and she can cook too

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Supercorp, who is a better cook?

I’ve always had the head canon of Lena as a better cook! Several reasons - she just seems like the type to be good at pretty much everything, and I think she takes a lot of joy out of creating something with her hands. I think she sees it as one of the simple pleasures in life. As extra is she is, with her high heels and her helicopter, she’s a pretty down to earth girl.

Kara can cook the basics but she likes to use her heat vision too much for anything to taste right so she pretty much relies on Lena in the cooking department.

Bonus- Lena loves the challenge of finding ways to make mass quantities of Kara’s favorite foods!

Debrief Day 3

Note : I’m typing this on my phone so forgive typos!

Intro/Concert Clip

Today kicked off with footage from the Miami Purple Rain tour stop, April 7, 1985. The theme for today’s clip was intended to be “funny Prince” and it was indeed that! And also….Haha not family friendly Prince. He lasted one song before his shirt was mostly no more…among other moans, dips, and thrusts… Must be something about that last tour stop buzz to really pull out all the stops! 🙃


Uneventful this time! We went to look at the fence. Full of wonderful tributes! This one in particular was pretty cool!

In the Studio

Panel discussion with sound engineers Susan Rogers, Chris James (Art Official Age, Hitnrun Phase 2/Plectrumelectrum), Dylan Dresdow (Hitnrun Phase 2/Judith Hill’s P Produced Back in time)

Chord progression of Power Fantastic and Mountains was written by Wendy and Lisa, finished by Prince.

P did not like singing vocals in front of anyone when laying down tracks. Usually did them by himself. On the rare occasions when an engineer was there, he would not allow them to have a direct line of sight to him.

Susan repeated the story of when the Revolution was a recording a song at Prince’s home studio. They did not have enough headphones to go around and it was important for at least the band members to have some. They were positioned all around the house recording together as the instruments could not fit all in one place. Everyone had headphones except Susan and she was in the control room with Prince singing lead vocals. He positioned the microphone in the corner and sang facing the corner. And he made her position herself with her back to him so she couldn’t watch him sing. She did have a treat though… she got to hear Prince singing in a raw full out way without hearing everyone’s else’s parts mixed in. 💜

The pattern of Prince writing a song :

Music first. Rides around with it in the car to come up with lyrics. Records them on top of the music by himself in the studio.

Lyrics first. Drums, Bass, Guitar, etc.

Live Band. Hears in his head…Teaches people parts. Makes adjustments, sometimes allowed people to interpolate his musical ideas.

On Prince giving compliments :

Susan was working really late putting together a sound rig. She had been up all night working on it all by herself. P came in to check on her around 4am, Sheila was with him. Not talking directly to Susan, Prince said “if a woman is really good at one thing she usually doesn’t know how to cook. Can you cook Sheila?” Sheila says “I can cook on the drums…” And Prince says “Well Susan [is special she] can cook too…”

Tender moment with Chris James

When he was a little boy, he used to watch MTV just as it was getting started. He would put on his raincoat and play guitar using one he fashioned from old blinds…“Because I wanted to be like Prince. So to sit up here on this stage now…” And he started to cry. 😢

Paisley Park Tour

This part to be honest was a little disappointing, but I think it’s because we had already taken the VIP tour last October when we are here for the tribute. We only got to see Studio A & C (No magical Studio B or Galaxy Room!), the album spotlight rooms and his office were roped off so you could only peek in vs walk into them, and the video editing bay was closed. We’re not sure if it was like that due to the volume of people there and the limited amount of time to peruse, or if all the tours are that way now. Shout a holler if you’ve been recently and say!

The Time concert

A jam as to be expected! And special shout out to @stephaniejuhnay! She got scooped up to dance the Bird on stage!!!

Jon: the world benefit greatly from the cease of your insistent banter


oh man guys it’s so hot right now in southern california. Like no cloud in the sky, sun high and blazing, it’s barely 7 am and it’s already 80 degrees Fahrenheit, kind of heat. It’s beginning. 


And tomorrow we’re hitting triple digits *cries*

I hate summer.  What does this heat benefit? you can’t do anything comfortable outside unless you wanna burn, your garden plants get cooked, your poor pets get overheated, traffic becomes more hellish than regular. *sigh*

At least it “cools” down somewhat around 5pm ( the breeze starts kicking in and thankfully not a too hot one). I should enjoy this before real summer heat hits.

At least i have good heat tolerance, but i still hate it.

