and she goes 'have you seen this man'

Fixing things around the Haus was never really about the dibs for Dex. But, all the same, in the back of his mind he was still relying on his efforts in that department to secure him housing for his junior year at Samwell.

Which is why he’s a little surprised at himself for the sinking feeling in his gut when he’s officially offered a spot.

“Oh,” he replies dumbly.

Lardo blinks at him, clearly startled by his lack of enthusiasm, her hand still held out between them waiting for him to reach out and seal the deal.

Dex shakes his head and reaches his own hand out belatedly. Only to have Lardo pull back. “Bro. I’m not gonna give it to you if you don’t really want it.”

“No, no, I do! I promise I do. I’m sorry, I just thought…”

He thought that he’d be getting either Ransom or Holster’s dibs. And that Nursey would be getting the other’s. And, despite the fact that Dex has been dreading the very idea of that for the entire school year, he feels off kilter and lost now trying to imagine a scenario in which he lives at the Haus without Nursey constantly underfoot.

Even these past two years of living in the dorms, Nursey still always somehow manages to end up at the Haus whenever Dex does, stealing the last slice of pie while verbally needling at sore spots he knows well enough will get a rise out of his fellow D-man.

It seemed pointless to even hope that getting dibs wouldn’t somehow include Nursey at his side, and so Dex never bothered to factor in the possibility. He resigned himself to his fate. And now, presented with an alternative, he has no idea what to think.

“Do you, uh,” he clears his throat, watching Lardo’s eyes narrow at him, assessing. “Do you know who Rans and Holster are giving theirs to?”

“They’re giving them to Nursey, bro.”

“Right. But to Nursey and…?

“Just Nursey.” She shrugs. “Those bunkbeds don’t even have a ladder anymore, so we figured we’d turn the attic back into a single for now. And we thought we’d do you all a solid by making sure the SMH didn’t lose it’s next best D-man pair due to mutual homicide within the first week of preseason by making you shack up together. We’ve all seen how you two handle sharing a hotel room on roadies.”

To be fair, how they handle it nowadays is wildly different from the roughhousing mess of their first semester at Samwell. But apparently no one’s noticed that.

Dex goes abruptly still as a thought occurs to him that feels like a bucket of ice water over his head. “Wait. Was this Nurse’s idea?”

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Prompt: Hello my love!! Could you do a Steve Trevor Imagine where the reader is an Amazon warrior and when she goes to the real world steve calls her “her partner”. So one day when she first sees a baby she was like “where can u purchase one” and Steve tell her that it’s something you have to do with your partner. So the reader asks him when will they have a baby?? I don’t know if you understand it but it’s okay if u dont wanna do it❤️

AN: This was so much fun to write!!!!!!!!

Fandom: DC

    Man’s World was a funny place. It had changed greatly since you had last seen it. There were roaring machines and funny clothing, and it was so utterly different from what you remembered as a child. It was fascinating.

    “If you keep stopping to stare, you’re going to get run over.”

    You smile at Steve Trevor, and he gives small smile back before motioning with his head. You jog lightly to catch up, and fall into step beside him. “It’s changed so much.”

    His voice is soft, “When’s the last time you were here?”

    You smile, “I was a girl, no older than six. My mother had just fought for our freedom from our oppressors.” He gives you a confused stare, before he simply continues walking.

    That’s when it catches your eye. It’s small, and delicate, and smiling. You make it two steps, before Steve’s hand wraps around your arm and attempts to pull you away. You remain rooted to the spot. “It’s an infant. A baby.”


    “I have not seen one since Diana was given to us. Even then, I was not allowed to hold her. Do you think she’ll let me hold her?”

    “Considering she doesn’t know you, probably not.”

    “But I mean the child no harm.”

    Steve winces, “That doesn’t matter here. Mothers are protective of their children.” He takes your hand, and this time you let him lead you away.

    “Is there a place where I can get one? Like Hippolyta got Diana?”

    He stutters for a second before saying, “You can’t have a baby on your own. It’s something you do with your partner.”

    You smile, “Then where do we get ours?”

    He nearly trips, but you catch him by the coat before he hits the ground, “Excuse me?”

    You smile, “You called me your partner in that proceeding with all the men. Why can we not get a child when our mission is done? When this war is over?”

    His cheeks turn a bright red, and he stammers over his words, “Tell you what, why don’t we revisit this subject when we finish the mission.” And without another word he starts walking.

    You catch up, and take his hand, “I want a girl.”

    He stares at you, “Excuse me?”

    “A girl child. I think it will suit us.”

    He sighs, “We’ll save that for the same discussion.”

    You smile, and keep walking, the warmth of his hand reassuring you, and the thought of a child of your own pushing you forward.

burn through my soul

a  fyre festival au because i have 0 chill, set in the ‘marble hearts collide’ universe bc ria asked for like an 80k companion fic, and because 36 of you seemed to like the idea. basically: it’s half fyre and half ust denial jily and a Big Mess.

for @gxldentrio @petalstofish who asked for more and @fredweasleying who supports james and sirius’ stupidity

most of my info is off the snapchat stories, articles and tweets but i’ve also done a lot of exaggerating, so take all reference to the festival with a bit of salt

It’s Sirius’ idea because, if it involves a stupid waste of money and the promise of celebrity chefs, it will always be his idea. And, because it’s Sirius’ idea, James is in. 

“It’s ridiculous,” Lily says, scrolling through the festival’s instagram. 

“No, it’s luxury,” Sirius says and snatches his phone back, “you wouldn’t understand.”

Remus raises an eyebrow, “she practically lives with you, I think she understands what luxury is.”

“And waste of money,” Peter adds, helpfully. 

“I can’t believe I let any of you into my house, when you’ve just come to insult me!” Sirius pouts, throwing himself dramatically back on the chaise. 

“Criticise your money spending habits,” Remus corrects, and just manages to dodge a throw pillow Sirius launches at him. 

‘What does Potter think, anyway?” Lily asks, looking down at her own phone. 

“Why does Potter’s opinion matter?” Sirius retorts. 

Lily is definitely avoiding eye contact, “It doesn’t.”

