and shares his passion for music

Sean Gantka, a production manager on The Legend of Korra, shares a neat, totally canon snippet about the finale! “I know many of you have wondered, since that fateful day back in Book 1, "What happened to Hasook?” or “How could he just not show up for a Pro Bending Match? Something important must have happened!” Well, I wanted to tell all of you back then what arch my character was on, but I could not risk ruining the integrity of Hasook’s return in the finale of the series. But now, my story can be told: Hasook left Probending to pursue his true passion: music. A clarinet player from the age of 3, Hasook quickly rose through the ranks of Ms. Chin’s Clarinet and Zhong Academy. As is the case for many artist, Hasook had to find a day job to pay the bills while he played music in small clubs and gained a following. Hasook is infamous for being a bit distracted and kind of a dick in that final pro bending match, but what people don’t know is that he had just been rejected by Republic City’s biggest gramophone record label. He couldn’t take that rejection AND Mako’s bullshit and constant criticism, so he left. Hasook then fell on some hard times, including a deep gambling debt - thanks a lot Fire Ferrets, you couldn’t beat the damn Wolf Bats, come on!

The final straw almost came when a spirit vine tore through Hasook’s studio apartment, destroying everything but his least favorite pair of shoes and his clarinet. Though, something else happened that day that would change Hasook’s life forever. While playing clarinet as a street performer, Hasook built a loyal following…of spirits. Hasook had never been THAT popular with humans, but spirits loved him and could not get enough of his music. After touring the spirit world for a few years, including a great evening concert at the Tree of Time, where he opened for Koh and the Stolen Faces, he decided to start up his own band in the physical world. 

With his spirit fan base in tact, Flameo Phonographs, decided to form a band around Hasook - their initial gig would be at the wedding of Sir Varrick and Zhu Li Moon. 

…Though, at the last minute, the label decided that Hasook still didn’t have enough “star power” and that they needed to add some “front man appeal” to the band, so they hired that dandy Tahno, and the Wolfbats…seriously?! Trombone as the focal instrument? These people know nothing about real music. 

Hasook has now given up on the human world and will be starting his Spring tour of the spirit world soon - opening night is at the Spirit Library, followed by stops at the edge of the Fog of Lost Souls, Aye Aye’s Spirit Oasis, the Lion Turtle Gardens, Xai Bau’s Grove (special appearance by Zaheer and the Red Lotus Punk Band, straight from physical prison), and closing out with a low key, recorded jam session with Iroh on the tsungi horn.

I hope you have all gained an understanding and appreciation of Hasook. He did what he did for the love of music, and all he ever seemed to get in return…was blame. Luckily, in the spirit world, the phrase “fucking Hasook!” is said less like a frustrated shout and more like an excited exclamation from adoring fans.“


I hate when ashton expresses any doubt about himself or that fans don’t care about the drummer, like I just hate that he feels that way. take a second and think about what 5sos would be like without ashton- it’d suck. he’s a ray of sunshine, he knows every answer to any question, he constantly makes videos telling us he loves us, he tweets about issues and brings light to important conversations (esp mental illness), and he’s a fucking amazing drummer. it’s impossible not to notice how much passion and dedication he puts into every performance. I guarantee that any time you look at ashton when he’s drumming, he’s smiling. he loves what he does and he loves spreading positivity and sharing his love of music with the world. I can not stress how important ashton irwin is and it breaks my heart that he thinks people don’t care about the drummer. ashton irwin is a gift to this world and he needs to be reminded of how special he is to us and that he’s just as important as every member of 5sos. we love you, ash :) 

 the thing is, no one makes direct posts @ calum on tumblr, the things we need to be defending him on aren’t obvious hate. People aren’t saying “he sucks as a musician” or “i hate him, he shouldn’t be in the band.” no one thinks that. but it’s things like the fact that people are always saying that him not smiling is a “bitch face”  (and the rest of the boys don’t smile all the time either, why would any of them, they’re human) and he gets called an asshole more than the rest of the boys even though he talks to us and shares with us his thoughts and passion for music. he made us a fucking playlist. and it’s easy to do these things because he’s quiet and lives and breathes the artistry of what 5sos is doing rather than be in the spotlight, and doesn’t share much about his personal life. but he doesn’t get the same amount of appreciation posts dedicated to him as the rest of the band and that whole “asian” (i mean, ching chong?? really?? even if it’s not directed at calum, that is some fucked up racist shit) went on for months, people erasing his ethnicity and heritage and no one defends him in light of these things as they would for the rest of the band. and i don’t think people do it because he’s a poc (aside from the racial slurs, which was insensitive, i’m still reeling people made jokes about that) but people let it slide, don’t recognize this abuse as easily, think he can handle it or see him as more emotionally closed off or not easily as lovable because he’s not white. it’s definitely a barrier that needs to be talked about.

