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BTS Reacting to Their S/O Constantly Mooning Them

Request: BTS reacting to their s/o constantly mooning them when theyre alone
Note: I’m going to sort of change it a bit to their s/o always taking off their clothes when their alone together. Just cause idk if you just mean butt or?? 

Jin (Seokjin)

Jin would nag his s/o constantly about thier habit since he would be super paranoid the other members or somebody random would see. He wouldn’t undress with them but would probably wrap his love up in a blanket or one of his shirts and pull them in for cuddles. 

 Ya, you’re so beautiful and I love seeing you like this, but Jagi please. Be careful. I don’t want to have to punish you. 

Suga (Yoongi) 

 Yoongi would be a little startled at first, his eyes widening in surprise. Even if he was a little flustered, Suga would play it off really cool. He would carefully check to make sure no one was around before openly admiring his love. After his initial surprise, his partner immediately stripping would be his new favourite thing. 

*a few minutes after you two are alone together* Ya Jagi, what’s going on? You still have all your clothes on. Its just me, get comfortable. 

Rap Monster (Namjoon)

Namjoon’s reaction would be so funny. The first time his s/o stripped Namjoon would be a little shocked, but immediately his eyes would get really dark and fill with lust. RapMon would be down, so down. I feel naked is his aesthetic. 

Ahhh, you tempt me Jagi. You are the sexiest little thing. Get over here.

Jhope (Hoseok) 

Jhope would be really chill about it after awhile but at first he would probably be one of the most surprised and distressed members. He would immediately try to cover up his s/o and would scold them for being so wild. After he realized that it was just for his eyes only, he would absolutely love it. Hobi would like the idea that it was a private thing between them two and would definitely follow suit.

You are the most gorgeous thing to ever grave the earth. I am so in love with you. How did I get this lucky? 


Jimin would be the shyest member, his cheeks instantly reddening the first time his s/o stripped. He would be distracted the extreme, initially trying to play it cool and act like his love wasn’t completely naked. Jiminie would be adorable unable to stop his eyes from roaming over his partners body. Jimin would be really gentle and try to cover his s/o every time. I don’t think Jimin would ever really get used to it.

*coughs* umm…jagi. So…uh…Jagi, so do you want uhh…I CANT DO THIS. Y/N i cant think when you’re sitting there like that. 

Taehyung (V)

Taehyung would turn bright red at first. He would be so surprised but then he would love it. Dropping his own clothes TaeTae would probably dance around the room with his love, laughing and smiling at how fun it was to be this comfortable with his s/o. Tae would find the whole thing so fun. 

 YAH JAGI, what a good idea! You’re the cutest. Naked dance party? Woaawww your so pretty like this Y/N. 


Depending on how long Kookie has been in a relationship with his s/o, it may be surprising but I think Kookie would barely be phased. If he was really comfortable with his s/o he would probably find it extremely sexy right away. Jungkook would play along after making sure none of his hyungs were anywhere near. 

Shall I be naked too Jagi? But if we’re both naked I can think of different things for us to do together. What do you think Y/N? 

Oswald x Reader- Sleeping Beauty (Rated M for super smut)

So the amazing, beautiful @oswald-cobblepot-addicted sent me a prompt and this is what happened! Please read the warnings on this as it may not be to everyone’s taste


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Missing You [M]

Author’s Note: Just a little conversation I had one night with @seokjin-seng about Jin missing you something fierce while he was away, and I created this little drabble because of it.

Warnings: Slight choking, slight daddy kink, pet names

From the moment he stepped foot in the door, you could see it in the expression on his face; you could feel it in his bruising kiss, you could taste it on the tip of his tongue. Desire ran thick through the blood coursing through his veins, and he wanted nobody other than you in this moment.

He had missed you, god he had missed you.

