and she has faith in him in return

When people ask me about Winona Ryder and Johnny Depp

It was love at first sight when they met at the “Great Balls of Fire” Premiere in New York in 1989.

They got engaged five months later and one month later they were living together.

They broke up in 1993 because Winona’s father said “at 19, Winona is too young to marry.”

 “She’s my babydoll”  Johnny about Winona

 “He’s my tattooed bad boy”  Winona about Johnny

“I know them both so well. Even if he’s with Vanessa now and has 2 kids, I think he’ll return to Winona someday. Not today, maybe not tomorrow, but soon. Don’t tell him I said that!” Tim Burton about the couple

When Winona got arrested for shoplifting in 2001,  Johnny sent her a dozen pink roses and wrote a note himself stating, ‘Don’t worry hon, it happens to the best of us. Good luck in court! I got faith in you!’

When Winona fell sick in 2010 he sent her flowers

Read John 4
John 4:28-29 The woman went back to the town and said to the people, Come, see a man who told me everything I’ve ever done. Could this be the Messiah?’
That was all she said. Imagine those few words were able to draw the men and women of Samaria to Jesus. Think about it. It makes us realize how important sharing your testimony is. This world is full of people who feel hopeless and lost. We should never be afraid or ashamed to talk about what the Lord has done for us. When they hear the firsthand account of your encounter with the Living God their faith will be stirred up. God promises that His word has the power of accomplishment and it will not return to Him void. Is 55:10-11
Share with someone what the Lord has done for you!

I believe in loving deeply. I also believe in being loved deeply. Being desperately in love may need some tempering at times, because a person would do themselves harm if they become so dependant on the love of another person that they forget how to care for themselves, or be themself. If you are madly in love, let him feel it in waves, not oceans, because lovers need to be able to breathe.
Also, if a man has no plan of action for the girl of his heart, it is only a promise, a dream. She should not fall at his feet. I have seen people give themselves away before, and the sentiments of the reciever become chilly and bland over time. Or they simply aren’t as devoted and faithful. Sometimes people want the novelty of being adored, without loving in return, and it is a personal choice whether or not you want to flatter someone’s heart who isn’t grateful for your love. Know what you deserve. Know what you’re worth. Know what you have to offer. Love is beautiful, and worth it. It’s okay to tell someone you love them, or care about them if it’s true. I do often. Men will do crazy things for love. If they know you love them, and they care for you too, they will pursue being with you. Just don’t give a man everything he wants before he does pursue you. Save the crazy passionate love for a rainy night together in the future. Give him something to dream about and desire. Consider this in a business light. If you were to create an intricate and expensive piece of merchandise, and a person says “I really really like this. I would love to have this.”, would you say “Okay, it’s all yours! Every bit of it”? No. You would wait to see what they decide to do about it. You could tell them more about it, let them admire it, but you do not give it away free.
If you really do love him more than he loves you, he probably has felt it.
—  Hushed-words
Underpain AU

AU Creator(s) : spoopy-mabel/astrosirens

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AU Canon: After the death of their dear children, Chara and Asriel, Asgore attempts to decree war on the humans, but before he can do that, Toriel shoots him down. Asgore leaves, and has been exiled to never return. Queen Toriel rules, remembering the 2 humans that had given her faith to act as she did.

The story follows the characters interactions before and after the deaths of Asriel and Chara as well as when Frisk falls into the underground.

Official Canon Designs:


In the first half of season three, Jemma went through hell.

She was alone on a planet for months, finally found someone and started to work on going home. And her plan went awry, stripping away her last connection to Earth and all hope of ever returning, while stranding her on a planet that she-presumably a woman not of faith, being a scientist but you never know-considered hell, with a creature that could manipulate and kill whenever.

Then she comes  home and she has to live with the guilt: she has to live with the guilt of lying to her friends, of abandoning Will, of lying to Fitz and putting him through so much pain. Then she learns Will died protecting her; Fitz almost died trying to bring Will back. And on top of that, you have the Inhumans Lash killed after helping Jemma escape.

And that’s a hell of a lot of guilt for one person to handle. 

Flash forward three months later. She’s doing better. She misses Will, of course she does, they were together for months, but she’s fighting for her relationship with Fitz. She acknowledges her guilt and she wants to be able to defend herself. She no longer wants anyone to have to help her.

The second half of season three is Jemma Simmons fighting for her agency, rather it be in the relationship department or in regular life department. 

She goes back to the lab, starts doing science again. She jokes, she smiles, she starts dressing up again. She does her hair, she wears makeup, she makes an effort to look nice again. 

