and she does but it doesn't save him

This is obvious and has probably already been stated but you know what’s cool?

Finn and L.xa, both made it blatantly obvious that they were into Clarke and that they loved her, to the point of losing themselves (Finn shooting the grounder camp and L.xa bowing to her and compromising her people’s political position for her.) They both proved love is weakness.  

Bellamy, on the other hand, did many things to show how much he cares about her but he doesn’t like throw himself at her feet. Because they’re partners and they’re equals and he loves her for that. She helped shape him and make him better and he did the same for her. Proving love can be strength. 

And she loves him more than anyone because of that. 

honestly snape’s poverty is part of the reason why i don’t really believe the idea that snape thinks he’s entitled to lily. lily is a well-to-do girl from the “right” side of town, middle-class and prosperous. her family is a “good” family - and snape is as aware of this as petunia is, though for wildly different reasons. 

i would argue that snape KNOWS lily’s “too good” for him (or, in reality, just from a different background). that snape uses his knowledge of magic to befriend her because it’s the only thing he really has to offer for someone with lily’s life - and when they go to hogwarts, he doesn’t have that any more, so why would she stay his friend? 

idk a lot of snape’s interactions with lily read a little desperate to me, not entitled. he doesn’t want her to abandon him because, i think, he’s so very aware that she can - and that a lot of people think she should. and that gets driven home during their fifth year (when she tells him as much) but i’m not sure that it was always a blood issue or even an issue of death eaters vs the order - class differences can be hugely difficult barriers to friendships and romance and are usually actively discouraged by parents and friends alike. there’s a REASON petunia doesn’t want to hang out with snape and it’s not because he calls her a muggle - she doesn’t want to BEFORE that. she knows he’s from the “wrong” side of town, she knows he’s poor, and she’s either learned or seen that she, being from middle-class background, shouldn’t be hanging out with him. that lily decides to do so is almost entirely because of what snape can offer her and lily’s own kindness. 

so i don’t think snape feels “entitled” to lily. i think snape, more than anyone, is aware how easily lily can leave him. i’ve said this before, but i very much read teenage!snape as always waiting for the other shoe to drop with lily - and that’s why he clings that much harder. healthy? well no. lily is (as far as we know) snape’s only real friend however - i’d be pretty desperate and unhealthy too if i thought that the slightest thing would break that. 

also that’s probably why it galls even more to think lily would go out with james - not only is this guy snape’s bully and tormentor, but he’s also the guy with everything snape doesn’t have, the kind of guy lily “should” be hanging out with. when snape hears that it’s probably like a warning bell: if she has sjames, how long until she drops you? not even just because james would probably try to stop her from hanging out with snape - but james would also give her the kinds of things snape just never really can (in terms of material goods, traveling, etc not necessarily emotional needs). 

idk. it’s really really rough for me to see snape as “entitled” to lily when there’s so obviously a kind of power differential between them - and lily’s the one holding the cards, not snape. lily’s always the one who can leave and i think snape is more aware of that than anyone.

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RE: Caskett/Karamel - Beckett thought Castle was a jerk solely because she didn't like this wannabe cop all up in her space at first and whilst she found him annoying for that reason, she never, really, hated anything about him as a person. Meanwhile Kara flat out states that he's a jerk yet soon finds herself going back on everything she's said even though he doesn't change. It's so weirdly OOC.

RIGHT?!?!?! And where Castle had FOUR YEARS to kind of change his ways and get serious about him and Beckett as a couple and fall in love with her, Mon-el has had, like, a dozen episodes to do the same and they act like it’s the greatest love story in the history of the universe. Like????? bitch??!!!!?!?!?!!!?

Mon-el is selfish and conceited and he’s no hero. Kara deserves a hero. Somebody who cares as much about saving others as she does. Somebody who admires her desire to help those in need. Somebody who won’t imply that she’s stupid or ridiculous for wanting to save lives at the risk of her own. This is how she’s ALWAYS been and the people who really love her love that part of her as well.

You know, like

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also she’s more of a hero

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1. Can you explain how River is a feminist icon when her ENTIRE character is COMPLETELY caught up in the fact that she's destined to be the Doctor's wife and then just dying for that? From Let's Kill Hitler all the way to Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead, her whole arc was about her being the Doctor's wife and then dying to save him. So how does that make her feminist when she's literally stripped of every ounce of agency she has? Because she "kicks ass"? That doesn't make her feminist.

2. I’m not trying to be a dick, just curious why you think that. I’ve always taken her to be another example of Moffat’s horrible track record with women being slavishly devoted to the Doctor (if you respond to this, you can copy & paste this into the above one, there was just a letter limit here :P

River’s character isn’t about being stripped of agency and just conforming to fate. River is a character who begins life forced to be something and who overcomes any confinement, expresses her will against it all. She’s empowering because she is handed a life full of people trying to control her and she throws it all off every time, never living on anything less than her own terms.

Trapped as a kid in a suit as a weapon? Breaks her way out, crosses continents to be with her loved ones on her own terms. Told to kill a man? Winds up choosing not to, asking her parents and trusting their judgement to guide her in that choice. She falls in love with him and that’s something she clings, to not just because she loves him but because it’s something totally hers, her own choice and her own emotions and her own life. Dumped in prison? She breaks out regularly to do whatever she wants, and that’s not just hang with the Doctor, as we’ve seen before in the show. She’s got an archaeology career which she does put to use in her own adventures. She even steals the TARDIS regularly to go off without the Doctor, she’s not just some weeping damsel throwing herself at him. She dies to save him, yeah. He’s planning to do the manpainy heroic sacrifice thing and she refuses to have any of it because it would erase that life she spent so much time building and fought so many battles to make utterly hers. So she takes the place of the Doctor to save the day. And in return, he sticks her in an afterlife, one she refuses to be contained to. She hops around still in dreams and as a ghost, still hanging with the Paternosters, still roaming the universe even as a data ghost, still calling the Doctor out and yeah, still loving him.

There’s nothing unfeminist about loving someone (and it’s certainly not a slavish devotion, nor is it for Clara, Amy, etc, and I think that’s rather uncomfortable to suggest; if any new series character exhibits slavish devotion it’s Rose, and her mum calls her out on that, and Rose is still heroic and her own person). Love’s just a thing many people do. It in no way defines all she is. River is surrounded by many complex machinations and forces trying to hold her in, sure, but the point is that she never once is defined by any of it. She is her own person who owns her own life, her own desires, her own everything. This is the woman who, to quote Moffat, “got married about 428 times. Once for each gender.” Who takes on dictators and oppressors and steals precious artifacts from genocidal villains. Who was a pawn who became a queen. Who always comes out on top.

