and she adores it


an: day three of fluffy mini ficlet week continues! <3 for @swans-and-pirates who must be dying of boredom by now <3

If you told Emma when she was young that she’d one day be engaged to be married to a ticklish pirate, she would never have believed it.

But now, as she pinches his side just so she can watch his body convulse under waves of laughter, she finds that she absolutely adores it.

“Stop that, now!” he laughs, his words spoken half-heartedly. As if he doesn’t mind that they’re lying on the floor beside their bed, her body half on top of his while she pinches and teases him with her fingers. “I’m ticklish!”

“You’re ticklish?” Emma teases. “Really?”

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I just had a dream that the missus was pregnant on Harry's birthday and her due date was the week before so she's past her due date and just heavily pregnant and she tries to make Harry's birthday special but can't really do much like go out and celebrate so they just have a lowkey birthday at home and maybe a few friends come over but later that night lying in bed she apologizes that his birthday wasn't fun and he's like this was the best bday ever because he's just so excited to meet his baby

Oh my god. That is SO adorable. So, maybe she made a tonne elaborate plans to throw him a huge party at their house, with all their friends and their families coming over, but because she’s been so exhausted and tired and her baby-brain has been taking over, she hadn’t planned too much and it ended up being something small with just their close friends and immediate family. She had Gemma and Anne buy some buffet-type foods and she had a cake delivered to the house because she wouldn’t be able to lift anything heavy due to her being past her due date. And she also couldn’t risk Harry seeing her surprise birthday cake if he went to pick it up. 

But, he still enjoyed the day because he got to spend it with all his close and loved ones. Mingling with them and talking about getting older and chatting baby stuff and getting excited over the baby that was soon going to be with them. And when they’re tucked up in bed, much earlier than usual on a birthday night, she starts to apologise and she gets a little emotional and guilty.

“M’sorry your birthday was so boring.”

“Are you kidding me?” He’d scoff, looking across to her figure sitting up on the bed, her figure facing him with her legs crossed into the pretzel position and her fingers toying with his, twirling his wedding band around his finger, “this was a great birthday. I’m not a teenager anymore. I don’t want to get pissed and get drunk stupid on beer and liquor.”

“S’your last birthday before you become a daddy. You won’t be able to go out and get drunk and have nights out with your mates as much anymore when we have our baby,” you’d murmur, “I just wanted today to be good for you.”

“It was wonderful, love. I had a really great day, okay? Don’t think any different, because, it lovely of you to do anything in your condition. A week past your due date and you still planned a good party for me,” he’d smile, squeezing her hand, “thank you.”

“You’re not mad?”

“Mad at what? Having family and friends over for my birthday? Gorgeous, it was perfect,” he’d coo softly, bringing her fingers to his lips and pressing a kiss to them, “it was the best birthday because I got to spend it with you and our families and our friends. And our little baby, too.”

“They’re not here yet, Peaches.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” He’d whisper, shuffling and adjusting his body so he could lay his head on her crossed legs, his nose nudging against the bump resting on her thighs, “I kind of wanted them to be born today. Would’a made my birthday a lot more special, you know? Sharin’ the big day with my kid.”

“Can I tell you a secret?” She’d murmur back, running her fingers through his hair, “I kind of wanted them to be born today, too. I’m getting fed up of lugging this big bump everywhere. I just want them here, Harry. To complete us.” 

“Wha’ d’yah say we have some birthday sex right now and see if that can induce labour,” he’d smirk, “it’s a win-win in this situation. I get birthday sex and you get to go into labour after a week of waitin’.” xx


A few days later, Samantha decides on a walk to the local park while Caleb is out catching up with a few friends. In the park, she finds a seat on a free bench and sits down to catch her breath and enjoy the sun. While she absolutely adores the life in the city, the quietness of the park is enough to easily calm and soothe her. It reminds her of the few fond memories she has from her childhood. While she’s simply focusing on relaxing and taking in the scenery, Samantha doesn’t notice that four uptight looking women approach her.

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one day when lexa is on the offseason, lexa, alex and jake are playing outside while clarke has to do some painting or something. they tire themselves OUT and by the time theyre watching a movie at the end of the day they all fall asleep halfway through. clarke has to carry each one of her babies to bed

Lmfao first Jake, while Alex and Lexa are wide awake, watching the movie with big eyes, looking like copies of each other. They’re whispering to each other as Clarke peels Jake off the couch and goes to tuck him in. She comes down and Alex is snoozing in Lexa’s arms, clinging to her adorably. Clarke takes her up. When she comes back, Lexa is crashed on the couch, curled up just like a kitten. Clarke grins and picks her up and Lexa clings to her and they go to bed super warm and happy.

ashe: i’m gonna step on all the buttons!
gregor, sounding amused: what are you, markus?

markus: ashe…maybe you should stop doing that
ashe, you can hear her big dumb smile: what are you, me?

listen it is absolutely adorable how much fun ashe is having. she’s almost tripping over herself to be involved with all their dumb goofs. completely low-stakes puzzles and fighting (until the trollides but w/e) and as soon as she got her shuriken she was just gone, responsibility who? never heard of her. she was loosening up during harpy’s nest but ashe is just genuinely having a good time for the first time and i don’t think her friends quite know how to deal with this much Excitable Ashe, she usually goes back to being more reserved. ashe without her inhibitions is an experience, i can’t believe thog’s missing this

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((Message to thy artist: You seem to have too many compliments! But here's another, I really do like your art and your personal character. (Not referring to Bendy) They look so gosh darn cute!)) Hi. Its me again. Found some markers on my own no thanks to you. Anyways! What do you think about Betty Boop? Have you ever heard of her? This is the only time I'll bother you again.

(( Thank you so much!! ;w; If anyone wants to they can follow my personal/art blog @pippop-art ))

Betty? Oh gosh, she’s a doll face. I adore her~.

I haven’t seen her in ages.

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Can we take a moment to appreciate Ksenia and Fedor being all lovey dovey 😍😍😍

I mean it’s not like

she had some heart eyes

cute hugs

with more adoring eyes

plus cuddles

huge smiles

or anything…

So, sorry anon I have NO IDEA what you mean with lovey dovey appreciation…