and she calls him out!

Darcy/Spencer, "You found out aliens exist and you didn't tell me. I don't think our relationship can continue after this betrayal."

for @nurselaney

Darcy rolled her eyes.  “Like you didn’t know, Mr. FBI…sorry…Dr. FBI. Besides.  I had to sign an NDA.”  

Spencer reached for the sugar, dumping some into his coffee.  “Well…okay.  I can forgive a bureaucratically motivated secret…”  The way his mouth twitched at the corner gave him away.   

“And since you know now…” she paused, looking around quickly.  “You wanna meet him?”  

“You should know me well enough that I shouldn’t have to answer that.”  

“I’ll give him a call…” She pulled out her phone.  

“Oh and Darcy? If it’s not too much trouble…do you think…he would…”  

“Oh, he’ll let you try, but you won’t be able to lift it, Spence. And I say that in the nicest way possible.”  

“But I can try…” He smiled.    

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why does marvel fandom sleep on jessica and luke

as a couple? or individually?

this is the same fandom that shipped jessica with her rapist even tho in the show itself she calls him out for all the bullshit he put her through. luke and jessica have a lot of growing to do as a couple and i get that. there has to be a lot of healing and forgiveness if they were to ever have a thing. but the fact that this fandom can truly ship jessica with her got damn rapist explains why this fandom sleeps on jessica and luke as a couple.

plus this is the same fandom that asks for more diversity and change in the mcu but when given a show with a black man as the lead there isn’t as much of a buzz or care for the show. how is it that given any other mcu show/movie trailer gets released and there can be dozens of edits made before you can even blink. but the trailer for a black superhero gets released and there is just a few edits made. absolute bullshit. luke cage is the superhero we need at this point in time. a bulletproof black man.

I just saved a tiny baby garter snake :) my grandmother was cutting grass and he got scared and went into the street so she called me out to catch him, if I hadn’t gotten him when I did he would’ve been smushed by the car coming down the road. I put him in my back yard where he’ll be nice and safe from grass cutting and cars 🐍❤️

(he was really funny because he kept striking at me over and over and trying to bite me, he nipped me a few times but he was just so tiny it didn’t hurt at all, I thought it was adorable)


Jane, you didn’t come here this late to drop off cannoli.

  • selena gomez when tswift is exposed:get a life!!! speak up on issues that are actually important!!!!!!!
  • selena gomez about literally any important issue:*radio silence*
  • selena gomez when petty celeb drama pops up:YOU KNOW WHAT

To say that Penelope was worried about Asher was an understatement. The serum had changed so much between them and it was hard to go back to normal when Asher was acting the way he was. She couldn’t blame him though, everything he knew about his life had been turned upside down and all she could do was try and support him.

But she couldn’t let him ignore her or whatever he was trying to achieve. She wanted to be with him and it was going to take more than him being scared he would hurt her to agree with that. After texting Eero to see if Asher was at their apartment, Penelope decided to prepare some ingredients and make her way over to his apartment so they could talk.

When she got there, knocked to announce her presence and let herself inside, she looked around for him, “Asher?” she called out.

Marilyn was the first who sought out the great poet Carl Sandburg. Marilyn was in New York City and saw in the papers that Carl was there. She wanted to know him better. She called her agent and he found out where Carl was staying and arranged a meeting. She told him. „Let me hold your hand,“ and they sat and talked for an hour. The friendship was a good one after that.

‘I had a great respect for her as an artist and as a person’ - Carl Sandburg

Her damaged heart is in her throat, the words on the screen glaring back at her accusingly, because it’s been two months since he she had told him she would call, since he had walked out of her hospital room with a reluctant expression on his face, concealing some of the heartache.

His heart was probably just as decimated as hers and oh, that makes it all so much worse. What she’s done to him, dying in front of him and then proceeding to disappear.

