and seth not touching his hair

Speedy Recovery - Seth Rollins x Reader

Request by @lclb13

Summary - You request time off to help Seth recovery from his injury at home, and the two of you get very close. One thing leads to another, and you end up doing a lot more than helping him recover. (Kevin the doggo also makes a few appearances ;) ) 

Warnings:- Smut, Fluff, Swearing

Word Count- 2,103


Crews to gif owner, my gif maker still wont work :( 

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The Intern

A gush of cold air swept through Seth’s face as he pushed the glass door forward. He entered the general office only to realize that it was empty. He looked around for the receptionist who will usually be seated around the front desk.  

“Hey, is there anything I can help you with?” A modulated voice came from the back. 

Seth turned around and saw a young man approaching the front desk. This young man is just about Seth’s age, he was wearing a black Off-White shirt with a pair of skinny jeans. His hair was neatly styled with nice undercut sides. 

“Hi, I am looking for Ms Siti, is she around?” Seth replied, as he stared into that young man’s captivating eyes, framed by a turtle frame trendy spectacle. 

“Ms Siti is on medical leave today, I am covering her duties for today.” The young guy said. 

“I see, ermm what class are you in? How come I never see you around in school before?” Seth asked. 

“Hahaha, I am not a student here. I am from SP, doing my internship here.” The young guy replied as he chuckled  

Both boys laughed.

“Anyways, is there anything I can help you with?” The young guy asked.

“Ermm… I am here to report for detention.” Seth replied. 

“Haha! Wow I didn’t know that they still practice that in JC. Thank God I went to poly instead.” The young guy said.

“Yeah, dam lame.” Seth replied.

“Alright, I would need your Ezlink card, name and class.” The young guy said.  

“Seth Yeo from class 16S22.” Seth replied as he reluctantly handed over his Ezlink card to the young guy. 

The young guy began jotting down Seth’s details on the record book. 

“Here you go, don’t forget to collect back your Ezlink card after your detention ends.” The young guy said as he gave Seth a tag that all students have to put on during detention. 

“I am Jun Kai by the way.” The young guy said

“Thanks Jun Kai” Seth said as he exits the general office and made his way to the detention corner. 

An hour had past, Seth was starting to feel restless as his butt aches from the prolong sitting. He still has awhile more to go before he finish serving his detention. Seth was bored, he’s been scrolling through the same feed over and over on his social media for that past hour. He was getting really fidgety. 

He opened a gay dating app installed on his phone. He wanted to see who’s around. The app started loading before it refreshes itself to display people who are nearby. Seth spotted a familiar profile picture. He clicked onto the profile and noticed that the user is only a few meters away from him. As he took a closer look at the display picture, he found it very familiar. The display picture is a headless profile, showing only the upper body. The guy in the picture was wearing a black Off-White tee. The same Off-White tee Jun Kai was wearing earlier. 

He suspects that the profile belonged to Jun Kai and decides to find out more as he started chatting with the profile. Seth sent a ‘Hi’.

He doesn’t have a proper face picture on his profile thus he wasn’t worried that he will be exposed. 

Minutes later, he heard a buzz from his phone and saw a notification from the gay app. He got a reply from that profile. 

‘Hey you seemed near!’ The blank profile stated.

‘Want to exchange face pic?’ Seth asked.

‘Sorry I am discreet’ The blank profile replied.

“Blue bird” Seth ended the conversation abruptly as it was time for him to go. He grabbed his bag and headed towards the general office to get back his Ezlink card. 

Jun Kai was still in the office when Seth reached.  

“Finished Liao ah?” Jun Kai said

“Yeah haha” Seth replied.  

Jun Kai began searching for Seth’s Ezlink card before returning it back to Seth. 

“There you go, don’t be late again ah.” Jun Kai said.

“Thanks haha, ermm… blue bird?” Seth said, hoping that it will ring a bell for Jun Kai.

“Huh?” Jun Kai replied as he was puzzled with why Seth said that. 

“Oh nothing haha, I get going first. Bye.” Seth replied. 

Suddenly Jun Kai recalled the conversation he had with a profile online earlier.

“Wait, I don’t think we need to exchange face pic anymore.” Jun Kai said.

Both boys smiled at each other in an irritatingly smug, their secrets were laid bare in front of each other.  

“Want to go somewhere else instead?” Jun Kai suggested 

“Sure” Seth replied.

Both boys headed towards the top floor of the school. Jun Kai took out some keys from his pocket and proceeds to unlock a handicap toilet that only the school’s staff can use. He explained to Seth that he was given access to the staff toilets in the school. 

Both boys entered the handicap toilet as Jun Kai turned the knob to lock the toilet making sure that no one will be able to disturb them.

Seth was impressed by the cleanliness of the toilet, it was well decorated with flowers unlike the typical boys toilet used by students which is usually smelly and dirty. 

“So you bring boys to here often, don’t you” Seth said as he nudged Jun Kai on his sides.

“You are the first haha” Jun Kai said.

“So… now what?” Seth said as he looked towards Jun Kai.

“I don’t know but dam, you look cute in your school uniform.” Jun Kai said

“Really? I always thought my school’s uniform is hideous.” Seth replied.

“I think so too haha.” Jun Kai said. 

“Haha, why did you even say that I look cute in my school uniform if it’s hideous?” Seth asked.

“I don’t know, just finding ways to compliment you?” Jun Kai said. 

 “What! Haha” Seth laughed.

As their laughers subside, Seth noticed that Jun Kai had gone quiet and was staring at him. It made him felt self conscious, but he was unable to look away once their eyes had met.

Like every other teenage boy, Seth was full of raging hormones causing him to be overtly sexual. He was admiring Jun Kai, boyish good looks. His neatly groomed hair and pearly black eyes. Standing this close to Jun Kai, Seth couldn’t help but notice for the first time just how good looking he is, and how lush his lips looked. He let his gaze slip lower, to the rest of Jun Kai’s body. 

“Wow, when did you get these?" Seth teased, reaching down to run his hand along Jun Kai’s impressive six-pack. But Jun Kai caught Seth’s hand in his just before Seth touched him, startling Seth. 

When Seth looked into Jun Kai’s eyes once again, his expression was intense, almost threatening. For a moment, Seth thought maybe Jun Kai was angry, but before he could ponder it further, Jun Kai yanked Seth towards him and covered Seth’s mouth with his in a hungry kiss. Seth responded immediately, surprising himself. Jun Kai’s mouth was so warm, the caress of his lips softer than Seth could have imagined. He tasted tentatively with his tongue, and Jun Kai opened his mouth with a low moan.

At first their kisses were small, gentle and tender, but then it grew bigger and more intense. Seth traced his tongue across the bottom of Jun Kai’s lip. The caress of Jun Kai’s lips seemed much softer this time. Soon they started swallowing each other making the kisses even more intense. Jun Kai let out a moan and so did Seth while his warm breath traveled into Jun Kai’s face. 

Their hands were busy exploring each other’s body. Jun Kai wasted no time and unbuttoned Seth’s uniform. He pulled apart Seth’s school uniform, revealing Seth’s toned body. Seth’s body is lean and toned, although his not very muscular but his body is a work in progress. Seth’s nipples were pinkish and seductive. His sweat glimmered under the white fluorescent light, making his body even more inviting to Jun Kai. 

Before Jun Kai can ponder further, Seth was equally eager to undress him. He lifted Jun Kai’s tee up and out of his body. Seth’s eyes were filled with astonishment, Jun Kai has solid etched in stone abs. They looked so hard and defined. 

Proud of his accomplishments, which he probably worked very hard for, Jun Kai stood still for Seth to admire his chiseled abs. Seth run his hands through that solid washing board, feeling every curves and edges of Jun Kai’s abs. 

Both boys can’t wait to get into each other’s pants as they reached out to grab each other’s crotch feeling the package underneath. Jun Kai’s skinny jeans was about to burst as his member grew bigger and harder, it wasn’t any better for Seth, his growing member underneath his tight altered school pants is screaming to be release too. 

