and she has brothers

The young princess headed down the halls, away from the feast and towards her chambers with anger filled eyes. It had been a good idea to let more of her spies come to court during the festivities, otherwise she might had not found out that her brother has outdone himself this time. This time she would not allow anyone to convince her to stay at court, just to help him get out of the mess he did not eve kow he was in.

okay, but like Angie

so Angie is the sweet Hamilton, and she’s a year younger then Philip and she’s like his total opposite. sure she gets good grades and stuff, but she couldn’t care less about the debate team and whatever. She’s a theater/art nerd. she paints decently, but her piano playing is amazing. She’s the one all the teachers go to if they need someone to play at a dinner party, and in all the musical productions she’s the keyboardist/composer/musical director.

By the time she gets to high school she already has a name for herself as Baby Ham bc of her brother’s popularity, and it gets on her nerves. she ends up taking herself out of the “popular crowd” and hanging out with the rejects, much to her brothers annoyance. tho, anytime she has a moment she goes and hangs out with Philip/Theo/Georges bc “maybe i don’t like the popular kids in my grade, but that doesn’t mean you guys suck.”

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List 5 facts about your most favorite sim of yours, and send this to 10 simblrs whose sims you adore. ❤

well since i’ve already done this with all my current sims i’ll just do perrie again!

1. she always carries her camera around with her so she never misses a great shot, but imogen occasionally snatches it from her to take a few pictures of her own
2. she has one half-brother and he just so happens to be parker’s stepbrother!
3. her favorite color is yellow
4. she has a bit of a green thumb when it comes to plants!
5. she really wants to make it big and become a famous comedian someday!

People who watch the show seem to forget that while Nick suffered, Alicia suffered too. She suffered her father’s disregard, her brother’s absence and her mother’s constant lack of attention because her addicted brother always came first. Her only place of comfort was her boyfriend who now is dead. She had a future ahead of her, an escape and the ZA snatched it away from her and now her brother has left her again and she has every right to be angry at the world and be angry at her family because she always comes last. But somehow, you all still see her as some snarky teenager who was too dumb to seek an emotional connection through radio. 

izzy the inner malec fangirl trope has to die. she is not a fangirl, she doesn’t care about alec kissing boys unless it makes him happy. she doesn’t ship anything. she is supportive of her brother, no matter who he has feelings for. he is the person she loves the most and she put in a lot of effort to bring alec out of his repression last season. stop reducing that to being a ‘fangirl’ - especially that plenty of straight fangirls fetishize mlm 

Hope's Peak ruined the world, not Junko.

I don’t mean to excuse Junko, she’s a megalomaniac monster, but I honestly think she’s not the actual villain of the Danganronpa franchise. Hope’s Peak is.

Look at Hajime, who decided to throw away everything he was just to feel like he was worth something. Natsumi, who outright says she has no right to be with her brother, who loves her, unless she has a talent. Sato, who has so ingrained into her mind that she will never amount to something, that she’s willing to murder someone to protect her talented friend. Junko didn’t cause any of this, it was all Hope’s Peak.

We’re talking about a prestigious school who recruits 10-30 people each year, and is basically telling everyone else that they are worthless. It’s even government funded, and it’s broadcasting to the whole world that they are the elite, and no one else matters.

That whole speech Komaeda makes about ‘success having nothing to do with hard work’ and ‘if you have talent, you were chosen, otherwise you might as well die’… this is the monster Hope’s Peak created. They’ve existed for 78 years, and their whole mission is to break the world beyond repair. Everyone looks up to the school, because they know, they grew up learning, that talent is everything.

This is why The Tragedy happens, and escalates so quickly, why the School Life of Mutual Killing is so impactful. The world was already broken before Junko stepped in, all she had to do was be smart enough to see it, and give the final push.

Skeleton Key

Request by anon: Oneshot where reader has a secret ability to control hell hounds. One day during a hunt reader, Dean and Sam have to deal with hell hounds. Despite Reader’s effort to keep her ability a secret, she has no choice but to use it in order for Dean and Sam not to get hurt. After the hunt the brothers ask her how she has this power and why she’s been keeping it a secret. Reader then explains herself to them. Whatever happens after that is up to you! Ov<

Word Count: 2776

Warnings: Drug addiction, slight depression


“You sure you’re good to drive?” Your mother asked. “It’s pretty late.”