There’s a murmur of disbelief, and Lily scowls at her phone, knowing that if she looks up she’ll be accosted by five raised eyebrows, because only Sirius has learnt how to raise both separately. 

“But, seriously, when is Prongs back?”

“Well, Moony, funny you should ask…” Sirius smirks, “he arrived last night.”

Lily’s head shoots up, “but -”

“But what Evans, not happy to see me?” A voice comes from the doorway, and they all turn to see James leaning, not as gracefully as Sirius would have, against the doorjamb with a smirk to match Sirius’ on his face. 

“How long have you guys been planning that?” Peter asks, and he’s not as fast as Remus so a throw pillow hits him in the stomach.

Remus laughs, “probably longer than they’ve been planning this festival bullshit.” 

“Losers,” Lily mutters, finally looking away from James, pretending that her phone screen is more interesting than the bit of chest his loosely tied dressing gown shows. 

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Today on "A day in the life of a smol trans dude": Milo's adventures at target
  • ME: *finds pants I want to try on*
  • Mom: "Go try those on, I'll meet you over there."
  • Me: *Goes to fitting room* *falters at which side to go on because Im so used to going to the girls side*
  • Target lady: "This side little man" *Points to mens*
  • Me: *is Happy* *Leaves after trying on pants*
  • *5 minutes later*
  • Mom: *goes to fitting room* "Have you seen my son?"
  • Target lady: "Is he really good looking?"
  • Mom: "That's him"
  • Target lady: "He just wandered off... He's almost too pretty to be a boy."
  • Mom: "Haha yeah he is really good looking, thanks."
  • ------------------
  • Man if only she knew : ')

Listen like. I know the whole “Emily is Torbjorn’s kid!” thing is mostly a joke but list e n.

Emily meeting Lena for the first time at an overwatch thing and just. “dad u didn’t tell me u worked with a literal angel what the ungodly fuck dad” “you’ve met ang—” “not her. the one who just blinked into the wall.” “…”

Lena wooing Emily with god awful pickup lines during said thing and torb just looks at his wife, wife calmly takes a sip of her drink and just. “Called it.”

Only child and war orphan Lena immediately inundated and welcomed into the fam by a mountain of small children who have already embraced her as a big sister by proxy and she loves ALL OF THEM.

Also like Lena never being more intimidated of Torbjorn, a man she has gone into battle with and seen make and destroy weapons of mass destruction, then when she goes to ask for his blessing to propose to Emily. He gives her the biGGEST HUG and just. “about damn time.” 

The lindholme fam all have Discourse Kazoos for family dinners just in case Omnics get brought up bc that is the only time things get heated between lena and torb like. “Did you hear about what’s happening with Russ–” “PZZZZZZZZZZZTT”

anonymous asked:

Can I request the rfa and the minor trio trying to get 707 to stop being an idiot and be with mc? I saw your one with baehee and it was 💯💯💯 xoxo rfa-confidential

Thank you very much! The Baehee one was a lot of fun to write and so was this one, so thanks for requesting it! I hope that you enjoy!! :3


  • Yoosung knew by the first conversation that you and Seven had together that you were meant for each other
  • Even though he was majorly slightly jealous, Yoosung still felt that the two of you were a perfect fit for each other
  • So when Seven is being an idiot and starts pushing you away even after the whole Mint Eye fiasco, Yoosung decides that it’s time for him to help out
  • Yoosung goes over to Seven’s home and insists that he needs to talk to him about MC
  • Once he let him in, Seven had never seen Yoosung so angry before in his life and boy does Yoosung let Seven have it
  • “It’s obvious that she loves you and you love her Seven so stop being a dummy by trying to push her away and go tell her you love her! You two deserve each other got that?”
  • After hearing Yoosung’s ‘encouraging’ words, Seven decides to man up and finally go to you and profess his love for you
  • A week later, Yoosung was walking past a local cafe and saw you and Seven happily chatting, making Yoosung smile and feel accomplished
  • Yoosung then texted Seven later on ‘You owe me big time for motivating you, I’m expecting triple the rewards in LOLOL along with a months supply of Honey Buddha Chips!’


  • Zen never understood how anyone could get Seven’s ‘unique’ humor like you did
  • Of course Zen wanted to get to know you better and maybe even ask you out on a date, but he realized that you and Seven were meant to be
  • So when Seven decided to push you away even though the two of you clearly had feelings for each other, Zen came up with a plan
  • Zen invited both you and Seven to a nice restaurant to celebrate his upcoming musical that he got the lead role for
  • You and Seven were directed to a table for only two, leaving both of you confused and the atmosphere awkward
  • Seven then heard his phone ring and answered it to hear an angry Zen
  • “Seven you need to man up and stick with MC! It’s obvious that the two of you love each other so stop being an idiot and enjoy the night with her. And no matter what, don’t leave MC.”
  • Zen hung up on the shocked Seven and smirked from his hiding spot when he saw you and Seven start to chat and laugh together
  • But Zen’s services came at a cost and while he left the two of you alone at the restaurant, Zen texted Seven ‘You’re welcome for the pep talk. I’m expecting tickets to a Broadway show along with helping promote the newest musical I’m in. Enjoy your night!’


  • Jaehee always thought that you and Seven would be the perfect couple since the two of yours humor was a little… odd
  • But Jaehee still thought that the two of you would be cute together and was secretly routing for you two all along
  • You and Jaehee ended up becoming good friends after the party so you and Jaehee planned a small girl’s day together
  • She noticed how sad you looked and asked what was wrong and you told her that Seven was pushing you away again, making you wonder if he really loved you
  • After hanging out with you, Jaehee went to find Seven, who happened to be visiting Yoosung to play some LOLOL and explained to him the situation
  • “MC really loves you Luciel so why don’t you just admit your feelings and love her back? You’re really hurting her Luciel.”
  • When she noticed Seven wasn’t listening and continuing to play the game, Jaehee’s eyebrow twitched and she snapped, taking a hold of Seven’s arm and twisting it back painfully until he listened to her
  • Seven yielded and agreed to take better care of you which made Jaehee smirk and return back to her own home leaving a very sore Seven and a very stunned Yoosung
  • Jaehee saw on the messenger a day later that you and Seven went out on a date and by the looks of the photo he posted, both you and Seven looked genuinely happy
  • She smiled to herself happy for the two of you but Jaehee still texted Seven saying ‘I’m glad that you finally listened to me. Now as a thank you present, I want you to convince Mr. Han to give me a weeks vacation and I want some imported coffee beans.’