Mom!Biana Headcannons

~Children always look like they just stepped off the red carpet

~Nosy MomTM

~Uses her ability to spy on her kid’s dates

~Loves all of her kids equally and unconditionally 

~Studied during her pregnancy to make sure she was doing things right

~Can turn into a momma bear if provoked

~Tells her daughters that it’s ok to be strong

~Tells her sons that it’s ok to be emotional

~Gives hugs and kisses to her kids all the time

~Sings her kids to sleep


~Breaks norms cause even if she didn't do it with abilities she’s gonna do it with gender roles

~Can’t cook too well but tries something new every day so she can teach her kids later in life

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heyo!!! Can I have some platonic 2nu fluff headcanons? Because the siblings are cute, pure, and they destroy me.

New Writer up to Bat

- Sometimes, when she was younger, Noodle would wake 2D up during the Holidays by jumping on his bed and shouting random Japanese curse words. 2D would try to fight her off but it would end up in him falling victim to her pleas. He’d get up and make her some burnt pancakes, which she would politely decline and feed them to whatever demons were lurking around Kong studios at the time.

- Noodle never went to school, so she never got any real social skills. 2D would take her to the park and have her interact with the other kids her age, but they’d get kicked out because Noodle enjoyed using the playground equipment for martial arts training, possibly harming a few kids in the process. 2D always told her it was because she was way too cool for regular play parks.

- 2D can’t cook. Noodle would teach him to make some of the traditional Japanese meals she learned how to make in her time in Japan. He mastered ‘Yakitori,’ a grilled chicken meal.

- Noodle got 2D hooked on RomComs, and whenever an s/o of his accidentally quoted a line from one of his favorites, he’d grab Noodle to tell the s/o how good the movie is, but never actually let her say anything as he’d want to interrupt with little tid bits of info.

- Whenever Murdoc was out, 2D and Noodle would build forts in the living room in Kong Studios.

- They have a very complicated secret handshake, which involves several movements that include the leg and the elbow. - Noodle has very bad nightmares about being stranded at sea, and she’ll wake up to find a fidgety 2D standing over her with a mug of her favorite tea and a warm towel to help her sleep better.

Mod B: Here are some HCs i thought of - hope you enjoy :)

Akiteru/Saeko/Ukai HC

Okay so I saw this ask about Akiteru/Saeko/Ukai on @hq-rare-pairs and now I have IDEAS. These three would be so cool together. Thanks anon for bringing them up aahh

So we got some Saeko/Ukai and Saeko/Akiteru interactions but no Ukai/Akiteru that I’m aware of so I gotta make some up first.

Akiteru and Ukai connecting could be so, so easy. They both play Volleyball. Ukai is coaching Akiteru’s beloved little brother. Let’s imagine Ukai wants to make sure Kei eats more to gain muscle? He calls up Akiteru and together they plot how to make the dino stuff his face with protein foods. Basically they can bond over pestering Kei into being a better player.

I also like to think that they first met in Akiteru’s highschool days. Ukai’s grandfather was Aki’s coach after all, and while we didn’t see any signs of them knowing each other, it’s possible (especially if you squint)

ALSO. Consider them arranging friendly matches between the Neighborhood Association Team (Ukai’s team) and the Kaji Wild Dogs (Aki’s current team) (It’s totally an excuse to see the other sweating + to show off their skills to impress the other pffftt)

Okay and now, headcanon time for all three:

- Ukai laughing about Saeko being smol, Akiteru laughing about both of them being smol. Ukai gets mad because he isn’t short?? but Akiteru is still taller so he’s like “aww look at this smol angry person he’s so cute”. He’s literally only 7cm taller.

- All three of them are blond?? Aesthetics. I’m assuming Ukai and Saeko both have to dye theirs, so Akiteru definitely teases them and calls them fake blonds whenever they help each other bleach

- Spooning aesthetics: We have a perfect tol to smol order. Does Saeko care tho? No. She’s gonna be the big spoon anyway because she feels like it.

- People assuming those two big, strong guys are Da Man in the house but nope. Nope. A bug?? Saeko has to save them. Especially Aki. When they fight, she goes around fastening the lids on all the jars. 

- Akiteru’s “current concern” is not being able to drink sake very well. We’ve already seen Saeko and Ukai’s drinking abilities so…. They’d totally get that nerd wasted whenever they can because he gets horny/touchy feely and it’s very endearing and also hilarious

- Akiteru can definitely cook (he’s a golden child come on), and it’s canon Saeko works in a kitchen so she can probably cook too?? They totally cook together as bonding time. Ukai once burned a salad and he has been banished them the kitchen ever since. 

