m woken up. I couldn’t handle it.

The door opened and I assumed I’d be thrown a shit sandwich but I was given clothes. 

“Get dressed” Dwight ordered and he then moved to the side.

I faced the wall and threw on the ugly sweater and sweatpants combo. There was an orange spray painted A on it. I stepped out, not sure what do do. Dwight saw me and grabbed me by the back of my sweater. He led me to a bedroom where Negan was. His back was facing us.

“Boss,” Dwight says clearing his throat.

Negan turned around to see me with a smile.

“There’s the stunner!” He says “Lookin like shit”

I didn’t say anything. I just wanted to be home.

“Do you know why you’re here?” He asked.

“No” I answered.

“Your man, he’s weak. He’s nothing without you. I want to break him, so I took you. Make him learn his lesson. So I’ve got a proposal for you, marry me” He says walking closer.


“Follow me” He says “Let her go, D”

I followed Negan after Dwight let go of me. He led me to a nicely furnished room with many women dressed in cocktail dresses sitting around.

“You could live like this” He said “Sit here all fucking day, lookin’ pretty, bangin’ a hot guy every now and then. But you’re gonna say no, choose to sit in a single room and eat dog shit sandwiches, and not shower sittin with you’re own piss and feces listening to the same song everyday, for what?”

Everyone was staring now. One woman watched me closely, she had gentle eyes, she looked kind. Her eyes held sympathy.

“You think you’re goin back home? Think you’re goin home to your pussy ass boyfriend? Why would you want to go back to that? Rick a’int shit, Daryl a’int shit. Me, I can keep you safe. I can make you feel good” He whispered in my ear.

I kept eyes held on the woman. I don’t know what to do.

“What do you say now? Changed your mind?”

“No” I said sternly.

“Fine. You got a choice” He turned to Dwight “Take her back, play the song”

Then I was back in the dark, listening to easy street.


One day he took me back to Alexandria. They were collecting supplies and I was brought to help. As I stood outside, dirty and weak, the group looked at me. I looked at the ground. 

“Lauren” Rick whispered.

“No! She’s here to help me” Negan shouted.

I looked up. I caught the sight of Daryl, he wouldn’t look at me. I looked back at the ground. Did he not miss me? I felt myself start to cry at what just happened. Daryl couldn’t look at me. I sniffled and looked up again, pushing my hair out of my face. Daryl looked at me this time, he was upset. One look and I knew how he felt. He looked disappointed in himself, not me. He was sad, sad to see me like this. 

Throughout the day I helped around. Carrying guns to and from the armory. Negan barked at me with directions. My group watched as I helped them. One time Negan had a gun to me but I had no fear. I looked at the house I used to live in be stripped of furniture and other things. It hurt. I tried to avoid eye contact with anyone else, avoid hurting anyone.

As we were leaving I watched Daryl. He didn’t want to look. Rick nodded to me as the truck drove off and I don’t know when or if I’d ever see them again.


I was sitting against the corner of the cold brick wall. I was huddled up, waiting for my one sandwich to be thrown at me. Today it didn’t come. Something was up. I was given a note, it was slid under the door. I grabbed it hesitantly. It read ‘go now’, on the other side there were two keys. I stood up without a thought and unlocked the door. I walked through the halls, not knowing where I was going. I heard speaking down one hall so I turned around. I walked another way, almost right past the door that held a room full of people. I stopped and took a deep breath. I placed myself in a empty bedroom.

I stepped inside and looked around. I took of my sweater and switched into a old mens shirt I found. It was a tan color but it was better, I’d blend in more. I put on a flannel, and changed into jeans. I also put on a hat to hide my face as much. I left the room and grabbed a metal bar to use as a weapon for anything. I found my way outside and came in contact with a savior. He dropped his sandwich and held his hands up in surrender.

“You can go right now. I won’t say anything. The coast is clear” He stuttered.

I didn’t say anything and hit him. I hit him with the metal, over and over. He fell to the ground, he laid dead, his brains everywhere and blood pooled around him.

“Lauren?” I heard a voice, I looked up and saw Jesus.

I wondered how he had gotten here but I didn’t care.

“Lauren” He said again.

I grabbed the colt python from the man and slid it in the waist of my pants. 

“Let’s go” I say “I got keys”

I thanked myself for letting Daryl teach me how to ride his bike. I got on and he did too, behind me.


Jesus told me to go to the Hilltop, so I did. As we arrived the gates were opened for us. Jesus let me shower and gave me some better fitting clothes, clean ones. 

I stepped in the shower and wondered if the others were coming. I hadn’t showered in almost two weeks. It felt good to have water run over my body and get the thick layer of dirt off. The smell of sweat and bodily fluids rinsed off me. I washed my oily hair and stepped out the shower. I quickly changed into Jesus’ clothes, they fit better. I kept Ricks’ python in the waistband of the jeans I was given. I also had a pair of boots on. I towel dried my hair and walked into the hallway and outside. 