Trouble in Paradise - Cycle Zombies from Desillusion Magazine on Vimeo.

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Born and raised in Orange County, California, Cycle Zombies is a collective of family and friends, immersed in a culture of waves, skateboards and motorcycles. It’s a lifestyle many try to embody but few have such a natural and honest approach to the culture and passion this brotherhood share. Desillusion Magazine’s Pierre David spent an afternoon with surfer, skateboarder, collector, craftsman and Father of three, Scotty Stopnik, to gain an insight into his life and the values his brotherhood live by.

Shot on location last winter in Huntington, California.

Scotty Stopnik is supported by Electric

This short film is based on the article “Trouble in Paradise” published in Desillusion Magazine 45 , Tome 1 available on

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I went to see Gerard perform last night in Brixton and he said something that hit me really hard. He said “I thought I wouldn’t live past 25, I thought I’d have killed myself by then.” He also said that it was music that helped him realise that his life was worth living and it pains me to think that if not for music, Gerard Way could have just been a kid from New Jersey who didnt make it to his 30th birthday. It made me realise that we can all be Gerard. We can all grow up and live rich full lives, we just have to find a passion and embrace it- whether it’s dancing or acting or reading or even singing like Gerard. We all have a talent, and sometimes we need a boost in order to have the courage to share our talents with the world.

“Living life without passion is like being dead.”

Passion is Jungkook’s personal motto. He is passionate about singing, dancing, and performing on stage. He is also passionate for hard work, dedication, self-improvement, friendships, and most of all, his love for ARMYs.

We all know how passionate Jungkook is with his life. Now, it is our opportunity to show him how passionate we are. The main purpose of this fan project is to collect messages from ARMYs about our own passions.

Are you passionate about:
-performing (singing, dancing, rapping, acting)
-writing (lyrics, raps, poems, stories, fanfics)
-art (graphic design, drawing, painting, sculpting, etc.)
-helping people (volunteering, mentoring)

The list can go on with so many more possibilities! If you have a passion to share, we would love to include your story! Express your passion(s) with words and pictures! Everything will be compiled into a customized printed booklet for Jungkook to read. All content will be translated to Korean with the assistance of Silver Lining’s team of translators!

Please help support this project by sharing your passion(s) and donating to cover the costs of the booklet & shipping. In addition, donations will help pay for Jungkook’s birthday gift - Red Beats By Dr. Dre Solo 2 Headphones. Any donations left over will be saved for future fan projects.

Also help spread the word about our birthday support project! Please share our website and retweet our post to your friends and followers. We are very excited to make this fan project a fun and successful event!

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This, this is just one of the many reasons why Billie Joe is my hero. Not only is music his life but he is sparking that passion in the next generation of musicians by using his social media presence to encourage them to play their hearts out and others to listen. There has never been a time than right now when I wished I could actually play an instrument or write a tune. I truly admire those who can and I hope they share it with the world. 


‘…he sang to me some of his own compositions, which are beautiful, & he has a very fine voice. I also sang to him.’

Queen Victoria and Prince Albert shared a common passion around music. It was at the center of their daily lives, in each royal residences they installed pianos. Felix Mendelssohn whom the royal couple admired greatly, recalled an evening at Buckingham Palace where Albert was performing a choral : “by heart, with the pedals, so charmingly, clearly and correctly, that it would have done credit to any professional… and then all the music sheets going all over the floor, and being picked up by the Queen.”

They often played duets on piano and sang together, sometimes pieces composed by Prince Albert who was a keen composer. After their engagement Albert went back to Coburg to settle his affairs in Germany, he sent to his fiancee a composition : Dem Fernen. Queen Victoria wrote on the top right corner ‘Composed by dear Albert at Windsor Castle & sent to me by him Jan. 5. 1840.’ 

From far away through the still night, I send my greetings forth
And from my yearning heart his gentle words are heard
Only thoughts fly over hills and dales, only a glance
And so the pale moon silently his greetings returns’

Lieder I  &  Lieder II

George Harrison with pen pal Jennifer Brewer at the Sandy Bay holiday camp, Exmouth, Devon, August 1956; screen capped from Living in the Material World, and also included in The Beatles Anthology book.

