and she has those big blue eyes


Q'orianka Kilcher as Mya Stone // requested by @valiantnedspreciouslittlegirl

Slim and sinewy, Mya looked as tough as the old riding leathers she wore beneath her silvery ringmail shirt. Her hair was black as a raven’s wing, so short and shaggy that Alayne suspected that she cut it with a dagger. Mya’s eyes were her best feature, big and blue. Yes, she thought, looking at her now, those are his eyes, and she has his hair too, the thick black hair he shared with Renly.

Little Savannah

In my neighborhood, I have suffered at times from the attention of a little girl. Her name is Savannah and she lives in the big house next door. She began stalking me at age 5, with her overly confident, bold personality. She ’s one of those beauty pagent types, except in her case, she probably wanted it instead of her nerdy tech savy mother. A little spoiled brat so in control of her parents, she has utter contempt for their fawning. Her parents are two ugly nerdy computer experts for some software company. After years they finally had a daughter, who defied God, and all natural genetic traits, by turning out stunningly beautiful, with blue eyes and curly dark hair, perfect pug nose. Mom and Dad, in their unabashed joy at such a birthing, preceded to spoil her beyond all reason. Thus, a cute little demon with her parent’s high intellect was foisted on the world, and right beside me on our cul de sac.

Whenever I happened over to my neighbors house for some kind of neighborly function or help with something, I would notice how badly they spoiled her and how she would scream for her way or manipulate her parents with sweet hugs before begging. I would watch this and mentally wish she was thrust into a Charles Dickens novel for a month. She had no filter for respecting adults and like little dogs, she thought she was as big as the Rottweiler she encountered. By the time she was 4, her parents no longer attempted any faint show of authority. She was the queen of all she surveyed and her nerdy delivery vessels, were bond servants. I used to take this in and wince at the future path her tornado would swath through . So I never fawned over her. Her father would be bragging away on her while she stared at me. I would look at her and say something like, “ Well aren’t you a deck of cards ! ” For whatever reason, she liked me.

By the time she was 5, I would be working in my yard or washing my vehicles, and she’d come over to stand there observing. I would ignore her at first while she asked questions like, “ Why do you have a black truck?…I would get a purple one” I would answer by telling her to grab the rag in the bucket and wash the tires" To my suprise, she would for about 10 seconds before saying “ whoops I gotta go ! ” But she would come back about 30 minutes later and bug me while I piddled in the garage. I would finally say “ Why don’t you find some friends to play with?” She would look at me and say “ They’re boring ! ” She wanted to drive my car one day, so for fun I cranked it and put her behind the wheel to see what she would do. After jerking the wheel back and forth for 5 minutes, she opened the door and got out saying “ Okay, I’m back ! ” You had to check yourself or you would fall under her spell, so I always remembered how spoiled she was.

One day I was having a bad time with a weed whacker and suddenly her head popped up over the wood fence between our properties. She peered at me and said, “ My 6th birthday party is tomorrow and I’m getting a thousand presents! ” “ Will you come to my party??” I mumbled something about watching a football game and she protested that I had to come to her party! I finally gave it a maybe. Then she rattled off a Santa’s list of things she was getting. I felt my heart darken and being childish myself, I blurted out “ Dont you see that getting things is not real fun….real happiness is in giving to others and people who dont have things like you.” She gave me a “ Hmmmp ” and dissapeared. I felt like an ass and later walked over to tell her I would stop by her party. She nodded and asked me if I knew a Hollywood director that could stage her party? I laughed and said “ For you….Sam Peckinpah comes to mind.”

The day of her party was just what you would expect. A mountain of gifts on a big table, a bouncy castle and giant air slide. Games and rides everywhere and soccer moms galore spread out with tots in hand and kids running around. I saw a clown and a magician. I knew she had everything so I bought her a DVD of the movie “Curlie Sue”. I saw her in the middle of everything just beaming as the world knelt at her feet. God help us, I thought and walked back home wishing she had about 8 siblings to straighten her out.