The sun felt good and I hung up my towel on the clothesline. I met Jesus outside and we had a small conversation. Something to fill up time. I also caught up with Maggie and Sasha, who had been at the Hilltop. Maggie and the baby were fine, healthy. Both of the girls were dealing with loss pretty well.

I was talking with Jesus when the gates were opened, I heard them. We were out by Abraham and Glenn’s graves, we couldn’t see the gate so we had no clue who it was. Jesus went out before I did in case it was the Saviors. When he waved for me to follow him with a large smile on his face, I assumed Rick was back. I walked out and saw all of them, the whole group. I ran to Rick and gave him a hug, his hand held my head close. He looked away to look at me fully.

“You okay?” He asked.

“Is Daryl?” I ask.

“He blames himself, you should know that, Lauren”

I pulled out the gun from my pants and handed it to Rick.

“Found this” I said.

“Thank you, Lauren” He says with a hand around the side of my neck with a nod of his head.

I looked around to see Daryl was hanging back. I walked to him and engulfed him in a hug. He was hesitant to hug back, but he did. His muscular arms wrapped around me tightly. I missed these hugs. I felt him take a deep breath but then sniffle, he was crying.

“Daryl” I whispered.

“I can’t believe I did this, it’s my fault. Did they hurt ya?” He asked.

“No, it’s not your fault. You didn’t think he’d take me, Negan is a bad man, Daryl, he did that out of the bad of his heart. He’s ruthless but understanding. I wasn’t forced to do anything. I’m here now, Daryl” 

“I love you, Lauren. I’m so so sorry. I really am”

“I love you too, Daryl. I’m okay. It’s okay. I got your bike back though” I said with a smile.

“Here ya are, comin back from bein away and tortured and you bring me a gift. I didn’t bring shit” 

“You didn’t know. I didn’t think I was ever getting out, but I did and let’s just be happy that I am, okay? No more sorry’s” I say holding his face, a thumb ran over his stubble.

His eyes were glossy and a little puffy.

“I love you, Daryl” I whisper and kissed him softly.

“I love you too, Lauren. From now on, I promise to keep you safe from that asshole” He kissed me again, harder.

I knew I was home, I was glad to be back.

Little McCall -Isaac Lahey Smut-

Isaac lahey 😍
Y/N bit her lower lip as she watched the lacrosse team finishing up practice.Her eyes flickering between ,Isaac and her brother,Scott.“Y/N!“Lydia exclaimed and she turned her head to look at the girl. “Yes Lyd?"She asked,Lydia rolling her eyes a bit."You need to stop eyefucking Lahey and do the real thing."She says and Y/N blushed a dark shade of pink before hearing the whistle sounding that they were finally done practice. "Go get him!"Lydia yelled and Y/N jogged off before hugging onto her brother."Good job Scotty."She murmured and he pulled away,telling her that he was going to Kira’s and that mom was working. She nodded and held her house key up before she walked over to where Isaac was. "Little McCall, did you enjoy the show?"Isaac teased and Y/N playfully rolled her eyes."Oh hush up Lahey,let’s go back to my house. Scott’s going to Kira’s and I love it when you bend me over the table and just pound into me."She murmured into his ear, lightly biting his earlobe before she pulled out the carkeys from his short pocket,grazing her hands over his cock a few times before giving him an innocent smile. She headed to the car and climbed in on the passenger side, turning the car on as she awaited for Isaac to get his stuff in the car and get in his side. Once he began driving,Y/N trailed her fingers over his torso lightly and gripped at his lacrosse shorts with a giggle."Y/N I swear to g-"He couldn’t finish the sentence considering Y/N had his pants off and was palming him throughout his boxers. "Can I please get a little taste? I love the taste of you on my tongue."She pouted and he squeezed the steering wheel tighter before he nodded."Just s little."He growled and continued to try keeping his eyes on the road. She giggled and pulled his cock from out of his boxers.licking her lips at the sight. "Mmm Isaac."She murmured and leaned over,kitten licking at the tip. She smirked as she felt one hand move to rest on the back of her head."You’re gonna fucking kill us."He snarled and she began bobbing her head up and down the first few inches of his length. She gagged a bit when he pushed against her head so that her nose ended up pressed against his skin, the cock hitting the back of her throat. She felt the car turning rather sharply and she continued to bob her head, moving in a slow and agonizing pace as she felt Isaac speeding up. She moved her lips off of his tip and glanced around,seeing as they were stopped in a random parking lot."You take those damn bottoms off right now unless you want them to be ripped off."He snarled and she nodded,sliding her legs down her legs followed by her thong. "You better climb onto my lap and take this big fucking cock. You’ll get a punishment as soon as we get home."He growled and Y/N bit her lip before she did as he said,moving to sit in his lap. She took a hold of his cock and slowly guided it to her entrance,gasping a bit as he yanked her down on him, his length slamming into her. He gave her no chance to adjust to him before he began thrusting his hips up rapidly. He smirked as he heard Y/N’s cries of his name and curse words."You’re so fucking beautiful Y/N."He snarled as he began marking her up. He thrusted up into her while slamming her down against his cock. "F-Fuck me Isaac!"Y/N screamed out, nails digging into his shoulder lightly."Let’s go princess, I want you to cum all over his fucking cock."He snarled into her ear before her pussy tightened around his length, cumming before she felt him filling her up. "Let’s go home and this time, I’ll be eating you.”

