and she doesn't even make fun of him

RFA as teachers
  • Zen: Fun and flirty but not too over the top or else he would get fired.
  • Yoosung: Nervous, extremely nervous. Would make stupid mistakes like 2 + 5 = 10
  • Jaehee: Strict, thorough and effective. She's a teacher everyone respects although her classes are extremely gruelling.
  • Jumin: If you do one thing wrong in his class you WILL get death stared. Guilt everybody into studying but saying it's not his fault if you don't pass. 100% believes in his students even if he doesn't show it. Call him professor Han.
  • 707: A class more fun than Zen's would be Mr. Choi's. Earned a doctorate in university however he doesn't tell anyone. Mostly jokes around in class only teaching 30% of the time however when students get to exams, they realise they know more than they thought.
  • "Best teacher ever? Seven Zero Seven!"
  • V: His art classes are peaceful and even though everyone knows he has trouble seeing, they do their best to make him feel comfortable in such a visual class. Also teaches literature and everyone loves listening to his voice.

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The new girl started st work about a week ago and the area coach came in. He started yelling at her about uniform and she was trying to tell him she doesn't have the money right now and kept yelling at her till she eventually cried. Later in the day he started making fun of her and talking shit about everybody in the store, but if we complain once, even to ourselves, we're "poisoning the well water"

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Hello! First of all, your blog is great and it makes me less dead inside. Can you do a little scenario of Roadhog seeing a girl being made fun of in public for being bigger rather than being super stick thin? She's not even super overweight or unhealthy. She's just thicc👌🏼♥️(oh god I hope that doesn't sound weird af)

You sat on the step, staring forward, your ear picked up mocking laughter and you felt it physically hurt you. You heard someone draw near and sit down next to you.

“Want me to kill them?” Roadhog asked and you just laughed.

“That’s not really necessary,” you raised a hand making him rumble with laughter.

“You’re not even that overweight,” he said.

“You’re just…” he gestured with his hands, making an hourglass shape.

You patted his knee as smiled up at him, “Thanks, bud.”

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I can't believe you're a new blog, your writing is fantastic! But um can you maybe do a scenario where Nishinoya's s/o is jealous of Nishinoya giving Kiyoko at lot of attention and then later when his s/o has Nishinoya to herself, she dominates him (aka nsfw)? Sorry if this doesn't make sense!

I sure can! This was actually quite fun c: 


You were quiet the whole walk to his home. Nishinoya made and attempt to start a conversation numerous times, not having a clue what had made you so upset. You knew exactly what has been happening more and more often lately. Kiyoko was kind and beautiful. You knew she never meant any harm but Nishinoya was always at loss for words whenever he saw her. He even greeted her first in the morning and chatted with her outside of the classroom with that goofy grin of his. Jealousy was a terrible thing, you thought.

Once you were in his room, Nishinoya gently closed the door behind him. As you sat on his bed, arms crossed, you pondered what your next move would be.

“_______,” He said your name softly, taking a seat beside you and making the bed dip in his movement, “What’s bothering you?” His palms brushed over your crossed arms in an attempt to soothe you. A discarded tie on his floor catches your eye and know exactly what the next move would be.

Turning to face him, you say, “You love me, right, Yuu?”

Blushing, he nodded, “Of course!”

You reach for the tie and hold it in your lap. His eyes widened slightly and before he could ask, you lean forward, capturing his lips with yours. He leans into your touch, forgetting the tie, and you push to bite his lower lip. He groans, parting his lips and inviting your tongue inside. His hands reach for your waist as you savor the taste of him. You reach for his hands and gently tug them away; you won’t let him take the lead today. Nishinoya gasps when you push him down and climb on top of his lap, straddling him. You lift the tie, “Today, you’re being punished,” You murmur against the cool skin of his neck, making shiver and grind himself against your thigh.

He let you lift his arms above his head, to the headboard, and wrap the tie around his wrists several times to secure him in place. He squirms underneath you when he feels you crotch right over where he needs you. His eyes cloud over with need as he watched you slowly discard your shirt, bra and shorts. Your hips move against his, and you’re very aware of his growing erection against your heat.

“Patience, Yuu,” Your own voice coming out thick with desire against his jaw. You trace his skin with lightly peppered kisses, he tries to nudge his mouth to your and you find yourself smirking. You find the hem of his shirt and move it upwards, revealing his toned torso. Nishinoya moans at the sudden cool air greeting his fevered skin. Traveling from his chest to his navel, you leave a wet trail of saliva granting you more delicious sounds from him. There’s a low guttural sound from him, maybe an attempt at saying your name when you unzip his pants and reach for his twitching cock. His hips move slightly trying to get more friction from your touch.

“Please,” He moans, his arms struggling with the restraints. His tip is already slick with pre-cum and you’re vaguely aware of your own growing warmth gathering in the thin material of your panties. Your hands pause, barely gripping his erection.

“What was that, Yuu?” You muse, “Tell me what you want.”

You give him a few slow pumps and he hisses, making his hips jerk forward.

“I want you,” He gasps. You lean forward kissing his tip and gently running your tongue underneath the head, “Who can make you feel this way?” Your hot breathe making him wish he could tear away from the restraints and fuck you into the mattress.

“You,” He groans, “Only you.”

“Good boy,”  You say before taking him into your mouth.

Harley tries getting Joker to stop doing work and play with her but he’s like “Go away, I’m busy.” So she’s like FINE and makes a pillow fort by herself and makes Bud and Lou the guards. She puts a “No Boys Allowed” sign on the fort and Joker sees it and is like “Pssh, I don’t care.” But he’s like…”not caring” very loudly.