- Imagine how pissed off and embarrassed Kei and Ryuu will be. Their older siblings are not only dating each other but their coach too?? At the same time?? what the hell yo

- Okay now getting to the good stuff… Assuming Akiteru and Ukai did meet when he was in highschool… Imagine this poor highschool boy crushing both on this wild, fiery girl a grade below him and this totally hot dude who happens to be his coach’s grandson and comes to matches every now and then. He’s crushing from far, far away, tho. Shy highschool Aki is best Aki. And then a few years later…. Suddenly he meets both of them again??? And they all connect and agree to go out for food. After the food they go get drinks (Saeko’s idea) and drunk Akiteru confesses that he used to have a crush on the both of them when he was in highschool……… At the same time………………..

Lol hello new poly rarepair with no content I will cry about tonight. How lovely it is to meet you ^_^

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Peggy Carter?

Thank you, Bunny! Sorry it took me a while…my modem died and then *shudders* work. And it’s a lot, so I think I will do…ten of them. :)

1. What does their bedroom look like? Peggy’s had a lot of bedrooms over the years, in various states and degrees of size and sketchiness. But her favorite, once she’s settled, is airy and tidy, but with a lot of cozy, squishy things. It reminds her of the best parts of growing up and is her refuge when things get tough at SHIELD. (I imagine it being very Hufflepuff, if that makes sense.)
4. What would they do if they needed to make dinner but the kitchen was busy? You know she’d just head down to the closest diner. She’s not too big on cooking–she can do it, and it’s fine, but it’s not terribly inspired. So she really does prefer when she’s not doing the cooking.
6. Eating habits and sample daily menu. (Apparently I’m hungry and want to talk about food, haha.) Holding to her English roots, she tends to have a substantive breakfast. Bacon, potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms…the whole deal. Lunch takes place near work at the best little deli or diner (I’m thinking pastrami on rye), and dinner is kind of an iffy proposition.  When she’s not too busy kicking ass and taking names, it’s generally whatever she and her beloved (I’m all for Peggysous, Cartinelli, Peggy/Jason, and Steggy, so…) make together…with the other person doing more of the work. It’s usually something pretty American, like a meatloaf with some peas on the side. But ALWAYS dessert.
18. Favorite beverage? Peggy Carter doesn’t fuck around. Give the woman some top shelf scotch. And if she’s not doing alcohol, she’s all about tea and coffee (she prefers the latter, even if it feels like a betrayal of her roots).
19. What do they think about before falling asleep at night? On her best days, she doesn’t have a care in the world except the usual, mundane things–is Spouse okay, what about the kids, and have you ever considered before whether a giant cat would be terrifying or hilarious. On rougher or busier days…it’s work, work that may involve the fates of thousands or millions.
20. Childhood illnesses? Any interesting stories behind them? She had measles when she was young, but fortunately avoided a brush with influenza. Measles was a scary thing, and she was lucky to make it through. Otherwise, she was a healthy kid. She broke her left arm a couple of times. One of those involved a tree, a goat, and raspberry jam, and she doesn’t like to talk about it.

21. Turn-ons? Turn-offs? She is hella turned on by passion. Whether it’s for work or a hobby, seeing someone be very into something gets her going. And a willingness to throw oneself into the fray…yeah. And she finds good abs to be a turn-on too. 

She does not like anyone who takes advantage of those who are weaker. Basically, power imbalances are a huge turn-off. Otherwise? She doesn’t have much of a physical type.

27. What is their biggest regret? She regrets giving up on looking for her brother, for looking for Bucky. She feels every loss, even if she doesn’t think there was another way to do something. She also regrets wearing a strapless dress to SHIELD’s second holiday bash.
31. Most prized possession? Once she gives up on the vial of Steve’s blood, she isn’t as attached to things, mostly. Until she gets married–then it’s her wedding ring. She fiddles with it a lot, and it grounds her and reminds her that she has someone there for her.
39. What recharges them when they’re feeling drained? A quiet evening at home, reading something wry and amusing. And when she and her love get a television, she enjoys the distraction of it. But her favorite? Game night with the Jarvises and catching up with Howard when he does the crazy things he does. (She laughs at him a lot when he falls in love.)

