and she came back with this

Ok, this struck me.

As we all know Dany gave specific names to her dragons:

Drogo –> Drogon

Rhaegar –> Rhaegal

Viserys –> Viserion

And as happened in the last episode the fucking Night King managed to kill the last one and turn him into a wight dragon (will it spit fire or ice ?), but what got my attention is:

The killed dragon was the one named after the brother who used to abuse and cruelly treat Dany. This means that in season 8 she will have to defeat him as she did with Viserys. Somehow he or his reminiscence came back to hurt her a bit more.

At this point there are only two more dragons, Drogon and Raeghal, as for only two Targaryens in the world, Dany and Jon: I really hope we will see them both riding dragons in the war to come and if this happens Dany will obviously ride Drogon and Jon? Rhaegal, whose named after who ?? Rhaegar, Jon’s father 


Fandom, give me your opinions

Light Up the Dark

As promised, a Rowaelin one shot smut piece for you. I appreciate all feedback - this is the first time I’ve written smut so hopefully it’s not the worst thing you ever read.

Thank you to @paperbacktrash who continues to be my rock and Beta Bitch - I love you, soul sista.

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Aelin couldn’t breathe. No, not this again. Please no.

The iron coffin was suffocating and the darkness of the box weighed her down, pressing against her chest, making it difficult to gasp in much needed breath. Her magic flickered out, she was utterly trapped.

She thrashed wildly and pushed against the lid of the box. It gave a little and she cried out in triumph as a sliver of light rushed in. Her arms faltered against the weight and she was shut in the dark again. She lashed out with her fists and felt her knuckles split. Blood poured down her arms, too much, too fast. The coffin started filling with blood, a reeking stench she was all too familiar with. She pressed herself as close to the coffin door as she could, trying to keep her head above the blood. She sucked in a last breath and was dragged under by pale hands, Maeve’s hands.

She registered shouting from afar, a voice so dear to her she almost wept in relief. The darkness was chased away by the light, death chased away by such brilliant and magnificent life.

Aelin opened her eyes and she was met with her mates’ own pine-green ones. His brow was furrowed with concern and she registered he was on top of her, holding his weight off with one arm while the other traced featherlight strokes down her face.

She leaned into his touch and breathed his scent deep, letting it wash away the terror. Letting his whole being wash over her, reminding her that she was free and would spend the rest of her days waking up with Rowan, never again to be locked and stolen away.

“I’ll always pull you out of the dark, Fireheart.”

Aelin pulled him closer and she placed a shaking hand against his face, right over the tattoo he bore of his past grief. She traced the words lightly and his eyes slipped closed and he hummed softly in response.

“You chase away my demons when I’m awake, it’s only fitting you do it while I’m asleep.” She whispered, with less bravado then she had hoped.

Rowan, thank the gods, chuckled despite her uncertainty. “To whatever end,” he whispered nuzzling his nose against hers.

“To whatever end,” Aelin agreed, the strength of their promise to each other grounding her.

He opened his eyes and his desire was blazing enough that he could have been blessed by Mala himself. He rolled his hips against her and she felt him. Immediately, her blood heated and her magic awoke. An icy wind lazily caressed her neck, her back, soothing her fire.

She arched her back in response, a low moan slipping from between her lips. It broke Rowan’s control; so like the moan all those years ago, when she was keeping those fires burning at Mistward, at a time when he couldn’t act on those desires.

He snarled in response and captured her mouth with his, crushing his lips against hers. Aelin pulled Rowan closer, his body fully covering hers. Their magic played together, taunting and teasing as their kisses grew more savage, full of burning need.

Rowan pulled Aelin up and settled on his knees, holding her against him as his teeth grazed her lip, she shivered in response and leaned into him, running her tongue over his bottom lip. He ripped her nightgown off, the silken material shredding apart.

Aelin made to protest but Rowan cut her off, “it wasn’t gold anyways.” Aelin’s core turned molten and she pushed Rowan back down and climbed on top of him. “It’s a good thing you’re already naked, Buzzard.”

Rowan groaned as he ran his hands up her waist, and cupped a breast, fingering her nipple. Aelin gasped and leaned forward, running her tongue up his chest. She kissed the spot between his neck and shoulder and gently bit down, claiming him. Rowan rolled her back onto her back, barely restraining himself and kissed and nipped her neck and moved to kiss her collarbone.

Aelin pushed her chest against him and Rowan smirked, gazing up at her through his lashes, his hair flopping over his eyes, still mussed from sleep. Aelin could have burned through the bedding, burned through the bed and the stone beneath itself, for the wicked promise gleaming in his eyes.

Rowan captured her breast with his teeth and gently tugged. She whimpered as she pushed on, begging for more. He covered her nipple with his mouth, tonguing it as he rolled her other nipple between his fingers. As he removed his mouth, he sent a kiss of icy wind breezing over her and her nipple peaked and she shivered in response. “Rowan…” she begged, her fingers twining in his hair, pulling him back up to her.

Aelin licked up the column of his throat before taking his mouth again, her elongated canines brushing against his lip, she pulled his lip with her teeth and Rowan shuddered. His tongue brushed into her mouth, teasing hers. He pulled back again and started kissing down her chest, down her stomach before nipping at her hip bone. She raised her hips in response and Rowan snarled in appreciation.

Rowan trailed his tongue from one hip to the other and nipped her other hip, following it with a soothing kiss. He grabbed one of her legs and settled it on his shoulder before spreading the other leg to the side. Aelin’s breathing became more labored as Rowan’s head dipped lower and as he kissed and nipped her upper thigh, before kissing just above her core.

Rowan ran his tongue lower, over her centre and Aelin gasped with a jerk of her hips. One of Rowan’s hands came up to press against her lower abdomen, to hold her still as he unleashed himself on her. Aelin ran her fingers through his hair, tugging softly like she knew he liked and tried, tried to resist bucking her hips. “Rowan…” she gasped out, her hips jerking on their own accord. Rowan hummed deep in his throat as he continued to feast on her. He slipped a finger inside of her, massaging her and she felt herself approaching that cliff, the heat building and the sensation filling her, shaking her to her very core.

He sucked on her centre, pulling ever so gently on it and Aelin freefell. There was no end and no beginning, only her and Rowan and the depth of emotions and sensations she felt through their bond.