Marcel’s Girlfriend

Prompt: Yo wus up bitch… I’m just kidding, it was a JOKE lol. Anyway, I really love ur writing and I was wondering if you could do a imagine based off “The Originals” where the reader is Marcel’s girlfriend but the reader be going behind his back and having an intimate relationship with Klaus. Marcel finds out and shit goes down and stuff. BTW I love u, we are show sluts together, cause I’m a show slut. k bye :—–)

Pairing: Klaus x Reader, Marcel, Elijah

Warning: Cheating,

Word Count: 884

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the other bari sax player that joined wind ensemble this year comes in late every single day and straight up just doesnt do warmups so she never tunes her saxophone so its always sharp, she never turns the page even though as bari 2 its her job (but she was probably late when my teacher announced it) and shes on her phone all the time which causes her to miss cues and she wont even count 4 measure rests?? she relies on when we come in to when i lift up my instrument but if i never put it down in the first place she’ll miss the re-entry and come in like two measures late

my teacher never says anything about this and yet he got frustrated with me today because i couldnt get a note out of this saxophone thats held together by painters tape and rattles like a set of keys when i walk with it and its really fucking uh Getting To Me

The Day After

    Sunrise, the crack of dawn.  The moment between day and night when Karrista would much prefer to be curled up in bed.  Instead she was walking the streets of Dalaran.  The smell of fresh breads and morning drinks filled the air, and while she didn’t need either to be awake and functional at this hour, she still appreciated the delicious aroma.

     The doorman to the Embassy Row offices looked as if he could use a drink of coffee or three as he opened the door for Karrista.  She stepped inside and politely thanked the man.  As soon as she took her first step, she knew that she had chosen the right shoes.  Each footfall in the stilettos echoed like sharp thunder, demanding attention.  It would be up to her to turn that attention into respect.

     Karrista pulled the key to the JSOC office out of her jacket pocket and held it near the lock.  She threw a glance over her shoulder to the door to the Kiden Embassy and began a mental clock as to how long it would take the Justiciar to show her sun-shining face.  She slid the key in and turned it.  The click brought to mind a jail cell for a moment.

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Tear your curtains down (for sunlight is like gold) by Writergirl8

“I have to go,” Lydia says for the third time that night, sitting up on Stiles’ bed. She’s been lying on her back for a few hours now while he types furiously at his laptop, his long fingers stroking roughly over the keys. She likes to watch his face illuminated by the bright white light of the screen, nose casting a shadow over the cupid’s bow that she has been dying to pull between her lips all evening.

But tonight was for homework, and Lydia had promised to keep her hands to herself as she had stood at the threshold to Stiles’ bedroom and held her hand right hand up, her left hand placed upon a copy of her AP bio textbook. Which had meant hours of no kissing, hours of wanting to kiss, and hours of staring at the boy who made her so insatiable that it sometimes astounds her that she is able to get anything done when he is in the same room.

WC: 4k
Link: AO3

Micki’s Apartment
By Olivia Vega

High above the City
But not too high
Blocks from the first bridge that connected immigrants to their dreams
Today her dreams live with her in a studio
Show posters flowing memories of cast parties, performances in cities she remembers in a flash and some she now holds with her
Street art lines these walls that have held centuries of stories
These are now her stories
Keys sit next to plastic sunglasses
A neon light says “And it was all a Dream” and glows above her bed against a royal purple wall that hugs the room
Black and white photo strips of joy flutter when she opens the fridge
A bottle of wine sits waiting to be open for a special occasion
Dishes pile up as we reminisce of times before, places we’ve been, boys we’ve dates, jokes we’ve had.
Laughter bounces down the cast iron fire escape and up faded brick walls to swirl around wooden water tanks like huts above us
Gratitude emerges as white light
Filling the room
Our hearts
The block
The City
All aglow
From Micki’s Apt

Fakiru Week Day 2: Accident

Fakiru Week 2015
Anastasia AU
“At the Beginning” by Richard Marx, feat. Donna Lewis

no one told me i was going to find you
unexpected, what you did to my heart

The gowns and dresses twirl across the ballroom like shimmering bells.  Princess Tutu always thinks that the people are so pretty while they dance, and maybe she’ll learn to be somewhat as elegant.  Someday.

