and seriously to everyone sending her hate


Okay so I have a friend who was getting cyber-bullied was in a situation in which she could not block them and I didn’t know what to tell her. THEN I CAME UP WITH THE MOST AMAZING IDEA I HAVE EVER HAD, PLEASE EVERYONE REBLOG THIS. So I told her to copy and paste the bee movie script into her messages and just respond with the script if they ever said anything mean. Next time they said something rude, she responded with the bee movie script. The guy said something along the lines of ‘what the fuck’ and then read through some of it saying ‘did you seriously fucking send me the bee movie script?’. Then, guess what she did. She sent the script again. The guy stopped talking. SOLUTION HAS BEEN FOUND. Every time someone sends you hate or is mean, respond with the bee movie script.

Having A Field Day + A CS One Shot

A/N: Here’s a smutty little continuation of ‘Physically Fit’ and ‘Extracurricular Activities’ because as a teacher, I hate Field Day and PE Teacher!Killian seemed like a good way to cheer myself up after managing the mayhem! Happy summer, everyone!

Rated: M - this is seriously straight filth
Word Count: 3K

The texture of the wood door at her back wasn’t completely unlike the several other smooth surfaces Emma had found herself pressed up against over the course of the past few very heated months. Sure, it was a bit colder and the drag of the sanded oak against her bare shoulders was sending shivers down her spine, but it was honestly a shock that it had taken her this long to make such a sensory discovery.

How they’d avoided the dim lighting and slightly dusty space inside the school storage shed was truly something she couldn’t provide an answer for, especially because there were very few locations they’d skipped since the first time she let his firm hips push her into oblivious ecstasy.

Killian’s hands felt rugged on her sides as they slid downward, his thumbs pressing firmly on her hipbones until she moaned that sound of warning he seemed to enjoy so much. It crossed her mind briefly as he sent a trail of kisses down her neck that maybe he loved her and not just the noises she made when they found themselves in close circumstances like their current ones. It was a thought she had tested a few times before - once when he spent two hours grading essays for her after she’d fallen victim to some plague obtained from her students and then again when he’d asked her to dance with him during their repeat chaperoning duo at the winter formal. Of course, that sweet and almost tender request came right before he pulled her back into a nearby well known locker room where he really made her shiver.

Yeah, January temperatures had nothing on Killian Jones and his ability to chill every inch of her body. The scorching numbers as they currently neared the end of May, on the other hand, seemed to have them both in quite the unprofessional bind.

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My Voltron Season 4 Wish List

I’ve been privately geeking out over Voltron: Legendary Defender for the last few seasons but, after seeing some spoilers online, I’m SO excited for Season 4 (which comes to Netflix on October 13th) and have been doodling little fanarts.  There are a million things I’d love to see in the new episodes but I narrowed my wish list down to five items– and messily illustrated them! :D

I really miss Rover and I’m actually pretty surprised they haven’t brought him back (though maybe that’s because he was deemed a security risk?).  If Pidge doesn’t get a Rover 2.0, can she adopt some of those cute space-garbage-caterpillar-things?  And what about the cow they already have– what happened to Kaltenecker?!

Does it bother anyone else that Pidge’s mom must be losing her mind back on Earth, trying to cope with her husband’s and son’s deaths and not knowing what happened to her daughter?  I find this especially irritating because Pidge, genius that she is, could rig up some kind of communication device to at least send a message to her mom.  That needs to happen.  Bonus points if Slav helps build it– because he’s already proven he’s concerned about collective mothers in countless realities (well, their spinal health at least). ^_^

Seriously.  Clone or not, I just want to be able to look at him without being distracted by the horrible redesign of his hair floof.

Ideally, I’d like everyone to go back to their original lions– but if we can’t have that, can they please switch uniforms so everyone’s correctly color coded?  These mismatched suits are poking all my OCD buttons!

