and she bought it because owen loved it and she loves owen

“You Are My Better Half...”

Requested by an anon. I deadass had an emotional break down because while I was writing this, I’m Young came on. I cried about seven times. 

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He was ready for marriage after seven long and loving years. He was ready to marry you in front of the world. He always loved to think of marriage but he was afraid of rejection. It was his biggest fear. 

Could you just imagine someone you have loved for a long time said no to your heartfelt propose? Wouldn’t that just be the saddest thing you ever seen? Just imagine on the side of the person purposing. They are the ones who are hurt the most.

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Better For You

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Stiles Stilinski x Reader

Words: 2138 words

Warnings: break down of relationship?, underage drinking??, own-age of Scott at Halo???, angst af

“I think we should break up.”



You felt like your life was being stolen from you. And it’s not just the supernatural aspect of living, and trying to survive, in Beacon Hills. It was more than that now. Way more.

Malia Hale, or Malia Tate, had joined the bandwagon of miscellaneous supernatural teenagers, which made up the McCall Pack.

Whilst you had been working hard to keep the relationship between you and Stiles alive (and thriving), in a town where relationships were dropping at the same rate as the residents, Stiles didn’t seem to be too interested any longer. Which was painful to bear.

Lately, it was the loss of that connection which you cried over most nights.

When you needed a shoulder to cry on, your boyfriend was no longer available, and you didn’t know why. Before any of this craziness, the two of you had been such close friends, and when that had progressed into a relationship, you had been thrilled. Years of teasing, and sarcastic jokes, had turned into flirty banter, with even more sarcastic jokes. Scott, your other close friend, had trembled in fear, at the power of your joint ribbing prowess. You’d felt like Jack and Rose, pre-iceberg and pre-her being rude and leaving Jack to freeze to death.

But now…

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Nothing else matters

Hi!  I would like to share omelia story with you. Thank you for anon who sent idea to me. You can found ptompt here

Thank you @jordan202 you are the best!

The hallway was almost empty, white walls with dark floor were extremely clean just like it should be in a hospital. Owen and Amelia were there almost the whole day. Since they brought Megan from the hospital’s roof, they talked with so many doctors, psychologists and medical staff that all they wanted was to just lay on the bed and rest. Owen decided to stay with Megan that night and Amelia did the same. She wanted to support him as much as she could. They were sitting in the hospital corridor, sipping cold coffee they bought about an hour ago. Megan was so damaged, not only physically, but mostly mentally. She recognized Owen and even tried to hug him, but as soon as she saw other people she started to scream and kick so she needed to be contained.

“You want another coffee?” Amelia asked.

“No, thank you.” he answered, “You can go home if you want, I’ll be fine.”

“I know, but I want to stay.” she smiled softly.

“You think they will give us a room? Or maybe a bed?” he asked.

“I don’t know how long my ass will handle that chair.” she grinned.

“I won’t survive it without you by my side Amelia.” he said seriously.

He stood up and took a step towards his wife, she turned around with the cup of coffee in her hand. She looked up and saw Owen’s eyes. There were icy blue with a bit of red, they both were exhausted, but also so close like never before. They wasn’t arguing, screaming or sitting quietly in front of each other. They were married and for the first time in a long time both of them were ready for the next step. Amelia put her hand on his chest, she got closer to his warm body when suddenly the door opened loudly. They jumped and looked at the man standing in the door.

“Your sister is awake and…” he looked at Owen, “she wants to talk with you.”


The room was small with white walls and beige curtains, which were now covered. Megan was lying on the bed, her light red hair was messy and her icy blue eyes, the same as Owen’s, were looking empty into one point in the room. Owen entered the room with Amelia by his side, he didn’t know how Megan would react at strange people, but the doctor said she was afraid only of men. Megan turned her head to the left, looked straight into her brother’s eyes, the same as hers, but now filled with tears of happiness. He walked to her bed gently, but after a moment he took her face in his hands.

“I’m so sorry…” he whispered.

“I know…” she whispered back.

Owen sat on her bed, Megan looked at him and a little smile sneaked on her face. She looked at Amelia who was sitting under the door frame all this time. Amelia lifted her gaze, she looked at Megan and later to her husband. They were both so happy that nothing would change that, no one would rip that moment from them.

“This is Amelia.” Owen said to his sister, “my wife.”

“Nice to meet you.” Amelia said, lifting herself up, “you want something to drink? I can go and get something.”

“You seem nice.” Megan gave her shy smile, “I’m sure my brother wouldn’t marry  a bitch.”

“Well…thank you.” Amelia nodded, “Are you sure you don’t want anything? If I were away…” Amelia looked at Megan with fear in her eyes, “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.”

“It’s okay. I know you can’t filter anything. I don’t want you to filter the world to me.” she looked at Owen, “but if I can ask you a favor, Amelia.”


“Can you bring me a slice of chocolate cake? I know it’s stupid, but I dream about it.”

“On my way.” Amelia said, taking her bag.


“She seemed very nice.” Megan said, trying to get up a bit. “Do you have kids?”

“No…she…We fight a lot lately” Owen looked at his hands.

“I know one thing. If you want to be happy, never, ever waste your time with fights. I could die there and all I could think about was how stupid I was not to say “goodbye” to Nate.”

“He cheated on you!”

“Yes, but we loved each other. I had someone who looked at me the same way Amelia looks at you and that was the best that could have happened to me.”

“I want kids and she doesn’t. It’s simple.”

“She has a reason to feel that way.”

“Yeah. I push too hard and now I feel like I’m losing her.”

“Don’t be a hostage Owen.” she took his hands in hers, “don’t allow small things to ruin your life.” she smiled.


Amelia entered the hospital carrying a few boxes with different flavors of cake. Amelia didn’t know if one slice would be enough. Besides, she liked Megan and wanted to do something nice for her. She looked straight where she saw Owen, sitting in front of Megan’s room. Amelia walk faster, having that strange feeling in her stomach. Fear.

“What happened?” she asked quickly.

“Nothing. They took her for an x ray. I was waiting for you. We can go there with her if we want.” he smiled, “leave it here and we can go.” he pointed to the boxes she held in her hands.

“I can’t.” she said, looking at him.

“You don’t want to be in it with me?” he asked, hurt.

“No! It’s not that… I can’t go with you and Megan.”

“Amelia, I’m really sorry for everything that happened between us. I want to fix it, Megan helped me and I should be the one helping her. I don’t want to lose you because of small things. You don’t want to have kids, I totally get it! I was an ass to push you to this. We don’t have to have kids. I love you and nothing else matters.” he ended, holding her face.

Amelia felt his warmth on her face, the boxes she carried in her hands became heavier and all she wanted was to feel his lips on hers, just like before. She smiled when his nose touched hers, she closed her eyes to feel all the love sparkles jumping between them. Owen lifted her head a bit and after seconds his lips crushed hers in a sweet kiss.

“Wait!” she pushed him back, “I need to tell you something.” she whispered  “ I need to tell you why I can’t go with you and Megan.”

“It’s okay. I’ll go with her.” he lifted his hand to touch her cheek.

“No.” she took a deep breath, “I can’t go in there because….I’m pregnant.” she looked into his eyes.

“You? We? Baby?” Owen asked.

“Yes, we will have a girl or a boy in less than 6 months.”

Owen looked at Amelia again, his eyes were filled with tears of joy. He held her tighter so her head was lying on his chest. He couldn’t believe how Megan’s appearance changed his life. Yesterday they were a married couple with problems, now they are expecting a child, his sister would have everything she needed to get better and he was the happiest man in the world. Nothing else mattered. Nothing.

Review - 13x24

Hey guys, @jordan202 here. This is going to be a quicker one. Since it’s the last installment of the season, let’s wrap it up assessing the entire episode, but keeping the focus on Omelia of course.

I have to say that, compared to 13x23, this episode didn’t excite me as much. Sure, we got amazing moments, especially for Omelia, but I think this whole thing probably would have worked out better as a two hour season finale. In all honesty, I thought 13x23 was a bit more exciting. I could be biased by the fact that we had a huge Omelia turning point from ep 22 to 23 and a much smoother transition to 24, but I think the pace of last week’s episode was more intense.

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A Music Affair: The Honeymoon - Part 2

Here is the last chapter of this whole wedding/honeymoon adventure of Omelia, guys. Hope you like it and, if you’re interested and haven’t read it yet, I already wrote what happens next a long time ago when I first had the thought of creating my own Omelia family in my Grammy Awards fic. I’d also like to thank @omelialover for proof reading this for me :)  Enjoy!

The couple had been feeling so peaceful whilst watching the sunset that they didn’t even realize that time had passed, until the sun finally wasn’t in sight, leaving the sky a dark blue and snatching them out of their deep thoughts.

“God, we have to get ready for the luau!” Amelia exclaimed as she checked the time on her wrist watch.

The couple took a quick shower and got ready for the hawaiian luau; they were having dinner at the other side of the beach.

