and she expects nothing less

The Silent-Hearted Prince

Because this idea just wouldn’t leave me alone…


“Tell me again, Sherlock… Tell me, and I’ll go to bed.”

And Rosie Watson crosses her pudgy little arms over her chest. Pouts up at her godfather.

With her short blond hair and large blue eyes she looks uncannily like her late mother, and she’s old enough- and cunning enough- to take advantage of the fact.  

Mary Watson would expect nothing less.

The unfortunate adult she’s currently using her superpowers on- one Sherlock Holmes- glowers down at her in a vague approximation of sternness, something which has the usual effect on her. (Namely none). She’s been asking to hear the same bedtime story for the last half hour and there’s no way he’s going to give in- Best she accept that.

He will train her as he once trained John.

From the sofa he hears a small snort and throws the same glower in its direction, his eyes coming to rest on Rosie’s other godparent, one Molly Hooper, specialist registrar. “Hey,” she says with a smile, “don’t look at me: You’re the one who fed her cake all day-

I told you this might happen.”

Sherlock’s glower turns darker, though it too has no discernible effect upon its subject.

It probably says something about the sort of women whose company he frequents.

“Really, Molly,” he chides. “We’re supposed to be presenting a united front when we act in loco parentis! John will be scandalised!”

“John won’t bat an eyelid and you know it.” Molly laughs and Rosie giggles in unison, throwing her a conspiratorial smile; She’s at that age where everything the young pathologist does is absolutely delightful as far as she’s concerned, so of course she takes Molly’s side.

Little traitor, Sherlock thinks. I’m supposed to be your favourite.

As he thinks this he pouts, and this makes Rosie giggle more, throwing her arms around his legs and demanding to be picked up so he won’t be cross anymore.

“Please, Uncle Sherlock, please!” she says. “I promise I’ll be good!”

He lasts about two seconds before he caves, picking her up and holding her close. As soon as she’s in his arms he finds himself smiling at her- little fiend!- and tickling her. Bouncing her. Her tiny hands pat his face, smoothing out the frown lines between his eyebrows, and they smush their faces together. He kisses the tip of her nose and she laughs.

Still giggling, he whooshes her through the air, pretending she can fly, and as he does she claps in delight, asking for, “More! More!”- and then, “higher, Sherlock. higher!”

With a laugh, he obliges; From the corner of his eye he sees Molly smile and pretends he doesn’t.

Her face has pinked and her eyes are sparkling.

He pretends he doesn’t see that either, however much it smarts.

After all, he’s been good where Molly’s concerned. Very good. Ever since the Sherrinford Incident and its fallout, he’s made a point of being a good friend to her. Of not waylaying her with his romantic, pining nonsense. Of helping her get over him and get on with her life.

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“This doesn’t concern you,” she snaps heatedly, “You’ve never cared before, what makes me think you’d care now?” Silence follows her words, and Mikasa scoffs, stung even as she expects nothing less. She turns to leave.

She’s surprised, however, when she’s suddenly jerked back, arms enveloping her from behind. Mikasa stiffens, too startled to resist- because in all the years she’s known him, never once has Levi touched her so openly, nor intimately. He leans into her, pressing closely. He sighs, and she feels his breath ghost over her skin.

“I care,” he murmurs quietly into her shoulder, “much more than you think.”


Rivamika doodle, and drabble :)

One day, one rhyme- Day 748

Princess Peach sat on a bar stool
When did approach a sleazy fool
Who said “Be mine?” And she did say
“No thank you, sir. Please go away.”
But go away Sleazy would not,
So that an earful’s what he got.
Far denser than I can describe,
Unheeding of her diatribe,
Sleazy continued standing there
Regardless of her talk and glare.
So, if not words, what could she use
To hasten up the two’s adieus?
His hand onto her arm had crept.
Thankfully, as she’s quite adept,
A punch over his face had skipped,
“I’m sorry, my fist must’ve slipped.”
Mario’d expect nothing less,
She’s a self-rescuing Princess.

It is a momentous Day for me indeed.
I had the pleasure of commissioning a painting from a truly brilliant artist, not really knowing that she was going to blow up my feels and make something utterly amazing.
However, Part of me was not surprised to receive this masterpiece today. I would expect nothing less from such unadulterated talent.

She is still accepting commissions as of right now, so hurry over to her blog and contact her right away!

This is, at this very moment being printed onto a canvas to go on my wall. I simply cannot wait. Thank you so much, kkumri

This art was commissioned and PURCHASED by fandomdeluxe

This is an original, one of a kind, art piece by kkumri

Please respect the wishes of the aforementioned parties and DO NOT REPOST, SAVE, OR USE THIS ART PIECE WITHOUT PERMISSIONS.

the way she moves

michael clifford & y/n
word count - 2081
rating - nc-17
warnings - language, sexual content

“Come on Mikey!”