“Let me show you just how much, Princess,” he whispered, his fingers trailing up your spine, smirking when he hears your breath hitch. The mild, calming scent of his shampoo fills your nose as he draws himself closer, having just taken a shower from having been drenched in sweat from being onstage; but the thrill and the buzz that tingled throughout his limbs was still going strong, and he needed to set it free.

And how else to do so but through worshiping you?

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Night of Champions

Summary: Interracial Foursome Finn Balor/TJ Perkins/Dean Ambrose/Riley Styles(OCC)[Original character of color, She’s black]. Riley Styles has been the most dominant female superstar since she debuted after Wrestlemania 32. She was considered to be the hottest female superstar but due to constant teasing, she doesn’t believe it. After Clash of Champions, Sasha and Charlotte drags her to the after party to celebrate but instead, Dean, Finn, and TJ convinces her to have an after party of their own back at the hotel.

Warnings: Smut, Language, A little Angst, Fluff

Notes: What up? It’s Jessie. Yeah, sorry it took me so long to post this story. I was almost done with when my fucking computer died so i had to start over. But anyway, enjoy! Happy new years! And I’m sorry if it’s terrible.

Tag List: @fioportella @skyrina @na-nou83 @thelegitgingerninja @nickysmum1909 @thatonegirloncealways @laigy2213

“Oh, look! It’s the resident dwarf! Hey, Riley!” 

I rolled my eyes as I put on my jacket in Gorilla, waiting for the tech guy to hit my music for my match. I was going up against Bayley, Sasha, And Charlotte in a fatal four way match for the raw women’s championship. And I wasn’t finna let Charlotte’s rabid chihuahua’s words get in my way of greatness.

“Look, Dana. Why don’t you go find your owner and be a good girl and let professionals focus on more important things?” I said, patting her head like she does.

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She smacks my hand away. “I don’t know why you bother trying to be champion. No one wants a burnt soccer ball like you as the face of anything.” she said before walking away.

I wanted to be hurt about it because it was the whole reason why my ex-boyfriend broke up with me two mouths ago, saying I wouldn’t amount to anything in the Wwe because of my skin tone. It kind of broke me but it also motivated me to take that championship. 

Before I could get deep inside my head, I heard the beginning chords of Kevin Rudolf’s “In The City” play. I straighten my jacket and looked down at my attire before going through the curtain.

“The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the raw women’s championship. Introducing the challenger, first, from The Queen City, Riley Styles!” 

“Natural Selection from Charlotte to Bayley!” Cole said.

“That’s it. The queen retains again.” Graves said.

“Wait a minute! Legacy’s End from Styles! For the cover!” Bryon said




“Here’s your winner and the NEW raw women’s champion, Riley Styles!”

Ever the opportunist, many superstars have called me. Tonight was no different. I waited for Charlotte to go for his bread and butter, Natural Selection because I knew she unintentionally line herself up for Legacy’s End. (Shinsuke’s Kinshasa)

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I threw my championship over my shoulder as I walked through the curtain. As I was congratulated by my colleagues, I went to my locker room only to find my suitcase had been rummaged through. I looked through it to find my black dress and red heels are gone. There’s a note in there as well.

‘Why does a troll like you have a dress like this if you never gonna use it? It would do you no justice. So I’ll gladly take it off your hands and put it to better use at tonight’s after party. Wish me luck.’

“For someone who hates everything about me, she sure wants everything I have.” I said, packing my stuff up.

I headed for the parking lot and put my things into the trunk of my challenger rental and drove to the hotel. 

“I’m sorry, Ms. Styles. There’s no rooms available.” The receptionist said.

“Really? Okay, thank y-.” 

“Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. The new raw women’s champion doesn’t have a room?” I turned around to see Ric Flair behind me.


“It sure is. What’s this bs of the wrestling goddess not getting a room?”

“It’s true, sir. We have no more rooms.” The receptionist said.

“I’ll tell you what. Since you’re championship getting, legacy ending, and “L” giving, you can also be penthouse suite living as well.” he said.

