and she has brothers

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I am so pissed. Of all people to make Octavia realize her emotions, it was illian. Not her BROTHER WHO HAS RAISED HER SINCE THE DAY SHE WAS BORN. I'm so upset

Dude. If you’re furious at your brother for things he both has and has not done, then why do you think your brother would be the one to make you realize what an ass you’ve been and how unfairly you’re treating him?

He wouldn’t. Your anger is focused on HIM.

You have to be able to get some perspective from the outside, from someone not involved, maybe, because you’re all wrapped up in your internal perspective.

Your desire for Bellamy to be Octavia’s salvation from her anger at him is unrealistic and doesn’t make any sense. 

Bellamy-I’m sorry, I tried to stop it but you drugged me and now you’re  transferring your own self hate onto me because i’m an easy target.
Octavia-Oh shit, U right. Come here let’s hug big bro I love you. 

Do you even have a sibling?

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silas squinting in the distance

you are literally part of the reason her crush on Hinoka had to die??? the fuck you squinting at.

Setsuna already considers Silas the closest thing she has to a brother what more do you want from me?

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I LOVE SETSUNA i hope she has nice things.

Lift her away from the bad things and she’s yours.


                                    Finding Hope Orphanage

                                 Lilian Scarlett Simons-Novak

This will be the first post about The Orphanage I have been visiting recently. I discovered the Finding Hope Orphanage when I was looking for a child to adopt 3 years ago, right before I found out I was pregnant with my Lily.

I finally decided to help the orphanage out by putting up pictures of the small children that lived in the orphanage.

So, this is Lily.

She has an older brother named Cedric, who was adopted a week before her.

Sadly, the couple that adopted Cedric weren’t able to adopt Lily right away, someone else wanted to adopt her.

But luckily, the couple was able to adopt her and her brother so now they are able to live together happily.

Name: Lilian Scarlett

Birthdate: 29.07.2016 (nearly 8 months)

Parents: Dimitri and Gerard Simons-Novak from @jaggersimmer

Day Adopted: December 30th, 2016

If you want to adopt a child from Finding Hope Orphanage, please send me a message and I’ll answer as soon as possible.

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Four similarities between mun and muse

Both artists

Both are super negative people (Bring it Perona!!!)

Subtle perverts 

Okay our personalities are kinda the same to an extent

Four differences between mun and muse

Mun is female, muse is male

Mun is not as a scaredy cat as Usopp (Mun plays horror games all the time she can take it!)

Usopp is a single child, mun has a brother

Mun probably cannot hit a target 3 feet in front of her while Usopp can snipe something miles away

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just?? hand holding? shoulder touches? brushing dirt and mess out of each other's hair? tender cheek touching because "you've got gore on you". nightmares? rocking back and forth, gentle hold, "shhh it's okay, it's okay." alicia being ride or die for little brother like he is for her?? alicia with her teeth bared? alicia bloody snarling because someone tried to take him away from her?? forehead leaning djsndjdnd. anyway. I'm bitter

Since Tumblr’s new mobile layout is actually the WORST thing in existence, I didn’t see this until just now. My bad. 💔

But yes, omg. Alicia being hell bent on protecting her little brother because she knows he would and has done the same for her? Chris trying to desperately prove he’s tough and capable and Alicia just laughing because she’s the one who patches him up every time he gets into trouble. Both of them so determined to protect each other that they’re willing to do whatever it takes.

This girl has had a strange power from birth, it’s not helpful in anyway, more of a burden in her mind. Everyday her eye color changes to the first thing she sees after waking up, trying hard to keep her eyes a normal color everyday, she set up her entire room to be brown. One day she wakes up to her brother and he has a wildly unnatural hair color. Tell me how her day goes.

artemis · goddess of the hunt, forest and moon 

Artemis is known as the goddess of the hunt and is one of the most respected of all the ancient Greek deities. It is thought that her name, and even the goddess herself, may even be pre-Greek. She was the daughter of Zeus, king of the gods, and the Titaness Leto and she has a twin brother, the god Apollo. Not only was Artemis the goddess of the hunt, she was also known as the goddess of wild animals, wilderness, childbirth and virginity. Also, she was protector of young children and was know to bring and relieve disease in women. In literature and art she was depicted as a huntress carrying a bow and arrow.


Before this, I guess

I can only hope the heterosexuals never corrupt these children


I really ship victuuri so hard that I can’t control it. So i just wanted to see how their perfect combination will be look like! So…

Welcome Yekaterina (Katya) Katsuki-Nikiforova! A first child of Yuuri and Victor! She has a younger brother named Vyacheslav (Slava), i will draw him soon, i promise. 

What do you think about her? :3

there were three other people in the room that cared about alec but none of them interrupted jace when alec took his last breath because they understood that the parabatai bond is different and just as strong as familial and romantic love

I know that Dirk Gently and Todd have the shark-kitten while Bart and Ken have the corgi (fur babies for everyone, yay).

But my personal headcanon is that Amanda and Farah have been talking for a while about getting a pet but they can’t agree on what to get, until one day they’re walking past a pet store and Amanda stops with a Look™ in her eyes and Farah follows her gaze to rest on the giant Burmese Python in the window.

On Team Moms

I know we’re all about how Allura is Space Mom™ and apply all these motherly qualities to her but…

… Allura is a depressed, bossy, impatient, lost and aggressive girl who smacked Pidge in the face with green goop because she ticked her off. 

She’s as emotionally fragile as the rest of them, it’s worse for her because her fucking planet is gone and she let herself get sucked into the simulation so she can free of her awful reality and free of her new responsibilities. She’s stepping up to the task but she doesn’t want it.

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 She has shown the tendency to go for the throat when she’s bothered, was reckless on her and Shiro’s mission and prioritized him over herself when she tossed him in an escape shuttle in a they-need-you-more-than-they-need-me way.

