and she can actually sing

Hamilton fandom often glosses over a lot of the total wrenching tragedy and vulnerability and kindness of Angelica’s role in Hamilton and that makes me really sad because so much of Angelica’s stage presence shows her in this light. She is WAY more than sarcastic one liners, savage put-downs and badass proclamations. She is also those things, but not only them, ok!!!

  • First of all, Satisfied is this INTENSELY vulnerable song, made even more depressing by the fact she is only letting herself and by proxy the audience see that vulnerability. She’s knocked for six by this incredible guy- and then she realises almost immediately it is never, ever going to happen. She watches him and her sister hit it off and swallows every ounce of bitterness because she loves her sister, even as she also acknowledges to herself she’s doing it for pragmatic reasons, and for her own standing in society. It ends with her alone, thinking to herself that at least she has a ghost of something left as Eliza leaves with her new husband. And she has nobody she can vent this to. The only thing she actually sings to other characters is a jubilant toast.
  • Then, she leaves her entire family to go to England with a man she doesn’t love, she no longer keeps Alexander’s eyes in her life, all for the sake of her and her family’s social standing- smart, but lonely, and in the cut song Congratulations she sings about how she languishes when she leaves with little to stimulate her.
  • THEN ALEXANDER REFUSES TO GO WITH HER AND ELIZA WHEN SHE VISITS. THEN HE CHEATS ON ELIZA AND FUCKS HER OVER HUGELY, and oh man, the staging for Angelica in this bit is so much less angry than the audio might make you think?? It’s shocked and hurt and determined but incredibly sad in a way. She rips into him, but not with satisfaction- with grief.
  • She does so much at personal cost for her sisters, her family, taking what she can get without compromising anything, and she gets no reward.; all that social standing doesn’t net her a wonderful life, or what she really WANTS. She has a fascinating mix of self-preservation and self-sacrifice going on, and I love that strange mix.
  • And at the end, she doesn’t stay to tell Alex’s story- she stays to help Eliza, and I think that difference is just… she loves Eliza so much, you guys, I am EMOTIONAL, Angelica is the best, Angelica and Eliza are the best, siSTERS ARE AMAZING!!!

In the ‘90s, it was a different world. Somebody said, “She must have taken singing lessons because now she sounds like she can sing.” I just hadn’t been using that part of my vocabulary, and I let myself use it during Reject. That was the record that people said that about. “Oh, she can sing now.” I could actually sing before, too. Women are told we have annoying voices, and that’s why I didn’t want to try to make it pretty for people. 

Kathleen Hanna for Spin on June 2016

Best to Worst Singers

  • Duke - is a powerhouse singer and can hit any and every note, people are always amazed at how a voice that big comes out of him since he’s more reserved 
  • Cass - has a kinda gritty sounding voice but is smooth at the same time, whenever someone is sad they ask Cass to sing to them because it’s oddly calming
  • Carrie - has a super jazzy sounding voice and mostly sings in the lower octaves, occasionally posts videos of them singing to their social media and they always end up getting featured on some tabloid about singing being their “hidden” talent
  • Tiffany - has one of those all around good sounding voices so no matter what she sings, it will sound good. she can’t hit the really high notes, so she harmonizes with them instead
  • Jason - he only sings when he thinks he’s alone and when he does it’s really sweet sounding. he is a little embarrassed by his singing voice because it is higher pitched then how he actually talks which is why he hides it
  • Bruce - can hit about 4 notes and maybe one or two more in each octave direction. prefers to stick to those few notes because he knows his limits and doesn’t want to embarrass himself
  • Stephanie - is an extremely average singer, she can hit about 4 notes like Bruce and carry a tune but anything that is a slightly higher or lower pitch she can’t do even though she tries
  • Babs - has a completely annoyingly average voice but she is always trying to sing slightly above what she can actually do which annoys Dick to no end but Bruce encourages her to keep trying because maybe one day she will reach those notes
  • Tim - he can only sing like 2 or 3 notes mid-range but he milks those notes so people thing he is a better singer then he actually is. Only Steph and Cass know the truth because they’ve heard him sing Can You Feel the Love Tonight from The Lion King
  • Harper - used to sing to Cullen to help him fall asleep at night, now it’s sort of the only way she can go to sleep and is a habit. has a slightly below average voice, it’s a mom sounding voice when she is cooing at her child or something
  • Damian - while he can’t really sing,he can actually sorta rap. he will frequently go from singing into rapping and switch between the two while he train or if he is with Alfred the cat, batcow, or Titus
  • Luke - is musically challenged, mostly hums to himself because he is self conscious of his voice. No one mentions it
  • Alfred - in his younger days he could sing really well, but the older he got and the more yelling he did at Bruce and the kids, his voice has slowly deteriorated 
  • Kate - she doesn’t sing, she lip syncs to songs because she is aware that her voice is atrocious
  • Dick - only has sung really badly off key on purpose. no one knows what his actual voice sounds like and gets kicked out of the car for singing like this often