Even though it was completely out of her comfort zone, Amelia had bought a floral maxi dress just for the occasion, since it basically screamed Hawaii. The dress was black with big red roses stamped on it, a loose fabric that opened a bit by her thighs to show off her legs and a v-neck cleavage.

With her heels in her hands, Amelia got out of the bathroom ready for their walk on the beach all the way to the place where the luau was being held.

“You ready?” She distractedly asked Owen, whilst adjusting her dress a bit.

“Wow…” Owen murmured when he saw his wife in that dress, drawing his attention away from the buttons he had been struggling with on his navy shirt. “You look stunning.”

“Why, thank you, babe.” She smiled at him, helping him with his buttons and getting on the tip of her toes to whisper in his ear. “Maybe you can do something about that later?”

“You bet I will.” Owen gave her a kiss on the neck before stepping back and heading to the beach with her.

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Time Will Tell

An idea popped into my head so I had to write it. Plus it’s been almost a year since the season 12 finale so they’ve been married for almost a year in my book (cause who cares about Greys timeline, right?)

All my previous fics can be found here (x)

The day was finally here.

Their one year anniversary.

They have been married for a whole year.

And Amelia was so, so lost. She had no idea what to give him.

And the fact he kept going around with a stupid, yet adorable, grin on his face, teasing her, saying he was sure she was going to love the gift he got for her certainly wasn’t helping her.

She could ask Meredith and Maggie. Although, Meredith would probably say she was busy and couldn’t care less. And Maggie would probably tell her to buy plane tickets to Paris and have dinner on top of the Eiffel Tower or something disgustingly romantic along those lines.

The thing is, she wasn’t feeling as excited about this as she should be. Each time she struggled with ideas of what to give him she could feel her mood go a little down.

So not only was she frustrated with herself for still not having bought him anything yet, she was also getting mad that she wasn’t as excited as she should be to be celebrating a whole year of sharing her life with that man.

Because despite the ups and downs - or more downs than ups - it had been the best year of her life.  She learned that Owen would always be by her side no matter what and would always love her despite the dark and scary things of her past. Because that’s the type of guy he is.

And she couldn’t be more happy and proud to call him her husband.

But all of this didn’t help with the fact that she still didn’t know what to give him.

It was starting to affect her job. She kept thinking about it throughout the day and during surgeries. It got so bad that she had to force herself to focus on the open brain in front of her.

And that’s where she was standing now, with a person’s skull open in front of her. And all she could think of was Owen.

Also, the fact he was standing two feet from her, operating with her, certainly didn’t help.

“So, I thought once we finish here, we can go celebrate.“

Amelia’s hands froze for a split second but soon carried on their function. “Where are we going anyway?”

“I told you, it’s a surprise.” He smiled.

She huffed but smiled anyway. It was kind of cute how bad he was at hiding his excitement. For the past few weeks, she caught him staring at her at random times with a discreet silly smile on his face. The kind of smile that made her love him just a tiny bit more.

“Alright, but I still need to go somewhere before we do your thing. So maybe, you could pick me up at home?”

He looked at her sideways, his expression saying ‘what are you up to?’, but knowing Amelia there was no point in asking that, so he simply smiled and agreed. “Sure, that works.”

Once the surgery was done, Amelia quickly changed clothes and made her way to her car.

And she still wasn’t sure what to give him. There was nothing he had shown any particular interest.

She could give him a tie, but he hadn’t been Chief in a while so he barely wore them now, beside it was a completely boring gift. She could give him tickets to a Hawks game, he would surely like that, but she was aiming for something more meaningful than that.

She didn’t want something cheesy and overly-romantic, because they both know that’s not her thing- or his, for that matter. That’s not how they express their feelings.

But she wanted to give him something that showed him just how much she loved him. Something that showed how grateful she was for this last year with him, but that also showed how excited she was for all the years to come.

It had to be something with meaning, and the years they’d spent together would only add even more meaning to it. It had to be something their, still nonexistent, kids would look at one day and know it represents the love their parents have for each other.

Suddenly an idea popped in her head and her heart filled with excitement.

Quickly putting the car into drive, Amelia stepped on the gas and got to business.

Meanwhile Owen was going around the house waiting for Amelia. He tried sitting down, but he was too excited for their night. He was pretty sure she was going to love everything he prepared for them. But that didn’t stop the little voice in his head saying ‘what if she doesn’t like it? you’re screwed man…”.

Maybe he should have done the traditional thing. He should have made a reservation at a fancy restaurant, he’d give her flowers, say she looks beautiful. She’d smile and lean in to kiss him. They’d exchange gifts and go home to show each other just how strong their love is.

Although, he knew Amelia didn’t care much for the traditional way of things. She preferred to do things her way and go with what felt right.

So that’s exactly what he did.

Finally Amelia arrived home. He barely had time to look at her because as soon as she crossed the door she ran to their room, closed the door and yelled that she need 10 minutes and then they could go.

True to her word, 10 minutes later the bedroom door opened and the most beautiful woman he had ever seen came out. She had a simple, yet beautiful, black dress on that hugged her curves perfectly. Her hair was down and curly, just the way he liked it. And her blue eyes had this sparkle to them that made him just want to kiss her.

Amelia made her way to him and extended her hand for him to grab. Owen playfully twirled her around, brought her closer to him and whispered, “Beautiful.”

And was rewarded with a kiss.

“Let’s go.”

“Where are we going?”

“You’ll see soon. Come on.”

They got in Owen’s truck and were on their way. Amelia slid into the middle sit and nestled her head on his shoulder, occasionally placing gentle pecks on his neck.

Too busy with the feel of his pulse on her lips, Amelia barely noticed the truck had come to a stop, let alone where it had stopped.

Looking around Amelia noticed they were in the middle of the woods, more precisely, the exact place in the woods where his trailer was once parked.


Owen simply smiled at her and got out of the truck. He went around it and opened the door for her to get out. Grabbing her hand, Owen brought her to the back of the truck and opened the tailgate.

There was an improvised bed made there. Some pillows, a few blankets and a pizza box. It looked perfect and cozy.

“Well, this is different…”

For a moment, he panicked. “Do you like it?”

“It’s perfect.” Amelia leaned in to kiss him and climbed into the back of the truck. “Come on.”

They both nestled against each other and the pillows. Owen threw the blanket on top of them and brought her closer to him, dropping a quick kiss to her temple.

“So, you really like it?”

“I do. I’m just wondering, how did you think of this?”

“Well, look up.”

She did as he said and the sight before her almost took her breath away. The sky was cleared and filled with beautiful shining stars. It looked mesmerizing and Amelia got lost in the sight. But his strong voice brought her back.

“Remember how you kept saying that when you lived in LA you liked going on Addison’s deck and look at the stars? Well, I could tell you missed it so I thought of place for you to see the stars here and what better place than where we had our first kiss.”

Too overwhelmed for words Amelia leaned in and brought their lips together. The kiss was intense, passionate and powerful. It screamed love and gratitude.

“I love you. I really do.”

He smiled at her and stroked her cheek, silently thanking everything and everyone that this woman was his wife. “I know. And I love you.”

The rest of the night was spent eating pizza, kissing and star gazing. It was just them there and it felt absolutely peaceful and perfect.

“Hey, sit up for a minute. I got something for you.”

“Funny, I got something for you too.”

Owen reached under his stack of pillows and pulled out a small box.

“You know we’re already married right?”

Owen pinched her side for her smartass remark and handed her the box. “Open it.”

She did as he said and found a ring inside. It was simple but elegant, with a thin silver band and a small diamond in the middle.  “It’s beautiful.”

“Yeah?” he grabbed it from the box and placed it on her finger right above her wedding ring. “I never got a chance to give you an engagement ring, and I don’t know, I always wanted to give you one.”

“I love it, Owen. It’s beautiful.”

“This past year wasn’t easy. But that doesn’t change what I feel for you in any way. I love you, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know you know that but I wanted to give you something that would show it.”

Amelia cleared a tear that was threatening to fall, stroked his stubbly cheek and chuckled. “It’s funny. I wanted to give you something that would show that too, but I couldn’t, for the life of me, think of anything.”

She took the box from her bag and fidgeted with it behind her back, hoping he wouldn’t catch on the fact she was nervous as hell. “Finally today I thought of something and I hope you like it.”

Amelia handed him the box and watched Owen’s face closely as he opened it.

Opening the box, he saw a watch inside. It was beautiful and it looked expensive as hell.

Amelia stared at him while he alternated between staring at her and the watch.

Feeling her nervous were getting the best of her, Amelia started rambling and trying to explain why she got him that specific gift.

“I would’ve given you the same one my mother gave my father, but it has a very special meaning to my family, and to me. And I want us to build our own special meanings, to start our own traditions. I mean, we’re building our lives, right? And I want you to remember me every time you look at it, the way my father remembered my mom whenever he looked at the time and-”

Her nervous rambling was interrupted by his lips crashing on hers.

“You like it?”

“I love it. I love you and- God, Amelia, I love you so much it scares me.”