Allura doesn’t have much in the way of Team Mom™ traits, she has all the tropes of the Team Big Brother™. If anything, she needs a Team Mom or Dad and so far Coran might be both for her.

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Now, let’s be honest, guys, if anyone’s the Team Mom™, it’s Hunk.

He prioritizes other people’s feelings, worries like no one’s business, snooped around Pidge then said nothing for her own comfort and safety, rarely complains so he doesn’t burden the others, made sure to make Keith feel included, gives the best hugs and he figured out a way to cook good and nutritious meals.

Hunk for Team Mom!

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A Seasick Crocodile

Summary: After one too many bad setups, Emma thinks the best way to get out of another blind date is to tell her sister-in-law she already has a boyfriend. But when her brother makes the assumption she’s dating Killian Jones, Emma just might need a Christmas miracle to pull it off.

(Scary accurate photoset by @lenfaz and beta duties by @evil–isnt–born who keeps me entertained AND consistent.)

A little birdie told me it’s @nightships birthday today. Hope you like your present, Jess! Thank you for making me pretty things <3 

Ao3 or FF


 “So I know you really didn’t like August all that much, but I was thinking–”

“No.” Emma glares across the table at her sister-in-law, trying – and failing – to keep from brandishing her fork like a club. “No more Christmas party blind dates.”

“I know the last few–”

“Seriously? Mary Margaret, he was gay. You set me up with a guy who doesn’t even like women. The one before him turned out to be a skip. The one before him was Ruby’s ex.” Emma ticks them off one at a time on her fingers, her irritation only growing as she relives each horrible date. “So this year, I’m saying no. Absolutely not.”

“What have you got to lose?” Mary Margaret asks, completely undeterred by Emma’s protest.

“I already have a boyfriend!” Emma blurts out, reaching for her glass of wine and taking a large gulp to hide the lie. It’s the only thing she can think of to shut Mary Margaret up, since her brother is sitting uselessly next to his wife with an amused look on his face – amusement she is pleased to note disappears the moment she makes her announcement.

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Your boyfriend, Damon pissed you off so you decided to go to your friend, Elena’s house to cool off and vent a little. She is dating his brother, Stefan and has never been a fan of Damon because she thinks he’s a ‘dick’. But whatever, she saw how happy you are with him and although he can be a complete asshole to people, he was always good to you. 

For the time being, both you and Elena sat on her couch, did some venting here and there, then, watched a movie while eating whatever junk food she had in her cupboard. 

You two were enjoying the movie until a loud knock comes from the front door. Elena gets up to answer the door and was surprised to see that it’s Damon. Before she can get a word out of her mouth, he whispered, “can I just speak to Y/N please?”

Elena rolled her eyes at his question, then mouthed, ‘fine’ and called for you. “Hey Y/N! It’s for you!” Once she saw you get up, she walked away towards her kitchen to wash the dishes.

Walking up to the door, Damon casually had one hand behind his back and the other relaxed straight down. The first thing you did was try to close the door on his face but he dodged it by pushing the door with his hand. “Baby, come on. You can’t still be mad at me?” Damon tries to be cute by pouting and using puppy dog eyes but you didn’t fall for it.

“Of course I’m still mad. I was waiting at The Grill like a fool only to find out that you forgot all about our date! This is the second time, Damon!” You yelled, crossing your arms in disappointment.

“I know I know.” Damon put his free hand up in defense. “I promise you it won’t happen again. And you know what? Forget The Grill, how about we go somewhere else? Somewhere…better!” 

“You promise?” You asked in a demanding tone.

“Yes.” Damon smiles, then reveals a teddy bear he’s been hiding behind his back. “And teddy promises too.”

He sounded very promising and since you’re so crazy in love with Damon, you chose to forgive him. You also thought his little teddy bear trick was adorable too.

[Alicia]’s the only one that has ambition and goals. She’s striving to get out of L.A. and go to school in Berkeley, but she struggles against a really difficult family dynamic. She has a drug-addicted brother. Her father isn’t there anymore. She doesn’t get along with her stepdad. And her mother is just there trying to take care of everyone. So she’s been trying to protect herself and take a step back. But then, when everything falls apart, she has the most to lose, and she’s roped back into this situation she’s really trying to escape from.

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Russia is not boring , but sometimes sad and shitty af. This time Grishina fights with her mother, bcz she left her on the street without money, and now Nastya,her son Dima and husband Victor live on the street :/ www(.)kp(.)ru/daily/26652/3673188/

Oh my God, that’s so sad! It’s a very long story, but basically Anastasia Grishina herself sent a letter to the newspaper asking for help after her mother, father and brothers took all her money and how now she has nowhere to live.

Nastya was underage when, after the Olympics, she received a car and prize money, so she trusted her mother with it. She had a lot of trouble with getting her mother to give her money for an apartment after getting married and having a child, and it was then when she finally found out the big amunt of money she had earned as a gymnast (salaries, prize money for competitions, cars), but of that amount, almost nothing was left, as her family had took them all. She finally bought an apartment, but her mother made her buy it in her own name or else she wouldn’t give her money to, under the excuse that this way, her husband can’t claim it, but after several fights with her mother who ended up living with them anyway, she left the apartment and her mother changed the locks. She now has no right to the apartment she bought, nor has any money. Her husband works, but most money go on renting a place and she’s looking for a job despite having an 8 month old baby.

She found out that all these years her family has been living off the money she earned and now that the money’s over, they kicked her out and her family is threatening her to shut up about it. The most heartbreaking part is her saying she knows her family never loved her, but she says she has to do this even if she’ll become even more of an outcast for them, as she needs money to raise her son and to find a place to live.