For romances in which the Warden would, for some reason, not be able to get pregnant under normal circumstances, use your imagination.

Alistair (WARDEN): He’s worried. He doesn’t know how the Warden is going to raise a child as a Grey Warden, or what will become of the child, or the Warden. Nevertheless, he does his best to support them, even becoming somewhat overprotective. If romanced: Forget worried, he’s panicked. He wants the best for his child, but he doesn’t know how or what they should do. For the time, he requests leave from the Wardens, and stays with his lover, doing his best. He’s also left utterly baffled by the fact that they’re pregnant at all.

Alistair (KING): He offers his congratulations and anything that the Warden’s child could need: clothes, food, education, comfort, you name it. He also gets them the best in maternity care and invites them (and the other parent) to stay in his castle for the time being. If Romanced, Warden is mistress: He’s giddy, but also worries about the child’s future– he was born in a similar situation, and he doesn’t want his child to end up like he did. In spite of detractors and scandal, he names the child his heir, and is nothing but thrilled that he’ll be a father. He spends even more time (as much time as possible) with his mistress, utterly in love, utterly excited, no matter what comes. If romanced, Warden is queen: The kingdom celebrates that he and his beloved queen will finally have a heir to the throne, but no one is happier than the king himself. When he’s not dealing with matters of the kingdom, he’s with his wife and coddling her, wanting nothing but to make her as happy and comfortable as possible. He thinks he’s the luckiest man in the world.

Leliana: She’s thrilled; she pulls the Warden in for a big hug and talks and plans with them. “I’m going to be an aunt!” she exclaims, utterly delighted. Soon thereafter, the Warden is sent a box of goodies for the child, which includes a pair of pink socks with nug ears sown on them and other baby clothes. Leliana also takes the to-be parent to buy some maternity gowns. If Romanced: Leliana never pictured herself as a mother, not with her history. She, nevertheless, responds with nothing but excitement (and a bit of apprehension) and embraces her lover. She begins looking up children’s tales and lullabies she can sing to her little one.

Zevran: He doesn’t actually know how to respond at first, and settles on offering his congratulations to the Warden, as well as a “congratulations on the sex!” He tries to teach their LI massage techniques to soothe the Warden’s aches and pains as the pregnancy progresses. If Romanced: Zevran is dumbstruck and silent, staring wide-eyed at his beloved for several moments in complete and utter shock. Him? A father? Joy and fear in equal measure bubble up in him, and he lets out a giggle as he pulls his lover into a tight embrace. He readily adjusts to the idea and is so, so excited. He tries his best to bring comfort to his lover in any way during their pregnancy.

Morrigan (IF DARK RITUAL COMPLETE): She congratulates them with a genuine smile and offers advice on handling pregnancy. She is remarkably candid about what the Warden will be experiencing– good details and less-than-fortunate details like nausea and back pain. She’s glad she has someone she can relate to, though she never says so directly. If Romanced: “Kieran will have a sibling, then? ‘Tis fortunate indeed.” Again, she’s very candid about what her lover will be experiencing. She offers her aid in reducing their discomfort, and has a long chat with Kieran about the matter. Kieran is consequently excited to be an older brother.

Morrigan (IF DARK RITUAL NOT COMPLETE): “Pregnancy is a messy, uncomfortable affair. I would not know why you would want to be in such a state, but if it pleases you, then I offer my congratulations.” She doesn’t really get why everyone’s so excited– she sees it as an overblown social affair– but she’s nice enough about it. If Romanced: She’s wary of the idea of being a mother, but she’ll try her best. She’s somewhat uncomfortable, but she takes it well out of love for her significant other, and starts reading up on what to expect.