But she doesn’t really pay that much attention tonight.  Not when Grandmama is visiting all the way from Kinkan Kingdom.

Goldkrone Castle is a sight to behold, a ball held in honor of Queen Edel’s visit to her son, her daughter-in-law, and her grandchildren.

Amidst the celebrations, Grandmama sits Tutu upon her lap and offers her a tiny, wind-up music box.  Inside, a porcelain ballerina spins en pointe with the simple tune, and the key is a little, red pendant with the words “Together in Kinkan” inscribed along the edges.  The pendant is placed around Tutu’s neck.

Tutu throws her arms around Grandmama and laughs, promising that she won’t drop any her gifts on accident this time.

Fakir isn’t one for parties, but he’s a curious sort of boy.  The music, the dancing—it’s a world that’s vast and unfamiliar.

And the princess is just as unreachable as everything else.  He sees her every so often when she sneaks into the kitchen for bread or accidentally spills the pot of fresh soup for the evening.  She’s precocious and fiery, yet sweet-natured and giving.  Trouble seems to follow her wherever she goes, but he thinks she has more personality than all her other siblings combined.

He watches from afar, knowing her without knowing her at all.

Neither the child-princess nor the kitchen boy understand why Goldkrone Castle is suddenly and violently under attack by vengeful Crows.  Neither know of the curse upon her family, or of a dark, sinister sorcerer who had given up his soul and his hands in the name of revenge.

Perhaps it’s by accident that Tutu leaves behind that precious ballerina music box in her bedroom.  Perhaps it’s all by chance that she and Grandmama are met in her chamber by a young, dark-haired servant boy.

He opens the passageway through the servants’ quarters, and pushes the princess and her grandmother through the doorway.

She drops her music box.  He shuts the door with finality.

The boy faces the Crows head-on, even as their swords slash across his small torso.

The rest is a blur.  A cold, snowy blur.  There is a man without hands who falls through the ice, Grandmama calling out to her and pulling her through the crowd, and a train that is simply too fast for her tiny legs.

Tutu’s hand slips from the Queen’s, and she falls and hits her head.

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The Necromancer - Dragon Age Inquisition Multiplayer.

Raised in secret in Nevarra by a Mortalitasi mage, Sidony was brought up to revel in her magical abilities. She feels no kinship with mages who do not share her pride, and she has little but disdain for most other people. Sidony’s only goal is to uncover her true potential as a mage, so she hungers for magical knowledge. When news of The Breach reached her, she headed directly to see it for herself, hoping that whatever secrets it held would be the key to her advancement.

You know you’re parents are low key alcoholics when…

One day my mom came home from the grocery store with a bunch of cranberry juice when I asked her why she had so much cranberry juice she held up a bottle of alcohol and told me that that alcohol was really good with cranberry juice then she asked me if I wanted to try… so I said hell Yeah!

Another time my dad woke me up with a cup of coffee and as I was going to take my first sip he tells me not to drink it too fast cause it had alcohol in it… my dad legitimately woke me up with coffee and 3 shots of alcohol all mixed together and I had to work that day! It was amazing!

The Chronicles of a Feudal Fairy Tail

This is an Inuyasha/Fairy Tail crossover for my amazing and wonderful waifu, @makepretendprincess. This was quite a large project and certainly out of my comfort zone with the whole “writing” part and all….Would have been awesome as a multi-fic, but I digress. I would make you guys suffer with more of my writing. Regardless, I hope you all enjoy, my pumpkinz~

Special thanks to @mslead and @lillybeth-13 for reading this trash and helping me edit. <3

Once upon a time, there was a young girl named Lucy who lived with her loving mother and father. They watched over a quaint, peaceful shrine dedicated to the many worshippers that still believed in the power of the Twelve Celestial Keys. The power with which they held, had once turned the tides of the Great War hundreds of years ago.

Yet, Lucy was just an ordinary girl. She kept up with her studies, obeyed her parents, and her greatest adventures were lived vicariously through others; in the fairy tales her mother would tell her of priests and priestesses from long ago that fought off demons seeking the immense power dwelling within the Zodiac Keys.

That was, of course, until her mother had fallen gravely ill. Lucy spent many nights restless by her mother’s bedside praying for her full recovery.

Fate, however, had other plans.

One quiet night turned to anguished cries as her mother fought for each quaking breath. Through her infinite tears, Lucy begged her mother to stay with her and help continue to watch over the shrine they both loved so much.

Her mother smiled warmly at her beloved daughter as she whispered her last words, “There’s always been some truth behind those fairy tales. Remember that and know that I will always watch over you. My love for you is timeless.”

