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It’s Just A Number (Part 2)

Authors Note: This is corny as all hell and I love it :)


“Hi, Jerome! Didn’t know you were bringing a child to my party.”

You and Jerome both look up to see Alex (sorry if your name is Alex, I’m a piece of shit I know lmao), holding a red-solo cup, looking down her nose at you. J rolled his eyes and swam to the edge of the pool, pushing himself up and out then pulling you out along with him. God please not Alex. You weren’t scared of her, she was just incredibly… annoying? She has always hated you ever since your older brother dumped her because you told him you didn’t think she was the one for him; two years ago!. Ever since, she always tried to make cheap shots at you and your personal life. If you were a more sensitive girl, her snide comments and mean looks probably would’ve bothered you, but the only thing that bothered you was her undying persistence.

“A party’s a party, right? The more the merrier!” Jeromes’ long sleeve black t shirt clung to his muscular arms and stomach, lifting slightly, exposing the waistband of his boxers and the beginnings of a ‘v’ line and happy trail as he raised his arms enthusiastically. That sure caught Alex’s attention, but shit, you couldn’t really blame her; it caught yours too. She looked at Jerome with a seductive smile while he held a wide, goofy grin and rested his arm back around your waist. Needless to say, her smile fell pretty quickly.

“It’s not really merrier if you’re stuck babysitting.” She pouted like a child and patted your head. Did she really just touch you? Does she think you’re a meek little kid who can’t stand up for herself? Jerome’s happy face fell and looked just as irritated as you were watching Alex disrespected you like that.

“Alex I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t put your hands on her-” Jerome tried to say through gritted teeth, you really didn’t give him a chance to though.

“What the hell is your problem?” You raised your voice. Alex looked taken-aback at how you spoke to her, probably because you never fed into her BS before. Jerome, however, didn’t look surprised at all. He knows damn well you could hold your own like no other, and his face showed how proud and excited he was to see you in action.

“You are my problem (Y/N)! But I wouldn’t expect a little girl to comprehend the thoughts of a woman.”

She was working your last nerve with this “child” bullshit. It wasn’t like you were twelve and everyone else was twenty two; why does nobody understand that?

“Wow ‘comprehend’ that’s a big word for a neanderthal like yourself, not that you even know what a neanderthal is. It’s real funny joking about my age Alex, just because a younger girl got the guy you want and the only other guy you want dumped you years ago because of me! But that’s none of my business… and anyways, Isn’t ironic that you claim you’re SUCH a grown woman and yet, you’re here, bitching and moaning like a fucking child?”

Jerome chortled loudly and threw his head back, while Alex gasped like you just smacked her across the face, which you were seriously considering to be honest. Your left eyebrow lifted up, waiting to hear whatever Alex’s no doubt idiot comeback would be. But she didn’t say a word, she just raised her cup, and tossed the drink onto your shirt. The smug look on her face looked like she thought she got a checkmate. You gasped and lifted your arms away from your body with your jaw slacked and anger bubbling. For a split second you were infuriated, then you realised; YOU’RE ALREADY SOAKING WET, BECAUSE YOU AND JEROME JUMPED IN THE POOL WITH YOUR CLOTHES ON!

Your anger turned to bewilderment, because how can one woman be so stupid?

“Did… Did you just throw water on her..?” Jerome asked Alex, and you could tell he was thinking the same thing as you because of his “are-you-really-this-fucking-stupid” smile and him restraining his bubbling laughter. You looked down and saw that your, already soaking wet, white flowy halter top, had no damage. It wasn’t red like she threw wine on you, it didn’t smell like vodka, or have a yellow tint like it was tequila; She literally threw PLANE WATER. You and Jerome looked back at Alex, who still held that look of pride and victory on her face, and it just damn near killed you guys.

Both of you started laughing hysterically, almost doubling over with stomach pains because of how funny this was. And Alex, poor idiotic Alex, just stood there with her victorious smile falling into an irritated scowl, probably just because a little freshman like you just made her look like an idiot in front of her own friends at her own party. She didn’t get why you guys were laughing at her, and her short temper reared its’ ugly head.

Alex threw the empty cup at your head and the cheap, weightless plastic just bounced right off, but just because it didn’t hurt you, doesn’t mean you weren’t pissed again that she threw something at you.

“What the fuck is so funny?!” She screamed like a brat.

Her loud scratchy voice caught the attention of damn near everyone, including Jerome. Your laughing was already gone on a count of her trying to be ballsy and throw shit at you. When he noticed this, Jerome’s laughing died down and started intently watching you and Alex like everyone else.

Her angry glare started to falter when she saw the look on your face. You took a step forward, so she took one back.

“You really wanna know..?” You maliciously whispered while walking closer towards her. She had fear in her eyes and it filled you with excitement. And all the while Jerome was standing back, watching proudly and expectantly, waiting for his girl to finally let loose for once, to be just like him.

The adrenalin running through your veins helped you build up the bravery to raise your hand high, and bring it down on her face with a brute force, making her head snap hard in the opposite direction. The loud ‘SMACK!’ could be heard from the other side of the backyard, and everyone was quiet for a split second, before all running in your direction yelling and screaming at you two to fight.