Oghren: He grins and pats the Warden on the back. “Hey, good for you!” he says cheerfully. “It feels damn good to be a parent. And you’ll be good to yours, so here, a toast to you, Ward– wait. You can’t have any of the booze right now. Sorry.” Nevertheless, he begins peeking through stores for things like little toy ponies and other trinkets, until he finds a tiny pair of socks with griffins sown on them. He gives it them all to the Warden at the baby shower, and begins referring to himself as Uncle Oghren.

Wynne: She smiles, congratulating the Warden earnestly. If they’re a mage, she’s also worried, and she has a long chat with them. She takes to sewing clothes and a blanket for the little one, and when the child is born, she likes to visit and read them a story in a rocking chair, calm and quiet. She’s practically their grandma. If After Asunder: The Warden names the baby Wynne, either as a first or middle name.

“It is… carrying a child? Why is this noteworthy?” The Warden snorts at Shale, who sounds unimpressed. When the baby is born, she examines the child in mild surprise. “It… is so tiny and soft. How do your people survive until they can wear armor?” She takes it upon herself to watch out for the little thing as she grumbles that it’s helpless.

Sten: He doesn’t really react strongly. He does, however, assume the child was bred to be a leader like their parent, and remarks that the baby will become a fine, productive member of society.

Loghain: He cracks a rare smile and compliments the Warden, stating that parenthood is a great thing; he would know. He offers a bit of advice on parenting, but otherwise leaves them to it. He trusts they know what they’re doing.

Dog: Barks excitedly and repeatedly licks the Warden’s face (and belly). If anyone during the pregnancy tries to touch their belly without their permission, he jumps up and swats their hands away with a low growl. When the baby is born, he takes to standing guard and helps look after the little one.

Anders: He’s the one that makes the diagnosis when the Warden reports feeling out of sorts. He’s grinning and congratulating them over and over again, and offers his services throughout the pregnancy as their healer. “See? This is another reason why mages are important.” he declares. “With my help, your babe will come into the world safely. And they’ll have a charming uncle.”

Nathaniel: Awkwardly offers his congratulations and then sends a letter asking Delilah about advice for the Warden. Otherwise, he reacts little, as he’s unsure of himself and what to say. Delilah shows up for a surprise visit shortly thereafter, to greet him and the Warden, to whom she gives some advice.

She seems unimpressed and talks about the pregnancy very little, unless the Warden is an elf, especially a Dalish elf, in which case she’s a bit more enthusiastic about it. She does, however, write down a popular Dalish lullaby and gives it to the Warden to sing to their child.

Justice: He doesn’t really know how to react. “Is the baby possessing you as I possess Kristoff’s corpse?” he asks, to which the Warden can’t help but laugh.

Sigrun: She’s excited; she begins looking for all sorts of trinkets and toys for the kid. She also takes great joy and curiosity in feeling the baby kick, and it delights her to no end. She also tells the Warden to keep their baby safe; she would loathe to think about them ending up in a place like the Deep Roads.


I came up with this while I was on the bus one afternoon and I just had to jot it down. My friend also helped me with some of them:

  • Midoriya plays the oboe because as a kid he thought it was the coolest thing that an oboist would be responsible for tuning an orchestra. Bakugou found it absolutely annoying though.
  • Uraraka sings and she can play the flute. She can actually sing a bit of opera but she gets embarrassed when people ask her sing in that style. In terms of singing, she specialises in contemporary musical theatre.
  • Iida is a fucking conductor because of course he is but as a proud member of the student orchestra, he plays the violin.
  • Bakugou plays the drum kit since he likes to take his anger out by hitting things. Even the soundproof walls and doors can’t hold back the amount of noise he makes when practising in the percussion department.
  • Todoroki is a virtuoso pianist (but seriously imagine him in his concert attire like fuck my life). His hair is often required to be slicked back for the concerts but he doesn’t like how he looks when he has to do that. Todoroki likes to play music from the Romantic period and he expresses almost all of his emotions through playing music. Endeavor is actually a well known pianist/professor and he specialises in playing 20th century music. He forced Todoroki to learn the piano at the age of three and Todoroki hated what his father taught him.
  • Kirishima plays the trumpet but secretly he wants to learn how to play percussion instruments and he does sneak into the percussion department to practise them in secret. It is also an excuse for him to visit Bakugou but since Kirishima is so loud, he always gets kicked out of the department for adding to the amount of noise Bakugou is already making.
  • Yaoyorozu is so talented she can sing and play a huge range of instruments. Her favourite is the clarinet though. Whenever someone important is missing in the orchestra, she can fill in for them temporarily because her sight reading skills are second to none.
  • Kaminari plays the electric guitar but if you make him play a solo part he goes stupid because the pressure is just too much for him. Pray for this poor boy.
  • Jirou can play the electric guitar and the bass guitar since it’s pretty much canon. She can also play the acoustic guitar and does that when she is feeling down. She also has perfect pitch.
  • Tokoyami can sing opera but he refuses to sing for anyone if they ask casually. He actually wants to learn the french horn but his anatomy doesn’t allow for that. Instead he has taken up the double bass so he can sit amidst the shadows at the edge of the orchestra. Since he’s so small, he actually looks ridiculous playing it.
  • Sero plays the cello. duh. Sorry that’s not even a funny joke.
  • Tsuyu plays the marimba and she’s really good at it.
  • Ashido plays the accordion and instead of being really focused on music like everyone else, she joined both the gymnastics club and dance club.
  • Aoyama plays the chime tree without a question. It makes him sparkle the most he says.
  • Shouji plays the timpani because he has so many limbs. No one can take over his position in the orchestra.
  • Ojiro plays the acoustic guitar and his technique is the most refined out of all the guitarists because he is simply the most hardworking. He wishes to take up the trombone one day so he can play in the orchestra.
  • Kouda plays the tiniest and most innocent glockenspiel.
  • Satou brings snacks to the orchestra when they rehearse because his cooking is simply the best. In the orchestra, he plays the tuba.
  • Hagakure is actually the mascot for the orchestra but her primary role is to be a page turner for everyone since she is invisible. She brings flowers for the people that play a solo in the grand concerts.
  • Mineta plays the fucking triangle.

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Sole wakes up from a terrifying dream in the middle of the night. They absolutely cannot fall back asleep so they snuggle up to the companion and ask them to sing or hum them a lullaby :) Romanced companions (as well as Maxson's please??) reactions?

Cait: She is kind of confused at first, Sole knew she couldn’t sing - Why do they want to try and get to sleep now to the sound of her god awful voice? Cait sighs but brings a hand up to their head, stroking their hair slowly and beginning to sing. “One more tomorrow…” she starts, quiet and a little out of tune. Sole closes their eyes and buries their face into her chest. “Filled with love the whole day through…” Cait continues. She couldn’t believe she was kind of singing, it seemed to help Sole so she didn’t care if it was a little out of tune. “And then tomorrow I’d beg… For one more tomorrow with you…”

Curie: “Do even adults use a lullaby to get to sleep? Interesting.” she says, fascinated by the fact that humans could get to sleep thanks to some song or small tune. Sole chuckles and asks again for Curie to sing something for them. “I’m not sure that I can sing that well… I am sorry…” she says, feeling kind of upset she may not be able to help them. However, she does begin to hum a small tune, with her arms around Sole, which soon (and rather surprisingly) sends them to sleep.

Paladin Danse: Danse groans and rolls his eyes. Was this another ploy to get him to sing? He asks Sole and they really do sound serious this time. Yeah, they did just wake up from a nightmare but you could never really tell with them. Danse, sorry that he thought they were joking, starts to softly sing the only song he could vaguely remember from the radio. “I don’t want to set the world on fire, I just want to start, a flame in your heart…” His voice was slightly deep and calming, Sole smiling and closing their eyes, resting against his chest. “In my heart I have but one desire, and that one is you, no other will do…”

Deacon: “A song?” he asks, sitting up in bed slightly and chuckling. “You asked for it…”
Sole sits up with Deacon and holds him tight, their hand on his chest. “Wish on the moon, and look for the gold in the rainbow, and you’ll find happy times..” Deacon begins, smirking the entire time and taking it half seriously. Sole laughs and covers their ears, “Stop! It’s making my ears bleed…” they joke. Deacon rests his head against Sole’s and stares on ahead at the wall. 
“I told you…”

Hancock: Hancock chuckles and rests his chin on Sole’s head. “You are funny, ain’t ya sunshine?” he coos, hugging them. He doesn’t give them a song, not just right now and instead starts to hum a small tune. Sole can feel the small vibrations of his deep voice as he sings something they don’t recognize. Him and Sole laugh a couple of times, realizing that this whole lullaby wasn’t working and they just stay up all night anyway - Neither of them sleeping.