Photo © Harrison Family

“[W]hen the Harrisons caught up with their friends the Brewers in again, back at the Sandy Lane holiday camp in Exmouth, George had a new obsession to share with his friend Jenny. ‘He was now mad on music. He asked if I’d heard the real one. It was Heartbreak Hotel by Elvis Presley. I said, ‘Who?’ 'Elvis! Elvis Presley!’ He didn’t have his guitar with him, but he loved the music with a passion.’” - The Beatles - All These Years: Tune In by Mark Lewisohn

“In June 1968, George was filmed with Ravi Shankar in California for the movie Raga. 'It was the last time I really played sitar. I thought I am never going to be a sitar player, because I’ve seen a thousand sitar players in India who are better than I’ll ever be and, out of them, Ravi only thought one was good. Ravi was more worried for me than I was. He was trying to find my background or some roots and he was saying, 'What about Liverpool?’ and I said, 'No, I feel more at home in Benares, India than I do in Liverpool.’ Then I thought, 'What’s my root?’ The first thing that I could call a root, musically speaking, was riding down the road on my bike and hearing 'Heartbreak Hotel’ by Elvis Presley coming out of somebody’s house. On my way home (from California) I went to New York. When I checked into the hotel, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton happened to be staying there, which is another little cosmic point. From then on I thought, 'Well, maybe I am better off to get back into being a pop singer, guitar player, song writer; whatever I am supposed to be’. So it was Ravi really, who helped me get back into being a pop singer and guitar player again.” - George Harrison, quoted in The Apple Years 1968-1975



Hey everyone! So I’ve wanted to do this for a while, and I’m so glad it’s finally coming together. We’ve formed a music blog!  We’ve all been inspired in part by Troye, his style, and his love of music, and wanted a place for us to share that passion. We really hope you’ll join us!

We have these lovely admins: myself, chaitroye sotroye troyeoakdizzle angelictroye ohtyluhyouresodreamy tillyismyqueen peace-out-little-munchkins whatstroyler and woosivan! We all have a passion for music and are very excited to be able to discuss it.

All of the admins will be posting songs, and anyone can submit their own songs as well! We want to see what everyone listens to and want this to be a place for all of #teaminternet to come together and share their music. I can’t wait to see everything!

Thank you so much; see you around!


i wanted to write something special for his birthday but i guess i will say the same things over and over again. i don’t know how many times i’ve said i love this person more than anyone else. not only because he is an amazing singer, but especially because he is an amazing person. he proved to us more than once how much he cares for his family, his members and his friends. it seems impossible that a person can be so perfect but it is so difficult for me to find some flaws. there is nothing about him that i don’t like. i like when he is serious and when he is silly. when he is laughing and when is crying. when he is singing passionately on stage or when he is hungrily eating during a broadcast.

i just want to wish him a happy birthday. i hope he is having a good time right now in south america, living his dream of sharing music with everyone. i hope he is proud to be who he is. because i certainly am.

happy birthday jonghyun.

Man to watch: Richard Armitage.

Beneath all that hair as Thorin Oakenshield in The Hobbit series is one suave, sexy stunner. An accomplished British stage and television actor before gaining Hollywood and worldwide recognition in the LOTR prequel saga, Richard’s strong suits have been his versatility, intensity and smooth baritone (many an audiobook favorite). Musically inclined and a trained dancer, too! Let’s not forget to mention the obvious: GORGEOUSNESS. Those steely blue eyes reluctant to be gazed upon. The physique. That “indecent handsomeness” reels you in, but what captivates you more is how he seems to be embarrassed by the attention. (Which is even sexier.) Question is, how does he manage to stay romantically unattached despite women clamoring for him? Passion for the profession, I suppose – and we’re thrilled to be on the receiving end of that desire…

And what do you know, Richard’s set to warm American television sets as serial killer Francis Dolarhyde in the third season of Hannibal. The summer re-scheduling is a tease. I do hope they don’t alter his appearance dramatically (give us some man candy to counter Mads’ maneater)! *Shuffling off to watch Spooks, BRB*


Se7en to begin first project coming from the military as ′Death′ in Musical ′Elisabeth′!