The boys undressed themselves, as they stood naked in front of each other. Their raging members roar into life upon release. Jun Kai has an impressive 7inch shaft and shaved pubes, making his 7inch shaft looks even bigger. Seth on the other hand is much smaller compared to Jun Kai, his member is about 5inch long. Although it’s shorter but it’s still visible underneath his hairy pubes. 

“Wow you have a forest down there haha” Jun Kai chuckled as he was amazed by how hairy Seth was. 

“Next time you help me shave like yours” Seth replied as he grabbed onto Jun kai’s shaft, stroking it and feeling his massive tool. 

Jun Kai moaned as Seth’s smooth fingers slides up and down his shaft. Jun Kai pulled Seth closer to him, both their bodies came into contact. They can feel the sweat from each of their body coming together. Jun Kai held Seth gently, cupping his face with one hand, pulling him closer. He reached out to Seth’s shaft with the other hand and grabbed hold on to it. 

“Are you top or bottom?” Jun Kai whispered into Seth’s ears.

 “Top, what about you ?” Seth asked.

“Aww, I am top too.” Jun Kai replied.

“We can try som..thing…” Seth said, before getting disrupted by Jun Kai’s lips. Jun Kai was pressing his lips onto Seth’s. Their lips crushed together, sending shivers down each of their back. 

As their mouths engaged in a ferocious battle, Jun Kai was busy exploring Seth’s bottom with his fingers. Both boys were sweating profusely as there was not much ventilation in the toilet, resulting in Seth being ‘wet’. Jun Kai, slides his finger around Seth’s wet boyhole. 

“Ah fuck! Ah…” Seth was moaning uncontrollably as Jun Kai’s finger glides along his boyhole. 

“Are you sure you are not a bottom?” Jun Kai smirked as he continued playing with Seth’s boyhole. 

“Fuck you la haha.” Seth replied, his body was twitching from the overwhelming sensation Jun Kai was giving to him from playing with his hole. 

“We shall see who’s the one getting fucked.” Jun Kai laughed as he inserts his finger all the way up Seth’s boyhole.

Seth was caught off guard by the sudden invasion from Jun Kai’s finger as he let out a loud moan. 

“You like that don’t you?” Jun Kai playfully asked, as he started fingering Seth and locating his prostate.

Seth was moaning non stop, he was clearly enjoying himself. 

“Who’s the bottom now?” Jun Kai teased.

“Fuck man, this feels so good.” Seth was on cloud nine. The stimulation he was getting from his prostate was driving him insane. 

“Now be a good bottom and let me fuck you.” Jun Kai said as he smacks Seth’s buttock with his other hand. 

Seth didn’t reply but his intense moaning was already the answer. Jun Kai removed his fingers from Seth’s boyhole. He instructed Seth to lie down on floor. Jun Kai spread Seth’s legs wide apart, exposing his boyhole. 

Seth laid on the floor as he submits himself to Jun Kai.

Jun Kai got down on the floor too as he grabbed hold onto Seth’s leg and placed them on his shoulders. Seth’s boyhole was in clear view to Jun Kai. Jun Kai positioned his 7inch shaft at Seth’s boyhole. He wanted to teased Seth more as he slides his shaft up and down Seth’s boyhole. Seth’s sweat was providing lubricant making it even more pleasurable for the both of them. 

“Ah just fuck me already, fuck me Jun Kai!” Seth was begging to be fucked as he can no longer take the teasing anymore. He was ready to be Jun Kai’s bottom.

Jun Kai can’t wait to breed this virgin boyhole too as he spat on to his palms and lube up his shaft. He was ready.

“Relax ok, it will hurt a little. You can do it.” Jun Kai tried to encourage Seth. 

Seth was nodding his head as he can’t wait to have Jun Kai in him.

Jun Kai placed his shaft at the entrance of Seth’s boyhole, he can already feel how tight Seth is. Jun Kai didn’t want to hurt Seth, he wanted Seth to enjoy but his 7inch shaft is too much for Seth’s virgin boyhole to handle. 

“I am going in.” Jun Kai said 

Jun Kai pushed his shaft slowly into Seth’s boyhole. He can feel the tightness of Seth’s rectum wrapping tightly around his dick head.

It felt warm and sensational. 

Seth was adapting to take in Jun Kai manhood, but his virgin boyhole was too small. 

“Ah fuck pain… pain…!!!” Seth was screaming out in pain as his boyhole stretches.

“Relax , you will feel better if you relax.” Jun Kai tried his best to comfort Seth, he has to cover Seth’s mouth as he was making too much noise.

Jun Kai remained at that position for awhile to allow Seth’s boyhole to adapt. Once he was positive that Seth is ready, he went in a bit more. He went in slowly pausing even now and then for Seth to adapt. Soon he was completely in Seth.  

Jun Kai had never fucked someone this tight before. Seth was still feeling rather tensed as he clenches his boyhole, wrapping it tightly around Jun Kai’s dick.  

Jun Kai removed his hand from Seth’s mouth and replaced it with his lips, they were back to tasting each other’s mouth as their tongues swirled around in the most intense and passnoitate kiss. 

Jun Kai started thrusting in and out of Seth’s boyhole, he started slow but with every thrust into Seth’s boyhole, his dick was squeezed by Seth’s clenching. This overwhelming tightness is driving Jun Kai insane. Lust took over his mind as he thrusted harder and deeper into Seth’s boyhole. Fucking him like a beast.

Seth was moaning louder than before, he wasn’t able to properly kiss Jun Kai as he was moaning uncontrollably from all the stimulation he was getting from Jun Kai. He can only moan out loud whenever Jun Kai hits his prostate. A moment ago Seth was certain that he’s a top but here he is enjoying getting fucked by another boy. He grabbed hold onto Jun Kai’s waist and pulled him closer to him to have his shaft deeper into him. 

“Ah fuck you are so tight!” Jun Kai moaned, as he continued thrusting hard and deep into Seth’s boyhole. His body went rigid as trembles shook his body, he was near. He could feel his manload building up at the tip of his shaft, ready to be ejectulated into Seth. 

“Fuck… I am going to cum!” Jun Kai warned as his body started twitching. He was about to erupt soon! Jun Kai gave Seth’s boyhole one hard and deep thrust, penetrating all the way into Seth’s boyhole. Seth was clenching his boyhole tight, wrapping his rectum tightly around Jun Kai’s shaft. 

“Ah ah cumming!” Jun Kai screamed as his body twitch badly, shot after shots of thick cum started erupting out of Jun Kai’s shaft, shooting all the way into Seth’s boyhole. Seth could feel, warm shots of Jun Kai’s cum hitting his prostate and filling up his boyhole. Seth almost cum from this overwhelming sensation.  

Jun Kai pulled his shaft out, as cum ooze out of Seth’s boyhole. He just breed Seth’s virgin boyhole and filled it up with his manload.

“Fuck man! That’s was so fucking good!” Seth cried out as he recovers from the massive fuck. 

“Fuck babe, your ass is so tight.” Jun Kai uttered while catching his breath.

“Now that you have my load in you, I want yours in me.” Jun Kai smirked.

Jun Kai went down on Seth, who’s still laying on the ground, he grabbed hold onto Seth’s shaft and started jerking it. Seth was leaking badly as precum coated his dick head. Jun Kai lowered his head towards Seth’s shaft flicking his tongue around the tip, licking all the precum. He knew Seth was close but he didn’t want Seth to cum so soon. He used his tongue to playfully swirl around Seth crown jewels. The boyish scent of Seth’s balls was emitting and invading Jun Kai’s senses. He was enjoying the taste of Seth’s balls as he licked and sucked onto Seth’s balls sending shivers down Seth. 

Jun Kai wanted to taste Seth so badly, he started to bob his mouth around Seth’s shaft, hollowing his cheeks and suck hard. Inch by inch he took every bit of Seth’s 5inch shaft in his mouth. 

Seth was moaning in ecstasy as he felt the warmness from Jun Kai’s lips around his shaft. Jun Kai was determined to sucked Seth dry as he sucked even harder and faster. Seth was twitching, tingling sensation started invading his senses. He thrust his hips against Jun Kai, humping his mouth. Jun Kai has no problem taking in Seth’s full 5inch shaft, he tried his best to deep throat Seth. He knew Seth was about to cum. 