Rowan pulled back, setting her legs back on their bed before he kissed his way back up to her face. Aelin was flushed – that primal part of Rowan snarled in satisfaction as he beheld his sated mate, her hair disheveled and her eyes, the golden rings sparkling so bright he could have sworn her flames danced through them.

Rowan settled between her legs and Aelin pulled him closer to her, close enough for him to be nudging against her entrance. Aelin’s eyes flashed with desire. Would she ever get enough of her mate? She wrapped her legs around his backside and ever so slightly nudged him forward. Rowan groaned before sheathing himself to the hilt in one go. Aelin gasped out and fisted her hands in his hair, pulling him closer to her, biting at his lip and moaning against his mouth.

Rowan groaned as he paused let her adjust to the sudden fullness, her hands pulled the fine strands of his hair in urgency and he slowly drew back before driving back into Aelin, clamping his teeth over the soft spot between her neck and shoulder, not stopping this time as he claimed her, in that purely male way of his. Aelin’s legs wrapped around Rowan as she titled her hips to meet his thrusts, moans of desire mixed in with his name ripping from her mouth.

His mouth claimed hers again and he continued to move, the tempo precise but smooth, and easy. “You are mine.” He growled against her lips. The restraint snapped and Rowan knew, despite her nightmare, she wasn’t breakable, she didn’t need to be coddled and he hauled Aelin up against his chest, standing up and lifting her, hardly breaking rhythm.

He pushed Aelin’s back against the wall, and drove back into her, and Aelin’s nails dug into his back as she held on, unable, unwilling to let go. This, this was what she needed. Rowan was her tether. Rowan would bring her home, always, no matter what hell she was trapped in.

Pleasure rippled through Aelin again, and a helpless sound of need slipped out. Fire licked across her skin, Rowan’s ice soothing and taming the flames and Rowan’s mouth clamped down over one of her nipples, and Aelin went past words.

There was only feeling and their bond as she catapulted over the edge again. It was being-altering, world-ending, this joining of mates. And as Aelin came back to claim her other senses, Rowan let go too, and they didn’t break eye contact as he emptied himself into her. He shuddered against her, finally ducking his head into her shoulder, gasping for breath, needing that moment to pull himself together. Aelin stroked his neck, whispering those three cherished, soothing words, “I love you.”

Rowan met her eyes again and then kissed her nose, softly, before setting her down by her waist. She folded herself in his arms and he tucked her close.

“This is an extraordinary life that I never imagined being able to have. Let alone imagine you, being real. Being alive. Being here, safe with me. I know you don’t need my protection, you proved that time and time again. But I will always, always endeavor to protect you anyways.” Rowan kissed the top of her head and Aelin pulled back, her eyes searching his for some hint that he knew.

His eyes softened as she surveyed him and she grabbed one of his hands and splayed it across her stomach, “Would you mind extending that protection to another?”


So since no one could link me to a gendrya reunion fanfic AND I NEED ONE BEFORE MY HEART EXPLODES, I decided to make one myself. So, here you go:

Gendry fell back from the group as the walls of Winterfell came into view. Davos was grilling Jon about his relationship with the Dragon Queen, while the wildling and the brotherhood were talking about how they can’t wait to get some food and take a long, hot bath. Gendry tuned them out; he wanted some peace, and, frankly,—some time to rehearse his apology.

After they got separated, his brain had done nothing but tirelessly run through possibilities of their reunion. At times, dread ate him with the thought that she must already be dead. But he knew better: they were both survivors, and if he made it alive after all these years, then surely the bravest person he knows did too. “Arya’s alive and one day we’re gonna meet again,” he told himself every morning as soon as he woke up, and again before he went back to sleep. Gendry has never had anyone until Arya; she’s family, she’s home, and one day he’s going to go back home, wherever the fuck that is.

They finally passed the gates. A crowd formed behind it, ready to welcome back the King in the North. The crowd parted and a beaming red-haired girl hurried towards Jon and gave him a hug. Sansa, Gendry realized. Arya once said she had a sister, this must be her.

“You made it. We’ve been waiting for you,” Sansa said.
“The North give you any trouble while I was gone?” Jon teased.
“Nothing I can’t handle,” Sansa replied with a chuckle.

“Jon!” a familiar voice rang from their left.

Gendry turned to look. Arya was pushing a younger boy on a wheelchair in a probably unsafe speed, but the boy didn’t seem to mind. Jon met them halfway, and Arya jumped into his arms.

Gendry smiled to himself. Jon has always been Arya’s favorite brother. Every one of her Winterfell stories involved him in some way. He understood why, though. With the little time he’s spent with Jon—during their travel to the wall, and beyond it—Gendry could not help but admire him. And with the shortage of honorable and heroic people such as Jon, he knew the King in the North is one worth serving.

Jon kissed Arya’s forehead before letting go of her.
“Bran,” he called the boy on the chair before he hugged him.

Gendry observed the younger boy. He had the trademark Stark dark brown hair and elongated face. Bran is their younger brother, Gendry realized. But unlike the other Stark siblings, Bran did not seem to be affected with his reunion with Jon. His face remained stoic and his arms circled around Jon as if the hug was an obligation.

“It’s good to see you again, Jon. We have a lot to talk about,” Bran said.
Sansa moved closer to her siblings.
“That we do,” Jon said to the three of them. “But first, let’s feed our guests and see them comfortable in vacant rooms,” he added, glancing at Gendry’s group still standing by the gate.

Gendry watched Arya study the faces of his companions, registering familiarity, before her eyes met his. Their eyes locked, and neither of them could move.

“Your Grace, I believe introductions are appropriate,” Davos said.
“Of course,” Jon said. “These brave men accompanied and fought with me beyond the wall. Surely, that story could wait ’til later over supper. But this is,” he gestured toward Gendry first, “Gendry Waters. He’s Robert Baratheon’s bastard son…”

Arya’s eyebrows furrowed, sparing Jon a glance to see if he’s joking before looking at Gendry again. She was now glaring at him. Gendry felt something tug at his heart. He really would’ve rather they talked about this later, but he couldn’t really blame Jon, given he had no clue Gendry even knew Arya.

Gendry mustered the courage to approach her, a small smile forming at his lips. 
“M’lady,” he bowed, peering through his lashes to watch her reaction.
For a minute, she was frozen, the scowl on her face growing darker.
“Gendry, this is my sister, Ar—“ Jon began before he got cut off by his little sister punching Gendry in the face.

