and seth is even more beautiful than before


Fandom: WWE

Pairing/Characters: Seth Rollins/Unnamed Female OFC

Length: ~1450 words

Rating: I dunno, it’s a bit of romance but no smut or really adult stuff (or even language, who am I even anymore) and I am really bad at this haha

AN: happy birthday @srcurbstompedmyheart! Request was for Seth’s meeting/first date with a fan who isn’t American. This stretched it a little, but I hope it works! <3

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Hall of Fame

Summary: You and your boyfriend Seth go to Hall of Fame together.

“I’ll see you soon babe.” You giggled as Seth pressed kisses all over your face as if he would never see you again. “I know.” He said into your face as he continued to press his lips to your skin. You were leaving to get ready for Hall of Fame with some of the other girls while Seth met up with some of the guys. You could feel the lean muscle near his ribs as your hands were pressed against the bare skin there. You felt Seth smile against your face but the moment was quickly ruined by your phone going off. Pulling yourself from your boyfriends embrace you headed towards your phone, making Seth groan in annoyance. You shushed him teasingly and looked at the screen of your phone, seeing it was Becky trying to FaceTime you, you quickly accepted the call. The Irish girls face popped up onto the screen and you could hear the other girls talking in the background. “Hi Becky.” You grinned and waved at your friend making her smile back at you. “Shut up guys! I got ahold of Y/N!” Her loud voice caught all the girls attention and they quickly shushed. “Where are you?” “Why aren’t you here yet?” Questions that all related to you not being with them were yelled out by each girl. “Hey! This is my phone!” Becky screeched and tried to keep a grip on her phone that was clearly being taken from her. You saw a flash of bright red and then Becky disapeared, being tackled away from the phone, by who you assumed was Eva. Your eyes were wide as you saw many of the girls faces for a brief moment before they were pulled away by someone else. Finally the phone was picked up by Maryse who pointed her finger at you with a dissaproving look. “Y/N I swear if you don’t get your butt over here…” The platinum blonde faded off as her eyes caught onto something that wasn’t you. By then all the girls had gathered around the phone and started oohing through the screen making you turn around to look at what they saw. Seth was standing a couple meters behind you and the marks you had left on his chest the night before were on full display. “Y/N and Seth got freaky last night.” Naomi cheered as the other girls laughed and agreed, making you blush and point your phone away from your shirtless boyfriend. You tried to mumble out a terrible explanation which made Maryse roll her eyes. “I don’t care what you did last night…okay that’s a lie. But get over here so you can tell us everything.” She smiled and all the girls nodded in agreement making you sigh and shake your head with a laugh. “Okay, okay. I’m coming.” You caved. “Just like you did last night.” The girls couldn’t see Seth but they heard his comment and they saw your face immediately flush a bright red. “I gotta go. I’m leaving now.” You rushed out as your friends cackled loudly. You set your phone on the table and turned to Seth with your best bitch face, “Now I don’t even feel bad about leaving you.” You tried to keep a straight face but his smile was contangious and you soon found yourself cracking. “I’ll see you later.” You turned before you could loose all your resolve. Grabbing your large bag that you had packed earlier that morning you rushed out the door. “Bye babe, love you!” Seth called after you. 

Once you rang the doorbell of Maryses’ house you heard multiple pairs of feet rushing towards the door. The door was flung open by Eva and she was the first one to pull you into a tight hug, the other girls rushing to make it a group hug. “Careful girls. She’s probably sore.” Nattie smirked from the outer part of the group. “She’s right.” Eva smirked as they all slowly pulled away. Rolling your eyes with a grin you let your friends lead you into the house and to the master bedroom, where they had all their stuff strung out. Dropping your bag onto the floor, you pulled out your long white dress that had triangle cut outs at your waist. “Holy crap.” Brie said with wide eyes. “Y/N, this is amazing.” Nikki admired the dress, letting her fingers run across the soft fabric. Pulling the dress away from the Bella you tsked at her “You can look but you can’t touch Nicole.” There was a beat of silence before you burst out laughing making the other girls laugh as well and Nikki swat your arm gently. “Y/N.” You put the dress next to the others and let Naomi drag you to the chair that sat in the middle of the room. She pushed you onto it and insisted that she was going to do your makeup while the other girls sat in front of you two on the ground. “So… How was last night?” Paige smirked making the rest of the girls lean forward in anticipation. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” You lied as you felt the cold foundation hit your face. “Girl, I know you’re not still trying to play us like that.” Naomi scolded you as she blended the makeup down your neck. You mumbled something making Nattie cup a hand by her ear, telling you to speak louder. “It was good…” You muttered and faded off embarrassed making Eva scoff. “Just good? Judging by the damage you did on Seth it was way better than good.” The red head raised a perfectly arched brow at you making you purse your lips. “It was… It was, really good.” You could still feel his rough hands moving up and down your body. The way he sent chills through you with just one look. The trail of fire that followed wherever he touched. “That’s Y/N’s way of saying it was amazing.” Becky broke you out of your memories. Blinking a few times you started laughing with the rest of the girls, having to agree with the Irish girl. “So what were you just thinking about Y/N/N?” Closing your eyes for Naomi you bit your lip and thought about how to answer Brie’s mischievious question. “Seth.” You admitted, opting out of telling another lie. “Ooh, naughty girl.” Paige smirked making Naomi scoff. “Says you Paige.” Paiges’ mouth dropped open and she covered it in pretend shock “Me? Naughty? Never.” She made her accent sound very posh but couldn’t keep up her act when Becky snorted in the middle of laughing. “Okay enough. We’re gonna be late if we don’t hurry.” Maryse rushed with a big grin even though there were hours before the boys would arrive.

