and she breaks my heart

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Komaru is confirmed to be able to see ghosts. So that's a thing in the DR verse that's probably unique to that family. Wouldn't it be bittersweet if Jin visited Naegi when he most doubts himself as Headmaster? Jin could encourage him and say he's doing a wonderful job, better than he himself ever did. And when he leaves, he could say "And tell my daughter… that I'm so proud of her…" (picture her saying through tears "well you can let him know… that I don't… need his approval…" *she breaks down*)

Oh my gosh my heart!!!!!

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did you see gabbies video further explaining everything

i just watched and shared it. it breaks my heart that she knows so many people will take his side and make what he did to her seem illegitimate. i’m so glad she’s not being silent about it


“It was always a circle, from our hero’s family home to an underworld to the rallying of the tropes, and Gareth always wanted to get Jyn back home again; it starts with the home and end with (a metaphorical) home.”  - The Art of Rogue One, Josh Kushins


Karrueche just got a restraining order against Chris Brown. She also admitted that while he was on probation for assaulting Rihanna, he punched her in the stomach TWICE and pushed her down a flight of stairs….. he threatened her friends and also said he shoot her bc if he can’t have her no one will. This is really breaking my heart. I’m so happy she finally left him and has been focusing on herself lately.


Did she lose anyone in there? Herself. May used to be different. She was always quiet, she was just… she was warm. Fearless in a different way. Getting in trouble, pulling pranks, thought rules were meant to be broken. Sound familiar? But when she walked out of that building, it was like that part of her was gone. I tried to comfort her, but she wouldn’t tell me what went down in there.

I haven’t stayed up this late in awhile and
my head is spinning like it did that time I drank too much at that party last Halloween and
threw up on the side of the road and
called you on the walk back home.

you said you kept the voicemails but maybe she made you delete them. or maybe she didn’t need to make you. maybe you were sick of the constant reminder that I was under your skin I was there I was there I was THERE.

but we don’t miss each other now, right? now it’s empty love. empty sentiments. i talked to her in the library and my heart didn’t break. she reminds me of me but prettier I think.

but when it gets this late it’s easy to remember why I wanted you for so long. you were always awake and I was always lonely. now you’re still awake and I’m still lonely but
it’s just not about us anymore.
i don’t want you back and
i never feel like calling.
not even when I’ve had too much to drink and
i know you’re alone.

—  if this is a fairy tale ending we’ll never talk again– lily rain

the thing about emma swan is that although i tag her as ‘perfect’ a lot - #ur so perfect #perfection #perfect princess, etc. - she is not actually perfect

i mean, emma screws up all the time. she lies to henry about his dad. she gets mad at her parents and acts like a sullen teenager. she lies to herself about her feelings. she holds grudges, and snaps out impatiently at people who try to break down her walls. she trusts too quickly or doesn’t trust at all. she unneccessarily doubts herself, to the point of letting friends walk all over her. or alternately, she tries to save everyone, often to her detriment or theirs


but why i’m constantly tagging emma as ‘perfect’ is because she tries so hard to improve herself. constantly

ever since s1, she has been discovering more and more about herself, expanding her knowledge and correcting her behaviors. and she has become a woman who loves easily and forgives easily, but still kicks ass and knows who she is

she’s not just some guy’s girlfriend, or the town’s savior, or the daughter of royalty, or henry’s mom. she’s all of those things - but most importantly, she’s emma. she likes florals and leather and cashmere and denim so screw consistency. she’ll put her hair up and let her hair down and wear heels or flat boots as suits her fancy. she’ll wear makeup when she damn well pleases or maybe not at all. she’ll reach for your hand if you need comfort, but she’ll stand by your side with a sword if you need that, too. and she is loyal to her last breath, loving even when she’s upset or frustrated

and she finally, FINALLY has the kind of faith in herself that all of us want to have: she is not nothing - she was never nothing! she is emma swan, and she deserves a happy ending, too

jmo said that emma is the kind of woman she would love to be friends with, and that’s what makes her perfect, to me: she’s so very, very real and frank and raw, and she’s the most heartfelt character i’ve ever had the privilege of loving

There is one recurring theme comes up in Cress’s short story “After Sunshine Passes By”, the novels (especially “Winter”) and “Wires and Nerve” in regard to Cress and Thorne and that’s the medal of courage and extraordinary heroism.

During Cress’s time in the lava tubes, she often escaped into her fantasy - in one of them she imagined to be an infantry soldier, earning herself a medal of courage:

At nine years old, Crescent Moon was the youngest infantry soldier in Luna’s great warrior army. She stood at perfect attention in the front line of her platoon—back straight as a pin and arms locked at her sides. She was proud of her service to the queen. Already she had been hailed for her bravery and even honored with a medal of courage from Commander-General Sybil Mira after the battle of—

“Crescent.” Mistress’s voice interrupted the fantasy, and Cress snapped a fist to her heart in salute. “Yes, Commander—um, I mean, Mistress?”

But at this point, the 9-year old, too scared to oppose Sybil, doesn’t think she deserves one:

[Sybil] stopped in front of Cress and turned to face her. Cress cowered, though she wished that she hadn’t. There would be no medal of bravery today.

Courage and bravery are a big part of Cress’s journey. Cress, as we know, likened herself to a damsel in distress, thinking that she would need a hero to save her. Cress always thought throughout “Cress” and “Winter” that she was too scared and helpless to be heroic, even though in dire circumstances she not only pulled through but was way braver and heroic than she gave herself credit for (as when she opened the gates of the hangar under ceasefire, so the others could escape or, similarly, when she stayed behind to help Winter and Scarlet, to just name a few instances). Cress had been a hero all along who only needed to realise it herself.

In “Winter”, the medal comes up again. This time, it’s Cress who assumes that maybe President Vargas granted Thorne a medal for his heroic deeds during the rebellion:

She considered. “He’s giving you a medal of honor for your bravery?

Thorne gets the Rampion instead but what’s important is that Cress fully believes that Thorne deserves a medal. And in “Wires and Nerves”? He actually gets one for “bravery and extraordinary heroism”, along with the title of honorary captain:

But what does that Thorne do when he reunites with Cress and she once again impresses him with her intelligence and courage and saves him rather than the other way around? He bestows his medal to her just as he said he would in his speech because she proved once again that she deserved it:

And I love that those two, who struggled so much to find their own courage and their own way of being heroic and who inspired each other to become braver than they could have been on their own, actually get their medal and share it.

Because they’re both heroes.

I’m sitting in a coffee shop and a mother and her little girl (who looks to be about five years old) are sitting next to me doing math equations. The girl is struggling to solve addition problems.
In her frustration she says, “Mom, not even a BOY could solve this.”

Already she has internalized the idea that girls are not as smart, capable, or worthy as boys.

Already she thinks math isn’t worth her time because let’s face it, she couldn’t be good at it anyway.

We are failing our girls.