River is so, so, so much more than just kicking ass, though I love that she does that, too. A bisexual action heroine who asserts her agency every time and is allowed to be so so complex and compelling and wonderful. I adore her, and her continual fight to be herself no matter who tries to hold her back inspires me.

the signs as The Hunger Games characters
  • Aries - Cato: Impulsive, thinks he's the boss, the most competitive one out there, bossy as fuck, thinks he's the best and people should obey him, fights for himself till the end no matter what, only wants to win
  • Taurus - Prim: Very caring, endures too much shit through their life, came here to help, would sacrifice their own life for an animal's life, very innocent-looking, soft, kind, emotional as fuck, doesn't like war, loves peace, really thoughtful, not an asshole
  • Gemini - Peeta Melark: Has really messed up thoughts but is very intelligent, knows how to manipulate people by charming them, great communication skills, shines on the outside but has a literal chaos going on inside them, changes their opinion in a millisecond, very good and humble but likes to behave bitchy, a sly cunt
  • Cancer - President Snow: Introverted and very emotional but doesn't show it no matter what, very family-oriented, loves roses duh, is weird but bossy at the same time, sly cunt, doesn't want to show himself in front of people very often - does it only on special occasions
  • Leo - Seneca Crane: Has that lionish look in his eyes, a very stylish person, egotistic and self-centered, thinks he's the best thinker out there while he's not, very stubborn and doesn't want to give up which might kill him in the end, a hottie
  • Virgo - Haymitch: Has issues, intolerant and doesn't know how to forgive, strictly follows order but is actually neutral evil, thinks they're doing justice while they're actually fixing their own complex mental problems, doesn't show what they're feeling on the inside, has immense potential for things but hates humanity and hates everyone and everything
  • Libra - Plutarch: Always smiles and looks innocent, while is actually a very good organizer and a manipulator because everyone thinks they're good, knows a lot about people but doesn't tell anyone a shit and acts stupid, nobody (including themselves) knows what they want from life but they still follow some abstract plans of theirs
  • Scorpio - Katniss Everdeen: Introverted, doesn't know how to communicate with people, good at killing but hates to kill people, doesn't know a shit about herself because she is afraid of introspecting, knows how to love hard, very afraid most of the time but fights it
  • Sagittarius - Gale: Hard-working as hell, knows how to take care of people and how to support them but nobody takes him seriously, feels bad about people doing mistakes, wants to save everyone, a really caring person but doesn't show it, a really jealous and a possessive person but doesn't show it and in the end actually understands everyone's reasons for wronging him and forgives everyone, a hottie
  • Capricorn - President Alma Coin: Loves grey, her entire world is literally grey, hates make up but is still elegant as fuck, loves minimalism, bossy as hell but still manipulative and does everything only because she wants to be the number one ruler, wants to rule the world
  • Aquarius - Finnick: Has that boi sass, eccentric, likes to joke around and diss people but is actually a very responsible person, doesn't look (and isn't) very trusting but they can actually take things seriously when it's wanted from them, a competitive person, only falls in love once and would die for their loved one but they fall in love reeeeeally really hard, doesn't like to pay much attention to their feelings
  • Pisces - Effie Trinket: Lives in her own world, is irreplaceable, majestic in her own ways, otherworldy, eccentric as hell, weird, impulsive, sensitive and emotional, will cut anyone who crosses her, a classy, styilish hottie
  • People: Wow April Ludgate is so mean, she's just cunning and evil, wow, 100% Slytherin, just so mean
  • April: *comes back to work late at night twice to get Ron to the hospital cause he has a hernia*
  • April: *gets the guy she likes to tell her his dream Christmas present and gives it to him*
  • April: *becomes Ron's assistant and does exactly what he wants her to*
  • April: *helps Andy find an apartment within his means*
  • April: *sits Ann's house for her*
  • April: *helps Leslie hide the possum*
  • April: *clearly doesn't care about Andy's lack of money*
  • April: *gets $180 in tips and decides to give it all back because it wasn't earned honestly*
  • April: *hurts Andy's feelings and does everything she can to get him to be happy again*
  • April: *even asks Ann for help, and Mouse Rat*
  • April: *finds Andy a new job when he feels like his life isn't progressing*
  • April: *finds Andy's bucket list and helps him achieve every item they can possibly do, even go to the Grand Canyon*
  • April: *comforts Leslie after she fought with Ben and ruined model UN*
  • April: *helps Ann organize Leslie's City Council campaign*
  • April: *adopts an adult disabled dog*
  • April: *offers to take Chris to the movies with her and Andy when he's depressed*
  • April: *observes Ann all night and sets her up with a guy who she seemed to actually enjoy being around*
  • April: *helps Ron hide his identity as Duke Silver, which she never told anyone about in the first place despite knowing about it from the beginning*
  • April: *tries to hook up Chris and Andy's teacher, and when Ron hooks up with her instead, gets him to tell Chris about it*
  • April: *sets up a pet adoption for all the pets of the shelters in Pawnee*
  • April: *reaches out to Chris when she notices he's depressed and reminds him he has friends and support*
  • April: *gets so nervous when she deletes Parks & Rec files by mistake that she has a breakdown and hides under the table and considers leaving the country*
  • April: *offers Ben a road trip to surprise Leslie with a visit when they're far away in Washington*
  • April: *gets Champion to cheer up Chris when he's feeling happy-sad during Ben and Leslie's engagement party*
  • April: *helps a little kid find his way back to his mommy when he's lost in City Hall*
  • April: *makes Andy understand that he's better at being a cop than his made-up persona*
  • April: *enthusiastically helps Leslie to collect garbage*
  • April: *gives Andy a creepy lucky charm to wish him luck*
  • April: *does her very best to cheer him up and support him unconditionally when he's failed the police exam*
  • April: *sings with Ann to take her mind off her anxiety about Chris not giving her a clear answer about donating his sperm*
  • April: *gives her a baby naming book and say she hopes it works out, with Chris or someone else*
  • April: *gets Burly to accept Andy back into the band because she doesn't want Andy to be sad, even though she doesn't really like Mouse Rat*
  • April: *constantly sends out applications for awards and prizes for everyone around her*
  • April: *notices Leslie is feeling really down about her lack of recognition and reads her a personalized emotional letter to lift her up*
  • April: *sets up Tom and Nadia because she wants him to be happy*
  • April: *comforts and supports Andy when he's feeling down about his job in London*
  • April: *spends a whole day trying to figure out Donna's spirit dog because she knows she hurts her feelings and she wants to make it up*
  • April: *helps Ron sell his cabin in the woods, and when that doesn't work, buys it from him and promises to take good care of it*
  • April: *spends all day helping Tom find a new business idea*
  • April: *gets Andy a new career as a kids performer*
  • April: *tells Ann she loves her, because though she's held a grudge for years, she does, and she wishes her everything good*
  • April: *supports and comforts Leslie when her idea to bring down the wall between Eagleton and Pawnee doesn't work, and helps the committee coming up with the Unity Concert idea*
  • April: *gives Leslie a teddy bear with a recording of Ann's voice because she knows Leslie has been missing her*
  • April: *votes for Andy a thousand times so he becomes Prom King*
  • April: *immediately offers to babysit for Leslie's kids as soon as she learns they're having babies*
  • April: *helps a Parks & Rec intern get out of the Department because she senses Jen has no passion for it and she doesn't want her to make the same mistake she did*
  • April: *comes up with an idea to save JJ's and get the National Park Leslie wanted*
  • April: *arranges everything for Donna's wedding*
  • April: *is so anxious about hurting Leslie's feelings when she tells her that she quits her job that she puts it off, and then when she does open up for real, thanks her for everything she's done for her ever since they started working together*
  • April: *insists that Ben becomes mayor of Pawnee because she wants him to accept his past and get over it*
  • April: *helps Donna set up Teach Yo Self*
  • April: *is a beautiful cinnamon roll, too perfect for this world, too pure*
  • People: Wow April Ludgate is so mean, she's just cunning and evil, wow, 100% Slytherin, just so mean

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ok but what if something really cheesy happens like the galra IS keiths sister and remembers him but he doesn't and she ends up saving him but turning on lotorr cos she can't bear to see him get hurt .... id DIE

oh my god……. what if the reason keith does this

is because he finds out she’s his sister at her lasts moments after saving him from lotor? lotor finishes her off and her lasts words are something like “mom would’ve been proud of you… brother"

