and she gets to have the white lenses

Amateur Hour

Violet (Jason) x Pearl (Matt)


A thump. A curse. There was a blinding light and Violet’s rouged lips, slowly, came into focus.

Her breathe fogged up the screen: “Is it on?”

“If the little light is red, then yes it’s on. Remind me again how you’re suppoused to be the future of drag?”

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So for those of you not already traumatized horribly by what happened to Prudith in Ava’s Demon, you know how the Gate of Paradise just takes off all your skin and bones and outfits you with cybernetic replacements, right?

Well, that thing was calibrated to fit Ava, not Prudith - first of all, Ava has a much smaller frame and (judging by Prudith’s blue skin and white hair) not even the same species as Prudith. So Prudith was being outfitted with parts far too small for her brain, eyes, and nervous system to fit, probably with blood that wouldn’t even sustain her too.  Hence why it looks like she’s “leaking” once she gets that new skin on her. By the time she gets those lenses over her eyes she’s dead.

Oh, and one more thing: remember when Ava died after being impaled? Her soul got to watch for the last few minutes and, if it weren’t for agreeing to Wrathia’s pact, would have dissipated into stardust?

So basically, Prudith got her whole nervous system squeezed to death and then had to watch for the last couple of minutes before crumbling to nothing.

I don’t care if she was a jerk, she didn’t deserve that.

I’m Half Taiwanese/American. I moved from California from Florida to Boston when I was little and I still remember in all my elementary school years the little blond boys would tease me and say that, ‘you talky too fast’ and would pull their eyelids at me. I wouldn’t laugh when they’d laugh, and say they were joking, but I would stop talking in school sometimes and now I think that I talk pretty slow. I wasn’t a shy kid, but I was a quiet one in school.

But fast forward to 2008, my father (he’s a Chinese major) got a job offer in Beijing I left America to live in a complete other country for the first time in my life. After initial culture shock and getting used to living in an entirely new environment, I had to learn a new language and how to use chopsticks too…yeah. Learning Mandarin was the hardest thing I’ve ever done. I thought I’d escaped immature people when I moved, but I soon grew tired of the people (teachers, friends, even people on the street!) asking me why I was living in Beijing if I wasn’t half Chinese, and why I would move here if no one in my family has ever lived in Mainland China. It didn’t really make me feel wanted. It made me a little homesick, but I wont go in to too much detail of my experiences there, (5 years is a long time when you’re a pre-teen/teen and a lot happened in that time span)

but the feelings I felt as a kid, and living in China, and living now like

for example I remember how mad I was when I found a couple pervy old guys trying to discreetly take pictures of me on the bus with their phones. (I was 13) My mom telling me her friends 8 year old daughter asked her mom why she didn’t look like me and my sister, why our eyes were different, and she didn’t know we were half white. I absolutely don’t agree with the idealized Eurocentric ideals of beauty that exist all over the world, not just in America, not just in China all over the world that really do affect all sorts of people. This 8 year old girl shouldn’t have to want to look different, she’s beautiful. She shouldn’t be wanting skin lightening products for her 9th birthday, or the light contact lenses that are so popular in China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan..

Anyway, did that mentality, that pressure, that harsh beauty standard all magically change and get better, like I thought it would, when I moved back to the US in 2013? jfc no! I moved back to Boston, and I still feel dehumanized day after day, when I first moved back and people would ask me,

“Where are you from?”

and I’d answer “America, California, I’m from Boston-“

and they’d say they meant where I was REALLY from all along? or where my family was from…

Once I say I’ve lived in an another country - they give me funny looks, even dare make the same squinty eyes like they did back in the 2nd grade just now behind my back (I’ve called them out on it), ask me to write their names for them in Japanese or y’know “whatever language I spent five years of my life studying”, guys saying I was beautiful cause I wasn’t completely White, but wasn’t completely Asian, but y’know how lucky and exotic it was that i’d traveled, I was shocked this is in America, it’s happening in America right now this way of thinking about women and Asians, it just internalizes so many Orientalist and misogynistic stereotypes of Asian women like as a part of a long-standing fetish the hipster teenage guys I’ve met so happen to have for the Eastern arts and culture, (well, schoolgirl porn, Chinese tattoos) as well as some peoples only obvious interest in me and my heritage was part of some Hollywood-media-fueled, sexualized recreation of Western colonialism of the Asian continent and its people - that makes me so mad. I just think shouldn’t we be so much farther than this in history right now to have this in society?

Worst, now, when I say am offended by them and have the ability to call them out on their ignorance more eloquently now, they protest so hard, ignore my points, claim “ooh that’s reverse racism!” or say “You’re only half anyway, you don’t know what you’re talking about!” They try to tell me I don’t understand or have a say in “how hard it is” cause the poor white boys have had it so hard, I just “don’t know enough about it”. Cause experience in both countries isn’t enough, right..I’m a person, a human being, an individual with an entire life and god I’ll stand up for myself and other half Asians and Asians my entire life, I’ve felt so strongly about this for such a long time.


that turned out to be a long, personal vent/rant.

I have only one more question now, America, I’m half - but when will you treat me like a whole?

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I think Ladybug true magic is that NO ONE recognizes her, even when it so obvious she is Marinette. When Adrien transform into Chat Noir at least his eyes and hair change a little bit, but whit Marinette there’s nothing different; same eyes, same hair. That mask is really powerful!


people have suggested the kids have some sort of glamour when they’re transformed, so they can look familiar but not enough to be recogniseable, and i think for the sake of my own sanity i’m going to have to go with that.

someone in my inbox was asking for a proper critique on the writing (which i’ve been putting off so far because i’m in the middle of a coursework essay and don’t have time for another essay on top of it), and this - IF IT’S NOT EVER GOING TO BE EXPLAINED, WHICH IT STILL MIGHT BE - is an example of the poor writing i was narked at earlier. there’s a chance it will be explained, since there’s a lot more of this series still to come, but since it hasn’t even been highlighted as a curiosity within the show i heavily doubt it’ll be addressed.

(i’ll put this under a cut since it gets pretty long, but here’s some input from someone who’s studying literature at degree level and is pretty much being trained to deeply analyse this stuff. REMEMBER, CRITIQUE =/= DISLIKE.)

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