“You son of a bitch!” Arya continued to hit him in his torso, because Gendry was no longer bowing and the little girl couldn’t reach his face anymore.

Gendry moved away, dodging some hits and taking others. He was doubling in laughter.

“Arya! What are you doing?” Sansa exclaimed.
Jon simply watched them in confusion along with the others.

“With all due respect m’lady, I don’t think this is how highborns treat their guests,” Gendry teased, unconcerned with the audience.
“You’re not a fucking guest here! You—“ Arya yelled, still hitting him.
“Arya! Your language! Stop it!” Sansa lectured, “Jon! Tell her to stop, she’s embarrassing herself”

Arya pushed Gendry harder than normal, and watched him land on his ass. He was still doubling in laughter, amused with her reaction. After a moment, her frown disappeared and her expression grew softer.

I’m sorry I let you go. I should’ve gone with you wherever, fought with you against whomever, and stayed with you until the end, because the last few years without you were torture. You’re all I have, and I’m glad you’re back — Gendry wanted to say—but not yet. Not now, not in front of all these people. We have more time, and I hope to God we have more than ‘more time’—I hope we have a lifetime, because I am never leaving your side again.

“Welcome home, stupid” she said.

Polyester Makes Her Butt Itchy

A/N: I hope you guys like it, I didn’t edit this so I hope you don’t mind too much.

word count: 1,659

Harry knew Y/N’s love for animals were strong, she was always kind to each one she saw. Y/N went to pet stores everyday, no matter if she barely had enough time she would make time. Everytime she came back she would ask Harry the same question “Can we please get a pet please H? You know I’ll take care of it, maybe we can get something small like a mouse, spider, or something please?”

Harry was taken aback the first time she’d asked the question, he knew damn well the spider was out of the question. He didn’t want to risk getting scared at night and accidentally kill it then consul her after breaking the unfortunate news. But that day and onward his answer had been the same, “Pretty girl, you know I would love nothing more than getting you a pet, but when I take you on tour with me it’s not very practical to have a cat with you. Even if you leave it at home who’s going to take care of it for that long? I’m sorry love, but it’s a no.“

Telling Y/N no made his heart stop, she never asked him to throw all his money into her needs and wants. So it was extremely easy for him to say yes to her, well the only thing he hesitated on was letting her do is make up, after a few kisses and a blowie he agreed.

Y/N called Harry before walking out of the house, “Hey H, I’m about to walk down to the pet store, Louise said she’d keep it open for thirty extra minutes so I can’t pass that up. You’ll most likely get home before me so can you preheat the oven?” Y/N fumbled with the keys before putting them in her pocket and walked toward the shop. “Unfortunately love, I’m gonna hafta pull an all nighter at the stu’. If I do that and work tomorrow as well I’ll get this weekend free.” A free weekend sounded great to Y/N so no complaints left her lips.

“Yeah that’s fine. I’m here H, I’ll call you when I finish.”

“Okay love, can’t wait to see yeh this weekend cause I have a surprise jus’ for yeh. Love ya pretty girl.”

Y/N’s cheeks got heated at the thought of his surprise. “Okay Har, Love you too.” she opened the door as soon as the conversation ended. Y/N was used to seeing Louise at the front desk waiting for her, but today was different. “Louise? Where are you?” she called out. “Back here!” Y/N maneuvered her way to the back of the shop. Louise stood to greet the guest but with tears in her eyes, Y/N’s heart immediately broke and she pulled Louise into a hug.

“Oh my goodness are you okay? Was it Kevin? I told you that butt was no good for you.” Y/N pouted while combing through Louise’s newly red hair. “No it’s not him, it’s Minty. We have to put her down tomorrow since her medication is getting pricey and we barely have enough to feed and take care of all the animals. I’ve called every cruelty free animal shelter and they have no room.”

Y/N herself started to ball her eyes out at this news, Minty was Y/N’s favorite animal there, of course she treated and loved on all the pets there the same amount, but Minty held a special place in her heart. “Are you sure? No one wants to buy her or anything?” Y/N quickly ran to get her favorite cat, minty, and cuddled her next to Louise. The redhead sighed and went to pet the cat in question "No, I’ve tried giving her to other shelters, but they don’t have space. I tried to give her away for free but when they find out about her condition, they bail.”

Y/N sighed and placed kisses on the top of the cats head. “Then I’ll take her.” the redhead shot up “You can’t, you know what Harry will say then you’d have to give her back and then she’d get put down the next day.” Y/N shook her head, “No that’s not going to happen. I’m not letting go of her when I could have done something to stop it. Harry can yell at me and chew me out all he wants because honestly I don’t give a damn. Won’t let Harry return this cat, if he even thinks about it I’ll beat his ass with a  hammer.” Louise chuckled at Y/N she may have been quiet and sweet but if you fucked with something she loved, she won’t hesitate to release hell upon the one who wronged her. “Well love bird, if you’re serious let’s get some paper work done.”

After about forty minutes of paper work, Minty was officially Y/N’s. While the redhead locked up shop, Y/N called Niall, “Hey Ni! How are you?”
Niall sighed on his end of the line. “You only call me ‘Ni’ when you do something wrong. What’d you do?” Y/N mentally cursed herself for letting Niall in as a big brother and knowing all of her tells. “You know how I love animals rig-”

“Christ Y/N, you didn’t. Who am I kidding, fucking huge heart of yours. What happened?”

Y/N cooed at the kitten in her lap, “Well, you know Louise and how she has a pet shop? Minty is my favorite cat and they were going to put her down and I couldn’t allow it, so I took her home. Harry’s going to be pissed I don’t know what to say to him.” Niall cleared his throat, “With that reason alone Harry wouldn’t be upset with you hell, throw some puppy dog eyes and tears? You’d get away with bloody murder.”

Y/N chuckled knowing he was completely right, “Well we just pulled up to Pet Smart, I’ll call you later yeah?”

“Okay sweetheart stay safe.”

Louise and Y/N walked around the store picking out toys, food, bowls, collars, a cute sailor outfit Y/N just couldn’t pass up, and finally a bed that felt just right and was made of the right materials because, “Polyester makes her butt itchy. So get something with way more cotton than polyester.