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Hc1 fluffy mito, kushina, and mikoto headcanons please

Originally posted by sakynakamura

Mikoto Uchiha

• This woman is a living angel in your eyes with so many talents under her sleeves, there’s always more to be discovered. The way she makes your most coveted meals so perfectly, the ways she tends to your aching body from a long day’s work by offering companionship, her ear and a shoulder to lean on; she is your foundation, your rock.

• Mikoto stands with you through thick and thin, through the good and ugly, because her love is unyielding – only matched by your love, of course. When you try to offer the same treatment she often tries to stop you, seeing that there’s no need to pay her back. It takes some coaxing to help Mikoto register that it’s because you love her that you’re doing things for her and nothing else.

• She won’t openly admit it, but when you help lighten her workload and give her a day to lounge she’s the most content. Exhibiting that you acknowledge the little things she does to maintain and taking it upon yourself to do it is a great way of telling her you appreciate all that she does. In the end, finding that there’s too much downtime she always decides to make a hearty dinner and you both share a nice loving night at home.

Mito Uzumaki

• She is extremely fierce and protective about the things that matter to her, and she is constantly being protective of you – it’s instinctive and she can’t help it. Mito worries about you all the time and she will constantly inquire as to how you are and if you need anything. She’s the type to also try and cook for you too, she believes a good meal can really make any day better. Plus she likes making you sit down and enjoying some healthy, intimate conversation, devoid of work or worldly concerns.

• Mito is a good listener and is always trying to find ways to lend a hand – she hates the idea of being idle so she will finds ways to involve herself in your life. She does have a hard time not coming off as brusque to people, but she makes a big effort to be kind to your family and friends.

• She’s a skilled healer, so if you complain about any soreness, she is willing to give you one of the best, therapeutic massages you will ever experience. Mito mixes the perfect amount of chakra into it relieve any aches and pains. Afterward you feel highly refreshed and there is a warm feeling that remains in your bones for hours.

Originally posted by cryinghentai

Kushina Uzumaki

• Kushina is naturally very hot-headed, so when she is in love she doesn’t like to hear anyone speaking badly of you. She will get so angry that she confronts them on the spot without really thinking about the repercussions. She fiercely defends you until the other person apologizes, but finds it hard to cool down afterwards. Many times she has come home to you, still upset and shaking with anger and the only thing that calms her is your level-headedness and your ability to laugh the entire encounter off.

• She takes anniversaries very seriously and has been known to tear the kitchen apart trying to make you a special dinner, but unfortunately she is a terrible cook and burned everything to a crisp by accidentally setting the oven on broil. She threw open all the windows and waved the smoke out frantically, but couldn’t remove the smell of burned dinner from the house. When you came home, she was pouting and spooning out takeout onto her best plates.

• She’s an angel when you’ve had a rough day. She doesn’t push you to tell her what happened; instead she lays your head on her lap and combs her fingers through your hair soothingly until you’re ready to talk. When you tell her, she listens quietly without judgement and waits until you are finished speaking to offer gentle and well thought-out advice.

Tag Game

I am so frickin’ sorry @silk-stockingshrew but my dumbass forgot about this ;–;

Tag Game: 10 Favorite Fictional Characters 

1. Diabolik Lovers: Carla Tsukinami

What can I say? I love guys that are tall, dark and handsome. His motives and personality is what intrigues me as well. Although the looks scary and evil on the outside, he can be very sweet and caring on the inside. Also I really like his voice even tho it’s deep af 

2. And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online?: Ako Tamaki

Although she looks young, she’s actually 17 years old and has huge ass knockers oh my god She is super caring and protective and is definitely wifey material since she can cook very well too. Oh, and did I mention she’s a huge gamer/otaku as well? I also like the fact that she can be a bit of a yandere at times haha

3. Attack on Titan: Eren Jaeger

I really like Eren’s determination and strength that he often shows throughout the series. I like how he doesn’t give up on his goal and always helps his friends no matter what situation they are in. Although he can be very stubborn at times, he knows what’s the right thing to do and I hope he succeeds in his goal to kill all the titans.

4. Game of Thrones: Daenerys Targaryen

Daenerys is a frickin’ icon man <3 She’s went through so many hardships in the series and now she’s finally getting her revenge. I hope she comes back to King’s Landing in season 7 and becomes the new queen. She definitely deserves it! :D

5. Monster Musume: Miia

Originally posted by thedarthmario

Miia is actually a Lamia (type of monster) that lives with Kimihito for the purpose of the “Monster Exchange Program”. She constantly tries to beat the other monster girls that live in Kimihito’s house to win his heart and I think that she is definitely the most determined of all the girls to succeed in that goal. She is cute and super sweet too so I do hope she ends up with Kimihito in the end <3 

6. 2 Broke Girls: Max Black

Originally posted by queenc-x

Max is definitely my spirit animal :D She knows how to deliver sass when she needs to and I adore her sense of humor. Even though she doesn’t often show it, she deeply cares for Caroline and thinks of her as her best friend. I love how the show finally gave her a love interest in the end that wants to get serious with her and finally make her happy.