Meta Repost: A Study in Adaptation and "Empowerment"
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Often spouts off random historical and literary trivia, referencing various Westeros myths, historical events, and figures such as Queen Naerys, Aemon the Dragonknight, the twin knights Ser Arryk and Ser Erryk, Baelor the Blessed and his trials walking through the snake pit, the lineage of House Tyrell and how it traces back to Garth Greenhand, the Arryn family tree, Florian and Jonquil, and Jenny of the Oldstones and Prince Duncan. Has an encyclopedic knowledge of every house and sigil in Westeros. Can also read and write better than her much older brothers, play two instruments, and eventually gets to the point where she can sniff out little plots of Littlefinger's.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Thinks "shift" is the rude word for dung. Doesn't appear to have any actual interests or skills beyond sewing (sometimes), eating lemoncakes, and fawning over boys.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Can identify Barristan Selmy and Renly Baratheon on sight, even when she's never met them before.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Doesn't even recognize the man whose life she saved, and doesn't pick up on the fact that Tyrion and Shae know each other despite their obvious signals.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Carefully inspects a secret message she gets for signs of a trap, carries a knife with her to a clandestine meeting and threatens the person there just in case it is. Spends months plotting a potential escape, even trying a different route independent of her former plans when her co-conspirator is evasive and slow to act. Also refuses to speak to any of her maids, who she knows to be spies immediately. By Joffrey's wedding, though she doesn't know about the poison, she does know she's meant to escape and already has things packed. She immediately realizes who was behind the poison and how it was transmitted through her hairnet, which she knew would play a part in her escape without being aware of the poison plot. Does not trust her "rescuer" at all, refusing the food he offers her and confronting him on his lies, constantly trying to work out what he's up to.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Just sort of sits around and cries a lot without any sort of active involvement in insuring her escape. Trusts Littlefinger even though there's no reason to because he says he's her friend. Just sort of randomly gets accosted by Dontos months later in a garden and accepts his random and suspicious gift without any hesitation or questions asked. Later happily walks into the home of the family that killed hers for "revenge" without any knowledge of what the actual plan is, what the situation is, or means to protect herself or take action in case things go wrong. Is eager to bond with Tyrion at first because he promised he would never hurt her (a promise Joffrey made her before almost verbatim), even kneeling to him at once with little prompting. Also blindly trusts this random maid for no reason. And is totally okay with believing Ramsay has "already fallen for her" with no question as to how she's supposed to handle things if he hasn't. Also trusts the broken down Theon (whom she has already verbally abused) with an errand integral to her escape from Winterfell. And just blindly offers up her secret identity (while being wanted for regicide) to a bunch of strangers after having been betrayed repeatedly.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Sees Lancel Lannister, a young man who taunted her and took active part in her abuse, bleeding on the floor from a terrible wound, and makes sure he sees a maester, just in time to save his life.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Looks at the physically and psychologically tortured and mutilated Theon Greyjoy, who can barely walk or speak properly anymore, and tells him that she doesn't care what Ramsay does to him and later tells him that she'd do everything Ramsay did to him if she could.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Fights off Lysa Arryn when she tries to kill her by grabbing her by the hair and pulling herself from her mad aunt's grip.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Just cries and fidgets helplessly as she is abused even more and is utterly helpless until Petyr comes to save her.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Risks herself to save Dontos, talks Joffrey out of running down a beggar woman and instead convinces him to throw her a coin because she knows it would be better if he appeared gentler. Listens to Cersei preach about how fear is the only way to rule and, even after all the terror she's experienced and all the awful people she's seen rise to power through violence and fear, reflects internally that love is definitely, surely the better path to loyalty and devotion and vows that if/when she is queen, she will make the people love her.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Is so oblivious that she doesn't understand what poverty is and has to have it explained to her. Upon learning that Theon didn't kill her brothers and instead killed two farm boys, doesn't seem to give a shit that two other innocent children were still fucking murdered.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Is often threatened and taunted by Sandor Clegane The Hound and always responds with kindness, courtesy, and sympathy. When he responds to a compliment upon their first private interaction by taunting her, telling her a violent story, and belittling her, she is sweet and kind. She stays this way even after he threatens her life. Then she includes him in her prayers. When he breaks into her room, forces her onto a bed, holds a knife to her throat, and demands a "song", she responds with a kind and soothing hymn that calms him, reminds him that there is goodness in the world, and gets him to back off. Eventually this helps inspire him to change his life entirely and pursue a path of peace and public service.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Just acts generally freaked out by the Hound, even though his threats are FAR less explicit and only ever accompanied by well-meaning advice. Is not sexually assaulted by him the night of the Blackwater, just sort of talks to him and rejects his offer to help her escape. There is no sign that she thinks of him again.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Is offered a marriage to Willas Tyrell, heir to Highgarden. While she is attracted to Loras and has a sort of schoolgirl crush, she notes that he doesn't care for her too much. Upon being told Loras is off the table, accepts this without a second thought and turns her thoughts to the scholarly, disabled, older Willas, whom she has never met. She eagerly awaits and fantasizes about him because it is her path out of King's Landing and her new friend Margaery assures her that he is kind and intelligent. Knows him to be disabled, and actively thinks about how she won't care if he's fat or unattractive like his father. She still sees him as her rescuer, a man she is eager to marry despite his disability, and decides she'll make him love her and give him sons. Upon having the marriage to Tyrion sprung on her (after she's in the damn dress, when she is dragged to the sept and told she's going to get married and raped whether she likes it or not), she looks at his disfigurements and acknowledges that he is not so bad as the rest, and notes that he was kind to her once, even while actively insisting she just doesn't want to marry a Lannister (any Lannister, regardless of appearance). Still manages to hold back her tears for fucking HOURS and hold her resolve through numerous threats, sexual assaults, and humiliations that happen throughout the day. Refuses to kneel at first because she's just so fucking sick of being expected to just take the cavalcade of abuse, but eventually does kneel and kiss her husband because she feels bad about people laughing at him. Feels active pity for him (even after he molests her, even after she finds out her mother and brother were killed by one of his family's plots, even though she doesn't trust him), despite her constant fear of him raping her and her ongoing trauma, all while withholding her secrets and still pursuing escape.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Is totally into marrying Loras, constantly waxing on about how hot he is even after she's alerted to the Tyrion marriage weeks ahead of time. Seems far more interested in his pretty hair and nice ass than his personality or getting the fuck out of King's Landing (something that only occurs to her when Margaery brings it up weeks later. It never occurs to Sansa because she's too busy staring longingly at Loras's pretty hair to consider this). Mulls on about the contrast in her suitors' physical appearance, despite Loras's repeat displays of a complete lack of interest (which she never seems to recognize). Upon learning of the new marriage arrangement, spends hours crying as she gazes at Loras. Kneels immediately at the wedding when prompted, then later totally starts confiding in and bonding with Tyrion (even after learning of the Red Wedding, she tells him the real reason she goes to the Godswood for no fucking reason).
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Notices hostilities from Loras at once. Upon learning the Tyrells want her for political purposes, just accepts this and decides to make the most of it. Highgarden is still a lovely place, she'd be safe, and she can make Willas love her even if he only cares about her claim right now.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Never notices how uninterested Loras is and talks about how she "feels like she is in a dream" even as Loras is looking around with an "EWWWW! GIRLS!!!" face.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Cares for the sickly, disabled Robin Arryn all while firmly instilling some (grievously needed) boundaries upon him, managing at thirteen to be twenty times the mother thirty-something Lysa Arryn was. Even manages to get the epileptic, panic-attack prone kid across a narrow mountain path a mile into the air beset by winds as she talks him down from an attack. Is the only one who can control him, and is adored by everyone in the Vale for it.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Never takes responsibility for anyone, never really charms anyone, is totally content to just leave her cousin with some people she doesn't trust to set off to wherever the man in her life wants her to go (even without knowing where that is).
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Manages to get some of Littlefinger's plans out of him, and learns of his means of accomplishing his goals. Keeps all of these things in mind constantly and notes subtle facial ticks and movements he makes when he is wearing his "Littlefinger" mask and playing people.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Just sort of takes his word for it when he says she should marry Ramsay for "vengeance" without asking for specifications as to how. Later is willing to accept the plan B of just "making Ramsay hers" even though he's a fucking Bolton and that doesn't really clear up how this is supposed to lead to vengeance. She takes Littlefinger's word for it that Ramsay has fallen for her. Is totally okay with being left in the den of her enemies without any means of protection.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Charms and manipulates people she needs with subtle hints of snark. Uses this to not only occasionally talk Joffrey out of violence, but later starts seducing Harry the Heir, acknowledging that she needs him to like her even if she doesn't like him.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Openly antagonizes Ramsay when she even bothers to interact with him, showing no sign of trying to "make him hers" or confirm that he's fallen for her. Continues to taunt her rapist and abuser even after he's revealed how dangerous and temperamental he is.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Knows immediately that Marillion is a creep, that Lyn Corbray is a fucking scumbag, that Harry the heir is a douche.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Can't even realize how much of a psycho Ramsay is even after he parades his torture victim around, doesn't realize Loras isn't into her, doesn't realize that maybe the mutilated, brainwashed, obsessively obedient and cowed Theon might not be the best person to trust with her one means of escape from his master.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Actively forces herself to think as her alternate identity "Alayne", purposely picks clothes that will disguise her better, thinks up little details to add to her character, and tries to be careful around people who might recognize her, like Bronze Yohn Royce.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Can't even think to cover her distinctive red hair when walking out in the open. Later just decides a dye job is enough to hide herself even after she's dispensed with the false identity. Travels out in the open and greets people as Sansa Stark even though SHE IS STILL WANTED FOR FUCKING REGICIDE.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Doesn't really trust anyone. The last person she trusts is a man whose life she saves (who turns out to just be acting on Littlefinger's orders). After that, no one, though she still tries to reach out and make friends.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Randomly trusts this random old lady with a dumb plan, walks into the dark Bolton kennels at Myranda's bidding, then lets her bathe her, reveals her secret identity to strangers in the Vale, trusts Theon with the candle plot. But either dismisses or insults almost everyone she encounters.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Intends to go into the North with an army and proclaim her rights to Winterfell.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Let's Littlefinger lead her all the way to Moat Caillin without a word about where they're heading. When she finds out they're heading to the Bolton-controlled Winterfell, agrees to go with only a small group of guards (despite the price on her head and the war torn area), and is later way too cool with letting Littlefinger ditch her for King's Landing without even leaving the guards. Is ready to just rely on Stannis winning and just handing over Wardenship of the North, even though none of these things are assured.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Doesn't voice all of her thoughts to anyone, particularly regarding her loyalties. Twice she tries to warn Margaery away from marrying him. The first time when there is a cover of singing and tons of pressure. A second time without prompting or pressure, purely out of the goodness of her heart, and only when she is riding out in the middle of the Kingswood with Margaery, where she is far more assured of privacy. Takes a similar route with Dontos, only meeting him in the godswood.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Will openly talk about hating Joffrey to a maid hired by the Lannisters right smack dab in the middle of the Red Keep.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • Carries a dinner knife with her to a clandestine meeting just in case it is a trap, even threatening to stab a potential attacker. Makes frequent trips at night to meet with her ally, using religious fervor and prayer as an alibi to the point where she spends hours upon hours during the day praying in the sept to reinforce this show of piety. It fools everyone, including her usually perceptive husband who expresses an interest in getting to know her. Even after she's escaped and she's accused of regicide, people talk about how pious she was.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • Grabs a corkscrew and instead of using it as a weapon (or grabbing a knife from her food tray) against her rapist (who likely sleeps next to her after he's done raping her), uses it to.... pick a lock? And then just walks out in broad daylight in front of her rapist's men, expecting not to be caught. This works until it doesn't.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • As of the latest installment, is making close friends, has figured out a way to draw all the power players in the Vale to the same location, is charming Harry the Heir and all the Vale lords, eating lemon cakes, dancing, eavesdropping on Littlefinger's conversations, and caring for a sick kid.
  • Show!Sansa:
  • As of the latest installment, is (kind of?) rescued by a man when he kills her husband's mistress, grabs her, and they jump off a wall. This is after weeks of being locked in a room where she is raped and beaten nightly and spending some time in a tower.
  • Book!Sansa:
  • All this happens ages 11-13
  • Show!Sansa:
  • All this happens ages 13-15.
  • Game of Thrones defenders and creators:
  • The Sansa of the show is smarter, stronger, more likable, and more active. She's actually started to play the game. We wanted to make her more empowered. This seasons especially was all about her taking action and putting the skills she's learned to good use, no longer being a bystander who sits around and weeps but actually being a player. This Sansa is no weak little girl!
  • Me:
  • Yeah, I can totally see how people think this is a progressive show that makes the "weak, passive, stupid, mean-spirited, shallow" Sansa of the books a more likable, resourceful, intelligent, empowered, and stronger character. Look how much better she plays the game! Look how likable they've made her! Look at that black dress! Yes, this show DEFINITELY improved upon the source material and gave us a far more feminist and empowering storyline. The show gives us a Sansa who can FINALLY play the game! This is the Sansa who knows what she's doing, who is a REAL player, who isn't some weak, shallow, stupid damsel in distress. I'm so glad they went in this direction, it's so much more empowering! Yay! A Sansa who is finally learning and taking on a cool and active story!