MacCready: “You want me to sing to you? At what, three in the morning?” he asks, already becoming incredibly cautious of their surroundings. They chuckle and nod. “I’m serious Robert, please…”
Hearing the urgency in their voice he looks at them and tries to think of something, anything to sing. 
“So bongo, bongo, bongo I don’t wanna leave the Congo, oh-no-no-no-no-no” he blurts out, already regretting it. Sole looks up at him and laughs, giving him a kiss. “Stop.”

Piper: “Oh blue, I-I don’t think I will be able to…” she says, stammering and going a little red in the face. Sole kisses her and whispers, looking into her eyes. “Please…? I just need to get to sleep..”
She sighs and gives in in the end. Piper can actually sing quite well and she starts off with “Like an earthquake, starting to roll. I felt my Earth shake, out of control…” Sole looks up in amazement. She could really sing. Piper continues in a low whisper this time, calming and gentle. Sole gets to sleep and Piper soon follows after.

Nick Valentine: Nick looks and Sole and sighs. “I don’t sing, or hum tunes.. Sorry baby..”
Sole gazes into his eyes with confusion. “I’ve heard you sing all the time Nick. Please?”
He shakes his head, “I just can’t…”

Strong: “Strong say no. Human sleep by self.”

X6-88: “Sing? Are you really 5 years old?” he says, holding Sole in his arms. They couldn’t really tell if he was joking or was seriously asking a question due to the lack of tone in his voice. “… We don’t have to sleep if you don’t want to …” X6 says. Sole knew that maybe their request was a little far-fetched - Especially where X6-88 was concerned. Had he even heard song? Sole agrees to not sleeping and they both just get up and spend a while watching stars outside.

Elder Maxson: When Sole asks for a lullaby he gets them out of bed with him and dressed in little more than some undergarments and a little bit of cloth wrapped around them, they step out on the Prydwen’s deck in the dead of night and Maxson pulls them into a dance. He twirls them around and hums a few lines of a song before starting to softly sing. After a short while he goes back inside and they both settle down again, exhausted. Placing a kiss on their forehead he asks if they were ready to sleep again yet. They wanted nothing more. That tired them out. 

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Can we take one last dive into the "Karaoke Themed Asks?" Because inquiring minds (that is, my mind) would like to know: What would WINDBLADE sing? Also, would she go solo, or duet with Chromia? Or be part of a quartet between herself, Chromia, Ironhide and Blurr?

First, I think Windblade is that one person in Karaoke that can actually sing really well. She wants to sing something that’s SERIOUSLY embarrassing (like “Part of Your World” or “Behind Blue Eyes”) but knows it’s embarrassing so never does. Chromia has tried everything, but I think it would take Metroplex (who she probably sings to all the time) himself starting her song for her to sing it…while not facing the audience for the first half.

Then she crushes it and is super proud of herself. Until Starscream says something, which totally deflates her and drunk Chromia beats the shit out of him for it. Then everyone makes her feel better.

But those are my thoughts.

Listen I can tolerate - not true - all this stunt and bullshits, because they’re all totally fake, but I cannot tollerate another song ruined because of the worse voice I’ve listen in all my life.

So please, let her sing the only song she already ruined and leave the rest to people who can actually sing and wanna listen a song sung and not ruined.

Now my ears are ruined once again. Thanks, Darren.

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All those people who say 'She can't sing Live' ....... have they ever actually been to a Taylor Swift Concert to actually hear her sing ya know live in person? If they had they'd know that she's pretty amazing live or are they basing it off of one tv performance they once saw on an award show 7 years ago or some bullshit like that?

definitely the latter

wjsn as kids at school

seola: asks to go to the bathroom in the beginning of class and doesn’t come back until class is almost over. never dresses out for gym

xuan yi: switched half her classes in the beginning of the year so she could have the same schedule as mei qi. mixes up the directions for in class assignments and doesn’t realize until she’s halfway done w/ it

exy: one of the friendly volleyball girls who always gives you a hair tie if you need one. knows the fastest way to anywhere in the school

bona: tries to flirt w/ the lunch period’s student aide so she can get 25 cents off her food. carries around those bath & body works lotions/mini sanitizers/body sprays n always let ppl use them if they need to

soobin: teachers never think she’s paying attention and try and call on her randomly but she always has the right answer. goes hard as hell during in class jeopardy games

luda: wears organic lip tint and exfoliates 3x a week. a member of plant club bc she was too nice to say no when someone asked her to join

dawon: one of the only recognizable ppl from choir bc she can actually sing. during lunch she breaks off from her friend group 3 different times bc she keeps going back to the lunch line to buy more food