7. B Gata H Kei: Yamada

Originally posted by viflorido

Don’t let her sweet looks fool you. Yamada is a rather perverted girl with a goal to sleep with a 100 men. Although, ever since she picked Kosuda to be her first, her mindset changed. Over the course of the anime, she falls for Kosuda and doesn’t want to finish her goal in the end. Another reason why I like Yamada is for the funny situations she gets herself in.

8. Tokyo Ghoul: Ken Kaneki

Originally posted by kanekibabe

Kaneki’s been through A LOT throughout the series. He’s suffered, he’s been tortured and he almost killed his own best friend. His personality does change after the torture but I believe it was for the great or good of the world for it to happen. Even after what happened, he still cares for his friends and everyone at Anteiku and that’s something I really like about him. I also admire his strength and kindness that he often shows to everyone (much to some characters’ dismay).

9. Adventure Time: Flame Princess

Originally posted by sapphirerose818

She’s strong, she’s fierce and she’s a natural-born leader. She’s been locked in by her own father her entire life, but Finn helps her escape that fate. After that, she’s a bit reluctant to try and trust Finn but she eventually falls for him and he becomes her boyfriend. But after he lied to her, she broke up with him and went to get revenge on her father. She becomes the queen of the Fire Kingdom after that and becomes a very good leader that likes to help all of the citizens in her kingdom. I really hope she and Finn reach a compromise and get back together since they seemed like a very cute couple in my mind.

10. Naruto Shippūden: Naruto Uzumaki

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Naruto was the first anime I EVER watched. EVER. I was like 8 or 9 when I first started watching it and i became addicted to it. The story, the characters, I loved them all but Naruto just stood out to me the most. He was always fun, optimistic and very strong too. He was always very determined and never gave up no matter how difficult or strong his opponent was. BELIEVE IT! :D

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let me tell you a thing

aight so, my mama, she can’t cook. but being the mother, on the nights dad wasn’t home yet and it wasn’t my turn to make dinner, naturally that meant she’d make dinner. since she can’t cook too well, she only has a few recipes and certain foods she’ll make.

she always made spaghetti.

it was always. identical.

sauce from a jar. no added herbs. not even any meatballs.

just. spaghetti.

and that was her default dish. plain, boring spaghetti, at least twice a week- oftentimes more, because she’s also a firm believer in finishing the leftovers. and she always makes a lot of spaghetti.

so. the most bland, plain spaghetti you’ll ever taste. at least twice a week. for nearly eighteen years.

we did the math once. I’ve eaten that exact same spaghetti somewhere around six hundred times in my life, probably more.

I hate spaghetti.

Wonderful Surprise

Jimin fluffy scenario
Summary: It’s father’s day! Jimin thinks you and your daughter have no idea so he gives hints but you act normal. In the end, you have prepared the best surprise.

Anonymous request: since requests are open, can I request for a Jimin scenario where it’s Father’s Day, and Jimin thinks that your daughter and you forgot, and he’s been leaving hints, but you two act oblivious, but in the end surprise him please? Thanks in advance xo

You had just put the cake you and your daughter made for Jimin on the fridge .

You heard the door.

“Honeys! I am home” Jimin yelled happily.

“Daddy, daddy!” your daughter yelled too while she ran to him and hugged him.

“What is my little baby doing?” he said to her and kissed her cheek.

You were standing there, at the kitchen’s door, watching your beautiful husband and your precious daughter.

Jimin left your daughter from his hands and walked to you.

“What is my BIG baby doing?” Jimin said to your ear and you punched his chest playfully.

“Fine” you said and Jimin kissed your lips while he was hugging you tight.

‘Mmmm, what a wonderful day!’ he said while he starched his hands and smiled to you and your daughter.

'Yes, I agree.’ you said not giving very attention to him

'And…kinda special, right?’ he said. He was trying to make you remember something. You already knew. But you wanted to make a surprise to him.

'Oh God! You are right!’ you yelled startled. 'It is today! I almost forgot!’
Jimin was smiling at you and your daughter was looking at you confused.