owlicites  asked:

hey i wanna request something where the reader gets called a mudblood behind her back multiple times and fred weasley like always gets back at them because he actually likes her a lot? but at one point she gets into a fight with one of her bullies and fred saves her and takes the hits for her and after that like fluff and her taking care of him because he doesn't want to go to the hospital wing? does this even make sense? i love love love your writing so much!!!

WOW, this ended up being longer than I anticipated. I’m a little rusty since I haven’t written in a while so I hope you like it!

(A/N: So, for this made up Daniel character, I just looked up a random name generator and just took a name from there! Sorry if any of you are named Daniel! I’m sure you’re all wonderful people! Enjoy!)

=Protective❀Fred Weasley imagine=

Originally posted by hp-wizardingtrash-1

You sadly dragged yourself into the Gryffindor common room, dropping your books on the floor, and slumped yourself into the couch in front of the fire. Your best friends, Fred and George Weasley, shared a concerned look. The two of them immediately came to your side and sat down with you.

“What’s got you down, sunshine?” Fred asked, placing a hand on your shoulder.

“Nothing. I’m fine,” you answered quietly, keeping your gaze on the fire.

“Nice try, (Y/N). We’ve known you for years,” George chimed in, placing his hand on your other shoulder.

“Yeah, we know when something’s wrong,” Fred added.

They were right. You’ve been friends with the twins for as long as you can remember. Your father worked with their father, Arthur Weasley, and became good friends with him. You remembered all the holidays spent with the Weasleys and how much fun you always had with them.

You hit it off with the twins the moment you met them. They were both just as mischievous and fun-loving as you, and the three of you have been friends since childhood. You all told each other everything. They were your best friends.

A sigh escaped your lips. “It’s Daniel,” you revealed.

“Daniel Paisley?” George questioned, furrowing his eyebrows.

“That pompous creep who acts like he’s better than everyone?” Fred commented.

“That’s the one…” You brought your knees up to your chest. The twins shared a look once more.

“What did he do, (Y/N)?” George asked softly.

“He called me a…” you closed your eyes and took in a breath. The thought of the word alone made you want to cry.

“He called me a mudblood,” you choked out. “In front of everyone! A-and this isn’t the first time he’s done it! Every time I walk by, or I’m near him, he’ll shout it out at me!” you were fuming.