She laughed, knowing exactly how he felt. “There’s one more thing…” Amelia looked at him smiling, and did a turning motion with her finger, indicating him to turn the watch around.

Owen flipped the watch around and saw an inscription. He brought the watch closer to his face to read it.

And his heart filled with love.

“time will tell how much i love you”

“Happy anniversary, Owen.”

“Happy anniversary, sweetheart.”

Weapon X: New Age Part 15

Beginning: Weapon X: New Age Part 

Warning: Cussing

Weapon X: New Age Part 15

Chapter 20

“It’s been two weeks now and we haven’t heard a word from them.” Samuel said, pacing back and forth. “We need Laura and the others to come in, so we can finish our proposal.”

“Sir, Laura is going through a grieving process. It can take weeks, even months.” Clark said, making Samuel stop pacing and look over at him. “We have to remember, Laura grow up with Rictor. They went through hell together as children and became an item when they were teenagers. Like Issac said, Rictor was Laura’s first love.”

“And that means what to me, Stryker?”Samuel said, staring him down.

“Will Sir, first love mean’s first everything.” Clark said, standing his ground. “He was the first boy she hold hands with, first one she kiss, and she lost her virtue to him. That alone, creates a strong bond between them. Then the fact they were in a long term relationship. They were talking about marriage and kids.”

“One more week, that’s it.” Samuel said walking to the door. “After that, I’ll go down there myself.”

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More to Me

Based on an awesome Anon Prompt: “Could you do one where the reader is plus sized and trains the Indominus and the other guys make fun of her and Owen gets really protective and is like “that’s the Indominus Rex trainer” and they kinda shut up? And Owen just kinda tells the reader he loves them a lot and that they’re perfect?”

A/n: Thanks for this request Nonnie, I really enjoyed writing this one. I struggled with my weight for years and I still have to fight every day to remind myself that I am defined by the person I am, not by how I look. Everyone is perfect in their own way. Please don’t ever forget that <3

You stand in front of the full length mirror looking at yourself. You don’t hate your body, really. You’re overweight, but so what? You exercise and it’s not like you eat badly; plus you love your curves. You give yourself as smile, telling yourself that regardless of what the losers at work say to you, you’re beautiful exactly the way you are. 

You head towards the monitor room once you get to her paddock. You know she acts like a sweetheart to you, but she doesn’t seem to like everyone else as much, especially the jerks you work with. Last week she actually tried to break the glass when they were laughing at a joke one of them made about you. 

She’s hidden away in the trees when you call out to her over the speaker, “Indi, where are you girl?”  She doesn’t come out of hiding for her food or when you call and you begin to get worried. 

“Why don’t you hang a piece of cake out there? That would work for you!” Andrew says and everyone begins to laugh. You ignore it calling her name again when she comes rushing at the guys behind the glass, letting out a loud roar. They jump in their seats, terrified, but you just look into her eyes silently thanking her. She’s always trying to protect you.

You go in the paddock before lunch to make sure she’s okay. The only time you see even the slightest respect in their eyes is when you walk into her cage. You’re not afraid of her, though. You often held her egg to keep her warm and sang to her. You were there for her birth, imprinting on her, and you raised her almost all on your own. She might be full grown now and able to kill you at will, but you know she could never hurt you.

After checking her out, and petting her head for longer than usual, you headed to lunch. You decide to go to Jimmy Buffet’s today, as they have a new Southwest Caesar salad that you’re in love with. However, you groan to yourself when you see Andrew and his friends walk in. They walk by your table  to find a seat and see you sitting there with your salad. 

“Finally working on that weight problem, huh?” Andrew asks sarcastically.

 You clench your fist, looking down, refusing to let your eyes get watery. You try to think of something smart to say when you hear someone behind you. 

“How about you, Andrew? Are you working on that bloody face problem?” Owen Grady, the raptor trainer comes and pulls out the chair next to yours, sitting down. 

Andrew seems caught off guard and asks, “What bloody face problem?”

“The one you’re going to have if you don’t start showing Y/n some respect.” 

You turn to him and give him a small smile. He’s always been so sweet to you, a real gentleman. He’s bought your lunch more than once and is always coming to your rescue. 

“I mean really,” he begins, “She’s got quite some restraint. She has that Indominous wrapped around her finger. If I were her, I would have already let her eat you guys.” You can’t help your small laugh at the looks on their faces.  

Owen lets out a heavy sigh, “I’m sick of telling you guys to stop being idiots. If you say one more thing to her that isn’t one hundred percent respectable, I will have you transferred—” he pauses for a second, “actually no, I’ll just have you fired.” Andrew just nods, still looking fearful, and walks away. 

“Thanks,” you say smiling up at him, “You didn’t have to do that.”

“They’re just jack-asses. They pick on other people to make them feel less shitty about themselves. Besides,” he pauses again, “You’re beautiful.”

You almost snort at this, but refrain from it and just laugh. He looks at you with his eyebrows raised. 

“You really are, you know. You’re beautiful and smart and, Hell even I wouldn’t step in there with Indi. Why do you think I haven’t had the nerve to ask you out?” He looks at you with a flirty look on his face and your eyes get a little wide. 

There’s a small voice in your head that says he’s joking. It tells you that there’s no way that Owen Grady actually likes you. But there’s another, louder voice: the one that you’ve trained yourself to listen to more. That one says that he does like you because you’re amazing. You’re more than your weight; you’re all those things he said about you and more. This voice tells you to not be nervous or doubtful.

“Well, I only have to deal with one dinosaur, you have four. I think that’s much more impressive.” You smirk at him before taking a bite out of your salad. 

“Well, let’s just say were both pretty awesome.” The one thing you’ve always liked about Owen is you always feel comfortable with him, even now when he’s just basically said that he likes you. “And, as such, we should probably go to dinner. Just us, you know, to celebrate our awesomeness.” At this, he winks at you and your heart flutters. 

You smile at him and ask, “Owen, are you asking me out on a date?”  

“I am most definitely asking you out on a date, Y/n.” He says smiling, “Are you accepting?”

He wiggles his eyebrows at you again, causing you to laugh. “Yes,” you say, looking away from him to hide the huge grin on your face. “I would love to go out with you.”

dad!gansey and just general bluesey children headcanons

sort of an extension of this post bc i said i would talk about dad!gansey more

(i don’t really want to name the kids but i also don’t want to say “the girl” and “the boy” all the time so for the sake of this post I’m gonna use henrietta and owen bc… yeah. yeah i know)

warning: this is potentially tooth-achingly sweet

(seriously it’s very cheesy)