“Wait, you’re -.”

“Sweet pea, put the reservation of the penthouse suite under Styles instead of Flair.” he said to the receptionist.

“Of course, sir.” she said .

“Enjoy your stay, Ms. Styles.” he said, giving me the key.

I hugged him. “Thanks, Ric.”

“No problem.” he walked away to the exit.

I went to the elevator and pressed the button for the penthouse suite. I walked in and my jaw dropped at the sight of the suite.

“Goddamn. Thank you, Ric Flair.” I walked further into the penthouse, looking for the bedroom.


“The view from here is awesome.”

While I watched the view from the bedroom, I heard my phone ringing.


“Hey, Ms. Champ. You’re coming to the after party to celebrate your first championship win?” I heard Sasha ask through the phone.

“Nope. Not in the mood to entertain drunk idiots bullshit tonight.”

That’s a lie. I didn’t want to deal with Dana’s shit anymore. But of course I couldn’t tell Sasha that for the sake of my ego that took up two area codes.

“Really? Or you don’t want to entertain Dana’s bullshit tonight?” she said.


“Look, Riley. I don’t know what she said or done to make you not want to go but you’re going and that’s that.”

I rolled my eyes, “I’d like to see you try, Banks.”

“Challenge accepted, Styles.”  She hung up.

What she up to?

I shrugged and gathered my things for a shower. After I showered, I put a towel around me and entered the bedroom.

“What the fuck?!” I screamed. I walked in the room not only finding Sasha in my suitcase but Charlotte in my makeup bag.

“What? Did you really think that I wasn’t finna let you challenge me and I wouldn’t do anything about it?” Sasha said.

“Besides, It’s your first championship win and I want to see you drunk off your ass.” Charlotte said.

I shook my head. “Okay, first off, I ain’t a lightweight. It’ll take a year of straight drinking before I can get drunk off my ass. Second of all, no. I don’t want to go.”

“Why? Afraid you’ll embarrass yourself?” Charlotte said.

“No. I’m Riley Styles. The wrestling goddess. I don’t get embarrassed.”

“Well, if that’s the case, then you have no excuse of not going.” Sasha said, shoving the outfit she picked out for me in my hands.

“15 minutes, your highness.” Charlotte said, handing me the makeup she picked and shoved me back into the bathroom. 

After 20 minutes, I put on the makeup and the dress that was given to me. 

Sasha knocked on the door, “Come on, You royalty. I’d like to be at the party before it ends.”

I walked out the bathroom, twirling around. 

“There is a such thing as fashionably late.”

“Well, damn, Riley. I don’t think everyone’s ready for this much, this much-.” she began to said.

“Nope, we’re going. If I can render you speechless, I can silence a whole party.” I said, grabbing my purse and keys.

“Let’s go then, bitches!” Charlotte said, going out the door.

After a few minutes, we arrived at the party. I showed the bouncer my ID and I walked in. Just as I attempted to sneak to the bar, I heard Enzo say,

“Damn, Riley! That you, mama?”

I cheesed as I played with my hair.

“Yeah, it’s me, ‘Zo.”

“Let me buy you a drink.” he said.

“No, I’ll think I’ll take it from here, Enzo.” I turned around and saw TJ.

Enzo shrugged, “Do ya thang, Perkins.”

I walked to the bar and sat down on a stool with perkins following suit.

“Beer and Chicago martini, please.” he ordered.

I raised my eyebrow at him. “Since when you know what i drink?”

“Since I’ve noticed a sexy thing like you.” he winked at me.

I gave a shy smile and looked down at the ground as the bartender placed our drinks in front of us.

“Well, you don’t look bad yourself.” I said, taking a sip of my drink.

“Riley, is that ya, lass?” I heard a Irish accent say.

“Yeah, Finn. It’s me. You look good, fella.” I flirted.

“Not as good as ya, Darlin’.”