Fred and George were silent for a bit, unsure of what to say.

“Want us to sneak some of our test products into his morning tea?” George asked.

A smile crept its way onto your face. “No, don’t do that. I just… I don’t understand what I did. I’ve never spoken to him, but ever since he found out that I’m a muggleborn… It’s been non-stop…”

The twins sat with you and comforted you, cracking jokes every now and then to try and get you to smile.

No doubt, George was upset about it, but although he didn’t show it, Fred was seething with anger.

Fred loved you. Not only as a friend, but so much more than that. He fell in love with how adventurous you were and how you always laughed at his jokes, even if they were bad. He loved how happy you’d get when the three of you would plan a prank, and it would make him smile watching your eyes light up as the prank would be executed.

He loved you, and hearing that Daniel hurt you made his blood boil.


You were walking back to the common room with Fred after dinner. George stayed in the Great Hall with Lee for a bit. As the two of you were walking, Daniel crossed your paths.

“Well, if it isn’t Fred Weasley and (Y/N),” He sneered.

“What do you want? Run out of first years to bully?” you scowled, crossing your arms.

“No, I just saw you two walking, and I’ve always wondered why a pureblood wizard is associating himself with the likes of you.”

“The likes of me?!” you shouted, angrily drawing your eyebrows together.

“I think you need to take a step back, mate,” Fred growled at him, stepping in between you and Daniel.

Ooh, is Weasley here your little boyfriend?” Daniel mocked.

You felt your face heat up.

“You know what I want to know, Daniel?!” you paused, stepping out from behind Fred.  “What is it that makes you think you’re somehow better than everyone else?!”

“I don’t think I’m better than everyone else. However, I know I’m better than you, you filthy mudblood,” Daniel spat in your face.

Those words hit you straight in the chest.

But as those words left his lips, you saw Fred punch Daniel straight in the face.

Your eyes went wide and your jaw dropped.

You thought that would be the last of it, but this began to turn into a full out fight. Students began crowding around Fred and Daniel, trying to see the action. You tried to reach in and hold Fred back, but you felt someone grab and pull you into the crowd. You turned around to see Ginny with a worried expression on her face.

“Fred! Stop, please! You’re gonna get hurt!” you cried out, but he couldn’t hear you over the roaring students.

Out of the way, all of you!” a voice boomed.

Everyone turned around and immediately moved out of the way once they saw Professor McGonagall approaching. Students began to scatter to avoid being lectured by her and knocked you out of Ginny’s grip, giving you the opportunity to yank Fred away from the fight.

You looked over at Daniel. He looked like a mess; his face was red, covered in cuts, and he had a busted lip. Then you looked at Fred.  

He had only gotten two cuts.

“Weasley! Paisley! Come with me, now!” Professor McGonagall demanded. You let go of Fred and the two boys immediately followed Mcgonagall. You watched as Fred walked behind her. Suddenly, he turned around, and his eyes locked on yours.

In that moment, you felt your heart leap.


You sat in front of the fire with George in the common room, waiting for Fred to come back.

“I can’t believe I missed Freddie fighting that git. I bet that was a sight to see,” George said.

You nodded, but didn’t quite respond back. You were too distracted.

Your mind was racing with questions. Why did Fred fight Daniel? Why did he get so protective of you and put himself between you and Daniel?


As you gazed into the fire, you heard footsteps approaching. You quickly turned your head to the source of the sound, and felt an overwhelming feeling of relief when you saw Fred standing across the room.

“Fred!” You shouted, running over to him. You immediately threw your arms around his neck and pulled him into a hug. He smiled to himself and wrapped his arms around your waist, hugging you back.

“Are you okay?” you asked once you pulled away, looking at the injuries on his face.

“You’re lookin’ pretty rough, Freddie,” George joked, walking over to the two of you.

“Yeah, but I’m still better looking than you, Georgie,” Fred smirked at his brother, and then looked back at you. “I’m fine, (Y/N).”

“Good,” you began. Then, you smacked him hard on his arm, causing Fred’s eyes to go wide. “What the hell were you thinking, Fred?!”

“I was thinking Daniel was running his mouth too much and that someone had to shut him up,” he shrugged, placing a hand on the spot on his arm where you hit him.

You looked down, rubbing your temples before looking back up at Fred. You locked eyes with him again and felt your heart leap again.

George noticed something was up.

“W-why aren’t you in the hospital wing?” you stammered, breaking eye contact with him.

“Well, McGonagall told me to go there, but I’d rather not have Madam Pomfrey poking at my face at this time of night, so I just came back here,” Fred answered, getting a small smile from you.

“You’re lucky my parents sent me to this school with a first-aid kit,” you chuckled. “I’ll be right back.” You then walked up to your room to find it, Fred watching as you left.

George narrowed his eyes on Fred, searching his face for an answer.

“You’re hiding something from me, Freddie,” George crossed his arms.


“You fancy (Y/N), don’t you?” a grin began to form on George’s face.

“What?! No! We’re friends, that’s all!”

“Mhm, sure. I knew something was going on! Admit it, Freddie old boy, you’ve got the hots for (Y/N)!”

“Shh! Okay, fine! I do,” Fred whisper-shouted.

George’s eyes got wide. “Oh. I was actually joking with you.”

Fred rolled his eyes.

“You really love (Y/N)?” George whispered.

“Yes! Why do you think I got into a fight? No one deserves to be called what he called her, and (Y/N) definitely doesn’t deserve to be attacked by some creep like Daniel! She’s so good to everyone she meets and she’s funny and bloody brilliant and…” Fred sighed.

“She just doesn’t deserve to be unhappy, George. She’s such a wonderful person and just… Hearing what Daniel did-”

“It’s okay, Freddie, I get it. You did a good thing.” George placed a hand on Fred’s shoulder. “You have to tell her.”

“You’re barking. I’m not telling her that I love her, she’ll be freaked out,” Fred walked over to the couch and sat down.

I found it!” you shouted from upstairs. You began to run back down to the common room. George walked by Fred and quietly said:

“If you don’t tell her, nothing will happen.”

And with that, he went up to his dorm.

You reached the bottom of the stairs and saw only Fred sitting on the couch.

“Where did Georgie go?” you asked, making your way over to Fred.

“Oh, he-uh-went to bed.” Fred stuttered, staring into the fire.

“Okay…” you set down the first-aid kit, pulled out everything you needed, and sat down next to Fred. You grabbed a cleansing pad and slowly began to disinfect his cuts.

As you cleaned his wounds, Fred didn’t take his eyes off you. You pretended not to notice, but you did, and your heart was racing. Your faces were so close.

You’ve always loved Fred. He was always there when you needed a friend, he made you laugh even when you didn’t want to, and he always knew how to make you smile.

But you were never sure of how he felt towards you. Sure, the two of you had moments where you thought there was something between you both, but they were just moments.


You finally finished cleaning his cuts and placed band-aids on them. You put everything back in the bag, and sat back on the couch.

“Don’t get into any more fights, Freddie,” you sighed, looking over at him.

“I’ll try. But if I do, at least I’ll know that I have someone to look after me,” Fred smirked, sending a wink your way. You felt yourself smile and your cheeks heat up. You turned back to the fireplace, but Fred’s gaze lingered on you for a bit before he looked away.

Silence filled the air between you two. The questions in your mind from earlier began to swarm your head once more.

“Fred?” you asked, breaking the silence.


“Can I… Ask you something?”

“Of course. What’s up?” Fred turned his face to look at you.

“What happened today? You were just… Really protective and when Daniel called me a… Mudblood… You snapped.”

Fred took in a breath and stood up, running his fingers through his hair.