  • gansey’s parents are the last to find out about blue’s pregnancy (gansey makes helen swear she won’t say a word yet) and he’s a bit nervous bc they aren’t married and he knows how that’s gonna go over with them
  • they dedicate an entire weekend to visit and tell them the news and when they do mrs g looks at blue’s finger and goes “i don’t see a ring on her finger, surely you’ve at least proposed to her richard”
  • gansey just blinks as both of his parents stare at them expectantly and blue speaks up for him
  • “marriage isn’t necessary condition of parenthood”
  • “a child needs a loving family to grow up emotionally healthy”
  • and blue glowers a little thinking that they didn’t raise such an emotionally healthy son either but all she says is “and it will have one”
  • but there’s a lot of judgmental looks and snide remarks for the rest of the weekend especially from mrs g and it’s very uncomfortable for everyone and gansey worries that blue is stressing herself out and it isn’t goof for the baby so he makes up poor excuses to leave earlier than planned
  • and then when they’re home he proceeds to give her a back massage and treat her with her favorite brand of yoghurt and snacks and movie marathons, cuddling in bed all day
  • for the record gansey was actually thinking about asking her to marry him before he found out she was pregnant but he decided to postpone a proposal bc he’s afraid she would think it’s only because of the pregnancy
  • also let’s be real that boy is incredibly protective during blue’s pregnancy and with her hormones and mood swings, it isn’t a good combination
  • “are you feeling alright, do you want some water? no, yoghurt? have you drunk enough water today?”
  • *death glare*
  • “you look a little pale, do you want to sit down?”
  • but it comes in handy when blue’s craving taco at one am and gansey wanders out to find some for her
  • literally whatever she asks for, it’s hers
  • from food in the middle of the night to foot massages, whatever
  • and he always goes with her to every check up and doctor’s appointments and drives the safe car and goes slower than usual
  • but it also starts bothering blue, “go faster dick we’re going to be late”
  • she’s snappier than ever and that’s saying something
  • gansey tries so hard to not piss her off but it doesn’t really work of course
  • and then other times she gets uncharacteristically affectionate and tender and gansey’s just like, “what even is going on?”
  • imagine them hearing the baby’s heartbeat for the first time!! even blue tears up and blames it on “hormones”
  • gansey takes to pressing his ear to blue’s stomach to try and hear the heartbeat again but it doesn’t really work
  • blue allows him to keep trying tho
  • when the baby first kicks, they’re spooning and blue’s already asleep but gansey’s only halfway there and suddenly he can feel it kicking and then he’s wide awake, trying to feel if it does it again, and he has no idea what to do, should he wake blue or what, but then the baby kicks again and blue wakes up too and they both just stare in silence and awe at her stomach and feel the baby kick
  • after that it always seems to kick for gansey when he talks to it
  • when they’re first able to see the baby on the ultrasound, there’s a lot of happy tears and kisses and they tape the ultrasound photo on the fridge
  • they decide they don’t want to know the gender though and though they discuss names for both a boy and a girl, it always ends in a quarrel so they just decide to wait until the baby’s born to pick a name
  • alsothe kids would have sargent-gansey as their last name
  • okay also imagine them decorating the kid’s room
  • painting the walls
  • blue leans in as if to kiss gansey but instead she gets paint on gansey’s nose
  • in retaliation gansey smears her shirt right over her belly
  • which ends with both of them covered in paint from head to toe and the bedroom needing to be painted again
  • they go to buy little tiny clothes for the baby
  • and gansey’s like, “are you sure the size is right, babies can’t possibly be this small?”
  • and then
  • “but you’re tiny, so maybe it’ll fit after all”
  • and blue hits him
  • and these for owen later
  • blue’s never been more disappointed with him
  • she “accidentally” throws them out
  • “what? oh no i haven’t seen the kids’ boat shoes. nope, no gansey i don’t know where they disappeared.”
  • henrietta’s a really quiet baby, barely cries and she’s very peaceful
  • she has gansey’s eyes and she’s very watchful, always regards the world and people very carefully even as a baby, as if she can tell from a glance what you’re thinking
  • it’s almost unnerving a bit
  • one time gansey leaves town for a weekend for whatever and henrietta will not settle down
  • she cries all night and is fretful all day and blue’s exhausted
  • she calls gansey to let him know how much his daughter is missing him and he talks to her through the phone and she calms down a bit
  • yeah she’s totally a daddy’s girl
  • she nervously clings to him when meeting new people, climbs into his lap while he’s reading and falls asleep there, seeks his comfort when she’s upset about something
  • he gets her a stuffed red dragon once (*cough* wales flag) AND SHE ADORES IT
  • she names it lucy and sleeps with it and she does not go anywhere without it at least until she starts school
  • and by the end it’s worn out and faded and missing a leg but she would not have it replaced for anything
  • henrietta’s also very needy in general
  • maybe needy isn’t the best word but she does crave the affection and love of her parents more than owen
  • she’s the one who climbs into bed with them during the night
  • and is delighted to be showered with kisses
  • or given a warm hug
  • whereas owen will cringe and pull away and wipe off kisses with a “gross”
  • he’s her opposite
  • he’s the loud one
  • he cries all the time as a baby
  • doesn’t want to eat his baby food and throws a freaking fit
  • hurls it all across gansey’s polo shirt
  • blue’s laughing in the background
  • and where henrietta is needy, owen is independent and open and more daring
  • he climbs trees and plays in the mud and steals henrietta’s chocolate bars
  • but he’s also a very enthusiastic little boy, always grinning at everyone and the best at cheering people up
  • he breaks his leg once falling off the swing set and the only other time gansey was this distraught was when henrietta got stung by that bee
  • and blue assures him that it’s okay and kids break bones all the time, it’s part of childhood, and “haven’t you ever broken anything?”
  • and he’s like “no?”
  • blue rolls her eyes
  • one time after a nasty fight with gansey over how much television he can watch and how little he reads, owen does the whole running away thing
  • packs a bag and sneaks out
  • god gansey loses it but blue’s similarly worried this time
  • but they don’t have to look for him long bc he just goes to adam and ronan’s house who of course call blue and gansey immediately
  • but they were still pretty scared at first and owen’s grounded for a month
  • but only after they both hug him tightly
  • henrietta was v worried too, she’s a v protective older sister
  • they fight a lot, the arguments generally started by owen, and he teases her a lot but they love each other so much
  • it’s henrietta who teaches him how to read and write his own name
  • (with gansey watching from the doorway as they sit at the table, a paper and pen in front of them, and henrietta slowly explaining letters to owen)
  • but she also calls him out on his shit
  • owen does that dumb kindergarten thing where he pulls on the ponytail of the girl he likes and henrietta defends her and pushes him over
  • which is possibly the most violent she’s ever been
  • (she ends up dating the girl when they’re older)
  • blue’s the cool mom who lets them stay up past bedtime and lets them eat candies before dinner
  • gansey’s the one who makes them eat the vegetables and checks their homework
  • but he’s also the one who spoils them all the time
  • oh henrietta wants a pony for her birthday? oh okay no problem
  • owen wants a jumping castle? i bought the biggest i could find
  • blue attempts to reign him in but he’s incorrigible
  • and blue also known as blue “no motherfucking wasps or hornets will come near my family” sargent
  • seriously she’s fierce
  • with both henrietta and gansey being allergic she’s v protective of them
  • and although it’s usually henrietta being protective of owen, owen is the same in this
  • one time they’re in henrietta’s room when a wasp flies in and henrietta freezes and owen moves without a word and kills it
  • (in return henrietta always kills the spiders for him bc he doesn’t like them very much)
  • oh imagine that henrietta is very confused when she finds out her mother’s name is actually blue
  • “i thought your name was jane, what do you mean you’re named after a color mommy???”
  • gansey telling the kids stories of them as teenagers as bedtime stories
  • telling them how he met ronan and adam and blue
  • telling them about their old friend noah
  • and all the adventures they had together
  • the magic forest
  • waking up animal skeletons
  • (he leaves out the more fucked up parts tho of course)
  • the kids sitting close to him on each side, hanging onto his every word
  • sometimes blue joining in and helping him out with details but it’s just mostly gansey who talks because he’s a better storyteller
  • and blue likes listening to him too anyway
  • other times he will read aloud from children’s books
  • or sometimes about glendower bc yeah
  • four year old owen decides he wants to dress up as glendower for halloween and gansey’s never been more proud
  • he takes sooooooo many pictures it’s ridicolous
  • for henrietta’s first birthday he attempts to bake a cake
  • it doesn’t end well
  • luckily henrietta doesn’t care about cake at that point and from there on they always just buy it
  • or let ronan do it who can bake a surprisingly delicious cake
  • imagine them going on roadtrips
  • owen asking “are we there yet?” every 5 minutes
  • henrietta needing to pee every half an hour
  • gansey obnoxiously singing along to whatever’s playing on the radio
  • and blue facepalms, “i can’t believe this is my family”
  • but she secretly loves it though and wouldn’t trade them for the world
  • in the end the kids end up falling asleep in the backseat and blue and gansey hold hands like old times, giving each other secret smiles
  • okay also when the kids are like four and eight or something (i don’t really know how big their age difference is just go with it) they finally end up getting married
  • bc after henrietta was born it was the least of their worries and then owen came and well they never really had time or thought about it
  • but now they’re finally doing it and henrietta is the flower girl and owen carries the rings and it’s adorable
  • it’s only family and close friends but it’s not a small wedding bc both the gansey and the sargent family is huge
  • there’s a reception and dancing and owen eats cake with his hands and henrietta tears her pretty dress and ronan makes an unexpected and sort of drunken speech and gansey cries and adam dances with blue and henrietta and it’s perfect
  • they have a picture of the four of them plus ronan and adam (and posibly their kids?) and it hangs on the wall in both households
  • and both gansey and blue hyphenate their last names
  • when henrietta starts school she’s super nervous and on the verge of tears and gansey gives her a pep talk and a “good luck hug”
  • and then he tears up turning to blue like “i can’t believe they’re growing up so fast”
  • her first day goes great though and she makes friends with the girl who she stood up for against owen at the playground
  • (who later becomes her girlfriend you know)
  • and when owen starts school he’s super excited and vibrating with energy and runs off before they can even kiss him goodbye
  • he makes a million friends just on the first day
  • and when they grow older, henrietta first tells gansey about liking girls
  • although both he and blue already suspected
  • and when henrietta’s classmates find out about her and her girlfriend, it’s owen who stands up for his sister and probably punches a guy four years older than him for saying something crude about henrietta
  • blue secretly approves
  • henrietta also gets gansey’s love for old cars and when she turns 16 he gets her a cute green one bc green’s her favorite color
New Addition

Prompt: Adoption Day. Day 1 of @omeliaweek’s Family Week.

When asked about his family and home, Owen Hunt tended to use the same few words, “chaotic”, “busy”, and that “it’s a zoo”. While having four kids, a full time job, and very unplanned fifth baby on the way - his life was about as chaotic as it came.

Amelia thrived on the loud chaos that circled their lives, she had grown up on it. Owen, on the other hand, took longer to become acquainted to living with a stampede of children and a very loud wife. When he talked to other dad’s at the park they all winced and grimaced, “Five kids under the age of 10 - are you insane?”

And at one point in his life he would have agreed readily, anyone with that many young children must be certifiably crazy. But each time he met his newest son or daughter his heart would melt, and he kept those memories in his mind every time his wife mentioned having more. But five was were they were drawing the line, no more kids, no thank you. Their most recent blessing had been the result of a rare evening to themselves, obviously they had made the most of it.