“Fuck! Fuck!, Jun Kai I am cumming!” Seth moaned as his shaft twitched violently in Jun Kai’s mouth. Shot after shots of cum started ejaculating out of Seth’s dick and went straight into Jun Kai’s mouth. Some of the shots even went all the way down Jun Kai’s throat causing he to choke a little. Jun Kai swallowed every drop of Seth’s manload before collapsing down on the floor next to Seth. 

Both boy laid on the floor naked, catching their breath while recovering from their massive ejuculation. 

“Fuck that was fun.” Jun Kai said.

“Yeah, I didn’t know that I will enjoying being a bottom.” Seth replied.

“I want you to bottom only for me, ok?” Jun Kai said.

“Sure, if only you let me fuck you next time” Seth replied. 

Both boys started kissing again before getting interrupted by the school bell. It was getting late and they have to leave the school before the gates close. 

The boys started getting dressed

“Wait, ermm can I have your underwear?” Seth asked.

“What for ?” Jun Kai replied.

“Something for me to remember you?” Seth said as he winked at Jun Kai.

“Sure , you can have mine if you let me have yours and … be my bottom!” Jun Kai teased.

Both boys exchanged their underwear and got dressed before leaving the toilet.

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Please practice safe sex and use condom :P

  • kween day: rude, has a stick up his ass, not a morning person, probably has a shrine dedicated to jeremy knox in his bedroom, his blood is probably just dissolved protein shakes, exy is sexy, string bean, everyone's son and everyone's boyfriend at the same time, probably thought that eating spinach actually made you strong after watching popeye as a kid, thinks sports movies are romantic, would use his own body for target practice if he got half the chance
  • neil "not fine" josten: 35 lies per hour, has literally never been fine. like ever. in his whole entire life, mommy issues, sad tumblr hoe, human piñata, unhealthily obsessed with exy & andrew minyard, probably thinks smoking is fucking aesthetic, still uses internet explorer, neck fetish, the oblivious friend™, the salt content in his body beats that of the dead sea
  • andrew murderyard: smol, probably eats nutella for breakfast, definitely drinks milk straight from the carton, *says he'll stab you* *will actually stab you*, as emo as emo can get, i'm talking like emo as an actual fucking metal trash can, desensitised to every color except for black, talks like a fucking comic book villain, will fight any sentient being
  • aaron miniyard: angery, hates virtually everyone, *cough* homophobe *cough*, "i'm going to pretend i don't know you", transforms into a 12 y/o whenever he's within the same radius as his crush, only marginally less emo than his brother, probably listens to a lot of rap, science is kewl
  • Miss Dan Probably Wilder Than You: BAMF, the best friend you wished you had, the girlfriend you wished you had, "he fell into a tank of piranhas", pack alpha, starts feminist debates at parties, Stressed, the mom friend
  • allison baenolds: is fabulous, boss ass bitch, looks like a princess but could literally kill you, has watched every buffy the vampire slayer episode at least 5 times, drives a very pink car, has probably used her stilettos to kick a guy in the nuts, out of even god's league
  • nicky hemmlickk ;): is loyal, the inappropriate friend, everything he says is an innuendo, the gay cousin who turns out to be gayer than you initially thought, always suspiciously cheery, probably tweets his entire life, TMI bro, ONLY EVER TEXTS LIKE THIS, will spank your ass as a greeting instead of a handshake & drive you home from work/school
  • renee Keep Walking: cute but she once plotted murders, the brand ambassador of cinnabon like she is literally the purest cinnamon roll, back tf up or you'll probably get bitch-slapped (by a holy bible), she's the cool older sister you've always wished you had kinda friend, a little gay for allison reynolds, her hair probably looks like a swirl of fucking twix yogurt??
  • matt oh boy!: fucking angel, protect him, no seriously, he like, descended from the heavens above, stays out of his girlfriend's fights despite his better judgement bc he knows she can handle her own battles, gym rat, he recovers like a prostitute who converted to being a nun, neil josten is his pride & joy & if you touch a single hair on his head your ass gon' get whopped, did i mention Neil Josten Protection Squad 2kFuckingForever Founder & Councellor??, the sweetest human bean in the entire series imho
  • seth "should've stayed in school" gordon: dead as a doorknob & a bigger dick than a rich white artist evading questions about cultural appropriation on Saturday Night Live, but you kinda feel sorry for him anyway because the author knows how to round out all her bloody characters
Carlisle Cullen Kinks


  • Carlisle likes to mark you as his, it’s the only way he truly shows others your his, especially the next day when he kisses over them as you walk around town. He’ll lean against the door frame of the bathroom, and laugh as you try your hardest to cover the marks and fail. 

  • Carlisle has a box full of silk ribbons and loves to tie your hands to the headboard so you can’t touch him.

  • He loves how you pull his hair as he eats you out, but his favorite part is when you scream out his name as you climax.

Seth Rollins/OC: Seth is coming home for the first time in a few weeks after being on the road and you decide to surprise him with new lingerie. But when the door opens, Seth isn’t alone - he’s brought his friends home with him. He kicks them all out and then jealous, possessive smut. Requested by @screamersdontdance

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Imagine Seth meeting his imprint. (Part 2)


It’s not like love at first sight, really. It’s more like… gravity moves. When you see her, suddenly it’s not the earth holding you here anymore. She does. Jacob and his romantic bullshit. Your balls were testament to the fact that it’s completely different. Y/N brought you to your knees literally and figuratively. It’s more like being caught up in a hurricane. It’s majestic. She is majestic. You feel the awe and the respect when you face her and then you see the beautiful chaos she leaves behind, all the more reason to respect her. 

“Would you stop that? It wasn’t on purpose man” Jacob was right across the room glaring at Y/N and it was making you twitchy. 

“All this could have been avoided if someone hadn’t stolen my bike especially when that someone doesn’t know how to treat my baby” Collective groans could be heard across the room. All the pack members were present. The news of you finding your imprint had spread like wildfire from the first call you made. And everyone flinched the first time they saw who it was.

“Jacob I borrowed your bike. I asked you and you said yes Y/N of course you can take it” 

“What?! I don’t remember-”

“That would have been the conversation we would have had if I had asked you, either way you were going to give me the deathtrap. Stop your bitching” 

“Deathtrap? Did I hear you correctly?” You were already in front of Jacob before he had even decided to take a step. 

“She is right Jacob” You lean in so that only he could hear you “And back the fuck off. It’s not even been a day that I found her. Control is not my forte right now” 

Jacob had his hands up moving away from the scene. Sometimes your pack had a tendency to forget you were still young. Being all powerful and perfect had their disadvantages. 

You sigh and lean against the sofa where Y/N was resting. Dr. Cullen would be here any minute. Which better doctor than someone who has practiced for years and years on stretch. Only the best for my Y/N. 


The crowd was making you angsty. Every now and then you would catch someone gawking staring at you. As if in disbelief and then some would even pat Seth on his back. There was something going on here which everyone except you were aware about. And Seth was a distraction. You were hyperaware when he was nearby and when he wasn’t you felt a sense of loss. You were trying your hardest not to stare at him. It wasn’t just in appreciation of his perfect features and his beautiful six pack abs. No it was like finding something finally after such a long search that you were afraid to take your eyes off in fear of losing it. 

“Give her some space guys. Your stares aren’t even subtle and none of you were invited here in the first place” Seth was almost reading your mind. It was scarier than the crash. 

Just then there was a knock on the door and the crowd parted to let the doctor through. His kind and also handsome face wasn’t enough to distract you from imagining all the pain you were going to be in. Some called your fear of doctors and hospitals irrational. Well you weren’t a rational being in the first place.

You sat there stiffly trying to prepare yourself. The doctor introduced himself as Dr. Carlisle Cullen. You were somewhat aware of the Cullen family. They may not stay on the reservation but they were well talked about. 

“You know what doc? I think I’m feeling fine.” You suck in a breath and shift a little to get the fuck away only to have his cold touch stop you. 

“This won’t take much time Y/N. You will just make it worse and be stuck with me for a little longer” Ugh, you hated when people were right. You scrunch your face and lay back accepting defeat. 