Se7en will be acting as the character Death in the musical Elisabeth starting June 13 at Blue Square. He will be sharing the role with Shin Sung Rok and Jun Dong Seok.

This will be Se7en′s first official activity since getting discharged from the army.

The director of the musical, Robert Johanson stated, “At the auditions, he came prepared with not just singing and dancing, but also for his character from head to toe. He perfectly showcased what the staff requested, and through his natural talent and sincerity, he showed his amazing passion towards the production. He was already Death.”

On getting the role of Death, Se7en stated, “As I′ll be standing on my first musical stage, I′m quite nervous and excited. I will do my best to show the most dynamic Death ever." 

Source & Translated by: MWAVE

Your ex boyfriend meets you in a comic book store.
He tells you that you give good hugs, he smiles,
He goes home after exchanging numbers with you.
He lives hours from you and you talk all the time to make up for the fact.
He shares your interests, your passions, your enthusiasms,
He clicks with you in no time whatsoever.
When he tells you that he loves you, your ex boyfriend
Will stumble and trip over his words
Like some form of obstacle, an accident, a mistake.
He does not realise this yet, but for now,
You are the gold in his life
You are long hair and flannel shirts
Obscure music and a passion for superheroes and comic books.

Your ex boyfriend stays with you over the summer.
You share souls, share stories
The week after he leaves, you spend time wondering
What might have been if he stayed longer. What might have happened
If he lived closer, was closer, got closer
Your ex boyfriend has big hands perfect for your own.
But you find yourself falling through his fingertips like sand
And it isn’t something that could have been stopped. Your ex boyfriend
Insists it’s his fault, that he’s the reason
You slipped out of his palms and into the open sea.

Your ex boyfriend asks if you can still be friends.
You snatch this offer in the same way he stole your heart so quickly
And you try to treat it with the same care he treated you. You sit at home at four in the morning.
You and your ex boyfriend haven’t spoken in months
And you accept his offer once again, you ask how he’s been
You hope you can be friends at least. Your ex boyfriend sees your message. He will not text you back.
—  Your Ex Boyfriend

I happened to catch an early preview of this one last week and have been waiting to share it with you, and let me tell you, it is pure magnificence. SoCal’s Crywolf, who puts on a spectacular live show, has covered Flume’s smash hit Never Be Like You. The song goes gut pummeling atmospheric on the massive cover. Crywolf slows it down a notch and gives instills in it a bounty of his signature majestic sound. His voice near cracks under the pressure of passionate emotion. This is an extra organic Never Be Like You with much ominously brooding ambiance. Anguish and torment linger long after the cover ends. The air is so heavy I can barely breath, but I dive right back into this ocean of sweeping brilliance. Crywolf has presented the track as a free download, here.

Made with SoundCloud

Reader Andrea De la Torre from Chicago, IL shares his desk with us.

Here is my desk, the place where I dream and create. My favorite way to design is listening to jazz or house music. When I have an idea I write it on a post it note and stick it on the wall, it is filled with new project ideas, and goals. I am a graphic designer, so most of what I do at my desk is design. But one of my greatest passions in life is traveling, so I do a lot of my travel planning here too. I move a lot so I’ve been through a lot of desks, but every time I strive to create a space that feels organized, unique, and inspiring. It wouldn’t be my desk without my post its, my lamp, my vintage calendar, and some of my designs or photographs. 

List of items:

Foldable chair with blue cushion from Ikea

Vintage Calendar from Guanajuato, Mexico

Wooden Desk

Black Desk Lamp from Office Max

Black Boxes from Ikea

#6 sign from Chicago blue line

Poster designed by me

Photograph on clip board taken by me

Set of rulers, angles and french curves designed by Sky White



Okay so I have been Listening to Cherri Bomb/Hey Violet since 2012 and decided I’d share some information with all of you who are new to this.
Originally an all-female band, Cherri Bomb was founded by former member Julia Pierce who was the lead guitarist and vocalist, alongside Nia Lovelis, Miranda Miller and Rena Lovelis.

She founded Cherri Bomb in 2008 or 2009. She posted ads on Craigslist and flyers around town for girls her age who shared a passion for rock n roll and who wanted to start an all girl band.

The name Cherri Bomb originated from the book Cherry Bomb – The Ultimate Guide to Becoming a Better Flirt, a Tougher Chick, and a Hotter Girlfriend, and to Living Life Like a Rock Star by Carrie Borzillo.