She doesn’t regret her decision to retreat from the city, seek seclusion in the depths of the woods surrounding her father’s cabin, but she does regret how she did it. He may not have liked it, may not have wanted to stay away, but Castle would have respected her decision, respected her request for privacy, despite how much her choice of isolation may have hurt him. But she had left without a word instead and she thinks that may have hurt him far worse.

Kate bypasses the option to reply to his message on her phone, goes straight to his contact info and presses the call button before she can succumb to her cowardice. She seals the phone to her ear and closes her eyes, carefully curls her legs in towards her chest at the head of her bed, her back against the board, and the last of the evening light reaching through her window to drip along her toes.

The ring of the phone has her heart pounding too fast, slamming brutally against the fresh scar between her breasts, rattling her ribs and upsetting the incision scars along her sides, and Beckett gingerly rubs her palm to the site of the hole in her chest, tries to soothe the angry throbbing.

But it’s no use once the ringing stops and a line of connection is actually made.

For a second there is only silence, the sound of a stuttering breath-


“I got your text,” she blurts out, her voice a ragged mess, rusty from lack of use, but it takes him a few more seconds to respond.

She doesn’t think she’s ever heard Castle so silent.

“You… I thought - I didn’t think you had your phone. Wasn’t even thinking when I sent that, I’m-”

“I’ve kept it off for the majority of the summer,” she admits quietly. “I wasn’t trying to - you left me voicemails.”

Castle sighs. “Yeah, filled up your inbox I think. Sorry about that.”

Kate squeezes her eyes shut and drops her forehead to her knee. “Don’t be sorry, Castle. I’m - I just saw your text right now, when I turned the phone back on to check in with my dad and I - I’m sorry.”

“Kate, you don’t have to-”

“I needed to be alone this summer,” she states, crackles of white burning behind her eyes as they remain screwed shut. “I couldn’t handle - I just needed to-”

“You don’t have to explain yourself to me,” Castle cuts in softly, but his voice is firm, reassuring, and hurt. She can hear the hurt so clearly even as he tries to hide it and it makes her scars throb. “You were shot, you nearly died-”

“And you were with me through every part of it,” she murmurs the reminder, swallowing hard at the truth of it.

He’d held what had been her dying body, had stained his hands in her blood, had spent hours on end in a waiting room, pacing and panicking, according to her dad. He had whispered his love to her in those final moments before she had lost consciousness because he thought he might not have the chance again. At least, she thinks that last part is true. Hopes it’s true, hopes it’s not.

She’s a hard person to love.

If she hasn’t made that obvious to him within the last couple of months.

“You said you’d call,” he mumbles, not accusing, just disappointed.

“I know,” she gets out, digging her nails into the bone of her shin. “I should have called sooner. Explained instead of just disappearing. You deserved that much.”

She can hear Castle releasing a breath, pictures him sitting in his office, staring out the window towards the shine of city lights she’s been starting to miss.

“You’re calling now,” he finally says, as if that’s some consolation, and she shakes her head. It’s not enough and she doesn’t deserve his graciousness, not now, but she accepts it, values it, because there’s little she can do to make it up to him from here. “Can we… do you have to go?”

But she can try, she can attempt to begin earning his forgiveness too, erase those final moments spent with him in the cemetery grass from the loop they play in her mind, replace his desperate words and tearful voice with new conversations.

“No,” she murmurs, unfurling the fold her knees, loosening the bow of her spine to rest back against the bed’s headboard. “We can keep talking for a little while, if you want.”

“I want,” he answers, not the eager response her offer would have once warranted, but a gentle form of acceptance that has her heart slowing to a less excruciating pace.

Kate takes a shallow breath and closes her eyes, returns to the image she’d painted of him tucked away in his office, missing her in the same painful way that she’s grown to miss him.

“How are you?” she asks, relishing in the soothing tenor of his voice filling her ear with each answer he gives to her questions, with each inquiry he puts out in return, and for the first time since she left the city, since she had been shot in the chest, she feels something close to peace.