She fights in the finale. She fights for her friends, she fights for Fitz, she fights for herself. She’s stern but kind. She’s a doctor, not a soldier. But you can be damn well sure she’ll fight for what she believes in.

She endures torture for hours, without breaking. She manipulates a thousand year old creature and shoots him three times and lives to tell the tale. She dragged her best friend up from the bottom of the ocean, risking her own life, so he wouldn’t die. She disobeys orders from Coulson because she has a duty of care and as a doctor.

She screws up sometimes, but she tries to make it right. She does her best to protect her friends, even if they don’t listen to her. She loses her agency and she fights to get it right back. She looks the man who almost killed her right in the eye and calls him a monster. She snarks at people while being held prisoner. She uses her smarts to escape life threatening situations.

Jemma Simmons fights and fights and fights. She’s not a damsel in distress, she never has been. She can hold her own, if not with her firsts, it’s with her wits. 

And that makes Jemma Simmons a hero.

Everyone around me is growing up so fast!

Tia got a girlfriend, who is so faithful and perfect! She is standing right there with him, through everything!

Rose is moving up, becoming an amazing artist!

Alice has become an amazing motherly figure!

Ania, bless her soul, has been through rough times lately, but, she has a wonderful boyfriend, and has finally returned, and I am so proud of her!

Everyone is changing around me, becoming great, and I…


I’m just me… just plain, boring me…

Heh… wow… pathetic, isn’t it?

No matter… I still love you guys, and everyone who I have met! I hope I made some sort of positive impact on all of you! May you look ever towards the skies, never lose your Hopes, and always follow your Dreams!!!

The people I am talking about are as follows, in this order:





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Kuroshitsuji and the Language of Flowers

Part 4: Chapter 58 (for @tanka34; thanks for the request)

What flowers are depicted and what do they stand for?

dandelion: faithfulness, happiness
fern: sacred bond of love, confidence, shelter
clover/shamrock: lightheartedness; the three leaves symbolize faith, hope and love
daisy: innocence, loyal love
lily of the valley: return of happiness, sweetness, you’ve made my life complete

Context of the scene

The scene is part of Lizzy’s memories that we see right after she revealed to Ciel her talent in sword fighting and saving them from the Bizarre Dolls during the Campania arc. We see Lizzy growing up, struggling with an inner conflict of being a cute wife and being able to protect Ciel. 


Lizzy has been taught the art of fencing by her mother. But after Ciel told her that a strong wife scares him she decides to live up to that innocent, naive image of a girl, like Madam Red suggested. She wants to be a wife that Ciel can protect.

The flowers that are shown in the picture capture the moment when Lizzy makes that decision. They symbolize all the nice things Lizzy wants to represent for Ciel. She loves him and in order to fulfill his expectations of her as a wife, she decides to be an innocent, faithful, sweet and lighthearted girl. And she is happy with that decision because, in this moment, Ciel’s love and happiness are more important to her than her fighting skills. That’s represented by the various flowers that are growing and blossoming.

A few panels later, however, we see this picture:

The types of flowers are similar, if not the same, as before. But instead of growing and blooming they are withering and falling down. 

The situation from before has changed: After the attack on the Phantomhives Lizzy thought that Ciel had died as well. She mourned and all of her happiness was gone. She realized that her wish of being a cute wife that could be protected by Ciel would never be fulfilled. Then, Ciel comes back, after all, but Lizzy has changed. She has experienced what it would be like if Ciel really dies and not wanting to see that happen again she changes her earlier decision. Instead of becoming a wife that Ciel could protect she decides to become a wife that would be able to protect him.

The dying flowers symbolize this change. Her earlier decision to be a cute, innocent wife, which is represented by the blooming flowers, is being taken back. Even though she’s trying to hide it from Ciel, she gives up her innocence and lightheartedness in order to be a strong wife who can protect Ciel if the situation requires it. 

(If you want me to pick a certain scene to analyze, just send me a message.)


CS +  “Emma, that wall of yours? It may keep out pain, but it also may keep out love”

Dedicated to my dear friend heavenlyswan

Josefina asked me to use this sentence as a parallel of how Emma has learn to take down her walls along the way.

The truth is that while MM said this sentence to Emma already in season 1, it was actually Hook who truly convinced Emma to take down the wall and open up for love. Little by little he helped her take the risk of exposing her feelings, letting go of being always in control, having faith in people, forgive them if necessary, and really taking a chance on them. All these things she did with him, but it was also applied with other people as well. 