Y/N laughed as she grabbed the blue haired boy’s hands and tried to pull him up and onto the crowded dance floor.

“I’m fine here,” Michael said, trying in vain to release himself from her grasp.
She let go and stood in front of him with her hands on her hips. “You’re actually not going to dance with me?”

“You don’t need me to dance with you,” Michael retorted.

“Awh Mikey,” she teased, “do I detect a tone of jealousy in that remark?”

“I’m not jealous.”

Of course Michael was jealous. She’d begged him to take her dancing, and then spent the whole night draped over every guy who had paid her any kind of attention. But that’s just what she did; Michael had  come to expect nothing less.

She leaned over and smashed her mouth against his, grabbing his hair as she kissed him with such force that it took his breath away. “Don’t be a dick Mikey, I’m just having fun.”

She grabbed Michael’s hands again, and this time he didn’t resist. “And besides,” she whispered in his ear as she pulled him to his feet, “none of them will be fucking me later, will they?”

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Joining forces?

“Abite!” Another demon…This had to have been at least the 20th demon Rowena had run into within the last few minutes. Of course, she knew she was asking for it, entering hell…But still, perhaps she’d expected the entry to be less guarded. Within Lucifer temporarily away and Crowley off the throne, it seemed that hell had become quite chaotic. There were demons everywhere, fights were breaking loose, and there was blood everywhere. With so much chaos around, it seemed that Rowena had come somewhat ill prepared.

She’d run out of hex bags, and it seemed that every demon in hell was now on her tail. Of course, she’d expected nothing less. She knew quite well how she was hated among the demons. But perhaps, she’d hoped she would have been able to slip through unnoticed. Lamenting silently, she turned the corner to at least 3 more demons standing and waiting for her. “Oh dear…Don’t you lads ever give up?” She rolled her eyes and picked up her hands. “Manete!” She smiled. “Well that should hold you for a good while.” Then she went about her way.

It was a good twenty minutes later, when she reached her destination. She’d pinned several demons and knew she’d only have a matter of time to get this right. After entering the room, she barricaded the door. Then, she quickly got to work. She’d memorized the spell, so it would simply be like clockwork. After mixing the ingredients, she looked at the cage. “Well here goes nothing.” Then a moment later, she said the incantation, lit a match, and stepped back. She waited until after the flame in front of her stopped burning, before stepping over to the cage, hoping it had worked. “Well hello darlin. It’s fabulous to finally meet you.”


Not that this makes anything even remotely okay, but I do appreciate that Beatrice’s character is consistent, at least.

Look, I love Bea–she’s my favourite character–but this episode was so hard to watch, and it was mostly because of her. However, I wasn’t at all surprised by her in this episode, because this reaction is totally in line with her character.

This is the same girl that thought she was being rejected by a guy she liked at 14, and then proceeded to be insanely mean to him for the next four years of their lives because she was hurt. When she’s hurt and upset, she becomes really really mean, and knows exactly what to say to cause the most pain to the person she wants to hurt.

Was it fair of her to be so incredibly mean to Freddie and Peter when she’s really just mad at Ben? No…but I honestly expected nothing less.

I love her–but she really overdoes it with the anger when she’s trying to hide her hurt, and that’s not good. Especially when it leads to her doing unnecessarily cruel things like this. Being mad at Ben is one thing–she deserves a serious apology from him, not just a ‘gift’–but attacking Freddie’s message to Kit and Peter’s sonnet was incredibly uncalled for. 

mellarkberries’s fave...

“You’ve thought about me?” he asks in surprise, his eyes lidded with pleasure. Her gaze drops back down to his impressive erection, jutting out towards her proudly.

“Well, not really,” she admits. “At least, not actively.” His face drops a little.

“I see.” He sounds resigned, as if he expected nothing less.

“You really don’t,” she rushes to reassure him, sitting up on her knees and inching forward to the space left between his sprawled legs.

He watches her cautiously as she reaches out a hand and brushes it against the velvet surface of his cock, his abdomen twitching as she runs a thumb over the weeping head. “This just always seemed so far out of the realm of possibility.” He groans as she licks her palm and wraps her small fingers around the thick length. “You see—the truth is…you’re the one way out of my league, Peeta.”

No Unicorns by misshoneywell (peetaspenis).

“This is absolutely one of my fave fics ever and I reread it all the time! I love their chemistry in this fic and how it’s both sexy, funny, loving and so sweet.” - mellarkberries