and she couldn't reach him

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I'm just waiting for Hide to figure out Kaneki and Touka are married

He always knew how Kaneki was and he also knew that Touka really cared about him.. at the end of it all, he was the one who pointed out to Kaneki how pretty Touka was when Kaneki didn’t even think about darting his eyes away from Rize to check on other girls. I think he will feel very happy to know that despite the drama, Touka and Kaneki found a way to be together now, and Hide knows what Rize represented in Kaneki’s life and all the drama that caused him, so for him as a friend — to know that he’s with someone who genuinely loves him and wants the best for him, i think it’s a big relief :o 

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Okay so with Alice not being on our side I thought that meant she couldn't be the one who boarded up the ink machine room but then I was like.. Wait. She still doesn't like bendy tho. So basically my new headcanon is that she went "u know what bendy, fuck u and ur plans" and she blocked him in so he couldn't reach us just to piss him off

Exactly! She might not care about Henry, but she fears Bendy as much as the rest of them and thus wouldn’t turn down an opportunity to hold him off for a while.

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What if King kaneki had an itch on his lower back he couldn't reach so Touka scratches it for him. She accidently rubs the kakuhou area and he lets out an accidental moan (since the kakuhou is an erogenous area) and there's an awkward sexual tension in the air. (She's never seen the scary king kaneki look so red in his life hehehehehee)

ahhh that’s so cute! /// maybe Kaneki doesn’t have any idea of how that part of him would feel so when he asks her if she can scratch it for him all the blood goes up into her face and she thinks, oh fuck, oh fuck, this is it, this is the actual moment, he’s finally asking me to do that with him.

when her nails scratch lightly down his back, he claps his hands to his mouth, TOTALLY HORRIFIED by the noise he made. he realizes in an instant what she must have thought, and when she sees his violently blushing face she realizes that he had no idea what he was asking until just now, and she sighs and stops herself from banging her head against a wall.

this also made me think that it would be fun if Touka had to take care of a sick King Kaneki~

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head canon that when Pike and the others go to attack Indra's army, Kane and Abby show up to assist her. Pike goes after Kane, and is really close to killing him when somebody shoots Pike from behind. It's then that Kane realizes that Indra picked up a gun and shot Pike to save him because she knew she couldn't reach him in time

I would keel over if this happened.

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Hira blushes, hating mun and the anon who sent that sign before taking a deep breath. "Baymax!" She calls out before storming over to him. Her whole face was a bright pink, she couldn't believe she was going to do this. She reaches up, grabs him by the collar and tugs on it. At the same time she gets on her tiptoes to press a kiss to his lips. She quickly pulls away and runs off. "Are you happy now ANON?!" ((XD Hira was sent a heart with your url srry ((hirahamada)))

Baymax blinked in surprise as Hira pulled away. “That was… interesting.” He said quietly, rubbing his lips as he straightened up. “I suppose one of the grey-faces dared you do so?” He asked, tilting his head slightly, a small smile on his lips.


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Regina met him in the corridors of her castle. "Robin," she gasped. "I-I -" The Queen wasn't sure what to say, but she couldn't resist him any longer. She reached for him, pushed him roughly against the wall, and pressed her lips to his. Regina wrapped her arms around his neck, and pressed her entire body against his. "I need you. I-I want you."

Robin looked at her, waiting in anticipation for her words, listening intently. All of a sudden he was against the wall, lip to lip with her majesty. He wasn’t very shocked, he had thought of her daily and wanted more with her than just what they were. He melted into her kiss, wrapping his arms around her. He smiled after breaking and smirked, “The feelings mutual.” he remarked pressing his lips back to her’s, holding her close to him.