eunseo: when its spirit week n ppl mention pajama day she’s the one kid that goes “but what if i sleep naked haAHSHA”. chews w/ her mouth open. joined plant club w/ luda so she wouldn’t have to suffer alone

cheng xiao: writes all her assignments with a colored pencil she found on the floor bc she forgets to bring supplies to class. everytime there’s a test she’s like “i’ve been listening in class I’ll ace this aha :D” but 2 questions in you catch her making the most ridiculous faces at the paper

mei qi: ppl stare at her instead of listening in class bc she’s so pretty. braids/brushes her hair during lectures. has all these inside jokes w/ xuan yi and no1 else gets them at all

yeoreum: weird quiet girl who wears velcro shoes bc she can’t tie her shoelaces or smth. sometimes ppl catch her pretending to clean windows with her sweater sleeve. crosses the street to go home by taking 10 seconds to look both ways then walking into moving traffic

dayoung: “what page are we on” “wait what are we doing” “do we have to take notes on this” “i’ll finish it when i get home” “what test” “what homework”

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So i have this friend who really believe she can actually sing and stuff right? She always post vids of her singing and she sings around us all the time too but she really can't sing. It is not that i want to be rude against her but her voice just do not sound good at i really dont think she can sing. She always ask about it and wants feedback on her vids and stuff and then i panic because i dont want to hurt her.... help please advise would be great

I mean you shouldn’t lie to her, that’s for sure. If you don’t believe she can sing -  mostly to protect her as well - you shouldn’t lie to her face and tell her you love it when she sings.

Maybe you should just not comment on it? Like if you don’t feel comfortable telling her? But I get the feeling you might like feel bad for her or don’t want her to look “stupid” (i know this isn’t the right word but I can’t find another to use) But maybe just don’t comment on her singing. Then you won’t lie to your friend, but you won’t have to tell her either? Just avoid the videos and avoid commenting/liking them, because if you don’t say anything you’re not lying to her either. :) 

I’ve been watching UPCOMING’s MM’s voice recording and was impressed by how good Kaede’s vocal. She can actually sing! I just dont understand what made her voice waver during concerts except for one thing, its her first official concert as MM member so its normal for her to be nervous. Im looking forward to see how the hype with 13ki maintains.


22/endless of my favorite k-pop ladies; jung hana.

I love Moana so much it’s just so good and pure and the music is incredible and everything about it is perfect and I wanna go and see it again and again because it’s literally the best thing I’ve ever seen in my entire life I haven not stopped thinking about it for literal weeks it’s SO. GOOD.

SaM characters and their musical specialties
  • (this is not all the characters but all that I headcanon having musical abilities)
  • Gabriel: Trumpet. Trombone. Bugel. Mellophone. Name any brass instrument, he's jammin' at the gates on one.
  • Raph: Piano and Cello. His knack is for mellow instruments.
  • Satan: Exactly what you think I'm going to say. You thought I wouldn't go with cliches, right? Wrong. Fuck you. Fiddle, motherfucker. He plays the fiddle
  • Jophiel: No known instrumental abilities. Technically all of the archangels can sing but Joph trumps them all. His voice is the most beautiful thing they've heard
  • Natalie: [aggressively kazooing darude - sandstorm] (also she can actually sing beautifully, just as long as no one's watching-- at least that she knows of)
  • Michael: Michael moo has a knack for string instruments, preferably the harp and acoustic guitar. He taught Chamuel how to play harp.
  • Uriel: Only knows one song on his saxophone-- Toxic. That's all he can play. That's all he ever plays. Send help.
  • Human!Mike: Cute lil Mikey-moo. He can sing pretty well, but also knows acoustic guitar and ukulele.
  • Chamuel: A master at the harp, almost as good as Michael. The angels let her play for them to relax.
  • Mr. McAllister: Obviously sings like a maniac but is actually tone deaf, poor dude. He can play a couple of songs on the piano. His favorite? Cruella De Vil.
  • Felix: The tuba and only the tuba. It's so huge compared to him.
  • Kristi: Kristi's voice can reach phenomenal high notes whenever she's around Satan, strangely enough.
  • Ipos: An all around musician. Strings, piano, clarinet, even the harmonica. He's good at all of them. Sheila loves listening to him play to unwind.
  • Pax: A drummer because he bangs everything (IDEA BELONGS TO MATT OMFG)
  • Titus: [farts and composes it]