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Preference #36: You're divorced and you drop the kids off at his.

Preference #36: You’re divorced and you drop the kids off at his.


The drive to your old house felt like it lasted a lifetime, but in reality it only last 45 minutes, an hour when there was traffic slowing you down. Especially with two excited boys in the back seats telling you all about your ex husband and how he promised to take them to the park to play football, or how he promised to have a barbecue with them. Niall was a good father, even through the divorce he made sure to arrange times with you for when he could see his sons. Anthony and Owen were only 3 and 4 when you and Niall ended your relationship and he filed for divorce, claiming you two just didn’t feel the same way you once did. Now Anthony is 4 and Owen is 5 and it’s been a year since you moved into a different home taking the boys with you.

“WE’RE HERE!!” Owen screamed as you stopped the car on the drive of Niall’s massive house and unplugged his seatbelt, quickly swinging the car door open and jumping out and running to the front door. You rolled your eyes and got out of the car, helping Anthony out and letting him run to the front door with his brother. Niall answered the door rather fast probably excited to see his children after not having seen them for 3 weeks due to his busy schedule.

“I’ll pick them up in 3 days, make sure Anthony takes his cough medicine and don’t let them stay up past 8. Bye bye my angels!” You knelt down to their height and they both wrapped their arms around you, squeezing you tightly as you kisses both of their heads.

“Bye Mummy, love you!” They both said in sync with each other used to the same goodbye when they stayed at Niall’s. They let go of you to ran inside the house quickly knowing they’d probably have loads of new toys waiting for them.

“Love you too!” You called after them and smiled.

“You look well (Y/N), have you had a haircut?” Niall asked stepping off of the doorstep and getting closer to you.

“I’ve had quite a few” you giggled “Yeah I’m seeing someone that’s probably why I look well.” You smiled at the thought of the new man in your life who made you happy.

“I’m glad, hope he treats you well, if not you know where I am..” He folded his arms across his chest making you giggle and nod.

“Thank you Ni, anyway, I better be off. Bye.” You smiled and got in the car, waving as you drove away he walked back into the house. You just hoped the kids didn’t tell Niall that you weren’t seeing anyone and you still sometimes cried yourself to sleep from loneliness and from missing Niall.


“(Y/N) please!! Just stay for an hour that’s all I’m asking!” Zayn pleaded with you, your 1 year old daughter on his hip clinging to him like a monkey.

“Zayn I need to go home, please can you just accept that and watch our child for a few hours?” You sighed and tried to get to your car but he lodged himself between you and the car preventing you from touching it.

“You don’t need to go home, this is your home! It always will be your home!! Move back in with me, bring Laura and move back in so we can be a family again!!” He made sure he stayed in your line of view even when you turned your head trying to look away.

“Zayn no. We got a divorce for a reason and that reason was you wanted to be with Perrie. Now she’s gone again and you want me back!! No I won’t let you use me like that.” You felt tears form in your eyes, still madly in love with Zayn but what he did to you put a scar on your heart.

He sighed and took a step closer so he was towering over you and you had to look up at him, his chest pressed against yours. “I left Perrie because I made a mistake, and I wanted to fix that. So this is my trying to fix it and makes amends. Please (Y/N), come home, back to me…”


“So we can be a family again!! Me, you, and Laura.” He looked at the infant leaning her head on his shoulder and she smiled at you.

“Muma, dada!” She giggled with her hand in front of her mouth.
You sighed and shook your head. “No.” And with that you gently pushed him aside and got in your car then drove away thinking about whether you made the right decision or not.


“Daddy!! New daddy bought me a new teddybear!!” 3 year old Poppy ran to Louis holding the small, pink, fluffy teddybear that your boyfriend bought her. Louis picked her up and frowned looking you dead in the eye.

“You told her he’s her new daddy?!” Louis said with a raised voice, clearly angry about this and he had a hint of sadness in his eyes.

“No!! I never said anything like that to her! That’s the first time she’s said anything like that I swear.” You sighed, keeping calm about it, deciding you weren’t gonna raise your voice in front of Poppy unless you needed to.

“Oh of course!! I bet you let her call him daddy all the time.” Louis seethed, just annoyed you moved on after the divorce which was 2 years ago.

“No I do not!!! She knows you’re her only dad, I don’t want her to call anyone else her dad.” You crossed your arms getting annoyed with him, he just wanted to fight with you for the sake of it.

“Yeah right!! You want to push me out of her life!!” This pissed you off and now was the time to raise your voice.

“Louis how dare you!!! Shut up!!! Don’t be a baby.” You almost shouted and stormed to your car, getting in and slamming the door. Quickly driving away, fed up of the stupid arguments you always have with him every two weeks when Louis has Poppy for the weekend.


“Who are we going to see Blake?” You smiled and got your 10 months old out of the car and held him against you. He smiled up at you showing his new teeth and clapped his arms in excitement.

“Dadadadadadadadada” He squealed and wiggled his little jean clad legs. You had put him in the jeans Liam bought him a few weeks back and a cute top that had “Daddy’s boy” written on it with a picture of a cartoon dinosaur on it. You smiled widely at how much he’s grown up and learnt and walked to Liam’s door, letting Blake ring the doorbell. The door opened quite fast and a cheery Liam was standing there.

“Blaaaaaake!!” He grinned and held his arms out to him. Blake screamed and threw himself out of your arms and into his. You laughed and rubbed his fluffy hair back down from where it went a bit crazy. “Aw hello my baby boy.” He kissed his chubby cheek then looked at you. “Hey (Y/N) how’re you doing?”

“I’m good thanks, you?”

“I’m better now my boy is here!” He grinned and cuddled Blake making you smile more.

“I saw the new concert film, Blake loved it and I thought it was really good!” Even after the divorce which was final 2 months ago, you and Liam had finished on good terms and remained friends, not just for Blake’s sake. But because Liam was a friend before he was your boyfriend and you need to remain friends.

“Thanks Hon, I’ll put it on for him tonight then whilst he eats his dinner.”

“He’ll like that, well I best be off, I’ll see you Monday, bye my baby.” You kissed Blake’s head and then kissed Liam’s cheek and left your son in the hands of the man you trust more than anyone else.


“Morgan can you get Lucy out of the car please?” You asked your 13 year old son as you got out of the car and helped Regan your 7 year old daughter get out, holding her door so she wouldn’t hit Harry’s car with it. Morgan got your youngest daughter out the car. Lucy was only 6 months old but you trusted Morgan to get her. You all walked up to the door of the house that you’d done thousands of times, since you once lived here when you were married to Harry. You and Harry got divorced 6 years ago when you had two kids together, Morgan and Regan. But just over a year ago Harry had invited you round for dinner with the kids, then when they went to bed you and Harry had drank a little bit too much wine, got a bit too close, and a few months later you found out you were pregnant with Lucy. You both decided it would be better not to get back together so you stayed separated but Harry still was there for Lucy’s birth and has been an amazing father to all three of his children.

“Hey (Y/N)…” You flinched, coming out of your daydream to see Harry standing there in the doorway and the kids nowhere in sight. You assumed they had gone in already.

“Hi..” You smiled at him and looked into his eyes.

“You look beautiful…”

“Thank you..” You blushed from the unexpected compliment that you knew was a lie, considering you had your hair in a messy bun, a baggy shirt on that was Harry’s from about 10 years ago, and leggings, not having much time in the mornings now you have three kids as a single mum.

“Wanna come in for some wine?” He asked with a cheeky grin.

“Sure, what’s the worst that could happen?” You giggled and walked in past him, he laughed and shut the door behind him. You got pregnant again, but you also got married again.

Sorry I haven’t posted a preference in FOREVER!!! I started college and I’ve been settling in and getting the ropes!

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Two Months

Hi guys, here is part 3 of my new mini-series. I just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for supporting me and reading my fics - love you all! I wanted to say a special thank you to @jordan202 for proof-reading this part, you are an absolute diamond! 

I hope you all enjoy. :)

The rest of my mini-series can be found below:

Superhero Big Brother

One Month

The Cravings:

Sat in the Attending’s lounge, Amelia was about to feast on her monster of a lunch. She had been dreaming of this for a few days now but never had the chance to eat it privately. Just as she was perfecting her crazy combination of flavors the door knob turned, making Amelia jump. She scrambled to hide her food in a desperate effort to keep her growing miracle a secret for a little longer, shoving it all in her lunch box before the door opened to reveal Owen on the other side.

“Oh,” Amelia let out a relieved sigh, “It’s only you.” She opened up the box again, determined to finish her perfect sandwich.

“Well don’t sound so disappointed about that!” Owen scoffed, playfully shoving Amelia as he joined her on the worn couch. He was about to give Amelia a kiss when his nose turned as the aroma of the food beside her hit him. “Oh God, what is that smell?”

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The Winter Habit

A little request from Phillip was something along these lines…

She does this thing.