'Isn’t it today, sweetheart?’ you asked your daughter. 'The movie you wanted to see on the TV?’ you said.

'OH, yes mummy.’ she said and smiled at you. Even if she was 5 years old she was too smart and cute. (like her father)

Jimin looked the floor and whispered 'Never mind’ .

'What?’ you asked with a bright smile.

'Oh, nothing. I was wondering what my wife cooked today.’ he smiled at you.

'Nothing special. I had no time. So I made spaghetti.’ you said looking a little disappointed.

'It’s ok. I love your spaghettis’ he said and hugged your daughter.

'Well, when are we gonna eat? I am starving!’ he said and kissed your daughter head.

'Really? We usually eat later? Why this early today?’ you asked clueless.

'You know…Today, I thought we would go somewhere. Like late night walk or something, I don’t know…’ he tried once again.

'No…It’s Monday. Usually you return late at night on Mondays…So I never plan something.’ you said innocence.

'Yes but today is…Ah never mind. Do you need any help with the plates or something?’ he said disappointed.

'No, no! It’s all okay! I can do it.’ you smiled and turned your back to prepare the table.

Jimin took his daughter to the couch and whispered really quickly if she knew anything about a surprise or something. She acted normal, just like you told her to do.

'Daddy? Do you have an anniversary with mum or something? Why are you acting like this?’ she said and gave him a smile.

'No. No, you would knew it. Wouldn’t you?’ he asked her.

'Of course I would’ she smiled happily.

'I mean, ANY kind of anniversary.’ he asked clueless.

'Yes…ANY kind’ she yelled.

'Okay, okay’ he hugged her with a confused face.

'We are eating!’ you yelled from the kitchen.

'We are coming!’ Jimin yelled back to you.

While you were eating, Jimin wasn’t speaking a lot and so you did.

You knew he was a little bit disappointed but you HAD to wait a few hours more.

'Everyone’s done?’ you asked.

'Let the dishes to me, sweetheart!’ Jimin said and kissed the top of our head while he was going to the sink.

'I love you!’ you yelled and looked at your daughter.

'I know’ he laughed.

You made sure Jimin was far enough and you said to your daughter 'We have to wait 3 more hours. The cake will be ready in two hours, but I want no sun to this surprise. Okay sweetheart?’

'Yes, mummy. But I think he really thinks we forgot and I want to tell him’ she said a little bit sad.

'Just wait a few hours more, please honey. Do it for mum’ you said with your puppy eyes.

'Okay mummy’ she smiled playfully.
'What are you talking about??’ Jimin yelled from the sink.

'Oh, nothing. About the clothes. A have to clean them. They are waiting for me two days.’ you complained (fake complaint)

'I’ll do it honey’ he said.

'WHAAAAAAA’ you made a face to your daughter and she laughed.

'No Jiminnie. I’ll do it. You already cleaned the dishes! And you are tired too’ you acted normal.

'No. I’ll do it. Since our comeback, I am not home a lot of hours, so at least let me help you, princess.’ he yelled.

'Whatever’ you went behind him and hugged him.

'Just, tell me how this thing works’ he teased you.

Half an hour later~

Everything was set, and Jimin had made everything he promised, so you as a lovey family decided to sit on the couch and watch TV. You found that good family movie, that your daughter 'was talking about’. You sit there for the next 2 hours and just laughing with the stupid movie. In the end, you saw the clock,


“It’s time” you thought. You looked at your daughter and she understood.

'Mum, can you give some cookies?’ she asked.

'Of course, come with me. Jimin? Do you want some?’ you asked your husband.

'Yeah. To be honest I thought I would eat something like cake today, but never mind’ he murmured.

'What, sweetheart?’ you acted like you heard nothing.

'Yes. Bring me some’ he smiled innocently.

You went to the kitchen with your daughter.

'Okay! It’s now or never!’ you said to her.

You putted a heart shaped candle on your cake and you lighted it up.

'Okay…what are you gonna say to him?’ you asked you daughter.


You just smiled and kissed her little head.

Meanwhile, Jimin was cheeking on his phone the date of Father’s day. He found himself right. So he just thought that you forgot and he excused you, “She is too busy.” he said to himself.

The sun wasn’t shining anymore and Jimin was about to go and turn on the lights when he heard,


He saw her and he was standing there in the darkness looking at you with the cake.

'Really?’ he said relieved and he huffed.


