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WITH THE POWER OF PROCRASTINATION I have created this way too damn extensive sketchdump of me trying to figure out how to draw Loki Disney-style xD I still haven’t quite got it right :l but I also have 6 deadlines left to go, so ye xD


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When I do get my novel finished and published later this year, I’m going to include black characters of all shades, phenotype, and mixtures. I don’t know anyone who wants to outright exclude lighter skinned black people with a varied phenotype. I think it’s just as silly but I do expect to have darker skinned folks, particular girls, to be centered more. But I can’t pretend the lightest and most ambiguous black person doesn’t exist. I do think some people are quick to cry “colorism” when a black show or media has more light-skinned black people than they want even if it’s a good balance of the characters.

Right. Rampant spec time. 

Black Fairy casts a new Dark Curse that throws Emma back out into the non-magic world and in a prison because the Black Fairy couldn’t have her be a fairly well-adjusted bail bonds person so instead her life post-giving birth to Henry involved constantly being in and out of jail. Henry, unaffected by the curse, takes off once again to find his mom and bring her back to town where she can fulfill her destiny and be the Savior. Shades of the Pilot is all over that plus it means Emma has to believe and have faith in herself in a way that she hasn’t since the Pilot. 


If you really want to get better at drawing Chucky just google actual pics of Chucky and draw those over and over. I started drawing Chucky the way I did after figuring it out. So….using my drawings as a base won’t help youXD

And this is for everyone who wants to get better at drawing and developing an art style. The thing you need to do is LEARN TO DRAW REALISTIC! Draw still lifes and portraits. Do observational drawings. You will not develop an art style over night. It takes a long time. I did not start drawing the way that I currently do the moment I picked up pencil. My art work used to be shit! It took me YEARS to get to where I am right now. 

Even if you draw cartoons. Every professional cartoonist knows how to draw realistic. You need to know the rules to break the rules. Learn value and shading, anatomy, all the “boring” stuff. It’s the basics. You may not like it now, but you’ll start to gradually see improvements over time.

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Blake loves all kinds of seafood. Canned Tuna is the easiest and cheapest, but fresher stuff is better. However her favorite is something that's not all that common outside of menagerie, so she hadn't had any in years. When they find out, Weiss pulls some strings to get some, Yang gets Blake out of the dorm for a bit, and Ruby learns how to best prepare it. When she comes back she recognizes the smell long before they even get to the room. She starts crying because she has such wonderful friends

my tears…

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Missy with skirts and knee high socks

Missy with skirts and knee high socks.

Missy with petty coats and ruffled skirts.

Missy with gray slacks and a snazzy button down.

Missy with crazy hair pieces and baggy sweaters.

Missy in bright colors.

Missy in monochromatic color schemes.

Missy in 80’s shape pattern clothing.

Missy with dyed hair all shades of colors.

Missy with pastel hair.

Missy with large round glasses.

Midst wearing ballet flats, and combat boots, and high heels, and old well-loved sneakers.


I graded my ‘asshole’ teacher as Average and lowkey covered as ‘there is too many people to have a proper class, it’s too chaotic’ which in a sense it’s also shade because she can’t control them all. But I have no other way to put it, the teacher evaluations are not private in this college so they know who said what and my best bet is to grade her as average so I can at least pass ‘the unconfortable student of the noise’ instead of becomming an actual target.

She is known for fucking people up who confronted her about what she does, making their grades bad in porpouse and even making them fail.

So as my mom told me ‘it’s your word aganist her, and the institution it’s bound to believe her. Your case is a little different because you work there too but you are still younger so they are gonna get you on that.’ And she is right.

Gotta lay low and stab where I can.

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Y'all stop throwin shade at me for a crack ship. I was lying, I stopped shipping them when I found out they were brothers (I read out of order)

owhdishdjw how do u read anything with them in it and not know theyre brothers

The Tumblr pentaholic fandom hates watching covers for some reason, but I post all of mine regardless.
Here’s my quick cover of Pentatonix’s version of Can’t Help Falling In Love!

P.S. if you don’t appreciate the singing, at least appreciate that I got annoyed while transcribing all the parts and KO shaded me for it on twitter (but immediately liked the video when I posted it).

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i'm 50% puerto rican (hispanic) and pale as shit. my dad is 100% and is the same way. my grandparents came from san juan, and my grandma is dark as hell but my grandpa is as pale as i am. #50ShadesofHispanic

People don’t seem to realise that Latino and Hispanic people come in all shades. They assume all Latinos are basically the tan stereotypical Latino and the fact some are white and some are black baffles a lot of people and I don’t see why? Literally you can be Cuban for example and be white and it doesn’t mean you’re not fully Cuban? Not all Hispanic people look exactly the same thinking they do is just racist

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Relationship status: 17 spirit attachments 

Favorite Color: green all shades baby

Lipstick or chapstick: rosebud salve and carmex every second of the day

Last song I listened to: hard times by paramore it goes so hard i can’t stop listening to it 

Last Movie I watched: i made lea watch The Way He Looks with me

Top 3 Fictional Characters: Luigi i love that green guy, charlie kelly, captain america when he’s good 

Top 3 ships: i don’t like watch tv besides ghost adventures so uhh luke and lorelei from gilmore girls, i think doc holliday had a crush on wyatt earp in real life, bucky and steve shut up 

Books I’m reading: i’ve been reading A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara for almost a year now because it’s so long and so heartbreaking but i’m almost done with it now and i recommend it to everyone but i strongly caution everyone against it because it is really triggering for sexual mental physical abuse drugs and self harm so. i’ve also been reading The Last Gunfight by Jeff Gunn about the real story of the gunfight at the O.K. Corral with the Earps and this other book called Tough Towns by Robert Barr Smith about like old west outlaws

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I don’t even have just one “son” anymore. Now it’s more like “a medium sized army of jilted, underappreciated grown ass men that I need to wrap in blankets and shield from the world.”