We weren’t even really dating at the time. I was still living in the little tin box on her brother’s back lawn and she had come over as usual- towards the end of the night and with a bottle of sparkling water. We had talked, laughed, played some cards, had some snacks, and of course we had ended up making out. Things had then progressed to clothes being stripped off, sex, and snuggles- all part of a routine we had recently found ourselves in. A routine I fully approved of.

The next stage of the routine was her making an effort to leave. She’d stand up and I’d follow, but as she would be getting dressed I’d kiss her and magically her clothes would be off again. Round two would happen, perhaps round three, and round four if we were in a particularly frisky mood. Then I’d get us a glass of water, put my boxers on as she threw my Harvard t-shirt over her body, and finally we’d get under the covers and find a comfortable position to sleep in.

Our secret rendezvous started in the damp autumnal nights and soon it was the brisker winter months, and that’s when it happened for the first time. Round three had just happened, and we were settled nose to nose, chest to breasts, knees crossed over and legs intertwined, with her arm draped over my waist. I felt her cold hands- one in between us and the other on the small of my back- and subtly she tucked them into my boxers. I hissed, the ice temperature painful against my warm skin.

“Your hands are freezing,” I had commented, and she mumbled something about circulation and kept her eyes closed. With the goosebumps spreading from my ass to my spine and up to my head, I shivered a little. Determined not to complain and look pathetic but also unable to sleep, I began to rock my hips in her direction. Soon her hands were warm, and luckily just in time for round four.

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Mommy talk

Owen walking in on Claire talking to her baby bump                                        -anonymous

Rating: K

Word Count: 1138

Warnings: None

Never in a million years had Claire thought that she would have a child. Her job was her top priority and that was all that mattered. That was until the park she was managed ran itself straight into the ground when the Indominus Rex escaped, wreaking havoc on Isla Nublar. 

When the whole thing was done and over with, she and Owen kept their promise and did stick together. They moved into an apartment together in San Diego after the event and became a couple. Soon after a year and a half of dating, they got married at a chapel in Las Vegas.

But then one year after that, Claire found herself pregnant with she and Owen’s baby girl. It wasn’t planned, it just happened. Not as if it was a mistake because they both knew that it would happen eventually.

When she told Owen, he was ecstatic. He jumped around, spun her in the air, for some reason, the opposite of what she expected. From there they planned how the whole nine months would go.

It was the fourth month and Owen hadn’t left Claire’s side once (He took short shifts at his new job at the San Diego Zoo where he worked as a lion handler). But today, he was gone for a few hours which gave her some peace and quiet. She started up a bath, baked some cookies and ate all of them. Right now she was sitting on their couch in the living room, watching some ridiculous soap opera munching on anything she craved.

“No, no! Aiden is dead, Hope!” Claire shouted angrily at the television. She spat out a few more words at the program before she froze, feeling a slight pressure on her stomach.

The baby was kicking.

It’s not like it hadn’t happened before, because it did for the first time earlier that month, but this time it was just a more aggressive kick.

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Quickening, part 4

(This series is set during Amelia’s 5th month of pregnancy – and possibly a bit beyond. Each story can stand alone, but you can also read Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3. – All the feelings for this one. Just all of them.)

silken layers

pressed tightly

enfolding each other

in darkness

holding secrets

of infinite beauty

ready to open


longing to feel

the sun


Owen loved to watch Amelia sleep. His eyes could live forever in her hair spilled on her pillow, in her lashes resting against her cheeks. Her face was peaceful, except when she dreamed of darkness. This time there was only light.

They had fallen asleep with the sheets off and stayed that way all night. This July was unusually warm. Owen watched the gentle rise and fall of her chest. He delighted at the changes that pregnancy was bringing to her body, and thrilled knowing that he played a part in that.

He reached out with a fingertip and touched the curve of her breast, fair and soft and filled with a thousand secrets. He traced the path of a vein that brought life to where their baby would be nourished, caressing all the way to the tip where it vanished into the depths of her. He wanted to linger there, but he didn’t want to wake her. Reluctantly, he rested his hand on the sheets between them.

“Do it again,” Amelia whispered with her eyes still closed.

Owen followed the same curving path. This time he stayed where the vein disappeared. He moved his thumb back and forth there, stroking her gently. Shocks of sensation radiated to every part of her, carrying pleasure on their waves.

“I love waking up this way,” she murmured.

“I love your breasts.” His voice came out deep and full of ardor. He hardly recognized it.

“Of course you do,” she smiled, “Because they’ve grown.”

She opened her eyes to watch his cheeks flush in the early morning sun.

“It’s not that… I mean… yes they have…” he stumbled over the words, “But I always love them. I love every part of you.”

“Good recovery,” she encouraged, covering the back of his hand with hers, “…Do it again.”

He sent the waves over and over until her body ached for more of him. And he gave her more. They spent the hour opening, unfolding secrets in the sunrise.


The second time Owen woke that morning, he could feel the sun shining in the room but he wasn’t ready to open his eyes. Amelia ran her fingers lightly through his hair and brushed her lips against his forehead.

“Just sleep,” she whispered, “I’m going to Meredith’s. Rest now, and I’ll see you later.”

He felt the light dim as she closed the blinds, and he heard her say, “I love you,” before sleep claimed him again.

She closed the door quietly and stepped out into the yard to clip flowers for Zola. The roses were what Amelia loved most about this house. She thought of the day Owen showed it to her for the first time.

They were barely together then. He hadn’t even told her yet that he loved her. She was still afraid to admit that she loved him. They had no commitment, but he bought them a house. Well, technically he bought himself a house, but she knew it was for them. Standing with him in the yard that first day, she knew.

Amelia remembered…


“It’s much bigger than a trailer,” she pointed out, “You’ll have plenty of space.”

“There are 4 bedrooms,” he mentioned casually, like it was of no greater significance than the cream colored walls.

“What are you going to fill them with?”

Owen answered slowly, but without hesitation, “A family… I hope… someday.”

He knew what he wanted, and he wanted her to know it.

A summer breeze swept up just then, and the fragrance of roses was everywhere. It seeped into Amelia’s pores and made her dream.

“Why am I here?” She looked into his eyes.

He hesitated for a moment, but answered unafraid, “I think you know.”

Suddenly the roses were easier to look at, because everything else was too bright. Amelia gazed at them for a moment that felt like eternity.

“Would you like to see inside?” he asked.

She stepped forward, and he followed. The door creaked as Amelia opened it.

“This house has secrets,” Owen said.

Amelia found her voice again, “Maybe it wants to share its secrets with you because it wants you here.”

He pointed to her hand on the door knob. “The house is sharing them with you.”

“I’m not sure why it would tell me its secrets. I’m terrible at keeping them. My limited filter and all.”

“Maybe that’s why it wants to tell you. Sharing secrets brings people in and makes us feel less alone. This house seems lonely.”

They stepped in the doorway, and the roses came with them on the breeze. Amelia breathed them in and she knew. Right then she knew. Forever would be this way. Right here.

“I have a secret,” she said to the room. 

Owen could tell the secret wasn’t for him - not yet. But he asked anyway, “What is it?”

“I think I’ll go inside and tell the house. Then the house can tell you when the time is right.”

He stayed in the doorway and watched her cross the room. “So you think I should buy it then?”

Her answer echoed off the empty walls and filled his heart. “Yes.”

She turned to him and held out her hand. “Come with me…”


Amelia walked away from the yard with roses in her hands that day, and today, for Zola. Bringing them to her niece had become a tradition whenever they were in bloom.

Zola always filled a plastic pitcher with water and placed the roses in it by the windows in the family room. “They need the sun,” she said, “so the buds can open.”

Zola understood things.

Late morning was full of the voices of the children. They wore Amelia out. She didn’t have much energy today – this whole week actually. She was grateful when Meredith called for nap time for Bailey and Ellis.

“I don’t want a nap. I’m not tired!” Bailey yawned.

Meredith reminded him, “You don’t have to sleep. Reading books on your bed is good too. Then your body will be rested for more fun later.”

Bailey always protested, and then he slept.

Amelia empathized, “I’m going to go home to take a nap too, Bay. And if I can’t fall asleep, then I’ll read a book. That’s a great idea. You’re such a smart boy - like your Dad was.”

Amelia’s eyes met Meredith’s. Her gaze was returned with a soft, wistful smile. Bailey jumped up on the couch where Amelia sat. He wrapped his sweet little arms around her neck and hugged her tight. “Love you,” he said, clinging to her.

Amelia’s heart melted.

“Will you carry me to my room?”

It had been many months since he had asked her, and she hated to say no. But she thought of her butterfly. “You’re such a big boy now, too big for me to pick you up anymore I think. But I can walk with you if you’d like.”

He nodded into her neck. Amelia took Bailey’s hand and walked him to his bedroom where they blew kisses goodbye.

While Meredith was getting Ellis settled, Amelia returned to the couch to sit for a while with Zola, who was reading too. This was the regular weekend routine. For a widowed mother with three young children, routine was helpful.

“Aunt Amy,” Zola asked, “Will you read me a story before you go?”