'Oh, little princess! I love you too! What a relive. You knew it right?! I thought you had forget. You have to become an actress, little girl’ he said and lifted up your daughter while she was laughing.

'OH THE CAKE! THE CAKE!’ Jimin acted like a little boy. He left your daughter go and walked to you.

'Can I blow it?’ he winked at you.

'IT IS for you’ you yelled happily and blushed.

He blew the candle and your daughter applauded excited.

Jimin couldn’t stop looking at your eyes but his little girl was yelling at him so, he interrupted that unique eye contact.


Jimin smiled at her.

'Okay. Baby, let this to me.’ he took the cake from your hands. When he touched your hands you felt a beautiful gooseflesh. It felt, just right.

'Em…I’ll go to bring the dishes then.’ you said and went to the kitchen.

When you returned, you daughter had already told Jimin about what she did so she let you cut the cake.

'A BIG ONE FOR ME!’ Jimin yelled.

'Okay’ you smiled.

'Daddy, sorry if we made you waiting, but mummy said that we had to wait’ your daughter said innocently.

'SOOOOOO, it was mummy’s idea’ he turned his head to look at you.

'What?’ you asked while you were licking the knife like a little kid.

'It was your idea, huh?’ he said a little bit more serious but still playfully.

'Well, I wanted something different from the other years. Since our little daughter is big enough to remember well what happed in the past, I thought it would be a good idea to add this sweet memory in her mind.’

’…I’m okay then’ he said and kissed you forehead, revelling your neck from your hair.

You felt this beautiful gooseflesh again, so you just smiled back to him.

'LET’S EAT!’ you daughter yelled.

'Honey?’ Jimin said to your daughter. 'Don’t you think it’s time for bed? It’s too late for you!’

'I want to stay a little more’ she complained.

'It’s too late baby girl!’ Jimin said and started tickled your daughter. He lifted her up and yelled 'ALL THE LITTLE PRINCESS SLEEP THIS TIME! YOU HAVE TO GO! LET’S GO TO THE BATHROOM AND I’LL CLEAN YOU UP, AND THEN SLEEP!’

'You call mummy, princess too! She has to sleep too!’ she complained and you looked socked.

'Your mummy is not the same, she is a big princess!’ he said to her.

'And what are BIG princess do this late at night?’ she asked him.

'Hmmm, let’s say….they are having fun with their princes’ he said and winked at you secretly from your daughter.

You blushed, and look the wall from the other side.

'When I grow up…will I have fun with my prince?’

Jimin stood there holding her daughter in the air and looking at her.

You burst out laughing.

'Answer to her, prince’ you winked at him, and laughed more.

'Okay, enough. Go to your bed.’ he said and let her go from his hands.

'But I wanna have fun with you!’ she complained.

'Listen to your father. Isn’t he THE BEST DADDY IN THIS PLANET?’ you mimicked her.

'Come on let’s go to the bathroom. I’ll clean you up’ Jimin said and leaded her to the bathroom.

'Goodnight, sweetheart.’ you said and kissed her head.

You relaxed your body to the couch and you could hear Jimin talk to your daughter.

“He really is the best” you thought.

After 15 minutes, Jimin was back.

'She fell asleep’ he said and lied down next to you.

You smiled and kissed his neck.

'Well, our daughter is so smart. I can’t handle it.’ Jimin said.

'I find this super cute. And it’s funny, how she makes everything look so complicated for a man like you’ you teased him and laughed.

'What to do?’ he was acting dramatically.

'You can not do something.’ you looked deep inside his eyes.

Both of you stood there for a minute.

'Well…BIG princess. My big baby…’

'Don’t call me BIG. I’m not THAT big.’ you complained.

'Well, at least you are bigger that our daughter’ he laughed.

'Yes..’ you admitted.



He picked you up and kissed you lips, while your legs wrapped around his waists.

’…you know…she is sleeping. Wanna have some fun, like a big princess?’ he said while he bitted his lip.

'We have to be quiet. You see, the little princess is way TOO smart’ you whispered.

'We’ll try’ he winked once more and you laughed.

'Okay, then’

“OH THE BIG PRINCESS WANTS TO HAVE SOME FUN! PLEASE BRING THE BEST CARRIAGE! SHE DESERVES THE BEST!’ Jimin yelled out loud and you couldn’t stop laughing, while he was running to the bedroom with you on his arms.

"Yeah, quiet” you thought.
Thank you sweet anonymous for your request.

Sorry, I couldn’t upload it sooner, but here you go!