“Nicole hurry up!” Brie called up the stairs to her twin who was still fixing her hair. “The guys are gonna be here any minute!” Becky yelled up as well just before Nicole walked around the corner and made her way down the steps. “I’m coming. Calm down.” Nikki rolled her eyes slightly and made her way to the group. Brie opened her mouth to say something else to her sister when there was a knock on the door making you all smile widely at each other. “I call dibs on answering.” Eva cried and took a step toward the door. “Uh uh Eva, you answered it when Y/N got here. It’s my turn.” Nattie smiled and passed the redhead to answer the door. She opened the door to reveal Seth with the rest of the guys behind him, saying hello to your boyfriend Nattie stepped aside and let him and the rest of the boys in. Seth smiled at each of the girls as he passed them until he was a meter away from you. He looked at you for the first time that night and he froze, his dark chocolate eyes going from your face down your figure and back up to your eyes. His once slack jaw was being pulled into a massive smile and he took a large step towards you. You took one of his hands in yours, interlocking your fingers and smiling shyly at him. “Hi.” You whispered, he still made you nervous even after more than a year of dating. “You’re beautiful.” He whispered back to you making you look at your shoes with a blush on your cheeks. His hand came up to caress your jaw and push your face up to look him in the eyes. “Don’t hide from me.” He he grinned at you and pulled you in for a sweet kiss that had your knees weakening. “Awe!” You heard Brie say from behind Seth. He took a step back from you before moving beside you and wrapping his arm around your waist. “Stop.” You mumbled embarrassed when you found lots of eyes looking in your direction. Seth laughed at you as your friends smiled but looked away. “Alright. Let’s go.” John said after he had glanced at the watch on his wrist. You walked out the door in Seth’s tight embrace.

“You ready for this?” Becky asked from her spot to your left. “Yeah, I’ll be fine.” You smiled at her and snuggled more into Seth’s side. You held a small conversation with Becky until you pulled up the venue. Everyone slowly got out one by one, causing the fans around the red carpet to cheer loudly. Seth got out before you and offered his hand to help you get out which made you smile and take it gratefully. You two then stepped out of the way and waited for all the others to filter out. You then slowly walked toward the carpet with Seth’s arm back around your waist. There were bright flashes from cameras and photographers were yelling out in an attempt to get you to look their way. There were a shocking amount calling your name making a pink blush dust your cheeks. “Why’re they calling my name so much?” You looked up Seth with curious doe eyes making him smile down at you. “Because you look stunning in that dress.” He pulled you into his chest and kissed the crown of your head making the photographers go wild. You smiled into his chest before you two continued down the carpet.

You were standing with Paige and Nikki chatting while also somewhat admiring your boyfriend as he did an interview. “Y/N you’re staring again.” Paige smirked and gently smacked your face in a playful way. “Sorry. I can’t help it.” You grinned back at the British girl. “Turn around. He’s looking at you.” Nikki smiled widely making you turn around. Sure enough, rather than listening to the question the interviewer was asking him Seth was looking straight at you. You sent him a cheeky wink that made him smirk before the interviewer got his attention again. “You two are gross.” Paige teased you once you had turned back to her and Nicole. “They’re freaking adorable.” Nikki corrected Paige with a smile on her face. “Ew.” Paige laughed causing you and Nikki to chuckle as well. “Oops we gotta go. Mr. Rollins is on his way over here.” Paige said once she had seen Seth walking towards you. “We’ll see you later Y/N/N.” Nikki grinned and walked away with Paige, leaving you alone until you felt familiar arms wrap around you. Seth’s grip was to tight for you turn around so you stayed facing away from him. You could feel his face buried in your shoulder and he was pressing small kisses wherever he could without anyone noticing. “You don’t know what you do to me everyday.” You could barely hear his voice, his words just loud enough for you to pick up. “And now you’re in this dress and I just want to see it on the floor.” His words made your eyes widen. “Seth.” You tried to protest but your boyfriend was having none of that. “Once we get home, I’m gonna show you why I’m the man.” You couldn’t help but giggle at his cheesy line. Seth heard your laugh and smiled as well but brought his teeth down to your shoulder and nipped at you. Your breath hitched as you caught your lower lip in between your teeth “Don’t laugh at me baby.” Seth then pulled away from you making you pout. “Don’t pout. I’ll have you screaming once we get home.” Your boyfriend smirked once he had seen the look on your face. “Come on. Let’s get this thing over with.” You sighed and dragged Seth further down the carpet, both of you rushing to get home.

...And Forever

Fandom: WWE

Pairing/Characters: Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins

Length: ~3900 words

Rating: M. Smut. But also romance. Ish.

AN: This is a “bedtime story” I wrote mainly in messages for @ambrose-asylum-ft-mitch the other night. True to form, I am a wordy bitch, and it became this. 
No beta. Tenses are a mess. I’m sorry, but it’s 3 am and this beast needs to be posted. 
Also also… this is a medieval AU? Or fairy tale? I dunno, man.
Tagging @srcurbstompedmyheart, @theawkwardfangirlwithavengeance, @sabrina-blyton and my writing soulmate @thee-asshole-of-moxicity

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