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Shaina Mote - Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear
Shaina Mote Fall 2017 Ready-to-Wear Fashion Show Collection
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Hadestown Masterpost

So, people are writing to me asking for the Hadestown bootleg, but the truth is that… it doesn’t exist. Seriously, all the gifs you can see on my blog are from promotional clips that can be easily found on YouTube and I’ll link them to you right here:

Hadestown: Why We Build The Wall #NoWalls (Videoclip of the song)

Working in the Theatre: Casebook (The cast in rehearsal)

“Hadestown” Excerpt from New York Theatre Workshop (The end of Wedding Song)

Vermonters in Hadestown (Clips of Our Lady Of the Underground, Hey Little Songbird and a new song)

Don’t Miss HADESTOWN: Just Extended Thru July 31! (A simple advertising)

Bringing HADESTOWN to the Stage (More of the cast in rehearsal)

These are the videos I use for my gifs and edits, there’s no bootleg of the show that I know of, only official footage, which is not much but at least it’s something. Now go and enjoy.