With that, a broken Aquarius key was placed into Lucy’s hand and a gentle squeeze to her fingertips was the last memory Lucy would ever have of her beloved mother.

Little did she know that whilst she mourned the loss of her mother, she now held the key to a door that would forever change the past and quite possibly, her own future.


It took Lucy weeks to recover enough to resume her everyday life activities and even longer still to let anyone in after her tragic loss. Her father, however, never recovered.

He grew distant and silent, only interacting with her when it was absolutely necessary, and even those few conversations often turned in to rather heated arguments. So it didn’t come as much of a surprise when Lucy found herself storming off and seeking the comfort of the well within the shrine after her most recent spat with her father.

She was very much against the idea of him tearing down the shrine and moving into the city, thank you very much.

Did the memory of her mother mean nothing to him? Was her father really so heartless that he would disregard her mother’s last wishes? This shrine may have been a painful reminder to her father, but Lucy could practically feel her mother’s presence, still protecting the shrine even in death. She took comfort in knowing her mother was still with her. At least, that’s what Lucy liked to believe.

She could feel her anger subside the closer she came to the well. This was her mother’s favorite spot and quickly came to be Lucy’s as well.

It was known as the Bone Eater’s Well, said to have had the ability to swallow up demons who attempted to steal the power of the Twelve Celestial Keys. They were plummeted into an endless void, never to return to world of the living again.

Of course, that was just a children’s story her mother used to tell her and Lucy was no longer a child. She knew the tale was simply a ruse to keep children from falling into the well.

 Or was it?

Lucy knelt down and threw her arms on top of its ledge, glaring down into the never-ending darkness beyond. Her thoughts drifted out to a time her mother watched over her as she played near the well and her heart constricted painfully at the bittersweet memories.

Her mother had truly loved this shrine. Lucy pulled the broken key that dangled from her neck off and twirled it between her fingers.

Give me the key, I must have the key,” an eerie voice echoed off the walls within the small shrine. Before Lucy had time to react, the well was illuminated in a violet light and she was pulled into its depth by an unnerving, bone-like hand.

At first, all she saw was black; nothingness, until she felt a warm sensation in her palm. Looking down, she saw the faint golden glow of her mother’s broken key. Holding it up like a torch in hopes of lighting the way, Lucy pointed it forward and caught her first glimpse of the creature that had pulled her into the well. It had razor sharp teeth protruding from a wicked sneer, an uncountable number of eyes, long black straggly hair, on top of a centipede-like body. As the creature approached, Lucy cried out and a piercing light shot from the tip of the key devouring the black in its path. Lucy was then abruptly yanked forward out of the seemingly endless abyss, out of the well, and onto a patch of soft grass.

This has got to be a dream, Lucy thought to herself. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. No. Definitely a nightmare. As she thought back to the thing that had dragged her down into the well, she came to the conclusion there was no way any of this could possibly be happening. Yes, that’s it. Not real. I must have fallen asleep atop the ledge of the well and this is all a dream.

Strongly believing that this was just her mind playing tricks on her, Lucy peeled open her eyes and looked towards the night sky. The same sky that watched over her in her mother’s wake. After catching her breath and calming her heartbeat, she sat up only for her heart to shoot back up into her throat and her pulse to take on a new upbeat tempo.

Where her house once was lay a vast ocean of trees that stretched as far as her eyes could see. The once tranquil sacred tree that stood at the entrance of the shrine, surrounded by a white picket fence, had morphed into something dark and twisted. Its overgrown roots crawled across the ground, reminding Lucy of the skeletal hand she saw only moments before, and its trunk was wrapped in vines that glimmered even in the darkness.

The air was thick and muggy, blanketed in a heavy fog that made the hairs on the back of her neck stand, but that wasn’t what made her heart once again beat erratically. It was what the vines were holding to the base of the tree; a boy wearing a red kimono.

Though the position would seem to be quite uncomfortable, his body appeared relaxed and his face was painted with such a serene expression that Lucy quickly realized the boy must be sleeping.

Lucy let out an unexpected laugh. She must have quite the imagination to make all this up. She blamed her mother’s stories for her misfortune.

“Whatcha laughing at, weirdo?” Whispered out an amused voice. Lucy abruptly stopped her misplaced laughter and looked up to the once slumbering boy, whose slanted eyes were now quizzically looking into her own. “Mavis? Is that you? I guess that explains it, then. You always were a weird one,” the boy mused. Lucy squawked, “I am not this Mavis person and I’m certainly not weird.”

“Sure, sure. Couldn’t take being away from your lover boy anymore so you decided to free me? Too afraid to face him yourself after betraying your companions, eh?” The boy’s ignorance seemed to have struck a chord in Lucy, “I already told you, I’m not Mavis. I’m Lucy. L-U-C-Y,” she spat while unintentionally getting up into the boy’s face.