While I’d probably hate Slav in real life, I adore him in the show– partly because I can identify with his (mostly) absurd anxieties but mainly because he’s the only person in the universe that makes Shiro twitchy.  Lance can’t even do that. *^_^*

So… We’ll see if any of these come true.  If you’re a Voltron fan, what’s your wish list for Season 4? :)

Let’s get into the true tea shall we? It is terrible that some of Valentina’s fans said and send some horrible things but need I remind you when Jasmine Masters was receiving death threats in her season. Everyone wanna love her videos now but they weren’t loving her so much back then. So we need to be having a bigger conversation as well about the continuous trend of the types of people who watch this show and taking it so seriously that they would send such hate.

Quit sending hate to @marizale. Now. Shes not doing anything wrong with having those tattoos. Its her body. Her life. Her choice. You dont have to agree with it, but do not harass her.

This community needs to seriously wise up. Ive written poetry about killers before and gotten hate for it. And everyone was here to defend me and my art. She has art on her body. Maybe you dont like it but its none of your fucking business when it comes to what she creates and wants to have done. Jesus christ.

Again, leave her alone. Dont send her hate. Shes not being problematic, so dont give her shit

Exposed: The NaruHina Troll

The TL;DR of this is, what happened on here is a lie. The girl exposed herself because no one besides me, @sasuke-prevails, @keepitmovinshawty, and @lilium-sns knew about her connections to the blog naruhinaislife. She tries to ruin my reputation and the reputation of the SNS and SS fandom, but she failed. Honestly, does she really think we are dumb enough to believe a suspicious side blog that actively cross-tags instead of bloggers like me and the ones I mentioned who are for years and years active in the fandom? 

The blog narutocoupleconfessions, who allegedly gets SNS and SS hate, is melon-ellen. She also runs other blogs that are called naruhinaislife, anti-sakura-sasusaku, asianwaffle123, and probably bitchylovewonderland. I don’t know if she has more blogs, but it’s very likely. This girl sent hate to herself. Before that, she sent horrible fake SS hate to her other blogs in order to ruin the reputation of the SS fandom, doing the same on narutocoupleconfessions where she allegedly got attacked by SNS fans.

Making these posts. 

She messaged me two days ago. Her blog naruhinaislife apologised to me (at 11:39 p.m.). I thanked her. Two minutes later (at 11:41 p.m.), I got a message from narutocoupleconfessions, giving me a compliment. Of course I thanked her too; however, I was suspicious. Both blogs followed me for exactly 17 days (yes, naruhinaislife, the girl who sent me NH hate and made the slut-shaming post about me, in fact, followed me). 

Both blogs messaged me with a difference of two minutes. Both blogs had the same style of writing. Both blogs had the same theme. Both blogs hated SS and got apparently hate from the SS fandom. Both blogs seemed to cross-tag, naruhinaislife excusing it by claiming it was an accident.


Now, maybe it could be a coincidence, right? So I basically asked narutocoupleconfessions if she is naruhinaislife. She said it wasn’t her. We talked for a while—until naruhinaislife sent me a message. Then, narutocoupleconfessions stopped responding. At this point, I was sure both blogs are run by the same person, never mind the “coincidences.”

naruhinaislife said suddenly that she cannot follow me anymore and tried to follow me again. 

She did so, but with one of her other side blogs, asianwaffle123. 

That was when she accidentally exposed herself. I looked at this blog, and most of her posts were reblogs from her other side blogs (anti-sakura-sasusaku, melon-ellen, naruhinaislife and so on). I noticed that all these blogs often commented on each others’ posts, reblogging and liking them.


Hm, that’s weird, isn’t it? They all have a connection to one another, huh? And all of these blogs don’t have any mutuals in the fandom–besides themselves. I don’t want to assume anything, though is it wrong if I’d think she could’ve possibly sent the message to herself to ruin the reputation of the SS fandom and get more attention?

Later on, my friend @lilium-sns sent anti-sakura-sasusaku anonymously a message. 