Fortunately when Dr. Cullen was fixing you up there was only Seth in the room and Embry was called in after awhile cause you accidentally smacked the good doctor in the face. Cleaning wounds were no joke. It’s not like you purposely wanted to hit the doctor with your functioning leg for torturing you. Seth refused to leave your hand through everything. When the pain got too much for you, he would distract you with his touch or his wit. 

After an eternity, the doctor was done. You had a cast for broken ankle and you were freaking exhausted. Seth was seeing the doctor out, this was your chance to get out of his hair. 

“Emily” You try to call her. “EMILLLY” You nearly screamed. That should do the work. 

“What..what? Are you hurting? Dr. Cullen said you can’t take another painkiller for a few hours Y/N”

“Shh.. no listen. You have to take me back. I mean we have practically spent all day at this house. Here help me get up” You snatch her hand dragging her closer and use her as your clutch. Albeit a reluctant one. You had to get out of here before your feelings for Seth developed anymore than they were now it would be one sticky situation. 

“Y/N I don’t think you should be moving” Emily’s voice was strained. Honestly you were a little insulted, you were light as a damn feather. 

“What are you guys doing?!” Seth’s voice startled us. And because it’s you and not anyone else, the fates weren’t done fucking with you today. You lost your balance and Em couldn’t help you despite your light as a feather weight. Thankfully Seth had spidey senses because he was there right against your side holding your dead weight. 

“You are going to be the death of me Y/N I swear” His hands were shaking and his heart was beating so fast you could feel it against your palm. 

“I’m sorry, Seth. I will be out of your hair in a few minutes. Just help me till Em’s car”

“You are not leaving. I mean you can stay here and rest. It’s going to be hectic at Em’s place.” His arms were around you gently lifting you up. 

“I’m not going to be your burden anymore” You said as you tried not to melt in his arms. 

“Y/N, stay here for a few days. You will not stay still if you are at my place.” Emily chirped in. Clearly she did not read the best friend memo.

“Just following doctors order” You could feel Seth genuinely wanted you to not leave. This was all so confusing but you had reached your limit for today. 

“Fiiiine I will stay for awhile” You let Seth carry you to the guest room where he laid you down on the bed. He stayed for awhile touching your face like he was mesmerised by you. In that drowsy state of your mind you realised a few things. First, Seth had spidey senses. Second, there was a part of him and you didn’t know how potent that part might be that had feelings for you. And third, you were going to unconditionally and irrevocably screw up this whole thing. [Part 1]

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Heart Complications Chpt. 2


A/N: I’ve decided to give our superstars a designated kink. They all have a different kind that somewhat fits their personality. You’ll find it out along the way.

Style: Reader x Seth Rollins featuring cameos of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Jeff Hardy, and Finn Bálor.

Word Counter: 1,836

Triggers: None

Warnings: SMUT. SMUTTY SMUT. Oh, and a daddy kink.


Originally posted by stellarollins

The drive back from the event center is interesting to say the least. Finn, awake enough to drive the SUV to the hotel. Dean sits passenger with Roman behind him, fucking with his hair. You sit in between Roman and Seth. Seth and you are both extremely quiet, not partaking in anything the boys are laughing about.

“Dean, you need a haircut”.

“Touch my hair and you’re dead, Roman”.

You fumble a bit with your phone, trying to find anything to break the awkwardness between you and Seth. You open up a tetris app and begin playing, the tiredness sinking in.

Finn looks in the mirror and pipes up, “why are you two so eerily quiet?”

Your head shoots up on shock, as everyone looks at the both of you. You look in his eyes through the mirror, “I’m just tired, I really want to get back to the hotel and sleep”.

“Wait, wait, wait, we’re going out for a drink tonight”, Roman adds, “you can’t miss it, you never do!”

“Rome, I’m super tired. It’s Monday night, my body hurts. Have you ever been in the ring with three different women”? You pause, “don’t answer that”. Seth chuckles. Roman pushes your head to the side.

Finn pulls up to the hotel, parking into a spot in the back. He shuts off the SUV, “honey, we’re home” he says through thick laughter. You get out and grab your suitcase, awaiting everyone else to grab theirs from the back. Dean yawns so hard he almost blacks out. Roman turns around and looks at the raggedy group of half dead superstars, “alright fine, we’ll go out tomorrow”. He grabs his own suitcase, shutting the hatch.

The five of you walk towards the hotel as Roman begins to yawn, “look what you assholes did”.

Checking in was easier than expected. Normally it’s a spectacle of fans wanting pictures and autographs, but tonight was different. The concierge sits at the front desk, rushing you in before fans can get a whiff of you.

You’re split into two rooms. One room, Room 202, has two California King size beds, enough for the boys to sleep in together comfortably. The other, Room 310, has a small Queen sized bed, good enough for you to be nice and alone in. You give Dean your extra key, “just in case you guys think I’m dead in the middle of the night”. Dean laughs, “I’ll make sure to keep the creeps away”.

“That includes you, Ambrose”, Jeff pushes his head and Dean shrugs, feigning offense. You trek off to the elevator, definitely not attempting to walk up the stairs. The time on your phone reads 11:00pm on the dot. Oh good, your mind says, I can shower before midnight and be in bed asleep by 1am.

The hallway you enter is beautiful, a light dusty rose with beautiful white lace paint donned the walls. The lights are bright enough to see, but not enough to hurt sleepy eyes. You softly march down the hall, reading doors.

You whisper to yourself, “three-oh-eight… three-oh-niiiiine… three-ten!”

Sliding the card into the door, it opens, allowing you in to the room. You plop your bags down by the door and instantly go towards the shower, stripping off clothes on your way. You step into the bath, drawing the curtains around you. You start the water, putting it to your perfect temperature as you stand in it, letting the droplets from the shower head attack your tired skin, rolling down your body. You manage to wash your hair and brush your teeth at the same time without mixing up the two, miraculously. Turning off the water, you grab a towel and wrap it in your hair, tugging another off the wall and on to your body.

Walking back out to your bedroom for the night, you dig through your luggage, pulling out a white tank top and a pair of black panties. Your personal sleepwear. Tugging both on almost helplessly, you flop onto your bed and hit the light, snuggling up to the warm white blankets. You just start drifting off when..

Knock, knock, knock..

Your eyes spring open like a cat scared of a human sneezing. Were you imagining that? You stare at the door, hoping they’ll go away.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

You groan, pulling your body out of the snuggly bed you just got comfy in. The last thing you want is human interaction. It’s been a day.

You turn the door handle slowly, pulling the door open, when a pair of hands cup your face, and another person is on the other end of your lips.


He pushes his way into your room, using your face as a steering wheel. The door clicks behind him. His tongue gingerly grazes your bottom lip, asking entrance to your mouth. You flick your tongue against his, wrapping your hands around his neck, tangling your fingers in his black, soaked hair. He slips his tongue into your mouth, wrestling gently with yours, as he easily picks you up off the floor, placing you on his hips.

Carrying you towards the bed, he bends down against you, grinding against your body as you hit the mattress. His fingers move slow from your shoulder, down your side, leaving white hot trails against your already burning skin. He carelessly pulls your left leg around his hip, giving him access to more of your beautiful body.

He breaks away from your lips with a hot gasp as his finger tugs your tank top.

“Can I?”

You nod, and he begins sliding your shirt off your body, tossing it to the floor. His head dips down to your chest, taking one of your perfectly colored nipple into his mouth, letting it harden against his gentle licks. His right hand comes up and delicately pinches the left nipple, twisting soft to give both stimulation as it hardens in between his hands. You let out a stuttered gasp, feeling his smile against your skin.

His right hand begins to move further down, the look in his eyes, asking permission. You bite your lip, nodding again, not being able to make a noise. His fingers trace your slit against your panties, making your body twitch. Suddenly both of you are startled out of your moment as Seth’s phone rings. It’s Finn. He answers.

“Hey Finn”, “what no, yeah I’ll be back in a while”, “nah I’m okay, just got a little”, his fingers tug your black panties hard causing them to slide down your body, “hungry”.

“Yeah, I’ll be back in about an hour”. He hangs up, throwing the phone on the chair across from you as he bends down his knees. His lips leave burning kisses against your thighs as he makes his way to your soaked core. Seth grabs your hips and tugs you towards his mouth as he looks up to you.