A few days later, she came over when I was driving in from work. I was thinking to myself, “ what does the brat want today?” I got out and she walked right up smiling. She never minces words and spoke, “ I liked that movie you gave me! ” I began walking toward my door as she tagged behind, she blurted out, “ You were right about those presents, I’m getting tired of them already! ” I nodded and she took off back to her house. It was about a week later that her Dad knocked on my door. I greeted him and he stepped in wanting to talk. He told me that Savannah came to him asking what was the best place to give things for children? He said she wanted to give most of her toys to needy children. Then she told him she wanted to give half her allowance to something she saw on TV. He asked her what was that? She said The St.Judes Children’s Hospital. My little spoiled demon next door, had a heart after all, a big heart. I almost felt a tear on my cheek…must have been something in my eye. -

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Her face became red; like it always did; when he said those words. Her blue hues examined his face, cramming in all the small features of his face as if she would never see him again. Her mind was focused on him until Big Ben chimed two times, signaling it was 2 o'clock in the afternoon. "Oh bullocks!" she suddenly exclaimed, the bells making her realize something. "I have to meet with Alexander! He told me this morning that he has serious news about the Templars."

Jacob gave you a confused look as you changed yours; his eyes were searching for answers when you were already rushing out of the door without giving him any gustification: all of a sudden. He quickly stood up right after you and followed - no, ran after you, and before you could have passed that door in attempt to escape from him, he positioned himself before you, showing all his majesty. He would have even frightened you for how imposing he looked compared to your small form, but his face, his expression said something else: furrowed brows, awed eyes staring wordslessly into yours. More than angry, Jacob seemed disoriented. “What are you doing? What’s wrong?” he gasped, shaking his head; “Why all this? Have I done something wrong?” Should you not answer, he’d take your face with his fingers, his thumb touching your jawline slightly, urging you to focus on him. You have never seen him wearing that worried look.

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So, So Much

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Bucky Barnes x Reader

So, So Much

Prompt: Could you please write a lengthy Bucky x Reader where she has big self-confidence issues and major anxiety and he really likes her but still thinks he is a danger to her. Just fluff and angst please.

Note: I’m actually very, very proud of this one. I hope you like it!

The Winter Soldier. Oh, you could feel your heart pounding at the very thought of his name. You had been fighting your feelings for him since the day you met him, and yet all you could do was think about him. His hair. His face. His EYES, those blue, blue eyes. You would do anything to talk to him, but he didn’t talk to anyone really, especially not you.

And yet, Bucky had secrets of his own. You never noticed the way he looked at you, the way his eyes seemed to linger on you, even if it was only for a fraction of a second. He couldn’t get enough of you. But for the love of God, he knew he had to stay away from you. He could feel the pain, the memories, the horrible memory wiping and decades of mental and physical torture. He didn’t want to hurt you…or worse…

But oh, he would do anything to hold you. He wanted to feel your body pressed against his. He wanted to run his fingers through your hair and bury his head in your shoulder. He wanted to hold your hand and kiss you until his lips went numb.

He wanted to take you out for coffee or dinner or dancing (if people still did that, that is). He wanted to love you in the worst way, but he could never trust himself with something so fragile; someone so beautiful.

You were alone in the training room when Steve found you. You had just finished your circuit and were on your way out.

“Hey (Y/N),” Steve greeted. He hesitated, but continued to ask you something anyway. “Could you uh, do me a favor?”

“Sure Cap,” You nodded, taking a long drink from your water bottle and handing your towel around your neck. “What is it?”

“Go talk to Bucky, would you?” he asked. You nearly spit out your drink in shock.

“What? Why?”

“He and I just had a conversation. Trust me. He needs to talk to you.”

“About what?”

“You’ll see when you get there,” he winked, smiling reassuringly.

“O-okay,” You nodded, scurrying to grab your stuff and dash out the door. You found Bucky sitting at the table in the kitchen, resting his forehead on his folded hands. You couldn’t see his face, but you could tell how he was feeling: stressed.

“Um, Bucky, Steve said you needed to talk to me?” You asked, managing not to waver.

“Yeah, I do,” he answered, not looking up. You sat at the kitchen table.

“What’s up?” You sounded a bit more sure of yourself, a tiny bit more confident than before.

“I can’t hide this from you, or I feel like I’d explode,” He started, still not looking up at you, afraid that as soon as he looked up at you, he wouldn’t be able to control his urges any longer. He took a deep breath. “I care about you a whole hell of a lot, but we can’t be together. Not that you even feel that way about me…”

“You what?” You asked, heart racing. “Why couldn’t we-”

“I don’t want to hurt you. I can’t let myself hurt you. I can’t lose anything else.” He answered, fear entering his voice.