While Y/N looked for a bed, Louise started ordering Minty’s medication. They got every thing they needed and drove to Y/N and Harry’s shared home. After setting a up a small scratching post and letting Minty get used to the house, Y/N decided she held the redhead captive enough and let her go for the night. Once things got settled down, she called Harry.

” 'Ello love. I thought yeh said she’d keep it open fo’ thirty minutes not two hours.“

"Yeah, after visiting the pets we came back to the house and watched a movie. Kinda lost lost track of time but at least I called.” Y/N decided not to tell him over the phone, this was a matter that had to be discussed face to face. “Ahh I’m glad yeh got a girl’s night. Anythin’ else?”

“Nope, just chillin’.” Harry laughed and they continued their conversation until she got tired.

Today was the day. Early Saturday morning, she made Harry’s favorite breakfast and waiting at the kitchen’s island for Harry to walk through the door. As Y/N poured juice for herself, Harry walked into the kitchen. “Goo’ morning pretty girl, whatcha up ta?” Y/N smiled and ran into his arms, “I made breakfast come on, let’s eat.” Halfway through breakfast, Harry felt Y/N’s foot rubbing against his ankle. “If ya wanna play footsies jus’ ask.”

Y/N furrowed her eyebrows “I’m not doing anythin’.” Harry gave her a face then looked down at his feet. His chewing slowed and his eyes got wide, “Tha fuck!” Y/N’s eyes also wided in realization, “H, baby hear me out th-”

Harry swallowed his food and looked up at Y/N. “You have negative five seconds to explain the cat at my foot.” it’s was obvious he was holding back yelling at his girl, the proof in the vains protruding from his neck. She ran over to pick the cat up and bury it in her chest. “H, they were going to put her down today since she was getting expensive and no one would take her. Yell at me call me what ever names you want, I don’t care but you aren’t taking Minty away from me!”

Harry immediately soften at the mention of Minty. Everyday after her vists she would always go on about this particular cat and how happy she made her. Harry saw the love in her eyes every time she talked about her. He sighed and walked toward Y/N and the cat. “Tha’s Minty?” the worried girl nodded her head. He looked his lover in the eye before holding his hands out for the kitty. “If she makes yeh that happy, I guess yeh can keep her.” Y/N’s eyes filled with tears as she jumped and cheered around the kitchen.

“You hear that Mint? I can keep you!”

After that fiasco, all three cuddled on the couch and watched TV. “Mmm wait, get up fo’ a second.” Y/N lifted herself off of Harry’s lap and watched him walk toward his abandoned bag at the door. “Here.”, he placed a smallish rectangular box on her lap. Y/N opened the box to reveal a phone case with a picture of her and Harry as the design. She cooed at the case then leaped up the give Harry a kiss and a hug, “Oh my gosh, thank you thank you thank you! I love it babe!” He smiled into the hug and rubbed her back.

“ ’m glad yeh do.”

i really hope that the finale doesnt make people think that the Raven Queen is this big No Fun Allowed Boss because, remember, she let Kravitz get away with a lot of shit already. Like… letting Merle, Magnus and Taako get off scot free, as well as the entire town of Refuge? And turning a blind eye to Sloane and Hurley, two people who DIED but then came back? 

like you know Kravitz walked in there with two fucking Liches and she was like “nope. no. no. kravitz i fucking swear this is Not Happen-” “This is my boyfriend’s twin sister, my lady!!” “…………fucking shit god FINE they can be reapers. god fucking damn it”

like she has to go through so much with these goofers. She’s honestly a miracle and one of the biggest heroes of the series 

Dance Into My Heart

You and Jihoon are partnered up for your friend Somi’s dance video, and get closer as you prepare for filming.

  • for anon who requested you and jihoon partnered up at 1million; i didn’t explicitly state 1million but like u can imagine that the studio is 1million iDK
  • dancers au
  • seongwoo is a little shit (what’s new lmao)

You carefully retied your hair as you headed back inside the dance studio where your best friend and YouTube dancer, Kim Jennie, worked.

“You actually came,” she greeted you as you stepped inside, gym bag slung over your shoulder.

“Anything for my girl,” you replied with a smile, following her inside the studio, dancers milling around and chatting.

“I’m so glad you came,” she expressed, “one of my co-workers, Somi, is starting her own YouTube channel and really wanted her first choreo video to be the best it could, so of course I volunteered you.”

“Are you also gonna be in it?” you inquired, tilting your head as you followed her into one of the studio rooms, following her lead and setting your bag down next to hers.

Jennie shook her head. “Somi only needed one more girl, since it’s a partner dance,” she explained, “and you’re better at the style she’s going for than I am.”

“Ah,” you nodded, “wait, then why are you here?”

“I’m helping her teach you all the moves,” Jennie explained, “she’s not too experienced with teaching, so I figured I’d give her a hand.”

“Wow, what a saint,” you teased, patting her on the back as you slipped into a ratty old practice shirt. A few of the other participants entered, greeting the two of you. There was Nayoung, a tall, quiet girl who shocked you with her grace as she took the spot next to you, warming up her muscles carefully..

“Good morning!” A cheerful guy with a sharp jawline entered the room, followed by two much quieter guys, one with light honey blond hair, the other with darker brown hair.

“It’s not morning, Seongwoo,” Nayoung sighed, rolling her eyes.

“It’s morning if you believe it is,” the guy—Seongwoo—shot back

Jennie’s friend, Somi, rushed into the room, out of breath and red-faced. “I’m sorry I’m late,” she exclaimed, bowing at all of you before waving at Jennie. “I’ll give you guys time to warm up, then we can get started.”

You nodded, running through your normal warm-ups as you chatted with Mina and Jennie, Nayoung occasionally pitching in.

“Okay,” Somi clapped her hands, “so as mentioned when I reached out to everyone, this is a partner dance, and I paired everyone up based on height. Nayoung, you’ll be with Mr. Freak.”

“Hey!” Seongwoo complained, “I take offense to that!”

You snickered at his mock-offended expression, his hand clutched to his chest.

“(y/n), you’ll be with Jihoon, and I’ll be with Woojin,” she explained, clapping her hands again, “so let’s get started. Jennie and I will run through the dance, and then we can break it down beat by beat.”

Jihoon walked over to stand next to you, greeting you quickly.

“Park Jihoon,” he introduced himself quietly as Jennie messed around with the stereo, trying to get it to work.

