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TFP Soundwave and Shockwave falling in love with an Autobot!s/o


  • It starts out with a mild interest, maybe he tells himself he has to “keep an eye on this one.” Yea, that’s it. You’re a tricky one; who know’s what you could get up to.
  • He watches you for a very long time seriously it’s kinda creepy Soundwave wtf
  • There’s no way in the seven levels of the pit he’d ever renounce his loyalty to Megatron. Instead he tries to get you to join the ‘Cons.
  • Still, he slacks just slightly when he’s given a mission that could involve harming you. Just slightly.
  • If you refuse to switch sides he eventually forces himself to get over it, writing the whole thing off as a silly crush.


  • This is ILLOGICAL and he is in DENIAL. He doesn’t even feel love. What is love? Baby don’t hurt him no more
  • Honestly he ignores it as much as he can. If it’s a case of the EXTREME LOVE he may capture but… he doesn’t know what to do with you once he has you. 
  • So he ends up threatening you to join the Decepticons or die. You punch the fuck out of him and escape. 
  • He decides love sucks. Science will never break his spark. 
Is That New? (Agents of Shield x reader)

Can you do Agents of Shield fic where you’re a shield agent on the team and you’re dating Fitz and the team finds out that you’re the daughter of Loki and Lolerei after you use your powers on a mission for the first time and confront you

You knew it was a bad idea to ride along with the team today.  You knew it.  But, of course, all Fitz had to do was flash that smile and those soft eyes and you agreed. Maybe it was for the best, and you thought that it could be that you were meant to be there to keep him safe once the moment was upon you and a choice had to be made.

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Can I have some headcanons for poly tfp Shockwave and Soundwave helping their s/o study for finals? It's that time for me

Omg good luck friend, I believe in you 

Shockwave, Soundwave, and s/o (poly) TFP

Both of them would take it very seriously when you brought it up. They would want to know what specifically you needed help studying for, that way they could help you properly. Once they knew the material, Shockwave would make little practice questions that Soundwave could display on his facescreen 

Shockwave might teach things too fast, but eventually he falls into a teaching pace that works for you. Soundwave is actually a pretty good teacher for someone who uses khan academy videos and no actual voice 

Once finals actually happen, both of them are super proud of how hard you studied are really rooting for you. No matter how well you do, afterwards they take you out to get some celebratory food (even though they can’t eat) 

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imagine TFP shockwave explaining something to their human scientific assistant and shock says "spaghettification" in his monotone voice during his explaination and the assistant just bursts out laughing suddenly and they have to explain him WHY they've started to laugh (seriously, spaghettification is an actual scientifical term)


Shockwave (TFP) 

  • Shockwave would be taken aback a little bit. He’d stare at you with that single optic of his, un-moving yet confused, and he’d reply with the same monotony: “What is it?” 

  • When you explain why it’s hard to take him seriously when he’s always so serious, he tends to soften up a little bit. He’ll do his best to understand, but he’s not really one to feel much. He’s trying, though.

  • Later that day, it’s quiet in the lab, aside from the whir of tools and the tapping of keyboards and datapads. Shockwave makes no efforts to be silent in his movements, however, and he clunks his way over to you. You don’t bother to turn around because you assume he’s just there to grab something, but when you finally do turn around because why hasn’t he moved yet, you see him face-to-optic, bent down right in front of you. He cocks his head to the side a little bit and his optic glints with mischief. “Spaghettification!” he says again, purely to watch your amused smile turn into spluttering laughter., before he moves back to his own workspace with a notably improved mood.
Big Words (Part 6)

Pairing: Spencer Reid x Reader

Spencer’s POV on you working with his team to catch a killer

A/N: I officially hate this chapter. Took me forever to fix it into something presentable, and I still hate it. So I apologize for the long rambling, but I hope to make the other parts better. Also FYI, since I had written this years ago for a writing challenge, there is only 10 parts to this story…..I know, y’all hate me now. So yeah, just a heads up. I mean if anyone can donate me more big words to use, I might put some extra chapters if I get inspired. But yeah, only 10 official parts. 

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COLPOCOQUETTE - A woman who knows she has an attractive bosom and makes good use of its allure 

“Well, well, well, Pretty Boy. How come you never introduced us to your lady friend in there?" 

Spencer simply shrugged at Morgan’s sly inquiry, inwardly determined not to give his colleague the satisfying knowledge that he wasn’t as calm and collected as he was trying to appear. "We met in college when we were kids,” he replied in what he hoped was a steady tone. “She was the same as me, another child prodigy, so we more or less bonded over that. It’s been years since we last saw each other though. We kind of fell out of touch, pursued our own careers." 

Morgan chuckled. "Well if I were you, I’d remedy that real quick." 

Spencer kept his gaze on the files in front of him. “I have no idea what you’re implying, Morgan.”

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Barrisco Month - Day 20 - Body Swap

(Read on AO3)

“This is so bad. This is so bad. This is the worst,” Vibe fretted, pacing frantically around the room and occasionally bumping into chairs. “Ow,” he complained.

“Stop battering my body,” said mostly-Barry Allen.

“I can’t help it! Your limbs are all…” Vibe waved them in demonstration, looking very disgruntled at the way the red-suited arms moved. “There’s so much of them.”

“Well, you’re not chopping any bits off, so we should probably focus on how to get ourselves switched back.”

Vibe flopped Barry’s body — no, Vibe’s body — no, Barry’s body, really, even if Vibe was in it right now — onto the chair he’d just tripped over and sighed. “I dunno, man. I mean, I’ll call Frost in, this seems more like her game than ours, but if I’m being really honest? It doesn’t feel like science at all. It feels more like magic.”

Barry didn’t want to consider the possibility. He hated that it even was a possibility, but given the mess with Hawkgirl a couple months ago, it couldn’t be ruled out. “Call Frost,” he said. He’d reserve all other judgement until later.

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Before, the camera setups in a Star Trek episode or movie were about as dynamic as the camera work on an amateur sex tape. There was never any artistry attempted. Everything was stiff and lifeless, devoid of color and creativity. Before Abrams, Star Trek was a rice cake for your eyes.

Go watch the opening tracking shot of “The Diesase”. I fucking swear these people.

Go watch any of TOS in all its technicolor glory, and make sure to watch any other show that was on air at the same time with the same buget.

Go watch “Empok Nor” and all the dutch angles in that.

Go watch the space walk scenes from “First Contact”. Jonathan Frakes won the Saturn for that and it wasn’t for playing Riker.

Hell, go watch Wrath of Khan. Watch the whole fucking movie. There is a reason Meyer won the Saturn for best DIRECTOR. There is a reason the film was nominated for the Hugo and the Saturn.

Seriously. If you don’t know what you’re talking about, shut the fuck up.