“Like I give a damn that I’m not allowed in your stupid pillow fort? Go ahead. Have fun by yourself. I told you I’m busy.”
“I mean it’s not like I even WANT to go in your dumb pillow fort.”
“………..Harley, let me in the pillow fort.”

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Hi! For Free Fic Friday: Cas x Reader where after hunt-gone-wrong they were captured and locked away somewhere. And Cas even powerless (because of some charm/sigil) doesn't feel human needs but it's getting difficult for reader to think after so long without food and proper sleep. So she unintentionally confesses her feelings for him. But they still have to make it out alive etc. Thanks and I love all your work here


This was one hell of a request, but so much fun to write! I hope it’s what you had in mind. Thank you. <3


Shit, fuck, and absolutely everything in between.

It’s a cage of some sort, like you’re goddamned animals, and you and Cas have been stuck in it for what feels like ages. Maybe it is, you don’t even know anymore; you’re trying to imagine how food tastes, how sleep feels, but it all seems like some made up utopia you’ve dreamt this one time.

Cas has been asking you to keep your focus on him, to stay strong - you don’t know anymore if you even want to. He’s the only thing that still feels real, but who knows for how much longer. Maybe it’s another trick of the mind.

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star wars tfa drinking headcannons
  • Rey: she's smol but can hold more alcohol than anyone. Probably grew up drinking alcohol regularly (water was unsafe and in short supply on Jakku so everyone drank diluted alcohol). Has no alcohol preference and will drink anything. She loosens up with alcohol and is just very cool and fun. Probably challenges everyone to arm wrestling.
  • Finn: zero alcohol tolerance. He doesn't even like the taste. He can only just barely stand the sweet fruity drinks. Will end up dancing (very badly). Poe dances with him so he's not as embarrassed the next day.
  • Poe: everyone's favorite guy at the party. Is definitely more of a beer guy. Makes sure everyone is having a good time and is getting enough water. Makes sure everyone gets home safely. If you pass out he'll make sure you're ok and that no one takes advantage of you. Poe Dameron, all around good guy.
  • Kylo: will literally drink anything you put in front of him. Beer? Fine. Vodka? He'll chug it. Fruity alcohol drink with a little umbrella? Send them all his way. Kylo literally does not care and cannot tell the difference between good or bad alcohol.
  • Hux: wine mom whine mom. Drunk Hux is essentially Matt Bellassai. He just sits around and complains and judges everyone. Kylo joins him at some point and they just insult everyone there. They are the least fun people at the party.
  • Phasma: doesn't drink, but if she's challenged you can bet your ass that she's going to drink the bar dry and steal all your money. Has never had a hangover in her life. Probably still hits the gym the morning after.

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They are obv Sam/Cait in that pic not Jamie/Claire-which is also why I think Cait's reply tweet is so telling. It reminded me of "captain Sam" tweets only now it's Cait. If they're in relationships with others I'd imagine her BF would be mad at her cupping Sam's ornament balls ready to inspect calling him her nearest & dearest. Although I will say Cait doesn't seem like the type to hold back bc of a BFs jealousy esp if it's in good fun for charity. Even so it just screams couple. Sail on girls!

Caits tweet says more to me than the actual picture actually. She could have made it a generic tweet about supporting Cahonas or just RTd the picture but she added the part about nearest and dearest making it clear Sam is nearest and dearest to her. I don’t call my friends nearest and dearest. That’s reserved for my loved ones, aka family or my future hubby. JUST SAYIN.

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Completely agree- Logan represents fun and comfort for Rory. Whenever she's down & out, she runs to him for excitement. Only problem is Logan is unreliable & lets Rory drift... he's not even supporting himself, but living off his parents dream. He doesn't know what it means to struggle, whereas Jess does. He's self made, and knows how to motivate Rory without cheap thrills. That's what makes them work... Jess is always there for Rory because he's been pining for her. Just like Luke was in S1-4.


As for people who say that Rory has been mistreating Jess/leading him on, I’m going to put in my 2 cents and say that that is actually one terrible thing she hasn’t done on her list of terrible things. 

Jess is a grown-ass man and he could definitely do a lot better than Rory. And I’m sure he knows that. He could call her out on her bullshit anytime he wanted and he does. When they kiss in the Philadelphia episode, he reacts appropriately when he finds out her and Logan are still together. Do people think Jess is actually spending his time moaning over not being with Rory? He’s not letting himself be strung along and he won’t put up with that crap if it happens.

But at the same time, he’s in love with her. She’s flawed and fucked up, but he’s still going to look out for her and help her get on track, not necessarily expecting anything in return. But because she’s a broken individual and he knows what that’s like and he remembers how important compassion is towards people who may be the least grateful for it. Why? because she’s the one who taught him that. 

He’s not in love with her because he’s longing for what they had when they were 17 (which was cute but FAR from perfect). When she revisits her other relationships, it’s about a return to the past, whether it’d be high school (Dean) or college (Logan). But Jess has always been the magical person who anchors Rory to who she is, while also propelling her towards the future. I think he is “long over” the Rory he dated, but he is still very much in love with Rory Gilmore, present and future, failures and fuckups and all. 

And Rory, in those rare moments when her head isn’t so far stuck up her ass, has proven to be the same for him.

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WBS plot: maybe they are on vacay in Simon's yatch and there are some friends, xf judges and their families. Demi starts to get horny and tease simon, some ppl start to notice her moves and make fun of her. She doesn't care, but she really wants him. Now two choices: one where she gets mad at him, goes to the badroom and take care of herself, but in a hot way to tease him even more, he can join her in the end.

Picked this one.

Hope you like it,

It’s rated. I would really like some feedback, and what parts u didn’t like or liked the most please. Just so I don’t get unmotivated so fast. :(

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