“Of course, big girl, which one shall we read today?”

Zola chose a book and scooted close to Amelia, resting her head on her shoulder. Amelia wrapped one arm around her, held the book with the other, and read the title, “’Love You Forever’. This one makes me cry.”

“It’s good to cry,” her niece told her, “Sadness comes out your tears, and then you feel better – sometimes.”

Amelia read, letting her tears flow when they needed to. Meredith returned for the last two pages.

“…When the son came home that night, he stood for a long time at the top of the stairs. Then he went into the room where his very new baby daughter was sleeping. He picked her up in his arms and very slowly rocked her back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. And while he rocked her he sang:

I’ll love you forever,
I’ll like you for always,
As long as I’m living
my baby you’ll be.”

“The end,” Amelia whispered as she closed the book and laid it in her lap.

Zola reached out toward the book as if to take it, but then laid her hand on top of it near Amelia’s stomach. “Aunt Amy, are you going to have a baby?”

Amelia answered cautiously. “…Someday, Zo.”


Zola was so earnest and open. Amelia wanted to be honest with her, but she was afraid. She glanced up at Meredith still standing in the doorway. Meredith understood things too. She nodded, just once, but it was enough to make Amelia feel brave.

She took a deep breath, and let it out with her answer. “Before Christmas I hope – if everything goes well.”

Meredith’s wistful smile returned. Amelia mirrored her expression and shook her head in affirmation.

“Will the baby have a daddy?” Zola wondered aloud.

Amelia grieved for a moment that a 6-year-old would know to ask such a question. She had been that 6-year-old once too. “The baby’s daddy is Owen.”

Zola sighed, “It’s nice to have a daddy.”

Silent tears streamed down Meredith’s cheeks. She let them fall without wiping them away. She breathed into them.

Zola asked, “You said you’d have a baby before Christmas if everything goes well, but what if it doesn’t?”

Amelia thought for a moment about how to explain it. Her niece didn’t need any more grief. “You know our roses?”

Zola turned her gaze to them.

Amelia continued, “Sometimes roses bloom and other times they stay inside their buds, and nobody knows why exactly. You give them sunshine and water, but sometimes they’re just not meant to be. And it’s sad when you’ve been waiting for them. But it happens at times. And it can happen like that with babies too.”

Zola sighed as she moved her hand from the book and rested it on Amelia’s stomach. The baby fluttered, and Zola looked into Amelia’s eyes, “Aunt Amy… I hope your baby blooms.”

“Me too, big girl.” Amelia let Zola see her smile - and her tears. “Can I tell you a secret? You and your mom are the first people I’ve told about the baby besides Owen and my doctor. We’ll be telling more people soon, but maybe for the next week or so it can be our secret if your mom agrees?”

Zola looked to Meredith.

“It’s okay,” Meredith approved.

“When the secret is done, can I tell Sofia?”

“I would be honored for you to tell Sofia,” Amelia said.

The baby moved within her again, tapping out stories with silken wings.


Secrets can make us feel powerful. Knowing something that no one else knows can give the illusion of control. But secrets held tightly for too long can eat us alive. The thing to remember about secrets is that they want to be told. They want to be revealed so badly that sometimes they whisper themselves. And occasionally they shout loud enough for the world to stop and listen. Infinite beauty and darkness can only wait so long before they unfold.

foxmolderr-deactivated20170330  asked:

Prompt: Claire is in labor and Owen helps her deliver their baby. I just love the idea of a Clawen baby 👶


“Yes, right there. Oh, god, Owen, that feels so good.”

Owen laughs and continues working his masseuse magic. Claire’s left foot is in her husband’s lap and her right is in his hands as they sit on the couch of their living room together.

“I don’t like any of these.”

Owen looks up at her. “We’ll find one, babe.”

“I’m due in four weeks and we still have no ideas for a name,” she argues. “Most people at least have options at this point.”

“Well, maybe it’s one of those things where we have to see her to name her. I’m sure people do that all the time.”

Claire sighs and sets the baby name book on the coffee table. “That’s true.” She smiles at him tiredly. “Thank you for doing this. Thank you for always doing it.”

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Can’t Keep My Hands To Myself

Summary: She’s a movie star. He’s a marine. They keep their relationship a secret, but it starts to wear a little thin.

Rating: Explicit

Chapter: ½

A/N: Inspired by ‘Perfect’ by One Direction. I am trash and this has been such a fun fic to write I cannot stress that enough. Enjoy it??

To be a secret was something that neither Owen nor Claire expected. It wasn’t like they planned for this to happen, to be sleeping together and to have the whole world watching. It wasn’t like that really, but it felt that way. Claire Dearing was an actress the whole world was falling in love with, her movies getting the attention they deserve and, well, Owen wasn’t any of that. Owen was in the marines. He had a layover in New York for a few weeks until he was set to be shipped off to San Diego. And in that small bar, they met and it was the start of a journey neither of them could come back from.

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The Christmas Tree- A Secret Santa Fic

Hey guys- since it’s already 6th December where I live, this is my Secret Santa gift for @noonerememberseasy <3 

I really hope you like it! :)

A big thank you to Jenn @hurricane-jenn for staying up late to meticulously proofread my fic, and Beth @bethisinwonderland for reading through also right before an exam! You girls are the best  <3 <3

Thank you @fightuntilyoucan for organizing this Secret Santa :D

Ok, here we go!!


It wasn’t the most beautiful Christmas tree. In fact, it was almost bare- except for a few ornaments scattered around the tree and the orange colored lights.

That was to be expected since the artificial Christmas tree belonged to two busy surgeons who barely had the time to decorate it. Owen and Amelia had bought the tree a week before Christmas, as their busy schedules did not permit them to buy it earlier. They had rushed to Walmart after work, as the store was about to close. So they hurried down the Christmas tree aisle and grabbed the nearest tree available, without even taking a glance at the others.

When they reached home, they were disappointed to discover that the Christmas tree they bought had a few of its bristles threatening to fall off.

‘ Owen, why on earth did we buy such a pathetic Christmas tree?’ Amelia asked, hands on her hips as she stared at the tree, shaking her head.

‘ Well, we were in a hurry as the store was closing, so we didn’t have the time to compare it with other trees. We grabbed the nearest one and left.’ Owen reasoned logically.

‘We should’ve waited for tomorrow then.’ said Amelia.

‘ But we don’t even know whether we’ll have time tomorrow. Or the day after. Or the whole week‘ said Owen. ‘ We are both on call 3 times this week.’

‘ Ok, you have a valid point.’ Amelia conceded, sighing.

‘But tomorrow night if we get out early from work, we can go to buy more Christmas tree ornaments.’ Owen suggested. ‘To make the tree look more presentable.’

Unfortunately, Owen’s prediction came true and they didn’t have the time to buy more ornaments that week.

Before they knew it- the whole week flew by and Christmas Eve came.

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I don’t get why everyone is soooo annoyed with Meredith and thinks she was rude and wrong for what she did with Amelia, CAN WE TALK ABOUT AMELIA??? LIKE CAN WE TALK ABOUT HOW SELFISH, SELF-VICTIMIZING SHE IS/HAS BEEN? 

Meredith basically raised herself, she grew up with no one to talk to, to care about/for and no one who really gave a crap about her. She did things because they were the right things to do most of the time, like taking care of Elise and donating part of her OWN ORGAN for her dad but other than that, she knew she wasn’t obligated to care about/for someone unless she wanted to, she knew that and she acted on it, but, when she did care about/for someone. She made sure she was always there for that person and was the most loyal one to that person as well (it was mainly Cristina and Derek). She keeps to herself, she doesn’t get into anyone’s business no matter how good her relationship with that person was unless she truly and deeply cared for them, remember when she told Lexie she knew about Mark but didn’t say anything bc she could never tell what was going on between them? she could’ve asked but she didn’t bc she thinks it’s none of her business, now normally, one would know/ask about these stuff considering they concern one of their family members (especially with the fact that her and Lexie got so close) but she didn’t bc she didn’t think to do so, on the other hand, she literally HARASSED Cristina about Owen when he LOOKED at Teddy bc she was afraid something MIGHT BE going on between those two, she cares when she wants to, and nothing determines that other than the fact that SHE WANTS TO. Blood and family have nothing to do with it. She told Amelia she was family and that she loved her but she made it clear she was more loyal to Cristina. 

Amelia, had the NERVES to come in and tell Meredith how THE LOVE OF HER LIFE, HER HUSBAND, HER TRUE FRIEND would feel about how she’s changed??? bc oh Amelia knows him so well? Amelia? the one Derek didn’t want anything to do with when she first appeared on the show? plus Derek always made it so clear that he never had the best bond with his sisters? so tell me, please tell me, how THE FUCK does this childish, jealous, self-victimizing woman would know how he would feel? and LMAO remember when Cristina freezed in the o.r, bought a new house, became a bar tinder, got married, all because she was going through something tough, remember how Derek, had wine with her to discuss floor? said I’ll leave if she gets kicked out of the program? went fishing with her? welcomed her to his home multiple times? bc DEREK IS THE MOST UNDERSTANDING PERSON EVER. SO. SHE. KNOWS. NOTHING. 