She thought it’s me, portraying herself as the victim by using sophistical tactics such as guilt-tripping and presenting one-sided information and lying. I never mocked her. I sarcastically implied repeatedly it’s a weird coincidence. She played along, acting like she didn’t understand. Apparently, she did understand it and lied to me. Furthermore, she didn’t text me that she follows me and other SNS blogs. She said, “I don’t want to sound creepy, but you are breathtaking,” or something along the lines. I can’t screenshot the conversation anymore since she blocked me. 

My friend sent her a second message, saying that it wasn’t from me. What happens? A couple of minutes later, melon-ellen reblogs from her, although she wasn’t involved in the fandom for a long time.

I wonder why she didn’t answer yet to the message, huh? Maybe because she wants to portray me in a certain light, eh? 

Again, some of her blogs got hate before, but it was allegedly from the SS fandom. anti-sakura-sasusaku for example. One time, I and @sasuke-prevails got a copy and paste hate message.



Or, the time I got hate from an Anon about NaruHina, just for naruhinaislife to slut-shame me and cross-tag. Why are they always connected to the hate?



My friend @lilium-sns took the screenshot on the left. You can clearly tell it’s from the same person since they use the same term(s) and are the only one that knew about the situation and wanted to push the narrative of the bad SNS fandom/bad SNS shipper. 

I didn’t want to get involved at first, although she clearly attempts to harm me. Nonetheless, I believe this is important. No one from the SNS and SS fandom is sending her hate. Jeez. 

Cyberbullying is something everyone needs to take seriously. I got cyberbullied several times, and people tried to suicide bait me at least seven times by now, telling me they wish I would get stoned to death because I’m a “fag.” Thus, I am the last person who would make light of this. But if you dedicated yourself to trolling, essentially harming the SNS and SS fandom, then I think I have a responsibility to warn my fellow shippers.

It would be best to report this person. 

anonymous asked:

fuck you guys. fuck you. everyone sending salt about cica winning aria, both on here, and sending her fucking THREATS on her tumblr. you guys are pieces of garbage if you're going to trash her. her art is beautiful and her concept is solid, and while others put in a lot of effort too, ni chose hers for a reason. so get off your whiny ass, stop circle jerking to the hate on cica, and get over yourselves.

wait people are sending her threats? over an adopt? fucking seriously??? - tree

anonymous asked:

why is it that whenever someone says that they dont like komaeda, people who like komaeda dont send hate to them and make them feel horrible but when someone says that they dont like nanami all they get is hate? One time i said that i didnt like nanami in a post and i got like 10 messages with 24 hours saying that i was disgusting and i should delete that post. Why cant people just not like her? She isnt a god and everyone should be able to have their own opinions about fictional characters.

bc she didn’t do anything problembatic uwu 

seriously this whole backlash + mocking of “komaeda/komahiner culture” is fucking annoying. i get it, the guy’s not your taste. leave my nams hating ass alone. i didn’t even hate her before, hell, i liked the potential she had, but ever since she’s been constantly shoved in my face by dr3 and the fandom as jesus and hinata’s Tru Wuv i just want her away. gone. leave

i’m so proud of alaska. she’s come so, incredibly far from auditioning 5 times & making home videos to where she is today: sober, polished, dedicated to her career, & wearing a crown that clearly symbolises a great deal to her.

but it’s ironic & slightly disturbing to see so ppl who once ‘loved’ her viciously turning on her in a matter of 2 weeks…. i mean, ofc be disappointed for katya (i am, as someone who stans both of them, and thought katya [or even detox] would’ve been an equally deserving winner), but don’t undermine & negate all of alaska’s hard work, talent, career and entire personality over a shitty (but not particularly shocking) outburst on tv, & producer bias that was beyond her control. alaska was invited to the competition the same as everyone else, and went with the intention of performing with focus and winning, just like everyone else. ultimately it’s a testament to her brilliance that she’s already hilariously owning the ‘snake’ label, but ppl saying alaska didn’t deserve to win or even be top 4 need 2 rewatch alaska’s challenge performances, runways & lipsyncs objectively in relation to every other competitor & then rethink. & those sending her active hate, threats & invalidating her work entirely need to seriously reevaluate who they are calling ‘snake’, especially those who were once ‘fans’, tbh. 💛

Just Know You’re Not Alone

Pairing: Eren/Mikasa, Shingeki no Kyojin

Setting: Post Series; In an incredibly happy world where everyone lived and was still in the military

Words: 2184

Rating: K+

Notes: Anon requested a story where the whole 104th being still in the military post series. I’m really not great at writing stories where everyone is present so I did my best to at least mention everyone even if I didn’t have them actually in the room. It was fun to write cause despite my not so happy headcanons for how the series will end I do like seeing them all happy together :3. The title is from “Home” by Philip Phillips.


