and she blocked me

Oh my god

Every night when I go to bed, Pippin snuggles up either on my lap or next to me (bf puts them away if I fall asleep).

Tonight I was busy, and went to let them out about an hour later than usual…


I open the cage, and try to coax them out, but Pip just pokes her head out of the igloo, looks at me, and proceeds to pull the extra fleece into the entrance, blocking it off.

But, ignorant me, Im like “aw she just didnt realize its time to play,” so I gently move the barrier fleece, and call to her again. She stared me dead in the face, walked out a bit, and then grabbed the fleece and PULLED IT INTO THE ENTRANCE AGAIN, blocking herself in there.

I think I was just shunned by a rat…?

like how insecure in your own beliefs do you have to be to block someone you’ve literally never talked to

also: franchesca ramsey is a grown ass woman with a job why is she wasting her time blocking 19 year olds on twitter

The girl I’m crushing on at my job races me home on the interstate from work and blows me kisses when she passes me and flicks me off when I block her and we laugh the entire time and then she smack talks me the next day when she wins and it’s cute as shit and yeah I think I’m in love lmao

Someone reblogged that liminal spaces post I made with “OPs a homophobe” and then linked to a post I made that said “asexuals belong in the LGBT community and there needs to be more non-sexualized LGBT spaces to accommodate them as well as minors and other ppl that don’t want to be in sexual environments” like yes me, a bisexual, is homophobic… because of a post I made… that said… we need to be more inclusive… for ppl in the LGBT community…..

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Many international ARMYs have been wondering whether streaming Melon from overseas would be reflected (counted) in the chart or not, so after calling Melon Customer Center, the answer is: Melon has blocked overseas IPs, therefore it won’t be reflected in the chart.

Please focus on streaming on Spotify instead!

Her Skeleton Will Lie In The Chamber Forever…


marianne as the goblin queen

    • i drew this last night on a whim
    • i remember seeing a lot of awesome versions of goblin marianne, so please consider this inspired by all of them
    • EDIT: a fairy bog to go with this >:)

Emmerdale Survey Results

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i’m so confused right now? all i did was ask her a simple question about Raphael, and she just blocked me. i have no idea how this could be problematic or offensive. it’s very unfair because i’ve been supporting her, and buying her books since i was in 6th grade. this made me do a little research about her, and it really opened my eyes. she’s such a horrible person, and honestly, it’s a damn shame.

Day Thirty-Four

-A fourteen-year old boy went through the lanes dressed as Jared Leto’s Joker. It is far too far from Halloween for this to be acceptable. He had acid-green hair, off-putting makeup, a t-shirt designed to look like the Joker’s bare body, and a very disappointed father.

-I once again utilized my power to stop a shrieking child and make her laugh instead. Her mother did not know why the screaming ceased, but she was visibly relieved as it did. As she walked away and blocked me from the child’s sight, the little one began to wail again. I feel obligated to accompany them and become a live-in nanny, whether they ask for it or not.

-An old man, supposedly by accident, referred to me as “honey.” He looked at me, mortified, then grabbed his bag and ran out of the store. I can understand this man and his actions all too well.

-A grown man had to say the word “panties,” and the amount that the word made him squirm makes me question what business he has purchasing any.

-A pair of elderly women came through together on a shopping date. They were thrilled to find a magazine about the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them movie, and twice as thrilled to find my free stickers. I hope my priorities are as in order as theirs at that point in my life.

-I found out that I have inspired at least one other cashier to become more liberal with their stickers. If nothing else, I am glad to leave this legacy behind.

-A young girl walked through the store in a Pikachu costume. The joy in her face makes me hope she never has to take it off for as long as she lives.

-I looked to the end of my lane to find a man administering a sobriety test for his eleven year-old son. 

-A young girl in her cart spent her time proudly proclaiming to anyone who walked by that she could spell the word “sad.” I am glad to hear this, as depending on the success of a certain xenophobic jackolantern on November 8th, this skill may come in more and more handy.