  • Jumin had always noted how good you and Seven got along on the messenger
  • The humor used between you and Seven confused Jumin to no end
  • But Jumin was genuinely happy that Seven found some like you to be happy with, especially since it meant that Seven would leave Elizabeth the 3rd alone
  • So when Jumin heard that Seven was pushing you away even after everything the two of you went through made Jumin upset
  • He invited Seven over to his penthouse, something unheard of to Seven, to discuss with him what was going on
  • After securing Elizabeth the 3rd away from Seven’s grasp, Jumin sat down with the younger man to talk with him
  • “Luciel, you need to get it together and be with MC. She deserves to have someone… unique like you in her life. You know as well as I do that both of you care for each other so go and be with her.”
  • Jumin then got you and Seven tickets to dinner and a show to let the two of you enjoy yourselves
  • When the night arrived, Jumin had a security guard watch over the two of you and when the guard reported back that the two of you were enjoying themselves, Jumin felt happy
  • Jumin then took out his phone and sent Seven a text with a satisfied smile ‘I’m glad that you’re enjoying you night Luciel. For my form of payment, I want a ten thousand word essay explaining how sorry you are for how you treat Elizabeth the 3rd by Monday. Have a good rest of your night.’


  • After everything you and Seven went through, V wanted nothing more than for the two of you to be happy
  • Even though V wasn’t on the messenger too often, he could clearly see that you and Seven were in love with each other
  • But V noticed that Seven was pushing you away to apparently keep you safe, but V knew better
  • Since Seven looked up to V so much, the older man called Seven one night to tell him how wrong he was acting
  • “Listen Saeyoung, I know that you think hat you’re keeping her safe but you’re wrong. I know for a fact that the two of you love each other so please, don’t push her away and be with MC. Trust me, you do deserve happiness with her.”
  • Seven took a few days to mull over V’s words, eventually realizing how right V was
  • A week later, V was at the park taking some nature photos when he saw you and Seven walking together, laughing and looking genuinely happy
  • V gently smiled and sent Seven a quick text saying ‘Thank you for listening to me Saeyoung. The only thing I want from you is to continue to cherish MC. If you ever need anything please don’t hesitate to ask. Enjoy your day Saeyoung, you earned it.’


  • As much as Saeran hated to admit it, he secretly thought that you and Seven were the cutest couple
  • After finding out the truth about what really happened in the past, Saeran knew that Seven deserved to be with you and to share happiness together
  • Even if the two of you were a weird couple, Saeran still enjoyed seeing the two of you act like complete idiots, it actually made him happy himself
  • So when Seven started pushing you away again, Saeran knew that he had to do something to stop his idiot of a brother
  • When you left in a fit of tears one day, Saeran grabbed Seven’s shirt collar and told him
  • “What is wrong with you?! Why would you feel the need to be an idiot and push MC away? It’s so obvious that you love each other and it pisses me off to see you acting this way. So quit being an idiot for a minute and go get MC back.”
  • Seven was never one to turn down a request from his younger brother and realized that Saeran was right and maybe he did deserve to be happy
  • A few days later, Saeran woke up to find a note pinned to the table telling him that you and Seven went out for a date thanks to him and that they’d be home later
  • Saeran felt truly happy for his brother and smiled mischievously as he whipped out his phone and texted his brother ‘Good thing you listened to me. I want ten different flavors of tubs of ice cream by the time you get home. Have a good date idiot.’


  • Vanderwood never has, and probably never would, understand the relationship between you and Seven
  • He thought that Seven was the most annoying slob on Earth so how did he manage to get a girl like you in his life?
  • It’s probably a question that Vanderwood would always ask himself but nevertheless, he still thought that the two of you made a nice couple
  • One day while Vanderwood was cleaning up Seven’s living room, he heard shouting from Seven’s room as you left, slamming the door shut and ran into the bathroom
  • Vanderwood’s curiosity got the better of him and he knocked on Seven’s door and went in to find a sad looking Seven
  • He knew immediately what happened, he knew that Seven was always like this since he was his partner
  • Vanderwood sat down next to Seven and crossed his legs while folding his arms as he told Seven in an annoyed tone
  • “Why do you always insist on acting like an idiot? It’s painfully obvious that the two of you like each other so stop pushing her away. And remember if you keep being an idiot, I’m not afraid to use my taser.“
  • Seven laughed at his friend’s “pep talk” and went to made amends with you while Vanderwood smiled triumphantly to himself
  • A few days later, Vanderwood saw that you and Seven had made up and were currently on a date and since Vanderwood knew that Seven was happy, he decided to take advantage of that and tested Seven 'I hope that you have a good time with MC today. For my payment of expert advice, you’re going to clean your own house as well as mine. Better get that maid outfit ready.’

In which anti-shippers prove not watching scenes they don’t like and then meta’ing about how they’re not important makes them look foolish.  

Regina expressing a desire for romantic love.


Here we have Tink offering to help her find love and she doesn’t think it’s possible.

Tinker Bell: You know, I’ve got an idea. I can help people find what they need, Regina.
Regina: And what do I need?
Tinker Bell: You don’t even know? That’s so sad. Regina, love. You need love.
Regina: You’re gonna help me find another soulmate?
Tinker Bell: It is possible to find love again. I’ve never seen pixie dust fail. It will find you your perfect match. If you let it, you’ll find your happy ending.

And here we have Regina expressing regret that she didn’t allow herself to take a chance on love.


And here we have Snow telling her not to hold herself back and… shockingly she goes and finds the man she has feelings for.

Snow:  Don’t let anything hold you back.


And here we have Regina wishing she’d taken a chance on love decades ago.