You shrugged. “Yeah. I’m good. I’ve got my caffeine. Besides, Grandma’s waiting for us and you and Dad can’t drive.”

“She’s got a point,” your father slurred, stumbling into his wife. “Let’s go change and hit the road.”

Your mother hesitated until you jerked your head toward the house. “Go on. I don’t think you wanna wear that for a five hour car trip at midnight. Get some sweats.”

Reluctantly, your tipsy mother followed her husband into the house to change out of their black tie clothing. You’d been expecting this. After all, your father’s boss wasn’t known for his alcohol-free company parties.

Sure, you’d only had your license for a few months, but you knew the way to Grandma’s house, and your parents could sleep through the music you would blast to stay awake. You needed to be there by the morning. So when your parents came out of the house in their sweats and t-shirts, you were ready.

Three hours passed uneventfully. Only a handful of cars were on the highways and you were jamming to your favorite music. Everything was going smoothly.

Then there were squealing tires, bright headlights, and a sudden blackout.

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“Is that my sweater that’s been missing for a month?!”


Gordon looked down at the blue sweater he was wearing. It was a nice light blue colour, the colour of the of the sky on a clear day. There was no hiding it was 3 sizes too big. The bottom hem was down near Gordon’s knees and the sleeves hid his hands neatly. 

Gordon looked back up at Scott, “no?”


I’ve drawn yet again another reference for my squid characters, now there are more…

Aika: She is your standard fangirl who reads fanfics and ships her friends. Reink’s her younger brother. Has a bubbly personality. She is single but willing to be with anyone with intense muscles.

Reink (Rain-k): He’s the snarky lazy one. Aika’s his older sister. Also, he is Agent 4 and boyfriends with Prussian.

Prussian: He’s the leader of the team. He is the cinnamon bun too pure for this world. Horizon is his older sister. Also, completely oblivious to what’s going on. He is boyfriends with Reink.

Horizon: She is the coolest kid on the block. She is Agent 3. She is the ultimate “Senpai,” not that Reink cares. Single and straight.

Alex: She’s an octoling soldier is disguise. However, Reink saw right through it. Most everyone mistakes her as a guy though. Has a rather quiet personality. She is girlfriends with Pandora.

Pandora: She is the precious octoling engineer. Despite being how elite and smart as she is, her fellow octarians don’t take her seriously because she’s “Too cute” for the job. She doesn’t like to fight but will when she has to fill in for someone. Her personality is cute in every which way. She is girlfriends with Alex.

Kouta: He is the biologist octoling. He slacks off on his job, but he’s good at what he does so no one can really fire him. He’s always high on something. His traumatic experiences during the Great Turf Wars lead him to make Dæmon and later abandon him. He is good friends with Pandora. It’s hard to tell what kind of person he really is because he is almost always drunk and/or high.

Piman: He’s the Shinji of my squid ocs. He’s lost and doesn’t know what to do with life. Lucky for him Dæmon, who almost accidentally killed him, looks out for him and his mental health now. Has a shy and finnicky personality.

Dæmon: (wears a gas mask) He’s the mom of the whole bunch. Piman, who he almost killed, is his precious friend because others are too scared to talk to the over-2-meter-tall giant that he is. He is made by Kouta and claims to remember nothing from his past. Despite his looks, he is rather friendly unless you make him mad.

Things I would love to see from Amelia this season...

Because let’s face it she’s the only reason I still watch. 1) Owen getting hurt and her having a freak out because she loses every man she loves. Owen comforting her and being just fine. 2) Having a healthy baby. Is this really to much to ask for? 3) Telling Meredith off once and for all because she is not her brother and Meredith may be grieving but she has no reason to take that out on Amelia just for being his sister. 4) A sweet phone call with Addison because I miss the together more then anything and let’s face it Addie is the only real family she has. *bonus points if she could fly to New York real quick and talk Callie into coming back to Arizona… But that’s a stretch.

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