“Here, sit down. Chat with us.” I said, pulling out a stool for him. 

He sat down and He, TJ, and I talked for a couple of minutes when I heard a commotion. 

“Don’t give me that bullshit, Dean! It’s obvious that you fell out of love with me! Let’s call it quits now before it gets out of hand.” Renee said, walking out of the party.

“Renee, wait!” he said. He sighed and hung his head when she didn’t stop. I asked for a beer and walked over to him.

“Hey, Dean. You all right?” I asked, handing him the beer.

He took it and took a sip. “No, Riley. Renee broke up with me.” he sighed.

I rubbed his back. “Oh, Dean. I’m so sorry. You want to talk about it?” 

“Yeah. But not here.” 

I nodded and went back to the bar to finish my drink.

“Where ye off ta, lass?” Finn asked, noticing I was about to leave.

“Dean going through a thing and wants me to take him back to the hotel.” 

“Hey, can we tag along? I’m a little concerned about him, too.” TJ perked up.

“If it’s cool with him.” 

We walked back over to Dean who looked when he realized I wasn’t alone.

“Hey, they wanted to come, too. Is that cool?” 

“Sure. The more the merrier to make me feel better.” he said.

He got up and walked to the parking lot with the rest of us. We all got into my car and we headed back to the hotel.

When we walked into the hotel, we got in the elevator, heading for my room. On the way up, TJ asked:

“So, why did Renee lose her shit the way she did?”

“TJ!” Finn said.

“Because of Riley.” Dean simply said.

I looked at him, Shocked. “Me?” I asked. “Why?”

Just as fast I could blink, Dean backed me up against the wall with his hand around my throat. He leaned forward, eyes growing to an almost black.

“Because you’re the sexiest little thing i ever saw. and I’m pretty sure Finn and TJ would agree.” he said, lips barely touching mine. 

I moaned. “Really?”

Finn stepped to the left side of Dean, eyes going dark as well.

“Really, Darlin’. Ah still to dis day wonder why ya still single.” 

Then TJ spoke up, “I mean, look at you.” He grabbed my hips sliding them up to my triple D breasts, squeezing. “The breasts, the hips, the ass on you, girl can drives any man crazy.”

I whimpered. “Well, why don’t you guys show me how much you want me?”

The elevator dinged, signalling that we reached the penthouse. Dean let go of her throat and picked her up, wrapping her legs around his waist.

TJ whistled, looking around the room. “Damn, penthouse suite? It’s like someone was hoping for you get fucked tonight.”

I shied away from the trio of guys into Dean’s neck who chuckled and set me down on the bed.

“As cute as that shy shit is, I want that sex goddess that you’re known for.” he said, grabbing my chin forcing me to look at him.

I shove him back and stood up. I turned my back to them as I grabbed the zipper on the back to slowly unzip it. Once I unzipped it, I shrugged it off my shoulders to reveal the lingerie beneath. 

“Fuck.” they growled simultaneously. I sat down on the bed, spreading my legs and rubbing my thighs.

“So, which one of you is gonna have me first?” 

Finn rolled up his sleeves much like TJ had and walked over towards me. He grabbed me by the hips and kissed me gentle but hard. I moaned as I fell back on the bed, wrapping my legs around his waist and tangled my hands in his hair. He flipped me over with me on top. He broke the kiss as he moved his hands to my breasts, squeezing lightly.

“Ye have da most perfect breasts Ah’ve ever seen, baby girl.” he said, sticking his face in between them. I whimpered when he put his hands under the cups of my bra, toying with my nipples.

“Not as perfect her round, fat ass.” TJ said, smacking my ass, groping it. I sat up and grabbed Finn’s shirt, ripping it open. I rubbed his abs, biting my lip.

“You guys are wearing way too many clothes. It’s not fair.” I said.

Dean laid down on the bed, taking me off of Finn. “Tell you what. While they get undressed, I can get you ready for the night of your life.” he said.