Meredith doesn’t owe Amelia anything, and for Amelia to take out her jealousy of the fact that Owen would share a secret with Mere and not with her on Meredith is just disgusting. 


A/N: so my hands are a little rusty, but I’m writing anyway. This fic seemed like a good idea a few days back at 2 am. It seemed horrible the day after. Then I went back to it last night, I thought I’ll just put it out there. This is NOT what I think will actually happen on the show at all, so it’s AU in that sense.

It’s a multi parts fic, I have the next two parts written, let me know what you think about this please!

Set during/after 12x16

“So I just have to discharge one of my patients and I’ll be ready to go,” Owen heard his voice as he paced across the hall in the direction of Meredith and what’s his face.
“Ready to go where?” he said as if he was interrogating and ready to oppose before he heard the answer.
Nathan Riggs looked up from the electronic chart at Owen and had a beat pass before he answered him, “there’s a heart I have to go pick up from Portland Hospital.”
“Well you can go we don’t need you,” Owen was being patronizing
“Owen,” Meredith sighed, about to say something like telling them to stop, but she knew it would be of no use.
“Excuse me? You’re the one who can go, it’s a heart liver transplant and I’m the cardiothoracic surgeon here, not you”
“This guy is my patient; I’ve been with him for months.”
“So if I let you go and you disappear on the way-”
“You son of a -”
“STOP IT! Both of you! Dr Hunt, he’s your patient so you can come, but Dr Riggs is the cardiothoracic surgeon on this case, so he’s coming too,”
“Look forward to it,” said Riggs sarcastically.
Owen huffed and puffed as he walked the halls trying to cool down before he bumped to the one person he didn’t want to see. It was the one person he missed the most. It was the one person he wanted to talk to and vent to and laugh with and hug and… No. He couldn’t. She didn’t want him. And so he must not want her.
“Hey,” she said timidly but with a little familiar gentleness in her voice
He looked at her with the corner of his eyes, not allowing himself to really see her properly. He was scared to be too weak at her sight.
“I got a big surgery today,” she talked, supposedly to him, despite the appearance of his indifference, no- it wasn’t indifference, it was bitterness. “It’s been a while since… well since something this big has come, it’s a great glioma in the frontal lobe, but I have a solid plan.” She stopped to realize she was babbling and he had the same stern expression still. She bit her lips and then asked, “What about you? How have you been?”
“Amelia,” he started at her, like he usually does, and just the sound of her name on his tongue made her heart skip, it came out different when he pronounced it, like for the first time it really had meaning. “You said we’re not in this together. You said you couldn’t risk being around me, so why are you here telling me details of your life and asking for mine?” He regretted the words as soon as they came out of his mouth. What was he thinking? He wasn’t thinking. He was hurt.
“No I didn’t say - I didn’t mean-” she strutted
He closed the binder of paperwork he was working on loudly and quipped before walking away, “it’d be better if we stay out of each other’s way, don’t you think?”

Amelia was left mad, not only at him, but at herself, for letting herself care about him, and as a result be vulnerable and get hurt by him.

He was waiting all day to get out of work, like he had an important appointment or date or some plan for the night, but Owen didn’t, and he was puzzled with his own emotions. When his shift did end, he found himself restless and anxious, not knowing where to go. All day he was distracted by his added hate to Riggs, not only had he been the cause for his sister’s disappearance, but he was also the guy who helped the woman he loved to break her sobriety.

No, she wasn’t the woman he loved, Amelia is the woman he loves, present tense, he thought, and she must feel the same, even if she didn’t say it right? She might as well hate him after this morning, what had gotten into him? He couldn’t just blame every douche bag move he does on some interaction he had with Riggs. Owen couldn’t stand his racing thoughts, he had to stop them, and so he headed to Joe’s bar, to drown everything in alcohol, so no pain is left other than the burn in his throat.


Back in the hospital, Dr Shepherd was pulling an all night shift. There was nothing major, just some minor cases in the ER, it was a Friday night and there were plenty of drunken people coming in with some head lacs, headaches, and some patients to discharge and paperwork to finish.

“Hey, when do you get off?” Meredith came around 7 pm and asked her.

“Uh, I’m on call tonight, so I’ll probably come home in the morning, you should go,” she replied.

Their relationship was getting better. Really better. It was true, Meredith never said the words “I forgave you”, but Amelia had learnt -the hard way- that her sister in law wasn’t big on words and didn’t have the best communication skills. As much as they wouldn’t admit it themselves, both women deeply cared about each other, despite everything they’ve been through.

“Oh, well I was asking because I just wanted to talk to you for a few minutes,” Meredith said.

“Um, ok, well, I have a few minutes right now, what’s up?” Amelia worried it would be Meredith taking it back and telling her to move out again, she had gotten so comfortable back in her room, and was so happy they were moving forward.

“Well, uh, this is about Hunt and Riggs,” Meredith started and Amelia rolled her eyes, but she continued before being stopped, “Wait, listen to me. Today Owen and I were talking, we thought Riggs was asleep, and he heard that you’re an alcoholic and told us how he bought you a drink.”

Amelia’s heart was already beating more rapidly, “What?! Oh gosh, Mer, no- how did this happen?-”

“Hey, Amelia, calm down, it’s going to be okay, it was just a mistake,” Meredith tried to go back to the point, “Owen was really upset, and maybe he or Riggs will come talk to you, I just wanted to give you a heads up.”

Amelia was speechless; she didn’t know how to act or what to do. “Thank you, uh, thanks,” she finally got out.

Meredith nodded and walked away, leaving Amelia with a long flurried night to come.

Riggs did indeed come to Amelia a few hours later. She saw him from the corner of her eyes and sighed deeply, preparing herself for the awkward conversation to come.

“Hey, Shep, you got a minute?”

“Um, actually I’m a little busy here,” she didn’t take her eyes off the tablet she was holding. She wished she could make her pager ring if she willed it to enough.

“I didn’t know you were an alcoholic,” he whispered to her anyway.

She felt forced to look up at him, “We don’t have to talk about it.”

“But I want to, uh, I want to apologize, really, if I knew I would have never-” her pager finally did bleep, cutting him off. She looked at her phone and looked back at him, finding an excuse to walk away, but he followed her, “why didn’t you say anything?”

She exhaled, hating the position she had put herself in, and realizing she had to confront it, “It’s not your fault, there’s no one to blame here, I slipped, I would have bought it myself if you weren’t there, now if you could please keep this to yourself, it’d be great.”

“Of course I will,” he assured her.

“What have we got?” She asked when she arrived to the exam room she was paged to.

“Uh, I wasn’t sure if I should page you or not, but I thought you’d know and make the decision yourself, he came in with alcohol poisoning, I gave him an IV, but he also has a head cut,” Stephanie rambled on about the patient behind the door.

“What? Who’s he? Can’t you handle a head cut, Edwards?” Amelia was confused, but everything became crystal clear when she peaked through the glass and saw the strawberry blonde doctor she broke up with a week ago.

“Oh God,” a heavy New Zealander accent sounded behind her.

“Why are you still here?” Amelia half scolded Nathan, “we’re good, and you should go, you’re the last person he’d want to see right now.”

He silently obeyed her orders, and left her thinking if she was also one of the people who should stay away from Owen.

“I can handle it if you want, he was asking for you but I can tell him you’re busy or went home or anything,” Edwards brought Amelia back from her thoughts.

“Mia?” Owen yelled, his voice muffled from behind the wall, “Mia, is that you?!”

“No, I’ll handle it, you go,” Amelia dreaded her own decision, and prayed for patience as she walked in.

“Mia! It is you! Ow!” Owen tried to stand up but he felt the stinging pain and dizziness in his head due to the injury.

“Lay back,” Amelia tried her best to sound indifferent. She started cleaning up his cut and sewing it up, feeling his eyes dangerously staring at hers.

“I’m so sorry Amelia, I miss you so much,” Owen said, he reeked of alcohol and his speech was slurred.

“Alcohol poisoning, Owen? With your weight and height, how much did you drink? Was it also something Riggs said this time too?” She wasn’t asking for an answer, but this situation only assured her she had made the right decision, yet, somehow, she had missed him too.

“You’re right! You are absolutely… right! But Amelia, I love you.” Her breath hitched, she stopped at her work and looked at him for a second, just to curse herself for being so weak to look at his beautiful clear blue eyes. She wished she could say it back, but instead she swallowed hard and went back to finish her suturing, convincing herself it was only drunk Owen talking.

“I really really love you, Amelia.” She stayed silent. “Did you go out with him?”

“What?” She narrowed her eyes at him, he was sobering up.

“Riggs told me. He bought you a drink. Did you go out with him? Do you like him?”

“You didn’t want to have small talk and now you’re asking this?” She wasn’t trying to hide her vexation, “You know it’s not his fault, I slipped, and now I put my sobriety back as the priority, at least I expect you to respect that.”