“It’s just… I hated how he talked to you. When you told us about how he was hurting you… I was already angry about it. And seeing him actually talk to you like that… I couldn’t stop myself. It all happened so fast and I didn’t even think. I just hit him.”

“Wait.” you got up and stood in front of him. “You did that because he was upsetting me?”


“Fred, why-”

“(Y/N), you don’t deserve to be hurt. You’re kind-hearted and funny and beautiful and the fact that Daniel is so close-minded and can’t see how amazing you are just boggles my mind.” Fred blurted. His eyes became wide once he realized what he said.

Your face turned red. “Do you really mean that?”

“I do.” Fred paused, letting out a breath. “I guess now’s a better time as any.”

Fred took a step towards you, making your heart speed up. You felt him gently take your hands in his, confusion taking over every fiber of your being. His hands were soft and warm.

“Fred, w-what are you doing?” you squeaked softly, gazing up at him.

“I need to tell you something…”

“Say it, then. You’re making me nervous,” you chuckled. Fred awkwardly chucked back and looked down at his feet.

“Okay…” he breathed. You anxiously waited for him to speak.

“(Y/N), I love you.” He said.

In that moment, every question you had about Fred was answered.

You felt your eyes widen, heat rising up your face. Your heart was racing, but you felt relieved. A smile began to form on your lips and you let out a little giggle.

“What? Say something,” Fred looked nervous, but tried to hide it with a smile.

“Fred, you’re so thick sometimes,” you laughed.

Now Fred looked confused. “Come again?”

“Fred, I love you, too.” you brought your hand up and rested it on his cheek.

“Yeah?” he placed his hand over yours.

“Yeah.” you smiled.

He let out a loud sigh of relief, causing you to laugh again.

“Why didn’t you say anything, Freddie?”

“Because… We’ve been friends since we were children. I thought that you’d only ever see me as friend,” he paused to slowly put his hands on your hips. “I didn’t want to ruin that.”

The two of you gazed at each other in silence for a few moments. Suddenly, you saw Fred’s eyes flicker down towards your lips. He saw you do the same.

There was no speaking. The two of you just slowly started leaning in towards each other. As your faces got closer, you felt his breath against your lips. You saw Fred smirk.

“What?” you murmured.

“Now I know why you were so upset that I asked Angelina to the ball last year,” He whispered, moving a strand of hair away from your face. “You looked gorgeous that night. I mean, you always do, but-”

“Fred, just kiss me.”

A wide grin formed on his face. He then immediately crashed his lips into yours. You wrapped your arms around his neck, pulling him closer to you. Fred snaked his arms around your waist, closing the remaining space between you two.

Everyone always talked about how they felt fireworks when they kissed someone they really clicked with.

You were feeling more than just fireworks.

After what seemed like forever, the two of you broke apart, completely breathless.

“Wow,” you breathed, resting your head against his chest.

“Yeah, wow,” Fred smiled to himself.

“Thank you, Fred,” you looked up at him.

“What for, love?”

“For sticking up for me. I don’t know what I would have done if you weren’t there today…”

Fred cupped your face in his hands, gazing at your features.

“I want to make you happy. I want to be the reason for that gorgeous smile of yours, and anyone who wants to do the opposite of that is an idiot.” Fred rested his forehead against yours.

“I love you, (Y/N).”


anonymous asked:

I actually think the benefactor may be TIM, because if the theory that Cora is his daughter is correct (and it does seem more than incidental that they share a last name, and Cora doesn't know what happened to her parents), then the dialogue about her huntress mentor kicking her into the initiative with almost no explanation starts to make a lot more sense. If TIM founded the initiative to save humans from the reapers I imagine he would give a lot to make sure she was with it.

I definitely think that out of everyone in the original trilogy, TIM makes the most sense. But I also really hope it’s not him because after ME3 I’ve had enough of TIM and Cerberus. I also would find it more interesting if there’s a different organization taking root within the Initiative. We’ve already seen a conflict with Cerberus ideals and one with AI, I’d love to see something new. Something with the Initiative’s ~true~ purpose which would be something deliciously shady.

probably-a-cryptid  asked:

Hello!! I was rereading YUTS for the third time maybe?? And I just have a question- why is Nana All Might's only ghost?? he's saved a shit tone of people obviously, but Nana seems to be the only one to follow him around. At first I thought it was just that 'happy'/ restful ghosts didn't follow ppl but then Aizawa has his lil possey, so why does AM not have a plethora of ghosts as well?? Did Nana scare them off? She doesn't seem the type tho. And it's unlikely that absolutely no one has a (1/2)

grudge against him bc AM couldn’t save them in time, bc people are shits and someone was salty that they died, even if it was AM. Just curious if there’s a specific reason?? It could just be for plot reasons but still if there’s a reason I’m curious ^-^ (2/2)

I can’t remember whether I read this in canon, or I read it in a fanfic and accepted it as a headcanon, but my reckoning is that since his debut and rise as the Number 1, everyone that All-Might has been present to save, he has saved. If there’s anyone he hasn’t been able to save, it’s because he simply wasn’t there at the time, and was therefore not involved enough for ghosts to latch on to him. He probably gets a few fans and lookie-loos among the dead from time to time, but no one’s as emotionally attached to him as Nana is.

HERE COMES A THOUGHT: Steven healing Jasper’s corruption by entering her mind through his dreams, and the whole thing is a giant homage to the ending of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

Jasper is Anthy, and just as Anthy is trapped by swords of hatred, Jasper is trapped by the green spikes of corruption that plagues her mind.

But the Anthy trapped by those swords is not the “true” Anthy, and the Jasper plagued by corruption is not the “true” Jasper, merely the monster she’s resigned to be. The “true” Jasper is pure and uncorrupted, possibly still wearing her Pink Diamond uniform, and Steven finds her trapped somewhere deep within Jasper’s mind. Maybe she’s hiding in her own hole from the Beta Kindergarten, sealed shut by the metal spikes that she used to contain the other corrupted Gems. That’s how she sees herself now–as nothing more than a corrupted monster.

Steven struggles to free the Jasper trapped inside her hole, just like Utena struggled to free the “true” Anthy trapped inside her coffin…

But he just can’t do it on his own. Jasper has to want to be saved.

“Jasper, please! Please, take my hand!”

I can really imagine Steven with this exact face, because he desperately wants to save Jasper and make everything right. He doesn’t even care that she was his enemy, he doesn’t care if she hates him or if she will always him, all he cares about his helping someone in pain. So he reaches for her…

Does she reach back…?

The moment Sam realizes someone else matters to Dean almost as much as he does.

Dean: “I was with him when we learned this place was under attack, we drove              like a bat out of hell.”

Sam: “How come? I mean…”

           “ don’t care for these guys, you didn’t even know that I was here…”

           “… Right, of course.”

Dean: [to Mary] “When I thought something might have happened to you…”

           “…nothing else mattered.”

-Supernatural 12 x 14: “The Raid”

Here it is, canon, that Sam is shocked when it dawns on him that, for the first time since their father died, there’s another person on this planet who matters almost as much to Dean as he does. She matters enough for Dean to set their conflict aside and hightail it across town to save her, even though she betrayed and hurt him deeply. The implication of this is crystal clear: As far as Sam is concerned, up until now, no one (other than Sam) has mattered that much to Dean – it seems to go without saying that this “no one” would include Castiel. Not that his friendship with Castiel isn’t important to him; but it will never be as important as his relationships with his closest family members.

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Requests are open? If yes...... anything with Invia (Invel x Juvia) please, I'm begging

In Chains

Pairing: One sided Invia, touches of Gruvia

Word Count: 1173

A/N; Hello there! So idk if this was what you were hoping for, but Invel is A Bad Guy. No problems with torture or mind control or cruel scenarios, and so the only way I could write this would be severly unhealthy. Hopefully you enjoy the writing, if not the plot <3

“This would be easier if you would stop fighting it.”