Being this close, Lucy was able to see the flecks of gold dancing in his irises, his unnaturally pointy canines, and an unruly head of pink hair topped off with a pair of pointed fluffy dog ears.

Wait. Dog ears? She fought the urge to reach out and tweak them like she did back home with her cat, Happy.

The boy looked at her skeptically at first, but then as his eyes raked down her body, stopping quite obviously past her face and nearly falling out of their sockets, his expression sobered and he nodded. Though when his eyes met her own, they were much more rounded than before. “Right. Certainly not Mavis,” he rasped out, squirming slightly against the vice grip the vines had him in.

Suddenly self-conscious, Lucy pulled away from him and crossed her arms over her chest.

Before Lucy could scold the boy for his lecherous behavior, however, screams echoed through the trees from not far off in the distance. The boy whistled while lifting his chin in the direction of the commotion. “That can’t be good. Demons aren’t usually around these parts. Mind finishing what you started and get me out of these vines?”

Lucy shot him a quizzical look. “How exactly?”

The pink haired boy laughed, though it seemed without humor. “Just break them with your magic, duh. Name’s Natsu by the way. Nice to meet ya, Luigi,” as his lips curled into a wickedly devious grin.

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Today’s suggested phone call: Betsy DeVos

The vote to confirm Betsy DeVos as Sec of Education was delayed. The hearing of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions will now be held at 10 a.m. Jan. 31, according to an advisory from the committee.

And now to act! Billionaire Betsy DeVos is up for confirmation as U.S. Education Secretary, and many, many educators have expressed strongly that she is not qualified to ensure quality education in this country.  She’s corrupt, she’s an explicit opponent of public schools, she’s incapable of answering basic questions about education policy.

Please consider calling one of the following Republican Senators (key in the confirmation vote) to express your opinion on the appointment. At least 3 of these need to be convinced in order to block DeVos’ nomination. Don’t email. Don’t tweet. Don’t complain on Facebook. Call them!

If you live in one of the states represented below, PLEASE call YOUR Senator, If you don’t, pick one and call him/her:
Susan Collins (ME) 207.622.8414..&..202.224.2523
Lamar Alexander (TN) Fax line to Knoxville office: (865) 545-4252 and Phone line to Knoxville: (865) 545-4253
Lisa Murkowski (AK) 907.586.7277..&..202.224.6665
Johnny Isakson (GA) 770.661.0999..&..202.224.3643
Orrin Hatch (UT) 801.524.4380..&..202.224.5251
Richard Burr (NC) 336.631.5125..&..202.224.3154..&.. 910.251.1058..&..828.350.2437
Michael Enzi (WY) 202.224.3424
Dr. Bill Cassidy (LA) 202.224.5824
Pat Roberts (KS) 202.224.4774
Tim Scott (SC) 202.224.6121
Rand Paul (KY) 202.224.4343


okay I needed to make a separate post about this. I am so done with everyone saying that Sarah J Maas is ruining the development of her characters by picking and choosing who she ends up with.

first of all, hello, this book series is about a badass fire-breathing bitch-queen who survived the brutal murder of her parents, was raised by the king of assassins, was betrayed by her master and saw the first person she ever cared about since then deeply murdered, survived a year in Endovier when no one usually survived for more than a month, won a competition to be the king’s murderer and champion, discovered a bunch of shit she really didn’t need to about our dear favorite Queen Elena, was held responsible for taking care of and cleaning up the mess the king/Maeve has created with the Wyrd keys, dealt with the fact that she’s been hiding her true identity as the Queen of Terrasen for ten years, traveled to a country where her evil aunt wanted to manipulate her and her power, accepted and embraced the fact that she was Fae, trained to become a badass warrior with fire power as strong as Brannon’s, and you’re all literally fighting over the fact that she has had three love interests?

I don’t know how else to put this: no. simply no. you know what? I love Chaol Westfall. I love Dorian Havilliard. I love Sam Cortland. I love Rowan Whitethorn. I love all of those beautiful, well-developed men, and I think they’ve gotten their fair share of who Aelin is in this series. but here’s the thing no one seems to understand: Lillian Gordaina, Elentiya, Celaena Sardothien, Queen Aelin Ashryver Galathynius—whatever you want to call her—is nineteen years old. I don’t know about you guys, but I think I’m probably still going to be dating well into my twenties, hell, even my thirties if it takes that long to find someone I want to spend the rest of my life with. and here we have this amazing, empowering young woman who has had the opportunity to be in a relationship with a fellow assassin, who had always loved her, the Crown Prince of Adarlan, who had so much in common with her, and the Captain of the Royal Guard, who cared and loved her like she needed to be cared and loved for after everything she’d endured at Endovier. and you know what, I’m glad she’s gotten the opportunity to cherish all of them in their own unique ways. she’s learned from them, gained friendships and trust and learned true loyalty. they’ve helped shape who she is now. and the whole deal with everyone hating Rowan is just baffling. I mean, are you really going to be that immature about wanting Aelin to stay with Chaol that you’re going to come up with as many excuses as possible as to why Rowan is a problematic character and totally wrong for her? and then go beyond that, and bash on the author that brought all of these amazing characters to life?

no, fuck you, don’t do that.