She had missed his voice too.

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if you ever feel like writing this post break up au for bellarke (preferably with a happy ending ofc) then that would be really cool :) au: we bumped into each other in the street and you were grinning like a cocky asshole the whole time so i stalked off only to realise i’m wearing your shirt

I just read a bunch of awesome versions of this prompt from @ponyregrets and @madgesundersee which y’all can read respectively here and here! Anyway, I decided to try something a little different and do a canon ‘verse instead. Lotsa angst, basically. Hope you guys like it! x


The only reason she catches on in the first place is because he won’t stop staring at her chest.

Ordinarily, she would just call him out on it; maybe tease him a little too (because it’s funny, that even Bellamy Blake isn’t infallible to the sight of her boobs) but things between them have been tense lately- if the five foot distance and stiff formality wasn’t already an indication- and Clarke really isn’t in the mood to open up a whole new can of worms.

Biting back a cutting remark, she swings her gaze back to the maps on hand instead. “I don’t think it’s wise to venture into Azgeda territory when Roan’s not around.”

“He’ll be back in a few days.” He replies, curt, eyes still trained in the vicinity of her chest. “We can go after.”

Glaring, she settles for folding her arms over them, works to keep her tone frosty, “My eyes are up here, Bellamy.”

That finally gets his attention, his jaw tightening imperceptibly, lip curling upwards to sneer at her. “Well, don’t get any ideas, princess. It’s my shirt that you happen to be wearing, that’s all.”

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i remember whne i was stupid enough to have anon on and i would get messages that were either

a) why do you look 12


b) how old are you

Sooo, I found this little piece of a story I wrote that I can’t remember the name of...

Rick had felt like he’d grown closer to Michonne. He began caring a lot about her, and she him but every once in awhile she’d go to a place he couldn’t bring her back from. Like she was being haunted by her past. He wanted to kiss her and relieve all of her stress, slay her demons and make the angels sing behind her laugh. He wanted to be blinded by her smile, and mesmerized by her touch. Rick knew he had to give her time, she would come to him when she was ready but the need to protect her, to make sure she knew he was there overpowered him. He entered her bedroom and saw that she was in the corner by the closet. Rick approached her with caution and stood in front of her, he was trying to see if she’d notice him. When she didn’t, he called out to her in the most gentle voice, that anyone could swear it was touched by God himself.

“Michonne?” He waited for a response. She looked up at him, that was progress in itself.

She just sat there, staring at him as if she was searching for an answer to a question he never heard.

“It’s been days, Michonne. You have to eat somethin’. You have to leave this room.”

She closed her eyes and let a stray tear fall.

“I just want to be alone, right now.” Her voice was low, could’ve been mistaken as a whisper, though it wasn’t. She was just tired and emotionally drained. The fight, it was taking it’s toll on her. Grief was catching up to her now and it felt like facing it was inevitable.

“I can’t begin to understand what you’re goin’ through.” He started. Michonne appreciated that he didn’t pretend to know what it felt like to have your child ripped from your arms so soon.

“But sweetheart, you cannot do this to yourself. Please just, eat somethin’. Let me take you out somewhere and we can just… talk. Or we could sit in silence.”

Michonne did want to try. Rick and Carl had become a huge part of her life and she didn’t want to be without them. She wanted to be loved again. She had to remind herself that moving forward, finding happiness, wouldn’t take away what she had before. She would always love Andre, no matter what.

Michonne stood up and grabbed Rick’s hand. She looked into his eyes and saw nothing but love.

Rick intertwined their fingers, lifted her hand in his and kissed her knuckles. They stood, smiling at each other until Carl called for Rick.

“You go ahead. I’m gonna shower and get dressed and then, you can take me wherever you’d like.” Rick nodded and smiled before leaving her room.