“Juvia will never stop fighting you.” she snarled, hand twisting the metal around her delicate fingers, palms rubbed bloody from her struggle. “Juvia’s beloved is coming for her.”

“And if he does I will take your mind and make you kill him. You couldn’t really kill someone you love, it would make no sense. So then, you will see that you do not love him, and in fact love me.”

“Juvia would die before she allowed that.” she hissed. Invel shook his head, sighing and he fixed his glasses. She had landed a solid punch before Invel had managed to form his ice collar around her neck. Her beautiful, pale, neck. 

“You will learn. You will see.” Invel sighed, tugging the chain. She was so pretty on her knees, but now was not the time for that. He led her through the ruined town, bricks crumbling to dust under their feet, eerily quiet around them, anything risking to remain caught in Invel’s ice. The only sound he could catch was the wet grinding of Juvia’s bloody feet on rubble paths. It as good she was only barely clinging to consciousness, or that would surely slow them in Invel’s search. His king was sure to be around here somewhere, Zeref hopefully not transferred too far by Eileen’s damned blast of panic magic. 

Women and their emotions, so much better when controlled by his collars. 

“Where are you taking Juvia?” she asked, yanking on her chain. Her words sounded forced, like her mind was caught in thick honey. So she was finally weakening. Good. She would learn and reveal her true emotions soon. 

“Nowhere that is a concern for you.” Invel replied. He frowned when she stumbled, pulling her leash to make her keep up. She would have to learn to not slow him down. 

Juvia had many things to learn, but Invel would readily teach them to her. 

Invel looked back watching her face flicker between blank and furious, confusion slipping in between them as she fought to remember the situation she had put herself in. She was so stunning with glossy eyes and parted lips. Though Invel would have to remove that blasted mark on her thigh. She belonged to no one but him know.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing with Juvia?” A man’s voice shouted, threatening as it boomed over the ice encased scene around them. Invel turned, quirking an eyebrow as he realized his ice had not touched him. Odd that this one was immune, but nothing Invel couldn’t correct.

“My love!” 

Invel’s eyes snapped to Juvia, watching as she ran in the direction of the man, tears pouring from her eyes, expression soft even as she walked over ice shards and her collar bit into her neck. She pulled at the leash, straining against Invel’s control as she embraced the shirtless and raven- haired man. He bore the same symbol on the right side of his chest as Juvia’s supple thigh. Invel cocked his head, noticing the intense demonic power radiating from the mage, as well as murderous intent. “What did you do to her?”

“I have claimed her to be mine,” Invel explained. It should be obvious, by the collar around her neck. What went together better than water and ice?

“You can’t just claim a person!” The man spat, “You sick bastard, get this thing off of her right now or I’ll kill you.”

“Gray, my love, please don’t risk yourself for Juvia.” she whispered, swaying in her spot, exhausted from fighting Invel’s control for so long. She was so strong, fitting for Invel. Finally, a woman worthy of his attention. He would not give her up to some mage of a dying guild. 

“Don’t be stupid. You’re coming home with me Juvia. I have things I need to tell you after this is all over, yeah?” Gray said, smiling at Juvia even as he tried to freeze over Invel’s ice collar. So he was an ice mage as well. Invel’s gut twisted, sour at the love Juvia gazed at this Gray with. This would not do. 

“Juvia.” Invel called, grinning as he watched her body go slack. “Attack.”

“Juvia, what do you think you’re doing?” Gray shouted, dodging her water blade coating her arm, Juvia walking forward with powerful sweeps of her arms. 

“J-Juvia can n-not st-stop.” She pushed out, words hissed between clenched teeth. “P-please, my l-love. Leave Ju-Juvia behind.”

“I told you to stop being stupid!” Gray snapped, freezing her arms but having to duck to avoid the geyser she used to break the ice binding her. “I’m not leaving you.”

Invel watched them fight, Gray obvious in his refusal to harm Juvia, and the blue-haired woman unable to do anything but fight with her full might. They were quick as the danced around one another, ice shields shattering and water bullets pulverizing the buildings around. Gray grunted when one caught his side, red bright as it spilled over the dust and ice-laden wall beside him. 

“My love, you m-must fight J-Juvia!” she sobbed, motions stilted as she fought against Invel’s collar. 

“No!” Gray screamed, desperation and denial raising Invel’s ire. These Fiorians were so absurd with their attachments. He would remove that from Juvia though, even if it meant having her rip out Gray’s heart with her bare hands. 


Invel watched that beautiful blank look fall over Juvia’s face. Her arms raised, hands transforming into streams of water as they shot towards gray, wrapping around his neck and face. Gray kicked and struggled, eyes wide as he tried and failed to freeze her arms, water constantly moving and reforming to deny him the chance. Air bubbles raised through the water covering his face, skin turning red and then the hints of blue as seconds ticked by. While it wasn’t ripping out a heart, drowning surely would not be pleasent for a death. 

“Please, stop.”

Invel looked at Juvia’s face, tears falling down her cheeks and lip trembling, eyes still blank as they looked in Gray’s direction. “Please, let Juvia stop.”

“Why would I do that?” Invel asked, walking forward. He met Gray’s half concious gaze. Another minute and he’d be dead. 

“Juvia promises to never fight you if you let her stop,” she whimpered. “Juvia will be yours, Just please, let her beloved live.”

“But Juvia,” Invel said softly, turnin her chin to look at him with a single finger. “You already belong to me.”

More tears fell from her empty eyes, and Invel sighed. “Fine, release him.” Invel watched, disinteredted as Gray’s body slumped to the ground, chest heaving for air. Invel made sure they wouldn’t be followed by a hard kick to the temple. nodding when he watched Gray’s head loll, blood trickling from his hairline. “Now come, Juvia. Zeref does not like to be kept waiting.”

Invel smiled when he did not have to pull the leash for Juvia to fall in line behind him. Now that she was broken, it was only a matter of time before she realized she loved him, as he loved her. 

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Why does Mulder love Scully so much but she doesn't love him as much?

I don’t think it’s a contest but if it were there’s no clear winner. Love languages. Scully is a doer. Scully devotes her life to this man and his cause over and over again. She is not a toucher or a sayer, not the way Mulder is. Or at least not in the grandiose way Mulder is. Mulder likes big, thoughtful speeches, elusive gifts and saving your eggs for later. Scully will cut up your mom.


  • jellal: /is captured with all of the kids in his town and all of their parents are murdered
  • jellal: /sacrifices himself for erza so she won't get hurt
  • jellal: /is possessed and can't control what he does
  • jellal: /doesn't get to experience a childhood but instead is taken over
  • jellal: /kills one of his best friends while possessed
  • jellal: /almost loses erza, the girl who he has loved for most of his life
  • jellal: /loses all of his memories
  • jellal: /doesn't remember anything but he apologizes for everything
  • jellal: /cries when erza told him he killed simon
  • jellal: /helps save everyone
  • jellal: /is taken away for his sins and goes along with ease
  • jellal: /is tortured in prison but encourages erza to win no matter what
  • jellal: /starts a guild with ultear and meredy to redeem all of their sins and stop dark guilds
  • jellal: /saves erza when she was close to dying
  • jellal: /sacrifices himself for meredy and tells her to run away
  • jellal: /almost dies
  • jellal: /gives the oracion seis the freedom they have always deserved
  • jellal: /is a sweet caring soul that can't forgive himself for all the trouble he has caused that he could not help
  • jellal: /has done so many things to redeem his sins, and save everyone in need of help
  • people: jellal is such a ass hole, he doesn't feel remorse for all the things he did, he hasn't done anything to help anyone or save anyone, he is proud of what he did, he doesn't deserve to live

I’ve maybe been thinking about this a lot. Because what if it were Percy? And she comes back from a mission that’s just gone horribly wrong (people got hurt, people died) because of him and… what would she do? In that moment of confrontation does she pull the trigger or does she hold on to the conviction that he can be saved?