Regina: This makes me wonder why we didn’t do this a few decades ago.

Essentially the entire season 3 and 4A plot revolves around Regina’s desire for this relationship and for romantic love in general and her belief that her loss of it is karmic.  That’s why she goes looking for the author.  It is her central motivating force.

No matter how much whining you do about the idiocy of the pixie dust plot device will change that this is the story they told.  If it’s the story they should have told is a debatable point.  If there were better stories they could have told is a debatable point.  But pretending that this material isn’t relevant just because you don’t want it to be is silly.

Oh and let’s go back to how her entire soul broke in two.  So you don’t like Outlaw Queen.  How about some Stable Queen.




If you are saying that is not her story you have willfully ignored entire swaths of the narrative that don’t fit your desires.  Frankly I don’t care.  You are perfectly welcome to not like Outlaw Queen (or Stable Queen but I don’t know anyone who doesn’t like Stable Queen).  But you look like a fool to sit here and argue that Regina doesn’t want romantic love.

This is the danger of skipping scenes you do not like and not taking the writing of your NoTP seriously while still claiming to meta about one of the characters involved.

You can not discuss Regina Mills canon story and ignore Outlaw Queen.  You can’t.  

It’s Snowy’s idea that they go out to karaoke. Of course, Aces PR jumps on the idea, visions of viral gif sets dancing in their heads.

Jeff isn’t going to say no, because–well, because Snowy is right. He’s the best at all this team bonding kind of shit. Maybe it’s goalie magic, maybe it’s emotional intelligence, maybe it’s a mix of both? But Snowy gets it, he gets this team, this mix of grumps and misfits. 

Snowy was the second person drafted, after Jeff, and he has always gotten this team down to its bones.

They’re a motley crew with their misfit-in-chief, Kent Parson. Jeff can’t quite look at him right now. Every time he does, he notices something else. The point of the V on Kent’s dark green t-shirt is damp with sweat. Kent’s bangs are springing free of his backwards snapback. Kent talks like an Italian-American, all hand gestures.

“Come on,” Moose yells, gesturing with his beer bottle. “Parser’s next!”

“Really?” Kent calls back. “Thought it was Philly.”

Philly holds up both middle fingers. He’ll rap anything but he won’t sing, not even for karaoke. Not even in the shower. Kent sings in the shower all the time, especially power ballads. Everybody’s used to it.

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Bad Bob drops his gloves and takes on the press

”I just have this wonderful image of Bob getting so fucking fed up with how the media treats Jack. Acting like they’re somehow entitled to Jack’s life, to Jack in general, scrutinizing everything, constantly bringing up his overdose like they know anything about it. So here’s how I see everything going down. 

(this ended up a lot longer than I planned.)

  • Jack and Bitty have been out for a little while, and the press is, of course, being dicks because when aren’t they when it comes to Jack
  • Bob is fucking furious. Jack is finally happy and in a good place and the press is still going after him like he murdered someone
  • And he just does not understand why he himself is so glorified??? Jack almost died on his watch??? why are they all acting like Jack is a disappointment??? Jack literally almost died????
  • So Bob resolves to set the record straight. He talks to Jack first, of course, to ask him how much he’s comfortable letting Bob share.
  • Jack is in a good place now. A great place. So this… doesn’t scare him the way it would have a few years ago. It’s nerve-wracking, and he knows it won’t be fun, but the idea doesn’t make him shake.
  • Jack looks Bob right in the eye and says; “Say what happened from your point of view.”

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RFA+Saeran & V Forget Valentines Day and (Male) MC Is Salty GIF Reactions


  • He feels soooo guilty
  • Your glare scares him into incomprehensible stuttering


  • MC asks why Zen missed their date
  • Zen is shocked and confused until he realizes the what day it is and tries to explain
  • MC is having none of it


  • Jaehee is beyond shook
  • She’s trying to figure out how in the world she forgot
  • MC goes in for the kill with guilt trick


  • You have never seen so many flowers get delivered so fast
  • Money isn’t going to help you out of this one Mr. Trustfund
  • MC is holding on strong to their bitterness 


  • His reaction is straight out of a sitcom
  • The boy didn’t even have time to play dumb as he realized how bad he messed up


  • Fight or flight and his ass ran.
  • Nothing in his life has prepared him for this. ‘
  • MC just stands there like, “Am I going to have to chase a man down?”
  • Because you will.


  • If you can even find it in your heart to stay mad–
  • That’s some talent.
  • MC just sighs and accepts the apology trying to make V feel better about forgetting.
Transylvania (Alexander Hamilton x Reader)

Title: Transylvania

Pairing: Alexander Hamilton x Reader

Word Count: 2076

Summary: Alex loses a bet, and the punishment isn’t really a punishment once it’s all said and done. (Also, ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW!!!!!)

Request: #3 I may be an idiot but im not stupid with Alex please?

A/N: I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE Rocky Horror!!! Nothing else can be said at this point except if you don’t know what Dr. Frank-N-Furter looks like, LOOK HIM UP BECAUSE THAT ADDS THE BEAUTY TO THE STORY (Little self-promo, I have another piece combining Hamilton with another popular musical, & the story is called Land of Thomas, in case anyone likes Kinky Boots)

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Aya Drevis from Mad Father and Ms Library from Misao look very similar. They have other similarities too:

  • Both games are made by the same man(so a connection is possible)
  • Ms Library mentions her father is a scientist. Aya’s father is also a scientist.
  • Aya’s clone presumably goes to live with her scientist father and Ogre. Ms Library is seen living with the same arrangements(a scientist father and Orge/Onigawara).
  • Both Aya and Library have homicidal tendencies 
  • They both like to read
  • In Misao, the man who comes in to kill the bully(when you hide in the intestines) looks like Aya’s father Alfred with purple hair. He even has a chainsaw.
  • Also, the bully mentioned that she doesn’t want to be, “tested on” by him. That hints that he is a scientist who may very well be Ms Library’s scientist father. Quite a coincidence for two scientist fathers to look so similar.
  • If he was Ms Library’s dad then that was probably his lab. He has the exact same test tubes in there that Alfred does in his own lab.
  • Ms Library had the book “The Red-Eyed Stranger” on her shelf. Aya has the exact same book. It is even read to her in her game.
  • The music playing in Library’s well… library is the same music that plays at the end of Mad Father.