“I uhh”, he blushes, “I kinda have a kink”.

Your head lifts and tilts slightly to the right, “and what might that be?”

“I.. I like being called.. Daddy”. He dives his mouth into your wetness, licking a flat line up to your clit. The sudden shock slips a moan from between your lips, the grin pulls against his face, flicking his tongue against your clit, then sucking around it.

You shove your fingers back into his hair, tugging every time he sends an electric shock through your spine.

“I’m not letting you feel me inside you”, he rubs his thumb against you, keeping the stimulation constant, “until you say it”.

You let out a playful groan, not ready to say it yet.

“Oh, so you like to play that way”, Seth stands up before you, dropping his hold on your legs. You didn’t even realize he managed to take off his shirt. You prop yourself up on your elbows, taking a good look at him in the light of the moon. He’s beautiful. Seth unbuckles his pants, dropping them to the floor, letting his cock have some freedom from being strained against his black jeans. You can’t stand it.

“Oh god, please”, you whine.

His fingers trace your jaw, slightly pulling your head to look at him at he starts pulling off his black briefs, “oh god please, what

”? His smile is passionate but evil.

“Please Daddy, fuck me”.

That’s enough to send Seth over. He pulls your legs again, this time meeting your wetness with the head of his hardened cock. Without so much as a warning, he begins slowly pushing himself inside of you, watching your body jolt at the sudden feeling. He buries himself to the hilt inside your wetted pussy, watching your face make the most beautiful expressions. He slowly pulls back, then snaps back in once. You moan, loud. He slowly pulls back again, snapping back in harder. Your stuttering moan lets him know he’s allowed to keep going, as he begins to pick up pace. He holds your hips, bouncing you off of him, the skin to skin contact making soft clapping noises all over the room. His pace quickens again, snapping upwards in you, hitting every little spot you could ever imagine, and ones you couldn’t. You shut your eyes, mouth agape as his fingers rub your bundle of nerves, the double stimulation too much to handle.

“Ahh, daddy”, you moan, “daddy please”.

He presses his thumb hard against your clit, “daddy what?”

Daddy, please let me come”.

He growls lowly, his thumb releasing pressure as it slowly begins to circle around your clit again. He slows, keeping his thrusts in motion with his skilled fingers.


The coil inside you ruptures. Your moans stifled by the sound of nothing as your orgasm rides out against his thick cock. Seth feels you pulse and tighten around him, which makes him slip over the edge.

Ahh, (Y/N)”, he moans lightly before catching himself on the bed. As you both calm down, he softly pulls himself out of you, tugging up his briefs, then his pants.

“You’re not staying”?

He smiles gently at you, and it’s the most sincere smile you’ve seen on him, “I wish I could but that would look a little suspicious”. Seth grabs his shirt, pulling it over his head. He then reaches down, placing a delicate kiss against your forehead before tucking you in.

“Next time, I promise”.

You swiftly fall asleep as Seth leaves your hotel room, making his way back to his own. He knocks on Room 202. Finn answers.

“So, how was (Y/N)?”

Seth stops in his tracks, unable to lie to one of his best friends, “how’d you know”, he asks.

“Well, your wallet was on the table and am not an idiot”.

Seth closes his eyes and let’s a deep breath out.

“I’m not upset”, Finn adds, “everyone in this room wants to be with her, what I don’t know is why you were first”.

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26 - Seth Rollins

Prompt: The diamond in your engagment ring is fake.”

A/N: So I kinda oveloaded on the fluff and once I started writing this there was no stopping me :P Apologies for the length but I hope you enjoy ^_^ Also I used Seth’s real last name at the end of this incase anyone is confused :3

You and Seth had been best friends since NXT, you’d been there through everything, injuries, title wins and his breakups. You’d been in love with Seth ever since you first you met, other people had told you he felt the same and always had. Of course you never believed them, especially when he announced his engagment. You knew everying that was happening during that time and he was the first person he came to when things broke down between them. 


That night when Seth came to your house it was raining and there was a light knock on your door. Getting up from the couch and making your way over to the door you look through the peephole and see Seth stood there drenched to bone holding an overnight bag. Flinging the door open you get a better look at him, his eyes looked red and exhausted, an almost emotionless expression was set firm on his face and his clothes looked like he’d worn them for about 3 days. Quickly pulling him into a hug you shut the door behind the two of you as he wraps his arms around your waist, burying his face in the crook of your neck. Neither of you caring that his wet clothes were also soaking you.

“I saw what went down on Twitter and everything, you wanna talk about it?” Seth didn’t say anything resorting to shaking his head no tightening his arms around you a little more. “Okay. How about you go shower and change while I order pizza, and then we can watch a movie? Your choice.” Pulling away you gently rub up and down Seth’s arms giving him a sweet smile.

“Thank you (Y/N). This means a lot to me.” Giving you a small smile he squeezes your waist gently before heading up to shower and change. Grabbing your phone you order Seth’s favourite pizza before heading to your laundry room to find some fresh clothes for you. After around 20 minutes the pizza arrives and you thank the delivery man taking the pizza upstairs. Heading into your bedroom you can still hear the shower running so you get comfy in bed and pull up Netflix ready for when Seth gets out. Around 5 minutes later the shower shuts off and you hear movement in the bathroom, scrolling through your phone you notice some of the comments being said about Seth. Yes you we dissapointed in what he had done but was there any need to be sending death threats and such? You look up when you hear the bathroom door open, Seth walked out with damp hair in a bun and sweatpants hugging his hips.

“Hey you.” smiling at him, putting your phone to the side and sit up crossing your legs. “Feeling better?”

“Much. Thank you.” Pulling back the covers of your bed Seth slides in grabbing a slice of pizza. He grabs your remote and selects a movie letting it play. You both sit in a comfortable silence muching on pizza ocationally laughing at the film, during the movie Seth had been inching closer to you untill your arms and legs were touching, wanting to feel some sort of comfort he always felt when with you, you couldn’t help but blush at the action and subconsiously your body shifts closer to his. Seth notices and smiles, his first genuine smile since he’d got to your house.

“(Y/N). I think I’m ready to talk about it.”


It had been six months since that night and it seemed to make you and Seth even closer. You started to travel together more on the road, before each others matches you’d meet up to wish each other luck, Seth even insisted that you start bunking together. That caused some remarks in the locker room, the girls asking you how he was in bed, you brushed them off telling them that you were friends and slept in seperate beds. However there was the odd occation where the hotel would “misunderstand” your relationship and book a double bed. You had to admit you secretly loved when they did that because it meant you could insist that Seth couldn’t sleep on the floor or the couch so it led to some mornings you’d wake up to Seth cuddling you. Little did you know that Seth loved it to, sometimes being the reason the hotel gave you a double room. Some nights he’d wake up in the middle of the night and turn over to see you sleeping peacfully beside him, he didn’t know why but that relaxed him, finally turning to face you he’d gently drape one of his arms over you, eventually getting comfortable enough to sleep.


One night the whole roster were heading out for drinks, you were dressed in a fairly tight black dress with little cut outs revealing small parts of your waist, your hair was in soft waves over your shoulder while your makeup was a soft smokey eye with a nude lipstick. Adjusting your hair you look at yourself with a pleased smirk across your face, you had to admit you looked hot.
“Hey, are you rea…..” Seth walked out the bathroom stopping mid sentance when you turn around to face him. His mouth was slightly a jar making you chuckle. Grinning to yourself you decided to have a little fun, spinning slowly you push your ass out slightly putting on a show for Seth. “How do I look?” your voice dipped an octave lower as you noticed his eyes darken slightly, still gazing at you.

“Wow you look fucking amazing.” Seth says not taking his eyes off you, you’re not 100% sure if he meant to say that out loud.

“Thanks. You don’t look to bad yourself.” Noticing Seth had left his hair down for a change and was wearing a black button up with black skinny jeans. Seth looked at his feet blushing slightly and a smile crept his way over his lips. “Come on you, we better get going.” You head for the door feeling Seth’s eyes on you. This was definatly going to be an interesting night.

At the bar the drinks had been flowing for a while and you were more than a little tippsy, you were on the dance floor with Sasha and Alex chatting and laughing at each others dance moves.

