and she doesn't know why


“That’s a really nice scarf.”
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One reason(of many)why trans women are angry at our cisters

Starting transition: oh my god you are so cute I’ll teach you makeup and we can go shopping for girl clothes together uwu

But when we’re shopping and you need to use the restroom and i do too: um honey why are you following me in here this makes me uncomfortable don’t you think you could use the other one?

Megz speculates on who the author-canonized gay couple in Clash of Kings is

“I thought Stannis might be gay.” [I actually thought this too, and frankly THERE IS NOTHING TO DISPUTE THIS]

“Is it Sam and Jon Snow? Cuz you know their like really close, to the point where it’s kind of creepy, and there’s no girls on the wall…”

Bonus points:

“I just want Joffrey to get married from his grave!" 

The underdog team won the game by a single point because they believed in themselves! What a creative dramatic twist!