“(y/n),” you smiled, shaking his outstretched hand, “let’s work well together!”

You watched as Jennie and Somi moved fluidly to the beat, surprised that someone as young as Somi would be choreographing such a sexual dance. Next to you, Jihoon was turning a bit pink. You were comfortable with it having done partner dances like it for other choreographers’ videos before, but from what you’d heard about Park Jihoon, he didn’t have much experience in the more… mature department.

“Okay, let’s start on the first beat,” Somi instructed. You took the starting position, Jihoon behind you.

“You’re okay with this?” Jihoon asked quickly, looking forward at you. You grinned at that and nodded, appreciative of how cautious he was.

“It’s fine,” you assured him, “we’re dancers—this is what we do.”

Jihoon nodded, carefully placing a hand on your waist like the choreo dictated. You were surprised at the bolt of electricity that ran through you at his light touch.

“Filming is tomorrow, guys,” Somi called as everyone wrapped up, stretching their muscles out and cooling down, “so please don’t come in your, like, pajamas.” You smiled at that, shoving your sweaty clothing back into your duffel bag. Your idiot self had forgotten to bring a pullover, so you were left in your street shirt only, not nearly enough clothing against the crisp night air.

“You ready for tomorrow?” Jihoon asked you as the two of you headed out of the building.

“Me?” You shrugged, “I think so—we had the choreography down pretty well. Mr. Freak on the other hand…”

“Hey!” Seongwoo groaned, “I fall one time, one time, and suddenly everyone makes fun of me. It was one time.”

You and Jihoon just traded amused looks and continued off the elevator after saying goodnight to everyone. After the first day of rehearsals, you’d figured out that you waited at the same bus stop, taking different buses, so now the two of you walked to the bus stop together. Rehearsals had lasted a week, and Jihoon was obviously nervous for actual filming.

“Are you cold?” Jihoon asked as the two of you took a seat at the bus stop next to each other.

“Hm?” You looked up at him, in the middle of rubbing your arms for warmth, “Oh, I’ll be fine, the bus is almost here.”

Jihoon shrugged out of his large hoodie, handing it to you, “just give it back to me tomorrow—my bus is right here anyways.”

You accepted the hoodie from him, watching as he boarded the bus quickly, sending you a charming smile. You waved goodbye, tentatively sliding the hoodie on. It was warm, and smelled incredibly good (not that you were like, sniffing it. That’s creepy).

The next day, filming goes smoothly. Of course, Jihoon doesn’t mess up or anything, and he’s obviously super relieved about that.

As you’re about to head out with Nayoung and Jennie, you hear someone call your name.

Jihoon is standing there with a sheepish expression and pink cheeks, Seongwoo and Woojin a few steps behind him (Seongwoo is smirking with an expression fit for the devil).

“Ah Jihoon, what’s up?” You asked, waiting for him to catch up to you. You’re pretty sure that he flashed Seongwoo the middle finger before he turned to you with a smile.

“Um, I was wondering if you’d like to go get barbeque with me?” He asked tentatively, looking over at you hopefully, “like, as a date.”

You smiled widely, nodded, “yeah, I’d love to.”

Seongwoo screeched—like, screeched—and pounded Jihoon on the back, prompting Jihoon to shove him off. You laughed at the interaction, reaching down to intertwine your fingers with his. Jihoon smiled, squeezing your hand tightly as the two of you set off, happy that you two were actually going on a date.

I’ve been at 8th & pine for a while now and nothing super interesting. Zero signs of GA or DD right now, though word is that Gillian was here earlier. Looks like her stunt double is here looking unharmed! (… so far. With a better, fuller wig in my opinion.) There are several cars that are part of the crash scene. They keep saying it’s about to happen.

A few ppl waiting around in anticipation. Several gave up.

Ok, black SUV t-boned a blue sedan. Several other cars around but not actually part of the crash (including a white or silver SUV that came close). I was too far back to see, but I suspect GA stunt double was in one on the SUVs. She was wearing knee/shin pads.

They made us watch from ¾ of the way down the street most of the time and kept moving us around. Unfortunately, this is the best photo I could get of anything.

Now I’m headed downtown to see what I can see on thurlow!

Last night I dreamed that some dudebro decided to fight @systlin on the behalf of the chickenshit political she challenged, and at the same time one of her followers asked her for a training spar, and she says that both of them could meet her at the airport in  Iowa
and like there was quite a lot of peoples who came to witness because all of this was on tumblr? And the follower was here first and they started sparring and it was neat af, she was giving him plenty of tips?
then the dudebro showed up, and systlin just. Flying kicked the fucker right in his face, dropping him instantly, before going back to sparring like it was no big deal
It was wild

Jonerys last scene

We all know that was amazing scene and a huge step forward for our ship. What made the scene even more special is that we saw a side of both Jon and Dany that we’ve never seen before or in a long time. 

We haven’t seen Dany vulnerable since season one. For seven years she’s been practically invincible. She has overcame every single obstacle put in her way and came out more powerful than she was before. For the first time in a long time we’ve seen Dany take a devastating loss. She has been shocked to her core. She could cried on anyone’s shoulder she wanted. She could have went to mourn all by herself. She could have rode Drogon back to Dragonstone. She decided to wait and Jon at sides. She wanted him to console her and he did just that in the most sweetest way possible.

One of the reasons we all love Jon Snow is because he’s probably one of the bravest and most selfless characters we’ve ever seen. He’s always fighting for everyone without expecting anything in return. He doesn’t want power. He doesn’t want a crown. All he wants to do is protect those who can’t protect themselves. But in 7x06 we saw something we’ve never seen from Jon. He actually something for himself. It wasn’t a crown, wealth, or power. It was our beloved Dany. That is one of the things that made the scene so special. He never really wanted anything but he wants her and I’m so happy he’s starting to her that. She didn’t even realize he was in love with her. Now she knows.

Watching everything unfold last night into the morning was magical, a reminder that our favourite show is happening. To see Chris Carter, the man who breaks our hearts but keeps us coming back for more, and was unbelievable. And yes he was rocking his blue Columbia puffer jacket! Melissa Stubbs was incredible to watch as she directed those stunts with finesse all while looking badass. The whole crew and production company were very lovely company.