Rowan Whitethorn is a problematic character at heart—tell me something I don’t know. but hey, here’s a thought! Aelin, our beloved badass girl who loves makeup and reading—is also, unfortunately, an assassin. she murdered innocents in her years growing up with Arobynn. she’s cruel and cunning and calculated, and she’s every bit as ruthless and Rowan is the first time we meet him. the difference is, Rowan hadn’t gone through the enormous transformation he underwent in Heir of Fire when he “abused” Aelin. let’s be real here: Rowan is a slave to a corrupted Fae queen who also lost his mate and has never had anyone real to depend on other than her in his whole existence. both Aelin and Rowan are problematic characters, so don’t bash on Rowan just because you want her to end up with Chaol. also, let’s remember that up to this point, Rowan and Aelin’s relationship has been 100% platonic so let’s please chill out on that one.

back to the previous statement: Aelin is just a teenager. she’s living her life and trying to get through all of these trials and tribulations that make focusing on boys a little difficult. so I don’t care if she gets another 50 love interests in this series, as long as she ends up with someone who truly makes her want to spend the rest of her well-deserved, happy life with. or, you know, she could totally end up alone too. that’s also okay.

and, lastly, onto the last topic: Sarah J Maas created Dorian, Ansel, Rowan, Chaol, Manon, Arobynn, Sam, Nehemia, Aelin—all of them. she brought to life every one of these characters that we love and care for and freak out about so constantly. she created every single plot twist and storyline that has taken us on an unbelievable journey—and sometimes in directions we had no idea even existed. Sarah J Maas has made every decision along the way about who Aelin would kill, love, trust, betray, and overpower, and we have loved every second of it. so why are we doubting her now?

I’m gonna say it plain and simple: if Sarah J Maas decides she likes Rowan or Chaol or Aedion or whoever more to be with Aelin, that’s not her being biased and “throwing away” her other characters’ development. that is her doing her job as an author. she is literally picking which guy she thinks is best for the character that SHE created and that SHE knows better than we ever will. that is her picking the character that SHE most likes, because, quite frankly, our opinions mean nothing in the grand spectrum of it. therefore, let’s all do each other a favor and get over the hate and the frustration and the immaturity that this fandom is way too good for. we all love these books, so let’s please just acknowledge the fact that the main character’s romantic interest, in the end, will never be more important than Aelin Ashryver Galathynius’s heartbreaking, dangerous, and commemorating story of which we’ve been given the opportunity to be a part of.

Ace Attorney 6: Details on case 3, two prosecutors return, and a livestream on 5/17

It’s been a month or so since the last batch of AA6 news.  Why don’t we change that?

Well, it wouldn’t be an Ace Attorney game featuring Maya if she wasn’t accused of murder, now would it?

This week’s Famitsu showcases the game’s third case.  When a priest is killed in the middle of a ritual, Maya is arrested and held responsible, leading Phoenix to take up her defense.  Also introduced is the revolutionary forces in Kurain, the “Dragons of Rebellion”.

Also shown is the game’s key art, confirming Edgeworth and Blackquill in the main game.  And finally, we can see that Ema will appear in Kurain as well to lend a hand.

We’ll let you know when full scnas are available!

On top of that: the game will have a special livestream on May 17th, starting at 20:00 JST (4 AM PT, 7 AM ET, 11 AM GMT.)  The stream will feature special footage from the game and the newest info, as well as information on collaboration projects and more.  Since it’s being hosted on YouTube this time, we’ll be able to restream it for folks to chat without issue.  See you all then!

(A note on spoilers, since we’ll likely be asked about it: we consider anything officially revealed before release to be fair game, as has been our policy for a few years now.)

The Pack- You’re The Success

Request-  Can you do one where the reader is Scott’s little sister and she’s a chimera so the whole pack spend the night at Scott’s house protecting her from the dread doctors and you can take it from there…

A/N- I am so sorry this is so short, and I don’t know if this is how you wanted it to end. I hope you like it anyway :) Next up is a Theo imagine.