He pulled me up to his face, making me sit on it. He licked me from my hole to my clit then sucked it in his mouth. I moaned, throwing my head back and biting my lip so hard, I’m pretty sure I had a bruise. I began to ride his face. He pulled away and started using his fingers, moving at a rapid pace.

“Oh, shit, yes. Yes! Fuck my tight little pussy!” I moaned.

“Fuck.” I heard TJ say. I looked over to see him and Finn stroking their cocks. It made my mouth water. I clenched my walls around Dean’s fingers. 

“Mmm! Fuck! I’m gonna cum! Please let me cum!” I screamed, moving my hips faster.

Dean growled, feeling my walls squeeze his fingers. “Cum, baby doll. Let me taste you.” he said.

“Oh, fuck!” I came all over his fingers and face.

TJ grabbed my leg, pulling me onto his lap and flipped me over. He rubbed his condom covered cock against my pussy lips.

“I can’t wait anymore. I need to fuck you now.” he said. I eased down on his dick until he was fully sheathed inside my tight pussy. 

“Fuck, you’re so fucking tight. Damn, I think I’m addicted to this pussy already, Riley.” he said, moving his hips, hitting gently but deep.

“Oh. Oh…mmm. TJ. Faster.” I moaned. I grabbed his biceps as he picked up his pace a little bit. I felt someone grab my hair and turn it to the side. 

“Forgot about me, Darlin’?” Finn asked.


“No, what?”

“No, Daddy.”

He chuckled, putting his cock to my lip. “Suck.”

I took him in my mouth, adjusting my head to allow him to fuck my mouth. Dean pushed TJ and grabbed my breasts.

“This is a perfect rack, Riley. Kind of makes me wonder about about how they feel.” He said.

I pulled Finn out of my mouth and stroking him fast. “Why do you find out?” 

He straddled my chest, careful not to put pressure on me and sandwiched his dick in between my breasts. I grabbed my breasts to hold them in place. He started a quick pace, being so turned on already. I gagged as Finn began to move his hips, feeling his peak coming to a close.

“Fuck, baby girl.” Finn said, cumming in my mouth. I moaned as I tasted his essence on my tongue.

“Oh, shit! Fuck! I’m gonna cum!” I moaned, moving my hips faster.

TJ growled. “Then cum, Riley. Cum all over my cock, sweet girl.”

I screamed, arching my back as I reached my peak, squirting all over his dick.

Dean looked at me and move his hips faster.

“Ah, shit.” he groaned. “Shit, you gonna make me cum, Darlin’.”

I moved him off my chest and began to suck his cock, trying to bring him to release. I moaned at his taste.

“Oh, fuck. Fuck!” he roared, cumming in my mouth and on my lips. I scooped the rest of it and put it in my mouth.


He chuckled, pushing my hair back. “You’ll be the death of me.”

I giggled then moaned as TJ smacked my ass, forcing me to look at him.

“I’m not done with you, yet. I wanna see your face when I make you squirt again.” 

I squealed as he pulled me to the end of the bed by my legs. He guided his cock back into my wet hole, ramming into me. 

“Ahh, fuck! TJ! Yes!” I screamed, still sensitive from my last release. He put my legs on his shoulders, smacking my ass again.

“I’m sorry, who?” He said, grabbing my throat, pounding me harder.

I grabbed his wrist, my eyes fluttering at the pleasure. “Da-Daddy! Daddy!” I whimpered, feeling my orgasm approaching. “Fuck, I’m gonna squirt.”

“You’re gonna squirt? Huh?”




“Then do it, baby girl.”

My back arched and my toes curling as I stared him in the eyes, squirting once again for him.

He growled as he came, squirting rope after rope of his cum into the condom. He pulled out and laid down on the bed, pulling me with him in a cuddle. Finn and Dean chuckled.

