and she gets to have the white lenses

Trauma and Healing: The End [Jason Todd x Reader]

A/n: Oh man! The final chapter!! I hope you guys enjoy it and I thank you for all the support on this series! PLEASE PAY MIND TO THE WARNINGS.

Warning: Multi-Personality Disorder, Death, Suicide

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Ch. 9

The first thing Jason felt was his head pounding. It felt like his skull would crack open at any second due to the immense pressure within it. Cracking open his eyes he squinted in the dim room. A single spot light hung above him, it being the only illumination of the room. For a moment, he thought he was in one of his nightmares. That the Joker would show up in front of him, dragging a crowbar along the concrete floor.

But no, he was very awake. Not hearing the sound of metal scraping against concrete, just the sound of breathing. Looking next to him, Roy and Kori were tied up beside him on opposite sides of the pillar. “Roy! Kori!” Saying in a harsh whisper, trying to bring consciousness to his friends. He heard Roy groan, shifting his body Jason brought his leg back to nudge him. Roy opened his eyes and looked around. “Where are we?”

“I don’t know, Kori’s still out.” Jason answered. “Do you remember anything?” Looking over at his friend. Roy thought for a moment, “They came up behind me, whoever it was. You?” Jason shook his head, “Only they wore an all black suit except the eyes” remembering the white lenses of the suit. Roy groaned and leaned against the pillar. Jason looked around the room while trying to get Kori to wake up. After a few minutes her eyes fluttered open. She tried melting through her restraints but had no luck.

“It’s cute you thought that would work.” Seven spoke from within the shadows of the ceiling. She’d been there the entire time. “I mean, I did capture you. You think I wouldn’t have the correct restraints?”

Jason and the others looked for the owner of the voice. God, he wishes he had his helmet. Night vision would be great. “Who are you?” Roy called and the sound of her climbing down and her feet hitting the floor could be heard. “Wouldn’t you like to know.” She said before a laugh.

“Come into the light you coward!” Kori challenged as they followed the sound of footsteps. The footsteps stopped before Seven stepped into the light. They all stared at the white lenses that covered her eyes. Jason narrowed his eyes at her, “Who are you?” Seven laughed, “‘What am I?’ would be a better question.”

Seven grinned under her mask. “Me, well I go by Seven. And well, I’m the person you love Jason.” Jason stared at the masked person in front of him. Trying to decipher who they were. “No guesses? Well, you three aren’t much fun.”

They watched as she reached up to the top of her mask. Pulling it off as [h/c] hair framed a familiar face.


Seven laughed, “In a way. You see, I’ve been inside [F/n] since the particle accelerator exploded. Since the night that wave of dark matter hit her. You see, I came from a very dark place inside [F/n]. That night, she was planning on killing herself. The mix of drugs and darkness seemed to fuse with the dark matter. Creating her powers which are connected to her emotions, along with me. I’m the embodiment of that darkness. I’m here to protect her from other dark things, from things that might hurt her. So I’ve taken the forefront, and she’s never coming back. I have to do this to protect her from those things. To protect me.” She kneeled in front of Jason, taking his chin between her fingers. “Things, like you.”

He narrowed his eyes at her. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’d never hurt her.” Growling back at her, not breaking eye contact. Seven chuckled, “It’s a shame really, she actually loved you.” Jason’s eyes widened when she said that, ‘she loves me’ thinking to himself. “[F/n], please I know you’re in there. I need you to fight.” He begged trying to get through to her.

[F/n] was witnessing this entire thing, trapped in her own mind. ‘Please don’t do this’ She begged Seven, who didn’t pay her any mind. “[F/n], she is weak.” She let go of Jason’s chin, standing and turning around. ‘I am not weak! I can take care of myself, LET ME OUT!’ Her voice rang in her skull, Seven stopped walking. Holding her temple.

“[F/n] come on you’re stronger than her!” Roy yelled next, pulling at his restraints. “You’ve proven how strong you are, fight her!” Kori was next. Jason stared at Seven as she held her head. “[F/n] please, I need you. I… I love you!”

Seven spun around that instant, though it wasn’t Seven who faced them. Those words seemed to trigger something, a warmth inside your soul that was just enough to bring you back. Collapsing on the floor you looked up at Jason. “You love me?” whispering. “[F/n]” Jason smiled, sighing in relief. “God yes. I love you more than anything. I love you more than life itself.” You felt tears prick your eyes as you rushed over, pulling a knife from your belt and cutting Jason & Roy’s restraints and unlocking the special cuffs used for Kori. Immediately Jason stood and wrapped his arms around you. “I was so worried about you. Thank god you’re alright.”

You cried into his soldier, “I did so many awful things, I’m so sorry Jason. I’m so sorry.” He rubbed your back trying to help you calm down. “It’s not your fault, it was Seven. It’s going to be okay.” He began to lead you out of the room, Roy and Kori in front of you both. Kori was checking for anyone in the corridors. While Roy sent out a distress beacon.

As he helped you, thoughts ran through your head. What if you couldn’t control this? What if she comes back? She tries to hurt Roy again? Kori again? Jason again? What if you’re really not strong enough for this? You couldn’t live with yourself if something happened to them.