“Dinner, jacket, extra scrubs, Y/n am I forgetting anything?” your mom asked as she moved through the house.
“Just your keys,” you told her as you held them out to her.
She sighed, closing her eyes momentarily and running her hands through her curly hair. “What would I do without you?”
You smiled. “Live an empty life?”
“Eh, I’d still have Scott,” she joked, as she took the keys from you. “You’re going to be okay tonight, right? Your brother isn’t going out with Stiles and leaving you alone again?”
You rolled your eyes. “No, mom. Scott’s going to stay right here.”
“Good,” she told you, moving towards the door.
“Mom, wait,” you told her, bringing her into a tight hug.
Melissa’s brow furrowed as she wrapped her arms around you. Being a McCall, you were always incredibly affectionate, but she couldn’t help but feel like there was something wrong.
“Is everything, okay?” she asked. “There’s something wrong, isn’t there?”
“No, mom,” you lied, plastering a fake smile onto your face. “Everything’s fine. I just…I just wanted to tell you I love you, you know, with everything that’s happened.”
You could tell from the frown on her face that she didn’t believe you, so you quickly tried to draw her attention away from the conversation. “Mom, it’s almost five. You’re gonna be late for work.”
Melissa frowned, knowing full well you were trying to change the topic. “Maybe I should take off tonight.”
“You know you can’t,” you told her softly. “Look, nothing’s wrong, okay? And Scott’s right upstairs. I’ll be fine.”
Melissa’s lips were pressed into a thin line, and she was torn between going to work and being with you. With everything that had happened to your family in the past two years, she wanted to know what was going on with you. But once glance at the clock told her she was already late, and she knew she couldn’t afford not to go in.
“We’ll talk when I get back,” she promised, smoothing down your hair and pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I love you.”
“Love you too,” you told her, smiling softly as she headed into the living room and out the front door.
As soon as the door shut behind her, you headed straight to the bathroom, shutting the door and turning to face yourself in the mirror. You swallowed thickly, opening your mouth and examining the teeth that were too sharp to belong to a human being.
You quickly turned away, not wanting to think about what you were, what the dread doctors had done to you. It didn’t matter that your mother knew about the supernatural now. You and Scott had both agreed that you couldn’t tell her. It would only scare her, and she might try to help and get in the way.
That was why you were so relieved she was working late at the hospital tonight. Scott and the rest of the pack had figured that the dread doctors were going to come for you, and they were determined to not let anyone else get hurt, especially not your mom.
A light knock at the door caused you to jump, and you heard Scott asking “Y/n? Is everything okay in there?”
You took a deep breath, opening the door and stepping out of the bathroom. “Yeah,” you told him.
“You don’t have anything to worry about,” Scott told you. “You’re my baby sister and if anything tries to hurt you it’s going to have to go through me.”
“I know. I’m just scared.”
“You don’t need to be,” he said firmly. “The others should be over any minute now, and we’re not letting them touch you.”
“What if they hurt you?” you whispered. “What if they kill you to get to me?”
“They won’t,” Scott promised. “Nothing’s gonna tear us apart, remember?”
He pulled you into a tight hug, and you buried your face in his shoulder. For his sake and everyone else’s, you hoped he was right.

You sat on the couch, sandwiched between Malia and Lydia as Zombieland played on the TV. Scott sat on the floor by your feet as Kira leaned against him, her katana resting next to her. Stiles and Liam sat against the other side of the couch, fighting each other for the space and whining about it every so often.
It was just like any pack night or sleepover, aside from the fact that the real reason they were over was to make sure you didn’t die. You were grateful they were there, but you couldn’t help the nervous way your legs bounced as you tried to focus on the movie. You were terrified that Scott and the rest of the pack would get hurt for you, and that it would be all your fault.
Sure, you were a chimera now, but it wasn’t like you actually knew how to control what little powers you had. Even though you had claws and fangs, you were still just as helpless as you had been last week. You couldn’t protect anyone else, let alone yourself.
“You reek of fear,” Malia whispered, as if everyone in the room couldn’t hear.
“Malia,” Lydia scolded. “Can you blame her? I mean if I had tall freaks in masks after me-”
Lydia paused, pursing her lips and shooting you a guilty look. “Sorry.”
“It’s fine,” you muttered, pulling yours knees up and tucking them under your chin.
“You know,” Kira said, pulling out her phone and checking the time. “It’s past two in the morning.”
“Yeah, so?” Liam asked. “I don’t think these guys have a bedtime.”
“Think about it,” the kitsune told him. “All the other chimeras…the dread doctors came after them right away, regardless of how many people were around.”
“She’s right,” Stiles said. “They did something that made the doctors think they were failures, and almost right after they killed them.”
“So if they haven’t come for me yet, what does that mean?” you asked nervously. “Are they waiting until I’m alone?”
“Honestly,” Stiles said. “I think if they wanted to get to you they would have already.”
“Stiles,” Scott snapped. “You’re scaring her.”
“It’s fine, Scott,” you told him grimly. “He’s right.”
“So if they haven’t come for her yet,” Kira said. “I think it’s safe to say they’re not coming at all. Maybe they only kill the failures.”
“If I’m not a failure…than what am I?” you asked them.
Lydia looked towards you, her green eyes studying you carefully. “You’re the success.”