and she doesn't know why

i’m seriously so mad about the alycia hate?? she’s so fucking unproblematic, she doesn’t really like oversharing on social media yet she still tweets whenever something happens on the 100, she has literally never done anything wrong? 

hating a character is one thing, but sending hate or harrassing REAL PEOPLE. that’s too much.

Megz speculates on who the author-canonized gay couple in Clash of Kings is

“I thought Stannis might be gay.” [I actually thought this too, and frankly THERE IS NOTHING TO DISPUTE THIS]

“Is it Sam and Jon Snow? Cuz you know their like really close, to the point where it’s kind of creepy, and there’s no girls on the wall…”

Bonus points:

“I just want Joffrey to get married from his grave!" 



unsurprisingly enough, kiyoko has amassed quite a dedicated following upon instagram in spite of her relatively sparse posts. more simplistic than creative, her username is simply her birthday, then the initial of her first name. created during her second year at karasuno, it was meant to simply record the daily happenings in her life when she realized just how fleeting their high school era would be —- a purpose that’s still to remain altered in spite of her ever-increasing popularity   (  and all the clothing sponsorship offers collected in her dms  ).

her instagram is composed of four main elements: i. food, ii. flowers, iii. the vbc, and iv. photos of herself taken by others, as she tends to shy away from taking selfies. the latter is usually what the majority of her followers are there for, typically garnering the most hearts and enthusiasm, and why her fanbase is male-majority from one end of japan to another. she posts quickly and quietly with brief, tagless captions beneath her photos, true to her laconic nature, and whenever she has spare time, she’ll read and respond to the comments.

the main subject kiyoko enjoys posting about are the meals and snacks she’s having, especially when most are her obasan’s delicacies.   (  hilariously enough, the first time she posted about her taste for jagabee, her shoe locker was filled with at least six difference flavors the next morning. since then, she’s been cautious about posting too much about the things she likes.  )   flowers are another of her favorites since she loves to stop, smell, and post pictures of the roses whenever she can, if only for her own aesthetics pleasure.

as kiyoko spends most of her time with the volleyball club after school, she tends to post about the boys’ various mischief   and daichi’s scoldings  ),   or of anything cool and significant that might have occurred, whether it be a new and improved spike or an upgraded sequence of play. these are the photos that she holds most dear to her heart, especially when it’s her last year as manager. admittedly, because she isn’t the most creative individual, she’ll use her popularity at times to garner attention and support towards the vbc as well, particularly for their major games.

lastly, due to her unabashed love for the classic horrors, kiyoko posts movie recommendations once a week to hear what people think about them. this is where she’s most active in replying back to comments as she enjoys participating in discourse about the films. sometimes, she even picks up a new title from amongst her followers to watch.   (  and unbeknownst to her, this quirky hobby is what makes her just about ten times cooler in her followers’ eyes.  )

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I’m not sure if I should be the “holy shit you lunatic this marriage is a complete mistake don’t be stupid” friend or the “omg yay you’re getting married!! Let party! Oh wait you’re divorced in two years wow bummer men are pigs here’s some wine” friend

Let her live or give her a reality check.