All this doesn’t include Version 3 which hints much more strongly to it(but, as it was made after the fan theory, the 3rd version was probably adjusted because the creator liked the idea).

anonymous asked:

I still need Oda to introduce us to the man that Big Mom slept with in order to produce this Greek god in human form called Katakuri. It goes to show that she can have great taste in hot men, especially if they produce a guy like her second son.

Knowing Oda it’s probably someone who doesn’t even look that great to begin with. I mean, have you seen Sabo’s parents and then compared them to Sabo?? Sabo is literally a beautiful man and looks nothing like his disgusting parents 


I wrote this short little fic ages ago on Livejournal and forgot to upload it anywhere else, but it’s basically my take on Snape’s childhood.

Warning for implied/non-graphic domestic abuse and child neglect

Severus hides behind the tatty armchair, his hands covering his ears while his mother and father scream at each other.

It’s the same every night, and Severus often wonders how it would be to have parents that love each other. He hears the boys at school talk about their fathers with admiration and praise and love. Severus is only nine, but he’s old enough to know that he doesn’t love his father. He hates him, in fact.

Severus hates the boys at school, too, who call him names; slimy Severus, stinky Severus, snot-nosed Severus. Severus knows he’s better than all of them, because he’s magic and they’re not, but he has to keep it a secret.

Eileen gave away her secret, and now her husband beats her for it.

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Hello! I have a paper due tomorrow (technically later) and I am just so frustrated that I have to resort to my happy pill, which is the amazing OTP! ANyway, here’s a rushed, and probbly crappy since it’s still unedited, one shot, from yours truly. this is dedicated to @fanwright who is a fellow bbrae shipper too. And as usual, this is also dedicated to Sokkla goddess which is Sey. Thank you for everything. 

Sokka stands in front of a brown door, imagining huge fiery claws grabbing and feasting on him.

           Still, albeit a slight exaggeration, the person who sits behind those doors has been called by everyone in their workforce, as the dragon lady. Her eyes turn to slits in her best and worst moods. Her words burn and hurt like the fire found in hell.  And she is goddamn attractive.

Azula, CEO of the Azulon Corporation.

           Sokka raises his hand, about to knock, then changes his mind at the last second. He thinks, he should have focused on his work more. He should have submitted those goddamn paperworks on time.  But he hasn’t, and now, the dragon has sent him a memorandum and might eat him alive at her den.

           Last week, Katara announced that she is pregnant. Everyone in their little family has been happy. Ecstatic even. But when he has went home, and found himself lying flat on his back, eyes trailing randomly on his apartment’s ceiling.  Sokk has felt a tinge of envy creeping on his heart.

           Sokka is 26 years old, two years older than Katara. He is still single, but not sure of he will be ready to mingle. He’s straight. Sexuality is not the problem. But, despite of the years that passed since Yue died, he hasn’t found himself opening his heart to anyone. He doesn’t even have the guts to sleep with anyone. There were casual dates. Dinners with his co-workers. Barhopping. Blind dates. He has tried to find a new girl. But his efforts have failed.

           Because of that, he has accepted the fact that he’ll die alone. Single.  Living with 100 domesticated dogs. But when Katara has announced her pregnancy, the denied truth that he hasn’t really accepted that fate blossomed.

He wants a child.

           And since it’s impossible to have it the natural way, he decides to ask for Science’s help.

And since he has been so busy with his new plan, he has forgotten his responsibility in his job, and now, is in danger of being fired from his position as the Head Manager of the Marketing Department.

“The door won’t open itself you know.”  A deep, lulling, but definitely feminine voice, says behind him. Turning, he sees the nightmare that he should encounter when he enters the pit.  

Miss Azula stands behind him. She’s wearing a deep red turtle neck shirt, topped by a deep black coat. Below a pencil- skirt is embracing her hips down to her  knees.

She is hot.

“Sokka, I don’t think staring at me will do you at your current predicament. Enter the room.”

           Sokka almost dashes inside, praying to all gods known to man. Please let me survive this one.

Azula is known for being merciless.

           She goes for the kill. There are no second chances. A mistake is a mistake. There is no reason for that. And when she has seen the declining performance of Sokka, she would have normally fired him on the spot.

But he is different.

           The man is brilliant. His intelligence is almost in spar with hers. He is one the of the company’s aces. And she knows for a fact that if she fires him, it will be the company’s loss. And as CEO, her actions will always be for the company’s well being.

And a bit for herself.

“Sit down.” She orders him.

           She clasps her hands together, and stares right through his eyes. “I can fire you right now, you know that. And I want to.” She lies.

“I am so sorry Ma’am.” Sokka answers. He knows of her policies. And if she sees fit to fire him. He can’t blame her judgment.  

“But, luckily for you. This is the first time in your 5 years of employment  that you performed poorly.”

           Sokka’s eyes brighten. Anticipating her next words.

“I’d give you a second chance. Don’t. Make. Me. Regret. It.”

“Thank you so much Ma’am. I promise you. This would be the last.”

           Azula nods at him, waving her hand, a sign that he could leave. Sokka stands, bows down, and exits.

           Azula eyes his black fitted pants that emphasize his rear.

Decisions for the company, indeed.

The clock reads 12:00 pm. Break time for the first shift of employees. Sokka grabs a soda from the vending machine, and climb to the building’s rooftop to unwind.

Aang has been waiting for him. The young-looking man waves at him, enthusiastically. What a bother. He should be thankful that they have been friends since college. And add the fact that he is Sokka’s brother-in-law.

“I’ve heard from Katara about your plans…” Aang says, straight-up. Sokka nods at him.

“She thinks that it’s a bad idea, finding a surrogate mother to bear your child…”

“I know.”

“But I think it’s okay. You want a child. So be it.”

Sokka turns to Aang, surprised by his statement.  “Really?”