“So when are you and Seth gonna get together?” Alexa shouted over the music, noticing Seth sat at the bar with a couple of the guys stealing glances at you.

“At this rate not till we are like 80!”

“Well why don’t you speed things up a bit.” Sasha winked at you. Shaking your head at her you glance over at Seth, catching his eye making him smirk at you before resuming his convorsation with Dean.

“And how do you propse I do that Miss Banks?”

“Get him up and dancing with you.” Smirking at you Alexa quickly caught on to what Sasha was saying both of them pushing you in the direction of Seth. Stumbling a bit in your heels you make you way over to Seth grabbing his arm.

“Seetthhhhhhh. Come dance with me!” You pout at him giving him your best puppy dog eyes. Not even giving him chance to answer you use all your strength to pull him up nearly causing you to falll over, Seth quickly wraps his arms around your waist to stop you from falling. The feeling of his breath on the back of your neck making you shiver at the closeness.

“If you wanna dance babygirl lets dance.” Pulling onto the dance foor he spins so he’s now in front of you, hands still on your waist. Gazing up at him you swallow hard, feeling your breathing stagger at how close you were to him. Seth was swaying you both slightly, a funny contrast to the fast paced music currently playing, if you weren’t so absorbed in Seth you’d have swore people were staring at you. You just couldn’t seem to tear your eyes away from Seth’s, the smell of alcohol on his breath and his cologne intoxicating to you. Reaching up Seth gently brushes some hair from out your face, his hand coming to rest gently on your face.

“I love you.” Seth mutters and you almost don’t hear him over the music.

“I love you too.” Seth’s smile stretches across his whole face causing you to smile back. “So are you going to kiss me or are we just gonna stand here forever?” Smirking at him your breath catches slightly when he leans in pressing his lips to yours trying to convey all the emotion he’d been holding back over the years.


“Did you hear what I said babe?” Seth came to stand by the side of you, one of his hands resting on the shopping cart, the other on your waist.

“No sorry…I was kinda in my own little world.” Smiling at him you bring your hand to rest on his side, rubbing circles with your thumb.

“What were you thinking about?”

“Just how we got together.” Chuckling Seth smiles at the memory.

“We still gotta thank them for pushing you to come over. Although the way you looked in that dress it wouldn’t have been long till I made move.” Smirking at you he leans in for a kiss, giving him a quick peck you pull away, not wanting to nearly make out in the middle of the supermarket, which if given the chance Seth would do. After dating for 4 years you’d grown used to his’s antics when out in publlic. Chuckling at his pout you quickly start to push the cart down another isle.

“I said what did you want for dinner.” Seth cuckles catching up to you, wrapping an arm around your waist refering to what he was saying earlier.

“Hmmmm how bout pizza?” You smile at him, feeling to lazy to cook.

“Sounds perfect.” Seth leans down kissing the side of your head as you make your way down various isles. Passing the toy isle Seth pauses.

“What’s up?” you question heading back to meet him. He looks deep in thought, a lazy smile on his lips.

“Just gimmie a sec.” He smiles sweetly heading off down the isle, stopping at a tray of $1 toys. Grabbing something he heads back to you, smiling wide, what on earth was he up to?

“I swear to god Seth if you have a spider in your hand I’ll kill you.” He chuckles shaking his head. Grabbing you hand he gets down on one knee and you gasp.


“Just hear me out. okay?” He waits for you to nod before continuing. “We both know we aren’t a serious couple and to be honest this whole idea was spur of the moment and I’m probably going to make a complete fool of myself. But I have been in love with you since we first met at NXT, I was so nervous to talk to you because I thought someone as beautiful, strong, caring and badass as you wouldn’t ever want to talk to me but you did and I’m so greatful you did because meeting you was the best thing that ever happened to me. I know I’ve had a lot of shit in my past but you’ve been there through it all, I have no idea why or how you stuck around through it because most people just up and left. I’m glad you didn’t leave though because dating you has been the best 4 years of my life and I wanna marry you. I want to be with you forever and never let you go. What made me want to propose like this and right now is proably me being crazy but I know it’ll be something we’ll remember for the rest of our lives.” By now a small crowd had gathered, some of the women in the group teared up as you had silent happy tears running down your face. “So for now I want to give you this ring and hope that you say yes so we can go out and pick you an actual ring together but until we do I atleast want you to have a ring.” Opening his hand you see he’d got a small plastic ring off the shelf. You chuckled, it looked similar to an engagment ring and from a distance you probably wouldn’t even notice it was a toy. “So call me crazy for wanting to do this right here right now but (Y/N) will you marry me?” Seth gazed up you looking so scared that you’d say no, but as he said you two weren’t serious about things like this and a serious romantic proposal didn’t seem like you. But to you this was as romantic as Seth could get, down on one knee with a $1 toy ring. You suddenly realised you hadn’t responded when Seth’s smile faultered a little.

“Yes….” You managed to breath out, tears finally streaming down your face. “Yes I’ll marry you.” The crowd cheered and clapped as Seth got up, siding the ring on your finger. Looking at it you chuckled and had to admit you kind of liked it. Smiling up at Seth you met those beautiful brown eyes filling up with tears of their own so you pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Your hands gently cupped his face while his came to rest on your hips, pulling apart your faces were both slightly flushed still plastered in smiles.

“I have one thing to tell you though babe.” Seth muttered against your lips.

“What’s that?”

“The diamond in your engagment ring is fake.” chuckkling you planted one last kiss you his lips before completley pulling away. Grabing hold of your cart you head for the checkout, turning to face Seth.

“Why don’t we go pay for this then we can go home and celebrate properly.” Winking at Seth you turn only to find he’s already caught up with you.

“I like the sound of that future Mrs. Lopez.” placing a kiss to your head Seth slapps your ass as he grabs the cart briskly walking to the checkouts.

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The Shield - Bodyguards (I)

Originally posted by supernaturally-wwe-imagines

Life always have been easier for you, you had everything you wanted, and got only the best, you’re pretty sure it’s because you’re the younger one, so your parents and siblings likes to prep you all around. That don’t made you a spoiled or rotten person, however, you’re not a wrestler or a CEO, you like to work with Creative when you get a chance, even if Shane had taught you some move when you’re younger, you prefer spend your time outside the rings, where it looks a lot less hurtful.    

There are those days you’re just roll your eyes and walk away Stephanie and Shane when they start to fight over who is the best big sibling, and you wonder if they are the adults they claim to be, other times you’ll just hang out wiht your nephews and nieces, helping they with homework or playing games. You’d even spend time with your mother away from all wrestling stuff and going a bit involved into the politics. But then there’s what comes to be happening a lot lately, your dad dragging you along with him, just to be sure you’re safe. 

Yes, there’s safety issues around you, for any reason there is some peoples that always go and threaten your family, but lately, they have been threatening you, and that really get under Vince skin.

You just sat in backstage watching the shows, sometimes just sat on Steph or Shane officer, but then you started to actually talk and get to know the superstars, and most of they are really nice, you’re not sure if this is because you’re a McMahon, but you kinda like have some of they around. 

Some like Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins.

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Seth Rollins/OC: You have a terrible nightmare and the first person you can think of to call is your ex while you’re crying and hoping he can help cheer you up. Fluff then smut. Requested by @screamersdontdance

I wrote another request!!! It’s lit! But I have more Braun ideas so the next couple may be Braun again. Idk yet tho, we’ll see.

Tagging my lovelies: @lavitabella87 @omgmissmillie @everybodyfinnfreeze @shadow-of-wonder @laochbaineann @justtookawaii @sarrahcha @attilasgurl @twiistedbliiss @hotspurmadridista @alexispoo @niazha16 @happelu970 @officialbroski10-blog @artemisapalla316 @crowleysqueenofhell @lilmisscrisis @antigonemaia @imnoaingeal @littledeadrottinghood @imagineall-the-fandoms @fuckyeahbulletclub @hiitsmecharlie @macfizzle @bizclizbaybay @oraclegazes @culturalrebel @welshwitch5 @wrasslesmut @actualamyautopsy

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It’s Important

Pairing: Seth Rollins X Reader

Summary: You’re sicker the a dog, but you show up to arena for Seth’s important night anyway.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 500+ 

Originally posted by thearchitectwwe

You let out a long breath as you exited the car. You pulled your jacket tighter around your shoulders as the wind kicked up. 

