and she does actually love the panther

My only request for Infinity War is that if you’re gonna kill somebody, make it hurt me. Make me cry. Make me wonder how they’re gonna come back from that loss. Don’t wuss out and kill someone we don’t know very well, or someone who’s just a supporting character to someone else.

Kill the main cast. Kill someone like Iron Man, or Captain America, or Hulk.

I don’t want them to die, really. But I’m not going to feel anything (or feel like Thanos is really even that big a threat) if they kill someone like Nebula, who wasn’t even “good” until the last half of the second movie she was in. And Marvel notoriously does not actually kill anyone (War Machine, Loki, Fury, Pepper, Bucky… the list is long).

Don’t fake me out. Don’t kill minor characters.

Make me really feel like this is the end-times for the Avengers. Kill a core member of the original group. Kill someone we know and love and who *matters* to the other Avengers.

I’m paying for this movie to hurt me, and I hope it delivers.

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Okay but please tell me that she gets a panther of her own? Because I feel like she needs a protector and playmate with her 24/7 and Tony would want to give her the same joy he had with his panthers

She doesn’t necessarily get a panther of her own, but You takes a liking to her. The first time they can’t find Maria they panic until one of the servants finds You wrapped around her on a windowsill, basking in the sun. Maria’s asleep. “My babies love my babies,” Tony sniffles. Steve and Bucky squint at him. Dummy is gone but neither of them have forgotten that ill-fated day when he chased Bucky, naked, through the castle grounds. Yeah. Babies.

Actually I think the panthers are still relatively young when Maria’s born? Dummy dies when Peter’s twenty and Tony’s given Butterfingers at the funeral. Peter gets married when he’s eighteen so Maria is actually at least a year old when Dummy dies. So she does actually grow up with panthers of her own! :D It’s Butterfingers! (And You of course but he comes later.)