I loved how everyone came together last night. Whether via social media or meeting up in person, TXF brought a lot of people together last night. It was so great to meet @super-infinite-possibilities and her family!! @xfilesobsessed22 , you kept me in the know last night! You have an amazing amount of knowledge about film, I think that’s so cool. It really helped in the way of finding out about what was probably happening and I kept my faith that things were going to happen. @odditiesandapplepie you were ever so the adventurous photographer! I loved that so much, so ballsy!! Mackenzie!! Thank you for sharing the Gillian love!!

Thank you all for your encouragement, it kept me going! I wish I had gotten more photos for you all.

I went back to therapy yesterday….

I’ve been going through some rough times lately. I have a history of depression and anxiety, and yesterday, I finally took that first step to getting better again: I saw a therapist.

She started our session by asking why I was coming to her, and all the Bad Things just came pouring out: issues with friends, sick family members, bad choices I’ve made recently, hating my job, not feeling important to anyone. She didn’t tell me it was all in my head. She just listened and offered me a tissue when I started to cry.

Then she paused, and asked me a question: “What is good in your life right now?”

It took me a minute to think of anything. But then, I started explaining Achievement Hunter; how they make me laugh and enable me to escape. I told her about all of you in the community, and how inclusive and loving you all are, even to people who are relatively new fans, like me.

She smiled and told me she was going to write “Achievement Hunter” in big letters in my file because “that’s important.”

She’s right. It’s important. So, thank you all for being the good thing in my life. Whether your an actual member of @officialah or you’re a member of the community; you are my Happy Thought.

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I use to work at hellmart and I did lawn and garden which closes at 10 and this lady came up asking for me to cash her out at the registers but it was 10 and I had already closed the registers and counted the money so I told her I couldn't. She proceeded to scream at me and call me a liar before storming up to the front and telling every employee I was a liar. I literally followed her up to the front and she stopped EVERY employee and told them before looking back at me in disgust. wtf

Teenage pregnancy//Shawn Mendes

You’d like to believe you and Shawn has raised your daughter to be an independent, hard working, Respectful young woman.
And so far that was succeeding, she had good grades, Good friends and was a happy teenager.

She looked up to Shawn so much, loved him so much. He was like her hero, he wasn’t around much when she was little so she likes to spend as much time as she can with him, they idolise each other.

So you were shocked when your 17 year old daughter came back to you and said she was pregnant. First it didn’t register in your head that your baby, your daughter was pregnant.

Of course you’d never think of kicking her out or disowning her, what kind of mother would you be then? So you just held her and let her cry it out. She was a strong girl, but she still broke.

You knew she had life goals, she wanted to go to collage. Finish highschool, get married and then have children, this isn’t the life she wanted.

You knew she had potential,Iike yourself she was a very naturally caring motherly person.
You knew she could do this, Shawn and you would be there every step of the way.

Telling Shawn was the hardest part, he completely flipped out, screaming throwing things. Your daughter clung to you, afraid of what he would do, even you were frightened.

“DID YOU EVEN USE A CONDOM?” He screamed, His neck veins prominent, face red.
The anger just oozed out of him.

“Y-Yeah I- we-” she couldn’t even speak, angry Shawn was someone nobody wanted to be around. He was reckless and straight up terrifying. You knew he’d ever actually do anything to harm either of you but it was still a scary thing to witness.

“We didn’t raise you like this Y/D/N.” he ran his fingers through his knotted brown locks, sighing. The anger had left his body and was replaced with sadness. Numbness.

“dad I’m sorry! I didn’t mean for it to happen-”
“Obviously.” He cut her off.

He looked at me, “how are you okay with this?”

I sighed, running my hands down my face.
“What do you expect me to do? It’s her body it’s her choice. She’s my Daughter I’m going to support her.” He just shook his head.

Several moments had passed before he spoke again, “I didn’t even know you had a boyfriend Y/D\N?”

She gulped looking at her dad, “I-I don’t.”
He just stared at her, no emotion.

“So it was a one night stand? Or did you just go to a party get fucked and leave?” Shawn asked, he was angry again. His fist collided with the granite kitchen counter top.

“Shawn! Stop.” I spoke through gritted teeth, he looked at me, and calmed down. A tear leaving his tired sore eyes.

“I’m sorry dad please don’t hate me I love you I need you-” Shawn cut off her rambling, taking her shaking figure into his arms, her head in the crook of his neck, his hands instinctively Go to her back rubbing soothing patterns.

“shh baby- I’m sorry I got mad I promise I’ll be there for you. I love you so much.” He kissed the top of her head.

They were father and daughter.
They’d never loose that bond.
All that mattered is we take it day by day.

Step Away {Peter Parker}

Summary : Y/N have feelings for Peter Parker for more than 6 months. Later at school  Y/n’s best friend told her that she has feelings for Peter too. So being a good friend, she steps away, trying her best to stop her feelings for Peter. But things didn’t end up so well.

pairing : Peter Parker x Reader 

Warning : none.

Words : 1562

Originally posted by tomllholland

I think I like Peter Parker.

 That thought came though my mind 8 months ago, that was when I realized I like Peter. He’s just smart, sweet and a gentleman. He gets bullied by Flash but the way he defends himself is impressive. Most people would hurt their bully back, but for Peter he tries to talk it out and choose his word wisely.

  I walk into school, moving around the crowded hall with all the students. I glanced around, finding my best friend talking to Peter. A pang of jealousy climbed my body, I glance down pretending not to see them. A few seconds ago I wanted to see her but now that she’s talking to Peter I can’t help but look away. Like yeah I talk to him a couple of times, at least 6 times a week but for her, she talks to him almost everyday, probably because she’s prettier.

  Opening the door, I glance around my homeroom seeing no one. I take out my reading book, continuing from where I left off.

A few minutes before the bell ring my best friend, (Y/B/N) walks in taking a seat next to me.

“Hey,” I greet her.

“Hey, so I just realized something this morning.” She announces.

“Spill,” I smile at her.

She leans in whispering to me, “I like Peter.”

I glance around the room, making sure that nobody’s listening. “As in Peter Parker?”

She nods her head, grinning like a child on a Christmas morning. I tried to hide my anger and sadness. He’s not mine so I can’t stop her from liking him.

“Aren’t you happy for me?” She asks, seeing my sad expression.

“Y-yes of course I am you’re my best friend. I will always support you.” I smile weakly. I want to punch the wall to get my anger out but I can’t, people will ask me question. I don’t need to make a scene.