On June 14, 2011, they signed to Hollywood Records, and on October 18, 2011, they released their debut EP, Stark.

The band were opening acts for rock bands, including Bush, Camp Freddy, Filter, Foo Fighters, The Smashing Pumpkins, Staind and Steel Panther. They have also played European festivals, including Oxegen in Ireland (the youngest act to appear), T in the Park in Scotland, Sonisphere and the Reading and Leeds Festivals.

The band released their debut studio album, This Is the End of Control, on May 15, 2012, which charted on Billboard’s Top Hard Rock Albums at number 24 and Top Heatseekers at number 11.They appeared on the Warped Tour in July–August 2012.

On January 23, 2013, the band announced on their Facebook page that Cherri Bomb had parted ways with Julia Pierce. When asked the reasoning behind Pierce’s departure, Miranda Miller commented on her Tumblr that it was due to “creative differences” and that “we went our separate ways because we wanted to go in one direction and she wanted to go in another”.

This is rumored to not be true. Julia found out that she was “out of the band” via Cherri Bomb’s facebook post talked about above.

Julia then posted this on her social media.

“When I started Cherri Bomb five years ago, I envisioned something beautiful for this band. It’s unfortunate that I’m no longer part of it. Sadly, what has happened wasn’t my decision. I never imagined it ending up this way.

We had a great time, I’m proud of everything we accomplished: We got signed, made a great record, toured the world, and most importantly we found you guys! With that said, I wish the girls the best of luck.

To all of you that followed me through every step of my journey in Cherri Bomb, I can’t thank you enough for your loyalty and sweetness. Now we have an exciting new future to experience together.

I’ll definitely be setting my sights on bigger and better things ahead. I’ve got a bunch of new songs that I’m excited to share with all of you. I’m anxious to get back in the studio and see you all on the road. I hope you’ll be just as excited as I am about moving forward and being stronger than ever!

I’ve read ALL of the comments, messages, and tweets that you’ve sent to me during this transitional time. Your outpouring of support is so encouraging and I really appreciate it!

This is a new beginning. I promise i’ll be there for you, and I love you with all my heart.


Subsequently there after, the band was dropped from Hollywood Records and their manager, Samantha Maloney, known for playing in the bands Hole, Mötley Crüe, Eagles of Death Metal and in Peaches’ live band “The Herms”.

Honestly at this point as a fan. I was devastated. Cherri Bomb, and especially Julia were the reason why I wanted to start a band. I literally picked up a guitar with this new found passion for music after seeing Julia shred on guitar.

So then Cherri Bomb got a replacement guitarist, Casey Moreta for the time being. After months of playing shows with him the asked him to be they permanent lead guitar player of Cherri Bomb.

At this point in time, Julia had been doing a lot of self finding I’m sure. I mean if I got kicked out of my band I would too. She then announced a solo project that would be out sometime in the future.

Cherri Bomb had played shows but not very big ones. Promoters seemed to be absent???

How Cherri Bomb started working with John Feldman? I’m not sure.

About a month ago Cherri Bomb announced that they were changing their name to Hey Violet. Then shortly after got signed to 5SOS’s label Hi or Hey Records.

I personally miss Cherri Bomb like crazy. I don’t really listen to Hey Violet cause it’s not really my style but I just think that Julia really needs some recognition here because without her there would be no Cherri Bomb or Hey Violet. I have my sources and I know certain things that have happened and I will always be there to support Julia but I will never be there to support hey violet.

please don’t be mean to kim namjoon. he’s worked so hard to be where he is now. he’s never merely relied on his talent and instead continues to improve himself in all aspects, be it rapping, composing or dancing. he’s only 21 years old, right in the middle of bts’ age group, but he leads them so well, carrying the burden and seeing through their struggles so they can reach their goal, and more importantly, their fans. he’s an intelligent young man who could’ve had a promising future in any other field besides the idol industry, but he chose to follow his dream, his passion to share his music with the world. he’s made mistakes, but he bravely owns up to them with a maturity not even people twice or thrice his age could muster.

he is so much more than all these degrading comments, all the hate and backlash he gets for simply being rap monster. sometimes, we tend to forget that behind his idol persona, he is simply kim namjoon, an intelligent, self-assured young man who is brave enough to follow what his heart yearns for. and i think that, beyond anything else, is what truly makes him special in my eyes. so please, don’t be mean to kim namjoon. he is already struggling enough like the rest of us. there’s no need to add to that already heavy burden.