You sneezed and coughed at the same time. The security guard looked at you with a cocked brow. You waved your hand at him. “I’m fine.” You rasped.

He pulled open the door to the arena and smirked. “I’m sure you are.” You sent a glare his way but otherwise said nothing. 

You walked down the halls, receiving concerned glances and some glares from fellow superstars.

You smiled as you saw Seth standing at the end of the hall, talking with a crew member. 

You approached him, he did a double take. “What are you doing here?” You sniffled and smiled at him. “Tonight is important to you. I don’t want to miss it.”

Seth smiled gently at you. “You should be home, or at the very least the hotel room. You’re sick!” Seth placed his hand on your forehead. “You’re burning up.” You slapped his hand away. 

“Like I said. Tonight is important to you. I might be really sick and feel like shit…but I’m not missing this. You don’t just get on a cover of a video game and I miss it! ”

Your voice was so nasally and although Seth didn’t want to smile, he did. “You sound cute when you’re sick…” 

You laughed but it was cut off by a sneeze. You groaned and placed a hand on your forehead. “It’s worth it. It’s worth it.”

“Babe-“ You held a hand up. “Please don’t lecture me…” Seth grabs both of your shoulders. “Let’s go to my locker. Okay?” You nodded, allowing him to lead the way.  “Is it always so bright in here?” He laughs, rubbing your arm.

Seth came into the locker room all smiles until he seen you. You were passed out on the couch on your stomach. 

You had his jacket tightly wrapped around your shoulders. A bottle of water and a few different medicine bottles were sitting on the coffee table.

Seth walked over and crouched down in front of you. He ran his hand down your head and smiled sweetly at you.

 He kissed your forehead and continued to stroke your hair until you stirred and woke. “What…? Why are you back here?” Seth smiled at you, waiting. “No…No! I didn’t miss it did I!?”

He nodded his head. “You did.” You sighed. “I’m so sorry, Seth.” He shakes head. “Don’t be. You came, that’s what matters.”

“Not if I fell asleep!” Seth strokes your hair still. “How are you feeling?” You cross your arms. “Seth, this isn’t about me-“ 

“I’m making it about you. Answer my question.”

“Like shit.” Seth kisses your forehead. “Let’s head to the hotel room. You need rest.” You touched his cheek where stitches were.

“What happened?!” He chuckled. “I’ll tell you back at the hotel. Alright?” You sighed and nodded. “I can’t believe I missed it.”

Crisis of Confidence

I’m having the worst time writing. Like many of us writers, I think that my writing is shit. When this happens, I turn to fan fiction. But even now, I’m dying over this.

So here’s a snippet. I normally wouldn’t do this, but I I’m posting an unfinished piece to see what people think. This is my first attempt at a Reader narrator, and I think that’s throwing me off. Thoughts?

Seth RollinsXReader


You’re in the middle of a mixed tag team match. Your partner, Seth Rollins, currently had a choke hold on Chris Jericho. Charlotte glared at you from across the ring. You were the new number one contender to the women’s championship. The match was weeks away, but this would be the first time in months that you were paired against Charlotte. She was more than intimidating. You were determined not to let your fear show.

Jericho broke the choke hold, wiggling away from Seth quickly enough that he tagged in Charlotte. Because of the stupid rules, that meant you were in.

“You got this,” Seth said as you switched places.

You vaguely registered the fact that he was especially attractive when he was sweaty. The thought completely drifted away when you locked eyes with Charlotte.

Her smile was smug. And for good reason. You slowly circled each other. You felt like prey being stalked. The feeling didn’t sit well with you.

You attacked first.

In a blink, you were on the ground. Charlotte had the cover. You kicked out at two.

You scrambled away on your butt. You needed to focus. You needed this win.

“Get up, dammit,” Seth yelled.

You growled in general annoyance. Using the ropes as leverage, you pulled yourself to your feet.

You could do this.

You charged Charlotte, grabbing her around her middle. The crowd roared as you flipped her over your head in a suplex. You hooked her leg.

Jericho broke the cover by dragging you away by your leg. You flailed, kicking at him. Seth appeared, superkicking Jericho, who let you go as he fell.

Fuming, you started kicking Jericho’s middle.

“Whoa, whoa,” Seth grabbed you by your middle and dragged you, flailing, away from Jericho. His bare chest was slick and warm against your back. For a moment, you didn’t hate the skimpy sports bra you were wearing.

“Put me down!” You shrieked. You elbowed him in the stomach, rolling away when he dropped you. You turned on him, fuming. He was bent over, clutching his stomach. “I don’t need your help!”

When he straightened, his face was set in anger. He started to say something, but you pushed him as hard as you could. The crowd reacted with “oooh”s.

Seth barely budged. His jaw clenched as he glared at you.

Then an arm was around your middle and Charlotte pulled you into a small package. Surprised, you didn’t react in time.

One, two, three.

The bell clanged and Charlotte let you go.

You covered your face with your hands. Once more, you let your temper get the best of you.

When you opened your eyes, Seth was standing over you. His hands were clenched into fists.

“What was that?” He demanded.

You slowly climbed to your feet and ignored him. Charlotte and Jericho were already down the ramp, celebrating their victory. You watched them, angry and defeated.

“Hey, hey, hey. Y/N, I’m talking to you.” Seth’s voice suddenly came over the arena. You turned to find him with microphone in hand. “What’s wrong with you? You claim to be a fighter, huh? You’re the best thing to happening to the women’s division, huh?”

Without a microphone, you raise your chin, glaring at him the best you could.

“You’re nothing but a pain in the ass. A whiney little girl.”

Your anger boiled. You stomped over to Seth. He didn’t move when you pushed at him again. Damn his strength.

You grabbed the microphone out of his hand. “I’m a pain in the ass?! That’s rich, coming from the cockiest jerk in the company. Tell me, Seth, when was the last time you won a match when it mattered? Huh, ‘champ?’ When push comes to shove, at the end of the day, you can’t. Get. It. Up.” The crowd went crazy at that.

You dropped the mic at his feet. In your haze of hurt and anger, you made the stupid mistake of staring at him and taking a step closer. The look on his face was dangerous. You didn’t care. You weren’t going to take his brand of shit anymore.

That’s when he wrapped an arm around your waist and pulled you against him. Then his mouth was on yours and your head was spinning and the crowd was roaring or was that the blood in your ears?

You kissed him back because damn if you haven’t thought about it. And like everything else, he knew what he was doing.

He broke the kiss first. His self centered smirk turned your passion back into rage.

Two can play this game.

Bracing yourself with his shoulders, you jumped up, pulling his face back down to yours as you wrapped your legs around his waist. The bastard held you as if you weighed nothing.

Then you maneuvered so your legs were at his shoulders and your head was near the ground. And you threw him in a hurricanrana.

You left him, stunned, in the middle of the ring.

Everyone stared at you backstage but no one talked to you. You stormed into the women’s locker room and punched one of the metal lockers. The wrap around your knuckles numbed the pain.

“You ok?”

You looked up. Bayley, Nia, and Sasha were in the locker room. You didn’t even know that they were still here.

“Peachy.” Your cutting tone proved that you weren’t so peachy. You swung another punch at an open locker. It slammed shut with a satisfying bang.

The door to the locker room swung open. You glared at the entrant.

Seth FREAKIN Rollins. With his bare chest and his drying hair and his god damn arms.

“Get out,” he growled, casting a glance at the three other women.

You ignored everything around you as they left. You started unwrapping your knuckles, really pulling at the tape.

“What the fuck was that?”

You continued ignoring Seth, turning your back on him. One hand was free from the tape. You worked on the other hand.

“Don’t fucking turn your back to me.” His hand on your shoulder. It took all your effort to not flip him over your shoulder. Or try, anyway. You knew he only sold that hurricanarra because it would look cool, because the audience would pop, because his reputation could take it.

That pissed you off even more.

But you let him spin you around. You slapped his hands away.

“Don’t touch me, Rollins,” you said.

