and she calls him out!

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4 and 8 for the prompt.

4. You can hit me, but you can’t kiss me
8.  You remind me of my grandfather.


Mulder rubbed his sore jaw, smiling fondly at the memory of Scully’s face when their lips parted, just before she clocked him.

“Scully,” he called out, hoping she was still nearby.

Scully heard Mulder call her name from just outside the door to his room.  She hesitated, but turned around and went back in, making her impatience easily recognizable on her face.

“Mulder, I can’t keep coming in here,” she said, gripping the rail on the side of the bed.  "What do you want?“

"You can hit me, but you can’t kiss me?” he asked.

“Excuse me?” She raised her brow in puzzlement.

Mulder took her right hand in his and folded her fingers into a fist.  He brought her knuckles up and gingerly touched them to his jaw, hoping he lined the bruise up correctly with her hand.

“You were there, Scully,” he whispered, laying back in bed and keeping a hold on her wrist and arm.  "In red satin and pincurls. You didn’t even know me, but you went with me.“

Scully pulled her hand free and leaned closer until their faces were inches apart and she stared into his eyes, scrutinizing the size of his pupils.  He gazed back through a dreamy fog of painkillers, giving her a dopey smile.  

"I kissed you and you hit me,” he said.

Scully raised her hand between them and held up her index finger.  "Mulder, follow my finger with just your eyes.“

"I don’t have a concussion, Scully.”  He followed the trail of her finger to prove himself; side to side, up and down.

Scully put her hand on his head and sifted her fingers through his hair to check for knots.

“You really did save the world,” he murmured, closing his eyes.

She kept moving her fingers through his hair because it seemed to make him calm and drowsy.  The sooner he fell asleep, the sooner she could leave.  His eyes opened again and drooped softly like a baby fighting sleep.

“You remind me of my grandfather,” Scully said.

“Hm, why?” he murmured.

“He had dementia late in life and said some pretty outrageous things as well.”  She gave him a smile and he smiled back as his eyelids fluttered.

“Would you hit me again if I kissed you?” he asked.  "If we weren’t being chased by Nazis next time?“

Scully stilled her fingers in his hair and tipped her head.  She could see that his breathing had already slowed as though he was talking in his sleep.  There was no movement under his eyelids.

"Mulder?” she whispered, rubbing his head lightly.  He didn’t move.  She pulled her hand back and rested against the bed rail to watch him sleep.  She lingered over him for a few moments longer and then pulled the blanket up to his shoulders.  She smoothed her hand over his head again and then lightly moved her fingers over the bruise on his jaw.  "Try me some time and find out,“ she whispered before she left the room.

The End

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micasher is problematic but at least the show has michaela acknowledge that to asher. what i can't stand is miconnor where everyone coos over them being bffs but connor repeatedly hurts michaela / treats her badly.

I agree; my fear with Micasher, though, is that their relationship will become a pattern where Michaela consistently calls out Asher’s bullshit but a) it stops at her calling him out, they don’t actually discuss what she’s angry about, which is why I was like ‘yay!’ but ‘no’ with their scene in her bedroom because it becomes about what Asher’s issue was which is that Michaela won’t say they’re dating and him being there for her and getting to know her just falls to the wayside for sex, I mean it looked like amazing sex, but still, we don’t really work through that argument b) Asher won’t change his behaviour. She’ll yell and he’ll say he gets it and then nothing changes. I don’t think there’s anything to suggest that will happen so far and yet I can also see this being the case.

In terms of Miconnor, I completely agree. I don’t champion that relationship anymore. I did in season 1 when they both had this animosity rooted in respect for each other and they antagonized one another but now, Connor is a dick to Michaela for literally no reason. Michaela doesn’t rub it in his face that Oliver is on a date with someone else, in fact she asks if he wants to know whereas Connor relished the idea of humiliating Michaela about Aidan so the reciprocity of their antagonism is gone, which means that Connor is simply awful to her.

My favorite part of when Neeley dragged Scoot by his ratta tat ass was when she was done calling him out and she went outside and he acted all buff and tough and brave and just randomly goes “Yeahh……………on some real shettt”.

so apparently femshep’s official height is 5′3″, and garrus’ is 7′. that’s a height difference of a whopping 21 inches. I’m honestly so disappointed that this isn’t addressed in-game because you just know he’d absolutely rip the piss out of her for it 

“hey shep I’m pretty sure alliance regulations say that anyone under 5′7″ has to use a booster seat in the mako…” 

garrus…kiss ur tiny angry girlfriend before she decks you…


Jane, you didn’t come here this late to drop off cannoli.


Now I will be honest, I love Alycia to pieces but I thought maybe she was okay with this decision. Cause FTWD is getting big and getting a lot of episodes and she is only human. We cannot all be Tatiana Maslany, you know?
But she is such a sweetheart, the show gets 15 episodes, 9 episodes more than season 1, which means at least double of screen time but she still said she wouldn’t leave The 100, that she would try. That’s some scary shit right there, imagine from Vancouver, to Mexico and then home to Australia, this girl would go to literally 3 corners of the world map and not abandon Lexa and JRotten has the fucking nerve to blame her?? Just because she is too much of a cinnamon roll to fucking call him out on his bullshit?
Just when you think you can’t hate a guy more, turns out he’s been throwing your fave under the bus for no reason.


a series of unlikely crossovers


I’m not leaving, not without…Isabella


Makes you wonder who wrote it, doesn’t it?


Then & Now


Ladies and gentleman, Leonard Snart, outstanding crook and criminal.

I wonder if Damian uses kids toothpaste

And maybe he runs out and it’s like, “Grayson, take me to get more toothpaste.”

“Aw c'mon, I was gonna take a nap. Can’t you use some of Tim’s?”

“I’m not sharing germs with Drake.” But really it’s just that Tim’s toothpaste is too spicy, and he wants the bubblegum flavored kind. He needs it, okay? 

Icy Fire


Emma and Havok had been out and about taking a stroll when the latest Villain of Storybrooke had decided that it’d be a smart idea to attack them. He tried to slip away, but Emma wasn’t having it, This guy had been causing havoc in Storybrooke for weeks now, and she was gonna get him, so whipped out her cellphone to call David for backup, and she chased after him, Havok hot on her heels.

Which eventually led to this situation. A standoff in the clearing in the forest outside of Storybrooke, Emma holding a gun up pointed at him, warning him to drop his weapon. The villain looked like he had a knife, but no gun on him. David’s voice came over the radio, asking where they were, and Emma took a split second to answer David over the radio, telling him where in the forest the clearing was, and that’s when it happened. Emma didn’t notice, but the guy pulled out his own gun.

The sound of a gunshot went off.

But it hadn’t come from her.

At first, Emma didn’t realize anything was wrong, and didn’t feel any pain, or realize that it’d been her that the villain had shot. Or that she now had a bullet wound going through her stomach. 

But that bliss only lasted a moment before everything started to blur around her, the shock setting in on her body. Her gun fell from her hands, the wound started to bleed, and her legs gave out, the world suddenly sounding muffled around her.