Alex tried to lunge at you, but Jerome quickly stood in front of you and blocked Alex from getting to you. She tried going passed him but he pushed her away. Alex, being the overdramatic girl that she is, started stumbling back and twisted on her thin, six inch heel and before anyone could grab her, she fell into a bush of marigold flowers. Her legs went up and her skirt rode up, flashing everybody her pu-uhhh… unmentionables? A wave of laughter spread throughout the back yard and it wasn’t long before there were dozens of phones taking pictures and posting on snapchat. Needless to say, you were pretty proud of yourself, and Jerome was too. He crouched down and wrapped his arms around your upper thighs to throw you over his shoulder.

“Come on little trouble maker, that’s enough entertainment for one night.” J began walking out the back door of the backyard to his car all the while carrying you with him. Feeling all too pleased with yourself, you continued laughing when you saw Alex rise from the bushes, her face red as a beet; she turned to look in your direction and all you did was flip her the bird and laugh in her face. You realised Jerome was getting closer and closer to his car, and just because you couldn’t miss out on the ironic joke that just presented itself (also because you didn’t want to leave just yet) you yelled from over his shoulder,

“Aw, please Mr. J, lemme stay out a little later, I don’t want it to be bed time yet!” You laughed at your own dumb joke and Jerome laughed with you, smacking your bottom in the process.

“Let’s get you home princess.”


You woke up that morning in your bed, rolled up like a burrito in your warm, fluffy duvet. Your (Y/H/C) hair was a ratty mess and you still hadn’t taken off last night’s runny eye makeup. You sat up, reminiscing on last night’s events, and looked in the big mirror opposite of you and finally saw your face; looking at yourself you realised, you didn’t look too hot with the whole ‘second-day hair and makeup’ thing. But the tingle from that kiss and the events that took place afterwards made your lips curve up and turn into a smile that lit up the room. That shivers of excitement flowed through you when you thought about how good it felt to put Alex in her place, but how Jerome holding you against him felt even better. The shivers weren’t just from excitement though, and you began to get very cold. You were only wearing a forest green long sleeve that J left at your house a while back, it’s not like you could wear the clothes you came home in, after all Alex did ruin your shirt with her PLAIN ASS WATER. HA, the sarcasm is real ladies and gentlemen! Hours later and it’s still funny.

Looking around to see where the cold draft was coming from, you notice that one of your bedroom windows were open. You walked over, bare feet pitter-pattering against the cold wood floor in your room, and moved the curtains to the side so that you could close the window. Looking down though, you saw something you didn’t really expect. It was a big marigold flower, sitting on top of a small card. You picked it up, knowing exactly where it’s from, and smiled. The card under it read:

“For the record, I would happily be stuck babysitting you.

See you soon princess :*



Before this, I guess

I can only hope the heterosexuals never corrupt these children

Shout out to this incredible girl from my hometown for being a great role-model at such a young age. I’m so proud of everything that she’s accomplished, including co-authoring a children’s book for transkids, being named one of Time’s Most Influential Teens of 2014, and landing a show on TLC about her life (which will air in the summer).

I couldn’t be more proud of her, nor could I be proud of how supportive everyone on our community is of her and her accomplishments. Go Jazz!

i’m officially starting the bandwagon for sharon carter to be the double agent in civil war. hop on kids and join me in my neverending quest for a bigger more important role for sharon “not just a love interest” carter


the 100 personality traits
*octavia blake

this is what percy looks like in my head and i will not be convinced otherwise<3

also i have no idea what is happening with my art style~


oh my god, elliot… did you forget again? did you forget who i am? what do you mean? forget what? elliot, i need you to tell me who you think i am. what are you talking about? tell me right now. what are you saying? elliot. of course i didn’t forget. you’re darlene. you’re darlene. elliot- you’re darlene! i’m your - sister.

If any of you are comfortable cyber bullying Emily Swallow because you don’t like where Amara’s storyline is going, which she has no control over, unfollow me right now.

She is a human being and I’m sick and tired of how the ‘fans’ treat female actresses. It’s sexist as fuck. Tweet the show runners and writers if you have a problem with it.


Selfie AU: Henry’s estranged younger brother, Jeremy (Daniel Henney), shows up at Kinderkare Pharmaceuticals as part of its in-house legal counsel team. Eliza wants to help patch things up between Henry and his brother, but Jeremy ends up falling for her instead.

Based on chrisdwoo’s awesome idea.

Grabs Microphone

Aang is not white. 

Korra is Aang’s reincarnation

Aang has suffered through the death of a surrogate father, biological parents (one way or another), and, you know, everyone he had ever known or loved. Please stop accusing him of ‘not understanding’ this pain. 

Sokka has suffered through his mother’s death. Please stop ignoring he also knows how this feels. 

Suki is part of Team Avatar. 

Everyone in Team Avatar has had an alias and a secret, under-cover, not just Zuko and Katara. 

Mai has sacrificed her personal happiness and life multiple times for her parents, her brother, and Zuko. She is not loveless. She has been manipulated emotionally her entire life by her parents and Azula, and now again, her father. She is not emotionless. Just the opposite. 

Bataar Jr and Kuvira should still probably go to jail, redemption arc or not, they did some very messed up things. 

Mako deserves a day off and a plate of cookies. 

Thank you.