“Bucky,” You said, your voice soft. You felt tears prick your eyes as your vision fogged up slightly. “Look at me,”

“I can’t.”


“BECAUSE I LOVE YOU, OKAY?!” he exploded, slamming his metal fist on the table. There was a small dent where his fist had made contact. “I-I’m sorry,” He got up to leave, still avoiding your gaze.

“Bucky,” You protested, hopping up to follow him. He didn’t get very far before you put your hand on his back. He stopped in his tracks, pausing at your touch. “I know you wouldn’t hurt me. I’m not afraid of you.”

“You’re not?”

“I’m not. I never have been,” You spoke softly, calmly, hoping to get him to turn around and face you. “Bucky, I love you too.”

“You…Y-you what?”

“I didn’t want to tell you because I didn’t think you felt the same way,” You smiled a little. “Now please, turn around and look at me,”

Slowly, hesitantly, Bucky turned around and gazed down on you with his blue, blue eyes. You sighed, slowly bringing your hand up to his cheek. He sighed at the long-awaited contact, relishing in the feeling of your soft hand against his face.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered, his voice low. You removed your hand from his cheek and wrapped your arms around his torso, pulling his body to yours. You felt his strong arms hold you close as he rested his chin on top of your head. He tipped his head forward and pressed soft kisses to your forehead. “I love you so, so much.”

“I love you so, so much too.”


That doll has blue eyes so she name it, Ryuuki. lol Kat told me once to stop picking on Ameya’s poor nose but.. Er. Ameya. Your big nose is still showing. hahaha. Kat. I took that peek-a-boo picture for you. :D and look at those two silly best friends. There’s no Ryuuki without Kei. *giggles*

Okay. These are my last pictures for the kids version of them. :D Anyways.. Good night? <3

i’ll show you where to start

for: blue @sn0winseptemb3r
by: nic @wheeloftheworld

ella meets niall at the wedding. he’s contagious - has a big smile, a warm heart, and a loud laugh - and she’s catching everything he’s got.

word count: 4085
warnings: just some language!
main pairing: ella/niall


it starts at the rehearsal dinner. 

ella’s having one of those days where she tries not to snarl at the people she’s surrounded by. it reminds her of sitting through econ, only the people here are either old, are friends with the bride and groom to-be, or are somehow related to her. her left eye twitches every few minutes or so because of the straight expression sprawled across her face; her eyebrows even form a nearly-parallel line to the frown upon her lips.

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The best part of the last TVD episode was the scene where Damon ripped out Beau’s heart and the juxtaposition  of him arguing with Bonnie. I never thought this show big on symbolism but I can't help but think its Damon's unconscious emoting that Bonnie’s hatred is ripping at his heart. The way he tosses it down after another drag also conveyed to me that she has ripped his heart out and now its hers on a platter. He tossed it a bit forcibly too, so some strong emotion was at play behind those blue eyes. Damon is not an emotionally  expressive person hence letters to the most important people in his life. But his actions intrigue me, especially  in regards to Bonnie because he is truly oblivious that he reveals so much to her. I.E. Her knowing he made pancakes due to his regret and remorse. I can't find the damn gif of the scene from the episode so I will settle for  when I think the first time romantic love  bloomed in Damon Salvatore’s heart for Bonnie Bennett.

I’m a cashier at an office supply store and today a lady and her 10 year old daughter were checking out with me. I noticed her daughter had bright red hair and blue eyes and I immediately thought about how rare those traits are. I go through the transaction and tell the lady to have a good day and look over at the little girl and say “did you know that only 1% of the world has red hair AND blue eyes?” And she immediately perks up and looks at her mom. “No way?” “Yeah, you’re pretty rare sweetie.” They both have great big smiles on their faces and at that moment I didn’t hate my job as much as I thought I did. Until the lady after them bitched about the chip cards and “all the stupid questions” but you know whatever. I made a child happy.

I bet there has been many times where Adrien has looked at Marinette and gone, “Those big blue eyes, that silky black hair…it reminds me of someone..” He then thinks of Ladybug and the more he think about it, it doesn’t sound so weird because the similarities are quite a lot. 

But then Marinette fumbles and trips. 

Adrien stares for a moment. 

“No, she can’t be Ladybug.”