Eren knew he had to wake up, he knew he had to get ready, get dressed, and get to work before he was late but his bed was so warm. Maybe just a few more minutes wouldn’t be so bad…

“Eren, I hate to tell you but you can’t stay in bed all day.”

“Maybe I can,” he murmured rolling onto his back. He felt two hands pressed up against his chest before the blanket was suddenly pulled off of him, the cool air of the bedroom making him shiver. He cracked an eye open though he very well knew who the culprit was.

Mikasa was already walking away, fully dressed in her uniform which didn’t surprise Eren at all. He had no idea how she managed to get up and be ready before he could even get one leg outta bed.

“Hey,” he called after her, his voice still tick with sleep. “That isn’t the nicest way to wake someone up you know.”

She stopped before she left the room and turned around, taking a slow walk back to their bed. She leaned over him, pressing her lips against his in a kiss that made Eren nearly sigh. “Good morning,” she murmured against him.

He grinned against her, reaching his hands up with every intention of pulling her back down with him but one well timed hit against his stomach made him second guess his choice.

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Beth Greene Rant. (Spoilers??)

I don’t get why everyone hates beth so much. it gets to me man it really does. Like why can’t people see how amazing she was? She was forced, hell she was kicked face first into a violent world after being protected all her life - that wasn’t her fault, she was a daddys girl and nobody can blame her for that. 

She’d never even left the farm, she grew up with a strong catholic family. They were people who said their morning prayers, people who had a cross in every room. 

She was innocent, she was pure. 

So when Rick and his group came along, it was disruptive. it was new. When Rick came along her family was forced to see the world as it truly was, its worse than they could ever imagine. So Beth was seeing it, she began to see how the world was through complete strangers. From someone who had been protected their whole life, soon to be married of cause that’d send anyone crazy. She became depressed but who can blame her? Seriously put yourself in her position, really think about it. 

Lets skip to the prison now, she was the light of everyones world. She kept them grounded, Her and Hershel were hope – Everyone hated her for her singing, right? well what would they do without that? sit there in complete silence and think about everything they’ve lost? What did they have for a distraction? Nothing. Beth Provided them to lose themselves with the power of her voice and if you don’t think that is beautiful then get out my face.

When she went her way with Daryl after the prison, their  personalities were rubbing off on each other (Get your mind out of the gutter, Bethyl fans). Daryl was beginning to learn that good still existed, she helped him battle his own demons. He loved her, he loved her so much you could see it. She comforted him, she snapped that bastard out of his self pitying trance and he realised that there was still hope out there. The episode that they had together (Still), showed so much character development for them both. Until now, he only ever opened up to Andrea back at the farm, that was when he was telling her about how he camped outside. But with beth? He poured his heart out and told her about his childhood, about where he lived, the type of place it was- How Merle acted when they were kids.

Now, Beth’s character showed how strong she was. How forceful she can be, the argument her and Daryl had when she said “I’m not michonne, I’m not carol I’m not maggie.. But I made it” and it showed her strength more and more - all while she kept using hope as a weapon. 

When she was at the hospital it showed how she could fend for herself and how clever she was, without her Carol would’ve died. She went along with what Dawn said about how she found her, or rather they found her being surrounded by walkers. She Also helped Noah escape, her shots were accurate as hell and its was stupid we only got to saw her in action once. She was strong, powerful, smart and she was finally getting the recognition she deserved and they kill her off because she stabbed someone in the shoulder? These people have survived shane, the governor and cannibals and she gets killed of…. because she stabbed someone, in the shoulder… with a pair of nail scissors?