Looking up at Jason, his eyes were glued on your exit. You took in his features; his blue eyes, the sharpness of his jaw, the white streak decorating the front of his raven black hair. Remembering how it felt to sleep in his arms and how he protected you every second of your life since you met him. How could you put him in this danger? It’s time you protected him.

In a split second you grabbed one of the guns from it’s holster on his thigh. Pushing away from him and pressing the barrel to your temple as your finger rested on the trigger.

“[F/n]! What are you doing?!” He yelled, seeing the tears stream from your eyes. Roy and Kori came running over, “[F/n] put the gun down!” Roy yelled.

“I can’t.” You shook your head. “I can’t put you all in that danger. With Seven, I can’t control her. She’s evil and murderous. I can’t do it, I’m not strong enough.” Sobs broke up your words. Jason shook his head, “No, you can do it. I know you can. [F/n] please put the gun down, I love you. Please, I’m begging you.” His voice trembled, in fear of the finger resting on the trigger. He took a few steps closer to you.

You kept your distance, taking steps back, “Don’t come any closer!” Your hand tightened on the gun, finger still on the trigger. “I’m sorry Jason. I’m doing this because I love you. It’s time I protected you. So, this.. This is goodbye.”

More tears streamed from your eyes. Jason shook his head, tears brimming his cerulean blues. “[F/n], I’m begging you. Please.”

“I love you Jason.”

As soon as the words left your mouth your eyes just tight and your finger pulled the trigger.

“Oh my god no no no!” Jason ran over, catching you before your body met the floor. “[F/n] please! Please wake up!” His hand caressed your hair as tears poured from his eyes.

Kori was clinging to Roy, hiding in his neck as Roy just stared shocked.

Jason pulled you into his chest, cradling you in his arms as he cried into your neck. “Please, don’t leave me. I need you, I love you.” Your body remained limp and lifeless as he continued to sob. Time seemed to stand still as Jason held your lifeless body in his arms.

It not picking up again until footsteps running into the room could be heard. Jason looked up, seeing Bruce running in with Dick, Damian, and Tim on his tail. With Oliver and Dinah running to Roy and Kori. “Oh no” Bruce could be heard mumbling.

Jason looked back down at you.

You. The love of his life.


Ghosts in the Mansion

Oh, what’s that? the duck fandom ordered more angst? No? You’re getting it anyway. 

Little Webby is convinced that the mansion has a ghost in it. And with no friends to entertain her, she might as well try to find that ghost. And she might not be entirely wrong thinking that Mister. McDuck doesn’t sleep well, because he is being haunted

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Amateur Hour

Violet (Jason) x Pearl (Matt)


A thump. A curse. There was a blinding light and Violet’s rouged lips, slowly, came into focus.

Her breathe fogged up the screen: “Is it on?”

“If the little light is red, then yes it’s on. Remind me again how you’re suppoused to be the future of drag?”

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So for those of you not already traumatized horribly by what happened to Prudith in Ava’s Demon, you know how the Gate of Paradise just takes off all your skin and bones and outfits you with cybernetic replacements, right?

Well, that thing was calibrated to fit Ava, not Prudith - first of all, Ava has a much smaller frame and (judging by Prudith’s blue skin and white hair) not even the same species as Prudith. So Prudith was being outfitted with parts far too small for her brain, eyes, and nervous system to fit, probably with blood that wouldn’t even sustain her too.  Hence why it looks like she’s “leaking” once she gets that new skin on her. By the time she gets those lenses over her eyes she’s dead.

Oh, and one more thing: remember when Ava died after being impaled? Her soul got to watch for the last few minutes and, if it weren’t for agreeing to Wrathia’s pact, would have dissipated into stardust?

So basically, Prudith got her whole nervous system squeezed to death and then had to watch for the last couple of minutes before crumbling to nothing.

I don’t care if she was a jerk, she didn’t deserve that.

anonymous asked:

I think Ladybug true magic is that NO ONE recognizes her, even when it so obvious she is Marinette. When Adrien transform into Chat Noir at least his eyes and hair change a little bit, but whit Marinette there’s nothing different; same eyes, same hair. That mask is really powerful!


people have suggested the kids have some sort of glamour when they’re transformed, so they can look familiar but not enough to be recogniseable, and i think for the sake of my own sanity i’m going to have to go with that.

someone in my inbox was asking for a proper critique on the writing (which i’ve been putting off so far because i’m in the middle of a coursework essay and don’t have time for another essay on top of it), and this - IF IT’S NOT EVER GOING TO BE EXPLAINED, WHICH IT STILL MIGHT BE - is an example of the poor writing i was narked at earlier. there’s a chance it will be explained, since there’s a lot more of this series still to come, but since it hasn’t even been highlighted as a curiosity within the show i heavily doubt it’ll be addressed.

(i’ll put this under a cut since it gets pretty long, but here’s some input from someone who’s studying literature at degree level and is pretty much being trained to deeply analyse this stuff. REMEMBER, CRITIQUE =/= DISLIKE.)

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