At the point in which we are now Emma has certainly learned that her wall prevented her from letting love into her life. Season 4 was all about Emma taking that chance and putting her wall down and indeed it paid off, she received a true love in return. No doubt, the “I love you” was the signature of this entire process making it the perfect finale sentence for the season. 

Send me a word/quote/parallel and I’ll make you a CS gifset inspired by it.

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Emma has told Killian she loves him. Killian has told Emma he loves her and even got an I love you in return. Given her a ring to protect her after clearly stating it wasn’t a marriage proposal. Now with th’ exchange of loves faithful vow…wait that’s from Romeo and Juliet when he asks Juliet to marry him….hmmmm. OH sidetracked. 

Besides the TLK we have one of thee most CANON ships in the True Love Armada. There is no way that after that exchange Killian and Emma will be broken a part for good.

Did you see the SMILE on Emma’s face when she heard she was love? When she said I love you too? The girl with the walls and inability to trust is gone. That Emma is never coming back. She has found the person who will love her until his last breath and more. Never in her wildest dream will Emma have to worry about being hurt by Killian or felt unloved by Killian. In a mere few moments he showed her just how much he loves her not only with his words but by giving her HIS ring. A ring he believes has protected him ALL those 300 years. WHO WANTS TO BET IT’S HIS FATHERS OR MOTHERS.

This is TRUE LOVE. Like come on. Killian has been helping Emma get home since Tallahassee. For the love of beanstalks, he went to NYC to bring her home because that’s where she belonged. The crazy part is little did he know he was home for Emma. The line in the promo about going home and her saying she was going to work her way back to him, you have to be oblivious to the signs that this is the love meant for Emma Swan. This is love that she deserves after everything she has been through. Emma brings out the best in Killian but at the same time Killian brings out the happiness Emma has ALWAYS wanted. 

I just can’t with these two. 


Hands in 4x17: Emma Swan and Killian Jones have been connected from the beginning and a recurring symbol of this is their hands. Being that Hook only has one hand, this is particularly meaningful in that she completes him and vice versa. Emma trusts him with her heart and Killian, in return, gives her unconditional faith. They act as each other’s tether. It’s telling that in the last episode, she pulls her hand away perhaps implying that she’s slipping gradually into darkness.

Bonus: watch for that flash of light after they hold hands in the first gif. Cute right?

AU where Jemma tells Fitz she is going undercover in HYDRA. She makes it clear that she has complete faith in his ability to recover without her. She just doesn’t mention that she thinks she makes him worse.

Whenever Coulson checks up on her she gives him a few letters for Fitz to encourage him.

Fitz does struggle without her but her letters comfort him and help him to work harder to recover.

When Jemma finally returns their reunion is much sweeter and a few tears are shed. They embrace and vocalise that they missed each other.

Jemma is happy to see Fitz is progressing in his recovery but still believes that she makes him worse. She doesn’t realise that her letters are what helped the most.

Jemma slowly starts to distance herself from Fitz but he notices and confronts her about it. She explains, tears are shed, and she promises never to leave his side again.

Despite the progress they’ve made in their relationship what he said in pod isn’t addressed for a while. Jemma takes time to sort out her feelings but eventually she brings it up.

Hebrews 12:1-2

(Part 1 of 2) No daughter of God should have to wake filled with uncertainty about whether she is wasting her life on empty pursuits. We can return to the words found in Hebrews 12:1-2 to find out exactly what we’re called to do each day: “…let us run with endurance the race that is set before us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of faith, who for the joy set before Him, endured the cross, despising the shame, and has sat down at the right hand of the throne of God.” (NASB)

We’ve been called to run the race that’s already been “set before us,” keeping our sights set on the One who faithfully finished His race. The precise race is a little different for each one at different times of life. For some, it’s school. For others, it’s full-time ministry. For still others, it’s being a wife and stay-at-home mother or working in a career that provides for her family. It’s possible to face any one of those callings unfaithfully. It’s possible to slack off on our obedience, and to walk around in circles instead of running steadily forward–but it’s also possible to choose not to rebel against your God-given calling. God has placed a unique combination of responsibilities and calling before each one of us–but our need to respond in obedience to that calling is what unites us. Choose not to waste any more of your precious days wondering if the race that begins right at your toes is the right one or not–walk faithfully along the way, look towards Jesus, and your race’s “right-ness” for the person God made you to be should be ever more apparent. May you wake each day, confident that God will provide all you need to continue running the race He’s set in front of you.

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