When you break up with them
  • Eren: He would calmly accept it even if it's killing him inside. Once it dawns on him that you've turned your back on him for good, he'd start trying to think of ways to win you back so that he can do better if ever he's given another chance. However, if he's not given another chance, he'd be a little bitter and angry, and may not talk to you ever again.
  • Armin: This would make him really frozen with shock as he tries to process what's going on. When he finally gets a good bite on reality, he'd start stuttering out his questions, like where did he go wrong or what can he do to make it better so that you guys wouldn't have to resort to this. in the end, he would just accept it and have a tiny bit of hope that you guys would still be friends.
  • Reiner: Since he'd be so shocked, he'd think that you're playing a sick joke on him because you're mad at him, so he'd start being sweet as his way of asking for forgiveness. Upon realizing that you're dead serious with his decision, he'd be super dumfounded and might not be able to do anything but to scratch his head. He'd let you go with a heavy heart, thinking that it'll be better if that's going to make you happy.
  • Bertholdt: He'd feel really guilty as soon as he hears "let's break up" because it's like he couldn't keep you satisfied or happy enough that's why you're leaving him. He wouldn't try to stop you because he feels like there are a lot of things he lacked as a partner, so he deserves it. Nonetheless, this would totally beat him down emotionally and it would take a while for him to get back into the dating game.
  • Jean: He wouldn't want to show you that he really wants to cry, so he'd mask it with anger. He would start lashing out all your flaws that could've led to this, and how he was planning on it anyway so he's totally fine with it. Still, he would feel very hurt, and he'd try to drink away the ache then might drunk call you to come back to him.
  • Marco: He's pretty aware that all good things do come to an end, so even if it hurts him, he'd accept it. He'd ask for a reason as to why you're breaking up with him out of curiosity and so that he can learn from his mistakes. Before completely letting you go, he'd assure he would always be your friend, and that you can just talk to him for whatever reason.
  • Connie: He wouldn't take this well, so even if you guys are officially over, he would still try to patch things up. it would take him a while to realize that it's quite pointless to chase after you like that. If you tell him to start backing off, he hesitantly will even if he still has feelings for you.
  • Levi: For him, he would be so hurt that he wouldn't be able to react to anything. He'd be in a daze when you guys have officially broken up because it'll hurt that much for him. He'd think that maybe you're just not the one for him, and will try to move on as quickly as possible since sulking about it isn't the answer.
  • Erwin: It would be a big blow to his ego to be dumped, so he would think that you're out of your mind. He'd be really in denial that you're doing this to him since he doesn't think that he's done anything drastic to you. It would be really hard for him to accept the reality, and once he does, he would feel really useless for not saving the relationship or doing anything.
  • Mikasa: She would start blurting out questions as to where she went wrong, what can she do to make the situation better, and how can you guys steer away from breaking up like this. As hard as she'll try, the tears will still spill out and she'll constantly ask for forgiveness. She really hates being alone, so having you leaving her would really ruin her and out her in a drag for a long time.
  • Annie: The only emotion that she'll feel and show would be shock because she really wouldn't see it coming. She would just quietly accept it and be the first one to end the conversation so that she wouldn't have to endure any more pain. It wouldn't take her a long time to get over it, but it would still be at the back of her mind.
  • Sasha: She would try to smile for you because she believes that if doing so makes you happy, then she'll be as happy. Even if the tears start running down her face, she'll still try to show her biggest smile and assure you that she's alright. Once she's completely out of sight, she'll stop sucking it in and let out everything that she feels.
  • Christa: Crying wouldn't be something she'd do, and instead she'll keep her composure and humbly accept it. She will admit that it will feel like the whole world would be taken away from her. She'd try to distract herself with different things, but then she'd end up with her trying to move on.
  • Ymir: She would think that it'll be your loss for letting her go like that. However, she'll start realizing that she should've tried harder and she's practically nothing without you. She would attempt on getting you back, but her pride wouldn't let her do so and she'll feel like it'd be too late.
  • Hanji: As much as she respects your decision, she would still try to subtly make you change your mind and stay. She would think of all the effort she had exerted and all the love she's given during the duration of the relationship, and how much of a waste would it be to just throw it down the drain. Once she senses it's getting pointless to keep on doing so, she'll just give it up and let you be.
  • Petra: It'd be clear to her that she wouldn't be able to completely turn the situation around, and if it was bound to happen, so be it. She would consider your happiness first before she thinks about her feelings just to be fair. She would assure you that she'll be fine, then she'll let the waterworks out behind your back.

anonymous asked:

Sakura doesn't really exist outside of Sasuke does she. When she was younger her goal was him. That changed but her strengths & accomplishments eventually all tie back to Sasuke in one way or another. The Sasori fight, to get info on Sasuke. Her becoming stronger, to help save Sasuke. Databooks confirm that her favourite thing in the world is Sasuke while his is hobbies or pastimes. Kishi even describes her as "addicted" to him. She has no narrative arc outside Sasuke.

If that’s what you think, then you probably need to pay more attention to her. One of the most prominent aspects of Sakura’s development had nothing to do with Sasuke; this was her desire to no longer stand in the shadow of her peers, and no longer let them protect her. Throughout the story, she strove to gain the power to do things by herself, on her own terms. This began all the way back in her childhood with Ino, where she told herself and Ino that she’d no longer lose to her; she’d no longer stand in her shadow. She was going to blossom into the beautiful flower that Ino always knew she could be: 

It was again brought up in the Forest of Death, where she felt rather (for lack of a better word), useless, because she kept watching Naruto and Sasuke from behind, watching them fight her battles for her:

Watching them constantly protect her:

She strove to be like them so that she’d be able to protect them for a change. This was what she yearned for; to be able to stand with her comrades in battle, and not cower behind them:

Thus, her infamous quote:

Even during the scene where Naruto reveals his failure to bring Sasuke back, Sakura’s ambition was again highlighted. Yes, the scene concerned Sasuke, but Sakura wasn’t thinking about that. All that was on her mind was the fact that she once again left Naruto to do everything, she once again “Couldn’t do anything”, and it was eating her up inside:

So she declares that next time, they’ll do it together because she would have found the strength to no longer be dependent on her comrades:

As you can see, this theme of hers was constantly brought up, so it’s a little surprising that you think that Sakura’s character is non-existent without Sasuke, because this desire wasn’t born from a desire to be with or Save Sasuke; they later became extra incentives, but they weren’t the trigger. The trigger was the desire to better herself because she was tired of always being in someone’s shadow, tired of always being in the way, and tired of never being able to do anything substantial in combat situations.

She referenced it again during the war:

And unlocked the Byakugou Seal in order to demonstrate that now, she was more than worthy of fighting alongside her teammates. She was the disciple of a Sannin, just like the other two, and she had more that enough power to defend herself from even some of the mightiest opponents:

She thus took her rightful place beside her teammates on the field of battle, rather than look on from behind them. This was such a huge goal of hers, and she had finally achieved it.

Sakura wanted to alter herself, from a cowering girl who couldn’t do anything:

To a fearsome Kunoichi who doesn’t take shit from anyone, and she did that:

And that Anon, had nothing to do with Sasuke :)

And I wouldn’t take what Kishi said in that interview too seriously; he was in troll mode, because he kept giggling whilst making those comments, and some of them were also directed at Hinata as well. You can tell when his comments are serious and when they’re made in jest.