After her shower, she sat on her bed, wrapped in her towel. Pondering her entire life thus far. She closed her eyes and saw Andre. He smiled and she could hear his little voice say ‘Be happy now, mommy.’ Michonne got dressed, she wore a bright yellow sundress with white sandals and white jewelry. Carl complemented her, as well as Rick. They got into the car and heard one of Michonne’s favorite songs, Carl giggled as Michonne sung along.

“Once I was 7 years old my momma told me, go get yourself some friends or you’ll be lonely”

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Vangel was sitting in the LG studio, waiting for his dad to finish up with his work. He noticed a girl walking towards him with a smile. "Hey buddy!" She called out, waving. ((I hope this works?))

((Of course! :3 also sorry if this reply is very late I was asleep))

Vangel tilted his head but smiled waving back. He didn’t recognize her but he decided to be nice. “Hello! Have we met before?” Vangel asked.


What I want to happen in Infinity War

Bucky unable to tear his eyes from Natasha when he joined the Avengers to fight against Thanos. When she calls him out on it, he confesses that he dreamt about her during his cryostasis sleep.

“I hope I had clothes on” She joked

“We were together… It felt real” he looked confused “Was it?”

She answers with a smile and a kiss.

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100 reasons why I love Ran Mouri
  1. She’s a human being with weaknesses. She is not an ideal Mary-Sue. In fact every DC girl is.
  2. She is strong and beautiful.
  3. She is tender and kind.
  4. She is understanding and forgiving.
  5. Her clothing. Her dressing style. Everything looks amazing.
  6. She was sure Conan was Shinichi for about 20 chapters and she was quiet about it. She literally had every moment in every chapter to call him out on it, but she donated her blood instead. Only at this moments we can hear her thoughts.
  7. She figured out Shinichi=Conan first in the series. She was tricked later, but she was the one who made this deduction first.
  8. She loves her mother but stayed with her father because she knew he’ll hit the rock bottom otherwise. It was hard but she managed. A little girl was in charge of whole Mouri house.
  9. She is in charge of Mouri household right now. She’s cleaning, cooking, wait…
  10. She’s cooking. She’s able to cook for her family. And for Shinichi (canon info)
  11. She’s still trying to make her parents family again.
  12. As Shinichi said, Ran and Sonoko’s friendship. She never took money from her.
  13. Ran and Sonoko friendship in general. 
  14. She still uses old flip-phone Shinichi gifted to her.
  15. She is sensitive and romantic.
  16. She was different from her classmates and realized she’s in love only when she was 15. 
  17. She’s so cute when jealous :D
  18. With series progress, Ran matured so hard. In fact, I believe she matured onwards from Desperate Revival arc.
  19. Ran is a big sister to everyone. Ran is so Akemi-like to Haibara it hurts.
  20. Ran SAVED little girl from the bullets.
  21. Actually, Ran saw pictures of Shinichi in Jodie’s locker and decided to hide in trunk to find out what’s going on. 
  22. Ran actually asked fake Azusa/Vermouth she’s NOT Azusa. Ran asked a person perfectly disguised as her friend if she is a CRIMINAL who shot her. That was dangerous, Ran…
  23. Ran has telepathic link with Shinichi in canon. I’m talking about School Bombing case. 
  24. Ran is believable. She can be angry, sad, laugh at something on TV and be sarcastic. 
  25. Ran is ordinary everyday Japanese girl, not a secret agent, not detective, but she saved people.
  26. In fact, she saved Vermouth, thus indirectly protecting Shinichi (since Sharon knows about Conan=Shinichi because she was a close friend of Yukiko)
  27. She saved serial killer. She. Saved. Serial. Killer.
  28. Also she saved a person from being crushed to death with armour.
  29. Ran saved a bomber in detective agency because the believes nobody deserves to die. She just did it. Also she believed Shinichi would do the same.
