and she fights with you!


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CONCEPT: Harry taking care of his girlfriend, buttering her toast for breakfast (NO INNUENDO) with peanut butter, whatever she liked best. Putting socks on her feet while he found her napping if he found them cold, after a fight if she were crying he'd text her "are you okay? I love you." For her birthday he'd get her silly little things and make sure the room were filled with balloons shaped like hearts and if she'd have a bad day he'd sit and listen to her complain about every single pt. 1

person and let her be annoyed and upset but kiss her worries away and understand, cramping and have her period he’d be set with heating pads and let her watch whatever ridiculous tv show and run his fingers through her hair while she fell asleep. If she had tangles in her hair he’d help brush em out, saying a quick “sorry” if her hair were pulled and just light up with love every time he’d see her ❤️

Why….. Are you trying to kill me

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Yo! TH!pj, ya know that girl that tried to punch you really hard but you punched her even harder? Welp! Turns out she went to your lil bro to teach her how to fight so she could beat you? Alsoo, do you think anyone can beat you in a fight or naw?

“Someone tried me to fight me, and he knocked out quickly”

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We watched you on talks machina today and my 10 year old wants me to let you know she thinks you could take Brian Foster in a fight. She said this with the most serious face.

I think the general consensus from everyone (including probably Brian Foster) is that I could take Brian Foster in a fight. He’s too nice to actually put up a fight though, so I don’t think it would be very fair. Please thank your 10 year old for the vote of confidence though. 

yoooo this is your boy riley with another OC. could you spread this text post around if you would like to interact with a goddess of the harvest by the name of honoka who:

  • is the mom friend ™
  • gets very passionate about plants
  • yells about the importance of eating ur veggies
  • she is a smol beansprout but will fight you

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*She becomes even more tense as she hears what's going on* Ishi!! Those God dang jerks... This isn't right! You can do this Ishi! I know she's a girl but... That doesn't matter in a fight! You have to at least make it so she can't fight! I'm right here okay? Don't let her get to you!

Akiko: Listen to your friend. They’re right….the only way to win is to knock me out. And I suggest doing it fast….


Akiko: Fight me like a man! I’ll give you everything I’ve got, I want this to be an honourable fight without barriers!


I see…………you want me to prove my strength….and the strength of my wanting to protect those I care about.

Akiko: I would like nothing more. *Takes a fighting stance* I’m coming at you with full power!

If that’s how you wish it to be, then I can’t say no…..


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I'm trying to write up child character who knows krav maga and parkour. She is 8 years old and is 4'8. I'm trying to make her bad ass but what can she do about her size if she can't fight off an adult? Do you think a child would do a leg/shoulder throw on a adult or do they let them win? Can they do knife disarms?

This is the most random question I’ve had so far. I love it.

First of all, a well-trained child can do things with a surprising amount of technique. However, if they’re 20 inches shorter and 150lbs lighter, it still won’t get them far. Here’s an excellent David vs Goliath match from a US grappling tournament - the kid had apparently gone to compete in the adult’s division after there weren’t enough child entrants. He won his weight class, then entered the Absolute.

If they have the right timing and energy, a lighter person can throw, disarm, etc. a much larger opponent.

Honestly, given the character’s background, I’d expect a solid groin uppercut and sprint away. Managing to take a knife off an aware wielder would be pushing suspension of disbelief - but hey, maybe the knife-holder wasn’t expecting a pre-teen to try anything?

kageyama bros fight!


Paladin Swap → Pidge as the red paladin 

The red lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. It’s faster and more agile than the others, but also more unstable. It’s pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instinct than skill alone. 

I need a fic where Supergirl and Livewire exchange hate mail regularly…

Kara randomly just receives a postcard from hawaii or new zealand or france saying: Saw you get beat up on the news… your form is off… coming for ya blondie…

Livewire always hangs around long enough to get return mail, usually on the back of a gaudy greeting card that Kara found in some back alley gift shop, filled with a really bad pun and a quip about Supergirl being in top shape…

Then once a year, they meet up… beat the absolute crap out of each other, then part ways…

2 weeks later, Kara receives another postcard from Tahiti… bet you wish you were here instead of in a hospital bed… that was a nasty fall you took… shame you’re bulletproof…

OK Piper McLean fans, listen up

I’m Cherokee. I’m a Cherokee girl. I’m a major Piper fan because she’s a Cherokee woman like myself. There’s been some Discourse© about her hair. Sit down, buckle up, because you guys are about to some knowledge dropped on you. 

So the issue is about her hair; people keep drawing my girl with undercuts. I don’t think she would have one, and if she did there’s only one good reason. 

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MatPat: *takes a deep breath*

MatPat: i lo-

Jason: yes, you love Stephanie, we know, you love Stephanie so much, she’s the light of your life, you love her so much, you just love Stephanie we KNOW, you love Stephanie you fucking love Stephanie okay we know, we get it, YOU LOVE STEPHANIE FUCKING PATRICK. WE GET IT.