“Yep. As long as you’re happy bro.

Lunch break ends. Sokka goes back to his office to finish extra work to get back to his boss’ good side. On the table, he sees a pamphlet of a hospital. Its services are printed on the third page. The third bullet is underlined. Obstetrics and gynaecology.

Sokka thinks of Aang. He felt touched at his best friend’s support. Sitting down, he immediately contacts the hospital and sets an appointment at the nearest time possible.

Which is later at 9:00 pm. Lucky.

He sends a quick thank you SMS to Aang.

Sokka sits at a coffee shop, waiting for the woman who volunteered to carry his child. She has been recommended by the ob-gyn he has met last night.

Doctor Ty Lee has given him everything that he needs for this pregnancy. All the details. From the rules to be followed, to the certificates— everything that needs his attention.

And from her ‘good graces of her heart’— Doctor’s words, not his— she can even recommend a surrogate mother. Sokka has accepted her offer and agreed to meet up with her today.

And the girl is an hour late.

Sokka gulps his second cup of cappuccino. Am I wasting time? He asks himself.

He orders a third cup.

He literally has not blinked an eye last night. He has been too excited for this moment. He may be meeting the woman who will carry his child.  The woman of his dreams in a different sense.

The clock ticks.

One hour and a half.

Sokka decides to rest his head on the table for a moment.

Suddenly, the chair in front of him moved. And someone sits down.

She sits like she owns the place. Her arms are crossed. Hear head is tilted. A smirk on her face.


The volunteer is goddamn Azula.


Azula only smirks at him.

“Yes. Me.”

Sokka is surprised beyond words. And at the moment, he wants to call himself, Shocka.

“B-but why? Is this some kind of prank?”  Sokka drastically turns his head around him.

“Nope.” Sokka bites his lips in frustration. He releases a deep breath.

“I’m leaving.” Sokka stands up from his chair. Regretting the time he has wasted.

“Leave, and you’re fired.” Azula says. Sokka immediately goes back to his seat.  She unabashedly grabs his unfinished third cup of cappuccino, and takes small sips, like she owns it.

“I heard everything from Ty Lee. The method you want to used. Everything. But I would like to tell you this. I am willing to carry a child. Our child.”

“I’m hearing a but…”

Azula, eyes him from top to toe. “But, I’ll only do it, unless, we do it, naturally…”

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Could you do one where Reid is starting to fall for a bad girl? Like shes super smart but really vulgar and the rest of the team is like what on earth? ❤😊

OH MY GOD. I loved this prompt so much that this is so long. I really shouldn’t write things this long cause I can’t focus on much else. But I apologize for this being late, I got sick right as college started back up. Thanks so much for this request I really hope you like this cause i had fun writing it and I really like it so please let me know if I did well. 

Title: Too Intimidating 

Author: @loverofdrreid

Warnings: ?? Language, a lot. Someone gets shot. 

Reid always found that cases closer to Quantico were easier thanks to the easy access to labs and back up the team had, and Washington D.C. was about as close as you could get for an unsub with this ego. Everything was explained on the drive to Washington D.C. and the team already had a profile in the works. A family annihilator, an older male, who spends three days with each family before brutally killing each family member. So far, three families have fallen victim resulting in a body count of nine. Each family consists of two parents and a son, who is in-between the ages of eight to ten.

“Is there anything else you can find that the families have in common?” Morgan asked.

“I’m still digging.” Penelope said over speaker phone. “But all the families did live fairly close to each other so I’m sure I’ll have something after you guys meet the lead detective for this case. Stay save my lovelies.”

Penelope clicked off, and Morgan went to put his phone away when Hotch stopped him.

“I need you to call Rossi and tell him to put it on speaker so JJ and Emily can hear.”

“Okay, but why?”

Reid was also curious; after all if it was anything to do with the case he’d just share it with the group when everyone arrived at the police station.

“There is something everyone needs to know about the detective we’ll be working with on this case. She’s the best in her field and was promoted to her title younger than most due to her hard work, intelligence, and instinct. But she was very clear about not wanting to work with the FBI on this case and she’s known to be very extreme and violent. While she may be hard to work with she also knows what she’s talking about, but I don’t want anyone on the team to follow her lead alone. She’s known to get into some dangerous situations.”

Spencer made sure to make a note about that, and to stay as far away as possible.

You paced in front of your chief’s desk for what must have been the tenth time that day. FBI, fucking FBI, that was the last thing that you needed.


“Don’t even start again, Detective (L/N).”

You scowled, and huffed dramatically as you sat down.

“Sir, Detective,” A young officer said getting both of your attention. “The BAU is here.”

“Great.” You mumbled dropping your head into your hands. “There goes my fucking killer.”

“How do you figure that?”

You looked up to match the unknown man to the voice. He was tall, but not the tallest out of the group and you found you couldn’t break eye contact with him. You weren’t sure if it was because he was attractive or because you didn’t want to be seen as weaker by breaking first.  

“Please, try to ignore her, she may have an attitude but she’s the best detective on this force.” Your chief tried to defend you, but you tuned it out. You analyzed the BAU team as they were introduced. Aaron Hotchner, serious man/ team leader, David Rossi, you’ve read his books you know more than enough about him, Jenifer Jareau, smart and looked like she could be good in a fight, Derek Morgan, alpha male who was giving you a bit of an intimidating glare,  Emily Prentice, she stood tall and analyzed everything around her, and Doctor Spencer Reid. He was who first spoke to you, and you didn’t know how to describe him but your mind kept coming back to sunshine.

“Listen,” You said getting the every agent’s attention. “This is my case, and I didn’t ask for any of your help. With all of you running around he’s going to get scared and run.”

Aaron turned to you. “How do you know he’ll run?”

“Because I know how to think like these assholes, I know that this killer is a coward and the second he thinks we are on to him he’ll run.”

Derek crossed his arms, his glare never leaving his face. “What makes you say he’s a coward, he seems pretty confident in what he’s doing.”