(Y/b/n) and I walk into the cafeteria after we got our food. Ned asked us to sit with him Peter and Michelle. We gladly accepted.

“So what’s going on around the school.” Ned asks us. We just shook our heads telling him that we don’t know.

“To be honest we don’t know, we’re the antisocial peeps.” (Y/b/n) answers, taking a bite out of her food.

“Do you guys want to hang out at my apartment today?” Ned asks.

“Sure,” we all say, except Peter. He’s using the ‘I got the Stark Internship ’ excuse once again.

After we ate our lunches the bell rang. I walk to my English class with Peter, talking like normal. At this moment it is just us. My best friend is not here, Ned and Michelle are not here too. To be honest, this is my favorite time of the day. Walking to class with Peter every Thursdays. This time of He day bring me and Peter closer, I’m now his close friend even though we don’t talk much but he tells me his problems. Some he didn’t even tell Ned or (Y/b/n). It makes me feel good about myself, knowing that he trusts me.

“Oh uh, before we go in, I have something to tell you.” Peter says.

“Alright, what is it?” I smile. He stops walking, grabbing my arms. My breath hitches from the sudden action.

“Pete, what are you doing?” I laugh nervously.

“I think I like you..” Peter whispers, before he leans in. His face is a few inches away from mine. This is it, my crush is going to kiss me or maybe I’m just making this up. He is glancing at my lip before his eyes lock with mine leaning in more. I lean in a bit before I stop myself.

I shake my head, pulling away. I yank my arms away from his strong grip as he look at me confusion is present on his face.

“No, I can’t.” I mutter looking down.

“But why?” He looks hurt and broken from my rejection.

“Just because..”

“Because what?”

“Because I don’t like you.” I lie through my teeth, it breaks me knowing I’ve hurt him.

“Oh um..” he looks down on the floor, not knowing what to say. When he look up, tears are swelling his eyes as he tries to hold it back. Seeing him like this, makes me tear up as well.

“Tell me you’re lying.” He says finally his voice breaking. I shake my head once again, tears rolling down my eyes same with his.

“N-no I’m not.” I lie again. “ I think I should go, I don’t feel well.” I wipe my tears, walking away from him. Before I can leave, he grab my wrist pulling me back.

“You can find somebody who’s better than me,” I say, pulling away.

It’s been two weeks since the incident, Peter and I stopped talking. Nobody question us. Things are just too awkward for us. Nobody knows about it, it’s something we keep between us. We’ve made some awkward eye contact once in a while.

“(Y/n)!” My best friend yells.


“Peter and I just made it official.” She announces excitedly, her hands balling into fists trying to contend her excitement.

“O-oh, that’s very nice, congratulations took you guys a year.” I try to joke. Later today I saw them holding hands, kissing once in a while. I breaks me inside but I can’t tell anybody.

They’ve been together for a week, I’ve been in pain for what seems like a year. I cried myself to sleep some nights, knowing that I’m hurting myself. It’s my fault. If I could have just stop my own feelings. Everything is my fault like always. Why can’t I have no feelings. The feelings I have for Peter keep growing more and more everyday. I believe that I’m doing the right thing. She’s my best friend I have to do everything to make her happy. If she wants to be with Peter then she can, I can’t stop her. I would do anything to make her happy. I’m stepping away from Peter, making sure my best friend gets what she wants.

“(Y/n?)” I hear Peters voice through the empty hallway after school.

“What do you want Peter?” I ask trying not to be rude.

“You.” He answers.

“You’re with my best friend.” I say, rubbing my forehead in frustration.

“Not anymore.” He grab my wrist.

“What do you mean?” I ask confused.

“I broke up with her,  I don’t have any feelings for her. My feelings belongs to you.”

“Then why were you with her?”

“I was trying to get over you.” He confesses.

“That’s stupid, do you realize that you’re hurting her?”

“Yes, and do you realize that you’re hurting me?” He fires back.

“Yes I do, but I’m doing what’s right, I’m trying not to hurt anybody by hurting myself..” I say, trying to pull away from his grip but he tightens his grip on my wrist.

“You don’t have to hurt yourself, everybody gets hurt by everything these days. You have to make yourself happy too, it’s bad.”

“So you’re saying, that keeping my feelings for you is a bad thing because I just wanted to make my best friend happy.”

“Make (y/b/n) happy?”

“Yes! I’ve been liking you okay? But then she told me that she likes you, so I decided that I should step away and let her be happy. She has always been here for me now it’s my turn.” I confess.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m leaving.” I use all my strength to pull away from him and walk away once again.

My phone ring loudly throughout my apartment. I accepted the call, putting my best friend on speaker, “Hello?”

“(Y/n), why did you betray me?” My best friends voice break through the phone.

“What do you mean?”

“Peter broke up with me and his reason was because he likes you.” Her voice was dead serious.

“You’re getting all of this wrong, he doesn’t like me.” I lie.

“Yes he does, every fucking time I hang out with him, all he talks about is you!” She yells. “Why can’t you be a good friend for once, I can’t even have a boyfriend. You need to back the fuck up okay? He’s mine not yours. You can’t have him. If he doesn’t come back to me by tomorrow I’m not going to be your friend anymore. Stop being a slut, you don’t need every boy’s attention.”

“(Y/b/n) calm down, you’re overreacting. And if you’re going to back off of our friendship just because of one boy then that’s just sad. Don’t let one boy break us apart. This is not you.”

“You bet this is not me, but I’m dead serious, by tomorrow he will be mine again, you understand? You’re my best friend you have to let me have what I want.”

“Alright, he will come back to you I promise.” I end the call and break into tears once again. I don’t get it, I tried stepping away from Peter but it’s not working, now my best friend thinks that I betrayed her.

*Peter’s POV*

I crouched down on (Y/n) fire escape trying my best to hide my body, listening to her and (y/b/n) phone call. Now I know what (y/n) is trying to do and I will fix everything.

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Neighbour au's please and thank you - WinterShock #8 (and #19 if you're not overloaded 😆) you have a great day!

Pairing:  Bucky Barnes/Darcy Lewis
Prompt:  #8 - Neighborhood block captain/Neighborhood troublemaker

She sighed when she came to the end of the driveway.  She knew whose trash cans they were.  The same trash cans that were always left down here by the road. Bucky Barnes’ trash cans.