Hope you liked it. Like REALLY! I spend a lot of hours thinking about what to write. Sorry if you found it too dirty or something…

Just tell me your opinion^^


Cuddle Buddy

summary: What do you do when your roommate crawls into your bed in the middle of the night?

pairing: Uchiha Sasuke, Haruno Sakura

Roommates | Cuddle Buddy | Body Pillow | Sleepover | Nightmare | Nightmare II

Sasuke got up in the middle of the night as he sighed from the thoughts raging through his mind. His exam date for the police academy was coming up and he couldn’t help but feel nervous as the days drew closer. It wasn’t like him to get nervous for things like this. He was always at the top of his class and excelled at everything he tried at. But knowing that his father would be watching him was enough to send his stomach into an overdrive. He hated to disappoint his father if he should do him less proud or worse, fail.

His throat felt dry. He needed water. As he got out of his bed to leave his room and into the kitchen, he noticed a lump on his perfectly white couch. It was Sakura. She was sleeping in the fetal position with her mouth slightly opened and her hands clenched into balls of fists. He wondered if she was fighting someone in her dream or something.

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Okay so hello! I’m e and I’m just very excited to be here. Also please don’t mind me being slow. Fridays are the only day where I’m slow when getting to things after I get home from work. Anyway, this here is my bby Valentina, Nikolai’s adopted sister.

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GSNK Q & A Kashima-kun

Q: does she know about Mikorin’s otaku hobby?

A: Somehow she has noticed it but it seems she doesn’t understand what kind of thing it is

Q: What kind of conversations Kashima-kun usually has with Mikorin? Do they go out on weekends? 

A: It feels like normal conversations between guy friends. They go play outside

Q: Is there some friendship episode with Mikorin?

A: At sports day in borrow race Kashima pulled out “friend” and ran with Mikoshiba. Next runner Mikoshiba pulled out “friend” again so both of them ended up running 2 laps. 

Q: Was there a time when she had long hair? 

A: In middle school she went back and forth between short hair’s and bob cut’s length 

I want to see Kashima-kun with long hair

Kashima: No, it’s about time to cut them…

Either is great♥♥♥

Q: Is Kashima’s hair style set so it makes good use of unruly hair? Or does she specially make that hair wave? I’m curious!

A: She doesn’t set the hair especially, after washing they stay like that. 

Q: There are a lot of costumes in drama club, are they all hand-made? 

A: They are hand-made or bought with club money or brought by club members. 

Q: It seems like there is something great with address book, but how is it in reality? 

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orokana-riko  asked:

It's nothing like Kanji's own cooking, but-- the point was that he'd been too busy to do any of it lately. So Minako offers up a bento box lunch and a smile. Both simple, but still made just for him by yours truly ❣

“She cooks, too? Not only can she kick my ass, but she’s one of the few women in life I’ve known who can actually cook? Where did I go right?”

Cousin BJ

PART 1     PART 2

Warnings: Triggers of Domestic Violence.

Authors Note: Takes place before Man Cubs (so the boys are not calling Jensen Dad yet)

Special thanks to @ariallane for being an awesome beta reader and for helping me significantly improve this chapter! I don’t know what I would do without you Hun! xo

PART 3 “Slugger”

Dinner turned out well. At least the food did anyway.

Jensen and Annie were unusually quiet. Quinn felt terrible for putting them through this shit show of a family dinner. But they weren’t the only ones having a terrible time.

She was pretty sure that every time Brandon made an excuse to get out of his chair it was so he could try and look down her dress. At one point during dinner he tried to play footsie with her too. It was gross.

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Ten x Rose Awkward Meetings AU #4

Prompt: “I’ve never talked to you before but the teacher just used us as an example for a scenario where we are married.”[Source]

French class is her current recurring nightmare, and she’s fairly certain she’ll get a D in the finals- which has already been pointed out to her by her mother, her teacher who has noticed her because she’s slacking, and Reinette, the girl with a posh French background who has a thing for John Smith, the bloke who’s at the top of the class. She is trying her best to catch up, but it’s bloody difficult to get into a language where half the letters of a word aren’t even pronounced, and where females have to add an “e” to many words because, hey, reasons.

It’s a Friday, which means her first class in the morning is French, and fifteen minutes in, she can already feel her eyelids getting heavy, when the teacher calls her name. “Mademoiselle Rose. Comment dit-on en Français my husband’s name is John?” On seeing her blank stare, she is kind enough to translate the question. “How will you say my husband’s name is John in French?”

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