“Ah take et ya’ve got ‘er?” Finn asked TJ.

TJ chuckled as well. “Yeah, I’ve got her.”

Dean walked over to us, kissing my forehead. “Thanks for clearing my head, Ri.” 

I smiled. “Anytime.”

TJ cleared his throat, raising an eyebrow at me.

“I mean, Anytime TJ lets me.”

Finn laughed.

“See ya tommorrow, Teej.”

TJ bides the guys goodbye as I snuggled my face into TJ’s chest, making him laugh.

“Comfortable?” he wrapped his arms around me. I nodded, earning another laugh from him. I yawned, wore out from the workout i received.

“Good night, TJ.”

“Night, Ri.”

The End!


Again, so sorry for the delay! Happy new years!


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anonymous asked:

How about something where soldier 76 and his s/o go to a Halloween party and his s/o's costume is kind of revealing so they start getting a lot of attention from other guys and soldier 76 gets jealous. I love your writing btw!!!

Head canons about how soldier 76 confronts someone that is flirting with his fem s/o and making them visibly uncomfortable?

These two are kind of similar so I’m going to combine them. And thank you so much sweetie!

-76 really didn’t want to attend the Halloween party at first, because he felt like he was too old for them and just wanted to stay inside. But his s/o kept giving him the look that scares him so much that he agreed to it.

-They even made him wear a costume that looked pretty close to Michael Jackson’s outfit in Thriller, but it made his s/o happy so he wore it.

-Now his s/o a costume that was similar to his, but modified to be sexier and a little bit revealing. He thought it was the sexiest thing he’d ever seen, and wanted to keep them inside with him. But they gave him the look so he had to go.

-At the party, they stuck together at first until they wanted to go dance. 76 didn’t want to dance, but he was fine with them dancing with their friends. He met them before and they were harmless.

-That’s when some guys started to notice his s/o and their costume and started to get closer than 76 was comfortable with. The first few left after they were rejected.

-But one guy was really stubborn and wouldn’t leave his s/o alone. When his s/o was starting to look uncomfortable, 76 started to make his way over there. Now when the guy grabbed his s/o’s arm, 76 was furious and he started stomping there faster.

-At 6′1′’, seeing 76 stomp towards anyone was terrifying. Seeing 76 stomping towards you was enough to make you shit yourself. So imagine the look of terror on the guys face when he noticed 76 making a beeline for him.

-76 knew his s/o was attractive, so he got jealous easily since he is quite a bit older. So the first thing he did was pull his s/o in for a long kiss and grabbed their ass in front of the guy to show him that they were his.

-When 76 pulled away from the kiss, he looked at the guy and sized him up before asking him if he needed anything. The guy knew that he couldn’t beat 76 in any way, so he stammered out a half assed excuse and scurried off.

-76′s s/o was amused by 76′s show of jealousy. They were also thankful at the same time because the guy would not leave them alone no matter what they said. So they gave 76 another kiss as a thank you and offered to go home so they could show him even more of their appreciation. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


I don’t know, I think sexiness is strange, it’s a thing you can’t really- it’s a strange thing to define… I always find… People say ‘what do I think is sexy?’ and I was… I don’t quite know… Um… I guess the sexiest thing in the world is… is- what I think, when I meet someone and… they seem like they are themselves. You know, be yourself… I guess.

Baby Night Shift

As a ‘thank you’ for the 1000 followers, I wrote a little fic that’s inspired by ironbunneh’s magnificent art, that you can find here:

I’m really, really sorry if I hijacked or ruined your idea!!

p.s. This can be read together with these, that belong to a sort of a Domestic Skimmons Universe: Part 1; Part 2; Part 3; Part 4;

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You lift my heart up when the rest of me is down,
You, you enchant me even when you’re not around,

If there, there are boundaries,

I will try to knock them down,

I’m latching on babe,

Now I know what I have found

summer love (◡‿◡✿)