Now she’s ‘’gone’’ (( proud member of team delusional )) Daryl is different, so different I mean have you seen his character now? The only way he can be pulled out of his self loathing is by Beth. That’s how they’ve made their relationship, Beth is the only person who can save him now and I don’t like that because it worries me where that could end up. 

Godammit i really love beth and i hope i worded all this right or at least make some good points. And just to show how badass beth really is:

Peace out, Team Delusional. 

A Little Bit of Advice

If you’re on Tumblr and know about Ashley, here’s a bit of advice:

Don’t send hate to Ashley

Don’t think she is a whore because she is friends with Mitch

Don’t shove Mashley into people’s faces

Don’t force people to change their icon to Ashley

Seriously don’t fucking do it it’s their blog they can do what they want

Don’t like Ashley’s videos and/or her style of commentary? Okay! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion! But because she is playing with one of your favorite Youtubers, that does not make her a whore. That does not make her a slut.

Honestly, I’m not a big fan of Ashley’s style of commentary but I can accept her doing videos with the Youtubers I like to watch! That does not mean I will go send her hate. In my opinion, Ashley is an awesome, beautiful person and I am planning on checking out her channel sometime soon.

Now if you disagree with anything up here, okay. Just get the fuck off my blog.

Where does all this hate towards @zenwisterias come from??? She’s a blessing to the Miraculous Ladybug fandom, whether you like Heartstrings or not, she’s made tons of beautiful drawings appreciated by Thomas himself.
Why do you people feel the need to attack her and tell her to leave the fandom?
She’s always nice with everyone, why would you want to hurt and send hate to such a talented and kind girl?
Seriously guys just find a hobby or something

Time for a story - Show the world what we’ve got

“Are the kids finally asleep?” Felicity asked without looking up from her tablet.

“Yes,” Oliver sighed, letting himself drop into the cushions of the couch right next to his wife. He leaned his head back and rested it on the back rest, looking up at the ceiling for a moment before he turned his head and looked at Felicity.

She was beautiful. After almost four years of marriage one would think that he already knew that, but sometimes it still struck him like a new realization, especially in comfortable moments like this when she didn’t even try to look pretty. Her hair was wrapped up in her usual high ponytail although it had gotten messy over the day since Tommy loved pulling his mommy’s hair, so he could grab a strand and take it into his mouth instead of using his pacifier. Her glasses had slid down to the tip of her nose and the blue-grey eyes behind them were focused on her tablet. Just like during their first meeting or at least the first meeting for her she was chewing on a pen with her lips closed around the red plastic.

“You’re staring,” Felicity said, still not looking at him.

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Honestly guys I’m so disappointed, he’s gotta date eventually. Just leave it alone, leave them alone, leave her alone, leave him alone. Stop making this into a bigger mess than it already is and most of all stop being dicks about it!
I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I’m also well aware that this could be set up by the boy’s own management for publicity reasons. TBH this is just my opinion on the situation and not everyones gonna agree with it, I’m just saying that we have no right as fans, as friends, or as a family to tell Luke what he can and can’t do or what he can and can’t tell us. As a human being he is entitled to have his own thoughts and privacy.


The lovely blogger, doctorwvtson, has made some worrying posts recently in response to anon hate. A lot of people are seriously concerned for her life as she hasn’t replied to messages. Please, if anyone has any way of contacting her outside of tumblr, let me or one of her friends know. Please reblog this or ask your followers if they know anything. Maybe send her a positive message as well so she knows how loved she is by us all!<3

okay you know what.. people are allowed to reblog their posts for taylor to see if they want to, no matter how many times they’ve gotten her attention before. stop calling people “thirsty,” because chances are that you’re probably thirsty too. everyone wants her attention and that’s just a fact. and another thing: don’t hate on people if they weren’t as active when taylor was online. Like seriously.. so what if you found it boring because no one was online and you weren’t on tumblr every single second? there’s nothing wrong with it, so stop acting like there is.