You shot your own glare to every member of the FBI and to your own chief. “Pay attention, this creep gets off on playing house with the family members not on torture not on abuse. He kills off the threat of the husband after the first day, and spends the other two with the wife and child. When we find this guy, he’ll be scared shitless because he’s not used to fighting people who actually can beat him. He prefers stalking and a blitz attack, that’s the only way he can take control.”

You notice Agent Reid giving you a look.

“What’s up, Doc?”

“I’d prefer if you just call me Spencer and what you describe sounds like a profile.”

“Well, Doc,” You decided that was the guys nickname now. “Now do you understand why I didn’t need you or your team?”

Agent Hotchner stepped forward. “We are just here to help you catch this man, help that your chief believes that you need.”

You rolled your eyes and started walking towards the empty office they’d be using. “I’ll help you all get set up, even though I really don’t want to, but if this piece of human scum runs I will blame you.”

It’s now been two days since the BAU team has been assisting you on the case. While you’ve been giving them nonstop attitude they have been actually getting you results. You hated to admit it but this asshole didn’t run with all the FBI presence he instead got sloppy.

“Doc!” You shouted running into the room. “Where the hell is the rest of your team?”

“They found the unsub’s address his name is Thomas Whitman, they’re all heading to his place with swat. I was waiting for you so we can go meet them there.”

You waved away his words. “They won’t find him there; you need to come with me. He is already at his next victim’s house and I know where it is. I need some backup.”

Agent Spencer hesitated.

“Listen, the mom is a friend of mine and she made the call before the unsub could take control. The longer we wait here, the longer her and her family are victims. I’m not okay with that, so you’re either coming or not.”

Of course, despite Spencer’s better judgement, he came with you.

“So what’s the plan exactly?” Agent Spencer asked you as you circled the house. Back up and his team were on their way but they were miles away.

“You know, I haven’t really thought that far ahead.” You tried to ignore Agent Spencer’s shocked stare as you sized up the back door. “Your profile says he won’t kill the family until he’s played out his fantasy, right?”

“That’s the profile.” Spencer said about to get into the details and statistics of the possible outcomes.

“Good.” You gave Spencer a little push away from you, and kicked down the door in one smooth motion. Raising your guns you both travelled down the hall towards the stairs. Spencer took the right side towards the kitchen, while you took the left side towards the living room.

A crash towards the backdoor made both of you turn on your heels. You both ran towards the back, and watched as your unsub ran through the door into the backyard. Spencer made it through the door first and aimed his gun. Only the unsub raised his gun faster.

You weren’t even able to process what or why you were doing what you were doing. All you saw was an unsub about the pull the trigger on Spencer. You tackled him just in time, as you felt the bullet tear through you.

Luckily the rest of the BAU and SWAT team showed up and took down the killer before he could try and take anyone else out.

You saw Spencer get up and check himself for injuries, you didn’t blame him, that bullet had his name on it. He saw you a couple feet away, on your back and applying as much pressure as you could while you bled out.

Spencer rushed toward you. “Why did you push me out of the way, (Name)? I have a bullet proof vest, you don’t!”

You tried your best to put on a brave face, but you were hurting. “Relax, I’m probably going to live. I couldn’t stand to see anything happen to you, Doc.”

Spencer yelled for a medic, and you were actually grateful for the team effort.


“Please, don’t speak, you’ll be okay but I need you to save your energy.”

“Doc, this hurts like a son of a bitch.”

The rest of the agents approached you now, and you threw a glare at Derek and Aaron. “I swear to god, if you agents arrested my piece of shit killer and took credit for this I’ll haunt you from the fucking grave.”

Of course, have now dealt with you for two days the BAU learned to ignore you.

You were enjoying some jello from your hospital bed, feeling not so fresh after your surgery. But you were glad that this case was finally over and you could move on to catching other sickos solo.

“Knock. Knock.” The ever clear accent of David Rossi pulled you from your trace. You watched as the rest of his team filled the small room.

“Oh, great. I thought I was done with you damn agents.” You smirked. “Don’t tell me we’re assigned to work together permanently.”

“I don’t think I could ever allow that.” Aaron said, finally after three days, cracking a smile. “We just stopped in to see that the surgery was a success and to say goodbye.”

You gave a mock salute. “Honor working with you sir.”

“You have to admit,” Derek said smirking. “There’s no way you would have solved it so fast without us.”

You shot a ‘can you believe this’ look to Spencer, but noticed he seemed to be distancing himself from his group and moving closer to your hospital bed.

“I’ll admit no such fucking thing, but I am really glad I got to work with this team.”

Emily chuckled. “I might not even mind working with you again, but no getting shot next time, okay?”

You gave a wink. “No promises.” You turned to Spencer who was now standing right next to you. “Doc, it’s been a really ride working with your mind and glad I could save that cute face of yours.”

“Thirty-six point six miles. Which when driving the speed limit is only about forty six minutes. I’d be willing to make the drive, but I don’t know many places so you’d have to decide where to go once you’re cleared from the hospital, that is.” Spencer said without taking a breath.

“Whoa.” You didn’t know where this was going but you liked it.

“Slow down, pretty boy.” Derek said, with the rest of his team shooting Spencer a concerned look.

Spencer fidgeted with his hands and looked around the room nervously before clearing his throat. “Right, that wasn’t clear enough. What I mean to say is: Can I take you out on a date?”

You nearly choked on your jello. “What?”

Derek and David gone wide eyed and both shouted a confused, “What?”

Emily smirked. “Way to go, Reid.”

“Spence,” Jenifer said clearing her throat. “You probably should have waited until we left the room to ask that.”

“No kidding!” Derek yelled.

Spencer gave a shy smile, which kind of made your heart melt. “Sorry, I wasn’t really thinking.”

Derek turned, mumbling confused under his breath. “He ‘wasn’t thinking’, what is happening right now.”

Aaron and David gave you a look, before Aaron signaled at everyone else to clear the room.

David turned back to you after everyone but Spencer left. “Try not to be offended by Derek’s surprise, pretty sure you were just a little too intimidating for him.”

Once they were out of the way, you turned to Spencer smirking. “So Doc, I’m going to need your number if I’m going to call you to set up that date.”