And there was no way she was going to lug them back up his driveway again.  Nope. He was going to do it.  Just because she was block captain didn’t mean she was his servant.  She didn’t get paid for doing this, the only thing she got was an inflated sense of power that didn’t really amount to much, if she was being honest.  

So, she walked up his driveway, aware of the irony that this could have been over and done with if she’d just pulled the empty cans up with her.  

But it was the principle of the thing.  That’s what mattered.  

She rang his doorbell and waited.  She was always so nervous to talk to him.  That’s probably why this had gone on for so long.  Why she hadn’t just asked him to bring his cans in when he went to work on Thursday morning rather than lugging them up the driveway herself so that the block looked uniform.  

Bucky made her nervous.  With his big blue eyes and that stubble that seemed to just…appear there on his jaw and over his upper lip.  Dude had perpetual five-o'clock shadow and it was killing her.  

That and she never felt more like a dork than when she was walking around with her block captain hat on (yes, there was a physical hat, she wasn’t just using a figure of speech), and would run into Bucky Barnes.  He’d look at her all bemused and she’d shrink into a tiny little ball of embarrassment.  

She was so not volunteering next year.  

He came to the door in a pair of loose nylon shorts and basically nothing else.  He was eating chips out of the bag and he’d brought it with him to the door. He offered her one, but she refused. They crunched abnormally loudly as he listened to her stumble through the spiel about how they were supposed to bring their cans up the morning after the trash got collected.  It just looked better if there weren’t cans down by the road all the time.  

“I know,” he said, nodding when she was done.  "But you’ve been bringing them up for me.“  

Anger flared from deep within and when she spoke to him next, she wasn’t stammering one bit.  "I am not your maid, Bucky Barnes.  I have a job and a life too, and it doesn’t revolve around bringing your stupid garbage cans up from the road.  I was doing it to be nice, but I’m not anymore.”  

He smirked and tossed the bag of chips on the table beside the door.  He closed the door behind him and walked barefoot down towards the road, leaving Darcy staring dumbly at his ass as he walked.  

She started walking after him, still kind of fuming and not really done yelling yet.  

He had both of the cans in hand when she reached him. “Hey.  You like basketball?” he asked suddenly.  

She frowned, totally not falling for the bait.  "Yeah,“ she answered, kicking herself because yes, she had.  

"I’ve got the game on in there.  You wanna come watch it with me?”  

“Right now? In your house?”  

He shrugged. “I guess I could open a window if you wanted to watch it out here, but I thought…”  

“Umm…”  She was back to stammering again.  

“Look… I… uh… I’m sorry if you thought I was taking advantage of you.  I just…thought you were cute and I saw how you went after other people who left their cans out.  Thought it would be a way to talk to you, but then you kind of…never…” he shrugged.  "So… to make it up to you… I’ll bring your cans in for a month.  Okay?“  

"Okay…” she said slowly.  

“And then…on a completely unrelated note… if you’d like to come watch basketball with me… that’d be cool too.”  

“I…um… I have beer at my place… ”  She jutted her thumb over her shoulder.  

“Bring it,” Bucky said, grinning.  "I’ll keep the door unlocked, okay? Just let yourself in.“  

Okay.  So maybe she wasn’t the only awkward one around here.  She only hoped she came off as cute as Bucky did.  

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Dude, I haven't been watching GoT but DID THEY KISS? IS JON/DANY CONFIRMED? I shipped it for the books so fuckin' hard omgs omgs please tell me it's canon

well so far she told him she didn’t want him to leave her, she let him pet her dragon, davos noticed jon staring at her “good heart”, tyrion flat out said jon was in love with her. she tried to save his life, was devastated when she couldn’t and relieved when he came back to her. then she told him she can’t have children, they held hands and he called her “dany. my queen”

so…. yeah, they are canon :))

So I handed in my 2 week resignation notice yesterday because my plan was always just to work til college started back up. But today I came in and my boss expected me to work extra hours for free because she said “you were meant to finish at 2:30 yesterday but you finished at 4. You’re not getting paid for that. If you finished at 4 again today you’re not getting paid either.” So yeah. I’m quitting right now. Like the second I get off this.

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Why am I happy to see a happy Gillian on set? Love seeing her being relaxed, with a smile on her face, chatting with Uncle Chris and all. Working on this show doesn't seem to be such torture to her anymore! We sometimes criticize Gillian for her lack of enthusiasm at doing this show but I don't see any miserable actress here!! 😇💗

I’m happy too! She used to say she’s good at compartmentalizing things but the downside of this ability could be that she can’t get excited for something she’s not actively working on. It could have been hard to convince her to do more episodes, maybe she didn’t show much enthusiasm during all the negotiation period, but I think that now that she’s there and actually working on the show, with the old crew and David and other members of the cast, with her daughter working there too, I’m sure her enthusiasm came back full force and it makes me happy to see her enjoying herself while filming xfiles again. 

when my mom went to miami for 3 days because of international police work business and when she came back i was like MOM! YOU’VE BEEN TO AMERICA… a continent so far away, AMERICA, THE USA, TELL ME ABOUT IT

and her only impressions of the city was: 

“i saw a woman who had her boobs done and they looked like the boobs of a 20 year old but her face was still 60 and she looked weird”

“every building is air conditioned“

“they have boat tours to celebrities’ islands! they show off those little islands with the mansions on them and people are actually awedridiculous!“

“my tour guide presented the oldest building in miami and it wasn’t even 100 years old. can you imagine that? she made such a big deal out of it and it wasn’t even 100 years old. you can barely find a building here that isn’t at least 100“

Is this something Liam can even take back???? Like I know his brother abdicated, but Liam isn’t going to. Like I’m so tired man I just wanted to be engaged to the prince. This whole event and now my reputation is tarnished in front of everyone and Liam god I’m left in limbo with his feelings on all this. I’m sure he trusts me, but still I HATE MADELEINE SO MUCH. Publishing pictures like that is DISGUSTING especially when she set it up. And then that shit she did to Olivia too? All my worst fears came to pass, but I guess at least I got to tell Liam I loved him from the start and be with him. It’s a small comfort.

I just hate this drama. Now I have to clear my name in the next book and I don’t even know if they’ll let me near the Prince and UGH KEEP YOUR GROSS HANDS OFF OF HIM BEFORE I GET BACK AT YOU MADELEINE.