  30. Ran found a way to the locked apartment to save a dying person, without any fear that there could be a criminal. 
  31. Ran actually said to Shinichi that he would’ve done the same to make him stop worrying. He didn’t, but.. 
  32. Ran actually went into the burning house to save a person she believed is her love rival. She was SCARED about her.
  33. Ran prayed about her ‘love rival’ to be fine and alive. 
  34. Said ‘love rival’ actually teased her and gave wrong instructions but Ran made lemon pie Shinichi found tasty. How? I don’t know, I’m too busy melting at happy Shinichi/Conan with Ran’s pie.
  35. She saw SO MANY horrible things but still remains positive.
  36. She’s scared of everything supernatural but
  37. She actually went to the school at night with Shinichi. To be honest, I would’ve refused to go at her age…
  38. Her friendship with Shinichi.
  39. Her blissful ignorance of Shinichi’s love :D 
  40. Her LOVE with Shinichi.
  41. Actually, those two love has 100+ reasons to love too. 
  42. After all those years together, they act alike and they value the same things.
  43. After Shinichi confessed to her, she worked as a team with him. In fact, their teamwork is the best. If only he didn’t revert to Conan.
  44. Ran agreed to play detective and to reveal the criminal. It was a shock to her, but she DID reveal her favourite teacher. 
  45. Ran is not a detective, but she figured out a case.
  46. Ran is smart. Not genius like Shinichi, but she tries her best.
  47. Ran is daring.
  48. Ran is faithful. Even when they were not a couple (they still not a couple officially BUT) she NEVER looked at anyone but Shinichi.
  49. Ran nonchalantly took off her sweater (a gift from mother) to show Kazuha she has no interest in Heiji.
  50. Ran is a big shipper of Heiji and Kazuha. In fact, so does Shinichi :D
  51. Ran also ships Sato and Takagi (but so does everyone :D)
  52. AND Ran also ships Sonoko and Makoto. Ran is us, people.
  53. Ran would become a great mother. Non-canon she supported DB in their love life (Movie 5) 
  54. Ran is strong, not only physically, but mentally. She breaks down only when something really happens. 
  55. She endured a year (canon) without her best friend/loved person being with her. He always was close to her.
  56. Imagine yourself at her place: somebody dear to you suddenly disappears and you got his small relative instead. 
  57. She had a time when she thought Shinichi really disappeared (before bowtie invention). Imagine that. She thought he might’ve been dead. Still, smiled for Conan.
  58. She silently took ‘call me Kudo-kun, Mouri-san’-phase and accepted that. 
  59. She genuinely loves Conan as a little brother.
  60. I wonder why she knows so much about children treatment… Maybe she wanted to become elementery teacher at some point of her life?
  61. Ran is feminine martial art master. She wears cute clothes and she can kick your butt.
  62. In fact, throughout the series she kicked a lot of butts.
  63. Ran took an armed gang of 40-50 people with Makoto. In ten minutes, I believe.
  64. Before that she cleverly tricked Agasa into revealing Conan’s whereabouts. If she didn’t do it, Conan would’ve been long dead. Even if you have kick-enhancing boots, those people will slice you up before you kick ball. 
  65. Ran’s nickname suits her well. 
  66. Ran is a guardian angel. 
  67. She protects people without having second thoughts.
  68. She saved Conan’s life when he didn’t have any gadgets = we continue watching series thanks to Ran
  69. She knows about Conan gadgets, btw. Thus I produce a lot of stupid theories, but that’s not the point here.
  70. In anime - her VA is amazing. Wakana Yamazaki didn’t play a lot of roles, but her voice is so distinguishing. 
  71. In anime - RESPECT YOURSELF, MUTEKI NA HEART (characterized her well imo)
  72. In anime - she encouraged Conan to sing with her in Karaoke so tenderly I melted.
  73. In canon Ran is not a damsel in distress. Why people call her damsel in distress if there were no case in canon where Ran had to be saved. 