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Hello! Who do you think would be holly short's godly parent in case she was a demigod? I have seen theories about artemis but never holly. I kind of want a second opinion

MAN THIS is a good question…my first thought goes to Pan! also ares to an extent. but holly isnt aggressive because shes aggressive, shes a go getter who knows the right thing is more important than following rules. thats justice and compassion, so to me that says Themis (a titan)/ Eleos! also cupids her great grandad or some such lol

I love you too Joker x Reader

A/N: Part 2 to Thorn in my side

Y/N walked into the bank they were currently robbing with J. As his henchmen started yelling at the people and pushing them down, she glared but did not say anything. Only Frosty listened to her, the others didn’t unless she got really upset. She mouthed a ‘sorry’ to the people and went to stand beside J. After her ‘torture session’ she felt like a different person. Of course she let the guy go afterwards and thanked him for helping her impress J. He went home with ten thousand dollars, short nails, and bruised ankles (She actually did use the scooter a couple times, only when J was looking though). That night she told J she thought she was ready for their ‘chemical wedding’ but he apparently changed his mind.

“You know, pumpkin. I don’t think you need to do that yet.” She sighed and nodded.

“You’re right. You see how mean I was today? Imagine what I’ll be like after that. We would have to have another batman to handle me.” He laughed and pulled her in for a hug.

“We would, doll. This city would be in ruins by the end of the week, bruised ankles and clipped nails for everyone!” She nodded and smiled, completely oblivious to the fact he was making fun of her. He started bringing her on heists, and less people died in robberies. She never killed anyone, of course. That night they went to one of his clubs to celebrate her telling a hostage to ‘shut up’. He told her he’s never been more proud. She starts feeling dizzy so J tells a henchman to go outside with her to get her some fresh air. As soon as they are outside, the henchman falls to the ground, a bullet wound in his chest. Before she can do anything a bag comes over her head, cutting off her air supply. Already dizzy from earlier, it doesn’t take long for her to pass out.


She wakes up from a slap to the face. As she tries to move her hands, she notices they are tied to a chair. When she blinks a couple times to clear her vision, four men stand over her. One is the business associate she apologized to because J wouldn’t shake his hand. And to think I told Frost to be nicer to you.

“She’s the one. Call J and tell him if he doesn’t accept the deal and give us the money, his bitch dies.” Rude. “Until then, let’s have some fun.” Another slap. This one busts her lip.

“Huh. That was fun! Can you do it again?” They all blink, surprised she’s not crying with how sensitive she is. She hides her smile, happy she’s being so strong. Mr. J is gonna be so proud of her! This time, a punch hits her directly in the jaw, causing her to taste blood in her mouth. Keep the tears back.

“Might want to keep that mouth shut, little girl. All the chit chat’s gonna get you hurt.” They mock J’s voice, making her scowl. Another punch. Her head whips to the side and she spits blood out of her mouth.

“Are you studying chiropractic? I have to tell you, I don’t think it’s working.” A grin breaks out on her face, showing bloody teeth. He lifts his hand to hit her again, before she starts yelling.

“Batsy! Batsy!” They look around, confused. The head guy looks back at her.

“What are you talking about?” She lets out a giggle.

“Oh that’s just my safeword.”

“I’m surprised J hasn’t put you in a coma. He should have kept that Harley girl and got rid of this one.” Y/N’s grin immediately disappears. The two things she hates, people thinking J abuses her and comparing her to his ex. Not wanting to show they hurt her, she puts on a fake smile and looks up at him.

“Can I get a lap dance?” Before he can punch her, an explosion comes from the hallway. This time her smile is real. J appears at the doorway, looking extremely pissed off. She lifts her hand as much as she can and gives a little wave. Her lip is split and she has bruises on her cheek and jaw. He shoots everyone but the leader, but then he points his gun at him.

“J! No, put the gun down.” He gives her an irritated look.

“Baby, let Daddy handle business.”

“No, J. Put the gun down.” He growls and does it anyway.He’d prefer to make his death slow. When his henchmen untie her, she picks up the gun and shoots the man herself. He raises his brow, shock turning to worry as he wonders what they did to piss her off that much. When he goes to put his arm around her, she throws up. And there’s my girl. He holds her hair and rubs her back. As she comes up, her eyes are tearful and her voice is shaky.

“You should have seen me, Mr. J. I was so strong. I kept a smile on through the whole thing! I know how much you love smiling, so I thought it would make you happy-” A sob cut off her ramblings. When she looked at J, he wasn’t smiling or frowning. His brow was furrowed, showing concern instead of pride. He spread his arms and she went rushing into them. As she cried, he petted her hair. 

That night, all she did was cry. J got tired of it pretty quickly so he left her alone so he wouldn’t make it worse. He decided to try and cheer her up by decorating a room so they can have a date night. He made her favorite food, burnt of course, and brought grape soda. After deciding the room was perfect, he went into their room where he left her to cry. When he walks in she’s still there, hugging her pillow. Walking over to her, he wraps his arms around her and rubs her shoulders.

“I got a surprise for you, baby.” She just shakes her head.

“J, I’m not in the mood right now.” He starts purring, knowing she can’t resist anything when he does that. She doesn’t respond, so he puts his mouth against her ear and does it again.

“Go ‘way, J.” He doesn’t, only presses his head against hers even harder, pushing her face into the pillow.  Continuing to purr, he moves his body so he’s directly in front of her. Baring his teeth, he lunged at her face and pretended to bite her, snarling and snapping his teeth at her neck. That caused her to giggle and she shoved at his chest.

“Stop! Stop! Fine, I’ll go with you. It better not be you trying to throw me into some chemicals again.” He smiled and took her hand, leading her to the room. She gasps as she takes in the sight. There were candles all around the room and roses surrounded a bear skinned rug and burnt food. He used blood to write ‘ I love you’ on the wall. Soon she was crying for the hundredth time that night. She had never heard him say it, but he usually showed it. Not this blatantly though.

“Careful. I don’t need to bite you again, do I?” He emphasised his threat by purring in her ear and rested his hands on her hips.

“I love you too.”