-A young woman commented on how busy the store was and how stressed I seemed as a result of our dearth of cashiers at the time. She then told me she appreciated what I did. I get direct deposits every other Friday, yet this is still the most gratifying compensation this job has given me.

-I handed a boy a strip of stickers. He began to look down at them and giggle maniacally. He has plans. I do not know what they are, but I am both terrified and excited to find out.

-A man in his twenties took a sticker, then forced his friend to take one as well, as he could not choose which sticker he wanted but wished to adhere to the “Take One” rule.

-As her parents prompted her to thank me for her stickers, a small girl looked me in the eye, raised the stickers to my face, declared, “I’m taking these now,” and walked away with neither her parents nor a single care in the world.

-A mother told her son that if he touched anything, he would go to jail. I am not sure how she was able to back this threat up in the past, but clearly there was precedent enough that he stopped in his tracks.

-My final guest and I discussed strange things my guests have mentioned. She then asked me if I had seen a viral post about a Target employee’s first week on the job. As she described it, I reluctantly told her that I did in fact see it, as I had also written it. I am not fully sure if she left my register believing me or not, but either way, her reaction was phenomenal and I clocked out high on the buzz of pseudocelebrity status.

-My shift was bookended by visits from my lovely girlfriend. My night opened up with her bringing me Starbucks and closed out with her driving me home. She is the one to thank for Target Retales. She keeps me sane and keeps me going, and I don’t even have to give her that many stickers.

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Sorry to ask but whats the diego luna discourse? I havent seen anything about it

a whitepassing argentinian who thinks shes the universal voice of latinx tumblr bc she knows about oppression dynamics and colorism within the latinx comm said a few days ago that diego luna is a white latinx and we should stop saying he plays a non-white lead in r1, bc according to her his father is white and diego never said in an interview that he’s mestizo or chicano/xicano. this is the post:

all of this is Lol bc 1) diego may be lightskinned but? is not even whitepassing 2) while his mother may be a white british woman, his father is clearly a brown man??? funnily enough, she would always post pictures of him where there’s a literal spotlight on him so ofc he’s gonna look much lighter 3) idk about you but if you lived in a country where a lot of the population are mestizxs, you don’t go talking about your mestizo heritage??? also nvm that he /does/ talk about being mexican and it’s always in US interviews; also xicano/chicano is used to describe mexican-americans, diego grew up in mexico so why would he call himself that???

the nasty thing about all of this is that the moment non-latinxs read abt this, they instantly believed her and i saw ppl on twitter wanting to drop diego bc “oh no he’s white 😭😭😭 diego luna: cancelled” and basically exposed themselves and how they fetishize men of color/non-white celebs in general; but this discussion - how (especially white) fandom treats characters and celebrities of color as Get Out Of Jail cards and stans them to the point where i at least often wonder “are you genuine in caring that much about this character or are you really just doing this to get a seat at the Cool Pee Oh Cee table?” - is such a broad topic that it’s really something that needs its own special focus on it

back to the actual topic, when people (the majority being mixed latinxs, a lot of them mexican) were calling bullshit on White Diego LunaTM, she started saying that the people who were arguing that diego is a moc were either white latinxs or gringxs/white americans and refuses to realize she’s wrong on the matter and only engages with people who support her opinion. most people who agree on White Diego are non-latinxs and it’s super annoying to see this because this isn’t their lane at all, stay the fuck outta this discussion


…. so I got some shitty ass anons today (which I wont be posting). And after a few hours I was still feeling salty - so this is all I have to say on the matter.

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What did you tweet to Pacat about?

friend1: i’ll give pacat a crisp $20 to write another one
me: ill give her 20 bucks and a long hug while i sob on her shoulder
friend2: I would give her my firstborn tbh
friend3: *slides across a crumpled $5* i believe i can contribute
me: you hear that @cspacat ??? 45 dollars, a hug, my tears n a firstborn!! tempting offer, right!?💖💖💖
pacat: think it’ll cost more than $45 to raise the firstborn

I love her???