  74. In movies she’s not a damsel in distress either. In fact, she saved Conan (M2), (M5), landed an airplane (M8), kicked spy’s butt (M15) and did a lot of other awesome things, sadly non-canon.
  75. Oh, and she sacrificed herself in movie 6. Like. Sacrificed her life.
  76. In movie 13 (the most non canon of them all, sorry) she actually DODGED A BULLET.
  77. Oh, and fought BO agent. The only reason she lost - she saw a RIPPED PERSON FACE. That’s pretty scary.
  78. And in movie 15 her fingers bleeded when she was trying to search Conan. Again, non-canon but that’s how non-canon directors portray Ran. It shows somehing, right?
  79. To be honest, Ran is my role model.
  80. Courage is a word of justice. It means the quality of mind that enables one to face apprehension with confidence and resolution. It is not right to use it as an excuse to kill someone. - yeah, THIS
  81. I just remembered that she was always there when Shinichi had breakdowns - she hugged him at Akemi death and was with him in moonlight Sonata case.
  82. Ran actually played on stage. 
  83. Twice (if we count non-canon OVA)+non-canon AO where she played in a drama. 
  84. Also I’m in love of how she deals with criminals and everyone who rushed to save her are staying with dot eyes ‘oh. riight’
  85. I’m still going on about how KIND she is after all that crap in her life.
  86. Ran is oddly 3D although she’s a 2D anime heroine…
  87. That’s maybe cheating, but again - Ran’s sense of style. Everything she wears is so cute, beautiful and feminine. I never saw her wearing anything that looked bad.
  88. Ran took Sera’s Jeet Kune Do one by one and befriended her afterwards. Sera was trained by Shuichi Akai.
  89. Oh, and she met Akai on street and while Conan was afraid of him/for her she actually talked with him (sending Conan into BSoD)
  90. She kicked Akai Shuichi, FBI agent (disguised as Subaru). 
  91. She lied to said Subaru about ‘Kinichi’-kun because she was not sure about him and she wanted to protect Shinichi. 
  92. Non-canon she was able to find out who Kid and the only way she was tricked into believing he was Shinichi is because Conan told about ShinRan childhood before. That rises a question - did Ran thought afterwards HOW Kid could’ve known it, huh,
  93. Oh, last ten reasons? Let’s keep them short - Ran is so beautiful and has so many various expressions sometimes I want to screen everything.
  94. Her hair is also beautiful. And when she was a little Ran, her hair were so cute.
  95. In fact, I’ll include smol Ran as a reason to love Ran, because smol Ran is everything to me.
  96. Ran is Gosho’s favourite character.  
  97. Yukiko ships her with her son :D
  98. HAIBARA ships them!
  99. Heck, almost every DC cast ships ShinRan.
  100. I wrote 100 reasons to love Ran Mouri, and I wrote it quickly, because those reasons wanted to be written. If you have 100 reasons to love some character, this character deserves love.

“Mudblood, and proud of it!”

What if Draco and Hermione spent a night in bed together when she had a flashback to him calling her a mudblood. What if she stumbled out of bed and went to the window, tears in her eyes, trying to keep her cries quiet so Draco could continue to sleep. What if Draco wakes up, sees Hermione at the window and knows exactly what’s wrong, and walks up behind her, wrapping his arms around her.

“Mudblood,” she whispers, her breath fogging up the window. “I’m a fucking mudblood.”

Draco kisses the place where her neck meets her shoulder, the softest, warmest place on her body. “It’s something to be proud of, Mione,” he says.

"Proud of,” she murmurs, leaning into his embrace. “Mudblood, and proud of it.”

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“HUMAN!  OVER HERE!”  His voice called out from a small alleyway between two buildings, and was peeking out from behind a large trash can.

Having arrived in this strange, new world via the Power Ring’s own cross-dimensional powers, Metal had now ended up in a world where humans were the majority, and animals were not like the ones he knew back in his world.

Luckily, he spotted the familiar blonde female walking down the sidewalk, and called out to her, hoping she would see him.