and she has those big blue eyes

This Woman Is My Destiny

Cisswapped Destiel. Deanna had a huge crush on Cas in highschool and now they’re meeting again at a wedding 8 years later.

               Cas Novak walks smack into Deanna Winchester’s life for the second time at Jo Harvelle’s wedding in a dress swinging like springtime off of her hips. She must have already spotted Deanna across the room, because she strolls right up to her without a sign of shock in her big blue eyes. Deanna recognizes those eyes before her heart can even skip a beat—they’ve always had this sharp, unearthly quality to them, like Cas is not quite there with you. And they’ve always been dipped in the cosmos. And the minute Deanna sees them, she can’t speak a word. She could just about fall down. Deanna has walked out of reality into some dream she had as a teenager. Before she can process her high-school crush standing in front of her, Cas—always direct, and looking a piercing kind of anxious—starts to speak.

               “Senior year. Behind the theater.” Deanna’s stomach drops. This isn’t every dream she had as a teenager. This is every nightmare. Cas stares unblinking into Deanna’s eyes and waits for her to speak. “Do you remember or don’t you?”


               “You owe me.” Cas glances back over her shoulder, her sloppily (sexily) bunned black hair swishing around with her, and then down at a drink in her shaking right-hand. “Drink this.” She shoves the glass into Deanna’s hand. It’s some cutsie red cocktail—not the sort of thing Deanna tends to drink (or at least let people see her drink). Cas watches her, expectant. Her wide eyes have the force of a cosmic hurricane behind them. In a bar, in her element, Deanna might have asked Cas if she was trying to ply her with alcohol, but this is far from charted waters. Deanna downs it without breaking eye contact, and her heart feels like it might beat out of her chest in anticipation.

               “Thanks.” Cas grabs the empty glass back out of Deanna’s hand, flashes her a smile that doesn’t quite reach her right cheek, and speed-walks back the direction she came.

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