He grabbed a fistful of your hair, right at the root. “You don’t talk to me like that.”

“Let. Me. Go.”

He leaned in so that his mouth was right next to your ear. His hair tickled your cheek. “Make. Me.” He whispered, his breath hot against your neck.

You snaked your fingers into his hair, scratching at his scalp as you pulled tight, and tugged at his hair. Hard.

It surprised him enough that he released his hold.

You put a good five foot distance between the two of you. He was bigger, but you fought dirty. There was a reason most of the fans hated you.

“What is your problem?” You yelled.

“My problem?” He cackled there, that infuriating cackle. “Sweetheart, you’re the one with the problem.”

“Yeah, and that problem is named Seth Rollins.”

“Please.” He oozed attitude. “I’ve seen you look at me, babe. You’re just pissy because I won’t fuck you.”

Won’t. That one word hit you in the stomach like a bullet.


You weren’t like most of the women in the division. You didn’t care about looking sexy or being sexy or pretty or anything. You wore pants and boots, not cute bright ones like Bayley, but dark ones. You didn’t wear skimpy tops. You wore sports bras and a tank top. Your hair wasn’t long and curled. You kept it shoulder length and out of your face in two french braids. You were here to kick ass. To dominate. To show them that the women could be just as good as the men.

But it worked too well.

Because even Seth Rollins won’t look your way twice.

You felt tears prickle at the corners of your eyes but you refused to cry, especially not in front of him.

Instead, you ripped off the last of the tape from around your hands.

And somehow your anger grew even more.

“Why did you kiss me in the middle of the ring, then?” You asked. Calmly. Too calmly.

Smug. Egotistical. You needed a thesaurus to describe his smirk. “Because I needed to shut you up somehow.”

You smiled. But it was your crazy smile.

“So you’re a tease,” you said.

“I’m not a tease.”

You sigh. “Then I was right. You really can’t get it up.”

He laughed. “This is your plan? This is how you’re trying to seduce me?”

“Rollins, if I were trying to seduce you, you’d be on your back and I’d be sitting on your face.”

“I don’t think so.”

You stepped toward him. “Is that a challenge?”

“Doesn’t matter,” he said, stepping closer to you.


You were chest to chest now.

“Because,” his lips hovered over yours. “I’d have to be interested.”

Your breath hitched as his lips grazed yours, soft, barely there. More like a whisper than a kiss.

“And I’m not.” His heat was gone suddenly. You blinked, unable to focus for a moment. When you did, he was smirking again, across the room, arms folded, biceps bulging. Then he was turning, walking away, leaving.

“What?” You asked. Everything was confusing for a moment. He had that effect on you.

“I said,” he spelled it out slowly, as if your english wasn’t too good. “I’m not interested in you.”

And then he was gone. Final words and all.

You tugged at the last of the wrist wraps and pretended that your eyes weren’t blurry with tears.

The Proposal |SETH ROLLINS|

Asked by anon: Hi! I love your blog, and since I saw the post where you had no requests, I was wondering if you could do one of Seth Rollins, and the reader. She’s a wrestler too. That they both are in total divas and idk you could come out with the rest if you’ll like. Thank you so much!!

An: a little short but I hope you like it anon!

Y/n smiled at the camera as she made her way behind Seth, he didn’t know at the time that they were being recorded for total divas. you screeched and placed a hand on your boyfriends shoulder. He jumped and let a strangled noise that you never heard in your life.

“Y/n!” Seth whinnied. You laughed, “I’m sorry Seth you just looked so easy to scare.”

He kissed your cheek. “You missed!” Rolling his eyes he kissed you on the lips.

You and Seth have been dating for about 2 years and it was the best two years of your life. You spent time with each other on the road seeing as both of you wrestle for RAW. When wrestling was on a break you both lived in Davenport, Iowa, where you both enjoyed each other’s company.

While editing total divas they had you roll a interview.

“Seth has been acting quite strange lately.” You spoke to the camera. “I can’t seem to put my finger on it, but something is up, he seems so tense and nervous.”

They cut the tape and you went on your way to your normal life with Seth at home. You didn’t have to leave to go to a show until Saturday. So you had a little less than a week.

You and Seth were planning on going to his parents later tonight after getting a bite to eat at a fancy restaurant. You finished the last touches of your makeup and met Seth at the bottom of the steps. He wore a freshly pressed black suit and black dress pants. “You look handsome.” You smiled as you made your way down the steps in a cute red sundress and black pumps. Your hair was curled to perfection and you watched as Seth’s eyes widened at your beauty.

“You are the most gorgeous woman I’ve ever meant.” You blushed as Seth took your arm and you walked out to the car to drive to the restaurant. You spent your time there drinking fancy wine and conversing with Seth. It was a night well spent.

Afterwards you headed to Seth’s parents house. You knocked on the door and waited for them to open the doors. The door unlocked and you walked inside with Seth. “Hello Mr. and Mrs. Rollins.” You smiled as you hugged them both. “Hello dear.” Mrs. Rollins said. They were the sweetest people you have ever meant and you realized where Seth got it from. You talked with his parents for a long while, when Seth asked you to go on a walk with him.

You walked barefoot on the cool grass because you didn’t want to wear your heels for longer than you had to. Little did you know the camera crew of total divas was hiding from view as Seth lead you to a flowered clearing. He hung up fairy lights and lanterns. You looked around with an awestruck look. You had your back turned to Seth and didn’t seem to notice him kneeling he pulled a ring out of his pocket.

You turned around and gasped as you took in his handsome appearance. “Y/n I loved loved you since I meant you. You are the most beautiful, talented and intelligent girl I have ever meant. And I couldn’t imagine anyone else to be my wife as you. Will you make me the happiest man alive and marry me?”

You were in shock. Silently nodding your head you have him the biggest hug in your life pulling away. You whispered a quiet yes and smiled in satisfaction as he kissed you under the lantern light.

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Dating Dean Ambrose would include:

× You being his bestfriend
× He talk to you about everything
× He always flirting with you
× Training with him always
× “dean, stop looking my ass”
× “well, it’s not my fault that you have a beautiful ass”
× You share weird hobbies
× “babe”
× Him being crazy jealous
× Constantly needing to touch you
× “stop leaving hickeys, Ambrose”
× Roman and Seth teasing you about that
× “woah (y/n), Dean did some work on your neck didn’t he?”
× Playing with his hair
× “stop touching my hair, love”
× and then he play with yours
× Him watching proudly your matches
× Sex like all.the.time
× Him being dominant
× Rough but sweet?
× Him being the biggest cuddler
× Being always there for him
× and he is always there for you
× You always worried whenever he fights because, well, u know
× Him constantly teasing you just for attention
× “babbbyyy”
× “stop, you are just like a child”
× “babe, I can show you that im a fuckin man”
× Getting into dumb arguments
× angry kisses in the middle of them.
× and then laughing ‘bout that
× putting flowers in his hair
× “this is not funny”
× but he tried to hide a smile
× He sees you while you sleep
× and tought how beautiful you are and that he got so lucky to end up with a girl like you
× You holding him tight and realizing that the man deserves nothing but the best and that he is your entire world.

DIVE Part 6


Such a bittersweet update! This is the final chapter of DIVE.

I want to thank you all so much for the love and the support on this little fic.

I plan to write many more stories very soon, Babes!

In the meantime, enjoy the final chapter of DIVE! An epilogue will follow this chapter up.

I love you all so much. <3

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zack ryder | under siege | seth rollins

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Seth has a thing for you. However, you are dating Zack Ryder kind of on the down low, because the two of you are on different brands. Lately, Zack has been worried that he’s about to lose another girl, kinda reminiscent of how he lost Eva to John Cena. But when push comes to shove, both of you surprise not only yourselves but everyone else who had no idea who you were dating when you kind of purposely out your relationship with Zack. Seth gets irritated. Zack and Seth brawl.  

[ fanfictions ] [ the under siege series

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Pairing: Seth Rollins x Reader

Word Count: 2635

Warnings: A little bit of rough sex.

Prompt: May I request one that deals with angst? Maybe something that deals with what is currently happening with Seth right now with the title with smut if possible?

A/N: Just remember—you asked for this.

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